4 Jun, 2018

Россия в рейтинге по качеству дорог

Experts called the countries with the worst and best roads in the world. The list is compiled according to the version of the Global Competitiveness Index 2017/18.

The rating includes 137 countries. The quality of roads was assessed on a scale of 1 to 7

On the first place among the best roads of the world were the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who scored 6.4 points. On the second Singapore (6.3 points). Switzerland tops the top three (6.3 points).

Also in the top 10 were Hong Kong (6.2 points), the Netherlands (6.1 points), Japan (6.1 points), France (6.0 points), Portugal (6.0 points), Austria (6, 0 points) and the United States (5.7 points).

From the countries of the former USSR roads in Azerbaijan, Lithuania and Estonia were recognized as the best – the 36th, 37th and 38th places respectively.

The roads of Mauritania became the worst. Experts put this country 2 points, in the general list it took the last 137 place.

On the second place in the list of the worst roads – the Democratic Republic of Congo (2.1 points), followed by Haiti (2,1). At 2.2 points scored Madagascar and Guinea.

The top ten were Yemen (2.3), Paraguay (2.4), Ukraine (2.4), Moldova (2.5) and Mozambique (2.5).

Russia in the general rating is located at 114 place. At the same time, experts noted positive trends in changing the quality of roads in our country

Briefly about the main …..


“Russia-1” painted Kim Jong Ne smile

In the release of the final program “News of the Week” with Dmitry Kiselyov on the “Russia-1” TV channel they showed smiling Kim Jong-no during a handshake with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. At the same time, in the original photo, the leader of North Korea stands with a serious face.

Foreign Ministers of Russia and China discussed the situation around the DPRK

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi discussed the situation around the Korean Peninsula during the meeting. This is reported on the website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry

The leader of the pro-European party became the Mayor of Chisinau

In the second round of the early elections of the mayor of Chisinau, the leader of the party “Platform of Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase won. He scored 52.57 percent of the vote. Such data was released by the CEC after processing 98 percent of the ballots.

I want to assure you that I will be the mayor of all the townspeople, all suburban cities and villages. I never divided people by nationality, by religion, by language, I always tried to unite the efforts of our society. I am sure that I will do this in the future. – Andrei Nastase, Moldovan lawyer

In Germany they called for the return of Russia to the G8 for a counterweight to the US

The co-chairman of the faction of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Sarah Wagenknecht, considers it necessary to return Russia to the G8 in order to create a counterbalance to US interests at future summits.

We expelled Russia from the G8. Now the problem is that the US is pursuing a policy of its own, which the other six countries do not want. Perhaps the consequence of Russia’s return to the G8 would be the presence of an opposing force for carrying out counter-policy … We need Russia to solve problems. – Sarah Wagenkneht, German politician

The dispute between the US and Canada was called a “family quarrel”

During the speech on Fox News television, the President of the National Economic Council under President of the United States Lawrence Kadlow compared the discussion of the issue of duties on the import of steel and aluminum with a “family quarrel”. He noted that the United States welcomes “productive negotiations”, and the subject of the dispute “has nothing to do with friendship and a long-standing alliance with Canada.”

China threatened to abandon the agreements on trade with the US

The main task is to avoid a trade war between Beijing and Washington, observers say. Meanwhile, this week the White House warned that Trump had decided to impose 25 percent duty on goods from China.

Air carriers have declared a threat to the global economy because of the actions of the United States

Trade barriers can damage not only the air transportation market, but also the world economy, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) considers. Thus, the organization commented on Washington’s decision to impose import duties on steel and aluminum, Reuters reported.

Business Insider told how Trump’s trade war will hit the US

Trade war, arranged by Trump to support the US labor market, in fact, will negatively affect the American workers, writes Business Insider.

Tokyo believes that the US can cause chaos in world trade

The actions of the current US administration in the sphere of trade can plunge world markets into chaos. This warning was made at a press conference in Tokyo on Monday by the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers Yoshihide Suga.


