19 Sep, 2018

Robots, not people, do their work

According to the report “The future of jobs 2018”, issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Eurasian Institute of Competitiveness and the consulting company Strategy Partners. The development of technology, automation of processes and the introduction of robots into production until 2020 will leave about 75 million people out of work.

By the end of 2017, 29 percent of the total working time spent on the creation of goods and services was accounted for by machines and algorithms. In 2022, this figure will reach 42 percent, and in 2025 – already 52 percent, that is, robots will perform more tasks than people.

“Muscovites in the service of Russia. Star Call »

October 6, 2018 in Moscow, in the park “Victory” on Poklonnaya Hill will be held a youth – patriotic campaign “Muscovites in the service of Russia. Star Call. ” For the first time the doors of the event will be open to all comers, and the autumn draft campaign will receive powerful support “on all fronts”, combining music, sports, martial arts, military science and high-tech developments. READ MORE ….

Briefly about the main thing …


FAS found violations in the purchase of the Ministry of Health

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia revealed violations in the auction documentation when the Ministry of Health purchased the construction of a children’s rehabilitation center with a contract value of 3 billion rubles. This is reported on the FAS website.

In Russia, the number of poor people decreased by 2 million people

It is noted that this is 2 million less than in the first quarter of 2018 and 1.4 million less than in the same period last year. As it became known, the total number of poor Russians is 12.8% of the total population.

Notice of cancellation of rallies

The draft law proposes to oblige organizers of public events in case of refusal to hold them, not later than one day, to take measures to inform citizens and notify in writing about the decision taken the executive authority of the subject of the Russian Federation or the local government body to which notice of the public event is given.

For refusing to stop spreading lies will imprison

If the court has decided that the information is illegal or unreliable, but the citizen continues to distribute them, he will face heavy fines. For malicious offenders, criminal punishment is imposed – one can receive a year of imprisonment.

Repair of the road to the gambling zone “Siberian coin”

In the Altai Territory repair the entrance to the gambling zone “Siberian coin”. The total cost of work is 157.6 million rubles. The funds were allocated from the regional budget. The road should be ready by October 2019. The length of the section on which the work is running is almost 8 km. The width of the cover is 7 m, according to the Ministry of Construction of the region

In the mountains of Sochi will host an environmental forum

The event “The global challenge and the opening of Russia” will be held on October 17-20 at the resort “Rosa Khutor”. Authoritative experts, heads of specially protected natural areas, specialized tour operators, experienced guides, representatives of industry associations from all over the world will gather to discuss the problems and challenges of sustainable ecotourism development.

On Kanonersky Island they plan to build a church instead of a square

The Committee on Urbanism and Architecture (KGA) of Smolny allowed to build a temple complex on the Kanonersky Island. The resolution of the Committee of September 13, 2018 allows the construction of religious sites with a land area of 6,1 thousand square meters. m

Against the construction of church objects – the temple, the chapel and the house of the clergy are the local residents.

According to RBC, the territory where construction is supposed to have been landscaped in August 2017 at the expense of the Kirovsky district, trees were planted on it and now it is used by residents as a place for recreation. We add that in the summer there were public hearings on the project, they were conducted by the commission on land use and development of the Kirovsky district. Most of the island’s residents opposed the construction.

More than 10 million rubles a resort gathering received Belokurikha

Belokurikha received 10.6 million rubles of the resort fee from the beginning of the experiment in the Altai Territory. For August, received 3 million rubles.

Chinese tourists are in the lead among the guests of Russia

Chinese tourists are leading in terms of dynamics and volume in the inbound tourist flow to Russia. This, according to TASS, told the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin.

In Russia, will increase the responsibility of drivers for violation of traffic rules

In Russia, the drivers will be penalized for violating the rules of the road. This will happen within the framework of the national project “Safe roads”.

With regard to road safety, the responsibility of drivers for violation of traffic rules will be strengthened with emphasis on the prevention of violations, automation, equipping the profile services with advanced equipment and technical controls. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The State Duma reduced the penalty for skipping the plenary session

In the State Duma, the amount of the penalty for dropping a plenary meeting by a deputy without justifiable reason was reduced from one-sixth of the salary to one-ninth.

In the RZD promised to extend the experience of Moscow throughout Russia

Oleg Belozerov, the director general of Russian Railways (RZD), said that Moscow’s experience in the parallel use of metro and railway public transport will be extended throughout Russia, it will affect the cities with a million population

For Russian groups of three people in Japan will simplify the visa regime

It is known that from the beginning of the second month of autumn for tourist groups from Russia, wishing to visit Japan, will facilitate the visa regime. But we are not talking about groups consisting, say, of 20 or more people

Leading Elena Malysheva won a major Moscow tender

Malysheva during the election campaign actively campaigned for Sergei Sobyanin, who eventually won the election. She filmed commercials about high-quality Moscow medicine.

At the end of August, the newspaper writes, Health Info, a third of which belongs to Elena Malysheva, and the remaining shares to her sons – Yuri and Vasily Malyshev, won a tender for the subordinated mayor’s office of the Information and Analytical Center for Healthcare for 47 million rubles.

With this money, the Malyshevs company must develop a method for treating Moscow patients with hypertension.

Until now, “Health Info” has never received orders from the authorities. The amount of the tender won is almost twice the annual revenue of Malysheva – in 2016 the firm earned 23 million rubles, the net loss was about 170 thousand rubles.

Roskomnadzor in December will check Twitter and Facebook

Roskomnadzor in mid-December will send to Twitter and Facebook letters with the question of compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation on the storage of data of Russians, reports Interfax.

