7 Aug, 2018

Restoring sanctions against Iran

The United States starts on August 7 the first stage of restoring sanctions against Iran, which were abolished in January 2016 after the conclusion of a nuclear deal (the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, VCPD). Since Tuesday, restrictions on trade with Tehran with gold and a number of metals, on operations with its national currency and public debt, as well as a ban on selling dollars to the Iranian government have been restored. This was stated on Monday by a representative of the US administration of high rank during a telephone briefing for journalists.

“The new decree restores in two stages the relevant provisions of five decrees on Iran’s sanctions, which were withdrawn or which were amended by January 2016,” she said. According to her, “the first stage of the restoration of sanctions is being implemented from 00:01 local time (07:01 Moscow time on August 7).”

The second stage, scheduled for implementation on November 5, will include measures related, in particular, to the energy sector of the country and with restrictions on operations with the Central Bank of Iran.

Briefly about the main thing ……


Pyongyang urges US to lift sanctions against North Korea

In Pyongyang, the US was called upon to lift sanctions in response to the “good intentions” that the DPRK demonstrated by ending nuclear tests and handing over the remains of the US military who died in the Korean War

Ukraine is preparing to stop railway communication with Russia

The Ukrainian authorities are considering the possibility of closing the railway communication with Russia, said the country’s Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan.

“We are now considering the option of closing the railway communication with Moscow,” said Ukrainian diplomat Mr. Omelyan on the air of the 1 + 1 channel.

The territory of Donetsk and Lugansk under the “patronage” of the European Union

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced his own initiative to transfer part of the territories of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics to the patronage of the EU member states, 112 Ukraine reports.

Ukraine welcomes the readiness of the European Union to join in the restoration and development of the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions liberated from the Russian aggressor. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has protested in connection with Putin’s trip to Crimea

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its protest against another visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, on August 4, not agreed with Ukraine,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

In Japan, the memory of the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima was honored

Japan paid a minute of silence to the memory of the victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The ceremony, which was attended by representatives of 85 countries and the European Union, was held in the Park of Peace

Son bin Laden married the daughter of the executor of the September 11 attacks

Hamza bin Laden, the son of a terrorist, Osama bin Laden, married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, leader of a group of militants who attacked on September 11, 2001.

Turkish delegation in the US will discuss the crisis in relations between the two countries

The Turkish delegation will leave for Washington in two days to discuss the contradictions that have arisen between the two countries. A diplomatic source told CNN Turk that Turkey and the US had previously agreed on a number of issues.

The media named the name of the Greek diplomat, who is banned from entering Russia

On Monday, August 6, the Greek Ambassador in Moscow Andreas Friganas was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, he was given a note on the Russian side’s mirror measures in response to the unfriendly actions of Athens in July against Russian diplomatic employees and citizens.

Former partner of Manafort admitted to the court in illegal actions

Former business partner Paul Manafort – Rick Gates admitted on Monday in court that he was involved in illegal activities, reports Huffington Post.

Trump signed a decree on restoring sanctions against Iran

Since August 7, sanctions have been applied against Iran: US President Donald Trump signed a decree. However, the European Commission has already announced its unwillingness to comply with US sanctions against Iran. However, some European companies left the country before the sanctions were introduced.

Canada refused to change its position on human rights issues

Canada will remain in its position on the issue of respect for human rights, Canadian Foreign Minister Hristia Freeland said in connection with Saudi Arabia’s decision to expel the Canadian ambassador.

Candidate for the US Congress said about the attacks of hackers from Russia on her site

Tabitha Isner, who runs for Congress in Alabama, said that in mid-July, hackers took 1,400 attempts to crack the site of her election campaign, the Business Insider

US senator invited members of the Federation Council to Washington

US Senator Rand Paul, who met in Moscow on August 6 with Russian parliamentarians, invited members of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee to Washington.

But it’s about trying to organize a new meeting, already at the level of the committees on international affairs of the Senate and the Federation Council, during the autumn session, that is, until the end of this year. – Konstantin Kosachev, Russian diplomat


The Pentagon imposed restrictions on the use of applications with GPS

A ban on the use of GPS can be introduced, in particular, for US forces in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa, explains Fox News. Last year, Sttrava published a map showing the location of users of the same name application for athletes.

“Admiral Kuznetsov” upgraded under the MiG-29K / KUB

In the course of the modernization of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, it is planned to finalize the MiG-29K / KUB deck-based aircraft. This in an interview with TASS said the head of the Nevsky Design Bureau (PCB) Sergei Orlov. It is noted that the Nevskoye Design Bureau developed a project for the modernization of the cruiser.

Israel has agreed with the Russian Federation on ensuring compliance with the border along the Golan

Russia, according to the agreement reached with Israel, will ensure compliance with the line of delineation in the Golan Heights between the Israeli and Syrian sides, the ambassador of the Jewish state in Moscow, Harry Koren, said.

Combat launches of S-400 missile systems were conducted near Astrakhan

As reported, the calculations of the S-400 air defense system have successfully coped with the task. The military struck all the targets on the range. In addition, the military successfully carried out missile launches on a target, which is considered one of the most difficult.

In the Sea of Japan, Pacific Fleet missile boats conduct maneuvers

Missile boats of the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) as part of the detachment conduct maneuvers in the Sea of Japan, work out the skills of fighting for the survivability of the ship and strike a detachment of the “enemy” ships, the head of the information department of the VVO Press Service for Pacific Fleet, Nikolai Voskresensky, told reporters.

