23 May, 2018

Russia adopted a law on counter-sentences

Deputies of the State Duma adopted in the third reading a law on counter-sentences against the United States and other unfriendly states. The document gives the Cabinet and the President the right to introduce restrictive measures against foreign countries, while sanctions will not affect vital goods that are not produced in Russia.

In total, the bill contains six measures of influence that can be used by our authorities. In addition to the embargo, it is:

  • The possibility of terminating international cooperation between the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities in cooperation with unfriendly foreign states or with organizations under their jurisdiction;
  • Prohibition or restriction on export from Russia of products and (or) raw materials by unfriendly organizations. The measure is completely analogous to that which allows a restriction on the importation of products or raw materials;
  • Prohibition or restriction on performance of works and rendering of services for maintenance of the state and municipal needs, and also needs of legal persons;
  • Citizens and companies associated with unfriendly organizations may be prohibited from participating in the privatization of Russian property. Russia and its legal entities may terminate cooperation with foreign states and companies;
  • Other measures proposed by the President of the Russian Federation. This is the broadest point of the current version of the bill. Assume what ideas can be hidden behind it. Perhaps, only the Russian president knows about this.

Briefly about the main thing ……


Macron and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia discussed the Middle East

French President Emmanuel Macron and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed ibn Salman Al Saud held a telephone conversation. This is reported on the website of the head of state

New York State Attorney General for the first time became a woman

The prosecutor general of the US state of New York was the 73-year-old Barbara Underwood. This is reported on the agency’s website. The Underwood candidacy was approved by the state legislature.

Nicholas Maduro expelled two US diplomats

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro declared persona non grata two American diplomats in response to new US sanctions.

I declare the US Chargé d’affaires in the affairs of the US persona non grata and demand that he leave the country within 48 hours. – Nicholas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

Trump commented on the information about the FBI surveillance behind his staff

US President Donald Trump said that if the FBI surveillance for his campaign headquarters in 2016 will be proved, it will be a disgrace for the whole country

Meeting with Zuckerberg disappointed the deputies of the European Parliament

A number of European parliamentarians who participated on Tuesday in the hearings with Mark Zuckerberg were disappointed with his answers, expressing the opinion that the head of Facebook could not convince them of the desire and the company’s opportunities to change the functioning of the social network

President of Bulgaria invited Putin to visit his country

President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Bulgaria on an official visit. He told journalists about this after the talks with the Russian leader.

I will not go into issues of an economic nature, I will only note that last year we observed an increase in turnover, which we can not but rejoice. But we have much more opportunities than what we are doing today, and what we have achieved. – Vladimir Putin

WSJ: US proposed EU to reduce steel and aluminum exports by 10%

As noted, the second proposal has a different mechanism for introducing tariffs on metals. However, it will also reduce the supply of aluminum and steel from the EU to the US by 10%. According to the source, the European Union regards the possible introduction of a quota of 90% of exports as an illegal step.

The anti-Iranian sanctions list of the United States is expanding

The US Finance Ministry introduced five Iranian citizens on the sanctions list on May 22, the ministry said.

“It will be easier for everyone”: the head of Yekaterinburg Roizman resigns

The resignation of Yevgeny Roizman will not prevent the adoption of amendments to the charter of Yekaterinburg, providing for a change in the appointment scheme of the head of the city and the abolition of the post of city manager.

This contradicts the interests of Yekaterinburg, the interests of residents and is a direct deception of people. Therefore, today’s meeting is closed. And I declare to you that I do not want to take part, I resign. You will be so calmer, it will be more honest. – Evgeny Roizman, Russian politician

Pence announced the willingness of Trump to refuse to meet with Kim Jong-Eun

“It would be a big mistake for Kim Jong-un to think that he can play with Donald Trump,” the vice president said.

Previously, the American media reported on the concerns of Donald Trump regarding the meeting with Kim Jong-no.

Germany’s prosecutor’s office insists on extraditing Puchdemon to Spain

Earlier, the German court decided to release Puchdemon for freedom on bail of € 75 thousand. On April 3, the German prosecutor’s office asked for an arrest warrant for Puchdemon for extradition to Spain. Carles Puchdemon was detained on the border of Germany and Denmark on March 25, when he was on his way to Belgium.

Kudrin: Well, what qualitative indicators need to be assessed?

