16 May, 2018

Russia in the top five in economic crime

Analysts of the audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) ranked the countries in which companies most often face economic crimes
the leaders were: France; Kenya; South Africa; Russia; Uganda.

As noted in the report, that such a crime is determined by companies, and not by law enforcement agencies. The most common respondents from Russia called illegal appropriation of assets – 53%, bribery and corruption – 41%.

Briefly about the main ….


Putin approved the new structure of the Cabinet, the issue of personnel is still open

He approved the proposals of Medvedev and signed a decree. The Prime Minister noted that he would be ready to submit proposals on personalities in the new government on May 18, Tass reports. Dmitry Medvedev earlier suggested appointing Anton Siluanov the head of the Ministry of Finance as the first vice-premier.

On the one hand, taking into account the fact that the current structure has proved its efficiency, some major changes in the scale are not proposed. On the other hand, there are a number of important points aimed at optimizing the system of executive bodies. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

State Duma of Russia: law on counter-sanctions

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the first reading a bill on retaliatory measures on sanctions of the United States and other countries. Now the deputies will have to adjust the draft law to the second reading, which is scheduled for May 17

On May 11, the authors of the draft law on retaliatory sanctions decided to exclude from the text the ban on the import of drugs, as well as the ban on the work of foreign specialists in Russia, because these measures “caused concern in society.”

Hailey left the UN Security Council during a speech by the Ambassador of Palestine

US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley left the Security Council of the organization, refusing to listen to the speech of the Ambassador of Palestine Riyad Mansour, reports ABC television channel.

Violence comes from those who deny the existence of the State of Israel anywhere. The location of the embassy in no way affects the specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem … It does not in any way interfere with the prospects for a peaceful settlement. – Nikki Haley, American politician

The European Union reacted to the opening of the Crimean bridge

The Foreign Policy Service of the European Union (EEAS) called the construction of the Crimean bridge opened today by Russia without Ukraine’s consent by another violation of Moscow’s sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country, EEAS spokesman Maia Kosjanchich said.

FBI launched an investigation against Cambridge Analytica

The US Justice Department and the FBI launched an investigation into Cambridge Analytica, suspected of misuse of personal data, on May 15, The New York Times reports.

Matviyenko will visit the DPRK on a visit

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said she accepted an invitation to visit the DPRK and South Korea, RIA Novosti reports. She specified that the terms of her visits are being worked out

The White House was left without a cybersecurity coordinator

The White House reduced the post of coordinator of the US administration on cybersecurity, said on Wednesday, May 16, the publication Romit.

German intelligence accused Russia of supporting the separatists of Catalonia

The head of the German internal intelligence service, the president of the Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maasen, accused Russia of supporting the Catalan separatists before the referendum in October, Der Spiegel writes. He stated this at an international conference of representatives of intelligence in Berlin.

The main topic of the meeting between Putin and Trump became known

The fight against terrorism will be the main topic at the meeting of Russian and US leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Both sides declare their readiness for negotiations. “It (the theme of the fight against terrorism. – iz.ru) will be the main one”, – quotes Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov as RIA Novosti.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Britain commented on the refusal to issue a visa to Victoria Skripal

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain commented on the refusal to issue a visa to the niece of GRU ex-employee Sergei Skripal Victoria. In the department, the refusal was explained by the fact that the application “did not meet the migration requirements”.

Putin and Macron discussed preparations for the SPIEF

Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron on the phone discussed the preparation of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, identified a range of relevant international and bilateral topics for the upcoming talks, the Kremlin press service reported.

North Korea began dismantling the nuclear test site of Phungery

On Wednesday, May 16, high-level talks will be held between the DPRK and South Korea. Pyongyang has already started fulfilling the promises made in the framework of the program of nuclear disarmament. American experts note that North Korea began dismantling the polygon Phungery.

Six Chechens detained in France in the case of terrorist attacks in Spain

In France, six Chechens were detained as part of an investigation into last year’s terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, France Info reported, citing a police source. According to him, the detentions were held in the departments of Lower Rhine, Gironde and Upper Garonne.


Navalny received 15 days for resistance to police officers

Tverskoy Court of Moscow arrested the blogger Alexei Navalny for 15 days for resisting police officers during an uncoordinated action in the capital on May 5.

More than 50% of Russians considered it possible to start a third world war in Syria

More than half of those polled by the Levada Center fear Russians that the situation in Syria could grow into a third world war, RBC reports citing the results of the new study.

Minstroy prepared tariff plans for the housing and communal services sector

The Ministry of Construction and Housing has developed tariff plans for payment of housing and communal services for citizens by analogy with cellular communication. This was announced by deputy head of the department Andrei Chibis. He noted that when paying for utilities, Russians themselves can choose a convenient tariff.

FAS: The Law on Advertising does not apply to YouTube

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) explained to which Internet resources the Russian law “On Advertising” applies.

As the deputy head of the service Andrei Kashevarov in response to the appeal of the association “Internet-video”, the Russian segment of the Internet are considered only sites in the domain zones .ru, .su and .рф. Evaluate whether Russian legislation complies with advertising on other resources – in particular, YouTube.com, – the FAS has no authority.

Armenian PM promised to release all political prisoners

Political prisoners in Armenia should be released, and the issue can be resolved within the law, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated.

