7 Jun, 2018

Russia in the Global Peace Index

Russia over the past year fell to one position in the “Global Peace Index” (Global Peace Index), hitting the last ten of the list. This is evidenced by the results of the rating published by the International Institute of Economics and Peace (The Institute for Economics and Peace).

The rating includes 163 states, in which 99.7% of the world population lives. Russia was on the 154th line. At the very bottom of the ranking were South Sudan (161), Afghanistan (162) and Syria (163).

The most peace-loving country experts recognized Iceland. It is followed by New Zealand and Austria. Of the countries of the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom is at 57th position, France – at 61st place, China – at 112th, the United States – at 121st.

According to researchers, the political situation in the world is now the least peaceful in the last 10 years. The damage from violence in 2017, they estimated at $ 14.8 trillion.

“The tension, conflicts and crises that have been manifested during the last decade remain unresolved, which leads to a gradual long-term decline in the level of peacefulness,” the document says.

The economic damage from violence, according to experts, is 12.4% of global GDP and costs $ 2000 to each person. This indicator increased by 2% in 2017 due to the increase in the cost of conflicts and the cost of internal security. Expenditures on internal security most significantly grew in China, Russia and South Africa.

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Merkel said the impossibility of Russia’s return to the G8

“The annexation of the Crimea was a blatant violation of international law, so the exclusion of Russia from the G8 format was inevitable,” the chancellor of the tabloid Bild quotes. At the same time, Merkel stressed that the constant contact between Moscow and Berlin, as well as the interaction on the G7 line is maintained.

The reunification of Crimea with Russia was a blatant violation of international law, so the exclusion of Russia from the G8 format was inevitable. And such a format, which is aimed exclusively at observing international law, is currently impossible for Russia. – Angela Merkel, German politician

The US took out two diplomatic representatives in the PRC because of “acoustic attacks”

At least two employees of the US consulate in China have been evacuated in connection with complaints of health due to unidentified acoustic impact.

CNN: Trump accused Canada of setting fire to the White House in 1814

President of the United States Donald Trump during a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 25 accused the country of setting fire to the White House in 1814. About this on Wednesday, with reference to the source, CNN reported.

Eurotroy and Mohairini sent a letter to the US on sanctions against Iran

The foreign and economic ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, along with the head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogerini, sent a letter to the US requesting that European companies in key sectors be removed from the sanctions on Iran.

Russia is among the ten least peaceful countries in the world

Russia was on the 154th line. At the very bottom of the ranking were South Sudan (161), Afghanistan (162) and Syria (163). The most peace-loving country experts recognized Iceland.

The UN Security Council condemned the violation of the ceasefire in Ukraine

The UN Security Council condemned the violation of the ceasefire in the Donbass and called for increased humanitarian assistance to the east of Ukraine, the statement said.

The Netherlands found Ukraine innocent of the collapse of Boeing Flight MH17

The Parliament of the Netherlands rejected the proposal to bring Kiev to justice for involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in 2014.

US senators want to limit the president’s right to impose duties

A group of US Senators led by Republican Bob Corker (Tennessee) presented a bill restricting the president’s right to impose customs duties and import restrictions against other states. This is reported by the American media.

Estonia received a list of persons to which Russia has banned entry to the country

The department said that all persons from the list will be informed, RIA Novosti reported. Earlier, in response to the adoption of the “Magnitsky lists” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Russia banned the entry of a number of persons into the country, in particular especially Russophobic and public figures.

The EU will prepare a response to the US imposed duties by July

It is expected that the duties will be applied already in early July. The EC believes that such measures will allow Europe to repair damage amounting to 64 billion euros. European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, commenting on the introduction of duties on American goods, called this step a proportional response to US actions

AFP: France and Canada agree to create joint defense council

“The joint intergovernmental council of defense will be convened before the end of 2018,” the Canadian sources told AFP.

According to the agency, the created council will “better coordinate the actions of the Canadian and French armed forces.”

President of the Czech Republic re-appointed Babish Prime Minister

Czech President Miloš Zeman once again appointed ANO leader, billionaire Andrei Babish, as prime minister of the country. Centrists Babish won the parliamentary elections in October, but the minority government he formed in January did not receive a vote of confidence in the parliament.


The American investment company became a co-owner of the retailer “Lenta”

The American investment company became a co-owner of the retailer Lenta.American investment company Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb L.P. became a co-owner of the retailer Lenta, the company said. It follows from the report that the American company owns 5.03% of the shares, the purchase transaction was concluded on May 29, 2018.

“All of the GDRs (Global Depository Receipts (RNS)) listed above under the” voting rights reserved for shares “of this notice as directly in-possession belong to Ruan, Cunniff & Goldfarb LP), an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and operating in New York, the United States of America, “the report said.

