31 Jan, 2018

Results of the congress of the national dialogue of Syria ….

Special Representative of the Russian President for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, after the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi, announced the approval of three documents, including a list of candidates for the Constitutional Commission.

“Three documents have been approved. This is the final statement, the appeal of the participants, as well as a list of candidates to the commission to consider issues related to the drafting of the constitution, that is, to the Constitutional Commission, “RIA Novosti quoted him.

Lavrentyev noted that the list will be handed in the very near future to the UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Annual address to the Congress of the US President ….

Russia and China are defying the interests, economy and values of the United States, President Donald Trump said, speaking on an annual speech on the state of the country in the congress.
Throughout the world, we are confronted with rogue regimes, terrorist groups and rivals like China and Russia, which are challenging our interests, our economy and our values. – Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump, in his first annual message to the Congress on the Situation of the Country, on Tuesday, January 30, assessed the state of the country’s economy, opposed the cuts in the military budget, stated the need to modernize the country’s nuclear arsenal, and noted that Russia and China threaten the interests U.S.A. CNN and other American television companies broadcast the speech of the head of state. It is also available on the White House website.

The US should modernize and rebuild its nuclear arsenal

“We must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal, hoping that we will never have to use it, but making it so powerful that it will withhold any acts of aggression,” the head of the US administration said.

In his speech, Donald Trump also spoke out against the cuts in the US military budget.

“I ask the US Congress to stop the practice of sequestering the US military budget and fully fund our military,” Trump said.

About helping “friends of America”

The president urged Congress to approve a bill that allows financial assistance only to “friends of America.”

The head of the US administration recalled that his December decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel provoked a largely negative reaction in the world.

“Soon after this, dozens of states voted in the UN General Assembly against America’s sovereign right to make such a declaration.” American taxpayers generously send billions of dollars a year to the same countries, so I’m asking Congress to adopt legislation tonight to help ensure that American dollars in the form of foreign aid always serve the interests of the United States and act only to friends of America, “said the owner of the White House.

Trump called the “excellent” state of the economy

Trump and Republicans in Congress conducted a tax reform, sharply reducing taxation of companies, after which a number of large corporations pledged to return profits from abroad to the United States.

“The time for economic concessions is over, from now on our trade relations will be fair and mutually beneficial, we will work to review the old bad deals and conclude new ones,” the head of state said.

The US policy towards the DPRK will remain unchanged

“The reckless desire of North Korea to acquire nuclear missiles may soon lead to the fact that this will be a threat to our country (quotation on TASS,” he said.

“We are conducting a campaign to exert the greatest possible pressure [on the DPRK] to prevent this,” the president assured.

According to Trump, “past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only induce aggression and provocation.”

“I will not repeat the mistakes of previous administrations, as a result of which we were in such a situation,” he added.

The President presented the Congress with a new immigration plan of four parts.

“In accordance with the fourth part, the visa lottery will be terminated – a program in which the Green Cards were randomly issued without any regard for skills and qualities (migrants) or the safety of our population,” the American leader said.

The plan also presupposes a system for granting citizenship to 1.8 million illegal migrants who have entered the United States as children, strengthening the border control system and restricting the entry of migrant families

The US Ministry of Finance named the timing of the introduction of new sanctions against Russia

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said on Tuesday that new anti-Russian sanctions will be introduced “in the near future,” Washington is already working on them.

“We intend to use the (Kremlin) report and intelligence to introduce additional sanctions, we are working on them,” Mnuchin said during a hearing in the banking committee of the Senate.

Responding to the insistent questions of senators about the timing of the introduction of new sanctions, the head of the Ministry of Finance stated that he would be cautious in his assumptions.

“I can not promise you that it will be for a month, but I assure you that we will do it as soon as we can, within a few months you will see – and maybe in a month.” But I will be cautious in my forecasts, because it is necessary to do a lot of work, “the minister replied.

Trump canceled Obama’s decree to close the prison in Guantanamo

President of the United States Donald Trump on Tuesday abolished the decree of his predecessor Barack Obama on the closure of Guantanamo special prison in Cuba. This is stated in the White House press release.

In clashes with police in Catalonia, injured 13 people

Clashes between protesters and police took place near the building of the Catalan Parliament in Barcelona. As a result of the incident, 13 people were injured, RIA Novosti reports. The parliament was supposed to hold a meeting on the approval of the head of the medical branch of Carles Puigdemon, but it was postponed.

