12 Мар, 2021

Russia approved a bill on «accidental» corruption

The Russian State Duma approved a bill on «accidental» corruption, it passed the first reading. It follows from the document that if anti-corruption norms were violated as a result of a confluence of external circumstances, then the official can be released from liability (not criminal). From the date of «termination of the circumstances beyond his control» he is given two months to correct the situation.

According to the authors of the bill, natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, as well as fires, mass diseases, strikes, hostilities, and terrorist acts, can make corruption «unintentional». In addition, «unintentional» corruption is possible under the conditions of restrictive measures introduced by the authorities, but it is not considered as such if the actions of the official himself led to it. A special commission will examine each specific case.

News digest for 03/11/2021

Opportunities for Russians for early retirement

The Government of the Russian Federation has expanded opportunities for early retirement for a number of professions. The corresponding decree was signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. According to the updated rules, the length of service of workers in a number of professions will include periods of training and receiving additional vocational education, which also include refresher courses.

The list of professions that will be affected by the changes include teachers, doctors, firefighters, pilots, rescuers, miners, locomotive crews, truck drivers, miners and other workers who are employed in difficult, dangerous and hazardous working conditions, for which employers pay additional pension insurance contributions.

The number of crimes on the Internet

Experts have calculated that the number of crimes committed in the field of information and telecommunication technologies in January of this year in the Russian Federation increased by 32% compared to the same period in 2020. RT, citing data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, reports that a total of 37.2 thousand such crimes were registered. At the same time, if in January last year the share of Internet crimes from the total number was 17.7%, now it has grown to 25%.

Putin signed a law to turn off mobile communications in prisons

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that makes it possible to disable mobile phone numbers of those serving sentences in prisons or those held in pre-trial detention centers.

The average speed of delivery of goods by rail in Russia 

The company said that freight trains in Russia are among the fastest in the world (48 km / h including acceleration and deceleration), and the speed of delivery of goods by rail in Russia is 18.8 km / h. According to Russian Railways, the speed drops due to delays at consignees and delays at the border

The Far East regional airline «Aurora» was created

The Sakhalin authorities bought 51% of its shares from Aeroflot for one ruble. By 2024, the companies will supply more than 45 Russian-made aircraft. The route network has also been determined — these are 535 directions, including 100 interregional and 435 local routes. They will connect 410 settlements of the Far East with each other. The purpose of creating a unified Far Eastern air carrier is to increase the transport accessibility of remote areas of the entire Far Eastern Federal District.

Aurus — now a motorcycle

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia presented a prototype of an electric escort motorcycle, created taking into account the requirements of the FSO. The power complex with a peak power of 140 kW operates smoothly and silently. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds.

The bill on «garage amnesty» is approved for the second reading, it is expected on March 16

  • the document implies granting citizens the right to state or municipal land on which they have installed garages before December 30, 2004
  • to issue papers for the garage, it is enough to submit one application, the local authorities will do the rest
  • disabled people will have the right to place a garage next to the house on a special site for free
  • «garage amnesty» will affect capital garages and cooperative-built «welded» metal garages — but will not affect «shells»
  • the law will take effect on September 1

The package on toughening the punishment for the rehabilitation of Nazism and insulting the veterans was approved for the II reading.

  • for public denial of the facts established by the Nuremberg Tribunal, and dissemination of knowingly false information about the role of the USSR in World War II and about veterans — up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 3 million rubles
  • for desecrating symbols of military glory and memory of defenders of the Fatherland or for public humiliation of veterans — up to 3 years in prison or a fine of up to 3 million rubles
  • if the crime was committed by a group by prior conspiracy or using the media and the Internet — up to 5 years in a penal colony or a fine of up to 5 million rubles.
  • Now these fines are a maximum of 500 thousand rubles, and there is no criminal punishment for insulting veterans.

Facebook announced the launch of a lite version of Instagram called Lite

In the new Instagram Lite, you can chat with other users through private messages, as well as record and post videos. You can also watch short Reels videos, but you cannot record them yourself. The app is available in 170 countries only for devices based on the Android operating system

Penalty for mentioning terrorist organizations without mentioning their ban or liquidation

The State Duma has prepared a bill that will introduce a fine for the media for mentioning terrorist organizations without a note about their ban or liquidation. If it is accepted, then citizens for violation will be fined 2-2.5 thousand rubles, officials — 4-5 thousand rubles, legal entities — 40-59 thousand rubles. In all cases, confiscation of the subject of the offense is envisaged.

Rogozin explained the purchase of a seat on the Soyuz for the NASA astronaut

The purchase of a new seat in a Russian spacecraft for a NASA astronaut is due to the low reliability of American manned spacecraft, said the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

«Their trampoline, apparently, works so-so. Flights to the ISS are not stable, and therefore there was an urgent need to hedge and send your boyfriend on our ship so as not to leave the station (their segment) unattended at all,» Rogozin wrote on your Facebook.

