3 Oct, 2018

Russia is preparing a waiver plan for the dollar

The Russian government is preparing a project to de-dollarize the country’s economy. This was written by The Bell, referring to three sources familiar with the discussion. The discussion involves the Central Bank, VTB and other major banks, as well as exporters.

The project does not imply any restrictive or prohibitive measures, said the publication of one of the interlocutors. According to him, “there will be no ban on payments in dollars,” the main focus will be on creating opportunities for settlements in national currencies. According to another source, the plan also provides for the easing of currency control and the liberalization of currency legislation.

The main goal pursued by the government is to transfer settlements with the largest trading partners of Russia, China and the EU, into yuan and the euro, with the EEU countries into rubles, the interlocutors explain. To accomplish this task, you will need to create convenient mechanisms that will allow a business to make payments in any currencies without unnecessary losses. Among such mechanisms, the creation at the level of central banks of tools that will give access to liquidity in the currency of another country, bypassing the need to buy it in foreign exchange markets, is mentioned.

According to The Bell, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev plans to approve the draft document “in one or two weeks.”

No social danger

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation opposes criminal penalties for the use of espionage technology without criminal intent. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Alexander Kurennoy.

“In most cases, this act does not bear public danger, it should be considered exactly like this. We need to limit ourselves to some other measures – there may be this exemption, there may be some administrative things, but criminal prosecution is unlikely” RBC.

According to Kurenno, over the past two years, 765 criminal cases were initiated under Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Illegal circulation of special technical equipment intended for secretly obtaining information).

“The figure of the imagination is not striking, but in 2017 the growth of such cases was 31%, 568 cases were considered in court,” said Kurennoy, noting that both the law and law enforcement practice need to be adjusted.

Recall that the case of the Kurgan farmer Yevgeny Vasilyev, who in December last year complained to President Vladimir Putin that he had been accused because of buying a collar with a GPS tracker for a cow, became the most famous of such cases. Subsequently, the case was closed, and the prosecutor’s office apologized to Vasilyev.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Putin urged to find funds for pension changes

At a meeting with the government, Russian President Vladimir Putin wondered how much he would pay the amendments to the pension law

Anton Siluanov, who holds the position of head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, said that the Pension Fund transfers will increase.

At the moment, the representative of the agency designated the amount of additional funds with 100 billion rubles. In the next six years, the introduction of presidential amendments will require about 500 billion rubles.

In response, Vladimir Putin ordered to find and calculate sources of financing. As assured by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the finances received from decisions made in the sphere of pension legislation will be spent on ensuring the growth of pensions in the country above the inflation rate.

Lukashenka demanded to lift the ban on the night sale of alcohol

The President of Belarus has decided to lift restrictions on the sale of alcohol in the retail chain at night. Such an experiment began on October 1 in Minsk and some parts of Belarus.

Foreign employer paid the debts of a resident of Chelyabinsk

A foreign employer paid off debts in the amount of more than 1.6 million rubles for a Chelyabinsk resident so that she could go abroad and work for him, the press service of the FSSP management in the region said on Tuesday

The USA in 2019 will issue up to 200 thousand visas to Russians

Michael Yoder, Minister Counselor for Visa Issues at the US Embassy in Moscow, said that in 2019 the United States would issue 150-200 thousand visas to Russians. He told this to journalists during his stay in Vladivostok. Yoder also noted that the percentage of refusals to issue a visa is about 10 percent.

Victim of torture in the Yaroslavl colony Makarov was released

The term was supposed to end on October 22, 2018, but on September 19, the court reduced it, counting the time spent in the SIZO in the ratio of “a day and a half.”

Hope Maxim Topilin

The Ministry of Labor hopes that pension reform will not lead to an increase in unemployment. This was stated by the head of the ministry Maxim Topilin on Tuesday at a meeting of the committee of the Federation Council on social policy.

“Let’s hope that a surge of unemployment will not occur,” – quoted Tass words of the Minister.

In Catalonia, more than 40 people were injured during clashes

More than 40 people, according to preliminary data of medical services, suffered in Catalonia as a result of the unrest that occurred in the autonomous community on Monday evening. According to preliminary data, 43 people were injured in Barcelona and Girona.

417 people detained in Turkey for economic crimes

Turkish authorities have sanctioned the detention of 417 people suspected of economic crimes, according to the daily newspaper Habertürk. Police raids across the country began on Tuesday morning, October 2

Consideration of the arrest appeal Vyshinsky suffered

Consideration in the Court of Appeal of the Kherson region complaints of protection for the extension of the arrest of the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine Cyril Vyshinsky was postponed for an indefinite period. This was announced by his lawyer Andrei Domansky.

Sibmost employees go on strike

Ten Sibmost employees announced that they were suspended because of a delay in wages of several months.

“It is already October, and we were recently given money for July. According to the law, we notified the company’s management about the suspension of work due to delays in the payment of salaries, ”an employee of the Bridge Unit No. 7, which is part of the Sibmost structure, told the Kommersant-Sibir publication.

The head of the Bridge Unit No. 7, Maxim Melnikov, confirmed that there are wage delays, but he called them “insignificant”.

The former head of the center of communication of the FPS is arrested for theft

The former head of the Main Center for Engineering, Technical and Communications of the FSIN, Igor Shaikov, was detained on suspicion of fraud related to the supply of computers for working with secret data. It is reported by RBC, citing a source in the FPS. The information was confirmed by the interlocutor in the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Cracks after reconstruction for 6 billion rubles

The Central Investigation Department of St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on abuse of official powers (part 1 of article 285 of the Criminal Code) during the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after GATovstonogov in St. Petersburg.

There was a cell in Spanish prisons that recruited terrorists

The cell recruiting followers of the Islamic State terrorist organization * operated in 17 prisons in Spain, the country’s Interior Ministry said.

