6 Aug, 2018

Roskomnadzor exceeded its authority

The Office of the Prosecutor General did not give permission to restrict access to millions of IP addresses during attempts by Roskomnadzor to block the telegram in Russia. This is stated in the objection of the supervisory authority in the proceedings on the suit, which is considered in the Tagansky court in Moscow, they write Vedomosti.

The claim against the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Roskomnadzor was filed by LLC “Live Photography”. The applicant, the owner of the site posterslegends.com, who was blocked in the fight against Telegram, is trying to obtain recognition of the actions of Roskondrazor as illegal.

According to official data, the decision to block the site was taken on the basis of the order of the Prosecutor General’s Office of April 16. But the document that went to court from the prosecutor’s office says that in the request of the department to stop blocking the IP address, the plaintiff was not talking about restricting access to seven accounts of the messenger, which propagandize terrorist organizations banned in Russia, as well as to four pages to bypass locks. The decision of the prosecutor’s office was also allowed to block sites on which information from the resources to be blocked was copied. In the Prosecutor General’s Office came to the conclusion that the defendant in the suit of “Live Photography” in the end can not be.

The decision to block Telegram in Russia was made on April 16. A few days before, on April 13, the Tagansky court allowed to restrict access to the messenger because of its refusal to provide the FSB with information to decrypt user correspondence.

To circumvent the blockages Telegram used the addresses of Amazon, Google and other hosting providers, and Roskomnadzor eventually entered into the registry of prohibited millions of pages that used the same addresses. This led to the failure of the Runet.

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In Russia, new rules for the demolition of samostroya

President Vladimir Putin signed a law regulating the demolition of “samostroya” and protecting the rights of bona fide owners of such buildings. The document is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information. The law was adopted by the State Duma on July 26 and approved by the Federation Council on July 28 this year.

In Denmark, the first women were fined for wearing face-covering clothes

The first violators who entered on August 1 by virtue of a law prohibiting the wearing of a person who covers the face, are registered in Denmark. This is reported by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR.

VCIOM: more than a third of Russians believe that vegetarianism is harmful to health

Another 27% of respondents believe that vegetarianism does not affect the body. Most (34%) of those who consider vegetarianism to be healthy, are sure that thanks to this way of life the body is cleansed (of the respondents who answered so many of them (40%) – Russians aged 60 years).

African swine fever was detected in 6 regions of the Russian Federation

Meat products, in which the genome of the African swine fever virus was detected, was detected in six regions of the Russian Federation. As “Interfax” reports, this was told in the Rosselkhoznadzor

We are talking about the Tula region, Murmansk, Yekaterinburg, Lipetsk region, Voronezh and Tatarstan.

Infected meat was purchased in the trading companies of these regions, after which they were examined by the Federal Center for the Conservation of Animals under the jurisdiction of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Earlier production with the genome of the African swine fever virus, which was produced in the Kaliningrad region, was also discovered in the trading networks of the Kursk region. More than 400 kg of products have been removed and destroyed since the sale.

Scientists have discovered in the metro harbinger of superepidemia

According to scientists, it is in the metro that a global super epidemic can begin, because bacteria that are on the handles, seats and doors of the subway are a source of pathogens.

The number of cases of cyclosporosis due to eating at McDonald’s in the US rose to 395

The number of confirmed cases of cyclosporosis after consumption of salads from McDonald’s in the US increased by 109 and reached 395, according to the website of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Osama bin Laden’s mother Aliya Ghanem gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian

The mother of the founder and leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Aliya Ghanem, gave an interview to the British newspaper The Guardian. At present, along with her live the brothers Osama bin Laden – Ahmad and Hassan and the second husband – Mohammed Al-Attas in a mansion in the city of Jeddah, in the west of Saudi Arabia.

The Guardian notes that the family of Osama bin Laden remains also one of the richest families of the kingdom due to its dynastic construction empire. They built most of modern Saudi Arabia.

“My life was very difficult, because he [the son of Osama bin Laden] was so far away from me. He was a very good child and he loved me very much, “the mother said.

It is noted that the movements and interactions of one of the most influential families of the Saudi state remain under close scrutiny. That is why for the interview it was necessary to obtain permission from the authorities, it was provided by the 32-year-old Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, who represents the new leadership of the country.

FT journalists demanded that the general director share his salary with them

A group of journalists of the British business publication Financial Times demanded that the general director of the publication John Ridding distribute among the editorial staff some of the money he earned last year. This is reported by Reuters, who familiarized himself with the treatment of journalists.

Yards are landscaped on a point system and debts for a communal

In Kurgan, a new set of applications for participation in the “Comfortable Environment” program was launched. The requirements to the households have been changed, which will be added to the budget money: now the territories that meet certain criteria will fall into the beginning of the queue.

“The presence of illegal structures on the land plot”, “The existence of a protocol on co-financing of landscaping”, “Financial discipline of owners of an apartment building”, “Actual performance of works on the improvement of the territory in previous periods due to an apartment building” and others.

The proportion of deaths from malnutrition

According to Rospotrebnadzor, more than half of the deaths in Russia are associated with diseases caused by malnutrition. 63 percent of Russians die every year from diseases associated with the use of harmful and even dangerous food.

The Supreme Court of Russia will review the case of an 18-year-old extremist

The Supreme Court of Russia claimed materials for the review of Anna Pavlikova’s case, accused of extremist activity as part of the “New Greatness” group, “Says Moscow” reports.

The judge of the Supreme Court demanded the arrest of Ani for consideration. We hope that the case will be referred for hearing to the Supreme Court. This gives us great chances that the measure of restraint will be changed. – Olga Karlova, philosopher

Medvedev announced the fight with the gray vehicle inspection cards

The government will consider a package of bills aimed at combating fake diagnostic maps of the technical condition of vehicles. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting, RBC correspondent reports.

For offenses during the inspection, all road users – drivers, experts, and operator companies – will bear administrative or criminal liability. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Instead of fighting the drawings, pay attention to the garbage

Artist Konstantin Brilevsky restored graffiti filled with communal utensils with a giant orange sloth in the metro area “Primorskaya” in St. Petersburg. He urged the employees of the housing and communal services, instead of fighting the drawings, to pay attention to the garbage.

In Moscow, organized more than 300 “cool rooms” to save from the heat

More than 300 “cool rooms” are available for residents of Moscow in hot weather, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the Labor and Social Protection Department on Friday. The “cool rooms” are open from Monday to Saturday. Hot weather in Moscow and central Russia was established on Thursday.