So the second half of the year will expire, I set a deadline on December 15, I will write a letter accordingly: tell me, where are these data stored? They will say something to me. I will do the same for Facebook. That is, I will do it until the end of the year, as promised. As far as I know, they are conducting this work. – Alexander Zharov, Russian politician

German doctors have declared poisoning Верзилова

Doctors who treat in Berlin a member of the art group “War” and Pussy Riot Peter Verzilov, suggested that he could be poisoned. This was stated on September 18 by a representative of the Charité clinic, where the activist is being treated.

“There was a high risk of poisoning,” TASS quoted him.

Doctors suggest that there was an exposure to a substance that affects the nervous system. At the same time, it is reported that the patient’s life is not threatened.

In Italy there was the first school, “free from smartphones”

The San Benedetto Lyceum in Piacenza became the first educational institution in the country where students are prohibited from using mobile phones, Agenzia Italia reported on Tuesday, September 18.

Pope Francis called sexuality “the gift of God”

Pope Francis called sexuality and sex “the gift of God” and explained what it is. The pontiff spoke about this, answering the questions of young believers from the parishes of France, whom he received on the eve of the audience. The full text of the conversation was distributed on Tuesday by the press service of the Holy See.

Calls to beat gays are not considered extremism

In the Center for Combating Extremism (Center “E”), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk Region did not find extremism in the comments with appeals forcibly treating and applying physical force to LGBT representatives.

Walmart will remove from sale clothes with the symbols of the USSR

The American trading network Walmart has promised to withdraw from sale clothes with the Soviet symbolics after the requests of diplomats from the Baltic States, the deputy of EuroParliament from Latvia Инесе Вайдере has informed on Facebook.

HIV-positive Russians will be allowed to adopt children

Russians with HIV or hepatitis C will be allowed to adopt children. The corresponding bill of the Ministry of Education is published on the website of regulatory legal acts. According to the document, amendments are introduced to Article 127 of the Family Code of Russia

Russians will protect themselves from illegal collectors

The State Duma promised to adopt the bill before the end of the year. It is assumed that the changes will protect citizens. At present, the debts of Russians can be transferred to any legal entity, as a result of which borrowers are often subjected to intimidation, blackmail and threats.

Large parents will be able to go on vacation at any convenient time

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill that gives the right to parents with many children to leave for an annual paid vacation at a time convenient for them.

These amendments to the Labor Code will give priority to parents who have three or more underage children, freely choose the most convenient time for their annual paid vacation. This is a social initiative that is designed to make the life of large families more comfortable. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The head of Yakutsk has ordered the sale of expensive cars of the mayoralty

The head of Yakutsk, Sardan Avksentiev, in his first order indicated the sale of expensive cars to the mayor’s office, according to the department of public relations and interaction with the media of the city administration.

Turkey will be inaccessible to the poor

Turkey may soon become inaccessible to poor Russians. Turkish authorities confirmed that the country has taken a course on “qualified tourism” for wealthy holidaymakers, reports IA PrimaMedia

Once a month, the center of Paris will be made pedestrian

The authorities of the French capital decided to close down the city center for motor transport once a month. As the newspaper Le Figaro writes, the Paris mayor’s office decided to organize an experiment to close down the central streets of Paris for all kinds of public transport and cars.

A deadly disease from the Middle Ages

In Russia, a deadly disease came from the Middle Ages. In the Omsk region was 15 times the threshold of incidence of a small plague, or, in scientific terms, tularemia. Of this infection, virtually every 20th dies.


Prime Minister of Abkhazia appointed Valery Bganba

The former speaker of the parliament of the republic Valery Bganba became the prime minister of Abkhazia. Decree on his appointment today, September 18, was signed by the President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba. He has already introduced a new prime minister to the members of the government, Tass reports.

Today I signed a decree appointing Valery Ramshuhovich Bganba as prime minister of the Republic of Abkhazia. – Raul Khajimba, politician

London will not hold a new referendum on Brexit

The UK government is not going to hold a new referendum on Brexit. This was stated by the British minister on issues of the exit of the country from the European Union, Dominique Raab, in a media interview published today, September 18.

Trump called Germany’s spending on “Nord Stream-2” irrelevant

The German authorities “inappropriately” spend money on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project, while the United States does not plan to impose sanctions against the companies participating in the project, said President of the United States Donald Trump during his meeting with journalists after the meeting of Polish leader Andrzej Duda.

We are not going to do this. We simply believe that, to the great misfortune for the people of Germany, Germany annually pays billions and billions of dollars for its energy to Russia. I think it’s funny. And I can tell you that the Germans do not like this. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Memoirs of ex-director of the FBI on Trump will be the basis for the series

Memoirs of the former director of the FBI James Komi will form the basis for a mini-series that will remove CBS

US demands from two Chinese media to register with foreign agents

The US Department of Justice ordered two Chinese media to register as foreign agents. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

The ambassadors of the Netherlands and Switzerland were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Switzerland for explanations “in connection with the ongoing campaign to stir up spy mania,” the website of the ministry said.

“Turkish flow” can pass through Hungary

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that the Turkish Stream gas pipeline could pass through the territory of Hungary. He said this after a meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The text is published on the Kremlin website.

North Korea to close nuclear reactor in Yongbyon

The DPRK agreed to fully close its experimental nuclear reactor at the Yongben Nuclear Center in the province of Pyongan-Pukto. This was announced by South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying on Wednesday at a live news conference in Pyongyang following the third inter-Korean summit this year.

North Korea decided to completely dismantle the missile range

Pyongyang has taken a decision on the final dismantlement of the Tonchkhan missile test range, the joint statement on the results of the inter-Korean summit says. The statement was signed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-no and South Korean President Mun Zhe Inom


North Korea and South Korea signed an agreement in the military sphere

The DPRK and South Korea signed an agreement in the military field following the outcome of the Pyongyang summit. The document was signed by South Korean Defense Minister Son Yong Mu and the Minister of People’s Armed Forces of the DPRK But Gwang Chol in the presence of South Korean President Mun Zhe In and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.