The task of the Accounts Chamber is to control the execution of the budget. The State Duma approved Kudrin as head of the Accounting Chamber on Tuesday, May 22.

At the same time, control should be not only quantitative, but also qualitative. In this part, we need to improve and standards of control and audits, including in conjunction with budget mechanisms. This is not a simple methodological task, we need to understand what qualitative indicators need to be assessed. – Alexei Kudrin, Russian public figure


Israel struck air strike on Gaza Strip

The Israeli Air Force struck a missile strike on the Gaza Strip. In particular, the sea port and objects of the Islamist movement Hamas were attacked, RIA Novosti reports. It is noted that as a result of the impact one boat was burnt.

“Yuri Dolgoruky” successfully launched four “Bulava”

The submarine cruiser “Yuri Dolgoruky” successfully launched four ballistic missiles “Bulava” from the White Sea on the Kura test range in Kamchatka, the press service of the Northern Fleet reported. It is noted that the firing took place from underwater position.

Javelin missile systems launched for the first time in Ukraine

The first tests of American Javelin missile systems took place in Ukraine, the presidential press service reported.

At last this day has come! Today, for the first time in Ukraine, launches of Javelin missile systems took place. Thanks to them, the combat capabilities of the APU have grown significantly. This is a very effective defensive weapon, which is used in the event of an offensive by the Russian Federation on the position of Ukrainian troops. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

British military aircraft conducted reconnaissance at the western borders of Russia

A strategic reconnaissance aircraft of the British Royal Air Force RC-135W, capable of conducting electronic reconnaissance to a large depth of the enemy’s territory, on Tuesday made a long flight near the Kaliningrad, Pskov and Leningrad regions, follows from the monitoring data of Western aviation resources.

Israel was the first in the world to use in combat the fifth-generation F-35 fighter

Israel was the first in the world to use the American fighter-bomber of the fifth generation F-35 in combat, said commander of the Air Force (Air Force) Amikam Norkin. “We were the first in the world to use the F-35 in a combat situation for attack purposes,” – quotes RIA Novosti Norkin.

We were the first in the world to use the F-35 in combat situations for attack purposes. – Amikam Norkin, Israeli Major General

Engineers will receive three robotic complexes in 2018

Robots Scarab, Sphere and Uran-6 will be supplied to the military engineers, all of them have been tested in Syria. Robotic complexes “Uran-6”, “Sphere” and “Scarab” will go to the engineering troops in 2018. This was announced by the commander-in-chief Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitsky.

Artificial intelligence will defend the UK

The early Russian armed forces reported that they were also starting to create artificial intelligence. This will become one of the main tasks of the new army technopolis “Era”. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu urged military and civilian scientists to join forces in the development of AI.


Rosstat enriched Russian citizens

The real disposable income of Russians in April 2018, according to preliminary data, increased in annual terms by 5.7%, and by March 2018 – by 4.7%, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported.

Putin ordered the creation of the organization “Russia is a country of opportunities”

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of the non-profit organization “Russia is a country of opportunities”. The corresponding document is posted on the official portal for the publication of legal information.

The decree notes that the new organization is needed “in order to create conditions for increasing social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-realization of citizens.”

The Office of the President must become the founder of the NCO, the budget should provide financial assistance to it. In addition, it will be funded through voluntary contributions and donations.

The management of the organization in accordance with the decree should be appointed by the presidential administration, which will also supervise its activities. Registration of “Russia – Country of Opportunity” will be held within a month.

Booking falls under the sanctions of Russia

The head of a large tour operator for domestic and incoming tourism, Sergei Voitovich wrote an open letter to the Ministry of Culture of Russia “on considering the possibility of including in the package of counter-sanctions (restrictive measures) Booking Holdings (aggregator of hotel rooms Booking.com).”

“For many Russian hotels, the Booking.com sales channel remains the only site, thus the lion’s share of individual bookings – more than 70% – in hotels in Russia is controlled by an American corporation that can store and analyze tourist data,” Voitovich wrote.

Became known the conditions for obtaining a British visa Abramovich

The British authorities are demanding that the Russian businessman and owner of London “Chelsea” disclose the origin of his financial condition, Tass reports. According to The Guardian, the application for renewal of the visa is pending.