The Soros Foundation ceases its activities in the territory of Hungary

On the territory of Hungary, the Open Society Foundation, owned by the American billionaire George Soros, ceases to function.

A disabled teenager was not allowed into the plane after the operation

Employees of the airline Utair did not let a teenager-invalid from Primorye enter the plane. The incident occurred in Kurgan, where a 16-year-old boy went to an operation. President of the Primorsky Society of invalids-spinalists “Ark” Artem Moiseenko said that the teenage syndrome of muscular dystrophy Duchenne.

Patrushev accused the opposition of spreading extremism in Russian schools

Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev called the activities of foreign special services and the Russian opposition they are supervising among factors contributing to the development of extremism and destructive trends in schools. He stated this at a meeting in Saratov, which is devoted to this issue

The Kremlin did not agree with the criticism of the HRO from Kadyrov

The Kremlin does not agree with the accusations of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in the incompetence of the Human Rights Council under the President (HRO), said the spokesman of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

“Well, probably, we can not agree with such accusations, but it’s still quite a representative body,” Peskov said. He noted that the HRO consists of a lot of “very authoritative our fellow citizens, influential, everyone in their field.” The representative of the Kremlin called for tolerance of the various points of view expressed by the HRO.

Earlier, Kadyrov criticized the chairman of the HRO, Mikhail Fedotov, because of his position in the criminal case against the head of the Chechen branch of the human rights center “Memorial” Oyuba Titieva. Fedotov suggested transferring the investigation of the Titiyev case from the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs to the central apparatus. With the same request, 60 representatives of the intelligentsia addressed President Vladimir Putin.

ECHR awarded € 12,500 to the figurant of the “swamp business” Denis Lutskevich

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has awarded a figurant of the “swamp case” Denis Lutskevich compensation in the amount of € 12, 5 thousand, according to a decision published on the court’s website. ECHR considers that the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights are violated in the Denis Lutskevich case.

The court’s decision to block Telegram did not enter into force

The decision of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow of 13 April on the blocking of Telegram has not entered into legal force, as the lawyers of the messenger managed to appeal it, a representative of the Moscow City Court said.

In Roskomnadzor, the blocking of the messenger is considered legitimate, since the verdict of the court had to be executed immediately, from the moment it was adopted. The law allows you to bring the court’s decision to immediate execution if the party to the proceedings, acting as plaintiffs, has petitioned the court for this, lawyers agree.

The law on transferring to the road funds fines for violation of traffic rules

The State Duma at the plenary meeting on Tuesday adopted in the third, final, reading the government bill, according to which the revenues from fines for violation of traffic rules (SDA) will be transferred to regional road funds.

“Victory” appealed to the Supreme Court rules for the carriage of hand luggage

According to the court materials, the lawsuit was adopted on May 14. Respondents are the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Justice. The court session is scheduled for August 7.

Last fall in Russia, the new edition of the Air Code came into force, which abolished the responsibility of airlines to include in the tariff a baggage allowance for owners of non-return air tickets.

In St. Petersburg found a 70-fold excess of dirt on the street

In St. Petersburg, there was an excess of the permissible level of dust and dirt on the streets in the range from 8-fold to 70-fold. These are the results of the public inspection conducted by the “Beautiful Petersburg” movement

In the new Moscow will build 14 Orthodox churches

In the new Moscow, 14 Orthodox churches will be built, the city’s town-planning and land commission approved the decision, Moskomstroiinvest said.

Navalny found an elite apartment in Paris Aram Gabrelyanova

Media manager Aram Gabrelyanov owns an apartment in Paris worth about 2 million euros, follows from the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny. Prior to that, the owner of Life magazine claimed that he had no real estate abroad, and publicly promised to give his “pentahaus” to someone who would find him.

Mandatory licensing of quests proposed to be introduced in Russia

Deputy Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region Vladimir Petrov offered to consider mandatory certification and licensing of quests. He intends to apply with appropriate appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Batiushkin corporate for extremist thrash metal

The Tver diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church mistakenly ordered a performance of the thrash metal band “The Ensemble of Christ the Savior and Mother of the Cheese Earth” for the corporate.

What exactly is sung from the stage, order “tired” fathers dismantled only to the middle of the concert, having managed to meet with applause one of the most provocative compositions.

“At first they were already there, I will say so, tired, and did not pay too much attention to the fact that we were playing. And under the song “Orthodox God is not a decree,” several clergymen even applauded “, – the group’s scandalous” Panorama “concert was described by Alexei Glukhov, leader of the group.

Popular in the ultra-right environment, the group “The Ensemble of Christ the Savior and the Mother of the Cheese Earth” consists of three participants. Alexei Glukhov portrays a Russian neo-Nazi, the soloist appears under the pseudonym “Xenia Hitler”, and Alexander Konstantinov (“Old Woman Izergil”) reads the texts-curses. The albums of the collective bear very characteristic names: “Osatanevshaya Righteousness”, “Xenophobia”, “Lai of the Coming Holocaust”, “Our Enraged Sodom”, etc. Songs from them – “Synagogue”, “Jews”, “Breaking the Crescent”, ” Crush these all deputies “- regularly fall into the federal list of extremist materials. Three of them, as reported by “URA.RU”, were there by the decision of the Yekaterinburg court.

Ministry of Health: More than 97% of medical institutions of the Russian Federation abolished internship

More than 97% of medical and pharmaceutical universities in Russia received accreditation, which allows their graduates not to study in an internship. Instead, in the final year they will be able to practice, which has already allowed to attract more than 6,000 young professionals.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade prepared a bill on food cards

Minpromtorg prepared a bill on the introduction of food cards in Russia. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov.


Russia was included in the top five economic crime leaders

Analysts of the audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) ranked the countries in which companies most often face economic crimes
the leaders were: France; Kenya; South Africa; Russia; Uganda.

As noted in the report, that such a crime is determined by companies, and not by law enforcement agencies. The most common respondents from Russia called illegal appropriation of assets – 53%, bribery and corruption – 41%.

“Rosnano” refused the bankruptcy of “Lyotekh”

The company “Rosnano” refused to bankrupt the Novosibirsk producer of lithium-ion batteries Liotech and plans to deduce the company’s sales volume by 1 billion rubles in 2018.

Russia increased investment in US government bonds

Russia in March this year increased the amount of investments in US government securities to 96.1 billion dollars, Tass reported, citing the US Treasury. In February, this amount was 93.8 billion dollars.

The average maximum rate on ruble deposits fell to 6.37%

May 15, 2018, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reported that in the first ten days of May this year the average maximum rate on ruble deposits in 10 largest banks in terms of attracted deposits of individuals amounted to 6.37% per annum. This is another historical minimum.

In Europe, coal has risen in price

Futures for the supply of coal in 2019 rose to a record $ 90.65 per tonne, Bloomberg reported. Among the factors that led to an increase in the cost of coal over the past month, also called storms in Australia and Indonesia, which caused interruptions in supply, as well as weakening of the US dollar.

In Germany, began preparations for laying the gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2”

In Germany, preparations began for the laying of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Preparatory work is carried out by the operator of the Nord Stream 2 AG gas pipeline at the offshore section in Greifswald Bay. As reported on the company’s website, five excavators began digging trenches for laying the gas pipeline.

“Gazprom” discussed with the authorities of Bulgaria gas supplies to Europe on the “Turkish flow”

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova discussed the prospects of gas supplies to Europe via the Turkish flow, the company’s press release says.

“Gazprom” in the first quarter increased its net profit under RAS by 14%

As follows from the report of Gazprom, the company’s net profit under RAS in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 14% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 122.61 billion rubles. The proceeds of Gazprom for the reporting period increased by 17% – to 1.39 trillion rubles.

The growth of retail gasoline prices in Russia continues in May

As reported BakuToday, on May 7 in Rosstat reported a fixed increase in the average price of motor gasoline in Russia for the week of April 23 to 29. The cost of fuel increased by 0.17 rubles to 40.43 rubles per liter. Diesel fuel for the week went up by 15 cents – to 41.60 rubles per liter

Rosneft began drilling a production well off the coast of Vietnam

Rosneft specialists began drilling a production well at the Lan Do shelf field, in the South China Sea, off the coast of Vietnam. Very soon, as soon as the underwater infrastructure will be built, natural gas will flow through the pipes.

Gazprom Neft started selling Ai-100 gasoline

Gazprom Neft began selling gasoline with an octane rating of 100 at gas stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, the company said. Until the end of the year, the Ai-100 fuel will appear at the filling stations of the Gazprom Neft network in other regions of Russia.

The IMF requires gas at $ 438 for all Ukrainians

According to Ukrainian News, representatives of the international credit organization did not consider the proposals of Naftogaz of Ukraine, according to which gas for the population this year will rise in two stages by 60-65% – up to 11.47 thousand UAH. ($ 438 at the rate of the NBU).

Gazprom supplied 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas to the Donbass in the first quarter

Gazprom supplied 1,242 billion cubic meters of gas to the southeast of Ukraine (Lugansk and Donetsk regions) in January-March 2018, the company’s report says. In the first quarter of 2017, Gazprom supplied 1,109 billion cubic meters of gas to the Donbas. Thus, shipments grew by 12%.

The Central Bank will recommend auto dealers to sell cars in a non-cash form

The Bank of Russia intends to hold talks with auto dealers working in the Russian Federation to maximize the transfer of car purchases into non-cash form, Dmitry Skobelkin, deputy chairman of the Central Bank, told journalists.

“Transcontainer” resumed transporting products of “Rusal”

“Transcontainer” again began to transport the products of “Rusal”, told reporters the first deputy general director of the transport company Andrei Zhemchugov. “All applications for May are confirmed and, moreover, negotiations are under way on additional volumes,” Mr. Zhemchugov said.

Highland Gold will offer dividends in shares instead of money

Voting will take place on May 24, at the annual meeting of shareholders of Highland Gold. Only after that, the company’s board of directors will decide on the scheme of payments, the company’s representative said: “Before the payment of semi-annual or final dividends for 2018, there will be an opportunity to analyze the situation.”

The Central Bank of Russia has opposed the total abolition of the repatriation of foreign currency earnings

The Bank of Russia opposes the total abolition of the repatriation of foreign currency earnings, Dmitry Skobelkin, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank, told reporters.

