14 Aug, 2018

Reduce environmental costs

The Ministry of Natural Resources decided to reduce the budget of the national project “Ecology” by 320 billion rubles. (17.1%), RBC reports with reference to the latest version of the project passport dated July 27.

Most of the expenses were cut to the “Clean Water” program, according to which 99% of consumers should be provided with drinking water of normal quality (now this figure is 87.5%). In 2019-2024 this direction of the Ministry of Natural Resources will spend half as much as planned initially – 258.47 billion rubles. instead of 551 billion rubles.

The national project “Ecology” is implemented within the framework of the May presidential decree of President Vladimir Putin on national goals and strategic tasks of Russia’s development for the period up to 2024.

Briefly about the main ….


Vaikule terrified reaction to her words about the Crimea

Soviet and Latvian singer Laima Vaikule stated that she did not expect such reaction of show business associates to her unwillingness to visit Crimea under any pretext.

I did not even imagine that people are such animals. I’ll tell you frankly. Maybe because I never watch TV. I now turned it on for the first time to see what kind of reaction, what’s going on … It seems to me that people have gone mad. They are absolutely zombie. They do not even hear what they say. – Laima Vaikule, singer

Volodin did not rule out the abolition of state pensions in Russia

Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin during a meeting with residents of Saratov did not rule out the possibility of canceling state pensions in Russia.

At us the pension system has deficiency, we fill it at the expense of the budget. The question is whether state pensions will survive in this case. Earlier four people worked, and one – on pension, and now 0.96 work in the Saratov region for each pensioner. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The way to protect Russians from landings for reposts

The general director of the social network “VKontakte” Andrei Rogozov announced the possibility of making the profile completely private, leaving it open only to friends. He told about this on his page

Thus, the social network reacted to frequent cases with the initiation of criminal cases for publications.

EGE will be assigned artificial intelligence

By 2030 artificial intelligence systems will be created, which can be entrusted to check the work of a single state examination (EGE) in full. This was reported to Izvestia by the director of the Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements Oksana Reshetnikova.

By this time, the development of artificial intelligence should reach a level that allows us to assess the detailed answers of schoolchildren.

The authorities of Moscow will build sportsmen and children’s playgrounds for summer residents

In the garden non-profit partnerships (SNT) will equip 200 playgrounds for children’s games and 200 sports grounds. They will appear on the territory of more than 30 municipalities of the Moscow region. 255 objects of work have already begun.

The data center for assessing the intelligence of children will appear in Russia

The data center for collecting information about the psychological and intellectual development of modern children is being created in the Russian Federation. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia with reference to the Russian Academy of Education.

Children are threatened with eviction because of mortgage debt

Tatyana Moskalkova, the human rights ombudsman in the Russian Federation, asked the Chelyabinsk Ombudsman to investigate the situation in which there were three children who inherited a mortgage from their mother.

Tour operators warned about the increase in prices for trips to Turkey

Considering the growth of the dollar against the ruble, the cost of tours to Turkey can increase. Tour operators believe that in the next season prices will rise by at least 5%. During the velvet season, prices will decrease, but will be higher compared to the same period last year.

Putin gave instructions to support the birth rate in the Far East

President Vladimir Putin gave instructions on additional measures to develop the Far East. By September 10, the Cabinet of Ministers must submit proposals to the head of state on supporting the birth rate and stimulating the influx of people into the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

In Poland, because of fatigue, a whole police station left for the hospital

According to him, in some cases, entire sections remain without employees. In particular, all the police stations at one of the railway stations in the largest city of the province of Szczecin, as well as all the employees of the investigation department in the town of Kamen Pomorski, immediately went to the hospital.

The Moscow mayor’s office was asked to abandon the “Mothers’ March”

The Moscow City Hall called on the organizers of the “Marsh of Mothers” action to refuse to hold it, as it is not coordinated with the authorities and poses a threat to public security. This was announced by RBC Head of the Department of Regional Security Vladimir Chernikov.

The court fined the ino agent for the first time for lack of marking on Facebook

The human rights organization “Man and the Law” (“Chiz”), entered in the register of foreign agents, was fined 300 thousand rubles. For lack of appropriate marking on her Facebook page.

All for civil defense training

When applying for a job, all new employees must pass the test according to the rules of safety and behavior in the event of an emergency. It should be carried out immediately after the civil defense briefing, as stated in the recommendations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The department was told that the document was sent to the regions and distributed in various organizations.

In each organization should be responsible for the conduct of briefings, specified in the recommendations. Briefing can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours.

The employee’s knowledge is evaluated for “credit” or “non-recognition”. Those who failed will not be dismissed from their work, but within 30 days they are recommended to conduct additional training with them.

The State Duma proposed to establish in Russia a uniform price for the school uniform

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Education and Science Boris Chernyshov proposed to establish in Russia a uniform price for the school uniform, as well as to give orders for its tailoring to two Russian factories. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

I took a fellow traveler …. Pay taxes …

Authorities will discuss the taxation of carp. The working group, created on behalf of Vice-Premier Maxim Akimov, considered the first initiatives to regulate carp-fishing (joint trips on cars), the group members told Kommersant.

In particular, the Moscow City Transport Department presented a bill on carpooling, in which he suggested recognizing his service as a service, with which taxes should be levied, told the analyst of the Analytical Center under the government Alexei Safronov.

“It is proposed to oblige passengers to pay for services only in cashless form through the Internet aggregator platform – BlaBlaCar and the like – that should facilitate tax control,” he explained.

Tymoshenko compared Ukrainians with slaves in Ancient Egypt

In Ukrainian villages, they began to take apples from household plots and gardens. The price is phenomenal: 30-40 kopecks per kilogram. Slaves in ancient Egypt in the days of Tutankhamun had great earnings. Except as a mockery of people, this can not be called. – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian politician

According to Tymoshenko, the main economic factor that allows Ukrainian citizens to survive is the transfer of those who went to work in Poland.

