3 Feb, 2018

Report on the abuse of the FBI …

The US administration decided to publish a memorandum on violations of the FBI in the investigation of the case of interference in the presidential election in 2016.

The document was sent to Congress, it declassified, and Congress will do what they are going to do. But I think that what is happening in the country is a shame. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

One of the main provisions of the document is the statement that the scandalous file of the former British intelligence officer MI6 Christopher Steel was the most important evidence on the basis of which the FBI began investigating actions against the Trump team. The file was published by BuzzFeed in January 2017. BuzzFeed himself noted that it was not possible to verify the information stated in the text.

In the dossier, in particular, it was told about the presence of Moscow compromising evidence on Trump. Later, the Washington Post released data that the dossier was prepared by Fusion GPS, which hired Steele, commissioned by Trump’s main rival in the presidential race of 2016, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. It was in this dossier that Trump was accused of orgying prostitutes at a hotel in Russia, where Barak and Michelle Obama had previously stayed.

The document also says that the FBI, on the basis of Steele’s file, convinced the judge to issue a warrant for surveillance of one of the members of the Trump team – Carter Page. The authors of the report argue that the FBI mislead the judge: if he knew that the dossier was sponsored by Trump’s political opponent, he would not have given consent to the wiretapping of his staff members.

In parallel, the US continues a scandal, the heroes of which were high-ranking FBI employees who were lovers, Peter Strzhok and Lisa Page. They played important roles in both the investigation of the use of Hillary Clinton when she was the head of the State Department of personal mail for official correspondence, and in the investigation against Trump. From their correspondence, which has about 50 thousand messages, it followed that they called Trump an idiot and saw their task in preventing him from winning the presidential election. At the same time, they allegedly saw themselves as members of a certain “secret society” that works for the good of the country.

During the scandal, information surfaced that Clinton’s decision not to violate the law when using personal mail was prepared by the FBI before the 17 key witnesses were questioned, including before Clinton’s interrogation.

Briefly about the main …..


US Secretary of Defense received the Defense Minister of Ukraine in the Pentagon

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak held talks with the Pentagon. On this eve, on February 2, the press service of the US military department said.

The Pentagon expressed Ukraine’s “appreciation for courage” and hastened Ukraine with the law on military reform …

The UN resumed talks on reform of the Security Council

In early February, the UN member states are resuming negotiations on the reform of the Security Council. The corresponding decision was made in July 2017 – then the General Assembly included this issue in the agenda of the 72nd session, which began in September last year.

US warned Mexico about the threat of Russia’s “interference” in the elections

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Mexico to be attentive to the possible intervention of Russia in the presidential elections in the country on July 1.


The Pentagon called the condition of the use of nuclear weapons

The Pentagon yesterday published a new nuclear doctrine, which refers to the condition of the use of nuclear weapons. As the US military notes, the US can resort to nuclear weapons only in “emergency circumstances.” It is about protecting the vital interests of the country and its allies.

North Korea earned $ 200 million on illegal exports of coal and weapons

North Korea in 2017 received $ 200 million from illegal exports of coal and weapons, bypassing the United Nations (UN) sanctions. This is reported by Reuters referring to the report of independent UN observers.

Israel inflicted two air strikes on the Gaza Strip for a day

The Israeli Air Force made an air strike on the Gaza Strip for the second time in 24 hours after the rocket attacks on the Israeli territory by the enclave. This is reported by the newspaper Haaretz. The missiles attacked the municipality of Shaar-ha-Negev on Friday evening, February 2.

US will reduce the power of nuclear missiles on submarines

The new US nuclear doctrine provides for a reduction in the capacity of some existing warheads on intercontinental missiles on submarines, as well as the installation of nuclear warheads on sea-based cruise missiles, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shenahan said.

The Iraqi army began sweeping away from the desert IG near the Saudi border

Last December, the Iraqi forces cleared the territory near the Syrian border from the militants of the “Islamic state” banned in Russia (the Arab name is the AAIS) in the Anbar province. At the moment, the Iraqi army intends to clear the desert near the Saudi border from terrorist shelters.

