15 Июн, 2021

Real estate in London with the expectation of relocation

Demand for houses and apartments in London from wealthy Russians is recovering from the pandemic at a rapid pace, analysts say. Among Russians, whose fortune exceeds $ 30 million (ultrahighnets), the demand for luxury housing in London in the spring of 2021 increased by 50%. Basically, they choose housing with the expectation of moving, for themselves or their children.


According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued 1.5 million cash loans in May 2021, which is 8% less than in April and 2 times more than in May last year. Since the beginning of the year, banks have provided citizens with 7.2 million cash loans, which is 41% more than in five months of 2020.

Among the 30 regions leading in terms of the number of disbursed cash loans, the largest reduction in disbursements compared to April was in Tatarstan (-16%), the Udmurt Republic and Perm Territory (-11% each). The smallest reduction is in the Rostov Region and Krasnodar Territory (-3% each), Yugra (-1%) and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (0%). In Moscow, issuances fell by 9%.


The United States has jeopardized the contract for the production of AngoSat-2 satellite in the Russian Federation for Angola, banning Europe from sending American electronics to Russia, the device may have to be altered, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti


Half of Russians (52%) are sure that nothing threatens the country’s integrity now, VTsIOM found out. Of those who think otherwise (and there are 39% of them), the United States is most often called a threat, then Ukraine and China. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of Russians (84%) believe in the army’s ability to defend the country from a military threat.


The deadline for foreign migrants to be legalized in Russia expires. Those who did not have time to complete the documents are deported. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Russia there are already more than 1 million illegal immigrants from neighboring countries:

Uzbekistan 332 thousand, Tajikistan 247 thousand, Ukraine 152 thousand, Azerbaijan 120 thousand, Kyrgyzstan 115 thousand, Armenia 61 thousand, Moldova 56 thousand, Kazakhstan 49 thousand


Protasevich — about the Russian oligarch who financed the Nexta Telegram channel: now I can’t remember either the last name or the name of his company


The Grozny TV channel aired a report about Khalimat Taramova, who was forcibly removed from a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The video says that the girl was kidnapped and disgraced by the enemies of Russia. Khalimat herself in the video says that now everything is fine with her, and she does not remember how she got to the shelter in Dagestan.


The authorities of Biysk promised to paint over the zebra drawn by the pensioner. In the management of housing and communal services the publication «Rise» was told that by the end of the week the markings will correspond to GOST.

“In any case, we have to repaint it all, because there is a certain GOST. There is an agreement with the organization, they just have not reached this street yet. The contractor will only come to the city in three days, now at another facility.

You cannot call it arbitrariness. Well, the paint remained with my grandmother, she decided to do a good deed, but, of course, she waved with a brush as best she could. Hooliganism, too, can not be called, she is with good intentions. «

A 69-year-old resident of Biysk, using a rag and a stick, applied road markings at the intersection of Lomonosov and Pugachev Streets, tired of waiting for the utilities to do it.


Lyubov Sobol refused to participate in the elections to the State Duma

“Despite the incredible support of people, the formed headquarters, hundreds of volunteers, the presence of an organizational structure and a clear advantage over rivals, because of the recognition of the FBK as an extremist organization, I am forced to stop my campaign in the State Duma,” says Sobol on Facebook.

(FBK is recognized in Russia as a «foreign agent» and an extremist organization).


The Foundation for the Protection of National Values ​​demanded that Mediazona be recognized as a “foreign agent”. According to the founder of the fund, Maxim Shugalei, the basis for the appeal was «a whole list of publications, after which there was no doubt that the journalists of Mediazona lie to their readers about what is really happening in Russia.»

He noted that Mediazona posted on its pages materials from FBK, Agora and Meduza, which are included in the register of foreign agents, and also covered the Network case and the trial of Nadezhda Savchenko, «proving their innocence to the public.»


A copy of the St. Petersburg graffiti with Navalny appeared in Geneva. In St. Petersburg, graffiti with Navalny appeared on a transformer box in Pushkar Garden on the night of April 28. Already at about 9 am Moscow time, the police arrived in the square. An investigative-operational group arrived there, one of the officers scraped paint samples from the wall. Half an hour later, communal workers arrived at the scene and painted over the graffiti with yellow paint.