The State Department called the condition for withdrawing from a nuclear deal with Iran

The American side will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal if the European partners do not begin work on “correcting its shortcomings,” a US State Department spokesman said, RIA Novosti reported.

Trump announced the liberation of Iraq and Syria from IG by the US Coalition forces

Iraq and Syria were “almost 100%” liberated from the “Islamic state” by the forces of the coalition led by the United States. This was stated in his address to the nation by US President Donald Trump.

The State Department called the main goal of sanctions against the Russian Federation

The main goal of the US sanctions against the defense and intelligence sectors of Russia is to stop the flow of money to Moscow from foreign deals, a high-ranking State Department spokesman said at a news briefing for journalists in a teleconference format.

Klimkin spoke about the topics of the next meeting of the “Norman Quartet”

Earlier, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Surkov, on the results of a meeting with the US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, held in Dubai on January 26, described what had been discussed at their talks.

The US will correct bad trade agreements and conclude new ones.

As US President Donald Trump said during the speech in Congress, the White House is working to amend trade agreements that are unprofitable for the country. The US authorities intend to conclude new ones.

Donald Trump erases the “Russian trace”

Given that the investigation of Mueller entered a crucial phase, the leaks that appeared in June last year, Donald Trump allegedly considered the issue of the dismissal of the special prosecutor, allowed his opponents to switch to a new attack on the head of the White House.

Trump wants to help foreign countries in the interests of the United States

President of the United States Donald Trump demanded that Congress pass a law on how to help foreign countries meet the interests of the United States. Trump recalled that last month he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


The ship of NATO entered the Black Sea

Rocket destroyer of the British Navy Duncan entered the Black Sea. This was reported by the Joint Naval Command of NATO. The ship is escorted by the Turkish frigate Gaziantep

US conceded Russia’s advantage in developing hypersonic weapons

Washington gave Moscow and Beijing a technical advantage in the development of hypersonic weapons. Such a statement, according to TASS, was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CSC) of the US Armed Forces, General Paul Selva.

The US refused to disclose the time of its troops in Afghanistan

President of the United States Donald Trump said that they will not report on temporary restrictions on the stay of American servicemen in Afghanistan.

Turkey refuted the use of napalm in Operation Olive Branch

The command of the Turkish Armed Forces denied the use of napalm, biological and chemical weapons during Operation Olive Branch in Kurdish Africa

Trump asked Congress for the means to combat IGIL and Al-Qaeda

President of the United States Donald Trump asked the congress to provide funds to fight the terrorist organizations Al-Qaida and IG1 (IGIL1, banned in the territory of the Russian Federation). The head of the White House made a corresponding statement during the speech in the congress with the speech “On the Situation of the Country.”

The Pentagon questioned the availability of North Korea’s intercontinental missiles

The US military believes that the DPRK does not yet possess intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Minister of Defense of Russia told about control of the situation in Syria

The Russian Armed Forces control the situation in Syria using drones. This was stated by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a press conference at the National Center for Defense Management of Russia, a transcript of the Syriani on the site’s website

The media reported an accident on the newest British aircraft carrier

The newest aircraft carrier, “Queen Elizabeth”, the British Navy delayed to sea trials due to a technical malfunction

The US is developing missiles that violate the INF Treaty

Washington decided to develop a missile system that violates the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (ASMM).

Qatar suggested that the US expand its military presence on its territory

Qatar suggested that the US expand its military presence on its territory, the joint statement on the results of the first round of the bilateral strategic dialogue

The new US nuclear doctrine will be unveiled February 2 – Pentagon

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces General Paul Selva named the date of the promulgation of the new US nuclear doctrine. According to him, this will happen already at the beginning of next month.


Construction without permission is possible. If it is decided from above

The erection of the church began on Savushkin Street in the Primorsky district of the city.

According to the Internet newspaper Fontanka, during a public hearing, one of the local residents stated that the temple will reach a height of 32 meters, although according to the rules it is possible to build a building no higher than 17 meters. According to activists, the church is erected without a town planning plan, without a design plan, without the permission of the State Construction Supervision.

In response, the deputy head of the district administration, Andrei Khobets, said: “Can a God’s temple be built without permission? This is decided from above. You are Orthodox people. ”

Russia announced the readiness to completely disable the Internet

In Russia, there is the possibility of technical disconnection of the Internet. On the readiness to take this step, adviser to the president Herman Klimenko said. Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev criticized this measure and believes that this will lead to a dead end

Facebook banned advertising crypto currency

Representatives of the social network Facebook have forbidden to place advertising on their platform crypto-currencies, binary options and the initial placement of coins (ICO).

