29 Мар, 2021

Remove the ban on the privatization of land plots near the water

The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) proposes to allow the transfer of land plots located near sources of drinking water to private ownership. The lifting of the ban on privatization will make it possible to receive at least RUB 4.5 billion in the consolidated budget of the Moscow Region alone. annually from the sale of land, the authors of the bill note in an explanatory note.

Now these territories belong to lands with limited circulation: they cannot be redeemed, but can only be rented. The draft law has been published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

Italian Ambassador urged Russia to allow the import of Parmesan

Italian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Pasquale Terracciano called on the Russian authorities to exclude Parmesan cheese from the list of products prohibited for import into Russia under the food embargo. The ambassador said that Parmesan was “mistakenly included in the package of counter-sanctions against fresh products, since it is not fresh cheese, it is lactose free. «.

At the same time, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, farmer-cheese maker Oleg Sirota urged the authorities not to allow Italian Parmesan for another five to six years, in order to give time to Russian farmers.

Belarus will not participate in Eurovision this year.

The organizers removed her from the competition, as the new song presented by the Galasy ZMesta group also does not comply with the rules and may damage the reputation of the competition, the European Broadcasting Union said. The group today sent a new composition to the commission, since the first EBU rejected it due to its politicization.

Scammers began to find their victims on BlaBlaCar.

RIA Novosti has found out what the new scheme looks like:

  • the attacker asks the client to transfer the «advance» to him, and then says that this is a lot, and tries to return the change
  • ostensibly to return the change, the fraudster sends the client a link to go to a site similar to the official one — there, of course, they ask to enter the card details and the secret code
  • who entered the data — loses money

Russian State Duma approved amendments to electoral legislation

The authors of the bill assured that the amendments are being made only «in terms of bringing the legislation on elections and referendums in line with the amendments to the Constitution,» which allowed Putin to run after 2024. But already in the next readings the concept of the bill changed.

By the third reading, the law was supplemented with norms allowing electoral commissions at elections of all levels not to indicate in the ballots information about the place of work and position of candidates, as well as whether they have a valid deputy mandate if there are more than 10 such candidates. lists, then the election commissions will be able not to indicate the leaders of these lists. All materials about candidates and party lists will remain only on special stands

The State Duma also approved that during the outbound voting, precinct election commissions can increase the number of additional ballot boxes that they take with them.

Quote from the Senator of Russia: Prohibition is exactly where a person is free

Member of the Federation Council Elena Mizulina believes that the presence of a large number of human rights leads to the restriction of freedom.

“What is law? This is the greatest lack of freedom. I can tell you that the more rights we have, the less free we are, because the right, as opposed to the prohibition, is when you have to act, and only in the way it is written in the law, «the senator said at the Safe Internet Forum in Moscow (quoted by the Moscow news agency).

Ms Mizulina called «a false notion» that deputies prohibit everything, and explained how prohibition leads to freedom.

“They say that the deputies only prohibit everything, but this is a completely false idea. A ban is exactly where a person is free, because he says: this is not allowed, and everything else is as you want, ”said the member of the Federation Council.

Beyond the real poverty line in Russia

The amount that is necessary to ensure the minimum existence of a person for a month is 24.6 thousand rubles, according to a survey conducted by the Levada Center (recognized as a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation).

The subjective subsistence minimum is more than double the official one, which is set by the Ministry of Labor at 11,653 rubles. Since 2019, this amount has grown by 3.6 thousand rubles, or 17%, while the official minimum was raised only by 500 rubles, or 4.4%.

The President of the United States invited the President of Russia and the Head of the People’s Republic of China to negotiations on climate

The summit is to take place on April 22-23. It will be attended by the leaders of more than 40 countries most affected by global climate change. The key goal of the meeting will be efforts to reduce the rise in average air temperature on the planet. In addition, the summit should mobilize funding for zero carbon emissions from governments and private businesses.

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma of Russia, depriving Russians of the right not to accept an apartment with imperfections from a developer

In Minsk, drivers who honked on Freedom Day were deprived of their rights

In Belarus, from March 1, 2021, drivers who signal unreasonably on the roads can be fined or deprived of their rights, the traffic police of Minsk recalled. Based on the new rules, the State Traffic Inspectorate has already made decisions on punishing drivers who honked on March 25, Freedom Day.

“According to the traffic rules, a sound signal in a settlement can only be used to prevent an accident <…> In relation to drivers who unreasonably sounded sound signals on March 25, the consideration of cases of administrative offenses has begun <…> related to the deprivation of the right to engage in certain activities (deprivation of the right to drive vehicles) «, — said in the message of the department in Telegram

US accused China of boycotting Western brands over Uyghurs

Beijing is government-boycotting foreign companies that have refused to use Uighur-grown Xinjiang cotton. This was stated by the Deputy Press Secretary of the State Department Jalina Porter at a briefing, writes Bloomberg.

Construction of the fourth bridge in Novosibirsk impressed

The total cost of building the fourth (Central) bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk is estimated at 44.3 billion rubles. This is reported by the concessionaire of the project Group «Vis». Thus, the cost of building the bridge has grown by 7.3 billion rubles, writes Kommersant.