In the Chelyabinsk region, large-scale military exercises were completed

The Guards Vitebsk-Novgorod twice Red Banner Tank Division was formed as part of the Central Military District at the end of 2016. Its units are deployed on the territory of the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions.

Britain will increase the military budget by 1 billion dollars

The British authorities decided to increase defense spending in 2018 by $ 1 billion, the media reported. According to The Times, the British Defense Ministry is experiencing a budget deficit of $ 2.5 billion a year, which does not allow buying military aircraft, satellites and ships.

The Pentagon has allocated almost $ 800 million for the development of underwater drones

The US Department of Defense has signed contracts to develop unmanned underwater vehicles for a total of nearly $ 800 million, the Stars and Stripes newspaper reported on Monday.

The Syrian scientist, engaged in the missile program, was eliminated

Responsibility was taken by a group of militants called “Saray Abu Amar”, part of the Free Syrian Army. She is known for her constant attacks on the Syrian army. In this case, we should pay attention to the identity of the deceased Aziz Asbar.

Ukraine has agreed to produce aircraft with the United States and the Czech Republic

Ukrainian “Odessa Aviation Plant”, part of the concern “Ukroboronprom, said that he had agreed with companies from the Czech Republic and the United States on the development and production of aircraft, reports RIA Novosti.

Saudi Arabian air defense forces intercept ballistic missile from Yemen

The Saudi Arabian air defense system intercepted a ballistic missile. It was released by rebel Husit from Yemen, Al Arabiya TV channel reported. According to him, the missile was shot down on approach to Najran province in the south of the country.


CB urged banks to accelerate the collection of biometric data of Russians

The Central Bank urges credit institutions to “speed up”. However, while the bankers do not see the economic feasibility in the development of this direction. On Friday, the CB hosted a closed meeting devoted to the collection of biometric data.

Citizens are at risk of losing pension savings

Self-regulating organizations (SROs) of non-state pension funds (APFs) sent their proposals to the Central Bank to protect citizens from loss of investment income when transferring pension savings. From the next year, the profile law comes into force with the corresponding amendments, but for the remaining five months the regulator requested the SRO to implement protective mechanisms. Interviewed funds say that they regularly warn customers for several years, but citizens have already lost more than 100 billion rubles. pension savings.

Kirillo-Belozersky Museum risks losing a number of museum facilities

The Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery received three notifications with requests to transfer to the church a number of monastic buildings in Kirillov and Ferapontov. These are the Gate churches of the Ferapontov Monastery (the parish also asks the museum to stop their operational management), the Martinian Church and the Treasury of the Ferapontov Monastery, and in the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery – the walls surrounding the Ivanovo Monastery and the brotherly cells. Information about this appeared on the website of the culture of the Vologda region.

Mail.ru demanded amnesty for convicts for husks and reposts

Mail.ru issued a statement in which it supported the idea of abolishing criminal liability for citizens convicted of acts in social networks. For all those who have already been punished for husks and reposts, the company demanded an amnesty

In Barnaul, the trial of Maria Motuznaya

The Industrial District Court of Barnaul began the examination of the case of Maria Motuznaya, accused of extremism and insulting the feelings of believers because of the images that she kept on her page in the social network VKontakte.

“I was promised that if I confess, I will get corrective work.” In addition, the lawyer was not present at this process, they later explained to me that this was a violation, I do not admit the guilt, but I do not expect an acquittal, “Motuznaya told reporters.

Tolstoy and Gogol do not correspond to interests and needs

Master class “Character and I” was held in Arkhangelsk in April. Its organizers were students of the Arkhangelsk College of Music, who conducted numbers for schoolchildren of lower grades. Students read them monologues from Nikolai Gogol’s novel “Nevsky Prospekt”, plays “At the Bottom” by Maxim Gorky, Leo Tolstoy’s novel “The Kreutzer Sonata”, the poems of Yesenin S.А. “Black man”. They also put a piece from the musical “Chicago”.

The students’ speech aroused the discontent of the ONF activists who filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

“The audit showed that these performances for primary school students did not correspond to their age, interests and needs,” the supervisory authority reported on the results of the inspection.

Russia will introduce the principle of “network neutrality”

The Council for the Development of the Digital Economy under the Federation Council suggests introducing the principle of “network neutrality” in the country. According to the project, providers are required to provide traffic from any sites without artificial slowdown and priority.

The Crimean authorities will purchase 100 new electric buses for 1.8 billion rubles

The purchase was announced by the head of the republic Sergey Aksenov. It is specified that now on the route Simferopol – Yalta trolley buses go, but they are planned to be replaced. Dethroned that there will be 100 buses on electric traction: the cost of each of them about 18 million rubles.

224 thousand holes have been eliminated on the roads of the Moscow region since the beginning of the year

Over 224 thousand wells have been eliminated on the regional and municipal roads of the Moscow region since January this year, the press service of the regional Transport Ministry reports. Since the beginning of the year on the roads near Moscow registered about 262 thousand yam.

The Council of Youth Organizations of Executive Bodies will create in the Russian Federation

The first meeting of the Coordination Council will be held on August 8, the Rosmolodezhi press-service reported on Monday. The Rosmolodezh specified that it was the young specialists themselves who proposed the creation of a coordinating council of youth organizations of executive bodies

The leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” was released

The administration of the Lefortovo detention center in Moscow released the founder of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeev. “Vladimir Anikeev on Friday released from custody from the courtroom,” – said RNS assistant judge Lefortovo district court Elena Bychkova.