Pentagon head refutes plans to increase contingent in Afghanistan

The US does not intend to increase the contingent in Afghanistan, Pentagon chief James Mattis said during a briefing. Decoding of the briefing was published on the website of the Defense Ministry. Mattis, in response to a journalist’s question, noted that the rotation of forces in Afghanistan is planned, “but no more.”

The OSCE SMM patrol was fired on the line of demarcation in Donbass

On 2 February, a mission patrol of six men on two armored vehicles was stationed at an abandoned gas station, approximately 2.5 kilometers south-west of Yasinovatoy and approximately 2 kilometers east of the contact line.

While there, they recorded 5 explosions of indeterminate origin, 11 shots from a 30-mm cannon of an infantry fighting vehicle, as well as 34 turns and shots from a large-caliber machine gun and small arms – all 1-2 kilometers to the west, i.е. from the Ukrainian positions.

The head of the Pentagon believes that the congress on Syria in Sochi failed

Mattis did not explain why he considers the congress of the national dialogue on Syria in Sochi unsuccessful. The Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue was held in Sochi on January 30, its main result was the creation of a constitutional commission that will work in Geneva

The Russian army will receive the newest hypersonic weapons

The newest hypersonic weapons will soon be supplied to the arsenal of the Russian army. On this RIA Novosti said the head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense Viktor Bondarev.

We have a lot of groundwork on modern non-nuclear weapons, in particular, high-precision weapons. Also recall that soon troops will receive units of the newest hypersonic weapons, thus, strategic deterrence will be ensured even by the non-nuclear part of our arsenal. – Victor Bondarev, Russian military leader

The United States will deploy aviation around the world capable of carrying nuclear weapons

Washington will send to its bases around the world the aircraft capable of carrying nuclear warheads, said in a nuclear doctrine published on Friday. It is noted that this will be “dual-purpose” aviation, which will be able to carry conventional weapons.

The Pentagon acknowledged the lack of evidence of the use of sarin in Syria

The head of the Pentagon made a statement during a conversation with journalists in his department. Mattis noted that Washington is currently looking for evidence of sarin, reports RT.


More than 60 thousand people came to the action “Russia in my heart”

More than 60 thousand people take part in the rally-concert “Russia in my heart” in the center of Moscow, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Irina Volk.

The action is designed to show that Russians are together, that we support each other, and our strength is in our memory, in unity and in that we hold on to the values that have passed through the ages, and one of the main values is justice. – Valery Fadeev, Russian journalist

Trump Organization and Facebook are hated in the US

Analysts of the rating agency 24/7 Wall St compiled a hit list of American companies that are most hated by American citizens, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. The list includes Trump Organization and Facebook.

Air companies of Russia and Egypt were allowed to fly from February 1

Airlines EgyptAir and Aeroflot have been issued permits to fly flights between Moscow and Cairo. Flights will resume from February this year.

YouTube will celebrate videos of state-funded media

Video hosting YouTube will celebrate the authors of content that receive government funding. First of all, we are talking about official accounts of news channels. At first the function will be available only in the USA.

Beggars on expensive foreign cars

At the exit with refueling from a car with an open hood, a person votes passing vehicles. It can be a really bad citizen, or it may be that this is the premiere of a roadside theater of swindlers, where the main character is a decent citizen in an expensive foreign car, but without cash.

The teacher stepped on a black student in a lesson on slavery

A teacher at a high school in New York explained to children the essence of slavery by the example of black students – she told them to lie down on the floor, and then stepped on one of them. The act of the teacher caused sharp criticism in social networks, reports on Friday, February 2, Fox News.

In Britain, a child from three parents will be born

According to the journal New Scientist, the technique was developed by the Kazakh-American biologist Shukrat Mitalipov.

The procedure, in fact, resembles cloning. Scientists extract the nucleus of a fertilized egg and transfer it to a donor egg, whose nucleus is previously removed. Then it is implanted in the womb of a real or surrogate mother.

The bell in Britain was silent for the first time in 239 years because of one person

In the British town of Sandwich in Kent, they banned ringing the bell of St. Peter’s Church. It is reported that one of the locals complained about the noise that prevents him from sleeping, as the bell rang four times per hour

Helmut Kohl accused of sponsoring the Nazis

The magazine Der Spiegel published an investigation in which former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is accused of helping Nazi criminals. In his youth, Kohl, according to the documents found, transferred 200 German marks to the “Hausser Aid Society”

Secular high school for Muslims

The governor of St. Petersburg, Georgi Poltavchenko, met with the chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of St. Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia, the rector of the Cathedral mosque mufti Ravil Pancheyev.