Putin asked to check the mass locks of Roskomnadzor

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev suggested to check the actions of Roskomnadzor in the event of mass blocking. As the TASS informs, the Prosecutor General’s Office should act as a controller of damage from access restrictions.

In Sochi, switched off daytime broadcasting of television and radio because of World Cup 2018

The Krasnodar Radio and Television Broadcasting Center limited the broadcasting of TV channels and radio stations in Sochi from 21 to 31 May on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00 because of the preparatory work for the World Cup.

RZD plans to create “black lists” for brawlers in trains

RZD proposed to create a black list for railroad brawlers. This was reported in an interview with “RIA Novosti” company’s general director Oleg Belozerov. According to him, passengers hooliganing on trains will be listed for a year, after which the restrictions will be lifted.

Proposals have been prepared, but there are a number of nuances that must be taken into account. Sometimes rail transport is the only mode of transportation, and the person has no other alternative. The carrier can not refuse the passenger in this case. Such moments need to be legislated. – Oleg Belozerov, Russian statesman

Railways will launch a project to transport children with a guide

The project to accompany children older than 10 years will be launched on trains that depart from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This May 22, said the director of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov. According to the project, a child over the age of ten will be able to travel on a train without adults.

The court recognized as lawful the refusal to accept the claim of Telegram users to the FSB

The Moscow City Court dismissed the complaint about the refusal of the Meshchansky Court to accept a collective claim by 35 Telegram users with a request to declare illegal the actions of the FSB, which requires the messenger to provide keys for decoding messages.

Sobyanin promised to double the subsidy for the installation of barriers in yards

The subsidy for the installation of barriers in Moscow’s districts will be doubled – up to 100 thousand rubles, and all regions of the capital will receive the right to receive such subsidies, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.

They made a decision: to increase the size of the subsidy in half – from 50 to 100 thousand rubles. for each barrier; to extend the right to receive subsidies for the installation of barriers to all areas of Moscow. Let the inhabitants of each court decide for themselves whether they need barriers or not. If they decide what is needed, the city will help with money. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian politician

Rospotrebnadzor checked Turkish hotels

Rospotrebnadzor during the inspection of Turkish hotels on May 14-17 found that compared to the previous year in Turkey, additional measures were taken to combat the emergence and spread of infections among tourists, according to the website of the agency.

Top-manager of Sberbank called the turn in the division “great value”

The first deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank Maxim Poletaev called the turn in the branch of the credit institution “great value”, which helps the bank directly work with the client. This is reported by Interfax with reference to the statement of the top manager of Sberbank.

The State Duma adopted a draft law on the protection of personal data of children

The State Duma at the plenary meeting on Tuesday adopted in the first reading a draft law that establishes that the processing of personal data of children can be carried out only with the consent of their legal representatives (parents).

The State Duma rejected a bill on the issuance of a driver’s license from 16 years

Deputies of the State Duma during the meeting rejected in the first reading the draft law on allowing citizens from the age of 16 to obtain a driving license and drive a car under the supervision of an experienced driver. The draft law proposes introducing youth national driver’s licenses.

The Government of Canada spent more than $ 24 million on advertising in social networks

The Government of Canada has spent over the past 2.5 years more than $ 24 million on publications, videos and advertising campaigns on social networks Facebook and Instagram. This is written by the publication Globe and Mail.

Metropolitan Theodosius and Kerch consecrated the Crimean bridge

Metropolitan Theodosius and Kerch Platon consecrated the Crimean bridge, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the director of the scientific and educational center “Center for Marine Research and Technology” Dmitry Tatarkov.

Where is the fun, free in Russia?

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra retained the leading positions in the socio-economic ranking of Russian regions in 2017, the number of regions showing positive dynamics of economic indicators has increased, according to the results of a study commissioned by RIA Novosti, rating agency “RIA Rating” media group MIA “Russia Today” to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum-2018.


Kabaeva was published in a dress with the emblem of Russia on her chest

Former gymnast Alina Kabaeva was first published in the last time. Ex-sportswoman and public figure visited the festival of rhythmic gymnastics bearing her name. For the event, she decided to choose a patriotic outfit – a white, colorful dress with a large Russian coat of arms on her chest.

CNN: singer R Kelly accused of harassment

A US resident sued Manhattan for a lawsuit against American musician and singer R Kelly (real name – Robert Sylvester Kelly), accusing him of harassment and sexual violence. This was reported on Tuesday by CNN.