US Congress approves payment to residents due to pandemic

The US Congress approved a $ 1.9 trillion support plan for the American economy, under which most Americans will be paid $ 1,400 each. In addition to the $ 600 previously paid

Forbes spoke about the rush demand for Telegram bonds

According to Forbes, the demand among investors for Telegram bonds turned out to be «rush». One interlocutor of the publication said that the book of orders for bonds was oversubscribed twice and reached almost two billion dollars. According to the organizer of the placement, the book was re-signed three times

Yakut shaman will be left at the neuropsychiatric dispensary

The Supreme Court of Yakutia upheld the decision of the Yakutsk City Court on the involuntary hospitalization of Alexander Gabyshev, according to the «Legal Protection of the Postcard». The court also denied an independent forensic psychiatric examination for the shaman — in another medical institution.

Recall: for a new attempt to march on Moscow to «expel Putin» the shaman was forcibly placed in a mental hospital

The final charge was brought against Sergei Tikhanovsky.

According to the investigation, Tikhanovsky «openly called for violence against government officials and law enforcement agencies.» He faces up to 15 years in prison.

The head of Roscosmos spoke about flights to Mars, Venus and the Moon

Dmitry Rogozin, general director of the state-owned company Roscosmos, said that in the coming years, flights to Mars, Venus and the Moon will be implemented. He also noted that Roskosmos plans to build a large number of new rockets and spaceports.

Google intends to introduce tax for YouTube bloggers

Google intends to withhold taxes on the income of bloggers working on YouTube, including Russians, from June 2021. From the latter, the company threatens to automatically write off up to 24% in case of failure to provide information on income. This was reported by Kommersant with reference to the company’s statement, which was widespread among bloggers.

Disorders in providing hot meals to students

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation revealed violations in the provision of free hot meals to primary school students in 13 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The check of educational institutions was carried out after the appeal of Anna Kuznetsova, the children’s rights commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation. This was reported in the press service of the Ombudsman on Thursday.

The brain distorts memories so that a person can remember them better.

Scientists have conducted research on memory needed to develop tools for treating memory disorders. As it became known to «Region online», the researchers gathered a group of volunteers and gave them a memorization test. For this, two identical pictures were shown, which differed insignificantly in color. On the first day, the subjects only memorized, and on the second day, they had to remember.

It turned out that the human brain exaggerates the difference, which helps to better remember objects, — say the scientists who conducted the experiment, publishing its results in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Previously unknown toxin found in Tibellus spider venom

Scientists have conducted a study aimed at studying the venom of the common Tibellus narrow spider. As a result, they managed to find a previously unknown toxin in its composition.

Scientists have discovered a peptide that destroys cancer from the inside

Scientists from the United States have made a huge leap forward in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. They recently demonstrated a new method to destroy cancerous tumors from the inside. In the course of their research, scientists have shown using laboratory mice as an example that the iRGD peptide can accurately detect cancerous tumors, penetrate them and destroy them from the inside.

The theory of the origin of vertebrates is refuted

The new findings of paleontologists contradict the well-established opinion that the blind filtering larvae of modern lampreys — ammocetes — serve as a prototype of the early stage of development of all vertebrates. It turned out that fry of ancient lampreys are completely different from their modern counterparts, but rather resemble adults in miniature. Now scientists propose ostracoderms as the ancestors of vertebrate armored jawless fish. The research results are published in the journal Nature.

Bacteria can use quantum mechanics

According to Greg Engel, a professor of chemistry at the University of Chicago and lead author of the study, photosynthetic bacteria deliberately apply the rules of the quantum world to keep their photosynthetic systems from being damaged by oxygen. The point is, as the authors of the new scientific work clarify, about a real breakthrough in understanding the structure of life.

«Previously, scientists noticed quantum signatures arising in biological systems, so they wondered if this is a consequence of the fact that any biology is based on physical principles, or is it the result of the purposeful use of quantum effects by living organisms,» Engel said.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy M12 smartphone

Samsung has introduced a new smartphone with excellent battery life — Galaxy M12. It received a polycarbonate body with an unusual, grooved back panel design. Samsung Galaxy M12 4/64 GB will cost $ 150. And the 6/128 GB version was priced at $ 193.

Samsung bought from Nokia the right to use its technologies

Nokia announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Samsung. Now the South Korean company has the right to use Finnish technology in its future devices. It is reported that Samsung will pay a certain licensing fee, but the exact amount is not disclosed. In the same message, Nokia recalled that the company has been actively investing in research and development of new standards over the past decades. Over the past two decades, investments in this area have reached more than 129 billion euros.

ASUS has introduced a new line of gaming smartphones

On March 10, 2021, ASUS presented its new line of the famous series of gaming smartphones ASUS ROG Phone 5. It includes, as noted, three models at the same time: this is ROG Phone 5, as well as ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate.