6 Jul, 2018

Russia called for a sports boycott of the USA

On July 5, during a briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that international sports organizations be prohibited from holding sports events in the US because of Washington’s visa policy.

Until such a situation changes, we invite international sports federations to refrain from granting the USA the right to conduct competitions. You can not indulge that state, which clearly mixes sports and politics. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

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The consumer basket will lead to the norms of healthy nutrition

In order to improve the nation and improve the quality of life, the Ministry of Labor plans to reduce the number of cereals and flour. In the list by 2021 are planning to increase the amount of meat, fruits, vegetables and other useful products in the set.

The consumer basket includes a minimum set of food products, non-food products and services. The cost of the latter is not regulated and is calculated as half the cost of a set of products. Officials use the concept of the consumer basket when calculating the subsistence minimum, as well as in assessing food inflation.

As experts say, the price of a minimum set of products can rise by up to 30%.

The Ministry of Health predicted life expectancy in 2030

By 2030, the average life expectancy in Russia will rise from the current 73 to 80 years, said the main geriatrician of the Ministry of Health, MD, director of the Russian gerontological research center, Olga Tkacheva, to RIA Novosti.

In Rosobrnadzor commented on the results of a poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center on the USE

Zamglavy Rosobrnadzora Anzor Muzaev commented on the results of a poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center on a single state examination, stating that parents and schoolchildren have no critical remarks about the USE, and the system in its current form “works objectively and perfectly.”

According to a poll conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center, 77% of Russians reported a deterioration in the quality of schoolchildren’s knowledge after the introduction of the USE, as the students, in their opinion, are only “trained” to pass the tests.

Eastfac of the Moscow State University apologized to the Tretyakov Gallery for its employees

The administration of the historical faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University apologizes to the Tretyakov Gallery for the incorrect behavior of its employees and hopes that the incident will not affect the relationship between Moscow State University and the Tretyakov Gallery, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the university.

Earlier in the social networks there were negative reports of visitors to the gallery, in which they were told about their expulsion from the Tretyakov Gallery by the museum staff. Representatives of the museum took them for illegal guides in connection with the absence of a special badge.

On the cruiser “Aurora” an Orthodox church was opened

“On the cruiser” Aurora “began the work of the Orthodox church shrine, abolished in 1917,” – said in a statement of the press service of the Western Military District (ZVO). It is noted that the temple was restored from archival photographs and drawings.

In the Yakutsk UFSIN consecrated office cars

Assistant Chief of the UFSIN for work with believers, Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church, Father Michael held the rank of consecration of official cars.

Such an event is held in the institution for the first time. Upon his completion, Father Mikhail blessed those present for success in the service and wished a way in convoying convicts and persons held in custody to perform well.

Ministry of Transport demands to keep data of air passengers in Russia

The Ministry of Transport has developed and published a draft government decree “Requirements for an automated information system for processing air transportation.”

The document provides for the transfer from January 1, 2020 to the territory of Russia of computer complexes (servers) and database systems that provide booking and sale of domestic flights, passenger registration and mutual settlements. The provider of the booking system must also be registered in Russia. Control over the processing of personal data under the new rules will be assigned to Roskomnadzor.

It’s about inventory booking systems, in which airlines store data about all tickets – sold and not. On global distribution systems, through which agents and agent aggregates book tickets, the requirements do not apply.

For each booking provider of any of the systems receives a certain fee.

In the suburbs are planning to introduce a new benefit for pensioners

In the Moscow region are planning to introduce a new benefit for pensioners, the “360” TV channel reports. This was stated by the governor Andrei Vorobiev in Mosobldum. From September 1, residents of the region over 60 will be able to ride free of charge on the metro and other public transport in Moscow.

I must say that this is not an easy decision, there have been a lot of disputes and some of my colleagues in the government have objected, there are different arguments. But I accept this decision and ask you to support it. – Andrei Vorobiev, Russian politician

For Rostov public transport drivers will introduce a dress code

In Rostov, contractors claiming to serve urban routes must have not only the appropriate transport, but also drivers. The corresponding requirements are prescribed in the documents published on the site of public procurement.

So, under the terms of the contract, drivers should wear clothes and shoes that correspond to the business or semi-culinary style, or the uniform introduced by the carrier. In addition, “sportswear and beachwear are not allowed, including shorts, sports pants, beach slippers and room slippers.”