In the US they told about the reshuffle in the military leadership of the DPRK

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, there have been rearrangements in the country’s military leadership because of the upcoming top-level talks with the US, Reuters reports.

The US Coalition Starts the Second Phase of “Oblava” on the Syrian Border

The second phase of the military operation against the Islamic State (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) began on the border of Syria and Iraq. This is stated in a statement circulated by the US-led international coalition.

WSJ reported on the request of the UAE to the United States for military assistance in Yemen

The administration of the US president is considering various options for responding to a request from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on direct military support for the United States in Yemen. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Head of Pentagon held talks with the Minister of Defense of the Philippines

US and Philippine defense ministers James Matthies and Dolphin Lawrence met on the sidelines of the 17th Asian Security Summit in Singapore. This is stated in a Pentagon report

In Turkey, three soldiers were killed in clashes with members of the PKK

Three Turkish servicemen were killed and two were wounded in battle with members of the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the south-eastern province of Hakkari, bordering with Iraq, RIA Novosti reported on Sunday.

Russia and Serbia will hold joint military exercises

“One of the important events of international military cooperation will be the training planned for the second decade of August with a subdivision of the armed forces of Serbia,” said a senior military

American heavy bombers B-1B noticed near the borders of Russia

According to them, on the night of Saturday, June 2, two B-1Bs were recorded near the Russian border in the Baltic, on Saturday there was only one bomber. It is specified that the US Air Force conducted many hours of training flights.

NATO large-scale exercises began in the Baltics

In Latvia today, large-scale drills of the military-political block of NATO Saber Strike 2018 started, the maneuvers will be held until June 15. They will involve about three thousand military from 12 countries around the world.

ДНР: Ukrainian tanks shelled the outskirts of Donetsk

Earlier, deputy commander of the operational command of the Democratic People’s Republic of Tajikistan Eduard Bazurin said that in the areas of Gladosovo and Metallist, close to the front line and the town of Gorlovka (DPR), seven people had disappeared in the Ukraine-controlled settlements, and more than 40 civilians were cynically expelled by Ukrainian punitive forces from their own houses.


Ukrainian tennis player told about hatred for Russian speech

Ukrainian tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky in an interview with the TV channel “112 Ukraine” spoke of hostility and prejudice towards Russian-speaking people. The sportsman made such a statement to the journalist’s question whether it was crucial for him to achieve victory over Russian rivals.

Sakhalin deputies ask Putin to build a bridge to the mainland

Sakhalin deputies prepared an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the construction of a bridge from the island to the mainland. At the 11th plenary meeting on June 4, parliamentarians supported the draft unanimously.

German politician called Hitler’s rule “a drop of bird droppings”

The leader of the ultra-right German party “Alternative for Germany” (AdG) Alexander Gauland called the 12 years of Adolf Hitler’s rule “a drop of bird droppings in the thousand-year history of Germany”. His words convey The Local.

“Yes, we take responsibility for everything that happened. But our country has a great history, which lasted much longer than these accursed 12 years, “he said. According to Gauland, Hitler’s rule is just a bit in the history of Germany.

Pedestrian crossings are proposed to be raised above the ground

According to the model (there is a “Izvestia”), the design is an artificial unevenness, the top of which is marked with a zebra. It should be raised 10 cm above the ground. This will force the drivers to braked before the transition, as before the lying policeman, explained Alexander Shumsky.

The lawyer described how the Russian Nikulin

Russian citizen Evgeny Nikulin, who was extradited to the United States from the Czech Republic in March on charges of cybercrime, is held in solitary confinement for about two months. This is reported by the newspaper “Izvestia”, referring to the lawyer Nikulin Arkady Bukh.

Generals Spetsstroy demanded almost half a billion

The generals of the Spetsstroi concluded pre-trial cooperation agreements with the Prosecutor General’s Office, their cases were separated into a separate proceeding, and they themselves were transferred from the pre-trial detention center for house arrest.