US Air Force Carrier “Harry Truman” entered the Mediterranean Sea

The US Navy’s airborne strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, launched operations in the Mediterranean, the website of the US Navy reports.

Ukrainian general told why Kiev military base in the Sea of Azov

Ukrainian Lieutenant-General Vasily Bogdan said that the creation of a base on the Azov Sea would force Russia to “make concessions.” The military told this in an interview with the publication “Observer”, RIA Novosti reports.

After that, the general said, a number of problems, including the Crimean question, are possible.

Poroshenko praised the successful test of shells “Oskol”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that RS-80 “Oskol” missiles successfully passed the next stage of state tests. The video of the politicians’ launches was published in his Twitter.

These shells can hit, in particular, armored vehicles and enemy fortifications, have supersonic flight speeds and are designed to arm helicopters, aircraft, and ground platforms. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Sergei Shoigu: the fault for the downed IL-20 lies entirely in Israel

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu discussed on the phone with the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry Avigdor Lieberman the crash of the Russian Il-20, shot down by Syria’s air defense systems over the Mediterranean Sea. Mr. Shoigu stated that Israel is responsible for the incident.

Despite the existing arrangements for the prevention of dangerous incidents with Israel, the command of the Russian grouping of troops was notified only one minute before the strike by the Israeli F-16s – Sergei Shoigu, a Russian military leader

According to the Ministry of Defense, under the cover of a Russian plane, Israeli pilots framed it under attack Syrian air defense Syria. Fifteen Russian servicemen were killed.

At the same time, Israel did not warn the Russian command about the planned operation.

Air incident near the Russian border

The plane of the French airline AirFrance, which flew from Tokyo to Paris, was forced to urgently change altitude and was forced to maneuver to avoid collision with another aircraft. It happened at the Russian coast of the Sea of Japan.

“An unidentified plane on Tuesday morning illegally invaded the air corridors of civil aviation and crossed several airways without notification, creating a threat to passenger liners,” an informed source told Interfax.

Under the assumption of the Russian side, it is a question of the reconnaissance aircraft of the NATO countries, which is allegedly indicated by a characteristic radar signal.

Russia first moved Iskander-M complexes to exercise in Kyrgyzstan

The Russian military for the first time transferred operational-tactical complexes of Iskander-M from the Urals to Kyrgyzstan to the anti-terrorist exercises of the CIS countries Issyk-Kul – Antiterror 2018. This was reported on Wednesday to journalists in the press service of the Central Military District.

Trump expects Poland to pay for the deployment of the US military base

US President Donald Trump voiced plans for the possible deployment of a permanent US military base in Poland.

The US will expand cooperation with Poland in the field of defense

The United States agreed with Poland on strengthening cooperation in the field of defense, intelligence, technology to create anti-ballistic missile defense systems and training military

The wreck of the IL-20 will not affect the treaty between Putin and Erdogan in Syria

The crash of the Il-20 off the coast of Syria will not affect the agreement of the Presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan on the demilitarization of Syria, said the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA Novosti.

This is an important, breakthrough agreement. It is fateful in terms of the future of Syria, it once again confirmed the ability of both Moscow and Ankara to reach compromise and effective solutions. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat


The Finance Ministry supported the plan of the head of VTB on the rejection of the dollar

The Finance Ministry supports VTB Chairman Andrei Kostin’s proposal to abandon the dollar, since he believes that the US currency should not be an element of business in Russia. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev, RIA Novosti reports.

The US Justice Department has launched an investigation against Tesla because of the tweet Ilona Mask

The US Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the statements of Tesla’s head Ilona Mask on the repurchase of the company’s shares and the creation of a private organization, Bloomberg reported. Head Tesla Ilon Mask August 7, said on Twitter about his plans to buy shares of the company for 420 dollars.

Mexx clothing brand will return to Russia

The Mexx clothing brand will return to Russian retail, its former distributor, BNS Group, has signed a contract with the new retailer owner, the Dutch holding company RNF. Information about this is available on the official website of the BNS Group.

“Of course, we have a desire to develop the Mexx brand again and bring the network back to the Russian market, because it has high recognition here,” said BNS Group CEO Denis Bogatyrev

Medvedev demanded not to allow a sharp rise in fuel prices

The head of government recalled that “in the spring of this year there was already a complicated situation with fuel prices, it had to be corrected literally in a manual mode.” “It is clear that this year the limit of price increases has already been selected and it is impossible to repeat such events,” Medvedev said.

It is clear that this year the limit of price increases has already been selected, and it is impossible to repeat such events. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Kiev agreed to raise the price of gas for Ukrainians

The Government of Ukraine agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the gradual increase in the price of gas for the population. This was announced on Tuesday, September 18, by the head of Naftogaz, Andrei Kobolev.

Supply of pipes for the gas pipeline The strength of Siberia will cost 47.4 billion rubles

According to the tender documentation, the pipes will be delivered for five sections of the Kovykta-Chayanda section. It is specified that this should be steel welded pipes, provided for oil and gas pipelines with an outer diameter of more than 406.4 mm. The name of the supplier will be known on October 3.

Medvedev approved the composition of the working group for the implementation of investment projects

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the creation of a working group to facilitate the implementation of new investment projects aimed at implementing the May presidential decree of President Vladimir Putin on increasing economic growth

Experts at the government called the unattainable national project on ecology

Experts of the working group on the ecology of the Expert Council under the government criticized the current version of the national project “Ecology” worth 4 trillion rubles. and offered to send the document for revision.

Non-residents reduced investments in Russia’s national debt by 71 billion rubles

Since the beginning of April, non-residents have reduced their investments in OFZ by 480 billion rubles. In connection with the volatility in the market of Russian government debt, caused by the reduction in demand from non-residents, the Ministry of Finance has canceled weekly auctions for the placement of OFZ three times since the end of August.