Within the framework of the festival of the Ministry of Culture in the Perm Krai, a rite of sacrifice will be held

August 31 in the village of Bolshaya Kocha, Perm Krai will be held sacrifice ceremony Bykoboy. The organizers of the event say that they spend it in times of instability. In fact, this sacrifice – the bull leads to the river, cuts his throat, and in the blood flowing into the river, those present at the rite are bathing.

Putin signed the law on the study of native languages

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on his native languages. Their study remains mandatory in schools, the program of which includes the relevant subject, while the parents of pupils can choose a specific language as their native language, including Russian.

In Rosgvardia they want to test Russians for the ability to handle weapons

Paragraph 24 of part 1 of article 9 of the law “On the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation” stipulates the right of the employees of the department to check the places of production, storage, trade, collecting and exhibiting both weapons and cartridges to it, as well as documents on the right to own or use weapons and determine the procedure for checking knowledge of safe handling rules

Kadyrov came to the wake of the murderer of Colonel Budanov

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that Yusup Temirkhanov was not involved in the murder of Colonel Yuri Budanov. On Friday, Temirkhanov died in a hospital where he was transferred from the colony because of health problems. He was buried in a cemetery in the ancestral village of Geldagan.

Today I came here to say my word to my relatives and my people: they illegally condemned him, put him in prison, and he died by his death, according to the will of the Most High. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian politician

Persecution of Cyberpop: ROC tightens censorship

In the Samara region, the priest was banned from serving after he visited Lenin’s mausoleum and told about it on the Internet. The priest noted that Lenin was “an ideological man”, “he devoted his idea to his whole life”.

For a positive response about the leader of the October Revolution, deputy Dmitry Sivirkin (“United Russia”). In his open letter, he said that he was extremely indignant at the priest’s statements: they say that his family suffered from the “reds”, he is an earnest Orthodox, and here are such words from the minister of the cult.

Fedosov responded to this video message, in which he recalled that the church is outside politics and loyal to any authority. He urged Sivirkin not to mix religion and politics.

In the ROC in the meantime forbade his father Andrew to serve, called on not to give any comments to the media and from the blogging asked to temporarily refuse.

To carry out river cruise shipments from Saratov there were no interested persons

The auction for the organization of river cruise shipments along the route “Saratov-Balakovo-Khvalynsk” and back is broken. The results of the Ministry of Transport and Road Management summed up on Friday, August 3. “No applications have been submitted at the end of the application submission period,” the results of the vendor’s definition

In Suzdal, a new bridge broke through Kamenka

After heavy rain in the city of Suzdal, a part of the bridge over the Kamenka River collapsed. The unmoored mound washed away with water and the sidewalk, together with the ground, slid down

All Britons will be granted the status of potential organ donors

The British authorities intend to introduce a new procedure for obtaining consent for organ transplantation – every Briton after death will be considered a potential donor, Tass reports.


Found a simple and effective means of fighting cow grouse

Specialists in the Leningrad region have found a simple, effective and environmentally friendly remedy for fighting a plant that is dangerous to humans

On the field of the experimental station of the Agrophysical Research Institute in the village of Men’kovo, tubers of Jerusalem artichoke were planted directly in the thickets of the hogweed. And in the competition of two cultures, Jerusalem artichoke was defeated – on the site of the Jerusalem artichoke caviar, the cow-bearer completely disappeared. Information on the results of the experiment was recorded and transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

On the “Yadrovo” the membrane was blown: environmentalists explain the situation with heat

At the polygon of household waste “Yadrovo” in Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region, polyethylene film burst, which was covered with a dump. This was announced by the activist Andrei Zhdanov. Earlier it became known that swelling appeared on the insulating coating

Mayor of Volokolamsk Petr Lazarev confirmed to RBC the fact of rupture of a polyethylene membrane at the Yadrovo training ground

In the forest near Kirov found a dump of mercury lamps

In the forest near the road Podhoryanka – Shikhovo found a dump of mercury lamps. This is reported by the All-Russian People’s Front. Activists found about 100 mercury lamps next to a gazebo at the edge of the forest.

The head of Buryatia called the main threats to Lake Baikal

The head of Buryatia, Alexei Tsydenov, in an interview with the radio station Ekho Moskvy, called sewage the main threat to Lake Baikal.

“It does not threaten Baikal with garbage. It, of course, creates an unsightly picture around, but Baikal is not directly threatened. Lake Baikal is threatened by runoff, “he said.

In addition, A. Tsydenov said that Baikal is threatened by the possible construction of hydroelectric power stations in Mongolia.

“The main tributary of Lake Baikal is Selenga. The main catchment area of Selenga is Mongolia. And Mongolia wants to supply Selenga hydroelectric power station. And here already there is a risk: they will put the hydroelectric power station, while the reservoir will be typed, Selenga will become shallow. Selenga will become shallow-less water will enter Baikal, “he explained.

Tsydenov stressed that the hydropower plant in Selenga will also affect the temperature regime.

“Because of the fact that the water became warmer, Lake Baikal became more blossom. And this is a threat. The change in the ecological balance in the lake is the main danger. All assessments of the possible appearance of hydroelectric power stations on Selenga are negative, “he said.

Five-star complex overlooking the dump

In Ekaterinburg, another place of illegal waste storage was discovered. The townspeople complain of the littered shore of the reservoir, located near the five-star hotel complex “Ramada Yekaterinburg Hotel & Spa” on the Koltsov highway, where during the games of the World Cup there were a number of national teams participating in the tournament.

Yekaterinburg, who visited the shore of the quarry, was informed in social networks about the territory, which was littered with waste. At the same time, the illegal dump, apparently, did not bother other residents of the city. Some of them swam in the pond, despite the official ban.

“I slid down to the warlordism. Since there – nowhere is not contaminated, “- commented resident of the capital of the Urals Tatyana Timokhova.

Meanwhile, official representatives of the hotel reported that the territory on which a lot of rubbish was formed does not belong to the hotel complex Ramada Yekaterinburg Hotel & Spa.

214 objects are marked on the interactive map of landfills in Zauralye

On the interactive map of the dumps of the All-Russian People’s Front project, the Zaurals noted 214 problematic places in the region. Of these, 111 sites have already been cleared of debris, 52 are undergoing work, the press service of the regional ONF.

After the City Day from the center of Omsk had to take out tons of garbage

Only from the Quay of Tukhachevsky, Voskresensky and Exhibition squares, where the exhibition “Flora-2018” was held, by the morning of August 5, 330 cubic meters of garbage were taken out. The remaining territories and sites were cleaned and removed 690 cubic meters of rubbish per day.