It should be noted that in the criminal case, the amount is twice as large as the damage: according to the investigation version, businessmen, having conspired with the ex-leaders of Spetsstroi, stole more than one billion rubles.

Turkey defeated Russia

Russian resorts are pushed back by Turkey to the second place: according to ATOR, interest to the Crimea remains at the level of last year, but since there is no money, only 9% of VTsIOM polled think in Crimea in the summer of 2018 (10% in 2017). Scares away the high cost of recreation in the Crimea – so said 20% of respondents VTsIOMom, in second place with 7% – security problems.

Airlines sharply reduced the number of flights to Crimea

Russian air carriers sharply reduced the number of flights to Crimea in the current holiday season. The capacity of the planned flights fell by 22.2%, which is lower than last year’s figure by 551 thousand places.

In Syktyvkar appeared an ambulance for those suffering from a hangover

The capital of Komi began to work paid ambulance suffering from a hangover. More details about the service “Komiinform” were told by its head Viktor Feltsinger.

In the Omsk region during the repair, the road was cut by a meter

In social networks Omsk discuss the repair of the Russian-Polish tract. Asphalt on the road was laid in the rain. Observers note that after repair, the width of the carriageway was reduced by one meter (50 centimeters on each side). Narrowing the roadway is trying to hide, pouring around the edges of the earth.

In the comments, the townspeople suggest that road workers save money. Many people say that after repair, the roads become narrower.

Rosstat: Average monthly salary and real incomes of Russians grow

Rosstat reports that the average monthly salary of Russians has grown along with real incomes. According to the department, in April 2018 the figure increased by 10.4%, reaching 43.55 thousand rubles. Real incomes grew by 5.7% in annual comparison

Russians owe 4 trillion rubles

The total debt of Russians in the I quarter grew by 5% and reached 4 trillion rubles. This was reported to Izvestia at the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP). Almost half of these debts are unpaid and overdue loans – only 1.8 trillion rubles.

On the blogger Nikolai Sobolev attacked near the studio

On the popular Russian videobloger Nikolai Sobolev attacked near the studio. He told about this on his page in “VKontakte” on Sunday, June 3. “Last night, and to be precise – tonight I was attacked near the studio, where I shoot videos,” he wrote.

At the moment, I’m in the hospital with FHC, a slight concussion of the brain. We must let go home, now describe the details of the time and desire not. I feel stable. – Nikolay Sobolev


Mexico opens a permanent business center in Moscow

In Moscow, a permanent Mexican center for business and exhibitions will be opened, RIA Novosti reports. According to the Director General of the Center, Ameriko Aberra, on a regular basis the center will start operating on June 11. He also added that the center is located in Moscow on the territory of the agri cluster “Foodcity”.

Russia does not enter the debt market for a second month

June 4, 2018, it became known that the Russian borrowers for the second month in a row do not enter the external debt market, and the volume of ruble-denominated investments fell three-fold in annual terms

The Chamber of Accounts will be able to check expenditures in the regions

On May 30, the government approved amendments to the Budget Code, according to which the Chamber of Accounts will receive the authority to verify expenditures in the regions. This is reported by the newspaper Vedomosti with reference to a document, the authenticity of which was confirmed by the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

French government can sell a stake in Air France

Hotel operator AccorHotels wants to acquire a stake in the French state in the airline Air France, reports Les Echos. Official Paris is considering the possibility of selling all 14.3% of the company’s shares, the report said.

The export from Turkey to Russia for the year increased by more than 60%

The leader of Turkish exports to Russia in the first five months of the year was the agricultural sector, the Russian market supplied fruits and vegetables worth $ 263.6 million. Next comes the output of the car industry in Turkey – $ 196 million.