On changes in the order of subsidizing R & D

Government Decree No. 1312 of December 30, 2013 approved the Rules for Granting Subsidies from the Federal Budget to Russian Organizations for Compensating Part of the Costs of Research and Development Work in Priority Areas of the Civil Industry in the Framework of Implementation by Such Organizations of Integrated Investment Projects

In order to support the priority export industries, the current mechanisms for supporting Russian producers include indicators that take into account the export potential of the product.

In the federal budget for these purposes, funds in the amount of about 14.7 billion rubles for 2018-2020 are provided.

Manufacturers warned of impending whiskey shortage

In Ireland, warned of the impending shortage of whiskey due to increased global consumption. This is written by The Irish Times.

According to one of the industry magnates John Telling, what is filled in the barrels today, you can send to the shelves in just seven years. But if sales grow at the current pace, these stocks will not be enough.

Russia increased its revenue from gasoline exports by more than 30%

It is specified that this figure is 33.6% more than for the same period last year. Russia’s income from export of diesel fuel increased by 29.7% and amounted to $ 10.7 billion. As it became known, gasoline exports from Russia in April fell by 34.5%.

Rosgosstrakh filed a lawsuit against Rosgosstrakh Zhizn for 116.6 billion rubles

Rosgosstrakh filed a lawsuit against SK Rosgosstrakh Life for the amount of 116.6 billion rubles, follows from the file of the Arbitration Court of Moscow. The third persons in the case are the Federal Service for Intellectual Property and the Central Bank of Russia.

The government has agreed with the oil industry the parameters of the tax maneuver

At a meeting of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak and representatives of oil companies, key parameters for completing the tax maneuver were agreed upon, RIA Novosti and TASS reported referring to the meeting participants.

According to the interlocutors of the agencies, the agreements assume a gradual – within six years – the abolition of export duties on oil, as well as the introduction of a negative excise tax on oil for the refinery

Transneft proposes to deprive FAS of the right to regulate tariffs

Nikolai Tokarev, the president of Transneft, sent a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a proposal to deprive the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the authority to regulate tariffs and hand them over to the Ministry of Economic Development, a representative of Transneft, Igor Demin, told Vedomosti.

FNB in May fell to 3.9 trillion rubles

In separate accounts for the account of the NWF, the Central Bank placed $ 15.695 billion, € 15.137 billion and £ 3.284 billion. Vnesheconombank has deposits worth 573.4 billion rubles. In February, the government tightened the rules for the placement of FNB funds in financial institutions.

The government will release holders of eurobonds from a part of personal income tax

Retail investors – tax residents of Russia will get rid of the need to pay personal income tax (Personal Income Tax), which can arise when revaluing Eurobonds of the Ministry of Finance of Russia at the time of their sale (repayment) due to changes in exchange rates.

The tax free system will be implemented throughout Russia from 2019

The tax free system will spread throughout Russia after the completion of the pilot project, that is, from 2019, said the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

To increase the purchasing activity of foreign guests, and the flow of tourists to our country is growing, we launched a tax free system in a pilot mode in 12 regions. After its break-in, we plan to extend from 2019 to the whole country. – Denis Manturov, Russian politician

The World Bank predicted a new global crisis for the world

Experts believe that there is no reason to fear a sudden crisis, but the situation may change after 2019. The World Bank warned about a possible global crisis. The report is published on the website of the world financial regulator.

The Central Bank revealed the risk of bankruptcy of more than 200 banks throughout Russia

Tests were conducted in 2017, the results are published only now. With the help of such scenarios, the Central Bank is trying to assess the potential risks in the market and the costs of rehabilitating key sector players

The Ministry of Finance called impossible the easing of the budgetary rule in Russia

Mitigation of the budget rule in Russia in terms of changing the price of oil is impossible, the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Vladimir Kolychev told reporters. According to him, the changes may have a negative impact on numerous investment projects in different sectors of the economy.

Such a change will lead to a decrease in the predictability of macroeconomic conditions for businesses and citizens, threatening the possibility of a sustainable achievement of the inflation benchmark. – Vladimir Kolychev, Russian writer

State debt of the Nizhny Novgorod region increased by 4.4% in May 2018

According to information, the state debt of the region as of June 1, 2018 amounted to 73 billion 498.4 million rubles, which is 3 billion 98.3 million rubles (4.4%) more than on May 1, 2018.

The placement of free budget funds brought income of 43.6 billion rubles

The Federal Treasury received an income of 43.6 billion rubles from the placement of temporarily free funds of the federal budget for May 26, the head of the department Roman Artyukhin said.

Sanitation of three Russian banks cost the CBR 2.6 trillion rubles

Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina on June 6 said that the sanation of three private banking groups cost 2.62 trillion rubles.

Annual inflation in Switzerland accelerated in May to 1%

Consumer prices in Switzerland rose in May 2018 by 1% in annual terms after a rise of 0.8% in April this year. At the same time, analysts forecast annual inflation in May at 0.9%, Finam reports.