Drug market: How to remove a competitor

Russian pharmacists believe that it is possible to effectively reduce the volume of imports through restrictions or even a ban on the participation of foreign firms in public procurement.

Last year, the main way was to give foreign companies the advantages when placing production in the territory of the Russian Federation. Now the participants of the pharmaceutical market believe that the authorities have not worked out this idea.

Consider the increase in VAT in tariffs for utility services

The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to take into account in tariffs for utility services the amount of VAT increase by two percentage points. As “Izvestia” was told in the press service of the ministry, this is necessary in order not to worsen the financial condition of resource-supplying organizations

The share of Russian aid decreased in Abkhazia

Thanks to the growth of the revenue side of the budget of Abkhazia in five years, the share of Russian financial assistance has decreased from 75 to 50%, Minister of Economy of the Republic Adgur Ardzinba told RIA Novosti.

Putin signed a law on zeroing oil export duties

President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the gradual zeroing of export duties on oil, RIA Novosti reported. It is reported that the duties are reset to zero within the framework of the tax maneuver in the oil industry, which provides for a six-year course to reduce the duty to zero.

Putin signed a law on raising the VAT rate to 20%

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law increasing the rate of value-added tax (VAT). From January 1, 2019, the tax will increase to 20% from the current 18

Rosstat was informed of the increase in the average salary in Russia

In the Federal State Statistics Service, they announced an increase in the average salary in Russia. RT got acquainted with the relevant data of the department. Thus, the average monthly nominal salary for the first half of 2018, according to the agency, was 42,550 rubles.

The Russian Railways named the full cost of the underground metro in Moscow

Belozerov spoke about 50-60 billion rubles. “155 billion rubles is the projected estimate of the total cost of the implementation of all IDC projects for the future,” RBC representative explained. A source in the company adds that Beloserov meant the cost of only the first lines, not the whole project.

The Central Bank has canceled the license of the bank “New time”

The Central Bank of Russia canceled the license of the bank “New time” in connection with the decision of its owners to liquidate the organization, the regulator said. The bank is a participant in the deposit insurance system for individuals. In terms of assets, it ranks 429 in Russia.

“Alrosa” sold the most expensive Russian diamond

Stone “Dynasty” is a colorless diamond with a mass of 51.38 carats of purity VVS1 (without inclusions) with 57 facets. “This is the purest and most expensive diamond ever cut in our country, the peak of the skill of Russian cutters,” the company’s press service said.

The Federal Tax Service has specified the amount of the tax rate for self-employed

Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Dmitry Satin said that if the government approves a new tax regime for self-employed when selling goods and services to individuals, they will pay tax at a rate of 4%, Tass reports. The Ministry of Finance, which announced in spring this regime, said that the rate will be from 3 to 6%.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in August will buy currency

Ministry of Finance of Russia from August 7 to September 6, 2018 will purchase in the domestic market currency for a total of 383.2 billion rubles, according to the website of the department.

Large banks froze deposit rates

The average maximum deposit rate in the ten largest banks by deposit size in the third decade of July decreased by 0.02 percentage points (percentage points) to 6.31% per annum. The only one of the leaders changed the rates of the main line of ruble deposits – Promsvyazbank.

The net profit of Credit Agricole grew in the II quarter by almost 6.5%

The revenue of the financial organizations increased over the reporting period from 4.71 billion euros a year earlier to 5.17 billion euros, Finam reports. The basic net profit of Credit Agricole, with the exception of some items, increased by almost 20% year-on-year to 1.42 billion euros.

The monetary base in Russia fell by 86.5 billion rubles in a week

As of July 20, the monetary base in Russia was 10 trillion 349.8 billion rubles. Thus, for the period it decreased by 0.84%, or by 86.5 billion rubles.

The European Commission approved the purchase of Uralkim’s shares of Uralkali

In November 2018, the board of directors of Uralkali approved the sale of no more than 10% of the company’s quasi-treasury shares to its shareholder Uralkhim (already owns 20% of the shares) to reduce the debt burden. The market value of this share was about 38 billion rubles. FAS approved the transaction on December 18.

The world’s 89 billion rubles

Rosneft and its partners in the Sakhalin-1 project are negotiating a dispute of 89 billion rubles. in pre-trial order, follows from the message of the project participant – Indian ONGC Videsh.

The Indian company notes that the parties are now discussing the possibility of settling Rosneft’s claims out of court for less than 10% of the annual budget of the Sakhalin-1 consortium. The annual budget of the consortium is not disclosed by its participants. Negotiations are conducted by the operator of the project – Exxon Neftegaz.

LUKOIL will be able to increase payments to shareholders

LUKOIL plans to repurchase the shares to be purchased. Brent crude currently trades at $ 73.45 a barrel. Even if prices fall to about $ 60, LUKOIL will be able to send shareholders more than the announced amount – up to $ 5 billion over five years, agrees analyst Raiffeisenbank Andrei Polishchuk.

The operator of the New York Stock Exchange will create a crypto currency platform

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) exchange operator intends to create a “global ecosystem” for digital money, within which users can pay using crypto currency, sell and buy it. This is stated in the message ICE

Poland announced a decrease in dependence on Russian gas

The Polish oil and gas company PGNiG in its press release reported on the increase in the volume of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported into the country. Despite the fact that the volume of gas purchased in Russia has also increased, its share in total imports has decreased.

Net profit of the Brazilian Petrobras in the I half rose 3.6 times

The Brazilian oil and gas giant Petrobras received a net profit attributable to shareholders of the company in the amount of 17,033 billion reais (4.54 billion dollars) in the first half of 2018, increasing it by 3.6 times year-on-year, the company said.

Chinese subsidiary Sinopec suspends purchase of oil in the US: Reuters

The trading division of the Chinese state-owned company Sinopec – Unipec – has suspended the purchase of oil in the US due to the growing tension in trade between countries. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation

The court finally rejected the lawsuit filed by Yanukovych’s son against the National Bank of Ukraine

Alexander Yanukovych in August 2017 filed a lawsuit against the National Bank of Ukraine to reimburse him $ 60.5 million due to the closure of his bank. Pechersk District Court of Kiev in November last year denied his son Yanukovych in collecting this amount from the National Bank.

Putin approved the agreement with China on the Klyuchevskoye gold deposit

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on ratification of an intergovernmental agreement with China on cooperation in the development of the Klyuchevskoye gold deposit, which is located in the Trans-Baikal Territory

Belarus will begin the process of dedollarization

The National Bank of Belarus announced the need to begin the process of transition to the use of predominantly the national currency. For this purpose, a number of relevant amendments are planned to be introduced into the legislation.