Mongolia asks Russia for ₽100 billion for the Ulan Bator Railway

Volodin during the conversation stressed that the project to reconstruct the Ulaanbaatar railway will not only increase the trade turnover between the countries and strengthen economic ties, but will also create the closest path that will connect Europe and Asia through the territory of Mongolia

In the Khabarovsk Territory reported a record gold mining

Over the past five years, the mining industry of the Khabarovsk Territory has invested more than 47 billion rubles. According to the deputy head of the subsoil management department of the regional ministry of nature, Andrei Volkov, gold production last year increased to 23.6 tons, which is 12% more than the record set in 2013.

Iraq started to deliver oil from Kirkuk to Iran in tank trucks

In the framework of the concluded agreement between Iraq and Iran from the Kirkuk field, the supply of oil began. About this, referring to the statement of the representative of the Ministry of Oil of Iraq, Ahmed Jihad, reports TASS, notes that before the construction of the pipeline oil is sent by road tankers.


The number of victims of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala increased to 25

The death toll from the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala on Sunday increased to 25 people, a spokesman for the National Service for Disaster Reduction said. Earlier it was reported about seven dead and almost 300 wounded.

In Krasnoyarsk, the FSB detained 11 terrorist recruiters

In Krasnoyarsk, eleven members of a religious cell were detained, who were recruited into militants and organized a channel for their transfer to the terrorist groups of Syria and Afghanistan, the regional FSB department said.

The lawyer announced the initiation of the case after the robbery of Vyshinsky’s apartment

The police opened a criminal investigation into the robbery in Kiev of the apartment of the head of the portal “RIA Novosti Ukraina” Kirill Vyshinsky. This was “RIA Novosti” said his lawyer Andrei Domansky. He said that the police had completed the examination of the robbed apartment, confiscated evidence and interviewed the neighbors.

The Berlin police does not consider shooting in the cathedral as an act of terrorism

The Berlin police said they did not consider the shooting incident in the cathedral as a terrorist attack. This is said in the police tweet. The agency added that the suspected debaucher was a 53-year-old man.

Departed from Yakutsk the plane returned because of a technical malfunction

The Bombardier plane of the Yakutia airline, which flew from Yakutsk to Neryungri on Monday, returned to the airport of departure because of a technical malfunction, the airline said.

In Irkutsk doctors told about the state of the children affected by the fire

Irkutsk doctors continue to provide assistance to six victims of the Komsomol shopping center for children, their lives are not threatened, RIA Novosti reported a representative of the Ministry of Health of the region.

The number of bodies of migrants found off the coast of Tunisia has increased to 48

The number of bodies of migrants found by rescuers after the boat crash off the coast of the province of Sfax in the southeast of Tunisia has increased to 48. Such data are reported by the Reuters agency, referring to the authorities of the republic.

In Yakutia, the river completely flooded the village

The Yana River in Yakutia, where the ice breaks, has completely undermined the village of Ust-Jansk, evacuation of the population is proceeding, KSU “Rescue Service of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)” informs on Monday.

Former footballer Arsenal robbed porters of the Moscow airport

The police detained two loaders of the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, who stole eleven thousand dollars from a British citizen, said the official representative of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Irina Volk

Open burning in the shopping center in the Moscow region of Ivanteevka is liquidated

Open burning in the shopping center “Antoshka” in the Moscow region of Ivanteevka was liquidated, the TASS was told on Sunday in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Moscow region.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt changed their mind about divorcing

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made it up and changed their mind about getting divorced. At least, American tabloids claimed this, referring to proven sources.

The beaten up Nastasya Samburskaya returned to the Instagram

A month after the publication of the photo on the hospital bed, the actress and TV anchor Anastasia Samburskaya published a new photo.

According to her, all this was just an “experiment”, as a result of which she wanted to understand how long she could live without Instagram.