Soft for officials: the Russian operating system was estimated at billions

The transition of officials to mobile phones with the domestic operating system Sailfish, owned by Rostelecom, will cost the Russian budget 160 billion rubles, according to Kommersant. According to the publication, the transition to this OS will begin in 2019, and until the end of 2021 Sailfish will use about 8 million employees of government agencies and budget institutions.

It is reported that the tariff for “providing a comprehensive service” using a smartphone based on Sailfish, will be 13.1 thousand rubles. per year per person.

Special services of Latvia have detained the defender of Russian schools

The party of the Russian Union of Latvia (RSL) is outraged by the detention of Ilya Kozyrev, the Security Police, in support of Russian schools in the republic, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the party leader, ex-deputy of the European Parliament Tatyana Zhdanok.

At his house there was a search. He refused to give evidence. Now it is being transported or already delivered to a temporary detention center in Ciekurkalns. Ilya can be kept there for 48 hours, after which, presumably, the Security Police will seek his arrest in court. – Vladimir Linderman, Latvian politician

A case against the managers and employees of Rosbet

A case against the leaders and employees of Rosbet was initiated. The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GUS KKR) in Moscow instituted proceedings against the leaders and employees of the major bookmaker office Rosbet.

Officer of the FSIN in Kaliningrad was accused of beating a prisoner

The deputy head of the security department of the penitentiary colony No. 9 of the Kaliningrad region is suspected of beating the prisoner. At the moment he was arrested and placed in an investigative isolation ward. This was reported on August 6 by the regional investigation department of the UK of Russia.

Incoming calls in roaming in Russia will be free of charge

The fee for incoming calls of three mobile operators (MTS, Megafon and VimpelCom) in roaming in Russia will be canceled soon, RBC reports.

Russians will be able to take parcels without passports and notices

Russians can now take away in the post offices registered letters and parcels without presenting a passport and filled notices. To do this, it is necessary to make an electronic signature, told Izvestia in the “Post of Russia”. The innovation will affect all items that do not require payment.

The court rejected the claim of the victim because of the Telegram lock

Tagansky court in Moscow rejected the claim of the victim due to the blockage of Telegram LLC “Live Photography” to Roskomnadzor, RIA Novosti reported. The company filed a lawsuit against Roskomnadzor, after its IP-addresses were included in the registry of prohibited pages during the blocking of Telegram.

In Kaluga, workers at the Volkswagen plant started an Italian strike

At the Volkswagen Group Rus car factory in Kaluga, an Italian strike is on – workers are slowing down production, meticulously following the rules, the Kaluga organization of the MPRA, which includes up to a thousand employees of the enterprise, reports in social networks.

Court in St. Petersburg recognized the legitimate transfer of Sampsonievsky Cathedral

In February last year, on the basis of the order of the Property Relations Committee, the unoccupied fund of the Sampsonievsky Cathedral was transferred to the gratuitous use of the ROC. However, the management of FAS after the appeal of the deputy Maxim Reznik found in this signs of violation of the law on the protection of competition.

The criminal case of abuses in the fund of Doctor Lisa

Investigative authorities launched a criminal case on abuse of official authority in the fund “Just Aid to Dr. Lisa.” This is reported by the “Moscow” agency, citing a source in law enforcement agencies.

According to the interlocutors, the investigation found that in July 2017 the organization signed a contract for legal services with lawyer Anna Agranovich. At the same time, as the investigation believes, the fund concluded a similar contract for the same services with human rights activist Alexander Kulikovsky as early as 2015.

In this case, as sources specify, according to the terms of the contract, Agranovich’s salary was 180 thousand rubles. per month. In addition, she was paid a separate fee for June in the amount of 356 thousand rubles.

According to the investigation, the damage to the fund is about 1.8 million rubles. The case has been instituted against an unidentified person, under Part 1 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (“Abuse of powers”).

Director of the Primorye school fined for money from students

The court sentenced the school principal in the seaside town of Artem to a fine of 30,000 rubles for collecting money from the students. This was reported by the press office of the regional prosecutor’s office.


In Moscow, a schoolboy died trying to fix a computer

According to preliminary data, the child was killed by electric shock when trying to repair the computer on his own

In Indonesia, after a strong earthquake, 130 shocks occurred

More than 130 repeated shocks were recorded on Monday after the earthquake that occurred on the Lombok island of Indonesia. This was announced by the head of the Agency of Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics of Indonesia Vikorita Carnavati, the Kompas news portal reports.

In Egypt, a shark killed a Czech tourist

In the Egyptian resort of Marsa al-Alam, a tourist from the Czech Republic perished as a result of a shark attack. This is reported by Echo24 with reference to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the suburbs, a child riding a boat was killed by a lightning strike

In the city of Ruza, near Moscow, a child was struck by a rubber boat on the Ozerninsky Reservoir, which caused the boy to die. This is reported on the official website of the main investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Moscow region.

Tourists assured of safety of trips to Bali after the earthquake

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia said that tourists are not at risk of any danger on the island of Bali. On August 5, north of the Indonesian island of Lombok, an earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred, killing more than 90 local residents and injuring more than 200 people.