Saudi Arabia will invest more than $ 1 billion in a competitor Tesla

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign investment fund has signed an agreement to invest more than $ 1 billion in an American startup Lucid Motors, which develops in the field of electric vehicles.

The Central Bank placed coupon bonds of the 12th issue for 35.5 billion rubles

The Bank of Russia placed coupon bonds of the twelfth issue for 35.450 billion rubles at par. Demand for securities amounted to 35.450 billion rubles at face value, according to the materials of the Moscow Stock Exchange. The volume of supply was 333.296 billion rubles at face value.

China reduced its investments in the US public debt by $ 7.7 billion

The Chinese authorities decided to reduce investments in the US public debt. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the US Treasury. According to the information of the department, for July, China reduced its contributions to the state debt by $ 7.7 billion, but retained its lead in investment.

MTS bought a 13.7% stake in Youdo service for $ 12 million

MTS bought a 13.7% stake in Youdo Web Technologies, which owns the online service Youdo, for $ 12 million, the operator said. Youdo is an online platform for finding ads with an audience of five million users.

Bloomberg: Qatar sovereign fund QIA will replace the chapter

The head of the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani is about to leave his post. As Bloomberg reports referring to informed sources, the reasons for the resignation, like the new head of the fund, are unknown

Visa and Mastercard agreed to pay $ 6.2 billion in the suit of retailers

Based on the agreement, Visa, Mastercard and banks JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup agreed to pay an additional $ 900 million to retailers in excess of the $ 5.3 billion the parties agreed to pay in 2012

UC Rusal plant in Armenia began to cut production due to sanctions

The UC Rusal Rolling Mill in Armenia (“Armenal”) began to reduce capacity and transfer employees to part-time employment due to falling demand for products against US sanctions, Interfax source in Yerevan said and confirmed the source close to the plant.

Independent gas stations will receive support due to lower wholesale prices

Independent gas stations against the backdrop of the excise tax on oil will be supported by lower wholesale prices, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak told reporters on Tuesday after a meeting on stimulating oil production and development of the oil industry.


In Makhachkala will be the V International Festival of Russian Theaters

The theaters of the North Caucasus and the countries of the Black Sea-Caspian region will take part in the V International Festival of Russian Theaters, which will be held in Makhachkala from 2 to 9 October.


The troupe of the Saratov Opera Theater will continue to perform during the renovation of the building

Artists will go on tour Theatrical company of the Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater will continue its work during the renovation of the theater building. This was during a press conference told the artistic director and chief conductor of the Saratov Opera and Ballet Theater Yuri Kochnev.

Theater of young spectators will be created in Kostroma

In Kostroma the Theater of the young spectator will be created. This was announced by the Governor of the Kostroma Region Sergey Sitnikov at the opening of the international festival “Ostrovsky Days in Kostroma”

Festival of musical theaters “See music” opens in Moscow

On September 18, the third festival of musical theaters “Seeing Music” was opened on the stage of “Helikon-Opera” in Moscow by the performance “Eugene Onegin” of the Chelyabinsk Opera House.

The new season at the Kursk Puppet Theater

The jury will present a play for adults “Babania” on the opening day of the festival. In the repertoire of the Kursk State Puppet Theater there are 36 performances for spectators of any age. The premiere of the jubilee season is for children.

Opera “Syuyumbike” will be performed in two languages

The long-awaited premiere of the Opera and Ballet Theater. M. Jalil will perform in two languages – Russian and Tatar. This was announced at the briefing in the Government House by the head of the literary department of the theater Zhanna Melnikova.

“The opera will be performed in two languages: Tatar and Russian, as the opera’s actions take place in three cities. The first action was in Kazan, then in Moscow, where Syuyumbike and her son were taken as a captive. The last action takes place in Kasimov, where Syuyumbike ended her days, “she told the Theater of Opera and Ballet Theater. M. Jalil.

Last weekend, the theater was brought scenery, which was created by the Moscow artist Victor Gerasimenko. The costumes were worked by the capital’s artist Victoria Kharkhalup. The premiere of the opera “Syuyumbike”, which the Theater of Opera and Ballet. M. Jalil will open a new season, will be held on September 26 and 27.

Premiere opened the season at the Tolstoy Theater

The theater season in the academic theater of the drama named after Tolstoy was opened with a premiere. Lipchans saw the play “Lessons of the flirtatious, or Lipetsk waters.” The play in verse was written by Prince Alexander Shakhovskoy in 1815.

Astrakhan people will see the performances of the Orenburg Theater. Faizi

From 5 to 7 October, the Astrakhan Theater for Young Spectators will host the company of the Orenburg Theater. Fayzi. Artists will show the residents of the Caspian capital two performances: a musical production of “Arshin Mal Alan” and “Wormwood sweet taste”.

The Murmansk Puppet Theater will present the “Ugly Duckling” in Belgorod

Artists of the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theater will take part in the VIII International Festival of Puppet Theaters “Belgorod Fun”, which will be held from 22 to 27 September. In Belgorod, the puppet theater artists will show the play “The Ugly Duckling” favorite by small northerners.

In Ulan-Ude there will be a festival of folk theaters

October 8-9, the republican festival-competition of folk theaters and drama groups will take place. For two days on the stage of the state Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after Khots Namsarayev folk theaters and amateur theatrical groups from all over the republic

The Primorsky Drama Theater of Youth will show nine performances in the Angara region

Tours of the Primorsky Regional Youth Drama Theater will be held in the Angara region as part of the federal program “Big Tours” from September 21 to 30. Nine performances will take place on the stage of Irkutsk in the Theater for Young Spectators. Vampilov, as well as in Angarsk and Shelekhov.