UN experts suspect China of organ harvesting from prisoners. The organization’s experts said they received «credible» information that organs were being removed from prisoners belonging to ethnic and religious minorities in Chinese prisons.


The number of open vacancies in the United States in April 2021 was 9.3 million — 1 million more than a month earlier and almost 2 million more than in early 2020 (well, almost 5 million more than at the peak of the crisis). And this is the highest figure for the observation period.

True, the number of people who quit their jobs has also grown (4 million) — but it may well be explained by leaving for new, higher-paid jobs. The number of layoffs continued to decline, having already dropped below pre-crisis levels.


Where the rich keep their money. For the most part, quite traditional: in Switzerland: there are now about $ 2.4 trillion in private accounts. But new destinations are already on the heels of the traditional leader: Hong Kong and Singapore: now they store $ 1.9 and 1.1 trillion, respectively — and taking into account the expected growth rates for the next five years (4.9% per year against 1.7% in Switzerland), the lag may even narrow — and over time, Asian offshores may squeeze Switzerland from the top of the rating


Among all NATO countries, the United States is expected to have the largest defense budget: it is estimated that this year it will be $ 811 billion, 3.52% of the BB. The budgets of other countries are significantly inferior to the American one: 72 billion in Great Britain, 64 in Germany, 58 in France.

Interestingly, according to NATO rules, the defense budget should be at least 2% of GDP, but many member countries of the alliance do not comply with this rule, including Germany: military spending there is only 1.53% of GDP. Another question is that back in 2018 they were only 1.2%, so the growth is obvious


The salary of a Russian football coach is 2 times higher than that of a Belgian national team coach.


The Chinese authorities express their strong protest to the countries participating in the G7 summit (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan) for their «slander and attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the PRC.»


The US and the EU have agreed to end a 16-year dispute over the production of Boeing and Airbus aircraft and will suspend the duties imposed within its framework for 5 years. The parties accused each other of subsidizing their aircraft manufacturers and imposed duties. As the US trade representative said, the parties agreed to jointly confront China in the aviation industry.


Russia will be engaged in the construction of nuclear reactors in Iraq, it is planned to build 8 units by 2030, a profile Iraqi official told RIA Novosti.


Tourists from Russia were shot in Abkhazia. Three people were injured, including the shooter, who was hit by a ricocheted bullet. The incident took place tonight at the Apsny restaurant at the Samshitovaya Roscha boarding house in Pitsunda. According to eyewitnesses, a local resident approached a group of five tourists (two men, three women) and began to molest the girls. At the request not to interfere, he began firing a weapon at the legs.


The State Duma canceled the obligatory technical inspection for obtaining compulsory motor third party liability insurance. The law will come into force on 22 August. Now, to issue a policy, the driver will no longer need to provide a diagnostic card and confirm the passage of a technical inspection.


For the first time, the Czech Republic was included in the list of states hostile to Russia, according to a survey by the Levada Center (the organization is recognized as a foreign agent in Russia), which Open Media got acquainted with. But the main enemies in the minds of Russians are still the United States, Ukraine and Great Britain, said Denis Volkov, director of the Levada Center, in a conversation with OM.


Revenues to the federal budget of Putin’s Russia have significantly exceeded the forecast, Prime Minister Mishustin said at a government meeting on Thursday. As a result, the budget returned to a surplus.

“We have taken a good pace,” Mishustin said. “It is necessary to further increase the collection and consolidate positive trends with unconditional financing of social and other priority obligations of the state” (quotes from TASS).

According to the Ministry of Finance, in January-May the federal budget received 9.319 trillion rubles in taxes — 49.7% of the annual plan. The fees were thus one month ahead of the schedule and turned out to be 18% higher than last year’s level.


The court gave 5 years in prison to an employee of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the case of the loss of $ 1 million, which was sent from Iran in a box of Absolut vodka. The incident took place in November 2019. The money was received from Iran for consular services; it was transferred to Moscow through the diplomatic-courier service of the Russian Foreign Ministry, since a transfer cannot be made from Iran due to US sanctions.