“The Goddess of Hypa” Shurygin turned to the Song of Songs

Scandalous Shurygin turned to Buzovaya in a new song: “Woman, move on”

During a short video Diana in the recording studio allegedly reads rap. She calls herself “the goddess of HYIP” and “a masterpiece of modern art”. At the same time, he declares that even Olga Buzova “mows down under her.”

Anna Kalashnikova has acquired luxury apartments in Spain

Actress and model Anna Kalashnikova decided to follow the fashion trend and acquired luxurious apartments abroad, where she and her family plan to spend all summer vacations.

Netflix users boycott service due to Barack Obama

Users of the online cinema Netflix have reacted ambiguously to the fact that the former president and first lady of the United States will produce television projects. Some of them threaten to boycott the company and cancel the subscription to the service, reports Business Insider.

Will Smith’s wife confessed that she is bald

The love for turbans, unexpectedly appeared in the wife of 49-year-old Will Smith, was not her stylistic find, but the result of the desire to hide the progressive baldness.

Absolutely naked Kim Kardashian pleased fans with frank photos

American star reality show, actress and model Kim Kardashian laid out in a social network photo, which she completely naked

Striptease on a children’s matinee

On the eve of Anastasia Volochkova visited with a charity children’s concert in Krasnodar, which she reported to her subscribers in Instagram. On the video footage of the performance, Anastasia dances on stage, surrounded by a children’s troupe, singing a song about a frog

The ballerina’s outfit angered the audience at the forefront. The dress of Volochkova turned out to be so short that the parents even covered the eyes of the kids, writes the site “Dni.ru.”

“This is a frank striptease! At 42, you can be smarter and more modest, “the audience whispered.

Poklonsky appealed to the head of the Investigative Committee because of the caricature of her

State Duma deputy Natalia Poklonskaya said that on Tuesday she sent a request to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin in connection with the refusal of Kamchatka investigators to bring a criminal case against the author of a cartoon about her.

Maybe, in someone’s “cultural norm” and fit, but absolutely not in accordance with Russian laws and entails criminal liability. I would like to believe that our law enforcement system is still able to stand up for justice. – Natalia Poklonskaya, Russian politician

The daughter of Madonna was criticized for her unshaven armpits

Photographing took place for the advertising campaign of the Converse and MadeMe collaboration. After the pictures were published on the Web, a flurry of criticism from users was poured onto Lourdes Leon. Her not the first time trying to be ashamed for extra hair, but the girl always ignored the attacks.

Quickly aged: 17-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhneva looks older than her mother

Sonia Kiperman has lived separately from his family in recent years, as he is educated in America. The other day the 17-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhneva shared with her followers in Instagram a new photo. Subscribers of the girl did not appreciate the photo, and also noted that Sonia looks older than her mother.

“The Star in Shock”: the dark past of Buzov’s boyfriend was revealed

Leading the “House-2” Vlad Kadoni uncovered compromising evidence on the participant of the show Roman Gritsenko, who has long been trying to win Olga Buzov. According to Vlad, Roma had previously performed a plastic surgery, and also engaged in an escort. Buzova was surprised to learn the facts hitherto unknown.

The official song of the 2018 World Cup will be played by Will Smith and Nicky Jam

American actor Will Smith and singer Nicky Jam are working on an official song for the 2018 World Cup, which starts in Russia on June 14. As Vibe writes, along with them the song will be performed by Albanian singer Era Istefi.

Nicky Jam – Diploma – Era of Istrefi – Will Smith. We have one life. Let’s live to the fullest. – Will Smith, American actor

In the Czech Republic will be a beer festival

Dozens of large factories and small breweries from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany will present varieties that are already loved by fans, and the latest innovations. Guests of the holiday will be able to take part in master classes from cooks and brewers, as well as listen to the entry of musicians.

“Casta” made a clip with Sergey Shnurov and Marina Kravets

Rostov rappers from the “Casta” band were marked by a new video for the song “At that end”

Charles Aznavour will resume world tour on June 30

Charles Aznavour postponed the date of the resumption of the world concert tour on June 30 in connection with the state of health. As reported on Tuesday by the agency AFP, the doctors advised the performer to wait with going on stage and continue the treatment.