Deutsche Bank found gaps in Russian clients’ checks

It became known that the largest German Deutsche Bank found gaps in the procedures for verifying clients from Russia, Ireland, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

This is reported by the Reuters agency referring to the reviews of the financial institution. An earlier review refers to the problem with the lack of verification of the addresses of Russian customers and their sources of funds. There is also a lack of verification of the status of a “politically significant person”, which increases the risks of corruption and the existence of international sanctions.

Most money transfers from Poland were sent by Ukrainian migrants

Ukrainian citizens who are on earnings in Poland, send most of the money outside the country among foreigners. They account for 86% of all transfers. For the first quarter of 2018, a total of foreigners withdrew from the country about 58.5 billion rubles.

Regions with a high tax increase encouraged to 30.6 billion rubles

The Russian government has allocated 30.6 billion rubles. to encourage regions with the best growth in income from corporate income tax in 2017. The draft of the relevant resolution was adopted at the meeting on August 4, according to the website of the government.

The Central Bank of Russia began to consider complaints on the restoration of business reputation

It is noted that this commission was created in connection with the innovations in the legislation of the Russian Federation “providing that the applicant’s business reputation can be restored if it is established that he has no involvement in taking decisions that have had negative consequences for the financial organization.”

Egypt increases the supply of agricultural products to Russia

As RIA Novosti reports, Egypt has significantly increased the volume of agricultural products to Russia. As the deputy head of the committee of the Egyptian parliament on agriculture, Hisham al-Hasri, explained to the agency, the North African country enjoys the retention of counter-forces in Russia

In search of Georgian hydrocarbons

The Oil and Gas Corporation of Georgia has today issued 23 oil production agreements, and a license for oil refining has been issued to three companies. Only last year the country produced 40 thousand tons of oil, “added Tatishvili.

Putin signed a law on the establishment of prices in rubles in the seaports of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law providing for the establishment of prices and tariffs for services in Russian seaports in Russian rubles. The document, adopted by the State Duma on July 26 and approved by the Federation Council on July 28, was published on Friday on the official portal of legal information.

In the United States, mutual funds appeared without management fees

Fidelity, one of the world’s largest management companies, on August 3, opened two free index mutual funds for investors in the US – without any commissions or a minimum amount of investment. This shows the price war that has been going on for more than one year in the sphere of passive investments to a new level.

China took emergency measures to save the national currency

Against the background of a prolonged fall in the yuan’s rate, the People’s Bank of China decided to intervene in the sale of the national currency. As reported in the release of the bank, since August 6, traders who trade forward contracts for the renminbi exchange rate to the dollar will be obliged to deduct up to 20% of the volume of occupied positions in reserves.


Japan protests over the placement of fighters on Iturupe

Japan has protested Russia in connection with reports of the deployment of fighters in the southern Kuriles, said Yosihide Suga, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers, at a briefing on Monday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia declared the Canadian Ambassador persona non grata

In a document published by the Saudi Press Agency, it is reported that Riyadh suspends new trade and financial operations with Canada, withdraws its ambassador for consultations, and declares the head of the Canadian diplomatic mission persona non grata.

Shinzo Abe spoke for a personal dialogue with Kim Jong-Eun

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe spoke for a personal dialogue with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no. He said this at a press conference in Hiroshima on August 6.

Trump told what money will come from duties

The money received from the US imposed duties, will go to pay off the state debt of the country. The corresponding message was published on Sunday by Twitter, US President Donald Trump.

The Charge d’Affaires of Russia in the United States was summoned to the State Department

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell summoned the charge d’affaires of Russia in the US Dmitry Zhirnov in connection with the aggressive propaganda of the Russian Federation in the social networks of schism and violence.

Russia introduced reciprocal duties on a number of goods from the United States

Since August 5, Russia has introduced customs duties on the import of American goods in the amount of 25% to 40% in response to similar actions by the United States regarding the products of the steel and aluminum industries.

Colombia rejected accusations of involvement in the attempt on Maduro

Colombia rejected accusations of involvement in the attempt on the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. This is reported by RIA Novosti referring to the statement of the Colombian Foreign Ministry. Maduro said earlier that Colombian “right forces” and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos may be behind the attack on him.

All points to the right, to the Venezuelan ultra-right along with the Colombian ultra-right, and the name of Juan Manuel Santos stands behind this attempt. – Nicholas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

Turkey will freeze the accounts of the heads of the Ministry of Justice and the US Interior Ministry in response to sanctions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered to freeze accounts of the heads of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States in response to sanctions that Washington recently introduced against Turkish ministers.

DPRK Foreign Minister Calls for Weakening of Sanctions Against Pyongyang

The Foreign Minister of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Li Yong-ho, during a meeting with a colleague from one of the ASEAN member countries called for a weakening of international sanctions against Pyongyang, Kyodo reported referring to diplomatic sources. The agency does not specify with whom the meeting took place.

Foreign Minister of China accused the US of militarizing the South China Sea

“Some non-regional countries, mainly the United States, deployed a huge amount of strategic weapons in the region, especially in the South China Sea, demonstrating their military power, exerting pressure and creating security threats to the countries of the region, including China,” press conferences on the fields of ASEAN events taking place in Singapore.

In the DPRK, they criticized Japan for “nuclear ambitions”

The DPRK Committee for Peace in the Asia-Pacific region criticized Japan for its “striving to realize its ambitions for nuclear weapons”. This is stated in the report of the committee, which circulated the agency CTC on the eve of the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, carried out by the United States.

US threatened Turkey with deprivation of trade privileges

In response to the introduction of customs duties on American goods by the United States, the United States decided to reconsider the country’s participation in the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

The aggravation of the situation in Kosovo

Alexander Vucic appointed urgent meeting on Saturday, August 4, Serbian President Alexander Vučić appointed an emergency meeting of the National Security Council on August 4 because of the worsening situation in Kosovo and Metohija, RIA Novosti reported citing Serbian Radio and Television (RTS)

Greek anarchists doused the facade of the Ministry of Transport of Greece

Greek anarchists on Friday night doused the facade of the building of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of Greece and disappeared, the local police said.