In Ivanov there will be “Cafe Idiot”

The play of modern dance “Cafe Idiot” based on the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky will be represented in Ivanovo by one of the strongest choreographic collectives in Russia – the Ballet Moscow Theater.

The Georgian director will put “Insidiousness and Love” on the German stage

Young Georgian director Date Tavadze was commissioned to stage the play “Insidiousness and Love” based on Friedrich Schiller’s drama of the same name on the German stage at the Dresden State Dramatic Theater, the site said.

The “Culture and Sports Center” opens the theater season

The theater team of the “Center for Culture and Sport” announced the opening of the creative season. The first performance of this autumn is scheduled for September 29.


RuTube launches the web series “Bar on the chest” by Irina Vilkova

In RuTube series will be released from October 4. The first season of the series included eight episodes of ten minutes each. In the episodes stories of simple people are told: a pensioner, a bandit, an accordionist and others who come to a favorite bar to escape from the pressing problems.

The “Game of Thrones” series won the Emmy Award

The television series “The Game of Thrones” received the main US television award “Emmy” in the category “Best Dramatic Series.”

A long-awaited trailer for the film about Captain Marvel – a woman

Studio Marvel published the first official trailer of the film “Captain Marvel” with Bree Larson in the title role. The plot of the film unfolds in the 1990’s, the picture will tell about how Carol Danvers became a superhero – Captain Marvel

“Kitten from the street Lizyukova” participates in the international film festival

Russian cartoon “Kitten from the street Lizyukova – 2” participates in the competition program of the international film festival “Schlingel” in German Chemnitz, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the message of the company Wizart Animation. More than 150 paintings will be shown at the festival.

The director of the clips of “Leningrad” Parmas removes the comedy about divorce

Directed by Anna Parmas, who created many clips for the “Leningrad” group, she began work on her first full-length film “Just the Stars Shine”. Sergei Shnurov will be responsible for the musical design of the comedy about divorce. Shooting a new picture will be held in Yaroslavl

Assistant new “Charlie’s Angels” will be Patrick Stewart

In the restart of the film “Angels Charlie” most likely will play Patrick Stewart. The actor conducts final negotiations with the director Elizabeth Banks. It is already known that the main roles in the picture about the women-superagents will be played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska

The actor “50 shades of gray” will play a doctor

The actor of the erotic thriller “Fifty shades of gray” Jamie Dornan will reincarnate as a doctor in a sci-fi thriller called Synchronic (“Synchronic”), writes Deadline.

Alexei Panin starts shooting his film

The actor plans to try his strength as a director. In early October, actor Alex Panin begins to shoot his film. This week he will go to Saratov, where he will select the objects for the upcoming filming.

The trailer “Girls, which is stuck in the web” with Claire Foy

The main role in the film was played by Claire Foy. In the Russian film the movie “Girls who are stuck in the web” comes out on November 8. Alvarez is known for his work on the series “From Dusk Till Dawn”.

The director of “Doctor House” will shoot a new film on comics

The studio was unhappy that the director was constantly absent on the set. As for Red Sonja, this character first appeared on the comic book Marvel in 1973. Helping Singer with the new film will be Avi Lerner, the producer of The Expendables.

The list of actors of the film “Joker” is named

Company Warner Bros. released a list of actors who are involved in the movie “Joker”. The studio did it in honor of the beginning of filming. So, WB confirmed the participation in the film of Robert de Niro, Zazi Bits and Francis Conroy. The last actress should play in the tape the mother of the protagonist, whose name is Arthur Fleck. Thomas Wayne will play Brett Cullen (“Lost”).

Netflix announced the beginning of work on the adaptation of the animated series “Avatar: The Legend of Aang”

Streaming service Netflix announced in its twitter about the beginning of work on serial adaptation of the animated series “Avatar: The Legend of Aang”.


Kanye showed the cover of the new album and compared himself with Gandhi

Rapper Kanye West on Twitter on his own has announced the release of a new album called Yandhi and showed his cover. The album will be released on September 29 and is the continuation of the rapper album of 2013 called Yeezus.

“SBHR” released a 12-minute clip immediately for three songs

The group “The biggest prime number” (“SBHR”) released a clip for three tracks “1999”, “17:05” and “Friend”. A music video posted on YouTube lasts 12 minutes.

The clip is dedicated to children’s injuries and violence, acute social issues

The premiere of the band’s new album on September 29 in Moscow and October 5 in St. Petersburg

Placido Domingo – Jr. will perform at the House of Music

The Spanish-Mexican singer and composer, the son of the legendary tenor Placido Domingo Jr., will first visit Moscow with a solo concert. The musician will perform on September 30 in the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music (MMDM), the MMDM press service reported on Tuesday.

Group Pushking Community will give a big concert in St. Petersburg

The legendary St. Petersburg group Pushking Community, better known abroad than in Russia, will give a big concert in St. Petersburg on September 23. It is timed to the release of a new, 18th, according to the account, the album Flame of the rising soul. At the concert, which will be held at the club “Aurora”, the band will play all the tracks of the album, as well as their most famous hits. Film studio Lenfilm will make a full video of this performance, which will later become the basis of a musical documentary about the group’s work.

Competition of youth song singers in Rostov-on-Don

At the international festival “Youth – for the Union State” Grand Prix went to the soloist of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Belarus, laureate of various musical competitions Ekaterina Lazuka from Minsk. It is known that Katya has been playing music since she was three.

“Surganova and Orchestra” published a new track “Furia”

The group “Surganova and Orchestra” for the first time in two years unveiled a new song. Track “Fury” the group called “atypical” for their creativity

Published the first track from the album of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti

YouTube publishes the first track from the album of director David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. The composition was called Woodcutters from Fiery Ships.