Fanatka insulted rapper Kendrick Lamar during the performance

The admirer “offended” American rapper Kendrick Lamar during the performance, pronouncing the word “nigga”, which was the word of the song that the musician played. Video from the concert appeared on YouTube.

Singer Emin Agalarov told “OK” about shooting Trump in his clip

Singer Emin Agalarov, the founder of “Crocus”, the day before told “Odnoklassnikam” about how he persuaded Donald Trump to appear in his video. Also the musician answered questions of users and told about the development of his musical label “Heat”.

Former member of The White Stripes Jack White will perform in Moscow

October 1 at the club Adrenaline Stadium will perform a former member of The White Stripes Jack White, who is now engaged in a solo career, reports Colta.

The Hatters released a new clip “Outside from inside”

Previously, musicians released a video of Forever Young Forever Drunk, in which phenomena and objects that are significant for Russian culture (military chorus, cistern with kvass, balalaika and others) are shot against the background of typically American landscapes.

The first trailer of the movie “Mowgli” appeared on the web

The first trailer of the adventure film “Mowgli” from Warner Bros. appeared on the web

Kolokolnikov spoke about the fascination of Russian actors with cocaine

Yuri Kolokolnikov in the early 2000s tried his hand at Hollywood, but in the US his career did not work out. In Russia, the actor was shot in the television series “Children of Arbat”, films “Boomer-2”, “Demons”, “Intimate places” and others. He also starred in the American TV series “The Game of Thrones”.

Charlize Theron will play the role of a journalist who interviewed Putin

Theron will also play the role of journalist Megin Kelly, the same one who interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin in March this year. The film will show the development of the career of the girl from the beginning of her work on Fox News in 2004 and before leaving in 2017.

Nicholas Winding Refn published and removed the teaser of his series

Nicholas Winding Refn in his Twitter account published a teaser-trailer of the existential-neonuural series “Too old to die young.” Soon the post with the video was deleted, instead of it there was an entry of the following content: “I hope you saw it, because you do not see it anymore”

The Central Bank of Russia may prohibit the stars from advertising banks

The Central Bank of Russia will consider the proposal to prohibit the participation of prominent persons in advertising of banking services, said first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin, answering questions during the consideration of the annual report of the Bank of Russia in the State Duma.

The authorities prepared a “reset” for small businesses

One window for all the Ministry of Economic Development proposes to create a network of centers under the brand “My Business” (in Moscow, similar centers of public services for citizens “My Documents”) in the Russian regions to provide support and services to small and medium-sized businesses on a “one-stop shop” principle.

Olga Tokarchuk became the winner of the International Booker Prize

The Polish writer and poet Olga Tokarchuk became the laureate of the International Booker Prize in 2018. This was reported to TASS by the organizing committee after the announcement of the winner at the ceremony in the London Museum of Victoria and Albert.

In St. Petersburg show the opera in the toilet

In the Northern capital will be held the festival “Access Point”, within the framework of which the performance “The Three-Horn Opera” will be shown in the staged women’s room

The Guardian: Robbie Williams will sing a song about Russian oligarch at SPIEF

The publication notes that Williams will headline at SPIEF’s “most chic party” in St. Petersburg and sing a song about the Russian oligarch “Party like a Russian” for elite guests. Earlier this song was criticized in Russia for insulting stereotypes and xenophobia.

The first festival of Japanese culture “Matsuri” opens in Yakutsk

The first festival of Japanese culture “Matsuri” opens in Yakutsk on Wednesday with the support of the General Consulate of Japan in Khabarovsk within the framework of the Year of Russia and Japan. This was reported by TASS, the head of the department for external relations of Yakutia Vladimir Vasilyev


The state of the Russian economy was called catastrophic

The majority of Russian businessmen – 76 percent – assess the current state of the country’s economy as catastrophic, according to the results of the VTsIOM poll. In 2017 the share of dissatisfied was 80 percent

New York Stock Exchange first headed by a woman

Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Stacey Cunningham will be the first woman to lead her over 226 years of history.

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on the digital economy

The State Duma at the plenary session on Tuesday adopted in the first reading a bill that proposes to introduce the concept of “digital law”, “digital money” and other definitions in the field of the digital economy into the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The State Duma will find out from the government the reasons for the rise in fuel prices

The Committee on Energy of the State Duma will ask the government of Russia for information on the reasons for the increase in fuel prices this year, as well as on measures taken to prevent price increases, RIA Novosti reports.