Yushchenko called Ukrainians slaves without a “victory plan” over Russia

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko in an interview with the newspaper “Ukrainskaya Pravda” called the reasons why for several years it has not been possible to resolve the conflict in the Donbass and settle the issue of Crimea. According to him, the result of any military conflict determines the spirit.

In this state there is no plan of victory. Because you are not behaving like a people that requires victory. You are already slaves. – Victor Yushchenko, Ukrainian politician

Ex-head of the Dr. Lisa Foundation denied reports of his departure from Russia

Sokolova’s intention not to return to Russia from vacation “Rain” reported with reference to a source surrounded by a journalist. According to the interlocutor of the TV channel, this is due to the fact that the Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings on abuse of official powers in the fund.

The court re-arrested the ex-general director of the NGO. Lavochkin

Babushkinsky court of Moscow on Monday re-granted the petition of the investigation to arrest the former director general of the NGO Lavochkin, Sergei Lemeshevsky, accused of fraud in a particularly large amount, Tass correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The number of Russians with five or more loans is growing for the third year – BCI

The share of Russian borrowers with five or more existing loans in the first half of the year increased to a record level of 5.62% of the total number of borrowers, an increase has been observed for the third year, according to a study of the credit history bureau “Equifax”, which is available to RIA Novosti.


FT learned about Deripaska’s plan to transfer part of En + shares to VTB because of sanctions

According to the newspaper, in a plan submitted to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Ministry of Finance, Deripaska agrees to reduce its stake in En + to below 45% by transferring shares to VTB Bank (now controls 9.62% of En +).

Russia’s billionaires lost $ 3.1 billion for the day because of the “Belousov list”

Russia’s richest people lost more than $ 3 billion in one day after Andrei Belousov, an assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin on economic issues, offered to raise taxes for the leading companies in the mining and metals sector.

Turkey tries to save the falling lyre

The Turkish Central Bank on Monday announced measures to protect the financial stability of the country, reports Anadolu. To go to this step Ankara was due to the collapse of the national currency against the backdrop of an increase in US duties. To save financial structures, the Central Bank plans to spend about $ 10.45 billion

Fitch upgraded Greece’s rating by two steps at once

The international rating agency Fitch upgraded the long-term foreign currency rating of Greece by two steps at once, to “BB-” from “B”, noting the improvement of public finances and relations with European creditors. The forecast of the Greek rating is “stable”.

The net profit of “Rusagro” in the first half-year increased 10 times

The net profit of Rusagro in the first half of 2018 according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) increased 10.3 times and amounted to 2.34 billion rubles. This follows their company’s report. The net profit of “Rusagro” in the second quarter increased 3.7 times, to 2.13 billion rubles.

China can legalize crypto-currencies

The Chinese authorities show interest in crypto-currencies, but behave very carefully, Prime-Minister Yury Gugnin, deputy chairman of the expert council under the State Duma on the digital economy and blockade, told Prime. He noted that the People’s Bank of the country is studying the possibility of legalizing digital money and is holding consultations with experts on this issue.

“Here in China we met a man who heads the working group on legalization of the Crypto-currency in the Central Bank. He also asked to provide information about what format we have, as we see the legal field for crypto currency. We gave him everything. He is already calling for their internal activities to adapt this global experience, “Gugnin said.

OPEC countries in July increased oil production

OPEC countries in July 2018 increased oil production by 40.7 thousand barrels per day, to 32.32 million barrels – at the expense of countries such as Kuwait, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, follows from the OPEC report in August.

Cheniere signed a 25-year contract for the supply of LNG with the Taiwanese CPC

According to the International Gas Union, the supply of liquefied gas to Taiwan amounted to about 16.8 million tons in 2017

The cost of housing construction has risen by 6 thousand rubles

In Russia, the average prime cost per square meter of housing was 41,434 rubles.

The most expensive construction was in the Chukotka Autonomous District (115,201 rubles), the Nenets Autonomous District (69,141 rubles), the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (68,599 rubles), Chechnya (63,262 rubles) and the Crimea (62,155 rubles).

The lowest cost was recorded in Ingushetia (21,000 rubles), the Saratov region (23,493 rubles), Dagestan (25,803 rubles).

In July, the demand for metropolitan new buildings grew by 64%

According to analysts of the company “Metrium”, in July the number of deals with capital new buildings grew by 64% compared to the same period last year. Despite the height of the holiday season, demand in July was at the level of the most active spring months. A new record was reached in the mortgage sector, where for the month almost 9,000 housing loans were registered

The new Sheremetyevo terminal will be connected to Moscow for 12 billion rubles

In early August, Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich held a meeting at which it was decided how the new terminal at Sheremetyevo (opened in May, carrying 20 million passengers per year) would be connected to Moscow by rail.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to introduce a new tax

The Ministry of Finance proposed to convert the fee for negative impact on the environment into an environmental tax. The corresponding amendment is proposed in the Tax Code. The document was developed for inclusion in the code of non-tax payments of quasi-tax nature.

Flights abroad will rise in price due to the depreciation of the ruble

Tickets for international flights from Wednesday will rise in price due to a sharp decline in the ruble exchange rate against the dollar and the euro, the report of the ticket agency Biletix, available to RBC, says.

Norilsk Nickel increased its net profit in the first half of the year by 81%

Mining and metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel, whose largest shareholder is Vladimir Potanin (34%), increased its net profit in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year by 81%, to $ 1.65 billion, the company’s report says.

Mask confirmed negotiations with the Saudi fund on the repurchase of shares Tesla

Tesla founder Ilon Mask confirmed that he is negotiating with the Saudi Confident Fund Public Investment Fund (PIF) to redeem the company’s shares. The businessman wrote about this in his blog.

