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17 Сен, 2022

Rising cost of living in the UK

The minimum amount necessary for the life of one person in Britain increased by 26.8% in a year from 231 to 293 pounds per week

In relative terms, fuel costs have risen the most (expectedly)! Two and a half times from 13.5 to almost 31 pounds. In terms of money, social life has risen in price the most, immediately by 20 pounds a week (and yes, it is also included in the minimum required set)

In general, 1) inflation hits the poor harder, 2) not only fuel and food become more expensive, but almost everything

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Ferrari has unveiled its first «thoroughbred» SUV. The Purosangue model is not even a crossover — the company calls it the first car of the new FUV class (Ferrari Utility Vehicle or «SUV»). Purosangue will be equipped with a 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of 725 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h — 3.3 seconds, max. speed — 311 km / h. The car will hit the market in 2023 and will be available in a limited number of around 2,500 units. The price has not yet been revealed, but according to unofficial data, the model will cost from $390,000


The Ig Nobel Prize was awarded for research on the swimming of ducklings and the pulse of lovers. This year’s awards ceremony, hosted by the satirical scientific journal Annals of Incredible Research, took place online. The winners received as a prize 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars in one bill and models of a paper hat-cylinder: it can be cut out of cardboard and assembled according to the scheme in order to “store your knowledge there”.


Turkish bank shares suffered the sharpest three-day drop in history as recent rapid gains fizzled out. After soaring 150% in about two months, the Borsa Istanbul Banks Index has fallen 24% since Monday’s close, losing 94 billion liras ($5.1 billion) in market value. On Thursday, it fell by about 10%.


The German authorities continue the wave of nationalizations of the assets of Russian oil and gas companies. Following Gazprom’s subsidiary (Gazprom Germania), Rosneft Deutschland, which accounts for 12% of the country’s oil refining capacity, came under the external control of the national energy market regulator.


The Parliament of Kazakhstan has amended the Constitution of the country. The president can be elected only once for 7 years. This rule cannot be changed in the future. The former name of Astana is returned to the capital.


The US authorities will block Chinese investments in US semiconductors and AI to cut off their access to technology assets in the US that are valuable in the context of national security. In addition, protected industries include biotechnology, quantum computing, alternative energy and the extraction of critical mineral resources. The Chinese embassy in the United States has not yet responded to this news.


The United States, together with the G7 countries and the EU, are imposing a ban on the sea transportation of Russian oil and oil products. The ban on the transportation of oil will come into force on December 5, 2022, and on petroleum products on February 5, 2023, the US Department of the Treasury announced. A mechanism to limit the price of Russian oil will also be introduced. Price ceiling and sanctions against companies that buy oil at a higher price. EU sanctions against Russian oil will also come into force in December this year.


In the USA, the Ig Nobel Prize was awarded to:

• Applied Cardiology for proving that when romantic partners meet for the first time and feel attracted to each other, «their heartbeats are synchronized»

• in Literature, for an analysis of what makes legal documents «unnecessarily difficult to understand»

• Biology — for studying the impact of «constipation on mating prospects for scorpions»

• in medicine, for demonstrating that when patients undergo some form of toxic chemotherapy, they suffer «fewer harmful side effects» when ice cream replaces one component of the procedure

• in engineering, for trying to discover the most efficient way of «people using their fingers to turn a knob»

• in the category of art history — for the study entitled «An interdisciplinary approach to the scenes of ritual enemas on ancient ceramics of the ancient Maya»

• in the field of physics — for trying to understand «how ducklings manage to swim in formation»

• in the field of economics — for explaining why success most often comes «not to the most talented, but to the luckiest» people

• in the field of safety — for the development of a «moose crash test dummy»

Peace Prize for developing «an algorithm to help gossipers decide when to tell the truth and when to lie»


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