Roskomnadzor has caught operators in illegal blocking sites

Roskomnadzor found cases of excessive blocking of websites on the Internet, carried out by telecoms operators in various regions of Russia.

In Poland, banned the Sunday trade

President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a law that prohibits trade on Sundays. This today, January 30, reported on the official website of the President of Poland. Earlier this law was adopted by the Seim of Poland – 254 deputies voted “for”, 156 – “against”.

Ukraine stopped supplying water to LC

On Tuesday, the press service of the Luganskvoda enterprise told RIA Novosti that the Petrovsky water intake of the Popasnyanski Vodokanal, which provides water to the inhabitants of the territory of the Luhansk region, which is beyond Kiev’s control, without giving any reasons, stopped supplying water to the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

On the creation of the register of children’s camps

The Government Commission on Legislation Supported the Draft Amendments of the State Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Yarova on the establishment of a public list of organizers of children’s leisure.

Renovation participants were allowed to purchase additional meters

The Moscow authorities allowed the participants of the renovation to buy additional square meters and apartments. The Moscow Fund for Renovation will supervise the process, said Moscow mayor Marat Khusnullin.

Of course, at the first stage the proposal will be significantly limited. However, due to the provision of a discount for the subsequent purchase of a dwelling from the city property or the property of the renovation fund in the general order, this problem will be solved. – Marat Khusnullin

Iceland was not allowed to call children in the name of Andrei

Popular among the Slavic peoples, the Greek name Andrew was not included in the list of names that are allowed to give children in Iceland. According to the newspaper MBL, the request for its entry into a special national registry was rejected by the Icelandic State Committee on personal names.

Insurers began to monitor the health of patients by phone

In the system of CHI, curators for health preservation begin to work – the so-called insurance representatives of the third level. They will remind patients by phone about the doctor’s recommendations after the medical check-up and about the need to take medicines.

ECHR awarded compensation to three figurants of the “swamp business”

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decided to pay three persons involved in the riots on the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow in 2012 to Andrei Barabanov, Stepan Zimin and Alexei Polykhovich for a total of € 35,000. The court, which was held on Tuesday in Strasbourg , said on his website.

The new mayor of Vladivostok tackled the problem of homeless animals

The new mayor of Vladivostok, Vitaly Verkeenko, has tackled the problem of homeless animals, RIA VladNews.The city’s head wrote a significant post on his page in the social network about an important for the city problem – homeless animals

Volkswagen’s top manager dismissed from work due to experiments on people

Volkswagen Commissioner for External Relations and Development Thomas Steg is suspended from work after a scandal involving experiments on humans and animals, TASS reported.

The amount of loans extended to Russians grew by more than a third

As follows from the materials of the United Credit Bureau, in 2017 the total amount of loans extended to Russians increased by 37% compared to 2016, to 5.68 trillion rubles. At the same time, the total number of loans increased by 12%, to 34.8 million units.

Russians with incomes below the subsistence minimum will be less

The head of the Ministry of Labor predicted an improvement in the situation of the Russian population in the economic sphere. According to Maxim Topilin, the number of citizens with incomes below the subsistence minimum will soon be reduced to 10-11% through an increase in the minimum wage.

As a result of these movements, the share of the population with incomes below the subsistence minimum should be reduced. If now it is 13-14%, we should reach 10-11% – Maxim Topilin

More money due to tax cuts

President of the United States Donald Trump promised on Tuesday that since May Americans will receive more money thanks to tax cuts.


Tom Hardy got himself a tattoo in honor of DiCaprio

Journalists note that it can also be seen on other pictures of the actor who appeared in social networks in recent days. It is known that such a tattoo, Tom Hardy, two years ago, promised to fill a colleague of Leonardo DiCaprio during a dispute over the picture “Survivor”, where both actors starred.

Amber Rose first appeared after a reduction in breast size 8

A well-known American actress, model and artist, Amber Rose, first appeared after a reduction in the size of the breast. It was not possible to avoid meeting the paparazzi with a skinhead

The court sided with the U2 group on the plagiarism lawsuit

The suit of the British composer and guitarist Paul Rose, who accused the Irish group U2 of plagiarism, was rejected. The corresponding decision was made by the Federal Court of the Southern District of the State of New York. Rose claimed that the band allegedly borrowed a 12-second solo from his composition Nae Slappin.