“Polyus” will open a credit line in Sberbank for 65 billion rubles

The gold mining company Polyus entered into an agreement to open a credit line in Sberbank at 65 billion rubles. This is reported in a press release of the company.

Russia’s expenses for servicing external debt increased by 30.7%

The Chamber of Accounts reported that Russia’s budget expenditures on servicing foreign debt in the first half of the year increased by 30.7%, and domestic debt by 13.1%. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The US will increase the production of shale oil in September

The United States will increase production of shale oil next month by 93,000 barrels per day, up to 7.522 million barrels. This forecast is provided by the Energy Information Administration of the US Energy Ministry.

Gazprom will pay $ 12 billion for a simple GTS of Ukraine

The amount of the claim amounted to $ 11.58 billion excluding interest. In the event of a win, Ukraine will receive compensation for the fact that the forced simple gas transmission system has led the pipes into an unusable state and the value of the GTS has fallen.

The industrial production of Kazakhstan in January-July grew by 5.1%

Oil production since the beginning of the year increased by 6.1 percent, copper ore – by 4.4 percent. In 2017, industrial production in Kazakhstan grew by 7.1 percent

Taiwan concluded a 25-year contract for the supply of LNG from the United States

Cheniere Marketing International Llp, which is the daughter of American LNG producer Cheniere Energy Inc, has entered into a long-term contract with the Taiwanese corporation CPC Corporation for the supply of liquefied gas. Under the terms of the contract, deliveries will be conducted for 25 years.


Rita Dakota wants a peaceful divorce from her betrayed husband

Rita Dakota was fed up with the constant infidelity of Vlad Sokolovsky’s husband, and the long-suffering celebrity decided to disperse with her unfaithful spouse, who had not yet commented on the charges of treason. His fans Rita thanks for the moral support, even without expecting to receive it.

47-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to a daughter

47-year-old host of the program “The Secret of a Million” Lera Kudryavtseva August 13 gave birth to a daughter. A photo of the newborn daughter was shared by her host in her Instagram

Media reported on the wedding of Poklonskaya in Crimea

State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya married, reports the Daily Storm referring to the guests of the ceremony. According to the publication, the elected representative of the deputy was the head of the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights Ivan Solovyov. The wedding was held in the Crimea, according to the guests, the ceremony was “modest, but tasteful.”

Tatyana Navki’s ex-husband married for the third time

The third wife of the 55-year-old specialist was figure skater Natalia Mikhailova. The wedding took place on August 11, but the couple plans to celebrate such a significant event in mid-September. Famous Russian figure skating coach Alexander Zhulin married for the third time.

Father Megan Markle promised not to give interviews anymore

Father Megan Markle promised not to give interviews Even before his wedding, Prince Harry advised Thomas Mark not to communicate with the press. It seems that the father of the Duchess of Sussex Megan Thomas Markle will soon try to reconcile with her daughter.

Priluchny and Mutseniets were wearing tattoos in the form of wedding rings

Reconciliation coincided with the seventh anniversary of their wedding. Therefore, Agatha and Paul decided not to waste time and make each other a gift in the form of tattoos of wedding rings on ring fingers. The whole process of stuffing tattoos, they shot on video.

The names of the three mentors of the show “The Voice. 60+ »

The main producer of music and entertainment programs of the First Channel Yurya Aksyuta during the preparatory rehearsal announced the participants of the new musical show “Voice. 60+ “the names of the mentors. They were Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Valery Meladze, the name of the fourth will be known on August 14.

Eurovision in Israel was threatened with a breakdown due to money

Israel may lose the right to hold the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 because the state did not guarantee financial support to the organizers. This is reported by The Times of Israel.

Laima Vaikule was invited to the “New Wave” in spite of the position on the Crimea

Laima Vaikule was invited to the “New Wave” in defiance of the position on the Crimea. Producer considered that music is higher than politics. The organizers of the contest “New Wave” refused to sanction Laima Vaikule, who stated that she would not allow her touring in the Crimea.

Eminem broke his own rap record rapping speed

American rapper Eminem broke his own rap record in rapping rapping speed, writing a couplet for the Majesty track of singer Nicky Minage. According to the portal Genius, the couplet in Majesty has 123 syllables and lasts about 12 seconds – the speed of reading is 10.3 syllables per second.

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation wants to take control of the Cinema Foundation

The Ministry of Culture of Russia wants to change the charter of the Cinema Foundation. This is stated in the proposal, which the Ministry of Culture sent to the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev, writes RBC.

The Ministry of Culture wants to appoint the head of the Cinema Foundation himself, offer his candidacies for this post, and also take control of the state funds’ expenditure on the support of the national cinema. It should be noted that, according to the current version of the charter of the fund, all its key functions – the appointment of a head, control over the expenditure of state funds, the development of proposals for amending the charter, etc., are within the purview of the fund itself.

Actress Ruby Rose left Twitter because of critics of DC fans

Actress Ruby Rose, assigned to the main role in the upcoming television series about Batgirl, decided to retire from the microblogging service “Twitter” after it was attacked by a large-scale criticism from fans of comics and representatives of the LGBT community.

Prigogine recommended Laima Vaikule to refrain from performing in Russia

Famous Russian producer Iosif Prigozhin criticized the singer Laima Vaikule, who stated that she would not go to Crimea for any money.

If you consider Russia a bad country, unreliable, then you do not need to come here, you do not have to earn money here. – Joseph Prigogine, Russian music producer

Lithuanian MP demanded that Timati be included in the list of undesirable persons

Member of the parliamentary faction “Union of the Fatherland – Christian Democrats of Lithuania” Laurinas Kacziunas appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a demand to make Russian singer Timati (Timur Yunusov) on the list of persons undesirable for the Baltic republic

Gazmanov answered the words of Vaikule about Crimea

Russian singer and composer Oleg Gazmanov called the statement of his colleague Laima Vaikule about the Crimea ugly, noting that the performer was given all by Russia. Vaikule during her stay in Odessa said that she would not have gone to the Crimea, whatever fee she was offered.