The US Justice Department disclosed the names of the FBI detainees of Russia

The US Justice Department disclosed the names of Russians detained by the New York branch of the FBI on suspicion of money laundering and conspiracy to commit fraud. As reported on Monday by the representative of the US Justice Department, Nicolas Navas, on August 1, 30-year-old Stanislav Lisitsky, 39-year-old Aleksei Livadnyi, 32-year-old Nikolai Tupikin, and 29 August Kirill Dedusev were detained.

Citizens of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, the United States and Latvia also participated in the fraudulent scheme.

Criminals agreed on the sale of non-existent cars and persuaded their victims to transfer money to fake accounts, from which they withdrew money. The press release also clarified that the maximum prison term for this charge is 30 years.

In St. Petersburg, more than 400 people were evacuated because of a fire in the hotel

Rescuers evacuated 411 people from a hotel in St. Petersburg because of a fire. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for St. Petersburg. “On the minus second floor of the seven-story building of the hotel, there was a burning of electrical equipment on an area of 5 square meters,” the ministry said.

The number of victims of the explosion in Bologna has grown to 84 people

The number of victims in the explosion in the Italian city of Bologna has grown to 84 people, reports La Repubblica. 14 of them are in serious condition. Earlier, 67 victims were reported.

The freight train collided with the “KamAZ” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The collision of a freight train with KamAZ took place on Tuesday morning at a railway crossing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, one person was injured, the press service of the regional head of the Emergencies Ministry said.

Aircraft Alitalia made an emergency landing in Japan

Following the flight from Rome, the Alitalia airline made an emergency landing at the Japanese airport Titos. This is reported by Kyodo, citing official data. According to the agency, the cause of the emergency landing of the liner was the engine malfunction

In Kamchatka volcano Karymsky threw a column of ash at a height of 2.5 km

Volcano Karymsky in Kamchatka threw a column of ash to a height of 2.5 km above sea level. This is reported by the KVERT Volcanic Activity Monitoring Team of the Institute of Seismology and Volcanology of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In Germany, a 91-year-old driver drove into a supermarket

A man at the age of 91 entered his car in a supermarket in the south-west of the FRG. This is written by the German tabloid Bild. The incident occurred in the evening of August 6 in the capital of the federal state of Saar-Saarbruecken.

Planned the attack on Christmas American gave 15 years in prison

The investigation alleges that Jameson planned to commit a terrorist attack on the day of the celebration of the Catholic Christmas (December 25) on the pier in San Francisco – in a place popular among tourists and townspeople. On December 22, 2017, an American was detained, explosives and firearms were found in his house.


Zariadye bought pianos and pianos worth 154 million rubles

The Moscow Concert Hall (MKZ) “Zaryadye” will receive 14 grand pianos and eight pianos with a total cost of 154 million rubles. Competition for the order of instruments was won by an American company. This was told on August 6 in the press service of the concert complex

Rumors about a new novel by Stas Pyekha were confirmed

The artist very carefully hides his personal life, does not advertise it in social networks and without giving any comments. Therefore, for a whole year only rumors circulated around their novel, but none, except for the people close to them, knew for sure. Stas has a five-year-old son from a past marriage – Petya

Petrosyan and Stepanenko were asked to make the divorce discussion closed

Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow accepted a counterclaim from the humorist Yevgeny Petrosyan to his wife Elena Stepanenko, in which it is proposed to divide the co-owned property equally, RIA Novosti reports. “The court accepted the lawsuit,” the judge said.

“It looks like grandfather”: Ksenia Sobchak showed the face of her son Plato

The TV presenter realized that children can also teach a lot. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak continues to rest in Sardinia with her husband Maxim Vitorgan and son Platon.

Ilya Reznik married with his wife in the Crimea

Poet, People’s Artist of Russia, Ilya Reznik, married his wife Irina Romanova in the church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Yalta. About this in Instagram reports Romanov.

Demi Lovato first contacted after an overdose

The singer was seriously injured by an overdose of drugs. Later, the artist went to rehab, and the other day she turned to the fans for the first time. At the end of July, the servant of Demi Lovato found her unconscious.

Natalia Senchukova shared her son’s photo with her beloved

Natalia Senchukova and Viktor Rybin have an exemplary son. 19-year-old Vasily is not noticed in scandals, is engaged in sports, studies in the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs as the director of theatrical performances and already seems to have chosen his future wife. For four years the young man has met a girl named Daria.

Alexander Marshal talked about his condition after a serious operation

Not so long ago, Alexander Marshal celebrated his 61st birthday, but fans note that the artist looks much younger than his years. Alexander noticeably lost weight and took up his health. The singer told reporters that some time ago he underwent surgery. Now the artist feels well and is actively involved in sports.

From Marianov’s widow, they hide the cause of her husband’s death

The figure skater is convinced that Bik poisoned her husband with some medicinal preparations, so that after the death of the artist get his condition. Lobacheva argues that Marianov wanted to issue a divorce with Ksenia, after which neither the one nor the daughter Anfisa would get anything

Larisa Dolina is younger after rumors of parting with her husband

Fans of the artist noted that Larissa Length has grown sharply younger after the appearance of rumors of parting with her husband. Users wrote that it looks amazing, and they are with their granddaughter “just babes.”

In the Bryansk region they are preparing for the celebration of the “Apple salvage”

Recall, in two weeks in Bryansk there will be a festival of good movies, apples and honey “Apple Saved”. Now, with the support of the authorities and the diocese, there is an active preparation for the holiday. The inspirers of the festival are the farm of natural products “Usadba Knyazhichi”

The festival “Invasion” culminated in the performance of “Leningrad” and the salute

In the Tver region came to an end the annual music festival “Invasion” – a grandiose event in its scale ended with the performance of the group “Leningrad” and spectacular fireworks. To see a piece of action that unfolded in Bolshoy Zavidovo, you can in the video below.