During the meeting, the mayor and Pancheev discussed the activities of the secular non-state higher educational institution of the St. Petersburg Eastern Academy.
According to Poltavchenko, the academy will be located on the street Tyushina in St. Petersburg.

“After its repair at the expense of investors and obtaining a license, the Academy will be able to start a full-fledged activity.

Protesters blocked the border of Ukraine and Poland

On Saturday morning, several dozen people blocked the road to the border crossing point “Shegini” on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Protesters are dissatisfied with the law on the new order of crossing the border

In the US, the dog approved the unemployment benefit

In the US, the dog almost started receiving unemployment benefits, Detroit Free Press reported. A Michigan resident, Michael Haddock, told us about the receipt of a letter saying that the application for aid to a certain Ryder was considered and satisfied. However, the only Ryder in his family is a dog.

In Russia will create a bank of personal biometric data

The Ministry of Communications (in agreement with the Bank of Russia) plans to entrust, by April 30, 2018, the procedure for processing, collecting and storing the parameters of biometric personal data in a single biometric system (a bank of personal biometric data).


FAS took control of the price of gasoline

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) took control of the process of formation and increase of retail selling prices for gasoline.

“There are no prerequisites for the growth of prices for motor fuels,” Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of the FAS, said.

The application for the Hara-Tumus site in Taimyr was filed only by Rosneft

Rosneft was the only one to apply for participation in the tender for the right to use the Khara-Tumus subsoil block, which includes part of the Central Olginsky oil and gas field in Taimyr. This was reported by TASS in the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

Ukraine sharply increased the export of bumble bees to Europe

Ukraine in the period from January to September 2017 delivered 73 tons of bumble bees to Europe, which is 48% more than in the same period in 2016. Agrarians for the export of insects earned more than $ 307 thousand.

The countries of the EEA agreed on the thresholds of duty-free Internet commerce

Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEMA) agreed on lowering the thresholds for duty-free Internet commerce. This was announced at a press conference following the meeting of heads of government of the countries of the organization by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

“Until the end of this year, the threshold for duty-free trade for goods imported through Internet trading is 1000 euros, from January 1, 2019, the threshold is set at 500 euros, and from 1 January 2020 at a rate of 200 euros,” the prime minister said. .

Now the threshold values for duty-free importation in the EAEC countries are not unified: in Belarus it is 22 euro, in Armenia – $ 150, in Kazakhstan – 1 thousand euro, in Kyrgyzstan – $ 1,000.

In Russia, the limit for duty-free import of goods from foreign online stores is currently 31 kg and 1000 euros per calendar month. This norm is valid until the end of 2018.

The US banned the Wells Fargo Bank to expand to eliminate violations

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) has banned the third-largest US bank Wells Fargo to expand until the financial institution eliminates numerous violations. The Fed said that until April the bank will have to replace three members of the board of directors and another – by the end of the year.

Deutsche Bank completes losses for the third year in a row

Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest commercial bank, posted losses of about 512 million euros in 2017. The official reason for the negative balance is the additional tax burden that arose after the tax reform in the United States. This is reported in the official release of the bank.

The Ministry of Finance in 2018 will purchase gold in the State Fund for 8.5 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia this year will send 8.5 billion rubles for the purchase of gold in the State Fund. Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters.

The construction of power plants in the Crimea went up by 3 billion rubles

Who will pay 3.1 billion rubles. Additional 3.1 billion rubles. “Technopromexport” can draw from a credit line open for financing the construction of two power plants and secured by state guarantees, Novak writes.

FNB in January fell to 3.73 trillion rubles

In January 2018, the National Wealth Fund (NWF) decreased by 23.23 billion rubles. Such data leads the press service of the Ministry of Finance. As of February 1, the volume of NWF amounted to 3.729 trillion rubles, which is currently equivalent to 66.26 billion dollars.