She is an educated woman and any educated person, reading a simple story, understands what Crimea is, what Sevastopol is, how many Russian blood is spilled there. And it would have been nothing if it had not been so disgustingly done to the Crimea. It is the will of the whole people to return to Russia. – Oleg Gazmanov, the singer

The court sentenced driver Volochkova

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova said that the former driver Alexander Skirtach was found guilty for all five episodes of the case and sentenced him to three years in prison conditionally. A man was ordered to pay a little over 370,000 rubles to the ballerina.

We are absolutely satisfied with the decision of the court. The main thing was to prove the guilt of Skirtach and it is proved. All my arguments are accepted and satisfied by the court in all five episodes that have been submitted. And I want to emphasize that we represented five out of the ten committed by Skirtach crime. – Anastasia Volochkova, Russian ballet dancer

The lawyer said that Petrosyan himself is ready to give Stepanenko

The lawyer said that Petrosyan himself is ready to give Stepanenko a canvas called “Oak” – the only picture that the artist chose and bought herself.

71-year-old Sofia Rotaru looks almost the same age as the 17-year-old granddaughter

On one of the latest photos, 71-year-old Sofia Rotaru looks no worse than her 17-year-old granddaughter, who was named after a famous grandmother. The actress has always been in awe of her family, has done everything in order to raise her son a worthy person.

Tata Blumenkrantz forbade her husband to see her daughter

What is the reason for this decision, Tata did not say, noting only that in their relationship with Valerie a serious problem arose. At the same time, the subscribers of his instagram, Blumenkrantz, decided to ask what to do if the wife does not let him see the child.

In Sydney, nearly 500 guitarists simultaneously played Highway to Hell

At the Sydney Music Festival on August 12, gathered 457 guitarists who simultaneously played the song AC / DC Highway to Hell, the local newspaper The Newcastle Herald reports. A joint statement is organized to establish the achievement of the Guinness Book of Records.


Netflix has published the first footage of “Chilling soul adventures Sabrina”

Netflix published the first footage of the upcoming series “The Soul-chilling adventure of Sabrina,” based on the comics of Archie. A young witch in the show was played by Kirnan Shipka (“Madmen”).

The Omsk Film Festival “Movement” will host a series of serials

In Omsk, the debut festival will be held for the sixth time. As the press-service of the festival “Movement” informs, this year the best TV series will be chosen as part of the contest program.

Sansa Stark told about the finale of the “Game of Thrones”

Actress Sophie Turner, who is known for the role of Sansa Stark in the sensational series “The Game of Thrones” told about the finale. This is reported by “Evening Moscow”. According to the actress, the final season will be the most bloody.

Rare frames with nude Marilyn Monroe

On the Web, there were rare shots of the naked Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. As the British tabloid Daily Mail writes, the scene with the naked actress was to enter the 1961 film “The Uncaused,” but was cut in the final edition of the tape.

The first photo of actress Liu Yifei in the image of Mulan

The network has the first photo from the filming of the full-length feature film “Mulan.” This is reported by Buzzfeed News. It is noted that in the photo the female Chinese actress Liu Yifei holds the sword in a pose that repeats the pose of the heroine of the cartoon film of the same name.

Jean-Paul Belmondo will return to work in the cinema

The popular French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo can return to filming in the cinema, writes TASS.

Robert Downey Jr. received the Youth Award Teen Choice Awards

As for the film “War of Infinity”, it was recognized as the best action-tape. In this case, the best fantasy film was the “Black Panther”.

In Rostov will host the World Street Cinema Festival

In Rostov-on-Don for the first time there will be screenings of the world festival of street cinema. Short films will be shown on September 8 and 9 at the site in front of the Don Public Library. On Saturday, September 8, the films of the festival’s competitive program will be shown.

Sony released the release trailer “Spider-Man”

Basically the video consists of already shown frames, but there was a place and a couple of fresh ones – a good way to brighten up the wait until the exit, avoiding the malicious spoilers.

Neighbor Torah survived the finale of the “Avengers: War of Infinity”

Prior to the release of the militant “Avengers: War of Infinity”, the company Marvel often entertained us with videos with the participation of Thor and his roommate, Darryl. Attention, there will now be spoilers: fortunately, Darryl survived a click of Thanos.

Short film festival “In short”

The festival of short films “In short” will be held on August 17-19 in Kaliningrad, Newinform reports. This year more than 1,500 applications were submitted from 49 regions of Russia and 43 countries. The main competitive program includes 37 films


Former Armenian President Kocharyan released from custody

The Armenian Court of Appeal granted the petition of the lawyers of the former President Robert Kocharian to change the measure of restraint in the form of arrest. According to Interfax, the court decided to change the measure of restraint in connection with the fact that Kocharyan is inviolable as a former head of state.

Putin and Merkel will hold talks in Germany on August 18

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on August 18 at her residence in Germanic Mezeberg. This was reported by the official representative of the government of the country Steffen Seibert.

One can never say for sure what will be discussed at a meeting of this level … I can assume that the issues of bilateral relations, the conflict in Syria … And the settlement in the east of Ukraine, as well as energy cooperation will be raised. – Steffen Seibert, German journalist

Saakashvili said that in the United States criminal proceedings were instituted against Poroshenko

Ex-president of Georgia, the former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, claims that criminal charges have been brought against the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the United States.

As soon as he ceases to be president, he will not be accepted by any of the countries, or he will give it out instantly. In America, he can be imprisoned, like Lazarenko, because the FBI has got him a file of cases. – Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgian politician

Kiev plans to create an analogue of the “Magnitsky list”

Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko proposed to create an analogue of the “Magnitsky list”, “Kryminform” reports.