Sisters-supermodel Hadid starred naked for the cover of Vogue

Famous supermodels are divided in front of photographers of the famous glossy edition to star in an erotic photo shoot, the result of which was on the cover of Vogue. Gigi and Bella Hadid are sitting on the floor, covering the intimate parts of each other. This is the image for a special issue of the magazine.

Nicole Kidman with an appetite tried live worms and caterpillars

Kidman tasted his unconventional meal. Alive, wriggling flour worms, green fat caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles and other small animals were served in a silver bowl.

Nicholas II in the new film will play Hollywood Superman

Emperor Nicholas II in the film version of the animation tape “Anastasia” will play the Hollywood star Brandon Ruth. The American actor and fashion model is known to the audience for the main role in the film “Return of Superman”. Cartoon “Anastasia” in 1997, released the studio 20th Century Fox.

The Star of the Enchanted Detailed Describes the Rape by Weinstein

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan released memoirs in which she spoke in detail about the attack of her alleged rapist, People writes. The star of the series “Charmed” was one of the first to accuse producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Nastasya Samburskaya on the set in Volgograd pursued an unknown

During the visit to our city, an unknown car followed the television star, and on January 30 in the profile of Samburskaya there was a video dedicated to this “fan”.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva frankly confessed to lying

The famous director Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva frankly confessed to the 100% deception of others. This applies to social networks. In the course of the conversation with the media, Fyodor Bondarchuk openly stated that she and Paulina Andreeva lead the people around them with the topic of social networks.

The Berlin Festival will host the first film screening in prison

The Berlin Festival will host the first film screening in one of the local prisons, reports Screen Daily. The event is scheduled for February 23.

The actor from the “Brigade” called the series a crime against Russia

Actor Pavel Maikov, who played the role of Bee in the Brigade, said that the show had brought harm to Russian society. He told about this in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.


Sberbank tops the rating of the most expensive companies in Russia

The total market capitalization of the 100 most expensive Russian public companies by the end of 2017 grew by 1.3%, to $ 643 billion; the composition of the first three did not change, but the new leader was Sberbank, according to the annual rating of the 100 most expensive public companies at the beginning of 2018, compiled by the agency RIA Rating.

Nord Stream partners have invested € 3 billion in the project

Participants in the Nord Stream-2 project invested € 3 billion last year, Paul Nordic Director of Finance, Paul Corcoran, told reporters.

In Russia, alcohol production will be transferred to domestic equipment

The production of alcoholic beverages in Russia will be transferred to Russian equipment, on January 31, with reference to the minutes of the meeting of the government commission, the Izvestia newspaper writes. The relevant issue is discussed at the governmental level.

“Bad” assets in a special structure

Bank “FC Otkrytie” will transfer “bad” assets to a special structure, the format of the structure has not yet been determined, but the decision to create has already been made. This was reported to journalists by the head of the communications department of the bank “FC Opening” Anna Kanter.

Reaction to the Kremlin report ….

Financial markets did not react to the publication of the so-called Kremlin report. About this “Izvestia” told the deputy director of the analytical department of the broker “Alpari” Anna Kokoreva.

“The markets do not care. Moreover, Russian stock indexes are growing. In particular, the MICEX index added 0.2%, the RTS index – 1.1%, “Kokoreva said.

A major contractor of Gazprom will build a paid MKAD understudy

The Russian investment and construction group VIS, which is a major contractor of Gazprom, will become an investor in the construction of a section of the understudy of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), Vedomosti reports referring to a person close to the WSI and representatives of the company and the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region who confirmed this information.

Sberbank will begin trading crypto currency through the Swiss “daughter”

Sberbank plans to conduct trading operations with the crypto currency through its “daughter” in Switzerland – Sberbank Switzerlang AG. This was stated by the vice-president of Sberbank, head of the department of global markets Sberbank CIB Andrey Shemetov, the correspondent of RBC.

In the Gulf of Mexico found a large oil field

In the American part of the Gulf of Mexico, large oil reserves were discovered by Chevron and Total. According to media reports, the oil field was found on the Ballymore structure about 4.8 kilometers from the Blind Faith platform at a depth of almost 2 kilometers

Cuba agreed with Algeria on oil supplies

The intergovernmental agreement on oil supplies was signed by Cuba and Algeria. According to media reports, according to the agreements, Algeria pledged to supply oil to the island in the next three years – from 2019 to 2021. The volume of supplies is not specified.