“Friends, it was my social experiment, I wanted to understand how much I can live without instagram.” I got the answer-I can. “Nothing has changed in my work and employment (so all the comments about the govno actress from the instagram are stuck fucking, govnoaktrisa I and without instagrama ), there was not a change in the flow of money (not so much advertising I give.) Only the distribution of time has changed, it has become more for those who are near and on whom it is most lacking – for my beloved person, my friends, I must tell you – life is what happens outside the page instagr ama “, – she wrote (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

“Sausage in cellophane”: Kardashian put on a fully transparent dress

Contrary to the custom, fans did not appreciate such a frank image of reality star. Subscribers compared this dress with food film.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite frightened the fans with a sickly thinness

Famous actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite walked along the red carpet as part of the opening ceremony of the Kinotavr festival in Sochi. It is reported that the actress came out in a modest, but elegant black dress with open shoulders.

Oleg Gazmanov teaches his sons how to reproduce correctly

Oleg Gazmanov admitted that he and his wife Marina are already dreaming about their grandchildren, but the heirs of the artist are not in a hurry to please their parents. Rodion and Philip have very different priorities and passions, although Gazmanov does not deny that he personally began to tell his sons where the children are coming from.

Dancing drunk Buzovoy in the bath confused subscribers

The intoxicating drink sparked the star and she started dancing, which, according to the subscribers, is more like a shamanic ritual. Dancing drunk Buzovoy in the bath clearly embarrassed subscribers. Criticism was once again subjected to the figure of the artist.

The wife of Igor Nikolaev went on stage in a “drunken” form

Fans Julia Proskuryakova yesterday could see her in an unusual role. 35-year-old wife of Igor Nikolaev very confidently played a woman suffering from alcoholism, in the play “Stars in the morning sky.”

Jennifer Aniston noticeably younger after the divorce from Justin Teru

Divorced Aniston significantly younger after she broke up with her ex-husband Justin Theroux, network users said. Many fans noted the excellent figure, the lack of wrinkles and generally a great view of the artist.

Tom Cruise performed a dangerous stunt for the film “Mission Impossible”

As a rule, dangerous stunts in films are performed by stuntmen. However, Hollywood star Tom Cruise decided to move away from this rule and performed one of the extreme elements – the jump from the parachute – on his own. According to the creators of the film, the actor several times had to jump out of the plane with a parachute.

The Grand Prix of Intermuseum was awarded to the State Museum of the History of the Gulag

The Grand Prix of the competition of the XXth International Intermuseum Festival was the State Museum of the History of the Gulag, which received a grant of 700 thousand rubles. This became known during the solemn ceremony on the main stage of pavilion 75 of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements on Sunday.

The Shanghai Film Festival in 2018 will become more “silk”

The Shanghai International Film Festival 2018 has already accepted more than 3,400 applications from 108 countries and regions, reports Xinhua News Agency on June 3. The organizers will pay special attention to the films of the countries participating in the Chinese initiative of the New Silk Road.

Helena Bonham Carter will spoil the life of James Bond in the new film

Helena Bonham Carter is in talks on filming a new, as yet unnamed, James Bond film. As reported by Mirror with reference to the insiders, it can play the main villain.

A new teaser of the fantastic movie “Something for nothing” was released

A new teaser of the Russian fantastic cybernuar “Something for nothing” has appeared. Director and producer Alexei Talyzin is working on a painting based on the work of Robert Shackley with the same name for several years – on the bare enthusiasm and crowdfunding

Zhorik Vartanov returns to the screens

In the frame, Michael Galustian and the famous Stavropolian Semyon Slepakov discuss the image of a quick-tempered character. A series of new humorous projects will be available only to Internet users.

Petrov-Vodkin in the Russian Museum

In the building of Benois of the State Russian Museum there is an exhibition “Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin. To the 140th anniversary of his birth “. Presented more than 200 paintings and drawings from the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, other Russian museums and private collections. If we consider that the last great personal exhibition of the artist, who seemed to be the most classic artist, was held in Leningrad and Moscow forty years ago, then this is an extraordinary event. Our ignorance of Petrov-Vodkin was surprised by Kira Dolinin.