“We will appeal to our international partners with the proposal to form a separate sanctions list on the analogue of the” Magnitsky list “, where there will actually be a list of persons involved in kidnapping and imprisonment, bullying and torturing Ukrainian citizens who are political prisoners on the territory of the Russian Federation, – the minister said.

The Kremlin talked about the talks between Putin and Roukhani

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with Iranian President Hassan Roukhani the situation in Syria, relations between the US and Russia, as well as issues of bilateral relations. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov, RIA “Novosti”

The third inter-Korean summit will be held in September

The third meeting this year between the leaders of the DPRK and South Korea will be held in Pyongyang in September, the South Korean agency Rönhap reports. The exact date of the summit has not yet been called. The agreement on a new meeting was reached at the ministerial talks between the South and North Koreas.

The US will continue the Korean War

US Ambassador to South Korea, Harry Harris, said his country does not support Pyongyang’s offer to officially announce the end of the Korean War of 1950-53, Yonhap reports. The diplomat considers the discussion of this issue premature.

Trump adviser and Turkish ambassador to the US discussed bilateral relations

Advisor to the US President for National Security John Bolton held a meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey to the US Serdar Kilic, the White House press service reported.

US State Department says about readiness for dialogue with Iran

The US State Department assures its readiness for a dialogue with Iran despite the statements of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Previously, the spiritual leader of Iran made statements that, in the opinion of the State Department, actually exclude the possibility of negotiations with the United States.


Trump signed the defense budget for the 2019 fiscal year

US President Donald Trump signed on Monday the country’s defense budget for the fiscal year 2019 in the amount of about 716 billion dollars, which is 3% (20 billion) more than in the budget-2018.

With the adoption of the new budget, we will increase the size and power of our army, creating thousands of places for recruits. We will replace obsolete tanks, obsolete aircraft and ships with the most advanced and deadly technologies. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Iran introduced a new generation ballistic missile

The Iranian military demonstrated on Monday a ballistic missile of the new generation Fateh. This is reported by the agency Tasnim with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the country.

Al-Baghdadi can not perform duties due to wounding

The leader of the terrorist group IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was banned in Russia, was seriously wounded as a result of the air operation of the Iraqi Air Force in Syria and “lost his ability to perform his duties”

“Almaz-Antey” was named one of the world’s largest weapons companies

The largest Russian developer and manufacturer of air defense systems, Almaz-Antey, took the eighth line in the world rating of arms companies. Over the past year, the concern has earned 9.1 billion dollars, which is 39% more than in 2016

Syria is reported to support militants from a number of Arab countries

“Well-known Arab countries provided support for $ 137 billion for illegal armed groups to destroy Syria,” the deputy head of the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.

The fighting in the Gaza Strip is inevitable

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that a new armed confrontation with Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip is inevitable – it’s only a matter of time.

Russian electronic warfare complexes detonated guided missiles in flight

At the bilateral tactical exercises taking place in Abkhazia, the newest complexes of electronic warfare “Mercury-BM” were used for the first time. With the help of mobile EW stations, servicemen destroyed during the flight guided missile shells of the conventional artillery of the conventional enemy.

Russian military advisers arrived in Syria

Military advisers arrived on the territory of the Syrian province. Here the main militant forces are concentrated. The advisers settled down on one of the military bases in the southeast of Idlib.

Canadian company will supply Ukraine with sniper rifles for $ 770 thousand

Canadian firm PGW Defense Technologies will supply Ukraine with sniper rifles LRT-3 for about $ 770 thousand. The contract implies “support and training,” the head of the company Ross Spagrud told UATV about this.

NATO’s air base will be located 60 kilometers from Russia

In the Lithuanian city of Kazlou-Ruda, the first military airplane that meets NATO standards will soon appear in Lithuania, the press service of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry reported. It is noted that the airfield will be located about 60 kilometers from the border with Russia.

The US intends to conduct military exercises in the Black Sea more often

The US authorities are going to conduct military exercises more often in the Black Sea with the participation of Georgia and Ukraine. Such information was published in the law on the new defense budget of the country. The document says that the decision will be conducted within the framework of “counteraction to the influence of Russia in the region”


Pyro of the wooden church in Karelia pleaded guilty

A teenager, suspected of setting fire to an ancient wooden church in Karelia, pleaded guilty. A source in law enforcement agencies told about this. The young man is placed in the temporary detention center for juvenile offenders and will spend 30 days there, TASS reported August 13.

In Turkey, arrested a figurant of the case of the murder of the Russian ambassador

Turkish police arrested the wife of a member of the organization of opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen FETO Aishe Shogut, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, Andrei Karlov.

In the Altai Territory, the child lost his hand when jumping from the tarp

Investigators of the Altai Territory check the fact of state of emergency with the participation of a 13-year-old teenager, who lost his arm, jumping from the tarpanka to the river, according to the Russian Federation Criminal Code for the Altai Territory.

In St. Petersburg, began checking after a helicopter flying under the bridge

The prosecutor’s office began checking reports on the flight of a helicopter under the bridge of the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) in St. Petersburg. This is reported on the site of the North-West Transport Prosecutor’s Office. The inspection was entrusted to the St. Petersburg and Leningrad-Finland transport prosecutors.

In Tajikistan, evacuated Russian climbers

The rescuers evacuated 13 people on board the Mi-8 helicopter, which made a hard landing in the mountains in eastern Tajikistan, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the country’s emergency committee. As a result of a hard landing, three climbers died, as well as two crew members.

A teenager in search of a place to read crossed the border with Abkhazia

Near Sochi, an illegally crossed Russian-Abkhaz border was confiscated by a 14-year-old teenager, who explained his action by wanting to find a secluded place to read the book. This was reported on Monday in the Border Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Krasnodar Territory.