Chevron returned to net profit in 2017

The net profit of Chevron, the second-largest US oil and gas company, in the end of 2017 was $ 9.195 billion against a loss of $ 497 million in the previous year. Diluted earnings per share were $ 4.85 against a loss of $ 0.27 a year earlier


Two children drowned in a hole left in the Novosibirsk region

Investigators in the Kochenevsky district of the Novosibirsk region opened a criminal case after two brothers at the age of 6 and 11 drowned in a pit dug for repairing the water pipe. On this reported on Friday, the Investigative Directorate of the SK of Russia in the Novosibirsk region

At the chemical plant in China, an explosion

The explosion rattled on Saturday morning at a chemical plant in the Chinese province of Shandong, one person was killed, six injured, one more person was missing, Xinhua news agency reported.

North Korean ship suffers near Vladivostok

In Vladivostok, the ferry ManGyongBong, which transports cargo between the North Korean port of Rajin and Vladivostok, has given a distress signal due to a lack of fuel on board the ship.

In Moscow, guardians detained trying to kill a three-year-old child

Investigators in the Moscow region detained guardians of a three-year-old boy suspected of attempting to kill him, said Svetlana Petrenko, the spokesperson for the Russian Federation.

Investigative bodies of the CSG of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region initiated a criminal investigation into the attempted murder of a three-year-old child. In the region, on suspicion of committing a crime, his guardians were detained – a 37-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, residents of Moscow. – Svetlana Petrenko

The general director of the TV channel “Spas” was accused of beating an employee

TV presenter and general director of the Orthodox television channel Spas Boris Korchevnikov was accused of beating one of his employees – the editor of the archives of the channel Vasily Dobrodeyev. As reported by REN TV, Korchevnikov called Dobrodeev into the office, where there were a few more people.

In the US, they accused the seller of cartridges for an arrow from Las Vegas

Arizona resident Douglas Haig was charged with selling armor piercing cartridges for an archer from Las Vegas, who killed 58 people, reports Reuters.

Attack of drones

In the United States of America, drone almost became the cause of an emergency, getting close to a passenger airliner at an extremely dangerous distance. The incident occurred in Nevada near the local airport.

The oppositionist died in St. Petersburg, the suspect was arrested

A permanent participant in the protest rallies of St. Petersburg was found dead in the entrance of his own house. The suspect in the beating of Konstantin Sinitsin was detained and arrested. According to the newspaper Delovoy Peterburg, the cause of the opposition’s death was not ideological convictions, but a domestic conflict …

The nuclear icebreaker “tossed” travelers who had fallen into the snowstorm to the port

The traveler and video blogger Bogdan Bulychev told on his page in Instagram how his team, caught by a snowstorm during a trip on off-road cars, “threw” the icebreaker “Taimyr” to the port.


Orbak and Kirkorov supported the flashmob Satisfaction

Singer Kristina Orbakaite and pop-king of the national stage Philip Kirkorov supported a flash mob organized in Russia in support of Ulyanovsk cadets called Satisfaction. The candid video of the actor was unveiled in his microblog Instagram

The artists of the Gogol Center were awarded for their services to the theater

Several dozen people received awards for their services to Gogol Center, while guests of the gala evening wished the theater to preserve and multiply achievements in the field of art.

By the fifth anniversary, we began to prepare in advance, in August – in the summer. Kirill Semenovich did some work in the intervals between shooting the film, who knew that it could come in handy – a miracle! – Alexei Agranovich, a Russian actor

Yevgeny Osin spoke about his illegitimate daughter

The well-known singer Yevgeny Osin had an illegitimate daughter. In one of his recent interviews, the musician said that now he is taking part in the education of the girl and she even calls him dad. According to Aspen, he met the girl’s mother before the first marriage.

Nagiyev about his injury: limping, but crawling

Actor and TV presenter Dmitri Nagiyev spoke about his injury, received during the play “Kysia” in the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater, the “360” TV channel reported.

This is a working moment. The scenery collapsed. In general, it is normal. I limp, but I’m crawling. – Dmitry Nagiev, actor

Paparazzi photographed pressing on to Batrutdinov Buzov on a date

Paparazzi photographed Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov, coming together from the hotel Four Seasons. At the same celebrities went together to the nearest cafe, holding hands. On a date, the star couple chatted sweetly over a cup of coffee.