One more requirements, stipulated by the agreement, concern the behavior of drivers. They must comply with “generally accepted standards of conduct, namely: to be polite and friendly to passengers and persons exercising control over the work of passenger transport, to observe the culture of speech.”

Drivers will also be banned from smoking in the public transport.

Residents of the capital will be able to undergo a free oncological examination

According to the expert, in 74 polyclinics in Moscow from July 7 to September 22 from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon, residents will be able to undergo a free screening of the breast, ovaries and prostate gland. Medical institutions in 11 districts of the city will work according to the principle of “one district – one polyclinic”

On pensions of deputies of the State Duma

Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that parliamentarians in Russia will retire according to the current norm. Male deputies will stop working after 65 years, and their women colleagues after 63, reports Interfax.

Information on the size of pensions and salaries of deputies was published on the State Duma’s website. As it turned out, the average salary of deputies in 2018 is 388 thousand rubles, and the pension is 46.6 thousand rubles, if the parliamentarian has worked at least one or the spirit of convocations.

According to Rosstat, the average salary in Russia in May 2018 was 43 thousand 815 rubles, the average pension – 13 thousand 345 rubles.

Business Ombudsman Titov proposed to liquidate the Pension Fund

Authorized by the Russian president for business rights, Boris Titov proposed to completely abandon the Pension Fund of Russia and transfer its functions to the Federal Treasury, the correspondent of RBC reports.

Modern technologies allow, of course, do without such cumbersome, not always transparent organizations like the Pension Fund. – Boris Titov, Russian politician


Iran called Trump responsible for rising oil prices

President of the United States Donald Trump criticized OPEC the day before, calling the organization a monopolist. He said that the rise in prices was due to the actions of member countries.

The State Duma supported the completion of the oil tax maneuver

The deputies of the State Duma adopted in the first reading two bills introduced by the Russian government on the completion of the tax maneuver in the oil and gas industry. This is reported on the website of the lower house of parliament

Debts to “Tver Generation” exceeded 1.3 billion rubles

As of the end of June this year, the total debt to OOO Tverskaya Generatsiya exceeded the level of 1.3 billion rubles, with more than 70% being the arrears for the supplied heat energy to the population

Siemens announced the continuation of work with “Power Machines”

“Power Machines” in January this year fell under American sanctions. According to the “50% +” rule, the sanction restrictions apply to all companies in which the shareholder of the SDN List has a share of the control and higher. In “Siemens gas turbine technology,” “Power Machines” owns 35%, Siemens – 65%

EU countries supported the restriction of steel imports

The European Union countries supported temporary measures to limit steel imports, a representative of the European Commission said, Reuters reports. The commission proposed a combination of quotas and duties to prevent a sharp increase in steel imports against the backdrop of US duties.

Maternity capital makes it difficult to reduce the mortgage rate

Problems in refinancing mortgages taken from maternity capital were described by the president of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan in letters to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

Brazil bought wheat in Russia

Brazil for the first time in eight years, bought a batch of Russian wheat, reports Reuters, citing sources. According to their information, three plants in the northeast of Brazil bought 25 tons of wheat from the agroholding “Sodruzhestvo”. The interlocutors of the agency did not name the timing of wheat supplies.

Banks will be allowed to block operations in 2019

The Bank of Russia is preparing a legislative basis for the use of blockade technology in the calculations. The technology, which will be available next year, will speed up operations and reduce the costs of credit institutions


Extension of EU sanctions against Russia

The Council of the European Union decided to extend the economic measures against Russia until January 31, 2019. EU sanctions The EU imposed sanctions on Russia in 2014 after the return of the Crimea and against the backdrop of the situation in the Donbass.

Media reported on Poland’s plans to demolish 75 Soviet monuments

Most of the monuments are dedicated to Soviet soldiers who fell during the Great Patriotic War. As published by the newspaper Kommersant, the final decision on the demolition will be made by local authorities. Some of the listed monuments have already been dismantled.

Rowhani and Merkel discuss Iranian nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed a package of proposals by France, Germany and Britain to maintain a nuclear agreement with Tehran. This is reported on the website of the Iranian leader.

New measures of Britain against Russia

British Interior Minister Sajid Javid did not rule out taking new measures against Russia because of the incident in Amesbury, RIA Novosti reported.