In Spain, the number of people injured during PE at the concert exceeded 300 people

The incident occurred on Sunday late at night during a concert that was held as part of the O Marisquiño festival. The wooden platform on the embankment could not stand the weight of the spectators and collapsed, as a result people fell into the water. All the victims were hospitalized.

In Moscow, a man accidentally killed his son, shooting at targets

A man in the Moscow region, through carelessness, killed his 10-year-old son from homemade pneumatic weapons, shooting at targets, the press service of the Investigative Committee

Check after the fire in the hostel of the plant in Yekaterinburg

The Investigative Committee began checking on the fact of a major fire in the dormitory of the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMZ) in Yekaterinburg, where ten people were injured and one died, according to the investigation department of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the Sverdlovsk region.

In Kenya, a hippopotamus was bitten to death by a tourist

The hippopotamus in Kenya attacked and drowned the tourist from Taiwan while trying to photograph the animal from a short distance, according to the Tourism Bureau of the Taiwanese Ministry of Transport and Communications

In Crimea, the jeep fell from the cliff: 3 people died

“The driver of the Jeep car, moving along the road Belogorsk-Privetnoye, allowed the trip outside the carriageway, where the car fell from the cliff,” the department said. As a result of the accident, three people were killed, two more were injured.

In the mountains of Altai, a group of tourists freezes

On Sunday, a tourist group of four gave the SOS signal from Mount Ak-Kem, with a height of 4.1 thousand meters in the Altai Mountains. In the place of their parking, the weather has sharply deteriorated, the wind blew a tent with things and equipment. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there are no injuries to blocked tourists, there is a supply of food and gas, but they can not independently descend from the top because of physical fatigue. Urgently help tourists did not allow the weather – in the mountains it was raining, passing into the snow, there was a strong wind.

The number of people who were poisoned in a children’s camp in Dagestan increased to 65 people

The number of people hospitalized with acute intestinal infection from a children’s camp in Shamil district of Dagestan reached 65 people, including 61 children, a representative of the regional Ministry of Health told RIA Novosti.

The plane landed in Spain because of packets of cocaine in the stomach of a passenger

The reason for the forced landing was the request of a 23-year-old passenger, who became ill. Later it turned out that the girl was ill because of the ruptured in her stomach 56 bags of cocaine with a total weight of about 1 kg. She swallowed them to illegally bring to Europe.

On the Baikal light aircraft fell

In the vicinity of the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal, a light-engine aircraft crashed and drowned during take-off. The pilot, presumably, the amphibian was not injured, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the dispatching service of Olkhon region.

Three people injured in Toronto shooting

The unknown man fired at a gas station in Toronto, which resulted in injuring three people, CTV reported citing the police. The incident occurred at one of the gas stations in the north-west of the city. At first the police reported two victims, but later a third wounded was found in the area of refueling.

More than 40 people were injured in an accident with a bus in the UK

In an accident on one of the highways in the English county of Kent, as a result of which the bus overturned, 41 people were injured. The incident occurred on Monday evening, August 13, SkyNews reports.

The BBC’s film crew was attacked in Malawi

The journalists of the BBC television and radio broadcasting corporation were attacked in Malawi by local residents. This is stated in the report published by the company

Chukchi police are looking for a polar bear killer

Police in Chukotka are looking for a killer of a polar bear, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug reports. As previously told RIA Novosti expert on the conservation of polar bears Victor Nikiforov, a bear with two wounds from bullets found on Sunday on the coast of the Chukchi Sea.


Russia purchased complexes for extracting data from smartphones in China

The buyers were the Investigative Committees for the Central and Eastern Military District. In particular, for 5 million rubles were purchased complexes iDC-8811 Forensic MagiCube with software UFED Physical Analyzer.

Lenovo introduced a powerful laptop ThinkPad P72

The volume of the hard drive Lenovo ThinkPad P72 is 128 GB, RAM is 6 GB. The screen diagonal is 17.3 inches and has two matrices – Full HD and 4K. The webcam has the ability to record videos as 720p

Oppo released a smartphone R17 with a 6.4-inch display

The company Oppo introduced the smartphone R17, equipped with a display diagonal of 6.4 inches. The resolution of the latter is 2.28×1.08 thousand points. The upper part of the panel is distinguished by the presence of a cutout, in which the designers placed a front camera with a matrix of 25 Mpx.

Smartphone to capture the whole world

Smartphone Pocophone F1, through which the Chinese company Xiaomi was going to “capture the whole world,” was the subject of an advertising campaign launched a few days ago

Chromebooks can get support for Windows 10

Chromebooks can work simultaneously on several systems – Windows 10 or Chrome OS. In some models of devices, developers have installed support for “dozens.” The main difference between the devices is the amount of flash memory, since for the novelty it will take 40 GB of free space.

Monitor ASUS VP248QGL-P is focused on gaming systems

ASUS expanded the range of monitors by announcing the model VP248QGL-P on a 24-inch TN matrix diagonally. The panel is designed for use as part of gaming systems.

The date of the debut of a new generation of Intel Core processors

According to the source, Intel will introduce the Intel Core of the ninth generation on October 1, 2018. The first to debut models with an unlocked multiplier. Lead the line of Core i9-9900K – the first desktop chip Core i9 for the “mass” segment.

Huawei, Oppo and Vivo announced sales of smart TVs

Huawei, Oppo and Vivo announced sales of their own smart TVs with the ability to access the Web. Information on the plans of Chinese manufacturers provided network sources.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi “mesh net system”

The open system Samsung SmartThings allows you to easily automate the operation of various devices and manage or using the application with the same name

WhatsApp will allow special services to read users’ correspondence

“Fighting terrorism,” Facebook’s leadership conceals the desire to repel money spent on the acquisition of the WhatsApp messenger: they will show expensive advertising based on user preferences analysis, programmer IA REGNUM Yuri Nosov said.