Fans disgraced ex-wife Buzovy at a concert in Moscow

At the concert of the singer and TV presenter Olga Buzovoy in Moscow, the fans came with posters on which insulting phrases were written about the former husband of the artist, football player Dmitry Tarasov.

Spice Girls group will be reunited again

By the way, Jeri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm (Mel C), Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown (Mel Bee) and Victoria Beckham will reunite 22 years after the release of their hit Wannabe. The last time together, the girls performed in 2012 at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics

Evelina Bledans pleased fans with a candid photo in a swimsuit

Fans of Evelina Bledans very closely follow her life, the details of which she shares with them on her page in the social network Instagram. Star a few days ago posted a provocative picture, which she poses in a frank bathing suit.

Harvey Weinstein was finally expelled from the British Film Academy

American producer Harvey Weinstein was finally expelled from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Deadline reports. Earlier it was reported that the organization suspended the membership of Weinstein, who was caught in sexual harassment.

The cot of the newborn daughter Kim Kardashian costs 4.5 thousand dollars

The reporters learned that the baby Chicago is resting in a crib, which costs 4,5 thousand dollars.

Armen Djigarkhanyan was discharged from hospital

The 82-year-old People’s Artist of the USSR, actor and director Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan was discharged from the hospital today – he will continue to be treated at an outpatient facility at home. Tass was informed by the head of the troupe, the representative of the theater for public relations and the media, Vyacheslav Dyachenko.

The Days of the Russian Book opened in Paris

In Paris on February 3, the Days of the Russian Book will begin. Famous writers, translators, heads of leading publishing houses of the Russian Federation and France, as well as teachers from the Sorbonne University will take part in the literary festival, TASS reports.

The civil husband of Bozhena Rynsky is divorced from his legal wife

The civil husband of Bozhena Rynsky Igor Malashenko is divorced from his legal wife Elena Pivovarova. Head of the campaign headquarters of the candidate for Russian presidents Ksenia Sobchak reported this news, noting that she considers it necessary to tell the press about this event.

The date of the wedding of the granddaughter of Elizabeth II became known

The exact date of the wedding of the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II has become known: Princess Eugene will formally formalize relations with her chosen one Jack Brooksbank on October 12 this year.

The Russian Pavilion was opened at the International Book Fair in Havana

Russian books in Cuba still love In the past, Soviet book products were widely represented at the fairs in Havana. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian publishers for a long time did not participate in the Cuban book forums.

Rude behavior of Xenia Borodina does not like the audience of “Doma-2”

Borodin is increasingly attracting the attention of the spectators of “Doma-2”. So, Borodin roughly behaves in communication with participants in tele-building. Also other participants of the show receive negative reviews.

Model from Komi entered the TOP-10 of the most popular insta-girls of Russia

In January 2018, a list was compiled of the 10 most popular pages of Russian users in Instagram. He entered the account and the girls from Ukhta Oksana Samoilova. This beauty from Komi has 6.4 million subscribers.

Alena Kravets urged Diana Shurygin not to appear on television

Actress Alena Kravets called on Diana Shurygin not to appear more on television. As VladTime reports, the celebrity supported the singer Nikita Presnyakova, who also earlier asked about it, and stressed that she already wants to leave Russia because of the constant news about the raped girl.

Gosha Kutsenko compared himself with the Tsarevich Alexei

The actor compared himself to the Tsarevich Alexei, the son of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II. According to Kutsenko, there is a certain similarity between him and the prince who could be used in movies: “In my childhood, I could play the Tsarevich!”.


Mail.Ru Group launched a service for collective purchases

In November 2017, several sources of RBC, close to the Mail.Ru Group, reported that the Internet company is in talks to buy a stake in the group of companies “Vezet”, created as a result of combining several taxi order services

Google has opened access to YouTube Go for offline video sharing

Representatives of Google informed users that access to the YouTube Go application was opened, which now can be purchased by owners of smartphones based on the Android OS. New software was released for offline viewing and transfer of media content, including video.

South Korean experts found in Flash another “hole”

South Korean experts from the company KR-CERT found in Adobe Flash another “hole”. 0-day vulnerability can hit users using version and below. Hackers from North Korea began to conduct targeted attacks on the servers of opponents back in November last year.