It is necessary to conclude with this history with the obligatory repatriation of foreign exchange earnings, reduce or even cancel the punishment for non-repatriation. Fines will be abolished, and the very requirement for repatriation is significantly liberalized. These proposals are coordinated and, I hope, will be implemented in the near future. – Alexei Moiseev, Russian actor

In Sevastopol will build an analogue of the Silicon Valley

Group of companies “IT GRAD” with the participation of the government of Sevastopol plans to build a technopark in the city, which should become an analogue of the Silicon Valley. This was told by CEO Dmitry Gachko, reports Interfax-Real Estate. The total investment in construction is estimated at 1 billion rubles.

“Power Machines” refused to pay dividends for 2017

The annual meeting of shareholders of Power Machines is scheduled for June 14, 2018. At the end of January 2018, the US Treasury announced against the Power Machines sanctions for the supply of Siemens gas turbines to the Crimea, bypassing the sanctions. The company denied involvement in the relevant contract.

The size of the national debt of Italy reached a historic high

The size of the public debt of Italy in March this year broke another record and reached a historic high of 2.302 trillion euros, the central bank of the country said on Tuesday Bankitalia.

The net profit of Foxconn decreased in the I quarter by 15%

Net profit Foxconn decreased in January-March 2018 by 15% in annual terms and amounted to 24.1 billion new Taiwan dollars ($ 809 million), while analysts on average predicted 25.4 billion new Taiwan dollars, reports Finam

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine called the amount of the state debt of the country

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, $ 12.4 bln of internal state debt, taking into account interest, will need to pay $ 8.7 billion, and on the external – another $ 3.7 billion. In addition, until 2045, Kiev needs to find more than $ 117.1 billion to cover state debt of the country during this period

Erdogan intends to personally supervise the monetary policy of Turkey

Erdogan said this himself in an interview with Bloomberg, talking about his main steps after winning the June elections and voting on the transition of Turkey to the presidential form of government

In Astrakhan, business and population lending demonstrates growth

The branch of the regional economy, which significantly increased in the figures for lending, was agriculture. The growth compared with January-March 2017 by 17.2% to 0.7 billion rubles. The volume of loans to the population of the Astrakhan region grew by more than 40%


South Korea and the US will continue the exercise after protest from the DPRK

South Korea and the United States will continue the planned joint exercises of the air force, despite protests from the DPRK. This was reported by the South Korean Ministry of Defense.

Putin called for the modernization of the “Shells”

Complexes “Pantsir-S” manufactured by the Tula KB Instrument making are an important link in the solution of tasks to combat high-precision weapons. Their modernization is called Putin’s priority in the development of the armed forces.

Fighters-interceptors MiG-31BM will arrive in the Central Military District by the end of the year

Four high-altitude fighter-interceptor MiG-31BM will go under the state defense order to the armament of the Central Military District (TsVO) before the end of the year, the press service of the district.

North Korea joins UN efforts to ban nuclear tests

According to Reuters, North Korea has decided to go even further in its quest for peace and intends to join the efforts of the international community to completely ban nuclear testing

In Afghanistan, the Taliban storm the center of the province of Farah

On Tuesday, May 15, in Afghanistan, militants of the radical movement “Taliban” (banned in the Russian Federation) attacked the city of Farah, the center of the province of the same name, located in the west of the country, trying to take it completely under its control

VKS Russia in October will receive a new air strike complex

The X-32 rocket was previously called practically invulnerable to US weapons. Russia’s air and space forces in October will receive a new air strike complex – a modernized long-range Tu-22M3M bomber with a new supersonic cruise missile X-32.

Heavy transport Mi-26 will receive a new engine after 2022

The first flight of a Mi-26 transport helicopter with a new engine is planned after 2022. This was reported to journalists on Tuesday by the head of the holding company “Russian Helicopters” Andrei Boginsky.

The manufacturer of systems S-400 “Triumph” is loaded with orders till 2025

The enterprise is loaded with orders for several years ahead, but it can increase the production of S-400 systems if necessary. The Obukhov plant of the Almaz-Antey concern is loaded with orders by 100% until 2025, the company’s general director Mikhail Podvyaznikov said.

In the north of Japan will place American fighters F-35A

As early as May, six F-35A multipurpose fighter aircraft manufactured by the US defense industry will be deployed in the north of Japan. The cost of one such aircraft is at least 1 billion yen (more than $ 8.3 million).

Indonesia will buy from Russia 11 Su-35 fighters on credit

Russia will provide Indonesia with a commercial loan for the purchase of 11 Su-35 fighters. Indonesia and Russia intend to sign a loan agreement in the framework of the contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters, Interfax reported citing a source in the field of military-technical cooperation

Reducing the number of launches of the Topol ICBM

The Ministry of Defense of Russia will reduce the number of launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) RS-12M Topol. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. According to the publication, in 2018-2019, it is planned to launch three launches of similar missiles.

In Istanbul, more than 50 suspects were arrested in connection with the IG

Fifty-four foreign citizens were detained on May 14 in Istanbul on suspicion of involvement in the activities of the terrorist group DAISH (“Islamic State”, IG, IGIL, banned in Russia).


Fox News will pay $ 10 million on claims of discrimination

The American television channel Fox News has to pay about $ 10 million to settle lawsuits of former and current employees who complained of discrimination by the channel’s leadership, reports The New York Times.