The minimum price for cigarettes will be introduced in Russia from April 1

The unified minimum price (UMC) for tobacco products will enter into force in the Russian Federation on April 1, 2021. It will be calculated by the Ministry of Agriculture using a special formula. The minimum rate of excise on a pack of cigarettes, value added tax and a multiplying factor will be taken into account. The indexation of the EMC in the country will take place annually, based on market mechanisms, taking into account pricing factors and adjustments to tobacco excise rates

The Ministry of Finance expressed gratitude to the Bank of Russia for raising the key rate

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said that he was grateful to the Bank of Russia for raising the key rate to 4.5%, which slightly «shook up» people who were sure that the rate would always be at 4.25%.

Mastercard will increase the commission for online card payments for Russians

From April 1, 2021, the international payment system Mastercard will raise interbank commissions for card payments for goods and services on the Internet for Russian customers. In the document, with a copy of which the Kommersant newspaper got acquainted, the increase in tariffs, depending on the class of the card, will average from 30% to 50%.

Oil and gas production emits more methane than previously thought

According to a new study by the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) downplays methane emissions from oil and gas production in its annual report. The research team found that emissions from oil production are 90% higher and from natural gas production 50% higher than the EPA estimates.

Four new tetraquarks opened at CERN, Switzerland

New observations increase the number of new hadronic states, including several pentaquarks, rare and excited mesons and baryons discovered at the LHC, to 59.

The hadrons, discovered in the 1950s and 60s, the first years in the history of particle physics, were called elementary particles until their structure was finally understood within the framework of the quark model, ”stated the physicists of LHCb. «Combinations of quarks can be in a quantum mechanical state with the lowest energy: the ground state.»

Rimac will open a new R&D center in the UK

In anticipation of the C_Two electric hypercar market launch, Rimac Automobili has officially announced the opening of a new R&D office in the UK, fulfilling its promise back in late 2019.

The new Rimac R&D center will be based in Warwick Enterprise Park and will employ 30 people by the end of 2021. The new venture will, of course, work with both the Rimac headquarters in Croatia and the UK auto industry.

Bacteria that the human immune system doesn’t even notice

Immunology scientists tested the hypothesis that the human immune system has evolved to protect the body from any microbes. To find out if this is so, scientists had to find microorganisms that mammals have never encountered.

To do this, bacteria found in samples taken at a depth of almost two kilometers in the central Pacific Ocean were cultured and forced to interact with immune cells from mice and humans, taken from the bone marrow. It turned out that 80 percent of the microbes, mostly belonging to the genus Moritella, went unnoticed by the immune cells.

Thus, the thesis about the universality of the immune system was refuted. This means that the immune system learns to respond only to the dangers it comes into contact with. At the same time, despite the «invisibility», the bacteria found do not carry the risk of infection for people.

Energy of the Sun received on Earth

At Max Planck University, scientists are conducting the first experiments with the unique Asdex Upgrade. In fact, it is a thermonuclear power plant that generates climate-neutral energy. It is analogous to the Sun, with its help scientists intend to obtain energy from the fusion of atomic nuclei.


TASS reports: “Military training centers will be created in all state Russian universities. Now we are working on the implementation of this proposal with all power ministries and departments»


Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation exchanged gifts with the leader of the military of Myanmar

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin visited a military parade in Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, to mark the country’s Armed Forces Day, Nikkei reported. Before that, he negotiated with the leader of the junta — and exchanged gifts with him

The leader of the military, the commander of the country’s armed forces, 64-year-old General Min Aung Hlain, speaking at the parade, welcomed the presence of the Russian military.

“Russia is a loyal friend,” he said.

A person can live without most important organs

The body is designed so that if something is missing — for example, a diseased kidney had to be removed — then other organs take over the functions of this organ (perhaps that is why many organs and glands are paired). A person can live without a stomach, without a part of the intestines, without reproductive organs, without a cerebellum, without a thyroid and pancreas (subject to constant intake of hormonal drugs) and other organs.

Roscosmos Rogozin decided to create another robot.

TsNIIMash and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia have begun to create the first domestic humanoid robot for performing work in outer space.

«The work is being carried out within the framework of the target work» Teledroid «of the long-term program of targeted work at the International Space Station,» the message says.

The robot will be created by the NPO Android Technics, which created the Fyodor Robot (Skybot F-850), which visited the ISS in 2019. The Teledroid will be a humanoid torso without legs. Between the modules of the station, he will move on the manipulator

Ninebot electric moped presented

Segway-Ninebot has released the A30C electric scooter. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the pedal drive is combined with an electric motor. That is, if the battery runs out, you can use the pedals to get to your destination.

The capacity of the lead-acid battery is 48 V. The maximum range is 40 kilometers. The state of technology can be monitored using a smartphone or other gadget. For early adopters, it will be available for $ 305. Later, the price will rise to $ 350 (approximately 26.5 thousand rubles).

Jeep plans to deploy charging stations on off-road tracks

Jeep announced that it will install EV charging stations on popular off-road routes across the U.S. as part of its partnership with Electrify America. Such chargers, which will become part of the Jeep 4xe Charging Network, will either be connected to the mains or run on solar panels.

Jeep recently unveiled its Wrangler all-electric SUV concept called the Magneto. Its design is based on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but with an electric motor delivering 285 horsepower and an 800-volt platform.