Lana Del Rey will release an album with an indecent title

Lana Del Rey unveiled on September 18, 2018 the title of her new album. The sixth studio work of the singer was named “Norman Fucking Rockwell”, it will include 11 tracks, and the release will take place in 2019.

Konstantin Meladze presented the new composition of the group “VIA Gra”

The group “VIA Gra” presented a new line-up after the departure of Misha Romanova and Anastasia Kozhevnikova, who left after the contract was over. The updated collective was presented by the producer and the author of hits “VIA Gry” Konstantin Meladze on the page of his profile in the social network Instagrame.

Music festival “Port-Petrovsky Assembly” will be held in Makhachkala

October 1, the festival will host a concert of jazz music, he will open the “Port Petrovsky Assembly” officially. Other days in the Kumyk theater will be the famous musicians from Dagestan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Spain and Azerbaijan

Bob Seeger leaves the stage

Bob Seager announced that he was going on a farewell tour of Traveling Man with his band Silver Bullet Band. The first concert will take place on November 21, 2018 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the final – on May 2, 2019 in Houston, Texas.


In Russia, there will be a cellular network for officials and law enforcement agencies

By 2024, Russia should create a wireless network for socially significant facilities and special consumers, said in the passport of the program “Digital Economy”, generally approved on Monday by the government. The network should work on LTE-450 technology.

Telegram will be an important update

As the creator of the messenger Pavel Durov said, the application will be “faster, sweeter and more efficient.” In his opinion, the innovation will make Telegram the most popular messenger for messaging, created entirely on Swift.

Amazon will release microwave and subwoofer with voice assistant Alexa

CNBC reports with reference to its sources that it will produce a microwave, a subwoofer, an amplifier and some kind of car accessory. Some new devices from Amazon will immediately work with Alexa, while others will connect to the “smart” column with Alexa

ZTE Nubia Z18S with two screens

In the network was posted a record, which captured the new gadget ZTE Nubia Z18S, equipped with just two displays. The company has not yet announced this model. The video is posted on the SlashLeak portal, which often hosts a variety of leaks in the field of mobile devices.

Fitness Bracelet Amazfit Health Band 1S can remove ECG

The Huami brand, supported by the Chinese company Xiaomi, announced the Amazfit Health Band 1S physical activity tracker, which is already available for pre-order. The gadget is made in the form of a bracelet for wearing on the wrist.

Opera promised to release a browser for the iPhone by October 1

Opera Touch browser will get a version for smartphones Apple iPhone. According to yesterday’s statement of the official representatives of the company Opera, the release of the iOS-version of the mobile application will be held on October 1, 2018.

Prime Minister Nokia 9 with 5 cameras moved to February 2019

The premiere of the smartphone Nokia 9, which received five cameras, was postponed to February 2019. According to preliminary data, the device will be officially presented at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019. The reason for the transfer of the official presentation was the company’s decision to slightly remodel the smartphone.

Galaxy S8 received Super Slo-mo and AR-Emoji

Samsung Galaxy S8 received Super Slightly Super Slo-mo shooting mode in the software update. This is reported by GSMArena with reference to the social network of users. The device will be able to shoot video at a rate of 480 frames per second.

Russians will be able to marry and take loans with a smartphone

Citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to take loans in banking institutions and marry through a mobile application in a smartphone. The hardware-software complex “CryptoPro DSS” with the myDSS identification module the day before received a license from the Federal Security Service.

Messengers have become the most frequently used smartphone function

Studies have shown that most of the inhabitants of Russia who own smartphones use instant messengers for communication. The most popular among them were: WhatsApp, which is installed in 66% of the respondents, Viber – in 57% of users, as well as Skype, it is used by 45% of Russians.

Twitter users can choose the order of posts

In the coming weeks, users will be able to choose the order of the tweet displays. Developers will prepare two options. The first will allow you to see the most current posts, and the second will show the latest tweets in chronological order.

Instagram added stickers with product descriptions in Stories brands

Instagram updated the functionality of purchases through Stories and allowed the brands to add stickers with detailed descriptions of the goods. According to the idea of the developers of instagram, the introduction of new stickers will allow sellers to tell even more about their products and make the story more popular among users.

Kodi media player users are being attacked by crypto currency criminals

According to ESET, the United States, Israel, Greece, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are leading in the number of infections by the virus, as in those countries the media player Kodi is very popular. According to the latest information, at least 4 thousand 774 computers have been infected and extortion of about 500 thousand rubles.

Apple released Shortcuts for all users

With the release of the final version of the mobile operating system iOS 12, Apple released the Shortcuts application for all users. The Shortcuts app is available in the App Store for free download

The authorities of New Mexico sued Google and Twitter

The New Mexico State Attorney General has initiated a lawsuit against Google and Twitter on charges of illegally collecting personal data from individuals under the age of 13

How to protect crypto currency

Google security expert Mark Risher (Mark Risher) told CNBC how to protect the crypto currency from hackers.

Mark Rischer said that one of the popular ways to get hold of a crypto currency among hackers is to gain access to a social profile or an email account. With their help, cybercriminals catch information or use an email account to reset the password and access valuable financial accounts or purses with crypto-currencies.

In order not to become a victim of scammers and not to attract unnecessary attention, Mark Rischer recommended not discuss bitcoin on public forums and social networks. He stressed that most hacker attacks happen after the victim tells about his crypto-currencies on public platforms on the Internet or simply shows his interest in this topic

In new firmware Xiaomi added advertising even in smartphone settings

Users of smartphones from the Chinese company Xiaomi began to complain that in the new firmware firmware MIUI appeared too much advertising. It is inserted even in the smartphone settings application.