Tymoshenko accuses Poroshenko of trying to disrupt the presidential election

The next presidential election in Ukraine is scheduled for March 31, 2019. During the martial law, elections can not be held in the country. Earlier, Tymoshenko claimed that she would run for president of Ukraine in 2019.

A deep negotiation process began with those who allegedly led the LDP, the NDP … Poroshenko wants to initiate the outbreak of a great war, he wants the territories of Ukraine to be seized, he wants everything to burn out so that the war diverges and goes to the highest level. – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian statesman

In Venezuela, they threatened to arrange the US “another Vietnam”

The chairman of the Constitutional Assembly of Venezuela, Diosado Cabello, threatened the US to arrange “another Vietnam” if the American leadership decides to invade the country. This is reported by the publication El Tiempo.

Radio Liberty fined one hundred thousand rubles

The world site of 423 Tverskoy Court of Moscow fined 100 thousand rubles “Radio Liberty”, which did not provide authorities with information in accordance with the status of “foreign agent”, told RIA Novosti press secretary of the Tver court of Moscow Anastasia Dziurko.

A new meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the head of the US state, Donald Trump, may meet in Switzerland, diplomatic sources said.

The DPRK is considering the possibility of a meeting in Switzerland and sent diplomats to Bern, Davos and Geneva for information on the availability of suitable conference rooms and hotels, Tass reports with reference to “Renhap.”

In addition to the bilateral meeting, negotiations with the participation of China and South Korea are possible.

China will apply to the WTO in response to new US fees

The Chinese authorities will be forced to retaliate in response to the introduction by the US government of new duties on Chinese imports totaling about $ 34 billion and intend to notify the World Trade Organization (WTO) about the situation.

The United States has added three citizens of Nicaragua to the “Magnitsky List”

The United States has added three representatives of Nicaragua to the Magnitsky list, RIA Novosti reports. The list included the president of the state oil company Petronic Jose Francisco Lopez, a high-ranking police officer and high-ranking official of the mayor’s office of the capital of this republic.

China and the situation around Iran

The Chinese authorities are in constant contact with the Arab countries on the aggravation of the situation around Iran, said Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong.

“China is in constant contact with the Arab countries on maintaining regional peace and stability, and the Iranian issue is often the subject of our discussion,” the Chinese diplomat quoted RIA Novosti as saying.

According to him, Beijing intends to continue to “play a constructive role” in the process of maintaining regional peace and stability.

The head of the British Interior Ministry accused the deputies of supporting the Russian media

“If members of parliament have common sense, they will understand that, especially after the second incident, the British public will not support them if they support the Russian president,” the Guardian newspaper quotes the minister as saying.


The Ministry of Defense of Russia called the number of unmanned aircraft

More than 1,900 unmanned aerial vehicles are currently in service with the Russian army. This was reported by the Chief of the Department for Construction and Development of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles System of the General Staff Major-General Alexander Novikov.

Russian Navy to conduct exercises with missile fire off the coast of Syria

Combat ships of the Russian Navy (Navy) will conduct exercises with missile fire in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria. This is reported by TASS with reference to the data in the international notification for pilots (NOTAM). The exercises will be held between the coast of Syria and the island of Cyprus on 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26 July

“Rain”: a new Russian PMC started fighting in Syria

An unnamed officer of the Defense Ministry told Rain that the patriots were paid more than in the Wagner PMC, which they associate with the “cook of Putin” Yevgeny Prigozhin

Lithuanian President urged to strengthen submarines with Patriot complexes

Patriot can be installed either in submarines or in the territory of the Baltic country, since NATO’s air defense in the region is inadequate and should be strengthened, the politician concluded.

Rearmament of the Missile Forces will be completed by 2030

The new RS-24 Yars missile systems will be in service with the Strategic Missile Forces by 2027-2028. But for individual moments rearmament will end by 2030.

Moscow and Pyongyang are studying the visit of the delegation of the DPRK Ministry of Defense to the Russian Federation

Moscow and Pyongyang are holding talks regarding the organization of a return visit of representatives of the DPRK Ministry of Defense to Russia, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a diplomatic source.


Mass fight in Omsk: three teenagers were injured

As the author of the post wrote, the forces in the brawl were not equal: against three young people about 20 rivals fought. As a result of the fight, three people were injured. A 16-year-old was taken to a medical institution with bodily injuries.