The son of Pugacheva and Galkin grows a copy of Kirkorov

The executor assumes that this material could be used by Pugacheva later, the website “Dni.ru” writes. Recall, the heirs of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were born from a surrogate mother, like the children of Philip Kirkorov, Martin and Alla Victoria.

Megan Markle’s distant relatives flew to the wedding without an invitation

Megan Markle did not invite distant relatives to the wedding, but this did not stop them from flying to London. The royal marriage will be held on May 18.

Dmitry Shepelev delighted fans with culinary talents

Dmitry Shepelev admitted to the fans in Instagram that he can not have breakfast “on the run” or yesterday’s cold dishes, so every morning he gets up and prepares for himself and his son. In the “arsenal” of the presenter there are many dishes, among which, in addition to the usual omelet, there are poached eggs and even a scramble.

I can do almost anything: the perfect omelette with mushrooms, poached on toast or salmon and capers salmon, a scramble is also ideal, no worse than Ramzi’s boss, I give a tooth. Kashi there, pancakes, cheese cakes, and yes. – Dmitry Shepelev, Belarusian radio presenter

Fadeev “forgot” about his wife in the company of his beloved women

Maxim Fadeyev puzzled fans, presenting them to the company of two female performers Nargiz Zakirova and Olga Seryabkina. The fans know that the singer and producer is married to his wife Natalya for fifteen years, the couple have a son

Ivan Urgant showed a grown daughter Nina

Ivan Urgant showed a grown daughter Nina Recall that Natalia Kiknadze became the second official wife of Ivan Urgant. Earlier, Urgant was married to Karina Avdeeva, and then lived for five years with the TV presenter of the MTV channel Tatiana Gevorgyan.

Candid photos of Polina Gagarina impressed the fans

The performer posed topless, which was not liked by some of her fans, the website “Utro.ru” reported. Commenting on the picture, on which almost completely nude Gagarin sits facing the ocean, web users noted that they do not even want to look at such a “slender” singer

In Krasnoyarsk, a one and a half thousandth choir will perform

On the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture, on May 24, a combined choir of 67 collectives will perform in Krasnoyarsk.

“As Volochkova”: Naked Buzova under the palm leaf confused subscribers

Another shot confused and angered the subscribers of the star. A new photo of Olga Buzovoy just amazed her fans who adore the girl for her sincerity and openness, and now you can speak about “openness” in the truest sense of the word.

Dana Borisov suspected of pregnancy

While fans of TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva are wondering whether she is really waiting for a child or wearing an overhead belly, like the heroine of “Desperate Housewives,” her colleague Dan Borisova also made herself talk

In the Netherlands, an unknown picture of a Rembrandt brush

A previously unknown picture of the Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmens van Rijn was discovered in the Netherlands. As NRC Handelsblad writes, referring to experts, “Portrait of a Young Man” was written in 1634.

A fan in love with Prince Harry is going to rip his wedding

Australian woman Victoria McCrae made a bold statement. One of the famous publications told the girl that she was going to fly to London on May 19, the day of the marriage of Prince Harry, and to wait for his lover at the Windsor Castle in ivory wedding dress.

The winner of Eurovision will not come to Russia because of the gay parade

25-year-old winner of “Eurovision-2018” Netta Barzilay refused to come to Russia for the ceremony of awarding the musical award of the channel “Muz-TV”, scheduled for June 8. The program director of the Russian television channel Andrei Razygraev told about it in his facebook.

Fox has closed the series “X-Files”

Fox does not plan to extend the series “X-Files” for the 12th season, the general director of the company Gary Newman told journalists during the conference call, Collider reported May 14.

A colorful trailer for the film about Freddie Mercury came out

On the web for the first time laid out the trailer of the film-biography of the legendary Queen soloist Freddie Mercury. In “Bohemian Rhapsody” starred actor Rami Malek, who is known for the television series “Mr. Robot”.

The picture of Malevich was auctioned for $ 85.8 million

The painting is one of the most famous in the artist’s work. “Suprematist composition” was presented at all major exhibitions of Kazimir Malevich’s works. The picture was already exhibited at the Sotheby’s auction, where it was acquired by an unknown buyer, giving over $ 60 million for it.

In Cannes, the premiere of the film “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories”

In turn, critic Jason Gorber said that Ehrenraiku was not easy to get used to the role of the famous Khan Sol, who in the original film was played by Harrison Ford.

Meryl Streep will star in Stephen Soderbergh’s drama about the “Panama dossier”

The future film was called “The Laundry” (The Laundromat), it will be a drama based on the so-called “Panama dossier”. The project does not yet have a distributor, but there is information that Netflix is interested in it.

The culprit of the incident at the Eurovision Song Contest complained of beatings

The man who snatched the microphone from a representative of Great Britain in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest said that after the incident he was beaten. During the number of the singer SuRie the man tried to disrupt the performance, but was stopped by the guards, after which the actress continued to sing

Composer Ivanov demanded from Joseph Prigogine one million dollars

Composer Maxim Ivanov demanded from Producer Joseph Prigozhin one million dollars for the music for the song “On Serpentine.” The composition is included in the repertoire of the wife of Prigogine singer Valeria. This was reported by Gazeta.ru with reference to StarHit.