Consequences of amendments to the EU gas directive

Possible amendments to the EU gas directive may adversely affect the investment climate in Europe, said Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexander Medvedev at the European Gas Conference

The growth of oil reserves in Russia in 2017 amounted to 550 million tons

The increase in oil reserves in the course of 2017 amounted to 550 million tons, which is 4% lower than in 2016, and gas – exceeded 800 billion cubic meters, the head of Rosnedra, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Yevgeny Kiselev told reporters.

ChTPZ Group shipped over 560 thousand tons of pipes to Gazprom in 2017

In 2017, the ChTPZ group shipped over 560,000 tons of pipes for the construction of new Nord Stream-2 and Siberia-Siberia gas pipelines, as well as for the reconstruction of Gazprom’s existing pipelines.

Bulgaria is looking for an alternative to Russian gas in Israel

The Bulgarian government has expressed interest in buying natural gas from the Israeli side, but this requires the necessary infrastructure, the portal isra.com reports.

PGNiG and Energinet signed a contract for gas supply via Baltic Pipe

The Polish company PGNiG has signed an agreement with the Danish operator Energinet on cooperation in the field of gas supplies. The Polish company obtained access to the facilities of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. The total value of the contract is 2.3 billion dollars

“Gazprom” stated about the non-alternative nature of Russian gas for Europe

The purchase of liquefied natural gas by European companies from the US is more a forced decision against the background of more profitable Russian gas supplies. This was stated by the chairman of Gazprom’s board of directors Viktor Zubkov at the European gas conference in Vienna, Interfax reports.


The reason for the collapse of building structures in the transition in Moscow is named

Wooden building structures in the underground passage near the station “Ulitsa 1905 goda” of the Moscow Metro collapsed under the weight of snow. This was announced by the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and communal services and amenities Peter Biryukov.

Three people died when a helicopter dropped into an apartment building in California

Three people died on Tuesday when a helicopter crashed into a house in Newport Beach, California,

Suppliers of weapons to attack Charlie Hebdo detained in France

The French police detained suspected of involvement in the supply of weapons to attack the editorial office of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January 2015. As the “Gazeta.ru” reports, it is about four men aged 30 to 36 years.

In the suburbs, a video is checked where teenagers put out the Eternal Fire with snow

Earlier in the media, a video appeared where several teenagers, who look about 13-15 years old, jump over the Eternal Fire and throw it in big snowballs, one of which eventually extinguished it.

Navalny’s spokesman will remain in the police department until Wednesday

The police did not release press secretary of oppositionist Aleksei Navalny Kira Yarmysh and the leader of Bulk Live Ruslan Shaveddinov, detained at Sheremetyevo Airport, Ivan Fidel Castro’s lawyer Ivan Zhdanov told Interfax on Tuesday.

Killed in a washing machine, the cat received a year of restraint of freedom

A man is sentenced to one year of restraining his freedom. As established by the investigation, on October 12, 2017, a drunken resident of Ukhta, having quarreled with his girlfriend, took her cat, put it into the drum of the washing machine and turned it on.

Unknown people blocked the border checkpoint on the border of Ukraine and Poland

The checkpoint “Rava – Russkaya” on the border of Ukraine and Poland is blocked. About eighty people blocked the road, according to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The police arrived at the scene of the incident.

UK did not extend home arrest to math Bogatov

The Investigative Committee did not petition the court to extend the house arrest of the mathematician Dmitry Bogatov, accused of calling for terrorism and attempting to organize mass riots. This was announced by RBC lawyer Bogatova Sarkis Darbinyan

Truck damaged ancient Nazca lines in Peru

The truck drove without permission to the protected area in the area of the Nazca lines in Peru on the plateau of the same name and inflicted damage to them, the Ministry of Culture of the South American country reported. The Nazca lines were declared by UNESCO as the world heritage of mankind in 1994.

The British accused of terrorism wanted to kill the mayor of London

Briton Darren Osborne, who is accused of committing a terrorist attack against Muslims in north-east London last year, was also going to kill Jeremy Corbin, leader of the opposition Labor Party and his party member, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

In Moscow, as a result of the bus accident on the curb suffered 11 people

Passenger bus drove to the dividing curb in the area of house 2 on the Leningrad highway in Moscow, as a result of the incident, injured 11 people. Tass told a source in the emergency services of the city.