In the design of a nuclear reactor in Belgium, a defect

The operator and the main shareholder of the Belgian nuclear power plant Tianzh, Engie-Electrabel, discovered a defect in the construction of the third nuclear reactor. This is reported by the Belgian newspaper Soir.

Seven leaders of the Aum Shinrikyo sect were executed in Japan

In Japan, carried out the death sentence against seven leaders of the banned in Russia sect Aum Shinrikyo, including its leader Shoko Asahara.

In Thailand, a diver who participated in the operation to save children

In Thailand, a former naval officer died during an operation to save children who were blocked in a cave due to flooding. This is reported by the Associated Press.

In Phuket after the shipwreck 53 people were missing

After the shipwreck to the south of the coast of the Thai island of Phuket, one killed and 53 Chinese tourists disappeared, local authorities said.

The method of poisoning “Novice” in Amesbury

Two people injured in the English city of Amesbury, fell ill after they took in their hands the contaminated object. This is stated in the text of the statement, which Scotland Yard distributed on Thursday.

In Prague, because of the gas leak, 500 people were evacuated

In the historic center of Prague about 500 local residents were evacuated because of a gas leak, which for unknown reasons occurs in one of the houses on Masna Street, RIA Novosti reports. This was told by a representative of the city fire department Martin Kavka

Lions in South Africa bite poachers trying to cut down horns of rhinoceroses

“All the signs indicate that the gang was going to kill the rhinos and cut down their horns,” Fox emphasizes.

Early in the morning on Monday, July 2, one of the staff of the reserve heard the barking of a guard dog and the noise from a site where a pride of lions, numbering six animals, lives.

The car of the head of the pharmaceutical company is blown up in Ukraine

Eyewitnesses reported that during the movement, a car exploded, in the cabin of which were three people. As a result of emergency, they received minor damage.

In Irkutsk on the fire the investigator died

As a result of the fire, a female investigator died. According to law enforcement agencies, the fire occurred at the police station of the Taishet Line Department of Internal Affairs in transport on the first floor of a residential building. In the room was an employee, who was late after the end of the day.


Darya Klyukina was in the hospital because of personal experiences

The journalists managed to communicate with a representative of the girl who confirmed that Daria was in hospital because of serious personal experiences. He also noted that now Klyukina feels fine.

The state of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan has seriously worsened

Information about the health of the actor was revealed by the human rights defender of his former wife. The condition of the famous domestic artist Armen Dzhigarkhanyan has seriously worsened due to exacerbation of diseases and general exhaustion of his body.

Polina Dibrova with the children was interrogated by border guards

The airport employees suspected that Pauline might not be the mother of her children and arranged a hard questioning for the family. Polina Dibrova first time in her life fell into not the most pleasant situation at the airport.

The husband of the star “Golos” accused her of treason with the producer of “Brilliant”

The singer intends to go to court and demand that her ex-spouse be deprived of parental rights, but before she came to the studio of the talk show “Live” to pass the DNA test and prove her fidelity to her ex-husband who now claims that Svetlana has been walking daughter from the producer of the group “Brilliant”.

Gauguin Solntsev wants to have children from an elderly spouse

37-year-old Gauguin Solntsev married his 63-year-old lady – Ekaterina Tereshkovich. Immediately after the wedding, the lawful spouses flew off on a joint trip to Cyprus, and then to Sochi.

Pippa Middleton showed her rounded stomach

At a social event the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge publicly demonstrated her pregnancy. On April 22, the 34-year-old Pippa Middleton officially confirmed that she would soon become a mother. Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister has been increasingly choosing outfits that emphasize her rounded tummy.

Agata Mutseniets told why she paused for a marriage with Priluchny

In a recently published series of her Vlog, Agatha told the fans why it happened. According to Agata, no one is involved in their quarrel, which arose simply because of a collision of very different temperaments. However, the actors managed to resolve all their differences and remove the pause from their relationship .. She said that now everything is fine in their family, but the times during which they were separated were very difficult

The eldest son of Evgenia Dobrovolskaya marries a foreigner

The engagement ring is already adorned with the finger of Barbore Bédióve. The message about the imminent marriage of the eldest son of Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya plunged into shock of the fans of a nice 31-year-old bachelor

After the trial with Karina Mishulina Timur Eremeev decided to leave the country

Recently, another trial was completed with the legal daughter of actor Karina Mishulina. Despite the victory, Timur Eremeev refused to discuss the court and announced his decision to leave the country. The actor intends to leave for a while: he is going to rest in Greece with his family.