Mexico will review cooperation with the US in the field of security

The elected president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, intends to review the existing security agreements with the US, including the anti-drug plan of Merida, the future head of the Ministry of Public Security Alfonso Duraso said on Friday

Trump said that duties in respect of China are working fine

President Donald Trump believes that trade duties on China are working better than anyone could have guessed. The corresponding message he posted on his Twitter page on Saturday

Parties to the conflict in Southern Sudan signed a peace agreement

The parties to the conflict in South Sudan signed a “final” peace agreement, which provides for a cease-fire and the separation of power in the country. The signing ceremony took place in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan, reports Reuters. The document was signed by the President of Southern Sudan and the leader of the rebels.


The hacker got information about the F-35 fighter through Tinder

An unknown hacker hacked into an account in the Tinder dating application of a Royal RAF (RAF) serviceman to obtain information about the F-35 Lightning II fighter-bomber. According to the Daily Mail, the account was hacked last week.

The NATO airbase in the Balkans will appear in the city, which bore the name of Stalin

The first NATO airbase in the Balkans will be built in central Albania, Prime Minister Eddie Rama told Facebook. According to the head of the Albanian government, the old military airfield in the city of Kuchova was chosen as the construction site (from 1950 to 1990 – the city of Stalin).

Three NATO soldiers were killed in a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan

When attacking a suicide bomber on a convoy of foreign troops in eastern Afghanistan, three NATO soldiers were killed. This is stated in the press release of the alliance mission in the country. The statement also notes that two soldiers of the Afghan army were injured.

Egyptian military destroyed more than 50 militants in Sinai

Egyptian army units in the last few days have destroyed more than 50 militants of terrorist groups operating in the northern and central regions of the Sinai Peninsula, within the framework of the counter-terrorist operation “Sinai-2018”.

Israel intercepted the Swedish yacht, which tried to break through the Gaza blockade

The Israeli military intercepted a European vessel with pro-Palestinian activists in the Mediterranean Sea in less than a week, which was going to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip, the army press service said.

In the clashes on the border of the Gaza Strip, 220 Palestinians were injured

“On the eastern borders of the enclave, a 25-year-old Palestinian was killed and another 220 people were injured of varying degrees of severity,” a representative of the local Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Kidra, told RIA Novosti.

The US Department of State approved the sale of Latvia’s combat helicopters

The US Department of State issued a permit to supply four multipurpose military helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk to Latvia. According to the Newspaper of the News News, in addition to helicopters, Latvia will purchase 10 engines and related equipment. The total value of the transaction is estimated by experts at $ 200 million.

Russia provided Kazakhstan with access to the “military” signal of GLONASS

Russia provided Kazakhstan with access to a high-precision signal from GLONASS, RIA Novosti was told in the Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazkosmos).

The army of Belarus has received new BTR and mortars “NONA”

The technician was presented by Deputy Minister of Defense for Armament Major-General Sergei Simonenko. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, 32 BTR-70MB1 armored personnel carriers and 18 2B23 mortars were handed over to servicemen. The mortars received batteries from the mixed artillery battalion of the brigade.

Violence began in eastern Ethiopia

Four cities in eastern Ethiopia were affected by the upheavals. According to eyewitnesses, the riots began in cities where since 1984 the separatist group “Ogaden National Liberation Front”, consisting of ethnic Somalis, operates, Reuters reports.

Hypersonic waveworm successfully tested in China

Hypersonic wavelets differ in the nose part, made in the form of a wedge. This allows the device to increase the lift at speeds higher than the speed of sound. In this case, the device uses shock waves that arise during flight.

Kim Jong-eun was going to clone his grandfather and army

According to the publication, billions of dollars were invested in the top-secret program, which was initiated by his grandfather Kim Il Sung. The scouts also claim that 35-year-old Kim Jong-un wants to create copies of his father Kim Jong-Yr, grandfather of Kim Il Sung, as well as other members of his family.


Viking star Alexander Bortich commented on her divorce

The popular Russian actress Alexander Bortich became the guest of the program “Gentle editor”, on the air she answered questions about career and personal life. In particular, she first commented on her divorce from musician Vyacheslav Vorontsov, who is known under the pseudonym Mezza.

In the footsteps of Volochkova: Ksenia Sobchak sat on the yarn twine

Mediadiva shared an unusual snapshot. Ksenia Sobchak in the company of her husband – the actor Maxim Vitorgan – and the son of Plato went on vacation in Sardinia. Occasionally, the star of the secular chronicle publishes photographs taken on an Italian island, and talks about his pastime.

Dana Borisova bought curtains for 300 thousand in a new apartment

The girl bought mostly all the furniture in IKEA, but decided to pamper herself and bought excellent curtains for 300 thousand rubles – while this is the most expensive in her apartment. I also bought two beds – myself and my daughters for 39 000 each.

Angelina Jolie’s lawyer refused to defend her

As the acquaintances of Bred Pitt, Angelina is filled with anger and became unreasonable to the absurdity. They also noted that the actress had “a lot of screaming”.

“Too much poison”: said Laura Wasser, a Hollywood-known lawyer specializing in divorce proceedings. Angelina Jolie has already found another law firm, which will deal with the affairs of the actress after Laura Wasser will officially leave the process.

Anastasia Shubskaya in the ninth month of pregnancy starred in a bikini

The wife of the hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, the youngest daughter of actress and director Vera Glagoleva Anastasia showed a figure in a bikini on the eve of birth. Recently, the future mother is “attacked” by the cheaters.

Chloe Grace Morets shocked clown make-up and wrinkles

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz decided to try fashionable make-up and showed it on the show with Andy Cohen. In the photos of the paparazzi, Chloe’s makeup looks completely different than it should: first, shades of shades and lipsticks are different, and secondly, the pigment should be applied not to the eyes, but to the cheekbones.

Elena Stepanenko wants to leave Yevgeny Petrosyan without money

As they say, Eugene Vaganovich was ready to calmly give Stepanenko half and even gave her the right to choose this half, but Elena Grigorevna decided to divorce and divide the property noisily and demanded 80% through the court.

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere parted ways after 9 years of the novel

Later, the mother of the Hollywood star confirmed the terrible fears of fans about parting with the 42-year-old Vladimir Klitschko. Hayden Panettiere met with Wladimir Klitschko in 2009 at the presentation – soon the celebrities began a stormy romance.

Nikolai Baskov hinted at parting with Victoria Lopyreva

Among other things, Basques mentioned that their status with Lopyreva’s relationship has already changed, and in his life recently there was not the most joyful moment. All this pushes the opinion that Victoria and Nikolay have already parted and now remain only friends.