Russia for 4 months increased coal production and reduced oil production

Russia in the first four months of 2018 increased coal and gas production and reduced oil production.

The prices for gasoline have grown significantly in the Volgograd region

In Volgograd, the most expensive price of gasoline brand AI-98. From 48.30 per liter, he went up by 1 ruble. Since May 21, the price of gasoline in Volgograd brand AI-98 has become 49.30 per liter, the “Volgograd Notepad” correspondent was told in the press service of Volgogradstat for the region

US increases export of liquefied gas

Procurement will begin after the introduction of the new gas terminal Venture Global LNG in Cameron Parrish in Louisiana on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The terminal will begin operation in 2022, its capacity will be 10 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year

Binbank and Otkritie reported deals with signs of withdrawal of assets

The temporary administrations of the rehabilitated PSB, FC Otkritie and BIN Bank filed applications with the law enforcement agencies, which speak of transactions with signs of withdrawal of assets worth about 239 billion rubles. On this, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, said in the State Duma deputy head of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev

Overdue debts of enterprises of the Russian Federation in March grew by 10.9%

Overdue accounts payable of Russian enterprises and organizations in March 2018 grew by 10.9% compared to February, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) reported on Tuesday.

The source spoke about the last tranche of the loan for Greece

Greece will receive in June the last tranche of the loan in the framework of external financial assistance. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the source. “In June there will be the last tranche,” the source said.

The Central Bank attracted 2.775 trillion rubles from banks

May 22, 2018, Russian banks placed on deposits in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 2.775 trillion rubles, which corresponds to the limit proposed by the regulator. At the same time, the banks’ proposal exceeded the limit by 325 billion rubles.

“Sberbank” sells one of the largest banks in Turkey

One of the largest banks in the UAE Emirates NBD will buy 99.85% of the Turkish “daughter” of Sberbank Denizbank for 14.61 billion Turkish liras ($ 3.18 billion). The Russian state bank informed about the signing of the corresponding binding agreement.

The US intends to occupy a fifth of energy imports in China

The import of oil from Russia to China last year was 60 million tons, gas – just over 600 million cubic meters. m, and coal – 25.3 million tons. Of the US, only liquefied natural gas was supplied to the Chinese market – about 2 million tons (just under 3 billion cubic meters). Based on average prices for coal, oil and gas for 2017, China purchased energy products for $ 211 billion.

Rostelecom to buy Solar Security for 1.5 billion rubles

“Rostelecom” will acquire 100% of the developer of systems for information security Solar Security, said at a press conference, the operator’s president Mikhail Oseevsky. According to him, the transaction amount will be 1.5 billion rubles.

Automobile fuel in Ufa for five years has risen in price by almost 40%

According to the publication of the publication UfaTime.ru, in May 2013, one liter of gasoline AI-92 at the gas station Lukoil cost 28.25 rubles, the AI-95 – 31.6 rubles, a liter of diesel fuel – 32 rubles, and now the gasoline “AI-92” costs 40.35 rubles (growth – 42.8%), AI-95 – 43.99 rubles (plus 39.2%), diesel fuel – 43.9 rubles (plus 37, 2%).

The world flooded virtual oil

All these oil price hikes are almost unrelated to the production or consumption of oil and are taking place in the virtual world of oil traders, says Igor Yushenkov, a leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund.

“We must clearly distinguish between real and oil prices” paper “. Prices for the first are the same spots, that is, how much the buyer pays to the supplier at the time when oil is poured into the tanker at the terminal. Futures are an imaginary price for oil, and this price is determined not by the amount of oil produced and sold, but almost entirely by the psychological background on a particular exchange, “he explained to Ridus, how to understand messages from oil exchanges.

If we calculate the amount and volume of futures contracts on these exchanges, it turns out that the world simply does not produce as much real oil. But traders do not need real oil: more than 95% of all such transactions never reach the delivery of real fuel, the expert points out.

The US extended the deadline for completion of transactions with the GAZ Group until October 23

The US Treasury extended the deadline for completion of transactions with the GAZ Group until October 23, 2018, the agency said. Earlier, US citizens had to complete the existing contracts and cease interaction with the company before June 5

Donald Trump until November will offer a new tax cut

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that he would propose a new tax cut by November. To do this, he will meet with Kevin Brady, chairman of the US Congressional Budget Commission, which deals with tax policy. The president did not provide any details, reports Reuters.