Kurt Russell spoke in support of James Gunn

Kurt Russell, who played the role of Ego in “The Guardians of Galaxy 2”, supported the franchise director James Gunn, who was dismissed on July 20 from the post of director due to unsuccessful and offensive jokes 10 years ago.

“The Dull Circus”

The show “Stars Under Hypnosis” was sharply criticized by viewers. The ratings of the TV show began to fall sharply because of the dissatisfaction of the audience, and experts predict the soon disappearance of the “Stars Under Hypnosis” from the blue screens.

Polina Gagarina has forgotten the words of the song during the concert

The incident occurred during a speech in Omsk, timed to the City Day. The singer explained what had happened with the confusion that she experienced because of the “hot” reception given by the audience.

Summary sister Megan Markle compared the duchess with Cruella De Ville

Megan Markl celebrated her 37th birthday last Saturday, but her half-sister overshadowed the duchess’s birthday, comparing her with a villain from the cartoon “101 Dalmatians” – Cruella De Ville. Samantha Markle uses Twitter as a tool for humiliation and criticism of her sister Megan Markle.

Sister Olga Buzovoy worries about the personal life of the TV presenter

Very soon, a new show “Married to Buzov” starts, in the framework of which the TV presenter will try to find his love. Anna is very worried about her sister and hopes that she will be able to meet a decent man.


Ministry of Transport proposed to impose fines for airlines for overbooking

“The Ministry of Transport of Russia proposes to introduce strict financial responsibility of airlines for cases of deliberate sale of more tickets than the number of seats in the plane,” the agency suggested. The size of the fine should correspond to practice in other countries and taking into account the Russian conditions.

Luxury brands began to close boutiques on the most expensive street in Russia

In 2017, Cushman & Wakefield for the fourth time recognized Stoleshnikov Lane as the most expensive street in Russia at the price of renting commercial premises. On average, rent on this street costs about 3100 euros (215,000 rubles at the rate of that time) for 1 square. m per year.

In the world ranking, the lane then took 15th place (on the first – Fifth Avenue in New York with an average rental rate of € 28.2 thousand per 1 sq. M per year). The rating for 2018 has not yet been published.

Rosneft began buying back its shares for $ 2 billion

The Board of Directors of Rosneft approved the start of a program for buying back shares of the company (buy-back). The maximum amount of shares repurchase is set at $ 2 billion, it follows from the company’s announcement.

Mail.ru Group sells its services to fellow travelers

The world’s largest search service fellow travelers (carpuling) BlaBlaCar bought a Russian competitor – BeepCar – from Mail.Ru Group.

“The deal will also strengthen the marketing partnership of companies, as BlaBlaCar will promote carpelling at the sites of Mail.Ru Group. Beginning in the autumn, BeepCar traffic will be redirected to BlaBlaCar and will provide Mail.Ru Group with advertising revenue, “- said in a press release received by Kommersant.

SOCAR to send 280 thousand tons of LNG to Pakistan in October

Azerbaijan’s SOCAR will deliver LNG to Pakistan in October. This was reported in Pakistan LNG Limited, the operator of the LNG terminal. SOCAR became one of the winners of the tender for supplying the company with liquefied gas.

Dmitry Mazurov appointed head of the board of directors of New Stream Group

Dmitry Mazurov, formerly president of the New Stream Group, was elected the head of the company’s board of directors, the Novoe Stream news service reported. The post of the president of the group of companies was taken by Andrey Zokin, who is also a member of the board of directors of the group of companies.

Reuters announces the freezing of the program of external loans by Gazprom

Gazprom suspended its foreign borrowing program due to a dispute with the Ukrainian Naftogaz on gas supplies. Three sources have told Reuters about this.

A section of hydrocarbons in the Krasnodar Territory is put up for auction

Yugnedra will hold an auction on September 27 for the right to use the subsoil of the Severo-Kubansky area in the Krasnodar Territory for the purpose of studying, exploring and extracting hydrocarbon raw materials

Rusal retains Nadvoitsky plant due to sanctions

“Rusal” in August begins to conserve electrolysis capacities of the Nadvoitsky aluminum plant in Karelia due to sanctions. This was reported by a TASS representative of the company.

The MED proposed to index the tariffs from January to July

The Ministry of Economic Development believes that tariffs for housing and communal services in 2019 can be indexed from January 1, not July 1, which will allow them to synchronize with VAT increase from 18% to 20%.

Manufacturers warned about the growth of prices for sausages and semi-finished products

A sharp increase in procurement prices for raw materials reported to Vedomosti several meat processors – Ostankino, Dymov, Prodo

Greece received the last € 15 billion of aid from the Eurogroup

Greece received the fifth and final tranche of a € 15 billion financial assistance loan under the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) financial assistance program, the fund’s official website reports.

Shanghai is experiencing explosive growth of external financial investment

There is a significant increase in foreign investment in Shanghai in the first half of 2018 as part of ongoing reforms of openness, conducted by China’s central leadership, Xinhua News Agency reported on August 6.

Named guilty of rising prices for gasoline

The reason for the constant increase in prices for gasoline are intermediaries, which buy raw materials and fuel from oil refineries (refineries). This was discussed at a meeting of the Board of the section “Petroleum Products” at the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange (SPbMTSB).