China allowed national investors to buy assets in offshore for yuan

The Chinese authorities have restored the program of offshore assets purchase for Chinese investors for yuan, frozen in 2015.

The government also simplified the process of lending to foreigners in the national currency in order to stimulate the inflow of foreign investments into republican bonds and shares.

Exxon bought from Equinor half of the stake in the block BM-S-8 on the shelf of Brazil

“ExxonMobil completed the purchase of half of Equinor’s stake in BM-S-8 block on the Brazilian shelf, related to the subsalt oil field of Karkara (Carcara) with reserves of 2 billion barrels,” the company said. Prior to the transaction, Exxon and Equinor held 36.5% of the block in the BM-S-8 block.


The Ministry of Finance believes that Russians are paying too little taxes

The Ministry of Finance refused to spend oil revenues or borrow money on the market. Instead of these measures, which do not directly affect the pockets of Russians, the Ministry of Finance considers only one option for collecting money for the implementation of the May decree of Putin – raising taxes.

The Ministry of Economic Development is preparing a “block of unpopular decisions”

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin, at a meeting with deputies from United Russia stated that the ministry is preparing a block of unpopular decisions. This was told by a deputy from the faction Tatyana Tsybizova

Glavred Daily Mail will leave the post

According to the Independent, 69-year-old Deikr will leave the post to take up the post of chairman and editor-in-chief of the Associated Newspapers holding, which owns the Daily Mail. It is expected that the name of the new chief editorial will be announced in the coming days.

The Central Bank named the way of life of youth a threat to the pension system

The behavioral model of Russian youth can undermine the foundations of the pension system, the Central Bank’s report “The Main Directions of the Financial Market for the Period 2019-2021” says.

Regulator experts believe that representatives of the “generation Y” (born in 1980-2000 – Ed.) Actively save money, but use the accumulated funds to obtain “quality impressions, motivated not always forward-looking.”

The Central Bank plans to prohibit the sale of promissory notes to individuals through banks

The CBR plans to prohibit the sale of bills to individuals through banks, told the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov.

“We are thinking about banning the sale of bills through banks, which causes big problems for citizens, because they are acquiring this financial product, they are confident that they have acquired something reliable and insured, and in fact it turns out that the bank does not carry no responsibility, “Shvetsov said.

Petitioned President Vladimir Putin

As it became known, in two branches of Chudovskaya CRH it is planned to reduce the number of employees and change the regime of the institution. So, from August the infectious department will work from 8:00 to 15:00, and the children’s department will work until 20:00 pm.

In their address, citizens express fears for children who may need help at night. They also explain how difficult it is to take and bring children to the hospital every day, especially those who live in villages. In conclusion, they asked Vladimir Putin not to leave them without medical assistance.

The Central Bank named three variants of payments of individual pension capital

Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov said that the new system of individual pension capital (PKI) involves three options for pension payments, RIA Novosti reports. Under the new rules, three options for pension payments will be implemented: urgent, indefinite and hybrid.

The first option is an urgent payment plan with annual indexation. In this case, the citizen himself sets the period for receiving a pension and the pension fund calculates a monthly payment. If a citizen does not live to the end of the term, the unused balance will be inherited.

The second option involves a lifelong pension, but without the right to inherit.

According to the third, hybrid variant, there will be sliding payments with an annual pension calculation.

Teacher in Moscow was fired for hiking with children on a production by Huxley

The Moscow teacher was fired after she took the class to the theater “Modern” for a performance based on the work of the English writer Aldous Huxley “Brave New World.” This was announced by the artistic director of the theater Yuri Grymov.

The students looked, and then, probably, someone asked at school, or parents asked “How do you like the performance?” And they said that there is talk about free love. And for this, it turns out, the “corrupting” director dismissed the teacher. – Yuri Grymov, Russian theater director

Head of the Council of Judges urged his colleagues to be more cautious of losing their posts in social networks

The actions of judges in social networks – commenting on other people’s posts, expressing support for huskies and adding “to friends” – may be misinterpreted by society, warns the head of the Council of Judges of Russia

“Judges should be cautious about hiding positions, since such an action can be interpreted by society as an endorsement of the whole semantic load, which is directly or indirectly related to the relevant material,” Momotov said, noting that even in personal correspondence the judges should behave “dignifiedly” .

According to him, the judges should also not forget that legislation and ethics rules forbid them to consult on legal issues.

The court recognized the ex-head of the NGOs of diabetics as a foreign agent

On June 6, after the announcement of the operative part of the resolution of the Frunzensky District Court of Saratov, by which the ex-president of the SROO disabled people with diabetes, Ekaterina Rogatkina, was found guilty of acting as a foreign agent without registration, and was fined 50,000 rubles.