Hermitage will be closed on the day of the visit of Putin and Kurtz to St. Petersburg

As reported, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will visit Russia on October 3, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting will be held in St. Petersburg and will be held in the Winter Palace. It is expected that V.Putin and S.Kurz will open the exhibition “Imperial capitals: St. Petersburg – Vienna”

Russian doctors tell about the shortage of preferential drugs

Nearly 70% of Russian doctors said that they were aware of cases when patients were not prescribed preferential drugs because of their shortage in pharmacies. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Popular Front

Heterosexual couples in Britain will get the same-sex privilege

Heterosexual couples in England and Wales will be able to enter into “civil partnership” – legalized relations of two persons who do not want to marry. This was stated by British Prime Minister Theresa May, reports Sky News

Russians will reduce the tariff for separate collection of garbage

Since 2019, Russians will be able to pay less for garbage collection if they sort it out on their own, the Izvestia newspaper reported. As the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction Andrei Chibis told the publication, differentiated tariffs for the removal of household garbage may appear from the beginning of next year.

If people sort themselves, they spend forces on it, putting garbage in different bags, and then in different containers, then such citizens should be given discounts. But for this to separate collection of garbage should move the whole house. – Andrey Chibis

Director of Medvezhiegorsk District Museum detained

In Karelia, the director of the Medvezhiegorsk district museum, responsible for the burial of politically repressed Sandarmokh, was detained on charges of committing indecent acts against a minor. Experts compare this accusation with the case of the head of the Karelian Memorial Society, Yury Dmitriev, who found the burial place. According to them, the detention of the director of the museum is connected with the work in Sandarmokh of the Russian military-historical society in the search for traces of shooting by the Finns of Soviet military personnel.

The temple is more necessary than a children’s rink

In Metallostroy on the site where the children’s rink and slide is located, they will build a temple

The Government of St. Petersburg decided on September 27, 2018 to transfer land on Bogaychuk Street to the parish of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ for free use for the period of construction. Land area – 560 square meters. The period of gratuitous use is 120 days from the day the government decree comes into force.

Recall, the rink appeared on this site in 2013, when the local hockey team in the award received a hockey box. Without specifying the exact place where it can be installed. As a result, it is located in the so-called Ozerki, a green zone with ponds near Bogaychuk Street. Note, in the Kolpino District of the St. Petersburg Metropolis there are five temples and two chapels.

Citizens will be given up to five years to transfer savings to pension capital

Citizens will be given a definite period of between one and a half and five years to decide on the transfer of existing pension savings to the new system of individual pension capital (IPK), told the journalists first deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov.

Age after which old age begins

One third of Russians (32%) believe that old age begins in the period from 50 to 59, the other third (31%) from 60 to 69, follows from the poll results of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) published on Tuesday.

Putin has tightened the punishment for refusing to refute false information

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed two federal laws that provide for tougher liability, even criminal liability, for non-execution of a court decision to remove or refute false information, including on the Internet.

In Kamchatka, the Minister of Health was accused of squandering 22 million rubles

In the management of the Investigative Committee (IC) in the Kamchatka region, Tatiana Lemeshko, who is the Minister of Health of the region, was informed about the charges. This is reported on the site office.

According to the investigation, Lemeshko conspired with the founder of a commercial organization, as well as with his lawyer. Together they bought non-residential premises at an inflated price, which were intended for the needs of the Kamchatka City Polyclinic №3.

“The above persons have committed the embezzlement of budget funds in a particularly large amount in the amount of not less than 22 million rubles,” – said in a statement SC.

As it is specified, the founder and the lawyer who were in collusion are also charged.


Financing of national projects until 2024 will amount to 14 trillion rubles

The total amount of funding for national projects until 2024 will amount to 14 trillion rubles, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the government.

For these purposes for a six-year period, additional resources in the amount of 8 trillion rubles were taken into account. Taking into account the transfer of part of the excise tax on petroleum products to the regions – 9 trillion. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Rosneft to send 154.5 billion rubles for dividends for the half year

Rosneft shareholders approved interim dividends for the first half of the year – total payments will amount to 154.5 billion rubles. This was said in a statement. The report notes that dividends will amount to 14.6 billion rubles. per ordinary share, which corresponds to 50% of net profit under IFRS

Ministry of Finance offered to introduce a minimum price for beer

The Opora Rossii public organization of small and medium-sized businesses (representing the interests of 1.5 thousand breweries, 3% of the market) supports the idea of introducing a minimum retail price (MRC) for beer, reports Vedomosti newspaper referring to a letter from Opora president Alexander Kalinin First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

The Ministry of Construction has calculated the average market value of 1 square. m housing

In the fourth quarter, the most expensive cost of 1 square. meters of housing traditionally recorded in Moscow. According to the document, in the capital it has not changed for several quarters in a row and amounts to 91.6 thousand rubles. St. Petersburg was in second place in terms of the cost of the “square” (71.05 thousand rubles). It is followed by Sakhalin (69.4 thousand rubles) and Moscow (61.04 thousand rubles) regions and the Nenets Autonomous District (60.1 thousand rubles).

One third of the budget for the repayment of public debt in 2019

Ukraine will send a third of its budget to pay off government debt in 2019, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman.

Next year’s budget will be one trillion two hundred billion hryvnias, and from this sum we need to give 427 billion hryvnias, that is, one third of the budget. – Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine

Kazakhstan’s external debt decreased to 96.3% of GDP

As of July 1, 2018, Kazakhstan’s foreign debt amounted to $ 164.6 billion or 96.3% of GDP, the press service of the National Bank of the Republic reported on October 2.

Central Bank increased the share of gold in reserves to 17.2%

It is indicated that a year earlier, the share of gold in reserves was 16.4%. According to the Central Bank, the maximum impact on the size of the assets had a change in foreign currency exchange rates to the US dollar, the purchase of gold and currency in the domestic market and the change in gold prices.

Gazprom has provided a loan of 125 billion rubles to South Stream Transport

PJSC Gazprom, through OOO Gazprom transgaz Krasnodar, provided the Dutch South Stream Transport B.V. (a subsidiary of Gazprom) a loan of 125 billion rubles. This became known on Tuesday from the company’s materials.