Apple has released a new operating system iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone

Apple Corporation released on Monday a new operating system iOS 12 for its mobile devices. As reported in the company’s press release, it became available to users of iPad Air and above, iPhone 5s and above, as well as the sixth generation iPod Touch around the world, including in Russia.

Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with the NFC module went on sale

The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with the NFC module is $ 29, while the usual version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was priced at the time of release of $ 26. Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with the NFC module can be used for contactless payments, as well as to pay for travel in public transport.

Xiaomi showed a smart alarm clock

Xiaomi company published the first image of the new intelligent electronic alarm clock Xiaomi Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock, which should be presented today simultaneously with Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition and Xiaomi Mi 8 Screen Fingerprint Edition

IPhone with Face ID will remember two people

Register a second person in the settings in the “Face ID and access code” section. There the engineers created the button “Add an alternative face”. September 12, Apple introduced three iPhone: XS, XS Max and XR

Asus presented powerful power supplies ROG Thor for 850 and 1200 W

Asus developed the ROG Thor power unit with a capacity of 1200 and 850 watts, which in its time showed at the Computex 2018. Despite the difference, the novelties have many similarities.


Genetically modified skin has saved mice from a psychotropic overdose

A group of scientists conducted an amazing experiment that allowed the use of genetically modified skin cells for the constant production of an enzyme that destroys a narcotic substance directly in the body. The experiment was carried out on laboratory mice.

Optogenetics helped to understand the work of the neurons of appetite

The first type of neurons expresses the polypeptide proopiomelanocortin and has anorexigenic properties (suppresses appetite), and the expression of neuropeptides AgPR and Y corresponds to the work of the second type of neurons, oryxigenic (that is, exciting appetite).

Scientists have found an ancient cockroach, in the guise of an ant

A member of the AA Borisiak Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Daniil Aristov, discovered a new species of ancient cockroach-like insects that copied the appearance of ants. The age of the find is 47 million years, it comes from the Green River formation in the USA.

By means of an intense laser, scientists created an “optical rocket”

The electrons were subjected to a force that is trillions of times more than what astronauts experience when launching a rocket into space. During the work, the laser pulses were focused on the plasma. With the new intense light, it is possible to control the initial phase of the wake acceleration.

The Pentagon ordered the development of an engine that does not need fuel

Within the framework of the grant allocated by the Department of Advanced Research Projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA), scientists in the UK will create an analogue of the “impossible engine” EmDrive.

About the creation of this engine, which violates all the laws of physics, in 2001, said the American engineer-aircraft designer Roger Shoer. EmDrive is a conical chamber-resonator, to which is connected a powerful magnetron – a source of microwave radiation. With a certain geometry of this cone, the device will mysteriously move toward a narrow part of it with an extremely small but traction if microwaves “walk” inside the cone.

According to the scientist himself, if they manage to realize everything conceived, then they will no longer need fuel to start satellites. Any spacecraft can move in space if it has a current source, and interstellar flights will be open to humanity, McCulloch cites RIA Novosti.

The method by which immunity is protected from pathogens of pneumonia is disclosed

Biologists have studied one of the mechanisms by which cells of the body’s immune system fight the pathogens of pneumonia – Legionella bacteria. The work was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation and published in the journal Cell Reports.

Expedition to Mars can damage the human brain, says NASA

The publication New Scientist reports that the international conference Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, held in Berlin, was made by NASA specialists who presented the results of a study devoted to the brain’s reaction to a trip to Mars.

The first satellite of Ukraine will go into space in the summer of 2019

The terms of launching the first Ukrainian telecommunications satellite Lybid into space became known. According to the chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine Pavel Degtyarenko, it is planned to do this in August 2019.

The first space tourists Space X will be artists

The first space tourist, whom Space X will send to fly around the moon, will be a Japanese billionaire, art collector Yusaku Maezawa. He will fly to the moon not alone, but in the company of 6 – 8 artists, writers, musicians and other artists

In the Great Magellanic Cloud, fragments of the deceased galaxy

Two dwarf galaxies of the Milky Way, Big and Small Magellanic clouds, could have a third “companion”. Astronomers came to the conclusion that a small galaxy was absorbed by the Large Magellanic Cloud three to five billion years ago.

Astronomers are preparing to give a new definition of the concept of “star”

The discovery of two unusually large brown dwarfs, “failed” luminaries, made astronomers from the United States think that the concept of “star” needs a new definition. Their findings were presented in the Astrophysical Journal.

Psychologists divided people into four types of personality

American psychologists have divided people into four types of personality: ordinary, closed, egocentric and role model. This is written by the publication Nature Human Behavior.
In the first type of personality – open – the indicator of neuroticism and extraversion is high, but the indicator of openness to experience is low.

The second type – closed – is characterized by a lower level of neuroticism, openness and a middle indicator of goodwill and consciousness.

The third type – the egocentric – has increased extraversion, but all other indicators are below the average.

As for the fourth type – the so-called role model – it has high indicators for all points except neuroticism.

In the course of research, it was also found that women most often refer to the type of role model, and egocentrism in people grows with age.

The accent affects the level of trust in the interlocutor

To sum it up, it turns out that, by default, the brain tends to trust people who speak without an accent. But it’s worth adding one more factor to the model – confidence in the voice – how the brain ceases to rely on the lack of emphasis.

A record high magnetic field was obtained

There are several different ways to create a powerful magnetic field, they are usually associated with a sharp contraction of the conducting body. The strongest fields ever created by man were obtained by the method of compression with the help of explosives

China will put into operation an extra-heavy carrier rocket in 2028

Work on the project is carried out ahead of schedule: previously the missile was planned to be commissioned only in 2030. The carrying capacity of the new missile will be five times higher than that of the current carriers of the Changzheng series.