The actor of the series “Kadetstvo” quarreled with the ex-spouse because of alimony

Despite all the wrangling, the former spouses are very worried about how the children are affected by their scandal because of alimony. Cyril Emelianov says that Catherine specifically does not allow to see children, but he will not retreat, he will go to the end

Alexander Cherno decided to three plastic surgery

For the sake of transfiguration and improvement of appearance, 25-year-old Chernoy decided to take drastic measures. She turned to the surgeon Pavel Pimancheva, told him about the desire to do three surgeries: abdominoplasty, liposuction and a new breast.

Unsuccessful “beauty prick” spoiled the face of Olga Buzovoy

Olga Buzova pleased the fans on the web with a new photo from the dressing room. The TV presenter appeared in a new image with glasses, but the fans paid more attention to the markedly enlarged lips of the celebrity.

Fedor Bondarchuk bought an apartment near the Kremlin

Bondarchuk bought an apartment next to the Kremlin for 90 million rubles The director will settle in a house built for the actors of the Moscow Art Theater in the early 20th century. The director, clipmaker and restaurateur Fyodor Bondarchuk bought an elite apartment in a five-minute walk from the center of Moscow.

Vita Sidorkina is expecting a child from a millionaire

The ill-wishers could not believe that the young model could so quickly charm the well-known millionaire (and he, by the way, met with Irina Sheik and did not do so), they sought for this explanation and were consoled by the thought that the offer was made by Vite exclusively from for her pregnancy

55-year-old Alena Sviridova bragged of a tight figure in a bikini

While on vacation, the star regularly shares in social networks pictures in a swimsuit and proves that it is in excellent shape. This summer, the singer decided to relax in the Crimea – in her native Kerch. According to tradition, Sviridova published a photo in a bikini and boasted a tightened body.

In China, banned showing a new film about Winn-Pooh

According to one version, the ban can be connected with the meme, in which the country’s chairman Xi Jinping is compared with Winnie the Pooh.

In 2017, the Chinese authorities began blocking images and mentioning Winnie the Pooh in social networks because of the comparison of the cartoon character with the country’s leader. In particular, the messages from the Chinese analogue of the Sinai Weibo twitter and the WeChat messenger were deleted. About similar locks it was informed and in 2016.

In addition, in China, blocked the site of the HBO television channel after talking about Xi Jinping’s comparison with Winnie the Pooh, said host John Oliver in his “Last Week Tonight” show.

Danilo Poperechnoi was accused of creating commercials for Sobyanin

In addition to the blogger, the project involved the former press secretary of the pro-Kremlin youth organizations “StopHam” and “Piggy Against” Ilya Fadeev. According to Lapshesnimalochka, he was the first to publish a video in support of the mayor in Facebook.

Nastasya Samburskaya will return to the TV series “Univer”

Famous Russian actress Nastasya Samburskaya returns to the TV series “Univer”. She already starred in the last season of the popular television series. Already this fall fans of the popular youth sitcom “Univer” will see the last season of this comedy project.

43-year-old Tatiana Navka surprised fans with a new trick

Tatiana Navka surprised the fans with a strange picture in a frank position. According to subscribers, the star during gymnastics accidentally took the pose of Kama Sutra. Spouse Dmitry Peskov constantly makes fans happy with interesting publications

The authorities of China demolished the second studio of artist Ai Weiwei

The Chinese authorities ordered the demolition of the second studio of artist Ai Weiwei without warning of its owner. The words of the founder and director of China Art Archive & Warehouse are quoted by the newspaper South China Morning Post.

Hands-bazooka promised to punish Buzov

Cyril Tereshin found another reason to remind of himself, writing a video message to the TV star. “Shintolovy Kachok” Cyril Tereshin promised to punish Olga Buzov. Hands-bazooka complained to his subscribers Instagram, that the singer is not at all able to monitor the economy


“Minecraft” has lost the writer and director, but still will be created

Warner Bros. still 4 years ago they announced the work on the adaptation of the popular game Minecraft. Due to the departure of the screenwriter and director Rob Elchenni, the shooting was postponed for the best time. However, Aaron and Adam Nee were recently placed in the scriptwriters’ place.

DiCaprio decided to become a producer of sitcom

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio plans to take the producer’s chair in the restart of the 80s sitcom. Along with him, the actress, singer and model Jessica Bill wants to do the creation of the series. The multi-part comedy “Facts from Life” was released in 1979.

Ministry of Culture will finance 18 documentaries

The Ministry of Culture recommended 18 documentary films, which will be allocated subsidies from the federal budget in 2018. This is stated in a message on the ministry’s website.

Trailer of the drama “Lizzie” is published with Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny

According to the plot, the family hires a young servant Bridget (Kristen Stewart), to which the head of the family Andrew Borden and his daughter Lizzie (Chloe Sevigny) immediately pay attention. Between the girls there are close relationships, which led to the tragedy. In the world rolled tape will be released on September 14.

Chris Rock will play in the fourth season of “Fargo”

American showman and actor Chris Rock will play in the fourth season of the series “Fargo”, reported the leadership of the cable channel FX

The third season of the series “Daredevil” will appear on Netflix before the end of the year

It became known, when the third season of the series “Daredevil” still come to the screens of viewers. Chief Executive Officer of Netflix Ted Sarandos said that by the end of the year the third part of the project will appear in the access

Jessica Lang will return in season 8 of the “American history of horrors”

In the year, Jessica Lance (Jessica) said that she will no longer appear in the “American horror story”, which is very frustrating for many fans of the series, as well as the very creator of the project – Ryan Murphy (Ryan). Fortunately, as it turned out, Jessica changed her mind.

“The night of judgment. Start”

The radical party “New Fathers-Founders of America” confidently wins in the election race. One of the main initiatives to improve the lives of citizens is the so-called “Judgment Night” experimental program.

The legalized massacres and all kinds of crimes should contribute to improving the emotional and psychological state of the people of America. It will be held on the island of Staten Island and last only one night. Residents of the island are extremely negative and cautious about this event and dissuade people from participating in this venture. However, the government is very interested in this experiment, and therefore announces a monetary reward to both those who will actively show themselves this night, and those local residents who simply stay in their area and do not leave it until the end of the slaughter.

Emilia Clark and Lina Hidi starred in a parody of auditions

Emilia Clarke, Felicity Jones, Stacey Martin, Lina Hidi, Gemma Chen, Florence Pugh, Woonmie Mossaku and Tom Hiddleston played themselves. Casting directors were played by Gemma Arterton, Katherine Tate and Anthony Wales.