On May 29, a similar decision was made against the organization itself. The legal entity was fined 300 thousand rubles

China returned to its homeland four thousand runaway corrupt officials

The authorities of China for the past three years have returned to their homeland more than four thousand fugitive criminals from 90 countries. The detentions were conducted within the framework of the special anti-corruption campaign “Celestial Network”.


Kuchino landfill operator fined 6.3 billion rubles

The Moscow Region Arbitration Court ruled to recover 6.3 billion rubles from the operator of the Kuchino landfill. for causing damage to the environment. This is reported by the press office of the governor of the Moscow region Andrew Vorobyov

Rest of the island in Krasnoyarsk will decorate 30 palm trees

On the beach of the island of Rest in Krasnoyarsk will appear more than thirty living palms. It is clear that, as in the center, they will be in tubs. And yet the picture for Siberia is unusual.

Rospotrebnadzor recognized all the beaches of St. Petersburg unfit for bathing

The Department of Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg on the basis of monitoring the quality of water recognized all urban and suburban beaches unsuitable for bathing

Sanitary norms were violated at the landfill in Kruglov

At the dustbin in Kruglov, the environmental prosecutor’s office found a significant number of violations of sanitary rules. It became known that the content of pollutants was exceeded on its territory. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kaliningrad region.

Ecological disaster of Ovsyannikovo village

In the village Ovsyannikovo Orel district sewerage for 30 million rubles. This not only did not solve the problem of waste, but turned into an environmental disaster. Work has not been completed to remove the contrunks of this network, so the water from the sewer runs through the streets of the village, is puddled in kitchen gardens and on personal plots, and then falls into the channel of the Orlik River

Violations revealed in 52 recreation areas in Moscow

Infringements are revealed on 52 rest zones on reservoirs in Moscow, informs the Information center of the government of capital. In total, OAI inspectors examined 118 zones and places for mass recreation on water bodies in Moscow.

Water in the Tver reservoirs was found unfit for bathing

The Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tver region does not recommend residents to use bathing ponds in places where water quality does not meet hygienic standards.

We responded in Voronezh with gratitude for the cleanliness

A resident of the Kominternovsky District addressed the editorial office of “Notepad Voronezh”, who told about the situation in the forest park area on the Victory Boulevard. The pictures show that the territory is gradually becoming a single dump

It is interesting that the mountains of waste lie directly under the inscriptions on the trash, which read “Thank you for the cleanliness”

In five localities of Kamchatka, a special fire regime

A special fire-fighting regime continues to operate on the territory of the Atlasovo rural settlement located in the Milkovskiy district (the village of Atlasovo, Lazo, Taezhny) and the Kozyrevsky rural settlement located in the Ust-Kamchatsky district (the villages of Mayskoye, Kozyrevsk).

In Yakutsk filed a case after a spill of petroleum products in the river port

The criminal case was opened after fuel was spilled in the river port of Yakutsk near the city water intake, the website of the East Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office


The first four F-35B fighters arrived in the United Kingdom from the United States

The first four F-35B multipurpose fighter aircraft, purchased by the United Kingdom from the United States, landed on Wednesday evening at the Royal Air Force Base of Marham in Norfolk County, east of England. This is reported on the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

Ex-NATO Secretary General: the war between Russia and Ukraine would last several days

In the event of a military clash between Russia and Ukraine, the latter would have been defeated in a few days, former NATO Secretary General, freelance adviser to the president of Ukraine Anders Fogh Rasmussen told Die Welt.

NATO will deploy new command in the US and Germany

The NATO leadership decided to deploy two new commands to be deployed in the US and Germany. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this Wednesday. According to him, the naval command over the Atlantic will be open in the American Norfolk, and the logistics command in the German Ulm.

We will expand and approve the new maritime command of the Atlantic in the US, as well as the new logistics command in Germany. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Pompeo and Johnson discussed the fight against the IG

Foreign ministers of the United States and Great Britain, Mike Pompeo and Boris Johnson, discussed the humanitarian situation in Yemen and the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG), RIA Novosti news agency, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said.

Donetsk filter station is de-energized when it is fired from Ukraine

The Donetsk filtering station (DFS) was de-energized as a result of shelling by Ukrainian siloviki, a representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) said at a joint center for monitoring and coordinating the cease-fire regime.

North Korea began dismantling a key missile range

The report of experts is published on the site 38 North. According to experts, the authorities of the DPRK destroyed the infrastructure of the stand for testing rocket engines. As noted, testing of technology for medium-range missiles KN-15 was conducted at the training ground to the north of the town of Kuson.

Ukraine transferred the S-300 SAM to Mariupol

The DNR reconnaissance recorded that the Ukrainian siloviki had transferred the S-300 air defense system division to Mariupol, where the southern section of the contact line was located. On the antiaircraft missile systems of the APU, deputy head of the operational command of the Democratic People’s Republic Eduard Bazurin said.

