6 Май, 2021

Russia has increased gold exports

Russia, according to preliminary estimates, in March 2021 exported 26.5 tons of gold for almost $ 1.5 billion, follows from the data of the Federal Customs Service. In physical terms, this is 2.2 times more than in March last year, and 2.3 times more than in February this year. In total, in the first quarter of 2021, gold exports from Russia amounted to 51.8 tons for $ 3 billion, compared to the same period last year, it increased in physical terms by 72%.

The main country-recipient of Russian gold remained Great Britain — 21.1 tons for $ 1.2 billion.Also, about 1.5 tons of gold, as follows from the data of the Federal Customs Service, were exported in March to Turkey and India, about 1 ton — to the UAE, 0.8 tons — to Kazakhstan, 0.4 tons — to Switzerland, 0.1 tons — to Armenia, a small amount to Belarus.

Russians spend all their savings on food

Due to rising commodity prices and falling incomes, Russians spend all their savings on food. This is reported by Rosstat in its report for the first quarter of 2021.

According to the results of the first quarter, Russians received 14.3 trillion rubles in income, and spent 14.904 trillion on the purchase of goods and services, the document says.

Amazonian forests emit more carbon dioxide

The Amazon rainforest, rightly called the «lungs of the planet», has emitted more carbon dioxide over the past ten years than it has absorbed. Scientists are sounding the alarm and believe that humanity can no longer rely on the world’s largest tropical forest to absorb anthropogenic carbon pollution. The work was published in the journal Nature Climate.

The Russian government has tightened the rules for collecting mushrooms and birch sap

In Russia, two orders of the Ministry of Natural Resources began to operate — on the rules for collecting birch sap, berries and mushrooms, — writes «Rosbalt. Now, to collect birch sap, including for personal use, it is necessary to rent a forest area. Renting a forest area is also required when collecting mushrooms. For personal purposes, you can pick mushrooms, berries and nuts without a contract, but without harming the environment. A requirement for the size of mushrooms is also introduced.

For violation of the rules, a fine of 500 to 1,000 rubles is expected. If damage is caused to the forest in the process of harvesting, the amount of the fine is increased to 5,000 rubles. The same amount of the fine will be for the collection of mushrooms, herbs and plants of rare species.

Sotheby’s auction introduces cryptocurrency payment for the first time

British artist Banksy’s Love is in the Air will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York. As reported on Tuesday on the website of the auction house, for the first time a work of art can be purchased for cryptocurrency.

Yandex.Taxi has raised the tariff for passenger transportation

Yandex.Taxi raises fares for all Yandex Go and Uber passenger traffic by 4%. Simultaneously with the increase in the tariff for customers, Yandex.Taxi raised the commission for drivers — from 17% to 18.7%. This cost includes VAT and software fees. Following Yandex, the commission was increased by the taxi aggregator DiDi, owned by the Chinese company Didi Chuxing, from 12% to 15%.

Decrease in the cost of electricity recorded in Lithuania

Electricity prices in Lithuania decreased by 13% and amounted to EUR 44.20 per MWh. In Latvia and Estonia, the cost fell by 11% — to 43.66 euros per MWh. According to Arturas Zatulinas, head of the business clients department of Elektrum Lietuva, the decline in resource prices in the Baltics occurred mainly against the background of a fall in prices in the Nordic countries, Sputnik radio reports.

Physiologists from Denmark refute the myth of the use of the brain by humans

Previously, scientists believed that the use of all brain cells is a sign of a seizure and people use only 10% of the brain in their thinking. Experts from the University of Copenhagen have proven otherwise.

It turns out that people really do not use the full potential of the brain at once, but more than 10% are involved. Different parts of the organ are activated depending on the tasks that now need to be completed. But at the same time, the rest constantly work in the «background» mode, and do not turn off, according to the study’s author, integrative physiologist Anke Niniya.

Segal came to Maduro and presented him with a Japanese sword.

Steven Seagal met with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. During a visit to Caracas, the famous artist presented the head of state with a weapon. Local TV channels published footage of Maduro receiving a Japanese sword from Sigal. The Venezuelan leader decided to immediately try the gift: he swung his katana several times, after which he got into a fighting stance. The actor watched this, nodding approvingly

The head of the Czech military intelligence Jan Beroun on the explosions at the warehouses in Vrbetica

The head of the Czech military intelligence, Jan Beroun, said that Moscow knew that Prague had data on the participation of Russians in the explosions at warehouses in Vrbetica. Beroun claims that this is evidenced by the increased «pro-Russian» activity on social networks, which began even before the Czech authorities accused Russia.

Poland supports Ukraine’s accession to the European Union

The presidents of Ukraine and Poland, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Andrzej Duda, at a meeting in Warsaw, signed a bilateral declaration on Ukraine’s European perspective, which implies support for Kiev on its way to the EU.

Torture victims of Belarusians filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of Germany

According to the German agency dpa, four German lawyers appealed to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe in connection with the use of violence against civilians in Belarus amid peaceful protests that began after the presidential elections in August 2020. On behalf of the victims of torture of Belarusians, they reported to the prosecutor’s office about the crimes against humanity committed by the ruler of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who was once again declared the winner of the elections by the Central Election Commission of the country, the agency writes.

The court in Moscow accepted for consideration the new claim of Navalny against Peskov

Navalny filed a lawsuit against the press secretary of the President of Russia for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation back in November, but the court left the lawsuit several times without progress. The politician demanded that the court declare Peskov’s words that «CIA specialists» are working with Navalny as untrue

Message from President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly

According to a poll conducted by the Levada Center (recognized as a “foreign agent” in Russia), the broadcast of President Vladimir Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly was watched in full or almost entirely by 24% of Russians. People over 55 watched the broadcast the most — 36%. Among young people 18-24 years old, the message aroused interest only in 6%. At the same time, almost a third of the country’s residents (29%) have not heard anything about the message at all. Among young people, this is 40%.

Liability for participation in the activities of an undesirable organization

A bill on criminal liability for participation in the activities of an undesirable organization has been submitted to the State Duma of Russia. The authors of the bill were members of the Duma commission headed by its chairman, United Russia party Vasily Piskarev. The government gave a positive response to the bill.

According to the text, participation in the work of such an organization will be punishable by either a fine in the amount of 300,000 to 500,000 rubles or the convict’s income for a period of two to three years, or compulsory labor for up to 360 hours or forced labor for up to four years. … In certain cases, people collaborating with an undesirable organization can be sentenced to a real term of 1 to 4 years with a possible deprivation of the right to engage in certain work for up to 10 years.