Formally, this is a very formal exhibition: even the governor of Poltavchenko arrived on the opening, having never been to the artistic opening days. But Petrov-Vodkin is not Serov and Aivazovsky at all. There are no special lines, the doors will not be demolished, and despite all the assurances of the governor in the eternal value of this art, you will not hear any victorious fanfare here.


Scientists: The abundance of fruits in the diet leads to obesity

Scientists say that the abundance of various fruits in the diet leads to imminent obesity. It turned out that the fructose contained in them contributes to the appearance of intra-abdominal fat in humans.

Seven cups of tea a day increase the risk of cancer by 50%

“Men who drank seven or more cups of tea a day had a 50% higher risk of getting sick than men who drank three or fewer cups a day,” the researchers said.

Scientists have created a “nervous system” for robots

Scientists from South Korea and the United States created a “nervous system” for robots. With its help, cars can feel the touch. The system is a sensor, which is placed under the “skin” of robots.

Scientists have discovered a new branch of the influence of nicotine on the brain

It is known that nicotine exerts a detrimental effect on the body, interacting with receptors in certain types of cells. In general, the effect occurs on the ventral tegmental region (VTA).

In a new study, research workers demonstrated that nAChRs receptors at the functional level are expressed in VUT glutamate neurons. Scientists also showed the previously unknown role of these elements in providing interrelation with VTA.

The results of the scientific work add to the understanding of how acetylcholine functions normally in the central organ of the central nervous system. This fundamental process can be important for the active transmission of dopamine signals.

Scientists have found a link between the level of serotonin and patience

Researchers from OIST have managed to find a relationship between the patient’s patience and the level of serotonin in his body. Conclusions were made by studying the behavior of mice. Japanese scientists have conducted an interesting experiment on the patience of mice in order to obtain a reward.

Vitamin-mineral supplements proved to be useless for the heart

The most popular vitamin and mineral supplements do not bring our health neither significant harm nor benefit


The first reusable return rocket in Russia will be tested in 2022

At present, the pre-design work has already been completed: the project of the Baikal reusable accelerator is taken as a basis. And the tests of the first reusable space rocket of domestic production are scheduled for 2022, RIA Novosti reported.

Launch vehicle Falcon 9 launched in Florida with satellite SES-12

Launch vehicle Falcon 9 started in Florida with a satellite SES-12 from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral. The start was given at 7.45 Moscow time on Monday, June 4. The live broadcast was conducted by SpaceX.

The Soyuz rocket with the 2018 World Cup symbols was placed on the launch pad

The Soyuz-FG rocket, which is to be launched on Wednesday to the trajectory of flight to the International Space Station, the Soyuz MS-09 ship with a crew of three was installed on the launch pad, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

The Japanese probe is at the final stage of the flight to the Ryuga asteroid

In turn, China in May successfully launched the satellite retransmitter “Quetziao” for the lunar mission “Chang’e-4.”

The astronomer found a mysterious object brighter than the Sun at 570 billion times

The astronomer found a mysterious object brighter than the Sun. This became known today, after scientists have determined the coldest place in the universe. The detected object is brighter than the Sun in 570 billion times

Astrophysicists found the coldest place in the universe

Astrophysicists from NASA, together with the staff of the Chalmers Technical University and a group working with the ALMA Observatory located in Chile, were able to investigate in greater detail the Boomerang Nebula, located in the constellation Centauri, about 5,000 light years from Earth.

Now, according to astrophysicists, the temperature of the nebula, nicknamed “Boomerang”, is – 272 degrees Celsius, despite the fact that absolute zero is expressed in terms of – 237 degrees. The results of his research on the discovery of the coldest place in the Universe specialists intend to publish in the scientific edition of The Astrophysical Journal.

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