Norwegian Equinor buys 40% of the Rosebank deposit in the North Sea

Equinor, the largest Norwegian energy company (until May 2018 was called Statoil), buys a 40 percent stake in the North Bank’s Rosebank field owned by Chevron. About it on Monday, October 1, Equinor reported

Saudi Arabia will invest $ 200 billion in the development of solar energy

Saudi Arabian authorities are going to invest $ 200 billion in investments in solar energy. This, as reported by the Maghreb Arabe Presse news agency, was announced on Monday in Marrakesh by the representative of the Saudi Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources Abdurrahman bin Mohammed Abdulkarim, speaking at the XI Arab Conference on Energy. The event is held under the patronage of King Mohammed VI and is devoted to the theme “Energy and Arab cooperation.”

The owner of the network “Red & White” entered the list of billionaires Bloomberg

Bloomberg has included the owner of the Red & White store chain, Sergey Studennikov, in the list of dollar billionaires. The businessman was able to enter this rating due to the fact that in 2017, the retailer’s sales grew by 50% (to 215 billion rubles) and by another 40% in the current year

Ministry of Transport is looking for new options for building the most expensive highway in Russia

The Ministry of Transport is working on alternative options for building the Dzhubga-Sochi highway in the Krasnodar Territory, said Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich.

The concept of “family business” will appear in the legislation.

The concept of “family business” may be enshrined in law. About it at the first forum of family entrepreneurs “Successful family – successful Russia!” said Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

Ukraine plans to create a reserve of oil

Ukraine will create a strategic reserve of oil and oil products for emergencies. This was announced by the chairman of the State Reserve Agency Vadim Mosiychuk.

Ministry of Finance will place OFZs for 20 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance announced that on October 3, it will place two issues of federal loan bonds (OFZ) worth 10 billion rubles. each with maturity in 2021 and 2024. The last time the Ministry of Finance occupied August 29 was when they managed to place 88% of the issue for 15 billion rubles.

Gazprom Appeals against Court Decision on Price Dispute with PGNiG

Gazprom appealed to the Swedish court an interim decision of the Stockholm arbitration on a dispute with the Polish company PGNiG about the possibility of revising the contract prices for Russian gas supplies to Poland. This was reported by PGNiG itself, referring to the statement of the Court of Appeal.

Consumer Debts to Gazprom Increased

As of January 1, 2018, overdue consumer debts amounted to 111.6 billion rubles. (taking into account the assignment of rights (claims) of debts of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Pyatigorsk LLC in 2017).

“For eight months, it grew by 21 billion rubles – to 132.6 billion rubles (as of September 1). At the same time, the heat supply organizations that account for about 53 billion rubles of overdue indebtedness remain the most problematic category of consumers,” the message

Lukoil decided not to sell Litasco oil trader

Lukoil refused to sell Litasco, an oil trader, and so far it is exploring options for selling its division to management and taking the company to the exchange. The president of the company Vagit Alekperov said this in an interview with the newspaper Vedomosti.


St. Petersburg will host the music festival “Brass-Autumn”

On Tuesday, October 2, the international music festival Brass-Autumn will begin in St. Petersburg. This year it is dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Nevsky Prospect.

World premiere of the music art video “Hollywood Hills”

This work is already in the official program of the Cannes Lions 2019, and in September at the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in Cape Town, the Hollywood Hills was honored in the nomination For Best Director.

The video is saturated with “delicious banter” over the primitive desires of golden youth: easy money, beautiful but empty life, thirst to get everything at once … All the characters are fictitious, any coincidence is an accident, but nevertheless in real life we often meet heroes this ambiguous video.

The art-video was directed by fashion-photographer Victoria Pashuta, well-known in the USA. The co-author of the track was the world-famous Justin Tranter (Justin Tranter), who created the hits of Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera and many other world performers.

The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Rosguards celebrated its 45th anniversary

On Tuesday, the Academy’s Song and Dance Ensemble of the Rosgvardia celebrated its 45th anniversary at the State Kremlin Palace. This Tass reported in the press service of the department.

Nike Borzov and “Refining” will perform at the “Old New Rock”

The organizing committee of the “Old New Rock” festival continues to reveal the names of the headliners who will perform on January 13 at the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg.

Animation. Great autumn concert!

On October 13, in Moscow, in the head of the GREEN CONCERT, there will be a traditional big autumn concert by the Russian rock band “Animation” with a special program # I love my newborn and romance. All the best at the request of the audience. Voting will open in the official VKontakte group, some songs will appear in a new arrangement, and, of course, will not do without the “folk” block of the best hits of the team.

Natalia “Helavisa” O’Shea – Guest Comic Con Russia 2018

On Friday, October 5, Helavis will perform on the Comic Con Russia stage, talk to fans and answer their questions. And later at the booth Blizzard Entertainment in the hall IgroMira perform several of his compositions.

Big presentation of the album “Young King”

On October 4, a big presentation of the “Young King” album of the iconic hip-hop artist Ligaliza will take place in the capital’s club “16 Tons” Despite the fact that the release of the new album took place in the spring of this year, the capital did not have the opportunity to hear all the new tracks live due to the artist’s tight touring schedule. Now this opportunity is there.

The group “After 11” has released a new single called “Sea”

The composition was written a few years ago, and those who were at the concerts of the group probably heard it, but recorded it only now.

“The version that we present now is different from the concert version, both in form and in sound. We recorded at the studio Navigator Records, the sound producer was made by Yevgeny Pankov. We tried to create a good men’s multi-faceted story. And we are very happy to share this story with you, ”said Yury Postarnakov, the leader of the group After 11, about the single.

Navigator Records presents the full discography of Garik Sukachev

Garik Sukachev together with the company Navigator Records presents the most comprehensive discography on digital storefronts at the moment. It includes albums published since 1991 with the groups of Brigade C, The Untouchables and Campanella of the Stone Star.