Korean scientists have developed a microphone and speaker applied to the skin

Scientists from the National Institute of Science and Technology Ulsana have developed a transparent and safe coating – nanomembrane, which can be applied to the skin of a person and demonstrate the wonders of technology achievements.

In Russia they develop a high-speed airplane-demonstrator of technologies

In Russia the work on the creation of a high-speed airplane-demonstrator of technologies for 19 passengers is in full swing. The flying laboratory is expected to be developed by the end of this autumn. The agreement on the final assembly of a high-speed airplane-demonstrator of technology is estimated at 46.2 million rubles.

GM Poplar was deprived of the opportunity to “escape” into the wild

One of the fears associated with genetically modified plants is that they can “escape” into the wild: pollen or plant seeds with wind, pollinators or otherwise can leave the experimental sites and fields, and then grow elsewhere.

Scientists have created a substance that will forever put to sleep cancer cells

Australian researchers have come up with a new substance that prevents cancer cells from dividing and multiplying. Australian researchers have developed a new drug, which can put cancer cells to death forever. Their work is published by the journal Nature, reports TV channel “360”.

China will build the largest underwater tunnel in the world

The idea of building a tunnel that connects mainland China with Taiwan has been debated for many years. However, Chinese scientists are now more than ever close to finding the best solution for building the longest submarine tunnel in the world.

Scientists have turned an ordinary microwave oven into a plasma generator

Scientists have turned an ordinary microwave oven into a real plasma generator. According to the authors of the unusual experiment, this will allow changing the surface properties of objects and conducting laboratory experiments at home.

New material will protect against electromagnetic radiation

Protection of a person from electromagnetic radiation is a necessary and important condition for modern life. One way to protect – the use of radio-absorbing building materials. It is this material that was developed within the framework of Project 5-100 and patented by scientists of the Engineering and Construction Institute of SPbPU. This is reported by a press release, which came at the disposal of the editorial board.

Scientists have discovered a gene of “obedience” from domesticated foxes

A group of scientists from Russia, China and the United States discovered a gene of “obedience” from domesticated foxes. It is a SorCS1 protein responsible for the regulation of signaling between CNS neurons – the central nervous system.

The Japanese have created additional hands controlled by another person

Last year, the developers created a couple of additional hands, controlled by the carrier itself with the help of leg movements. Now they chose a different scheme and presented a pair of robots controlled not by their carrier, but by a remote operator.

Twenty-six carbon atoms were enough for diamond growth

Chemists for the first time have experimentally determined the number of critical atoms in the crystalline embryo, which is necessary for the growth of diamond when it is synthesized from the gas phase. It turned out that for this purpose a small molecular cluster consisting of only 26 carbon atoms is sufficient.

Older people were less inclined to realize their mistakes

In parallel, neuroscientists monitored the size of the pupils of the participants, as it expands when a person notices his mistake. Young participants in the experiment determined their errors with 75 percent accuracy, and the elderly with 63 percent accuracy.

Chinese scientists have created an artificial electronic skin

Scientists of the Chinese Tsinghua University on the basis of graphene – a superfine substance, characterized by excellent flexibility and conductivity – created a color artificial electronic skin

China launched a prototype of a new generation supercomputer

In China, the work began of a prototype computer of the Sunfly ex-SF class, which belongs to a new generation of supercomputers.

Scientists: The Internet causes insomnia

Italian scientists found that active Internet users sleep less than other people. The study involved 5.5 thousand people. According to scientists, on average, fans of the World Wide Web sleep 25 to 60 minutes less than others.


The developer of the global satellite system “Sphere” left the project

From the project of the global satellite communication system, which should become the basis of the “Sphere” complex, head Yuri Mishin left, RIA Novosti reported on Monday at the company “Russian Space Systems”, which is developing the project.

NASA specialists found out when the first volcanoes appeared

A unique meteorite from Mauritania helped scientists to find out that the first volcanoes of the Solar System began their life already 4564 million years ago, in the first three million years of life of our planetary family. This conclusion was reached by geologists who published an article in the journal Nature Communications.

The sixth birthday on Mars

The automatic research station Curiosity on August 6 marked its sixth “birthday” – on that day in 2012 the rover sat safely on the surface of the red planet

Japan plans to send a research apparatus to the moon

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) plans in two years to make a landing on the moon of a research vehicle called SLIM, The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reports.

NASA showed a video with a “swarm” of asteroids in the solar system

Scientists at NASA have demonstrated that a huge number of asteroids are floating in the solar system. NASA specialists created a short video to show that outer space can not only be filled with a free space, but also a lot of asteroids.

The new NASA satellite will protect the Earth from dangerous asteroids

The new NASA Geostationary Lightning Mapper will protect the Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids. He has already started work in the orbit of the planet and has shown astounding results

The outer cosmos has become closer to 20 kilometers

Until the last day it was believed that the boundary between the atmosphere of the Earth and the cosmos is at an altitude of 100 kilometers. However, NASA scientists made a new discovery – the vacuum of the Universe is much lower, only 80 kilometers from Earth

Chinese astronomers have discovered a star with the largest reserves of lithium

Chinese astronomers have discovered a giant star with the largest lithium reserves of all that have been discovered so far, according to scientists this star can shed light on the evolution of the universe, the announcement of the discovery is published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

SpaceX will launch a Falcon 9 rocket with an Indonesian satellite

On Tuesday, SpaceX planned the launch of the Indonesian telecommunications satellite Merah Putih. To the orbit it will be delivered by the Falcon 9 booster rocket.