Ennio Morricone will perform in Russia in honor of the 60th anniversary of his musical career

The Italian composer, the author of music for a number of world-famous movies Ennio Morricone in the fall, on the eve of the 90th anniversary, will give concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The tour will be dedicated to another anniversary date – this year the composer celebrates 60 years from the beginning of his musical career.

Russian cartoon “Gofmaniada” will be shown in the US and European countries

The animated film “Gofmaniada”, which Soyuzmultfilm Company presented at the Cannes International Film Market Marché du Film, attracted more than 100 companies, the cartoon will be shown in the US and European countries, the press service of the studio reported.

Serial Agents “Щ.И.Т.” extended for the sixth season

ABC announced the extension of the superhero television series “Agents Sh.I.T.” for the sixth season, according to the portal Variety. In the new season there will be 13 episodes

“In jazz, only girls” will again become a musical

Broadway is going to stage a musical based on Billy Wilder’s famous comedy “In Jazz Only Girls” (“Some Like It Hot”, 1959). Producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan won the rights to a new Broadway production from the film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)


Mother of teenager with cerebral palsy told about attack in Yekaterinburg’s shop

A security guard at the Alatyr shopping center in Yekaterinburg beat a 19-year-old disabled person Roman Valitov, the teenager and his mother, Elena Lavrentieva, said in an interview with RBC. The administration of the shopping center denies the involvement of its employee in the incident

Ex-CIA employee suspected of data transfer to WikiLeaks portal

Ex-employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US is suspected of transferring secret data to the organization of the organization WikiLeaks. At the moment, he is in custody in connection with other proceedings.

Hurricane in the Urals: roofs are demolished, people without light

On the Sverdlovsk region in the evening of May 15, the squally wind came down with gusts up to 26 meters per second. 14 thousand people in 34 settlements were left without electricity, a REGNUM correspondent was told in the regional department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

The reason for the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014

Experts concluded that the disappearance of Boeing 777-200 flight MH370 by Malaysia Airlines in 2014 could have been planned in advance by the pilot.

In California, an explosion in a medical center killed a man

In the US state of California in the city of Aliso Viejo (Orange County), an explosion in a medical center killed one person, three more suffered.

In the house of a terrorist from Surabaya discovered more than 50 bombs

The counterterrorism unit of the Indonesian police found 54 improvised explosive devices during a search in a suicide bomber who, the day before, together with members of his family carried out an explosion near a police station in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, the Jakarta Post reported.

In the US, more than 400 thousand people were left without light

More than 400 thousand people in the northeast of the US were left without light and electricity due to powerful storms, ABC News reported.

Kerimov returned to France after discharge from hospital in Moscow

Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Suleiman Kerimov, who came with the permission of the French court to Russia, has already returned to France, said the assistant to parliamentarian Alexei Krasovsky

Kerimov, arriving in Moscow with the permission of the French court, got to the hospital because of heart problems.

In November 2017, Kerimov was detained at the airport in Nice on charges of undeclared transactions when buying real estate in the south of France in order to avoid paying taxes. The businessman remains at large, but he is forbidden to leave the Cote d’Azur on his own. However, Kerimov periodically comes to Russia with the permission of the French court.

In Moscow, the murderer of a student tried to extradite her death for suicide

Moscow police detained a suspect in the murder of a student who tried to stage her suicide, according to a May 15 press service of the Main Investigation Department of the Russian Federation for Moscow

The head of IDGC of the North-West is arrested in the case of bribery

The head of PJSC IDGC of North-West, Alekandr Letyagin, was arrested on charges of commercial bribery. The measure of restraint in the form of detention for 2 months was elected today, May 15, Syktyvkar city court. As REGNUM was told in court, until July 13, Letyagin will be in Syktyvkar prison

On the baby attacked the domestic dog breed Malamute

It is known that a child born in 2017 was the victim of a malamute dog attack. There was it in own apartment. The Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg is checking the incident.

Unknown in masks opened fire in Voronezh during detention

According to police, the car was stopped, two men in masks were detained, these are residents of Voronezh at the age of 46 and 34 years. As reported in the regional head of the Interior Ministry, the attackers are suspected of hijacking Infiniti.

A drunken policeman killed a bicyclist in the Leningrad region

In the Leningrad region, an investigation into the criminal case against a man who has been shot down by an elderly bicycler has begun. The investigators found out that the culprit of the accident works in the police and at the time of the incident he was drunk

The brother of the victim of torture sued the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia 10 thousand rubles

Kirov District Court of Kazan ordered the Russian Interior Ministry to pay 10,000 rubles to Sergei Drozdov, the brother of the victim of torture “swallow” in the police department “Yudino”, writes RAPSI.

Drozdov was determined to collect from the Ministry of Internal Affairs 2 million rubles. The man justified this amount by experiencing moral suffering after watching a video recording from a surveillance camera with a beating of a relative.


Experts found a blocking computer virus “Stalin”

Experts on cyber security MalwareHunterTeam obnaruzhili new virus-blocker, using the image of Stalin. As reported by the Bleeping Computer portal, a virus called StalinLocker or StalinScreamer removes data from the computer if the user does not enter the correct code.