Some albums have so far never been presented in digital form, among them the album-experiment, the most significant event of 91 years “Action” Nonsense “, as well as” Everything is rock and roll “(1992) and” I love Jazz ( The Best 1986-1989) “. Some were published quite recently on CD as part of the gift box of Brigade S” Case No. 8816 / ASH-5 “:” Concert in Troisdorf (FRG) June 14, 1989 “and” Concert in YOTASPACE 23 October 2015 ”

Also, the album of the project Botsman and Rogue “I Find Out My Love by Walking” (1995) is a unique live concert recorded with Alexander F. Sklyar

Rapper Pharaoh complained about harassment

Russian rapper Pharaoh (Gleb Golubin) in an interview with journalist Yuri Dudiu complained that he was often solicited at concerts.

Maxim Fadeev presented the full version of the Universiade ‐ 2019 hymn

Renowned producer Maxim Fadeev posted on YouTube the full version of the official anthem of the upcoming Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

Mireille Mathieu plans to give a concert in the Kremlin in 2019

French singer Mireille Mathieu in November of this year will release a new album on which works of European musical classics will be recorded, and in 2019 she plans to give a big concert in the Moscow Kremlin. She said this in an interview with TASS correspondent on Tuesday.

Aphex Twin will perform at the Club to Club festival

Electronic music composer Richard David James, performing under the pseudonym Aphex Twin, will be the headliner of the festival Club to Club. This is reported on the event website. The festival will be held in Turin from 1 to 4 November.

Rapper Face canceled autumn concert tour in Russia

On Tuesday, October 2, the famous Russian rapper Face (Ivan Dremin) said on the official VKontakte page that all concerts of the autumn tour in Russia are canceled, according to the TV channel “360”. The performer promised that he would surely see his fans, but not this time.

On the history of the magazine Rolling Stone will tell on Channel One

The documentary two-part film “Rolling Stone: History on the pages of the magazine” (Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge), directed by Alex Gibney and Blair Foster, will be shown on Channel One. The first series will air on October 14, 2018

The Far Eastern Academic Symphony Orchestra opens a new concert season

Khabarovsk Philharmonic invites all lovers of classical music on October 2 and 3 to attend the opening of a new, eighty-third concert season of the Far Eastern Academic Symphony Orchestra, which promises to be one of the most vivid and memorable events of this year in the life of the Far Eastern capital.


Vin Diesel Announces Shooting of the Fast and the Fast & Furious Women’s Spin Off

Vin Diesel is currently in Africa on the set of “Badshots”, yesterday the actor published a video in which he hinted at another spin-off action-franchise. According to him, he is extremely pleased that Universal Pictures became interested in the idea of creating an exclusively female team “Fast and the Furious”

Ansel Elgort to star in Spielberg’s West Side Story

Actor Ansel Elgort passed the casting for the main role in the film “West Side Story” by Steven Spielberg. This is reported by the portal Deadline on Twitter. The film is a screen version of the musical, which was first staged on Broadway in 1957.

Cirque du Soleil will show in Russia a show based on the movie “Avatar”

The Russian premiere of the Cirque du Soleil “Toruc – First Flight” show will be held in the spring of 2019. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of Cirque du Soleil in Russia.

Producers Approve Rough Scenario for Bad Boys 3

The producers approved the draft version of the film Bad Boys 3. Shooting will begin in 2019. In accordance with the plan, the premiere of the film will be held in January 2020 on Martin Luther King Day

The main screenwriter of the Amazon series became Neil Gaiman

Studio well-known Internet platform Amazon Video has hired the popular science fiction writer Neil Gaiman as the main scriptwriter for its TV shows. Today, October 2, it became known about the signing of a contract with Amazon Studios writer.

Universal has moved the release of Dr. Dolittle’s Journey to 2020

An adaptation of the eponymous novel by Hugh Lofting will appear in cinemas on January 17, 2020, and not on April 12, 2019, as previously reported. Staging the picture deals with the winner of the Oscar Steven Gagan.

The film “Venom” was called the “Fantastic Four” of 2018

Some critics call Venom the Fantastic Four of 2018, alluding to the failure of Josh Trank’s film in 2015. Earlier, Tom Hardy said that he had signed a contract to play the role of Venom in three films.

New Spiderman cartoon trailer released

The creation of the film was attended by the authors of “Lego Film” and the comedy “Macho and Botan” Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as the creator of Spider-Man Steve Ditko, who died on June 29, 2018. The global release of the cartoon “Spider-Man: Through Universes” is scheduled for December 12, 2018.

The last film of Vera Glagoleva goes to hire

A trailer for the painting “No Strangers” appeared on the Web. In her film, Vera Glagoleva addresses the genre of family drama, this is her last work in film.

Brazilian Film Festival will show in St. Petersburg

The Brazilian Film Festival, which opens in St. Petersburg at the KARO 11 Okhta cinema, will present viewers eight novelties of the game and documentary screen.

“The Brazilian Film Festival has prepared for the Russian audience the best feature films and documentaries of recent years that have earned international recognition and awards. During the festival, viewers will see the dramas Maestro Joao, Arabia and Film of My Life, comedy” I Will Not Forget “, “Are you serious, mom?” And “Probably a love story”, an action movie “Wolfram” and the documentary film “Brazilian February”, the festival press service reports.


South Korea released the delayed Russian vessel “Sevastopol”

South Korean authorities have released the detained Russian ship “Sevastopol.” It is reported by Tass, with reference to the Russian Embassy in Seoul. “The ban has been completely lifted, all South Korean departments have been informed of this,” the agency noted.

Putin picked up two new governors for two regions

President Vladimir Putin has appointed acting governors of the Lipetsk and Kurgan regions, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti on Tuesday, October 2.

The President, by his decrees, appointed Igor Georgievich Artamonov as Acting Governor of the Lipetsk Region and Vadim Mikhailovich Shumkov Acting Governor of the Kurgan Region. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Putin created a new administration in the Kremlin

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on reforming the presidential administration on social and economic cooperation with the CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In accordance with the decision of the head of state, it will be transformed into the department for cross-border cooperation, it follows from the message of the press service of the head of state.

NYT accused Trump of tax fraud in the 1990s

US President Donald Trump inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his father, Fred Trump, which came from “dubious” tax schemes, “including cases of outright fraud,” claims The New York Times.