WSJ: US Justice Department checks Apple due to slow work of iphone

The US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission inspect Apple because of possible violations related to the slowdown on older iPhone models. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) with reference to the sources familiar with the situation

The new version of the legendary Nokia 3310 now supports Wi-Fi and 4G

Nokia 3310 4G will go on sale in China in February 2018. The Model 3310 was reissued in 2017 and caused an unprecedented buzz among buyers.

The plane with mustard oil flew from the USA to Australia

The passenger Boeing 787 Dreamliner of the Australian airline flew out of Los Angeles and landed in Melbourne, reports The Guardian. The plane was filled with kerosene, which was added 10% of the organic oil, made on the basis of seeds of mustard

Google has completed the acquisition of HTC business

According to experts of the online edition of The Verge, following the deal, 2,000 employees of the STR will become part of the American company. However, Google will have to pay 1.1 billion dollars for the acquisition of rights to design smartphones, developed by the corporation.

In the social network Instagram will feature a video call

In Instagram announced the implementation of a new function to support video calls, it is about the next version of the application, it will be available on iOS and Android. As experts believe, the social network will resemble Skype and instant messengers Viber and WhatsApp.

TV channels have launched a platform for legal OTT broadcasting

As is known, in recent years, the fight against piracy on the Internet is gaining momentum. For example, the platform intended for legal OTT broadcasting was recently launched using the “one window” principle.

Bitfury introduced a tool to verify the integrity of transactions

Bitfury has introduced a tool to investigate dubious transactions. The Сrystal platform is designed to investigate and suppress the use of bitcoin for criminal activities. The creators of the platform are aimed to change the opinion about crypto-currencies as a tool of speculation on the black market.

In the new smartphone from Huawei: Honor 7X appeared the face scanner

It is worth noting that the price of a smartphone is quite affordable, given the presence in the device of a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner. These updates have already become available in China, but when users of other countries can update the presented version is still unknown.

Apple added Face ID to parental control

Users of iPhone X will be able to approve the purchase of a child using Face ID. A new parental control function will be available in the updated version of iOS 11.3.

Asus registered ZenFone 5 Max and will present it on MWC

Asus ZenFone 5 Max has passed certification for Wi-Fi Alliance. The phone will be presented at the annual Mobile World Congress, which will be held from February 26 to March 1 in the capital of Catalonia. The gadget is registered under the code name ASUS_X00QD

In the Far East, the GLONASS system will be strengthened with a radio telescope

The Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) will be strengthened thanks to a pair radio telescope that will be built at the Ussuri Observatory. The telescope can work in the fourth element of the Kvazar system

It’s too early to talk about 4K broadcasting

It is too early to speak about the development of 4K (ultra-high definition) television broadcasting in Russia, because so far no major federal channel has switched to HD (high definition) broadcasting for economic reasons, the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications Alexei Volin


Scientists: Women win chess more often than men

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have proven that women play chess better than men and often win. During the experiment, experts analyzed about five million tournaments. British scientists decided to check the accuracy of the phenomenon of “threat stereotype”.

Magnetic nanoclusters gave artificial synapses plasticity

In the scientific journal published an article, which describes the work of specialists in the development of artificial synapses, the principle of which is built on the Josephson transition. It is capable of simulating synaptic plasticity

Nicotine in electronic cigarettes may increase the risk of developing cancer

The researchers found that nicotine, inhaled from electronic cigarettes, can be converted into chemicals that damage DNA and weaken the mechanisms of genetic recovery of the body.

Pandas began to feel the bitterness of food after moving to vegetarianism

The transition of pandas to a plant diet in the process of evolution made them feel the bitterness of food. Chinese scientists came to such conclusions, Mir TV reported. Large and small (red) pandas belong to the order of predators.

Scientists have developed a new type of molecular muscle that reacts to light

Scientists have developed a new type of molecular muscle that reacts to the light source and lifts the load. Specialists from the University of Washington created a molecular muscle that, when exposed to light, can contract, while lifting a small load.

Craniocerebral injuries can lead to dementia even after 30 years

Swedish doctors found that craniocerebral trauma can lead to dementia even 30 years after they were received. The study was published in PLoS Medicine.

Scientists have studied the process of creating boundaries between tissues

Because the cell membranes are soft enough and mobile, the joints between the tissues have normal, even boundaries. Scientists explain this effect in different ways. But the process of forming boundaries between tissues, science can not explain exactly yet

Scientists said the dangerous effect of sugar on the brain

According to scientists, controlling the level of sugar can prevent the deterioration of the brain. Earlier, scientists called sugar one of the most dangerous products for pregnant women, because it can cause the development of heart disease in a child.