Patrick Stewart confirmed the return to Star Trek

British actor Patrick Stewart confirmed that he intends to return to the role of captain Jean-Luc Picard in the continuation of the American science fiction media franchise “Star Trek” (Star Trek). According to him, the return to the role became for him a delightful and unexpected surprise.

The creators of the “House of cards” laid out a photo with blood-stained Kremlin

The published promo-frames show the Moscow Kremlin, filled with blood. The announcement appeared in the official account of the saga in Instagram. The creators posted three images of the Kremlin from the Moscow River.


The network has published the first teaser Samsung Galaxy S10

The web has a teaser clip Samsung Galaxy S10. This smartphone manufacturer will release no earlier than early next year. It is expected that the company will launch the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, as well as, perhaps, another flagship version in the first months of 2019.

The first screenshots of Facebook Dating Service appeared on the web

On the Internet, the first screenshots of online dating service for the social network Facebook appeared. Pictures have been published by TechCrunch. According to the publication, currently the service is being tested by Facebook employees.

Google Maps changed the shape of the Earth

Updating the cartographic service Google Maps attracted the attention of Reddit users. If the image of the Earth on maps is sufficiently removed, the planet becomes spherical. Earlier the service showed our planet flat.

Google Maps will warn users about low battery power

It is known that the new feature was discovered in the version of “Maps” v9.71 beta. As users inform, the new function will allow to inform the user receiving data from other users via Maps about the level of charge.

Facebook allowed to make a “break in friendship” with other users

Recently it became known that within the framework of such personalization of content, Facebook added a new feature, within the framework of which it allowed to make a “break in friendship” with other users who are in the person of “friends.”

The novelty can hide not only all the content from the user’s news feed, but also remove its updates from the “friend” tape on Facebook. The most interesting thing is that nobody will know about the use of the new function.

Two-set iPhone will be an exclusive for China

Earlier information appeared that Apple is preparing to release a new iPhone 9 with support for two SIM cards. As reported by ixbt.com, rumors of the appearance of such a smartphone appeared at the beginning of the year, but it is also assumed that the novelty is focused exclusively on the Chinese market.

Apple will stop boxing the iPhone headphone adapter

American company Apple will stop boxing new smartphones iPhone adapter from headphones. According to foreign journalists, to all iPhone in 2018 users will have to separately buy an adapter, Daily writes

The smartphone Xiaomi, which will be first upgraded to Android P

The developers of the MIUI shell called the smartphone Xiaomi, which is the first upgrade to Android P. According to rumors, the final operating system will be released on August 20. The first smartphone Xiaomi with the new Android P will be Mix 2s. Now the model is being prepared for an update.

HTC U12 Life will look like the first Google Pixel

The network published images of the schematic nature of the new smartphone HTC U12 Life. Based on the provided data, the device can be considered similar to the first Google Pixel.

The network merged accurate photos of the new smartphone OnePlus 6T

If the smartphone is not an exact copy, then at least it will be very similar. Now the exact photo of the new Oppo R17 has been merged into the Internet. Based on them, we can conclude how the design of the smartphone OnePlus 6T will look like.


The founder of Kanobu creates an online encyclopedia for gamers

Saturday morning, Haji Mahtiyev meets a correspondent of the RBC magazine in a crowded cafe in the center of Moscow. The founder of Kanobu, one of the most famous sites about the game, easily switches to “you” (“in IT in any other way”) and enthusiastically tells about a new project – encyclopedia for gamers RAWG.io.

Minimum system requirements Fortnite for Android

Studio Epic Games long ago revealed plans to launch Fortnite for Android, but system requirements for a long time were not voiced. Yesterday, users of the site XDA-developers were able to find references to the “minimals” of the project in the API code of the application. As a result, we can conclude that the owners of weak devices can not enjoy all the delights of Fortnite. In particular, gamers should have Android versions not lower than 5.0, necessarily with 64-bit architecture. The amount of RAM will be at least 3 GB, and the graphics chip – from Adreno 530.

The insider told about three types of rarity cards in Artifact

In Artifact there will be three types of rarity cards, rather than four: common, uncommon and rare. The same separation is also used in Magic: The Gathering. This was told by insider Vikram Reddy.

Reddy claims that all users will receive them for free. These can be creeps of melee or ranged combat, scrolls of teleportation. Such items can not be bought or sold on the Steam trading floor.

Blizzard has developed a new uniform for Overwatch Summer Games

The company Blizzard has developed a new uniform with an unusual design for the participants of Summer Games. The competition will begin in Overwatch on August 9 and will last almost until the end of this month. It is known that the developers of the company will also present new costumes for the heroes of Summer Games

Steamforged Games will release a board game on Horizon Zero Dawn

Given that recently interest in table games has increased dramatically, you can not worry too much about the success of crowdfunding. Steamforged Games has already released desktop and card versions of Dark Souls and Resident Evil 2. All of them also received money from Kickstarter

Dead Cells authors have removed a cartoon about the fundamentals of the gameplay

Studio Motion Twin is preparing to release from its early access Steam its bagel Dead Cells. And they announced an early release with an unusual trailer: a cartoon about the torment of the protagonist.

In Dead Cells, players need to go through a huge castle. The main difficulty is that there are no preservations and resurrections. And every new attempt has to be made in the changed environment. The main idea of the game process developers expressed briefly: Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat (kill, die, learn, repeat).

Players are faced with complex fights, about fifty types of weapons and magical skills. Death in the game is final, but already open locations allow you to differently build a path through the castle in accordance with the available equipment, style of play or mood. On a two-dimensional map, enough secret rooms, secrets, hidden passages and beautiful (as far as the pixels allow) landscapes.

On the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, a platform roguelike with Dead Cells meteoroid elements will be released on August 7th.

Quest for Partial Death Flipping Death will be released on August 7

Flipping Death looks like it was cut from paper and brightly decorated, – something like a children’s book with folding pictures.

Moderator gave Todd Howard the title of general

The monument, which can be erected in the settlements, is equipped with a tablet that calls Howard the hero of the battle for the hill Bethesda. Alas, if you believe her, the general had long ago rested at the age of 90 years.

Insomniac does not intend to return to Resistance yet

I think many have had pleasant memories from Resistance, but for now we have nothing to say, except that we have no plans to return to Resistance right now. James Stevenson Apparently, this is not interested in Sony itself, which owns the rights to the universe.

Released a new 6-minute movie on World of Warcraft

Company Blizzard has published a short film on World of Warcraft, which tells about the mighty warrior of the Horde – Varoka Saurfang. Ancient warrior does not agree with the actions of the leader of the Horde – Sylvanas Windrunner, who appeared before all extremely cruel and impulsive.