Fred Trump has been gone for about 20 years, and it’s sad to see these misleading attacks on the Trump family from the useless New York Times. – Sarah Sanders, American Politics

Michael Pompeo will meet with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang October 7

On October 7, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will meet with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, said State Department spokesman Heather Nauert. According to the Ronhap, the special delegation of the State Department for DPRK policy Stephen Bigun will join the US delegation.

The new president of Iraq was Barham Saleh

Deputies of the Council of Representatives (Parliament) of Iraq elected Barham Saleh from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) as the new president of the republic. According to published parliamentary voting data, 165 deputies voted for him. The broadcast of the counting of votes led the TV channel As Sumaria.

Leonid Kuchma left the contact group on the settlement in the Donbass

Last week, Kuchma announced that he would quit his post upon reaching the “critical age”, explaining that he “should once stop.” Leonid Kuchma became the representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group on the decision of President Petro Poroshenko in 2014.

The Netherlands will provide asylum to 27 members of the “White Helmets”, media writes

The Netherlands will provide shelter for the 27 members of the White Helmets who were evacuated from Syria in July, according to the NL Times, citing the NRC Handelsblad newspaper. The press secretary of the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Israel evacuated White Helmets from Syria in July. their families at the request of the United States, Canada and European countries.

Spanish authorities did not accept the ultimatum of the head of Catalonia

Spanish authorities do not intend to respond to the ultimatum of the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Catalonia, Kim Torra. Recall, he demanded within a month to “agree on a mechanism” for self-determination of the region. Otherwise, Torr threatened to stop supporting the country’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, in the country’s parliament.

Serbia does not intend to become part of NATO

Serbian leader Alexander Puchich, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, indicated that Serbia does not intend to become part of the North Atlantic Alliance.


During Putin’s visit to India, a contract will be signed for the supply of S-400

During the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India, a contract will be signed for the supply of five regiments of S-400 systems for $ 5 billion, said Assistant Head of State Yury Ushakov.

“Grad Sviyazhsk” and “Great Ustyug” headed for the Black Sea

The ships “Grad Sviyazhsk” and “Velikiy Ustyug” performed tasks in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the permanent grouping of the Navy. Currently they are passing the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits, making a planned transition to the Black Sea

In Russia, propose to build a light aircraft carrier-catamaran

The scheme of the new aircraft carrier is called a semi-tamaran, since two separate ship hulls in the stern to the bow converge into one. According to a company representative, the new scheme allows using a wide flight deck with a lower displacement, as in heavier-class aircraft carriers.

NATO Secretary General accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia is violating the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (DIST). This is reported on the alliance website.

Poroshenko ratified the agreement with Poland in the field of defense

As REGNUM news agency reported, in early September, the Verkhovna Rada ratified the Ukrainian-Polish agreement on defense cooperation. In addition, Ukraine has signed a cooperation agreement with Romania in the field of military transport.

The terrorists in Syria agreed to disband

The terrorist group “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in Russia) agreed to disband its formations in the Syrian province of Idlib. About it writes on Tuesday, October 2, TASS with reference to the newspaper Al-Watan.

About 20 aircraft are involved in large-scale exercises in the south of Russia.

About 20 aircraft were redeployed to participate in large-scale exercises in southern Russia, Colonel Vadim Astafyev, head of the press service of the Southern Military District (South-East Military District), told reporters on Tuesday.

NATO invited observers from Russia to teach in Norway

NATO invited Russian observers to the Trident Juncture exercise in Norway, simulating a reflection of an attack on one of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

DPRK nuclear potential revealed in South Korea

North Korea has “from 20 to 60 nuclear weapons”. This was stated by South Korean Minister for Unification Affairs Cho Myung-gyun, reports Associated Press. According to Myung-Gyun, data are provided by South Korean intelligence agencies.

The OSCE discovered the “Buk” of the Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass

Observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) recorded in the Donbass Buk anti-aircraft missile systems, which belong to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (MAT). This is reported by the press service of the mission on Tuesday, October 2. Three “Buk” (9K37) discovered on September 28 with the help of a drone.

NATO ship first passed the Northern Sea Route

The ship of logistic support of the French Navy “Rona” first followed the Northern Sea Route, a source close to the administration of the Northern Sea Route told Interfax on Tuesday.

Iran reported on the killed leaders of ISIS

On Monday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, Iranian elite units), liquidated about 40 leaders of the Islamic State group in Syria, said Brigadier-General Amir Ali Khadzhizade, the commander of the All-Union IRCC.

Russia will respond to increased NATO presence in northern Norway

Russia will retaliate in reinforcing NATO’s presence in northern Norway. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” held exercises in the Barents Sea

The main frigate of the project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov”, adopted by the Navy on 28 July 2018, worked out protection from aircraft in the Barents Sea, the head of the press service of the Northern Fleet Vadim Serga told reporters on Tuesday.

Exercise began VKS with the participation of the Tu-160 and Tu-95MS

The long-range bombers Tu-22M3 and strategic missile-carriers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS are involved in the flight-tactical exercises of the Aerospace Forces (VKS), the Defense Ministry reported. The exercises are held in the framework of the control check of the Armed Forces in 2018, reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

Tehmash will present a draft of the latest multiple launch rocket system

The Tekhmash research and production concern (part of Rostec) has decided on the appearance of a promising small-caliber multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) and will soon present a sketch of the system to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. This was reported by TASS deputy director general of the concern Alexander Kochkin

In 2018, the Russian Space Forces of the Russian Federation detected more than 40 missile launches

In 2018, the Space Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces monitored 40 launches of domestic and foreign space and intercontinental ballistic missiles. These data are contained in the infographics on the activities of the troops in 2018. Data published in the newspaper “Red Star”.

International exercises “Indra-2018”

Representatives of the Eastern Military District and the Armed Forces of India at the final conference on preparations for the international exercise Indra-2018 agreed on the date of the maneuvers, they will be held from 18 to 28 November in India, the press service of the TSB reports.