Cleanliness in the house leads to a serious illness

Scientists from the London Cancer Research Institute linked the degree of house purity with the development of oncology in children. It turned out that excessive sterility destroys bacteria useful for immunity. Materials of the study appeared in the publication Nature Reviews Cancer.

Samsung will open in Moscow a center for the study of artificial intelligence

Samsung Electronics opens in May three centers for the study of artificial intelligence in Cambridge, Toronto and Moscow, the company said. On Tuesday, the company opened an artificial intelligence center in Cambridge

X5 tests “chameleon tags” to identify stale products

Retailer X5 Retail Group in the near future will begin testing for stale products “tag-chameleons” – they will help to understand whether the temperature regime was observed when storing the goods. For example, when defrosting, the label will change color, the company said.

Scientists: High temperature increases immunity

Scientists from the Universities of Manchester and Warwick have proved by mathematical modeling that high body temperature increases immunity.

The songs helped the Malyurovs of different species find a common language

American ornithologists have studied the vocal communication of two species of Malurus, songbirds inhabiting Australia, and found that they can easily distinguish by singing representatives of another species living in the same territory from those who live in the neighborhood.

Fossils of a relative of sweet potato, aged 56 million years, were found in India

In India, scientists discovered 17 leaf prints of three species of vaginal species unknown to science. They were found in sediments of the late Paleocene. These plants belonged to the genus of the morning glory, to which also the sweet potato is also included.

The hydrogel helped to remove the adhesive tape from the pictures without damage

Italian chemists used hydrogel based on water-organic microemulsions to restore images to pictures and drawings made on paper that were preserved with adhesive tape.

Lasers can make computers a million times faster

Scientists from the University of Michigan (USA) and the University of Regensburg (Germany) have proved that lasers can make modern computers a million times faster. Development is sanctified by the publication Nature.

Cosmonaut’s brain will retain molecular “blende”

Scientists from the University of California in San Francisco (USA) have found a way to keep the cosmonauts brain during interplanetary flights. It turned out that the molecular “deception” could become a panacea.

The Internet does not interfere with the productivity of people – psychologists

It turned out that other types of counterproductive behavior, other than Internet surfing, do not correlate with the workload. As the researchers noted, aimless use of the Internet at work can positively influence productivity, allowing to cope with boredom and stress.

The brain after a stroke can now be restored

Scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles in their work clearly showed that the hydrogel developed by them returns the neurons lost after the stroke. Stroke and other neurodegenerative diseases impose irreversible effects on the brain.

The gel is based on hyaluronidase, a group of enzymes that break down mucopolysaccharides, and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), a family of extracellular zinc-dependent endopeptidases that destroy all types of extracellular matrix proteins. These and other molecules in the gel suppress inflammation and stimulate the growth of blood vessels

Elastic conductor taught to create new conductive paths in place of damaged

The researchers, led by Carmel Majidi of the Carnegie Mellon University, created an elastic and conductive material that can withstand severe damage, restoring its conductivity.

CERN physicists closed the last gap in the study of the rarest neutrinos

Scientists from the OPERA project announced the discovery of the tenth conversion of a muon neutrino to a tau neutrino and closed the last gap in the study of their properties, accurately measuring a special “charge” that distinguishes tau neutrinos from tau antineutrinos. Their findings were published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

The NVIDIA system will allow robots to learn by watching a person

NVIDIA has developed a way to train robots to perform tasks, observing the actions of a person. The company has already managed to teach the robot Baxter to lift and move colorful bricks and a toy car in the laboratory


In California, launched Falcon 9 with five satellites

Launch vehicle Falcon 9 started in California with five telecommunications satellites Iridium NEXT and two satellites GRACE. The launch is broadcasted on the website of the company SpaceX. The launch vehicle was launched from the Vandenberg cosmodrome

Russia plans to create a global satellite communication system

It is planned that the created group will be able to provide complete coverage of the satellite surface of our planet

Scientists have discovered an x-ray pulsar

With the help of the NICER apparatus, which is located on the International Space Station, researchers have collected meaningful data. They found the pulsar IGR J17062-6143 (J17062), one of its features – strong X-ray radiation

Russia wants to attract Airbus to the creation of the satellite system “Ether”

Russia plans to attract the European company Airbus to the creation of a satellite system providing access to the Internet “Efir”, said at a conference in Moscow, deputy director of the company “Russian Space Systems” (RKS), Yevgeny Nesterov

Ilon Mask showed the manned ship Crew Dragon

It is assumed that after the completion of the main tests in August the ship will be delivered to Cape Canaveral for further tests. Crew Dragon is developed for 5 years, it is designed to deliver crews to the ISS.