Our intelligence has information about the redeployment of Ukrainian troops. They intend to work out a number of combat missions, in particular, strike against targets on the water. – Eduard Bazurin, military leader

Head of the Pentagon: trade wars will not affect military cooperation

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis does not believe that disputes over trade issues between the United States and its allies, including the North Atlantic Alliance, will affect their interaction with them in the military sphere

Qatar declared its desire to join NATO

Qatar started talking about the desire to become a member of NATO. This aspiration is expressed against the background of the ongoing conflict between Doha and Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Persian Gulf.


The fire from the “House of the Pedagogical Book” spread to the neighboring building

The fire, which began in the “House of the Pedagogical Book” in the center of Moscow, spread to the attic part of the neighboring building. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the EMERCOM of Moscow. The agency’s website specifies that this was due to the fact that “the firewall is executed in violation of the requirements.”

In a nearby building, firefighters can be restrained. The further spread of the fire was stopped. The dead and injured are not allowed. There is a threat of collapse. – Sergey Zheltov, a Russian scientist

Victims of the explosion in the east of Baghdad, ten people

Earlier, the Associated Press reported with reference to sources in the security forces that seven people were injured in two explosions on Wednesday evening in Baghdad, 20 were injured. According to the agency, the explosive devices worked near the mosque in the Shiite district of Baghdad.

The number of victims of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala increased to 99

Because of the eruption of the volcano Fuego in Guatemala, 99 people were killed, Reuters reports the data of the state agency for emergency situations. The eruption of the Fuego volcano became the largest in the last four decades.

Chinese tourist tried to take out of Russia almost 300 ancient items

Far Eastern customs officers stopped a Chinese tourist who tried to smuggle almost 300 vintage items from Khabarovsk to Khabarovsk, according to the press service of the Far Eastern Customs Administration.

The seized from Colonel Zakharchenko billions have lost the status of material evidence

The Investigative Committee abolished the decision to recognize the nine billion rubles seized during the search of the relatives of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko’s relatives in the apartments, as material evidence in the case of bribes. This is stated in the resolution of the investigation, a copy of which is available to RIA Novosti.

Kemerovo officials will be checked for corruption in the case of “Winter Cherry”

Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, arrived in Kemerovo again to check the progress of the criminal case on the fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”, which killed 60 people at the end of March. This was reported by the press service of the department.

The conclusion of the experts confirmed the position of the investigation that the defendants committed negligence in the performance of internal regulations regulating the procedure and timing of the fire safety requirements audit. – Svetlana Petrenko

In Odessa, beaten American singer Bill Warren

Unknown in Odessa beat American singer Bill Warren, UNIAN agency reported citing the regional administration of the National Police of Ukraine.

In New York, detained illegally, who brought pizza to the military base

The US Immigration and Customs Police (ICE) detained an illegal migrant from Ecuador when he delivered the pizza to the Fort Hamilton military base in New York, the New York Post reported citing statements by the authorities and the party to the incident.

Near the shores of Kamchatka recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.7

An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 was registered by seismologists in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern coast of Kamchatka, RIA Novosti reported in the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Director of “Crimea-Pharmacy” detained on suspicion of taking bribes

Employees of the Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Countering Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Crimea detained the suspect immediately after the transfer of money. A criminal case has been initiated against the official on suspicion of receiving a bribe in a large amount.

In Virginia, an unknown man hijacked an armored personnel carrier from a military base

Police detained a man who stole an armored personnel carrier from the base of the US National Guard Fort Piquette in Virginia. This was reported on Wednesday by the Associated Press agency.

Half of the children from the camp, near which there was a fire, returned home

Half of the more than 170 evacuated children from the camp in the Saratov region, next to whom the reeds burned on Wednesday, returned to their homes, and the second half is located in the boarding school in the city of Engels, RIA Novosti reported to the Ministry of Information and Press of the region.


Baretsky said that Matilda left Shnurova for him

Ex-member of the group “Leningrad” and showman Stas Baretsky commented on the divorce of famous singer Sergei Shnurov with Matilda. Baretsky said that he would not be surprised if Matilda Shnurova became his lover.

“She left me. And what are you laughing at? You do not allow such a possibility, do you? “- the showman said ironically in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Baretsky also noted that Sergei Shnurov is a superstar and should be entertained.

“If I were as popular, then I started all the hard. And Matilda – why not? She could fall in love with me calmly, “the showman added.

In shorts and without a hat: Pugacheva sfotkala Galkina without pants

Alla Pugacheva captured Maxim Galkin in a funny way: either in his underwear, or in an unusual bathing suit. On the showman’s page in Instagram, this “funny” video from their point of view has already appeared.