Missile defense systems to be deployed in cities of Russia

Russia will introduce a system of non-strategic missile defense (NMD). This was reported to “Izvestia” in the Ministry of Defense. New development will allow to cover cities and any socially significant objects.

The difference between the NMD systems will be the possibility of their prompt deployment throughout the country on trucks. Currently, the missile defense of the state is carried out through the construction of capital buildings, bunkers and the installation of anti-missile systems in underground mines.


IPhone send messages to wrong contacts

IPhone users have found a problem after iOS 12 update: messages are sent to the wrong recipients in iMessage messenger

Opera has launched an iPhone browser

Mobile browser Opera Touch from October 1 is available to iPhone users, according to a company press release. The decision to release a browser for the new platform was made in response to the great interest that Opera Touch has generated among iPhone owners.

“Yandex” bought discount aggregator “Foodadil”

The company “Yandex” has increased its share in the aggregator of discounts “Foodadil” to 100%, having bought out the shares of the two co-founders of the company. This is stated in the message “Yandex”. The financial terms of the transaction companies do not disclose.

Google Chrome has received protection “from fools”

As it became known today, on October 2, 2018, the new version of this software contains protection from “fools”, which all users can already test by installing the latest build of the 70th test browser version

Opera Touch is now available for iPhone owners.

The company Opera Software has announced the release of mobile browser Opera Touch. It became available to iOS users on October 1. According to the authors, Opera Touch corresponds to the beauty, speed and ease of use of the new line of Apple smartphones.

Smartphone Sony Xperia XA3 shown on the render video

The web published a video preview, which showed the smartphone Sony Xperia XA3. Renders were created on the basis of information currently available about the model, and as the author of the video points out, this is how a smartphone will look.

Huawei has opened an online store on AliExpress Tmall site

The largest Chinese manufacturer in conjunction with AliExpress has created a branded online store. He received the address huawei.aliexpress.com and on it Russian buyers can purchase smartphones and tablets, as well as get the opportunity to purchase exclusive models from Huawei.

5 thousand dollars for refusing to “digital screening”

In New Zealand, a $ 5,000 fine was imposed on customs for refusing to provide access to a traveler’s digital device.

EVGA showed B360 Micro Gaming for compact gaming PCs

EVGA introduced a new product for compact gaming PCs – B360 Micro Gaming. This motherboard is designed to work with Intel chips on the architecture of Coffee Lake-S in the variation of LGA 1151.

What does Google know about each user?

Google collects all possible information about its users. In the future, all information may be in the network in the public domain.

Google regularly collects information about the location of users. With the help of geolocation is tracking and recording the location of a person. This further helps developers to offer specialized advertising. Note that Google remembers the places that have long been forgotten by the users themselves.

In addition, Google stores information about visited sites, pages, profiles, read articles and search queries. The corporation also has access to personal data from user devices. That is, they can see everything that is stored in the calendar, applications and contacts. Google even knows the charge level of the gadget.

The official render of the Huawei Watch smart watch appeared

Recall that in a couple of weeks, Huawei will introduce the flagship Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro smartphones, as well as the new Huawei Watch GT smart watches. The official render of the Huawei Watch GT was published yesterday by insiders.

The Microsoft Surface Family has expanded the headset

Microsoft introduced its first “premium and smart” headphones. More precisely, the Surface Headphones device is a headset suitable for voice communications, endowed with a noise reduction function and capable of automatically suspending playback if the user removes it from the head.

Samsung intends to equip low-cost smartphones with wireless charging

Samsung has announced its intention to equip their branded low-cost smartphones with wireless charging. The charger itself will go on sale separately at a price of $ 20, or about 1.3 thousand rubles.

Published characteristics of the fitness bracelet Huawei Band 3e

In the process of running the device will allow you to save 7 types of data. The watch will withstand diving to a depth of 50 m. It supports monitoring of sleep quality, smart notifications and “do not disturb” mode. The mass of the bracelet is equal to 13.6 g. The price of Huawei Band 3e will be 25 pounds.

The long-awaited October update of Windows 10 has been released

Microsoft has confirmed the release of the next major update of the Windows operating system, which is called Windows 10 October 2018 update and passes for version 1809.


Swiss engineers presented a four-legged robot on wheels

Scientists from Switzerland presented an algorithm for controlling four-legged robots with wheels mounted on limbs. The robot actively uses two types of movements – with the help of legs and wheels.

The Japanese have taught a humanoid robot to sheathe plasterboard walls

Japanese engineers presented the HPR-5P humanoid robot and demonstrated its capabilities using the example of construction work. The developers have shown that the robot can independently recognize the gypsum plasterboard, attach it to the wooden frame of the wall and fasten them with self-tapping screws.

Scientists have learned to transfer qubits over standard fiber

Qubit is the smallest element for storing information in a quantum computer. The term is derived from the merger of two words: “quantum” and “bit.” Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the qubit, due to wave-particle duality, can be immediately both zero and one. This property provides a quantum computer with the ability to perform calculations that a classical computer can never perform.

An international group of researchers from the Institute of Advanced Materials. Zernike at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has found a way to create such qubits that can transmit information over optical fiber. They were created on the basis of “color centers” – defects in silicon carbide, which formed molybdenum impurities. An article with the results of the work was published today in the journal Quantum Information.

Photosynthetic cyanobacteria survived deep underground in the dark

Scientists have found cyanobacteria in rock samples from a 613-meter well. At such a depth, there is no sunlight, necessary, as previously thought, for cyanobacteria for photosynthesis. The researchers suggested that these cyanobacteria use a chemolithoautotrophic type of food.

The ancient people delayed the advance of the desert for 500 years

A team of geographers and archaeologists concluded that early pastoralists in North Africa were able to develop sophisticated methods for wetting dry and poorly fertile soils and caring for sparse vegetation, reports Nature Communications.

The destructive effect of cosmic radiation on the intestines

Another, previously unknown, effect of space flight was pointed out by experiments recently commissioned by the team of Professor Georgetown University Kamal Datta, the results of which were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Scientists used laboratory mice, exposing them to radiation that simulated the radiation of a space flight, and found that its level is sufficient for damage to occur in the cells of the gastrointestinal tract.