Juno probe sent unique photos of Jupiter

The interplanetary probe Juno sent to Earth new images of the largest planet of the solar system – Jupiter, obtained in the “natural” color range during the last rapprochement. Unique high-resolution images have already been published by NASA.

Astronomers have found out how the satellites of Saturn have found the shape of a pelmeni

As a result, astronomers have found out that for the formation of a satellite in the form of pelmeni, which is relatively flat and has an equatorial belt, there must be a frontal collision of two objects having similar dimensions that move at speeds of about 10 meters per second.

Scientists have created a Darkness camera to search for extraterrestrials and exoplanets

The international group of astronomers and physicists created the Darkness camera, it will start searching for exoplanets and aliens. The device will provide an opportunity to identify objects that are conditionally suitable for living on them.

On the cold Mars, the colonialists will receive a heat stroke

German scientists have found that the human body under conditions of reduced gravity in a different way regulates body temperature. The less gravity, the more difficult it is to cool the body.

Flashes millions of years ago, supernovas changed life on Earth

Outbreaks of supernovae that occurred 2,5 and 8 million years ago relatively near the Earth, influenced the evolution of life. Depletion of the ozone layer led to a surge of mutations and, accordingly, the formation of new species.


Audi recalls more than 11 thousand cars in Russia

The German company Audi recalls more than 11 thousand cars in Russia because of problems with the equipment for the “ERA-GLONASS” system. We are talking about the Audi A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 models, sold in the period from 2017 to 2018.

In Russia, sales of the “black” special version of the pickup Mitsubishi L200

Japanese company Mitsubishi launches in Russia sales of a special version of its pickup L200 under the name of Blak Line. Its distinctive feature is the predominant black color in the exterior of the car. The minimum cost of this pickup is from 2.24 million rubles

In Moscow there will be an exhibition-auction of rare cars

From June 1 to June 6 in Moscow, in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val there will be an exhibition-auction “Rare cars”. As the press service of the Central House of Artists informs, more than 40 items of rare retro cars of both domestic and foreign brands will be exhibited.

The first electric Ford will be built on the Focus platform

The first electric car of Ford, now known as Mach 1, will be a crossover. This is reported by Autocar with reference to an unnamed source. The car will receive the CX430 index and will be built on the C2 platform, which uses the new Focus.

Volkswagen spoke about the design of the electric hatchback I.D

A capacious battery pack will allow the hatchback to travel on a single charge from 400 to 600 km of track. The estimated cost of the first production Volkswagen electric hatch in Europe will be 25,000 euros.

Ilon Mask called the timetable for the release of the budget Tesla Model 3

On the eve of Ilon Mask announced in his blog two-engine and “heated” modifications of Tesla Model 3. At the same time, the cost of the latter is 86 000 dollars, and this despite the fact that the “troika” was previously positioned as the cheapest model of the brand, but the price tag can not be called a budget

The first crossover Ferrari will go on sale earlier than planned

The Italian automaker Ferrari has moved the timing of the first crossover in its history and can release it earlier than planned – in the beginning or mid-2019. Earlier representatives of the company informed that the novelty will appear on the market not earlier than the end of 2019 – the beginning of 2020.

Citroen to unveil new C5 Aircross crossover at the end of May

Already on May 24, the presentation of the flagship crossover Citroen C5 Aircross, which will be sold in the EU market. Note that in the Chinese market this model is available since September 2017

DS will bring to the Paris Motor Show an electric crossover

The DS brand, part of the French PSA alliance, will present its first electric crossover in the fall of 2018 at the Paris Motor Show. This is reported by the publication Auto Express.

Restyling Kia Sportage is completely declassified in the photo

At the disposal of the western edition of Quattroporte were new spy photos of the restyling crossover Kia Sportage, which fully reveal the appearance of this model.

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