The star of the 1990’s Roman Zhukov threw his wife with six children

Roman Zhukov became famous throughout the country thanks to his participation in the bands “Mirage” and “Marshal”. The last few years, the artist was engaged in a solo career and produced the singer Paola. In the personal life of the star of the 1990s, too, for a long time there were no problems.

The participant of the project “Dom-2” slept with a man for money

One of the popular participants of the TV project “Dom-2” in an interview confessed that life forced her to engage in prostitution. Nastya Kocherwei assures that she was pushed to such a desperate step by her mother was very sick, and there was absolutely no money for medicines and treatment

Singer Vadim Kazachenko beat the former young wife

The next release of the program of Andrei Malakhov “Live” is dedicated to the scandal associated with the singer Vadim Kazachenko. The executor in the Moscow City Court beat the former young wife and mother of his one-year-old son Philip Olga.

Ex-soloist of “Leningrad” got a job in the circus

Alisa Voks, a former soloist of the Leningrad band, will work in the Great Moscow Circus, the girl has already signed a contract. From the singer is required to take part in 58 performances and attend rehearsals, where she will perform vocal parts.

Albina Dzhanabaeva replaced Nadezhda Babkin in the “Fashionable sentence”

Albina Dzhanabaeva became co-host of the program “Fashionable verdict” on the First Channel. The singer replaced Nadezhda Babkin. Like her predecessor, Valeria Meladze’s wife acts as a lawyer and will protect the participants from the attacks from the attacks of Evelina Khromchenko and Alexander Vasilyev.

Akinshina flashed luxurious forms on the red carpet

The image was complemented by a stylish wide belt and stylized hair. As you can see in the photo from the next festival event, the birth of three children did not stop the 31-year-old actress from preserving the luxurious forms.

Pensioner Alyona Sviridova “wiped her nose” Alla Pugacheva

Alena Svridova “wiped her nose” Alla Pugacheva. A well-informed sources say that the singer has bypassed a more status “rival” in terms of the amount of pension accrued. According to some reports, the allowance of a 55-year-old star is 41 thousand rubles.

Anna Grachevskaya starred for Playboy and noted that she was worried

One of the pictures the celebrity posted on her page in Instagram. Grachevskaya signed under the photo that such a shooting was her first. The star noted that she was bare for the first time and a little worried.

FIFA banned Chicherina to speak before the fans of the 2018 World Cup

FIFA banned Julia Chicherina to speak before the fans who will come to the World Cup in Rostov-on-Don. The singer said this on her Facebook page.

I wanted to be Alexander Pushkin, remained Sasha White

The premiere of the video for the first single by Sergey Bezrukov and his rock band “The Godfather” took place online. In the center of the plot is a duel based on jealousy, and Bezrukov himself, as fans of the artist’s multifaceted “creativity” noted, simultaneously reminded them of Sasha Bely (a character from the gangster series “Brigade”) and Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, whose birthday is celebrated today.

The Ministry of Culture allowed the rental of the “Rasprekrasnogo prince” with a delay of one month

The cartoon “Rasprekrasny prince” (co-production of the USA and Canada) received a rental certificate with the date of the beginning of the rental on June 28. This is reported by RNS, citing a notification that the Ministry of Culture sent to the distributor – the company “Volgafilm.”

Jared Leto will play the Joker again

It is reported that Jared will not only perform a role in the film, but will also act as executive producer. For the first time, the Joker appeared in comic books in the 1940s. He is distinguished by a frozen smile on his face and a purple suit.

In the trailer “Spider-Man: Through Universes” appeared Spider-Woman

Sony Pictures Animation presented a full-fledged trailer of the animated film “Spider-Man: Through the Universe”, in which appears Spider-Woman, better known as Gwen Stacy.

Charlize Theron will voice Martish in the new animated film “Addams Family”

Charlize Theron will voice in the future animated film “Addams Family” Martishu (wife of Gomez – the head of the family), this June 5 portal Variety.

Father Victor Tsoi called the movie “Summer” Serebrennikov “complete nonsense”

Father Tsoy’s father, along with journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda, watched excerpts of the movie “Summer”, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. A relative of a musician who died in a car crash called the movie “complete nonsense”. Tsyi-senior considered Kirill Serebrennikov a “disgraced director”.

Teaser for the new film “Pass of Dyatlov” published on the web

Casting of actors and the first test shooting will be held this month and July, and the film itself is expected to be released in February next year, when the 60th anniversary of the events that have occurred with the group Dyatlov. Previously, the news agency Nation News reported that in the Urals will be removed a film about the Pass Djatlov.

Netflix will withdraw the third season of the scandalous series “13 reasons why”

The company Netflix officially announced that it will withdraw the continuation of the drama series “13 reasons why”, based on the book of the same name by the author Jay Eshera, June 6, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Residents of Vladimir and Suzdal are invited to star in the series “Godunov”

In Suzdal will be shooting eight-part film “Godunov.” They will be held in the Suzdal Kremlin and its environs. Everyone is invited to take part in the series from 18 to 60 years old.