Young giraffes “inherit” maternal stains – scientists

As it turned out, young giraffe inherit stains only from the mother, while their colors did not affect their appearance, according to RIA Novosti. In addition, it turned out that the size and shape of the spots were directly related to the survival of the young in the first few months of life.

Robot with three fingers taught to collect Rubik’s cube

Japanese engineers have created a robot with three fingers, who knows how to assemble a Rubik’s cube.

The brain pointed to the optimal number of objects for effective selection

Spanish scientists have found that too many or too few possible options can influence the decision making of a consumer. To do this, they conducted an experiment using functional MRI, during which they studied the activity of brain areas responsible for an objective assessment of value. The easiest way for participants to choose a subject was if the number of options was average, according to an article published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.

Genetic modifications have turned Physalis to “supergrowth”

At the first stage, the authors deciphered the genome of strawberry Physalis (Physalis pruinosa), and then made some changes to it. Scientists have applied the technology of editing the CRISPR genes to change the “architecture” of plants, the “production” of flowers and the size of berries.

Lack of sleep tied to the risk behavior of adolescents

American scientists have discovered the relationship between lack of sleep in adolescence and a tendency to risk behavior.

The world’s first passenger capsule Hyperloop shown in Spain

The company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), engaged in the implementation of the project of ultra-high-speed train system Hyperloop, introduced the world’s first full-size passenger capsule, reports Bloomberg.

Scientists have created an effective hybrid of a solar panel and a flow battery

During operation, the device uses a pair of substances that change the charges. According to scientists, the battery creates a voltage of 1.25 volts. The efficiency of the solar panel at the same time reaches 26.1%.


The object farthest from the Sun will help you find “Planet X”

American astronomers have discovered a dwarf planet, the average distance from which Soltsa makes it possible to call it the most distant object in the solar system. He was named 2015 TG387, and unofficially, scientists nicknamed him “Goblin”, in honor of the mythological creatures that can not tolerate sunlight.

Astronomers discovered huge gas reserves in the young universe

Observations of the glow of early galaxies helped scientists find huge gas reserves in the voids between them, which partially explains one of the main mysteries of modern cosmology – the “loss” of about half of the visible matter.

Astronomers have discovered four galaxy satellite of the Milky Way

Canadian and American astronomers discovered four small satellite galaxies of the Milky Way during their observation. Dwarf areas are most common in the universe, but finding them is quite difficult.

Airbus will hold a lunar technology contest

As reported by the military space division of the Airbus concern – Airbus Defense and Space, in 2019 it will hold a competition of technical innovation projects for the exploration of the Moon together with partners – the European Space Agency and the American company Blue Origin.

In Russia, launched a radio telescope with a 13-meter bowl

One of the distinguishing features of the RT-13 is a giant antenna, with its help it is possible to use quasars as reference points and make corrections of universal time.

The station “Hayabusa-2” is preparing to land on the asteroid of the third robot

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is preparing for landing on the Ryugyu asteroid the third descent vehicle of the Hayabusa-2 mission. The distance from the probe to the surface of the celestial body began to decrease on October 2, the agency reports

In Russia, will begin to prepare space geologists

Russian State Geological Prospecting University. Sergo Ordzhonikidze (MGRI-RGGRU) plans to open a new specialization related to space geology next year, the head of the educational institution Vadim Kosyanov told RIA Novosti.

“On the academic council, we set before September 1 the task of opening a specialization related to space geology next year. Its main task will be to enable the geologist to describe geology in some way on the images taken from the International Space Station” – said Kosyanov.

The launch of the Soyuz rocket costs more than $ 48 million

Without taking into account the cost of the “Frigate”, the start will cost less – $ 35 million. The company focused on the fact that the Union’s transportation price per kilogram of cargo to Earth orbit ranges from $ 20 thousand to $ 30 thousand – less than the tariff on average in the world.

Japanese probe sent another robot explorer to asteroid Ryugu

On Wednesday, the MASCOT robot explorer successfully undocked from the Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe, which is located near Ryuga asteroid 280 million km from Earth, and went to this space body to land on it. Reported by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)


In Paris, presented the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

The Mercedes-Benz brand officially unveiled the new-generation GLE SUV at the Paris International Auto Show. The novelty has received a recognizable corporate design in the style of the latest models of the brand. Cross is now built on the innovative modular platform MHA (Mercedes High Architecture).

Porsche Macan became available for pre-order in Russia

Basic equipment “SUV” is estimated at 3 729 000 rubles. All versions of the crossover are equipped with a 245-horsepower engine with a seven-speed PDK gearbox. The updated Porsche Macan can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 seconds.

Duster got a turbo

As for the “Duster”, it is available to the engine in two versions TCe 130 and TCe 150 – 130 hp at 5000 rpm and 240 Nm at 1500 rpm, or 150 hp at 5250 rpm and 250 Nm at 1600 rpm, respectively. First, the new unit will receive a front-wheel drive modification, and from mid-2019, and all-wheel drive.

MAZ launches serial assembly of minibuses and vans

The first mass production of vans and minibuses in Belarus starts in Brest in November. MAZ will be engaged in their release, for this they have identified and prepared a free site at the Brestmash enterprise. As told in the press center of the Minsk Automobile Plant, the first prototypes have already been tested.

Renault has created a Rolls-Royce Phantom-sized drone

The novelty is designed to give an idea about the electric car of the future, intended for short trips. Renault EZ-Ultimo got a fourth-level autopilot. This means that the car is able to move completely independently on certain routes.

Mazda will revive rotary engine in 2020

Mazda has officially announced that since 2020 it will install a new generation rotary engine in its models. But … we are talking about electric vehicles, where the engine will play the role of a range extender on electric vehicles.

The rotary engine can be powered not with gasoline, but with liquefied gas, so that even during its operation the car remains as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, the BMW i3 range extender is a small volume gasoline engine. Such motors start to work when the batteries are almost completely discharged. They do not set the car in motion, but work as a generator, recharging batteries.