Malicious WannaMine secretly mines Monero and uses NSA explodes

IS-specialists are alarmed: already over 526 000 devices worldwide (mainly Windows-servers) were the victims of a new botnet that extracts Montero crypto currency with the help of infected hosts.

Owners of wireless headphones from Apple complain of headaches

Web users began to complain about the wireless headphones AirPods from the American corporation Apple. Owners said that they often have a headache after using this headset. This is stated at the forum of the “apple” company.

Phantom has introduced a camera capable of shooting 25030 frames per second

The company Phantom introduced the camera v2640, capable of shooting 25030 frames per second when switching to monochrome. Normal, given the resolution of 1080p, gives a fixation CMOS-sensor 11750 frames per second, according to HotGeo. The main distinguishing feature is that the camera is very compact

21 smartphone Samsung will receive an update to the current version of Android

The Internet published a list of mobile devices Samsung, in which already in 2018 the Android OS will be updated to the current version. It is reported that we are talking about 21 devices.

In China, sales of a copy of the future Xiaomi Mi 6X

A copy of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 6X appeared on the Chinese market. The smartphone was announced in 2017, but it will go on sale in May 2018. The original Xiaomi Mi 6X got a plastic case and two cameras on the back panel, but they are not on the gadget-copy.

Microsoft brought to market a cheaper version of Surface Laptop

Experts believe that the cheaper Surface Laptop will allow Microsoft to raise the price of its own devices outside the US, to improve profitability. Note that in Russia this machine is not officially represented, although it is possible to buy it through various online stores with a good mark-up.

Intel created “smart” glasses with a laser projector

The new device from Intel will go on sale already this year. The specialists of the company intend to develop smart glasses with a laser projector. According to the publication Bloomberg, for the issuance of points can provide a separate company

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 users “treat” the tablet in the freezer

Owners of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets have come up with the gadget’s shortcomings as a “folk remedy”. They treat it in the freezer.

In China, launched the first mass testing of 5G networks

On the eve of the first massive tests of mobile networks of the fifth generation began in China. The test was initiated by the state-end mobile operator China Mobile. The trial base station was located in the vicinity of Hubei Province.

Apple HomePod will not work with Android-smartphones

The company added new information about the smart column on its website. According to the data, only gadgets entering the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad and others) will be able to connect to the smart device. With smartphones and tablets on the OC Android HomePod will not work.

Airbus successfully tested unmanned air taxi

Airbus first experienced an unmanned aerial taxi called Vahana. The test flight was on January 31 in the US state of Oregon. As noted by the developers, the flight at a height of 5 meters and a duration of 53 seconds was successful


Scientists have determined which people most often bite the dog

Scientists from the University of Liverpool conducted a study and found out which people bite the dogs most often. Specialists have scientifically confirmed the widespread stereotype: if you are afraid of a dog, then it will bite you.

Physicists have discovered chiral phonons in two-dimensional semiconductors

Physicists from the US, Saudi Arabia and China, led by Yuan Wang and Xiang Zhang from the University of California at Berkeley, discovered that in a two-dimensional four-layer tungsten diselenide there is another type of phonon that can be used to control electron transport – chiral phonons.

Scientists have invented a spray that delivers an anesthetic directly to the brain

As experiments on rats have shown, in the form of a spray with polymer capsules, the peptide acts successfully and quickly reaches directly to the brain. Scientists plan to test the spray on humans.

In the north, Guatemala found 60,000 Mayan buildings

Archaeologists have discovered in Guatemala more than 60,000 Mayan buildings, reports National Geographic. Exploring the territory of the Maya Biosphere Reserve with the help of a lidar, scientists saw buildings and palaces, a network of roads, fortifications and religious buildings

Physicists have learned to “freeze” a ray of light

Scientists from Brazil and Israel said that the beam of light can not only be braked, but completely stopped if placed in a special point where two identical electromagnetic waves can collide. The researchers shared their research in an article for the journal Physical Review Letters.