There was a new “depressive” series “Prostokvashino”

Today, June 6, the network posted a new series of cartoon “Prostokvashino.” This time in the cartoon touched on the topic of depression.

The network posted the first shots from the new adaptation of Doom

The creators of the new screen version of Doom posted pictures of the film from the film, it is expected that the new picture will not repeat the mistakes of its predecessor, its creators will issue a completely new story, Movingeb portal reported June 6. The director’s position was taken by Tony Giglio (“Chaos”, “Death Race 2, 3”).

Dancing with coffins

On screens “Foxtrot” by Shmuel Maoz The Israeli “Foxtrot” by Shmuel Maoz was released for hire – one of the most vivid and controversial films of the year.


“Rostekh” showed the Russian analogue of Skype

State Corporation “Rostegh” showed Russian analogues of Skype for government agencies – a system called IVA AVES-S. As reported on the company’s website, the presentation took place at the conference “Digital Industry of Industrial Russia” (CIPR) in Innopolis, Tatarstan.

Yandex and Sputnik will launch a new search system in Russia

In the future, the new search system will introduce support for voice input as one of the additional functions. The timing of the launch of a new search engine in Russia, which is likely to be run by Yandex and Sputnik, is still unknown.

Microsoft installed an underwater data center on the seabed

The capsule was fed with an underwater cable and it is considered to be maintenance-free, and its life is calculated for a five-year stay under water. Previously, an underwater small data center Microsoft plunged into the ocean floor next to California, then he stayed there only 105 days.

Found a way to wiretap any smartphone

A number of applications request access to the microphone, but the data is not transferred to third parties. According to Hannay, the recording function is turned on when the user pronounces the trigger word. The expert suggested that such popular applications as Facebook or Instagram have more than a thousand.

Paid applications in the App Store may temporarily become free

Recently released a new version of the App Store, which indicates changes in the use of a free period for programs. Thanks to this, each paid application can provide the user with a trial version.

Yandex has taught the browser to save energy

According to the tests conducted by Yandex, the gain in the battery life of the laptop using the new mode can reach 30%.

Neural networks will forbid to socialize in social networks

Testing the program showed that while writing a commentary containing hostility, hatred and other attributes of heated debate in social networks, the neural network helps the user find an acceptable synonym.

Hackers kidnapped personal data of 100 million users of social network MyHeritage

Hackers who hacked the social network MyHeritage, kidnapped personal data of nearly 100 million users. A file with e-mail addresses and passwords of users was detected on a third-party private server

Google My Business finally rolled out the control panel for agencies

Google My Business officially released a new control panel for agencies. Now, Google My Business users can: Manage all branches from one account. All registered agencies will be able to quickly manage thousands of branches, without going from one account to another.

In Perm, officially launched an online service for tenants of the earth

From the beginning of June in Perm on the basis of the site “Information system for the provision of urban development (ISOGD)” began to work “User’s Personal Cabinet” for tenants of land.

Five-year-old children grab the Internet

The Internet Matters portal, which provides parents with information about how their children use the Internet, conducted a study that showed that 4-5-year-olds conduct online broadcasts almost as often as teenagers aged 14-16.

Instagram users will be allowed to download hourly videos

On the other agreements reached during the meetings of the Instagram leadership are not reported. The newspaper emphasizes that currently users of social networks can download video in 60 seconds, as well as 15-second videos for Stories.


Sony announced the Tetris Effect from the creators of Rez

The first of the promised Sony announcements in front of E3 was Tetris Effect – a new game from the developers of Rez. This is an unusual variation of the original “Tetris”, which also supports PSVR.

Ubisoft stops supporting The Crew

Game company will bring to the exhibition E3 2018, and in the same place, developers can report the news about the scheduled tests. And since the second part of the game is almost out, Ubisoft decided to stop supporting The Crew.

Blizzard accidentally confirmed that working on a new part of Diablo

The American company Blizzard accidentally confirmed the fact that it is already working on a new part of the game Diablo. This became known from the announcement, judging by which developers are looking for a talented dungeon artist to create graphics in an as yet unannounced project.

Strange Brigade will bring to E3 2018

Studio Rebellion Developments is going to present its cooperative thriller Strange Brigade at E3 2018. To the presentation, developers are preparing a new trailer. In the meantime, we were shown his small teaser.

Paradox acquired the studio-developer Battletech

Studio Harebrained Schemes, known for Shadowrun and Battletech, this week became part of the company Paradox Interactive. The deal amounted to $ 7.5 million, and for five years Paradox will receive a percentage of each copy sold by the developers.