Jubilee speedster Porsche 911 Speedster will release a limited edition

Porsche will launch the 911 Speedster in June. Note that the car will be released in a limited edition of 1,984 copies. The number of cars is associated with the year when the Porsche 356 “Number 1” got access to public roads.

Renault unveiled budget electric car Renault K-ZE in Paris

Renault unveiled a new low-cost electric hatchback Renault K-ZE at the Paris Motor Show. It is expected that in the future the novelty will become the most mass model on the world market of electric cars.

Toyota showed European modification of the new RAV4 in Paris

At the Paris Motor Show debuted the European modification of the new crossover Toyota RAV4. The novelty is based on the TNGA K architecture, its dimensions have not changed and leave 4600x1855x1650 mm, and the distance between the axes has increased by 30 mm – up to 2 690 mm.

In the European market, the model will be available with a 2-liter engine with a capacity of 222 hp. A manual transmission or a CVT will perform as a transmission, over time, an 8-speed automatic transmission will also become available.

In the Russian market, the new Toyota RAV4 will start selling in 2019.

Suzuki showed the Europeans a new Jimny

The European premiere of the new generation Suzuki Jimny SUV took place at the Paris Motor Show. At the same time, three days before the exhibition was opened, the European dealers of the brand began taking orders for the model.

The van and the freezer UAZ “Profi” went on sale

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant began selling new models of the light commercial vehicle UAZ “Profi” – an isothermal van and a refrigerated truck, which are offered with different thickness of the van walls depending on the thermal conductivity.

Audi showed a serial crossover with cameras instead of side mirrors

The crossover was equipped with an advanced air suspension, which is able to independently change the ground clearance in the range of 76 mm. Also, the driver is available semi-autonomous control system. The crossover is equipped with two electric motors at once. The total power of the E-Tron is 408 hp. and 660 Nm of torque. Acceleration to “hundreds” of the car takes about 6 seconds. On one charge, the car can travel up to 400 km in the WLTP cycle.

In Europe, sales of new items will begin in January of this year. Those who want to buy a car will have to pay about 80 thousand euros.

Model Aston Martin Valkyrie received the engine from Cosworth

Today, Cosworth is the world leader in the creation of engines. Such engines use almost all world automakers. The company does not stand still and creates more and more new engines.

The company Renault has put on the tests compact van RBC

Recently, spy shots of the new compact van from Renault appeared on the web. While he goes under the factory RBC index. It is known that the model will be produced in both the standard and the off-road version.


The author of The Witcher wants to sue $ 16 million from game developers

As told in the company CD Project, which developed all three parts of the Witcher games, Sapkovsky demanded royalties and threatened legal proceedings. The company received a formal payment request on October 1, 2018

A new teaser on the Harry Potter universe appeared on the Web.

On October 2, a teaser of a computer game not yet announced for the world of Harry Potter appeared on the Web. Users have seen it in poor quality so far, but have already made some conclusions about the product.

Kursk adventure about a spy on a submarine will be released on the PC on November 7

Kursk was announced in 2015. The game is based on the tragedy of the nuclear submarine K-141 “Kursk”, which occurred in 2000. The crash was caused by a malfunction of a torpedo that exploded during the exercise. In Kursk, you assume the role of a spy deployed on board a Russian nuclear submarine. Your task is to find the secret information about the super-torpedoes “Flurry”

A new Disco Domination mode will appear in Fortnite

Emotions and dances directly in Fortnite are already considered a meme, the developers decided to play on this, which will manifest itself in the new timed mode of Disco Domination, gamers will have to dance on the way to victory.

In the new trailer Hitman 2 boasted an arsenal of killer tricks

The creators of Hitman 2 presented a new trailer, which introduces us to a wide arsenal of tricks, tools and suicidal tricks that our unsmiling bald assassin is capable of.

For example, to achieve his goals, Agent 47 can shoot a sniper rifle not only at the nape of his victim, but also at … a palm tree. A bunch of coconuts that fell from a height of 15 meters will do its job, and death will look like an accident.

New Starlink Video: Battle for Atlas

The company Ubisoft presented to you and you two new videos of the Starlink adventure space action: Battle for Atlas, developed by Ubisoft Toronto. This time the video turned out to be dedicated to pilots Mason Rahn and Fox McCloud – the characteristics of these characters and the characteristics of their ships.

“Good, bad, augmented” for The Surge

The Surge developers have released a release trailer for the “Good, bad, augmented” add-on, which is already available to all players of this hardcore action on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The plot of the DLC will tell about a lonely cowboy who is ready to go to meet the adventures that await him in the Old West.

New trailer of horror games about Chelyabinsk released

Twitter channel Breaking Mash has published a new trailer in the development of a computer game in the genre of action-horror Evil Delusion: Chelyabinsk in the Dark, which takes place in Chelyabinsk. The game is developed by a local 25-year-old programmer Artyom Shpylev.

Nintendo will bring as many as 25 games to Comic Con Russia 2018

At the annual Comic Con Russia 2018 festival, which will take place on October 4–7, 2018 in the Moscow Crocus Expo exhibition center, Nintendo will present a variety of games for different platforms. First of all, these are projects of our own design: Super Mario Party; Super Smash Bros.

Halloween Horror at Overwatch will begin October 9th

Blizzard has published a teaser for the major game event “Halloween Horror 2018”. It will take place from 9 to 31 October. Overwatch is a multiplayer team game in different modes, where each character is famous for its unique uniqueness.

The details of the game have not yet been disclosed, but fans are looking forward to exciting moments. It is known that some cards will be remade to fit the style of Halloween. The manufacturer promises to change costumes, animations, winning phrases and much more, which is done in honor of the horror festival. Blizzard plans to hold a presentation soon

Russia of 2055 – fighting robots against aliens

The network has published the first trailer and footage of the first-person shooter Russia 2055. Events, as the name implies, take place in the middle of the 21st century in Russia, which is undergoing an alien invasion. In this case, the development of the project involved one person under the nickname InvictusVolition.

So far, the game has no release date. It is also unknown whether the developer plans to release a demo version for the community to appreciate.

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