Grandma Anastasia Kostenko brought vodka in France instead of water

Anastasia Kostenko told the fans in a personal microblog about the unpleasant incident that occurred with her family in France. The fact is that in one of the restaurants the waiter was pretending that he did not understand English. So it turned out that instead of water he brought the grandmother fashion models vodka.

Sasha Baron Cohen published a video with threats from Trump

British comedian and director Sasha Baron Cohen published on Twitter a short video with US President Donald Trump. On the staff, the US leader advises the actor to go to school, where he will be taught to be ridiculous. Also, Trump wants a humorist to be beaten.

The teaser of the new season of “Card House” appeared on the net

In the video, which appeared on the official Twitter series, the heroine Wright – Mrs. Claire Underwood – congratulates herself, as well as all Americans on Independence Day. Recall, the sixth season will be the final. His premiere will take place this fall.

For the new season of “Night Administrator” found writers

The first night of the series “Night Administrator” was premiered two years ago. The novel was based on the novel by John Le Carré, which became a bestseller in its time. Despite the fact that officially announced the launch of the second season was not announced, the writers for the project have already found

In the network appeared the trailer of the series “Sparta” from the creators of the film “Gogol”

The creators of the film “Gogol” shot a series dedicated to virtual reality. The trailer appeared on the web. The plot of the new multi-series film, which is called “Sparta”, unfolds around the eponymous game, blurring the boundaries of two worlds – real and virtual.

The shooting of the film “Petka” about the Finnish occupation was completed in Karelia

The leadership of the republic has also accepted and continues to take an active part in the creation of the film, – said Alexander Tyutyumov. The military drama “Petka” is dedicated to the occupation of Karelia by the Finns during the Great Patriotic War and the way the war affected the fate of the small prisoners of the camps.


Scientists have found a way to restore an endangered population of white rhinos

European scientists came up with how to restore the population of white rhinos. At the moment, there are only two individuals left of this rare subspecies of rhinos and both are female. But embryo scientists intend to apply IVF procedure, using the frozen sperm of rhinoceros males

Scientists told about robots capable of adaptation

Scientists have created an algorithm that allows robotics to adapt to adjustments in the configuration themselves.

The tests were conducted using a Snapbot spider, which was attached to new limbs, or disconnected. As a result, the device successfully learned to walk anew.

Scientists talked about the deadly danger of frozen corn

British scientists have discovered the deadly danger that can be contained in frozen corn. The fact is that this particular product is the cause of the outbreak of dangerous listeriosis in Europe

Dogs are less likely to truce than their fellow-wolves

The results of the scientific work showed that the dogs quarreled much less often, but they are more difficult to tolerate. As for the wolves, they came together in about ten minutes. The dogs avoided each other after quarrels.

Scientists told about the influence of testosterone on the choice of brand

American scientists have found that after a drug testosterone level increase in men, preference is given to expensive goods associated with high social status.

Scientists have created lungs for newborns

Scientists from Canada and Germany have created external artificial lungs for newborns who have problems with the respiratory system. This is the first device that meets all the anatomical requirements.

Scientists have taught the robot cheetah to overcome the obstacles blindly

Last year, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the USA, presented the development of Cheetah 3, and the other day reported that they taught this cheetah robot to overcome the obstacles blindly.

All dogs originated from ancestors from Siberia

Scientists have proved that the ancestors of the extinct dogs of the ancient Indians were not the domesticated wolves of North America: it turned out that they landed on the mainland together with the masters from Siberia in the glacial era.

Wings of butterfly wings save them from predators

The scientists managed to find out what the wings with elongated processes, which can be found in some species of butterflies, are designed for. It turned out that a special form of the wing structure allows an insect to flee from predators.