“Yandex.Money” will offer customers to withdraw cash in an ATM without a card

The introduction of the technology is the “first step” to the implementation of the Raiffeisenbank project for “cardless” cash withdrawal from any cards and accounts accessible to all customers, explained Damien Leclair, head of the department for the development of relations with secured customers and non-credit products of Raiffeisenbank.

WhatsApp has got useful functions for group chats

The WhatsApp messenger has several useful functions that are intended for group chat participants. Now through WhatsApp you can find the profile of any participant in the conversation. To do this, enter its name in the search bar on the page with information about the group

“Kaspersky Lab” moves to Switzerland

About the transfer of “a significant part of our key research and development infrastructure to Switzerland,” said on Twitter the founder of the developer of antivirus solutions, Eugene Kaspersky. “Kaspersky Lab” is trying to restore the confidence of customers

Apple will teach the new iPhone to determine the owner by veins on the face

Developers of Apple have patented a new unique way of removing the lock from the smartphone. The corresponding material was published in the profile publication AppleInsider. It is noted that the new iPhone from the American corporation Apple will recognize the owner of the vein located on the face.

Expert: Roskomnadzor has no options for blocking Telegram

TGStat analyst Yuri Kizhikin in an interview with RT said that the blocking of IP addresses did not give the desired result, and now Roskomnadzor has only the option to agree with the companies Apple and Google that they remove the messenger from their AppStore and Google Play stores.

From Facebook, the personal data of three million users

From Facebook, the personal data of users who used the application with psychological tests flowed away.

News: Google collects data per month per gigabyte

Google collects from each Android device a gigabyte of user data per month. And so the corporation justifies its nickname “Big Brother”. In addition, it turns out that users pay for themselves spying on the advertising giant

Train control hackers will be able to intercept via Wi-Fi

Pen Test Partners discovered that hackers could easily crack the train system and manage it, just by connecting to an open Internet network. The danger is that in many railway companies, Wi-Fi networks are not divided into public and company employees.

Facebook will teach teenagers to protect their personal data

Facebook launched a portal for teenagers, which will tell you how to stay safe and keep your personal information. The new resource will become part of the Facebook Security Center

Google: the proportion of new search queries has not changed since 2013

The share of new searches in the search is kept at the level of 15% from 2013. This was reported by the representatives of Google John Muller and Maria Moyeva at the session about the foundations of search engine optimization within the framework of the conference I / O 2018. Search Google every year processes trillions of user requests.


Scientists: Artificial Intelligence has learned to dress people

American researchers have created a unique artificial intelligence, through which robots have learned to dress people. According to experts, already now devices of this type are used in several clinics, throwing on patients gowns.

British chemists accidentally created a universal medicine for colds

British chemists have accidentally created a universal medicine for colds. The experiments with protein chains that were supposed to create a drug from a malarial plasmodium helped in this.

Hydrodynamic forces helped the school of fish turn

A group of physicists from France, the United Kingdom and the USA, led by Christophe Eloy from the University of Aix-Marcel, showed that in the case of simulating the movement of schools of fish in the water, in addition to paired interactions between individual animals, hydrodynamic forces must also be considered.

Scientists: Breathing Influences Concentration

Buddhists and yoga teachers have previously reported that meditation and the practice of proper breathing improve the skill to focus on something. Man, if you focus on one or another moment, begins to calm down.

Before that, scientists could not prove the positive effect of breathing on the ability to think well, but Dublin University researchers did this.

The result of the experiment demonstrated that proper breathing stops the work of norepinephrine for a while. This suggests that breathing affects the activity of the brain and increases attention.

Scientists “felt” the material for the memory of the future

Scientists “felt” the material that will be used to create the memory of the future. Physicists at MIPT described in some detail the process of switching polarization in hafnium oxide, which many suggest to use to create computer devices of a new generation.

The ancient history of mankind was traced through the Greenland glaciers

Glaciers that exist in Greenland, contain data on the history of mankind in the form of lead isotopes – say scientists from Britain, Denmark and Norway, who were able to decipher these data and compare them, for example, with the flowering and falling of the Roman Empire.

Researchers have learned to diagnose malaria by the smell of the skin

Malaria can be identified, based on the analysis of volatile substances that emit human skin. Researchers from Switzerland, Kenya and the United States found that in people who are healthy and infected with malaria plasmodia, the chemical composition of the substances released by the skin is different.

Scientists have found a low birth weight relationship with left-handedness

Left-handedness, in addition to genetically predetermined factors, can be related to birth weight – scientists found, focused on determining the causes of left-handedness phenomenon. Most people (ninety, if you speak in specific figures, percent) – righties

Physicists turned XFEL laser into the fastest reboiler on Earth

The XFEL Russian-European X-ray laser has become the most powerful and fastest “reboiler” of the Earth, heating up water to a temperature of 100 thousand degrees per tenth of the picosecond and turning it into an exotic form of matter previously unknown to scientists. The results of the experiments were published in the journal PNAS.

Bilinguals heard more illusory sounds because of the effect of McGurk

Bilingualism can affect the audiovisual perception of speech, according to an article in the journal Brain Sciences. In the experiment, scientists have shown that people who speak two languages from childhood, hear more sounds than monolinguals, when the movement of the lips of a person does not coincide with the reproduced sounds.