Update in CS: GO

Valve released an update to CS: GO, which took the Panorama interface out of beta, added a new weapon case, and also changed the sound of the delivered bomb on points B.

Journey through the world of nightmarish seas Sunless Sea

Developers from Failbetter Games announced that the adventure horror of Sunless Sea three years after the PC premiere will finally be released on the PS4 console. This version is promised to be released before the end of 2018.


Scientists have found a new drug for effective cancer treatment

Scientists from the Monash Institute, located in Melbourne, Australia, have identified a new way to fight cancer. It’s about a drug that stops the development of a tumor with virtually no side effects. This is written by Lenta with reference to MedicalXpress.

It is reported that the drug contains molecules that inhibit the activity of KAT6A and CAT6B proteins, which act in tumor cells. As preclinical trials have shown, switching off the coding KAT6A gene can increase the life span of mice that suffer from lymphoma ….

Japanese android-child can smile and move in space

Moving Ibuki will be on four wheels, and for natural movements “body” specialists added him a special joint to the waist. The invention of Hiroshi is able to smile and move around in space thanks to 47 engines.

Infected mosquitoes in Australia helped scientists defeat Dengue fever

Overcome the terrible disease was due to the main vectors of the virus – mosquitoes. The study on combating Dengue fever in Australia began in 2014. Then, local scientists at Monash University decided to infect Dengue virus with the main vectors of the disease, mosquitoes.

Scientists: Evolution of insects is associated with the ability to distinguish smells

As it turned out, non-flying insects also have a smell detection gene. Scientists came to the conclusion that there is a connection between the evolution of insects and the ability to distinguish fragrance. During the experiment, the specialists got acquainted with the genome of six insects.

Scientists from Stanford treat autism with Google Glass

Participants saw tips on Google Glass glasses, it helped them to determine the type of emotions of the interlocutors. According to available information, the program for using points from Google contributed to the development of social skills.

Leaders distinguished themselves by their desire to take responsibility for others

The desire to take responsibility for the welfare of others is an important quality that distinguishes leaders, according to a new study in the journal Science. It showed that the lower the person’s “aversion to responsibility,” the higher his leadership abilities.

Access to high-speed Internet reduces the duration of sleep

Experts came to the conclusion that access to high-speed Internet reduces the duration of sleep, and also reduces the satisfaction of this holiday for people who have to get up early. People with access to DSL tend to sleep 25 minutes less than those who do not have high-speed Internet.

In China, scientists have created brewer’s yeast with a single chromosome

Chinese scientists as a result of experiments have created brewer’s yeast with one chromosome, the newspaper China Daily reports on Thursday. Thus, for the first time in history, an organism with several chromosomes in the genome was transformed into a single chromosome form.

Scientists talked about the danger of smoking hookah for health

It turned out that after smoking hookah increases the number of heartbeats, blood pressure and increases the rate of arterial stiffness, which can cause the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists have refuted the hypothesis of the evolution of human speech

It was believed that the presence of FOXP2 gene associated with the evolution of speech, explains the advantage of modern people in front of the Neanderthals and is the reason for the resettlement of the human race across Africa 100,000 years ago. However, as the experts found out, this gene was present in the DNA of its predecessors.

Scientists: A person can not turn off praying him for the robot’s mercy

Scientists from Germany have established that a person can not turn off the robot praying for mercy. Thus, he quickly becomes attached to the mechanism and experiences real emotions in relation to it.

A method for comparing subjective judgments

A scientist from Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov proposed a new method of comparison, which allows one to assess whether the subjective judgments of various experts are informative and consistent. The method is suitable not only for opinions, but also for incomplete or unreliable data.

Asteroid killer of dinosaurs provoked mass extinction of sharks

Recently, scientists came to the conclusion that 66 million years ago, the asteroid-killer of dinosaurs caused the mass death of sharks. The fact is that prior to the tragedy during the Cretaceous period, sharks were the dominant group of animals in the ocean.

The exoskeleton will once again help the paralyzed people move

Special sensors catch the signal of the brain and transfer them to the exoskeleton, which as a result helps a person who has lost the opportunity to move independently, to regain control of his body.

In Yakutia, the remains of two new ancient mammals

Detect remains of previously unknown creatures was possible near the stream of Teete, located in the Republic of Sakha. Remarkably, in relative proximity to this site, it has been possible to find bones of the most ancient dinosaur species.

Two new species were named Khorotherium yakutensis and Sangarotherium aquilonium.

Scientists call more invigorating drinks than coffee

Coffee is considered the best energy, many drink in the morning, then to stay awake all day. But caffeine, especially if they are abused, only harms the body, and there are more invigorating drinks. Scientists are advised to drink ginger tea.


The revived Toyota Supra received camouflage from a military battleship

In the company Toyota told about the unusual camouflage, under which the reborn Supra is hidden on numerous teaser images and video. As explained in the press service, a similar pattern was used on the battleships felt in the First World War.

Reinforced Baojun 530 under the brand Wuling

At the Indonesian Auto Show, General Motors presented a refurbished Baojun 530, which will be sold under the Wuling brand. The car was named Wuling SUV, from the donor the novelty differs exclusively as a label.

Hatchback Opel Corsa new generation will be completely French

In addition to the new platform, all future Opel models will receive a conceptually new corporate design, and Corsa will be the first model with a new face. A new direction of design for the company was demonstrated on the Opel GT X Experimental concept.

South Korea began investigation due to spontaneous combustion of BMW cars

The Ministry of State Territories, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea will conduct a special investigation into the German company BMW due to massive car fires.

The first copy of the Ferrari F50 was put up for sale

In 1997, the machine still underwent some restoration and restoration, after which it was transferred to a Belgian collector and ex-racing driver Jacques Swaters. Next, the car was twice resold and, in the end, stayed in the States.

The new SUV Land Rover Defender will be presented in 2020

British auto-Jaguar & Land Rover announced the premiere of the new generation Land Rover Defender SUV. As the press service of the company reports, the launch of sales of new items will take place in 2020 in all major world markets, including in Russia.

Patent images of the new Audi Q3 appeared

Sketches published by the European Patent Office. According to the data of the intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO), the date of filing the application for registration is July 10, but this is only now known. Meanwhile, the official Q3 of the future generation has already been shown at the end of July.

SsangYong wants to release the first electric pick-up truck

South Korean company SsangYong wants to release the world’s first electric pick-up truck. As reported by CarsWeek with reference to the press service of the brand, the donor for the new car can serve as a pick-up SsangYong Musso

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