The first fragment of the heart muscle was printed on a 3D printer

American physicians from the startup BIOLIFE4D printed on a 3D printer a unique material that can replace damaged areas of the heart, according to rusargument.ru.Material, developed by scientists, is fully biocompatible

“Smart T-shirt” will not let die of cardiac arrest

According to the creators of Smart Vest, modern medicine is able to predict a heart attack 8 hours before cardiac arrest, and 24-hour monitoring and online diagnostics with the help of “smart” T-shirt will allow you to know in advance about the threats to the heart and get treatment in time.

Loneliness is determined by the genetic code

It turned out that this feeling is determined by the genetic code. In the course of the study, specialists analyzed data of almost half a million people and identified regions of genes that may be associated with loneliness.

Scientists predicted an irreversible catastrophe to the Baltic Sea

The peak of adverse events occurred at the end of the last century, and man played an important role in causing damage to the Baltic Sea. Having lifted a four-meter core from the bottom of the reservoir, scientists predicted an irreversible ecological catastrophe.


Fiat introduced two beach special versions of the model 500 Spiaggina

By the anniversary of the unusual model, two special versions of the great-grandson have been prepared. Thus, the design tuning studio Garage Italia, and specialists of the engineering alteration from the studio Pininfarina with the assistance of official representatives of the company Fiat presented the model 500 Spiaggina

The new Range Rover will go on sale in 2021

As the British edition of Autocar writes, the novelty will become even more luxurious and will receive the most advanced technical equipment. It is expected that, entering the market, the new Range Rover will compete with the most expensive SUV representatives – Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga

Suzuki told about the new Jimny

The SUV received a design with a ladder frame, continuous axles, as well as a rigidly connected all-wheel drive and a transfer case with a downshift. The line of engines included two completely new units

Mahindra conducts road tests of the revamped SsangYong Rexton

In the web there were pictures of the model of the Indian automaker, which in 2011 bought out the brand SsangYong. The new model currently has a factory index S201 and will be built on the Rexton / Tivoli platform. The car will become a redesigned version of the Chinese SUV.

Updated crossover Fiat 500X completely declassified before the premiere

The first pictures of the updated Fiat 500X are published. The car has changed significantly externally. For the first time on the market, the model appeared four years ago.

In China, mass production of unmanned buses starts

The new bus can independently perform such operations as turning and overtaking. At first Apolong will be operated in tourist places, on the territory of airports. “2018 is the year of the commercialization of unmanned vehicles in China,” Lee added.

Mercedes-Benz has announced an electric supercar

The company Mercedes-Benz presented the sculpture of the next future model. This time the novelty will be the first ever electric car supercar in the history of the German automaker, the official premiere of which is to be held in August of this year at the Elegance Competition at American Pebble Beach.

Crossover GAC GS5 in the second generation has changed dramatically

The second generation of the GAC GS5 crossover of the Chinese automobile company GAC Motor has undergone drastic changes. This is evidenced by the photos of the novelty published on July 5 on the site autohome.com.cn. As a video of the images, the new version of the GAC GS5 looks more presentable

Rexton-pickup went on export under the name SsangYong Musso

The company SsangYong two years ago took out the forgotten name of Musso from the archive, giving it to the pickup of Actyon Sports for the British market. And now this will be the name of the export version of the new truck, which debuted in Korea at the beginning of the year under the name SsangYong Rexton Sports.

BMW X5 new generation received an official price tag

It is assumed that all versions of the new BMW X5 will be equipped with a proprietary system of intelligent full-drive xDrive of the new generation, and will also receive an electronic locking rear differential system, adaptive shock absorbers with variable degree of rigidity, as well as adjustable air suspension.

In the United States, implementation will begin in the near future, but the network has been disclosed the cost of the initial configuration. So, the most affordable version will be xDrive40i – it was estimated at $ 60,700, which at the current exchange rate is approximately 3,841,000 rubles. And the price tag was cheaper than the current version of the model in Russia, which costs at least 4,000,000 rubles.

Updated Chevrolet Spin compact: anti-crossover

The Brazilian branch of General Motors introduced a basic version of the Chevrolet Spin without a plastic body kit. It should be noted that Spin is practically a cargo-passenger version of Chevrolet Cobalt or its Russian version of Ravon R4.

Renault Trucks has presented new fully electric trucks

The range of the new Renault Trucks is 200 km on the country road and 120 km in the metropolitan area. To fully charge the 33-kilowatt battery will take 6 hours. As the manufacturer assures, the load capacity of the electric Master ZE remains the same.

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