Astronomers have found the “inverted” planetary nebula

Astronomers have found out that the outer layers of the planetary nebula HuBi 1 has a higher degree of ionization than internal ones, while in ordinary planetary nebulae it is vice versa.

Scientists: The moon could be twice fit for life

Scientists concluded on the basis of recent studies that the Moon could well be fit for life twice in the distant past. Now the heavenly body has completely different characteristics

Astronomers have found out what caused the traces of “dark matter” in the center of the Galaxy

The Fermi orbital telescope has found further evidence that the alleged traces of “dark matter” in the center of the Milky Way were generated by ordinary stars, rather than the decays of particles of this mysterious substance. Their findings were presented in the journal Nature Astronomy.

NASA named the finalists of the contest for the development of asylum on Mars

The American agency told about the results of selection of the finalists of the contest for the development of asylum for the future mission on the Red Planet. As a result, only five teams from the declared eighteen became finalists. The first place among them was taken by the Zolasus team. The 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge contest began in 2014.


The tests of the electric crossover Mercedes EQC were shown on video

The German company Mercedes-Benz continues road tests of its first electric crossover EQC. Video from the last test in the German mountains of the Black Forest has already been published on the official YouTube channel Mercedes-Benz


Atelier Lumma Design presented its version of the Audi SQ5 crossover

Engineers of the famous German tuning studio presented their vision of the sports version of the Audi SQ5 crossover, which debuted last year in Detroit.

In France, the pre-orders of the electric Porsche Taycan

Porsche announced the start of sales of the electric version of the Porsche Taycan sports car in France. The novelty is available only on pre-order with the condition of an advance payment of 2500 euros, which can be returned in case of failure of the car.

Landwind will launch a crossover with a Hyundai Santa Fe design

The company Landwind, famous for copying the design of almost all the most famous models of world manufacturers, has laid eyes on the new Hyundai Santa Fe. On the eve of the web there were photos of the new SUV of the Chinese brand, which hit the paparazzi lenses during the running tests

Vanderhall presented a new model of the tricycle Venice Speedster

Tricycle is available in the US on pre-order with a minimum payment of $ 250, the total cost will be 26,950 dollars (or about 1.7 million rubles.). Before it, Venice had the minimum cost of 29,950 dollars.

The Formula-1 pilot built a hyperbike with an aircraft engine

A unique bike with 36 inch staggering wheels is driven by a 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine. Its name was given to the motorcycle in honor of the Brazilian pioneer of aviation Alberto Santos-Dumont – in his homeland believe that he got up in the air before the Wright brothers.

Company Kia named the Russian prices for the new Kia Ceed

Company Kia has published the prices and complete sets of new Kia Ceed of the Kaliningrad assembly. The most affordable version of the novelty, equipped with a 1.4-liter 100-horsepower engine and a 6-speed “mechanics”, went up by 90 thousand rubles. Now for the Kia Ceed in the basic configuration ask 950 thousand rubles.

In the network unveiled a unique photo of the 10 millionth Ford Mustang

Photos of the body and a fully assembled car in its Instagram laid out by the user under the official_ford_guy. The admirers of the brand are now waiting for official comments from the developers. The jubilee Mustang was a modification of the GT in the Premium package.


New Android 9.0 Pie submitted to Google ahead of schedule

Google Corp. has released a new operating system for smartphones ahead of schedule. The first to evaluate the new version of Android 9.0 Pie will be the owners of smartphones Pixel. The version of Android 9.0 Pie will positively affect the performance of the gadget.

Google accidentally called the date of the announcement of smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google through the bought a couple of years ago, the platform Famebit accidentally named the date of the announcement of the upcoming smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. For the third year in a row, on the same day, manufacturers intend to hold the premiere of gadgets. Developers can hold a premiere of smartphones on October 4.

Gigabyte is releasing a new gaming mouse AORUS M5

Gigabyte announced the release of a new multifunctional gaming mouse AORUS M5. A revolutionary weight distribution system allows users to adjust the balance and find the optimal mouse weight for maximum control and flexibility of the device.

LG introduced the Q8 smartphone

The novelty has received a 6.2-inch FullVision-display, and also processor Snapdragon 450 from Qualcomm. The amount of RAM of the device was four gigabytes, and physical – 64 gigabytes.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8X appeared on the “live” photo

In the network, “live” photos of the upcoming medium-level Xiaomi Mi 8X smartphone have flowed. If the images are reliable, the device will go on sale in several colors, including white and blue.

Game smartphone Razer Phone 2 will be out by the end of the year

Vice President Razer Chen Xiaoping during the exhibition China Joy officially confirmed the release date of the new smartphone next year. However, he did not specify the model, however, according to observers, it is a game Razer Phone 2.

Smartphone Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is gaining in AnTuTu more than 285 000 points

Smartphone Xiaomi Pocophone F1, according to many rumors, can be the most affordable device with SoC Snapdragon 845 on the market. He is credited with a price of 420 euros. The availability of Qualcomm’s top-end platform has also been confirmed by Bluetooth SIG data.

Intelligent hours of the fourth generation of the Fossil Q line

Company Fossil introduced the fourth generation of smart watches Fossil Q. According to the manufacturer, they have managed to combine the rich functionality with an attractive appearance.

Presented the world’s first waterproof laptop Raytheon Uncia

At the China Joy 2018, Raytheon unveiled the world’s first waterproof laptop, which corresponds to the description of the degree of protection IP68.