In Japan, they learned to determine Alzheimer’s disease by blood

Just a drop of blood will be needed to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease according to the new development of scientists from Japan. An important factor in the emergence of this disease is that the brain deposits the beta-amyloid peptide

Chinese scientists cloned Javanese macaque

The most successful cloning is the case of 2007, but then the cubs were also not quite healthy. Now Chinese researchers in Shanghai have tried to clone the Javanese Macaque. The process culminated in the appearance of two more monkeys, named Zhong-Zhong and Hua-Hua.

The “mutation timer” is open in the human body

Scientists have discovered a quantum “mutation timer”. The study confirmed that mutagenic changes in the human body are not accidental, writes Science Daily. Some nucleotides change their form from time to time, which leads to changes in the structure of DNA.

In the US, healthy hens learned to grow without antibiotics

In the US Department of Agriculture, specialists have learned to identify chickens that have the most developed immune system, which has enabled poultry farmers to withdraw more healthy birds that are less susceptible to various diseases.

Quantum computer: the winner will receive everything

The American company Intel actually admitted to the failure of research in the field of creating a quantum computer, giving research in this field to outsourcing.

Scientists from Canada created “eternal” fillings for teeth

Experts-chemists have developed new durable fillings. Seals differ from standard antiseptic effect, and their durability reaches terms, several times exceeding the life of classic seals. The advantage of such seals is a special composition.

Global warming has put polar bears on the verge of extinction

Scientists have found that the largest land predator has become less successful in hunting, because of which the population of these animals is declining. The matter is that polar bears spend much more energy on hunting than other predators, because of what every failure does great harm to their condition.

Bacteria capable of receiving gold from ore

Microbiologists have found out that C. metallidurans bacteria living in the soil process particles of toxic metals with the help of special enzymes that allow not only to “absorb” particles from the soil, but also to “detoxify” the structure if necessary.

Compensation of polarization formed labyrinths on the surface of ionic crystals

In the volume of an ionic crystal, the compensation for the excess redistribution occurs due to the presence of a large number of layers and the averaging of the effect over the volume, but it still leads to interesting physical properties (in particular, the polarization catastrophe underlies the mechanism of the ferroelectric effect).


In spring, a special minivan Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Line will appear in Russia

In the spring of 2018, Russian dealers will receive a Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan in a special version of the Sport Line. This was reported by the press center of the Russian representative office of the German premium brand.

Started mass production of budget crossover Datsun Cross

According to the information promulgated by specialized automobile publications, the new crossover Datsun Cross entered mass production. The world premiere of the novelty was held in January this year.

Aston Martin will cover its Valkyrie hypermarket with lunar dust

Recall that the supercar chassis is made of carbon fiber, and the power plant Aston Martin Valkyrie has a return of 1000 horsepower, while the mass of the car is 1030 kilograms.

New hatchback KIA Rio will appear on the market in the summer of 2018

South Korean machine building company KIA is preparing to introduce a new hatchback KIA Rio. On the Chinese car market the novelty will appear in the summer of this year under the name KIA K2S. From now on KIA K2S will be offered in three versions: the KIA K2 sedan, the KIA KX Cross cross-country version and the Kia K2S hatchback.

Mitsubishi began testing the cross-vein Delica new generation

The company Mitsubishi has brought to test a new generation of the legendary cross-ven Delica. On the eve of the network there were the first spy photos of the novelty. Recall that the current fifth generation of the model with minor improvements is already released 11 years.

Crossover Renault Kwid received new versions in the style of comics Marvel

Budget crossover Renault Kwid released in two special versions, which are decorated in the style of comics Marvel. In particular, the car will be released in the modifications of Iron Man “Iron Man” and Captain America “Captain America”. The new models are based on the Kwid Live For More Reloaded 2018.

Chinese clone Nissan Murano received a hybrid drive

According to preliminary data, the novelty, which is a licensed Murano clone of the second generation, will receive the Mild Hybrid system, consisting of an economical 1.4-liter DFMA14T turbo engine with a power of 140 hp. and a 48-volt starter generator

Atelier Prior Design showed “charged” Bentley Bentayga

Atelier Prior Design showed “charged” Bentley Bentayga black. The photos appeared in the profile network edition. Engineers called the upgrade for the Bentley-PDXR, which involves the replacement of body components on carbon fiber and epoxy parts

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