AP jumped at Google for tracking user movements

Many Google services on the iPhone and Android devices store information about user movements, even if the location history is turned off in privacy settings. This is evidenced by the results of the study Associated Press.

“Turbo-pages” of “Yandex” received a tape of automatic recommendations

In fact, the tool turns one “Turbo-page” into an endless stream of news. Thus, the user gets rid of the need to select recommendations manually and make corrections to the RSS feed.

Sony began selling Xperia XZ2 smartphone for 80 thousand rubles

Sales of Xperia XZ2 Premium limited-edition smartphones from Sony Mobile Communications started in Russia. The recommended retail price for Xperia XZ2 Premium Limited Edition (version Pro) on the Russian market is 79,990 rubles.

Xiaomi is preparing a direct competitor for the Apple iPad tablet

The version of Mi Pad 4 with a 10-inch screen will receive a prefix Plus to the name and according to insiders, this device will have 4 GB of operative and 128 GB of permanent memory. Whether the support of the stylus is still unknown in the large tablet.

Apple has removed from iOS 12 the ability to make group calls on FaceTime

Earlier, the function of group calls FaceTime in the new seventh updates of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave was voiced by representatives of Apple. This function was even emphasized, as a key, during the presentation.

Google taught a virtual assistant to read the news out loud

Since the launch of Google Assistant, AI has been able to play short podcasts or open news feeds on the phone. The company moved on and taught the virtual assistant to read the news aloud.


“Rostegh” created a drone for work in conditions of zero visibility

Engineers holding “Schwabe”, part of the state corporation “Rostekh”, created a drones, capable of monitoring objects in the visible, ultraviolet and short-wave range of the infrared spectrum, even in bad weather conditions. This is stated in a message on the website of Rosteha.

Scientists measured the rate of cell death

James Ferrell and Xianzhui Cheng of Stanford University in the United States were able to determine the rate of cell death for the first time. The study is published in the journal Science.

Death of a cell begins with the damage of one of its parts, which leads to the release of a chemical, the so-called “death signal”. This substance triggers a “trigger wave,” or a chain reaction that gradually affects other parts of the cell, releasing the same “signals” there.

In addition, after the death of one cell, this process continues in neighboring cells. According to scientists, the “trigger wave” will spread until the “signal of death”, that is, until its complete death, is completed in the body.

In Yakutia, scientists discovered a mammoth skeleton with soft tissues and wool

A unique paleontological find was reported by Victoria Sunkhawong, the official representative of the NEFU. The remains of the mammoth with wool and preserved soft tissues were found in the Verkhoyansk region of Yakutia on August 12, within the framework of the Russian-Japanese paleontological expedition

To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy

Researchers learn to apply Artificial Intelligence in medicine. Scientists from MIT applied machine training and reduced the amount of chemotherapy, thereby reducing the doses of drugs and the side effects of their use.

Biologists found in the embryos a cellular “zipper”

The authors compare this mechanism to the work of the zipper, which connects the actin rings, leaving no free areas. Such a process is already known to biologists: actin rings are used by some cells to coordinate group movement and division.

Hydrogel modified for custom electronics

Russian scientists have proposed two new methods for manufacturing highly translucent, electrically conductive, stretchable hydrogels, which are modified by films of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). These materials can be used, for example, in wearable electronics.

Sound can have anti-gravity

Physicists have suggested that sound quasiparticles – phonons – can move against gravity due to anti-gravity.

Clogging with oil helped supercool the suspension of red blood cells by 20 degrees

As a result, with the help of the proposed method, scientists managed to supercool the aqueous solutions with a volume of more than 100 milliliters by -20 degrees Celsius, and keep them in the form of a liquid for more than 100 days.

Veterinarians first started treating a wild killer whale

Canadian veterinarians for the first time began to treat an orcas that live in the wild, reports AP. A sick baby from a Pacific killer whale population was given a dose of an antibiotic with a dart. The southern resident population of killer whales lives in the northeast of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Canada and the USA.

A weak grip strength predicted poor child health

Based on the collected indicators, scientists identified risk factors that adversely affect the health of children: high fat mass, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high blood fat and high cholesterol (so-called bad cholesterol).

Wasps and bees can recognize people by face

Scientists from France, Germany and Australia decided to check whether insects are capable of integral treatment of individuals. For example, they used wasps and bees, the brain of which consists of less than a million neurons (for comparison – in the human brain tens of billions of neurons).


India plans to conduct two space launches on a monthly basis

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) intends to launch 31 space launches in the next 16 months, an average of two launches per month, said ISRO head Kailasavadivu Siwan in an interview with NDTV.

Found an explanation for the colorful stripes on Jupiter

NASA specialists succeeded, on the basis of data transmitted by the Juno probe, to uncover the mystery of the origin of the multi-colored bands on Jupiter. They appear as a result of the movement of ammonia clouds by several jet streams in the atmosphere of a gas giant.

Time flows “backward” during gamma-ray bursts, astronomers have discovered

The spectrum of gamma flares, the most powerful explosions in the universe, contains anomalies, similar to if time during these cataclysms were going back, and not forward.

The meteorite found in Africa was older than Earth

Meteorite, found in northern Africa, was significantly older than Earth. According to scientists, his age is about 4.6 billion

The reason for the absence of water in the atmospheres of super-hot Jupiters

Scientists, using the model proposed for the atmospheres of brown dwarfs, found that the responsible for the absence of moisture on hot Jupiters can be the powerful radiation of the day side, causing the decomposition of water molecules

Schoolchildren found in space anything similar to an object

Italian schoolchildren have discovered a space object, which put astronomers at a dead end. The source of mysterious X-ray flares can not be associated with any known type of celestial bodies

The discovery is described in a scientific article published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics by a group led by Sandro Mereghetti of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Physics in Milan.