Continuation of God of War will be “bigger, better and more lasting”

Speaking of the continuation, Stevens promised that it would be “bigger, better and more lasting”, but the team will have to jump above the head in the battle of Kratos with Thor, and later with Odin

Realm Royale from the authors of Paladins went into early access

A month ago, it began testing, and yesterday the game came out in early Steam access. Despite the change in status, the game is still in the alpha stage, and errors, problems and balance problems are inevitable in it. Developers want to get as many feedback and suggestions as possible from the players.

Sony made a sale of add-ons

Just a couple of days in the PlayStation Store starts a large-scale summer sale, and Sony has decided to prepare for her users, having arranged a small thematic sale: impressive discounts have received additions for dozens of popular games.

Heroes of the virtual world come to reality

Approximate concept of a virtual character that came to reality According to the idea of the authors, the received avatars of characters will be able to analyze everything that is around them. In order for them to “get off” the screen in the real world, the user will simply need to invite them.

The sale came nostalgic action movie Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Saber Interactive and Wired Productions announced the release of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. On this occasion, they published a new release trailer. A Legend Reborn was a rethinking of the first Shaq Fu, which is considered one of the worst games in history.

New Anthem teaser on the eve of EA Play

Electronic Arts warms interest to Anthem – a new action from the studio BioWare, the creators of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. The company has published another short teaser of the game, recalling the upcoming big demonstration of Anthem, which will take place at the EA Play exhibition on June 9.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds can be picked up for free

The studio claims that it spent three weeks developing. Within the first hundred hours after the release, the Totally Accurate Battlegrounds game can be taken away for free and permanently left in its library.


Scientists compiled an ideal algorithm for consuming coffee

Scientists from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine commissioned by the US Army developed a mathematical algorithm that will help calculate the optimal dose of caffeine for each person.

Scientists have found a link between heart attacks and colds

Colds increase the likelihood of a heart attack or heart attack and more often kill people at risk. This was stated by cardiologists at the annual meeting of the British Cardiology Society in Manchester.

Artificial bone marrow will help reproduce cells of blood

Swiss scientists at the University of Basel reproduced the artificial bone marrow, inside which blood cells can be multiplied. Previously, biologists could not achieve this effect, reports New atlas.

Neuronet was endowed with the character of a Hitchcock psychopath

Developers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced Norman, a neural network inspired by Norman Bates, a psychopath with a split personality, the character of Robert Bloch’s novel and the eponymous film Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Scientists have found a new benefit from drinking coffee at work

Scientists have named one more positive moment from the use of coffee at work. According to them, this drink helps to increase attention and increase the efficiency of people. Such conclusions were made by specialists from the University of California and Ohio State University.

Chemists have received a semiconductor for optoelectronics from mushrooms

A group of chemists from the University of Oregon, led by Oksana Ostroverkhova, proposed the use of the blue-green pigment xylindein, which is isolated from two species of ascomycete fungi of the genus chlorotiborium: Chlorociboria aeruginosa and chlorotiborium blue-green (Chlorociboria aeruginascens ).

Ruffling will take these fish from danger

It is assumed that the harvesting will be able to lead a population of zebrafish from a dangerous place, says DesignNews. The laboratory of dynamic systems under the guidance of Professor Maurizio Porfiri (Maurizio Porfiri) has been developing controlled replicas of fish for a long time.

Created a flying robot hose for extinguishing fires

Employees of Tohoku University in Japan at the ICRA-2018 conference held a presentation of a flying robotic hose designed to extinguish fires in hard-to-reach places

Tropical cyclones have slowed by 10 percent in the last 70 years

American climatologist James Kossin estimated the change in the average rate of movement of tropical cyclones around the globe over the past 70 years and found that on average cyclones have slowed by 10 percent during this time.

Microsoft began to use quantum technology to diagnose cancer

The new technology uses machine learning, the Microsoft Azure cloud and the Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality headset. Innovative algorithms are able to help in the processing of a large amount of information that is obtained during the study of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

In China, created a rescue from the loneliness of the robot pet

Chinese student Khang Yanming invented a robotic dog The invention is designed to help single people, according to TechNode. Robo-dog is able to move, built-in sensors allow you to react to human touch of people.

Japanese company introduced a flying umbrella

The flying umbrella was developed by Japanese Asahi Power Services. An umbrella hybrid with a drone will cover its owner both from the rain and from the sun. The built-in camera allows the device to float above the person while he walks calmly down the street.

Paleontologists have found traces of the legs of the most ancient animals on Earth

Paleontologists found at the mouth of the Yangtze River unusual fossils of 550 million years old, which retained the most ancient traces of tentacles, legs or other paired extremities of the first multicellular animals of the Earth, according to an article published in the journal Science Advances.

Pyramids from metamaterial will hide underwater objects from acoustic sensors

Chinese physicists have developed a metamaterial that can completely hide the object under water from acoustic detectors. Unlike previous configurations of such a device, the proposed shell is completely closed and works for all possible directions of sound waves

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