LEGO released the first details of sugar cane

The company LEGO released the first details of sugar cane. Now the company plans to completely switch to this material by 2030. Eco-friendly set “Plants from plants” LEGO will give as a gift in German, Austrian and English shops when buying more than $ 40.

Google can launch “cloud” services in China

Because of the tense relations between China and the United States, it is unclear whether the company’s plans will be implemented in the future. Google plans to launch in China services “Documents” and “Disk” with the involvement of local data centers and servers of local Internet providers

YouTube Music will have a series of new features

One of the first innovations will be the support of SD-cards. You can select the sound quality when streaming music and downloading it to the device.

Google will also work on the organization of content in YouTube Music. In particular, to ensure that albums, songs and playlists are located in the application in the order in which they added the user. In other services, it is possible to sort content by alphabet and genre.

Another change will affect the video service itself. When you subscribe to a performer in a music application, you automatically subscribe to his channel on YouTube. The company plans to fix this problem by adding a special drop-down menu to select the desired service.

Google added buttons to refine the query in blocks with answers

Google added to the blocks with the answer buttons to clarify the request. This feature was announced in January, and now it began to see users from the US. It works every time a user enters a broad query, which can have multiple answer options.

CCleaner convicted of uninterrupted surveillance of users

Users of the most popular utility CCleaner, designed to clean and optimize the OS of the Windows family, attacked the developers of the company Piriform. The fact is that in the new version of CCleaner (5.45) an unmounted program of “active monitoring” (Active Monitoring) was detected.


New York has discovered four new posters Red Dead Redemption 2

A resident of New York accidentally discovered a fresh billboard Red Dead Redemption 2, which immediately flaunts several main characters, including the young John Marston, the protagonist of the first part.

Free update for People and Automatons for Frostpunk

11 bits announced the release of the free update People and Automatons for the strategy Frostpunk. In honor of this event, the developers showed a new trailer. Thanks to People and Automatons, Frostpunk has the opportunity to rename its automatons and survivors

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will arrive on store shelves on September 14, 2018 in versions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Lara Croft is to save the world from the apocalypse predicted by the Maya and, apparently, caused by the actions of the heroine herself. This time the game is devoted to the study of this lost civilization in the jungles of Latin America. In particular, Lara will find the lost settlement of Paititi (the largest open level of the entire Tomb Raider series) with a mass of storylines and background tasks.

The head of Ubisoft called the three foundations of future games

On YouTube-channel Ubisoft there was a new video with Yves Guillaume, the head of the company. He named the three foundations of the future games. Firstly, of course, cloud computing, which will allow to leave the user devices only video playback on the air.

Firstly, of course, cloud computing, which will allow to leave the user devices only video playback on the air. Since the calculations will take huge powerful servers, the games will become more interactive, massive and perfect.

Secondly, artificial intelligence will increase the available playing time. For example, the video shows how the driver of the car includes an autopilot, and he plunges into virtual reality.

Thirdly, the technology of blockade will allow to build trust between the players and help them create and sell each other their content. Yves Guimo mentioned that users will even be able to receive part of the profits from the sales of Ubisoft games.

Football Manager 2019 will be released on November 2

The company Sports Interactive has announced the release date for a new part of the football simulator Football Manager 2019. The game will be available for computer users on November 2. This time on the cover of the simulator will not be depicted the familiar figure of the “manager” in a suit with a tie.

Trailer of the bee simulator is presented

Gameplay trailer of the game Bee Simulator was presented at Gamescom 2018. Gamers will try on the role of a bee

Pokemon GO will supplement PvP-battles

The peak of popularity of Pokemon Go was far behind, so the developers decided to improve the game and complement it with PvP-reality support. Now mobile gamers will be able to fight in virtual battle and find out who is the best coach.

InXile announced a set of remasters The Bard’s Tale Trilogy

The developers claim that The Bard’s Tale Trilogy is the best way to remember the classics without emulators and other complexities. You can create a female character, and also collect the game and go through all three games. inXile tried to keep the original style, update it and improve it.

SEGA will bring to gamescom 2018 Total War: Three Kingdoms

The company SEGA announced a list of games that will be on its panel as part of the European exhibition gamescom 2018.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (PS4);
Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (PS4, PS Vita);
Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight (PS4, PS Vita);
Team Sonic Racing (PS4, XBO, Switch);
Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC);
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4, XBO, Switch, PC).

The exhibition will also be presented by Football Manager 2019. However, the company does not promise a demo version, everything will be limited to a press conference and distribution of souvenirs.

Developers Surviving Mars announced new free updates

Paradox Interactive announced that the PC version of the Surviving Mars strategy has already received a free Da Vinci update.

New Call of Duty will get to smartphones

Activision and Tencent have announced their cooperation. Their task is to release another game of the Call of Duty series on mobile devices. First, the game will be available in China, but then it will reach other markets.

Capcom: Devil May Cry 5 was born thanks to fans

Antoine Molant DmC: Devil May Cry While Capcom can not predict how much slashers are really in demand in the modern market, but Devil May Cry 5 is created primarily with the wishes of the fans.

Fallout 76 will not be released on Steam, but the full version will go all the progress from the beta

Bethesda has updated the page for answers to the most popular questions about the upcoming beta of Fallout 76. There was a place and revelations associated with the full version of the project: it will not be released on Steam, becoming the first for many years the publisher’s game that left the walls of the digital store

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