In an ultra-compact galaxy, a supermassive black hole was found

Scientists have discovered a supermassive black hole in the center of the Fornax UCD3 galaxy, which belongs to the rare class of ultra compact dwarfs.

A person can not land on Jupiter

NASA staff noted that the first reason is represented by the composition of the planet, which experts compared with a huge cloud. Only to fly through Jupiter will not work

On the planet, the day lasts 9.5 Earth hours. The temperature rises to 3371 ° C at a depth of 4023 km. And already closer to the center, the “heat” will reach 6093 ° C. At the same time, the pressure will exceed the Earth’s pressure by 2 million times.


Honda introduced the updated Honda HR-V crossover for Europe

Japanese company Honda officially introduced the restyled crossover Honda HR-V for the European market. Serial assembly of the updated model has already started, and the first “commodity” machines will go on sale in October this year

The serial version of LADA Vesta Sport sedan was shot without camouflage

The serial version of the Russian sedan LADA Vesta Sport lit up on the roads without camouflage film. Photos with the car appeared on the pages of the community “Lada Vesta” in the social network “VKontakte”

The exterior of the new BMW Z4

On the eve of the debut in the network, photos of the Bavarian roadster, captured without camouflage film, leaked out. Pictures of the new BMW Z4 were found on the expanses of the social network Instagram. Judging by the nameplates of the car, we have a top model modification – M40i.

The company Kia has updated the Russian market model Sorento Prime and Rio

In the maximum configuration, the car received cruise control. The basic version of Kia Rio will cost from 709 900 rubles, and the version of Rio X-Line – from 809 900 rubles. Sorento Prime can now be purchased in two new trim levels – Premium and GT.

On the web there were “live” photos of the new Lynk & Co 03 sedan

Earlier on the Web, the first images of the new sedan were published, however, photos of the “live” model without professional processing were published only the other day. The joint brand of Swedish Volvo and Chinese Geely in 2017 demonstrated the concept of a new sedan, which received the name 03.

In Britain, will open the world’s first car resort

In the UK, it is planned to open the world’s first Bicester Heritage motor resort in the near future. According to Automotive World, it will be located on the territory of the former base of the Air Force (Air Force).

Datsun showed the car Datsun mi-DO for hunting and fishing

The car was created in a single copy at the request of the brand’s fans. More precisely, as a result of a poll in social networks, during which it became clear that the special version of the Datsun model for hunting and fishing will indeed be in demand. True, in the series the novelty is unlikely to come out

Crossover Skoda Kodiaq received a tuning package from the studio ABT

The famous German tuning studio ABT Sportsline presented a modified version of the crossover Skoda Kodiaq. During the tuning, the specialists paid attention not only to the appearance of the car, but also to its two engines, whose power was increased by 36 and 25 horsepower, respectively.

Tuning studio Wald finalized the coupe BMW 6-Series

Famous Japanese tuning studio Wald individualized the luxury German coupe BMW 6-Series. The car did not receive any technical improvements, but it was greatly transformed in the exterior

Honda showed the updated Honda Civic 2019

Restyled coupe and sedan Civic for the North American market received modernized head optics, recycled bumpers, a different grille, rear diffuser with integrated muffler, and original alloy wheels at 16-18 inches.

Now the extended package of active security systems Honda Sensing, including a system to prevent frontal collisions, adaptive cruise control and lane-hold assistant, has become available for all versions of the model.

Also in the updated Civic there was a Sport package, which is distinguished by glossy black accents on the body, a massive rear spoiler in the “four-door”, chrome exhaust pipes and black 18-inch wheels Berlina. In addition, in the bestselling arsenal there is an advanced infotainment system Display Audio with a 7-inch touchscreen and smartphone support.

The novelty is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline 160-strong atmos- phere in combination with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a CVT.

The cost of the most affordable version of Honda Civic in the US is 18,940 dollars (1,284,000 rubles).

Recall that at present Honda Civic in Russia is not for sale.

UAZ will release new versions of UAZ “Loafers” and UAZ Hunter

It looks like the manufacturer decided to release even new versions, but for other of its models. UAZ will release new versions of UAZ “Loafers” and UAZ Hunter, as reported by “AvtoVesti” referring to a source in UAZ.

Cadillac brought to test a new compact sedan Cadillac CT4

According to foreign media reports, the new Cadillac, which will be called CT3 or CT4, will be shown this year. The sedan will be smaller than the ATS model. With this novelty will have to compete with the German Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Audi A3.

Range Rover Sport received a package of improvements from the studio Lumma Design

Famous tuning studio Lumma Design has presented a modified version of the “charged” Range Rover Sport. German tuners have seriously updated the exterior of the SUV, making it even more aggressive, bright and attractive.

In Dusseldorf, presented an electric car iEV 1

At the beginning of this week in Dusseldorf, the motorists team presented the electric car iEV 1. The model is able to change its shape depending on the situation on the road. As it turned out, most of the new startup companies work exclusively on creating single-seat electric cars.

BAIC has come up with a new intelligent Nova-PLS system

In 2017, BAIC came up with a comprehensive intelligent Nova-PLS system, including the Nova-Pilot autopilot, the Nova-Link multimedia center, and the innovative Nova-Space cockpit.

This year, all these functions are beginning to be introduced on production cars, the first will be the crossover Senova X55, which will appear on the Chinese market in September. After that, the equipment will appear on two new models.

The guy found in the garage grandmother Lambo Countach and Ferrari 308

Sometimes the inheritance left by grandparents is not very useful, but it does not always happen that way. For example, one of the Reddit site users was lucky enough to find the 1981 Lambo Countach in the grandmother’s garage

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