Telescope TESS gave the first “scientific” images to Earth

The TESS orbital observatory transmitted to Earth the first “scientific” images obtained within the framework of a kind of “census” of all the planets of the Milky Way. Photographs and other data were published on the NASA website


The European Commission has launched an investigation against BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen

The European Commission has begun an extended investigation into German carmakers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen in connection with suspicions of violation of EU anti-monopoly legislation.

These technologies are aimed at making passenger cars less harmful to the environment. The conspiracy, if proven, could deprive consumers of the opportunity to buy less polluting cars, despite the fact that such technology is available to manufacturers. – Margret Vestager, Danish politician

“Charged” Skoda Kodiaq RS received 20-inch wheels

Skoda company continues to “warm up” interest in the new sports crossover Skoda Kodiaq RS with fresh teaser photos. This time, the Czech motor-car manufacturer showed exclusive 20-inch wheels, a radiator grille and a new RS logo.

Updated Mazda 6 will appear in Russia in the first half of 2019

The company Mazda will bring the updated sedan Mazda 6 to the Russian market in the first half of 2019. This was recently told “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in the press office of the Russian office of the brand. The public premiere of the updated Mazda 6 was held in November last year in the US.

Rosneft launches production of Euro-6

The first batch of the new AI-95 will go on sale at the end of September. At the same time, only residents and guests of the Krasnodar Territory will be able to fill it, as the production of such gasoline is regulated only by one enterprise in the country.

In the Russian market, sales of Geely Emgrand 7

Russian sales of the updated Emgrand 7 start on September 26. Prices are not yet reported, but the previous model costs from 649 000 to 799 000 rubles.

Volkswagen intends to produce electric vehicles at an affordable price

The company Volkswagen announced the appearance of electric vehicles at an affordable price. The breakthrough will be provided by the modular electric drive platform (MEV), a technology platform designed specifically for electric vehicles.

The first dealer center of UAZ was opened in Lebanon

In Lebanon, the first official dealer of UAZ was opened. It is located in the capital of the state – Beirut, where a solemn ceremony took place, at which the off-road cars Patriot and Pickup were presented, the Profi light truck, as well as the already familiar UAZ Hunter in the Middle East.

600-strong Volkswagen Jetta set a speed record

The 600-horsepower Volkswagen Jetta set a new speed record on the salt lake of Bonneville. Sedan was able to accelerate to 338.2 kilometers per hour, improving the previous achievement by 2.7 kilometers per hour

Audi introduced the production electric crossover Audi E-Tron

The German automaker today presented a serial version of the new electric crossover. The basis of the Audi E-Tron is the MLB platform. The overall dimensions of the novelty are 4901/1935/1616 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,928 mm

The first crossover Ferrari will be called Purosangue and will be presented in 2022

It became known the name and release date of the first in the history of Ferrari crossover. The model will be called Purosangue (“Thoroughbred”, “Pure”), and released in 2022. The release of the new model at the annual meeting of shareholders told the head of Ferrari Luis Carrey Camilleri.

Kia e-Niro: electric car debuts in Europe with a power reserve of up to 485 km

At the end of 2018 in Europe will be available electric KIA e-Niro, now known for the American version as a model Niro EV. The model is already certified for Europe, and received some significant differences. According to preliminary information, e-Niro will receive a power reserve of up to 485 km of track on a single charge

The extended sedan Peugeot 508L declassified before the debut

According to rumors in the PRC Peugeot 508L will be executed in the body sedan, while in the EU the model is offered as a liftback. The website of the Ministry of Industry of China indicated that the sedan will be offered with 1.6 and 1, 8-liter turbo engines, and their capacity will be 167 and 211 hp.


ASUS distributes activation codes for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The company ASUS announced the launch of a joint action of the brand ROG (Republic of Gamers) and the company Activision on the eve of the release of the computer version of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As part of the action, with the purchase of certain ROG products, customers will receive the activation code of the computer version of the game Call of Duty : Black Ops 4 as a gift.

CD Projekt RED to release Homecoming update for Gwynth on October 23

The CD company Projekt RED called the release date of the Homecoming update for “Gwynth: The Witcher”. Full processing of the card game is expected on October 23 on the PC and on December 4 on the Xbox One and PS4. This is stated in a new video posted on YouTube

Screamers and Darkness: Silver Chains is released in 2019

Publisher Headup Games announced that Silver Chains will be released in the spring of 2019 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

New trailer Kingdom Hearts III

Disney introduced the new trailer Kingdom Hearts III – the next part of the series of role-playing games in which the characters of Final Fantasy meet with characters from various Disney universes. The video was specially prepared for the exhibition Tokyo Game Show 2018, which will be held from 20 to 23 September.

GOG distributes four classic shooters for free

Online store GOG rolled out another portion of freebies – this time the Polish site from the creators of the Witcher distributes four classic projects: • Collection of Shadow Warrior Classic Complete, which included the original game and two additions to it; • Shooter Stargunner; • Shooter Bio Menace; • Vertical shooter Tyrian 2000.

Roglayk Wizard of Legend will receive a new extension

Publisher Humble Bundle and studio Contingent99 announced that the roglick Wizard of Legend this winter will receive an extension called Sky Palace. Wizard of Legend is a two-dimensional rogloyk in which the player assumes the role of magician.

OnePlus and Google are holding a contest for solving crypto-puzzles

OnePlus and Google are competing for a strange puzzle. The winner will receive 30 thousand dollars, according to the online edition of technology news android-robot.com.

The authors of Mordhau talked about archers and riders

The online militant Mordhau will give us the opportunity to get used to the role of a medieval knight in the company with other players, and a special emphasis will be placed on the melee system, with different skills and combos. Developers have released the fourth part of their “diaries”.

The release of the free upgrade Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores moved

A few days ago, the developer said that he encountered some unexpected difficulties in creating the Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores. Unfortunately, the team could not deal with them on time and decided to postpone the release of the update until September 27

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