Scientists: Eating yogurt will help cope with inflammation

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison said that the use of yogurt can help cope with inflammation in the body. Microelements and bacteria contained in the fermented milk product accelerate the energy exchange process, which allows tissues to recover faster

In Russia, a trial of a drug for “nuclear” treatment of liver cancer

Russian physicians together with scientists from Rosatom State Corporation have begun preclinical tests of the drug based on the radioactive isotope yttrium-90 for the treatment of liver cancer, RIA Novosti reported at the Atomexpo-2018 forum the director of the Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE, Obninsk, Kaluga region, is a member of the scientific division of the state corporation “Rosatom”) Andrey Goverdovsky


ISS plans to equip with lasers to destroy space debris

Scientists from Italy, France, Japan and Russia agreed that international cooperation Boris Shustov will be formed. Scientists will consider the possibility of using orbital lasers placed on the ISS in order to avoid collisions with debris of space debris.

The work on the new Russian space truck is suspended

RSC Energia suspends work on the development of a cargo spacecraft with increased cargo capacity.

At the moment, Russian specialists launch Progress vehicles into space, the carrying capacity of which is 2.6 tons. Unfortunately, this indicator is much inferior to that of cargo ships of other countries, which also transport cargo to the ISS.

On the satellite of Jupiter Europe found traces of the presence of oceans

A team of scientists from NASA discovered on Europe one of the moons of Jupiter Europe found traces of the existence of the oceans. This is reported by the journal Science Alert. Researchers have organized a repeated analysis of the data that they received 20 years ago.

China set a world record for imitating life on the moon

China set a world record for the duration of people’s stay in an autonomous base on the Moon. A group of eight experiment participants spent a year in a copy of the Yuegun-1 lunar module.

Scientists: In parallel worlds there are reasonable forms of life

Scientists from Australia, Great Britain and the Netherlands, using computer simulations, managed to prove that in parallel worlds there are reasonable life forms. It’s about such an unproved phenomenon as the Multiverse.

Astronomers have found the most gluttonous black hole in the universe

Australian astrophysicists have found in the constellation of South Pisces a gluttonous supermassive black hole J2157-3602, which will be able to eat our Sun in just two days. Her photographs were published in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

The heart of the galaxy was photographed in the infrared range

The European Space Agency (ESA) published a photo of the central part of the Milky Way galaxy made by the Planck spacecraft. The picture is taken in the infrared range, it shows terahertz, or submillimeter, beams emanating from the galactic core.

In Europe, powerful water geysers

Astronomers reconsidered the data obtained by the Galileo apparatus more than 20 years ago, which studied the structure of Europe – the satellite of Jupiter. Scientists wanted to make sure whether the existence of water geysers is possible on the planet. Recall that Europe is the smallest of the four satellites of Jupiter.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia proposed to abandon the sign “Spikes” on cars

Car enthusiasts in Russia will get rid of the need to inform other road users about studded tires on their cars. With the proposal to abandon the sign “Spikes” on the rear windows of cars, the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation acted.

According to representatives of the department, the sticker with the letter “SH” is no longer relevant, since the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle’s movement now largely depend on other factors, such as the design of the vehicle, the degree of its congestion, the availability of modern electronic systems.

Taking into account these moments, warning of road users about the presence of studded tires on the car will not help drivers moving from behind to unequivocally judge how the vehicle ahead will behave.

In addition, the sticker on the rear window of the car can be unsafe, because it often limits the visibility from the driver’s seat through the rear-view mirror.

Renault started selling in Russia an updated Duster Dakar

The French automaker Renault has started selling a limited version of the off-road car Renault Duster Dakar in Russia. As the press service of the company informs, the first cars have already arrived to dealers.

Updated Lada Granta will receive headlights of Uzbek production

As it became known, new headlights for Lada Granta will be made using modern technologies. As it became known, the updated model of the car will change the grille, bonnet and trunk lid, as well as bumpers

Audi showed the teaser of the new flagship crossover Audi Q8

According to rumors, the new Audi Q8 will be equipped with turbocharged petrol and diesel engines V6 and V8. Some time after the release of the market should appear and “charged” versions of the crossover – SQ8 and Q8 RS, which will receive even more powerful power units with a payback of up to 650 horsepower.

KIA Sportage will receive a diesel hybrid power plant

South Korean automaker KIA is preparing for the premiere a new version of the crossover KIA Sportage with a diesel hybrid power plant. The official presentation of the novelty will be held this year, and mass production should begin in 2019.

The new Volkswagen Tharu SUV appeared on official photos

On the website of the Ministry of Industry of China, there appeared official patent photographs and technical specifications of the new Volkswagen Tharu series crossover. The novelty is based on the concept Powerful Family SUV, which debuted at the recent motor show in Beijing.

Sollers and Isuzu will create a new joint venture in Russia

According to other data, the companies intend to produce a new car, which will be sold in the Russian Federation under the name UAZ City, and abroad will be sent under the Isuzu brand. In such cases, JV Sollers and Isuzu will have the rights to this development.

Lexus LQ will become the new off-road flagship brand

Edition AutoGuide reports that Lexus has filed an application for the registration of the trade mark LQ, under which will be produced and sold “cars and spare parts for them.”

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