Residents of Earth will see a unique super moon

The second January super moon, which falls on January 31, will become unique: the moon not only approaches the nearest point to its Earth orbit, but also enters the earth’s shadow, that is, it will be possible to observe the lunar eclipse – the so-called Bloody Moon.

The UAE intends to create the first space hospital

The United Arab Emirates declared its contribution to the international program on the development of outer space. In particular, the Ministry of Health of the country announced its intention to create and build the world’s first space hospital

Scientists of NASA will feed astronauts with food from feces

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania with the support of NASA are developing a system for processing feces of astronauts in a nutritional formula. The crew of the spaceship can use it during long missions.

Chinese startup presented the project of a reusable launch vehicle

Private Chinese company Link Space has developed a project of a reusable spacecraft.

In the Amur River coins were minted from the shell of the carrier rocket

In the Amur Region, a resident of the city of Zeya bought from Roskosmos the planking of the first “Union” stage, launched from the Vostochny cosmodrome on April 28, 2016, and coined coins from it. The author gave the name of the invention – “social” – and already patented it

NASA hired an officer to protect the Earth from the aliens

Scientist of the University of Indiana Lisa Pratt has become an official planetary defense officer and will now work for the US agency NASA. That Pratt will have to prevent the invasion of aliens and save earthlings.

The first space X-ray telescope of China put into operation

The X-ray satellite is a small observatory operating in space. It uses three different groups of photocells intended for the analysis of X-ray radiation of high, medium and low energies.


Arnold Schwarzenegger sold his car Bugatti Veyron for $ 2.5 million

As it became known, the car, capable of accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds, was sold by Schwarzenegger for 2.5 million dollars. It is reported that the car is presented in silver color, and the four-seater salon is trimmed with leather

Prices for the new Peugeot 5008 announced

The domestic office of the French company Peugeot unveiled the ruble prices for the new crossover Peugeot 5008. In total, there will be three options available, the most affordable of which has a price tag from 1.89 million rubles

Audi will present three new models in 2018

As you know, the manufacturer is preparing a change of generations for Q8 and A6, but in addition to these new products there will be others. This year, Audi will prepare for the premiere A1 Sportback hatchback, and a new generation will appear in cars SQ2 and Q3

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi became the largest automaker in the world

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi on the basis of sales became the largest automaker in the world. Having overtaken the company Volkswagen Group, a successful association, formed last year, sold 10 million 610 thousand cars. Statistical data is provided by Automotive News.

Volkswagen Golf in 2017 remained the best seller in the European market

Last year, the model sold 483 105 units, which is two percent less. In second place in sales in Europe is Renault Clio with the result of 327 395 sold cars, which is four percent more.

Danish company Zenvo will present in Geneva a new supercar

Danish company Zenvo, specializing in the production of hyperkars, unveiled teaser images of the new model, which should debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the developers, the novelty will delight even “demanding enthusiasts.”

Hyundai showed the appearance of the new Santa Fe

The company Hyundai has published a portion of the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover tees of a new generation. Apparently, the design of the future novelty will be very different from the current version. Recall that the official premiere of Santa Fe will be held in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show.

Formula-E introduced the second generation of electric car

The public debut of the Formula-E car of the second generation will be held in March 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. You can watch the videos with the presentation of the new electric vehicle on the official channel of Formula-E on YouTube.

Unmanned trucks will eliminate the shortage of truckers in the US

US experts say that with the current trend by 2026, the United States will face a serious shortage of truckers, because young people do not want to work in this area

Carriage “Delimobile” opened a representative office in Yekaterinburg

During the conversation with the press, he recalled that today the operator works in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg. This year the representative offices of Delimobil will be opened in Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Perm and another city with a population of one million.

Declassified Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross crossover

The Russian version of the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross was equipped with a turbo engine in volume of 1.5 liters with a capacity of 149 hp. It operates in tandem with a 6-band manual transmission and a new variator with front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Lotus will release two new sports car and crossover by 2020

The British Lotus brand, which in 2017 passed under the wing of the Chinese company Geely, plans to launch two brand new sports cars by 2020, which will replace the existing obsolete models. In addition, the brand with the support of Volvo will develop a sports crossover.

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