3 Июн, 2021

Regulations for the use of electric scooters in Europe

In France — only on roads and bike paths, for going to the sidewalk a fine of 135 euros. In Paris, on rental scooters, the speed is not more than 20 km / h (fine € 1500). A helmet is optional but recommended. You can drive from the age of 12.

In Italy, it is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk, on the road you can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. After sunset, you need a reflective vest (fine from € 50 to € 200) and headlights on (fine up to € 400). A driving permit is not required.

In Switzerland, driving on footpaths is prohibited. On rental electric scooters, the speed is up to 20 km / h. A helmet is recommended but not required. You can drive from the age of 14 with a license of category M, and without them — from 16.

In the UK, you need to have compulsory insurance (fine up to £ 300) and a driving license. Traffic on sidewalks is prohibited in London.

In Austria, you cannot ride on footpaths. The norms allow the presence of alcohol in the blood — 0.8 ppm, a fine for serious excess — up to 6 thousand euros.

In Belgium, when driving on the sidewalk, you cannot go faster than pedestrians, overtaking can lead to a fine. Driving faster — only on roads and bike paths.

In Poland, you can drive onto roads where the permitted speed does not exceed 30 km / h. When driving on the sidewalk, do not overtake pedestrians. You can get on an electric scooter from the age of 10 by passing an exam on traffic rules on a bicycle card.

In Greece, a helmet is required. You can ride on roads where the speed is not more than 50 km / h.

You do not need a driving permit in Finland. Electric scooters with a speed ceiling of 15 km / h are generally equated to pedestrians.


International Booker Laureate is French writer David Diop (At Night All Blood is Black)


Trilateral consultations of representatives of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia were held on June 2 in Moscow, they discussed ways of de-escalation in certain border regions of Armenia and Azerbaijan, sources say.


USA announced a $ 7 million reward for information on the leader of the terrorist group «Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb»


The leader of Israel’s largest opposition party, Yesh Atid, Yair Lapid, to whom the president had earlier given the mandate to form a government, said that he did manage to form a government coalition. The first prime minister of Israel in the rotation will be the leader of the Yamina party, Bennett, in 2 years he will be replaced by Lapid, the presidential office said.


Top investor countries in Russia in 2020. Research by EY (available from RIA Novosti).

Germany — 26 projects (half of investments — in the agri-food sector)

USA and China — 15 each (most of the American — in the agri-food sector, Chinese — in the electronics sector)

Italy — 13 (more than half are related to the production of machinery and equipment)


VTimes, recognized by the foreign agent, announced the closure, it will cease work on June 12


Bank of Russia: administrative measures to contain prices have spillovers, including an increase in related goods


Iran is deprived of the right to vote in the UN General Assembly — it owes $ 16 million in contributions, the CAR, too — it did not pay $ 29 thousand


The German authorities have allocated 130 billion euros to help the economy in the pandemic — there has not been such a program size since Germany recovered after World War II, the Minister of Economy said. On top of this, the government has allocated 30 billion euros to support companies that have switched to shorter working hours, and more than 100 billion euros in business loans.


In St. Petersburg, searches in large scooter rental services Whoosh, Molnia and others after incidents with customers’ raids on small children. Yesterday in St. Petersburg, a young man hit a 4-year-old child on an electric scooter, another man hit a 5-year-old girl on an electric scooter.


Former Deputy Head of the Federal Property Management Agency Patkina received 7.5 years in the case of embezzlement of more than 150 million rubles, told RIA Novosti in court


Free connection of citizens to gas will be linked to their obligation to start consuming it within a year or pay the connection costs. A source familiar with the situation told Interfax that such a decision was made at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.


There is no discrimination against foreign media agents in Russia — official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


In 2020, the legal income of bloggers on YouTube and Instagram reached 11 billion rubles, which is 3 billion rubles more than the advertising revenue of all newspaper and magazine publishers. The real figure of income is many times higher. The YouTube audience in Russia is already larger than the TV audience.


Microsoft invited journalists to the presentation of the new version of Windows. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said earlier that the next generation of Windows will be one of the most significant updates in a decade. The presentation of the operating system is scheduled for June 24


Director of the SVR Naryshkin held a meeting in Vitebsk with the head of the KGB of Belarus Tertel. The parties discussed interaction in the conditions of aggression by the United States and the West.


Yandex announced the creation of a joint venture with computer equipment manufacturer Gigabyte and VTB Bank. The joint venture will manufacture servers. For this, a plant will be built in Russia. Clients will be not only companies in need of servers, but also data centers will be built. And the launch is scheduled for 2022. The joint venture will mark the relocation of existing production facilities from China to Russia.

Yandex and Gigabyte will provide patents, technologies and their own development of server hardware. Gigabyte specialists will also be engaged in launching and debugging production. Yandex and LANIT will allocate investments for the project, in addition, Lanit will provide distribution and service centers. VTB will act as a financial investor in the joint venture


The Russian Ministry of Finance decided to completely abandon dollars in the National Welfare Fund. It is planned to replace the dollar with other assets within a month.

“We, like the Central Bank, have made a decision to reduce the NWF’s investments in dollar-denominated assets. If today, in terms of structure, we have about 35% of the NWF’s investments in dollars, 35% — in euros, then we decided to get out of dollar assets completely, replacing investments in dollars with an increase in euros, an increase in gold. Dollars [will be] 0%, euro — 40%, yuan — 30%, gold — 20%, pounds and yen — 5% each, ”the Finance Ministry said.

In the NWF $ 39.84 billion (latest statistics, at the end of April)


The Moscow Mayor’s Office will use cameras to count people involved in sports in the open areas of the capital — officials ordered the installation of such cameras on a hundred city sports grounds, discovered by Open Media. The ordered system will also have to store images of the faces of people coming to train — and why this is needed, officials do not disclose