8 Feb, 2019

Russia is preparing for a big war

The Russian military are preparing for full-scale wars, we are confident in the Swedish Institute of Defense Studies. The authors of the study state that if Russia used to pay more attention to developing skills for resolving small local conflicts, now the regular strategic military exercises of the Russian army are becoming more ambitious.

“Russia is preparing to wage regional and, probably, wars stretched in time against possible opponents of the size of China or NATO,” said study leader Juhan Nurberg.

As an example of full-scale military exercises, Swedish experts cited West-2017 and Vostok-2018. For example, about 100 thousand soldiers participated in the “West 2017” exercise, and about 300 thousand soldiers participated in the East – 2018 exercise, analysts say. Every year, the Russian military “learns to fight in one of the four directions in parts of the world.”

In support of their findings, analysts also refer to regular checks of combat readiness in the Russian Federation, starting in 2013, and emphasize that Russian President Vladimir Putin directly participates in them, on the orders of which, as supreme commander, these checks begin

Briefly about the main thing …

US Citizenship and Immigration Services to close its office in Moscow

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS) announced the closure of its field office in Moscow from March 29, 2019 in connection with a “significant drop in workload,” a statement said

After this period, it is recommended to contact these issues with the department in Greek Athens. This office will also process applications relating to citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. A small part of the functions of USCIS will be taken over by the American Embassy in the capital of the Russian Federation.

We need a rise in the cost of housing

Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region for the construction of Gleb Orlov said that housing in Kemerovo “should cost between 44-45 thousand rubles. per square meter in a competitive market. ” He told reporters at a press conference. According to him, today the price per square meter of housing in the Kirov district of Kemerovo starts from 33 thousand rubles.

“It is impossible to drive developers at a loss, the builders are pulling along another 46 industries. I have to build high-quality, reliable, for years, ”said Mr. Orlov.

Gleb Orlov, according to him, is going to raise the cost of a square meter of housing this year. What for this will be done, he did not specify.

Google has begun to remove sites banned in Russia from the search

Since November 2017, links to sites that have entered the registry are required to remove search engines from their list. They must also connect to the registry itself in order to quickly receive information about new resources that have been blocked.

Democrats resumed investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia

Adam Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee of the US House of Representatives, said the congressional investigation of US President Donald Trump’s ties with Russia was resumed. The corresponding statement is published on the committee website.

Chinese programmer stole about a million dollars from a bank

The head of the software department of the Chinese bank Huaxia Bank, 43-year-old programmer Qin Tsishen, noted that the ATM software incorrectly took into account cash withdrawal at midnight, with the update of account information: cash was issued, but not debited from the client’s balance sheet. Such failures cause alerts about the operation error, but Tsishen implemented a special script in the ATM software and was able to avoid this. In order not to attract too much attention to his account, the programmer limited himself to small amounts, withdrawing money. Two and a half years later and 1358 operations, he wrote off a little over a million dollars from the bank accounts.

Global warming will destroy the immunity of all mankind

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have concluded that global warming reduces immunity in animals and people and makes them more vulnerable to various viral infections and other pathogens. Article researchers published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

US tested intercontinental rocket Minuteman III

The launch of the rocket without a charge was carried out from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The Minuteman III rocket was launched on Tuesday, February 5, at 11:01 p.m. West Coast Time. The previous test of this rocket was carried out in July 2018, which ended in failure

Mass mortality of seabirds in the Netherlands cannot yet be explained.

For a month in the Netherlands, the massive death of seabirds is recorded – the mount. Experts can not explain the reasons for this phenomenon.

Trump’s childhood home is up for sale again

The house in Queens on Long Island, in which US President Donanald Trump lived up to the age of four, was put up for sale again. This time it is offered for $ 2.9 million, reports the American edition of The Wall street Journal.

In China, found a batch of HIV-infected immunoglobulin

Shanghai supervisory authorities ordered the company to completely stop the production of the drug and withdraw the lots sold. Doctors across the country have been banned from using this company’s immunoglobulin.

On the coast of Portugal, detained Ukrainian seamen on a ship with drugs

Later Ukrainian citizens will be able to visit the consul of Ukraine. EADaily reported earlier that a court in Cape Verde had imprisoned 11 sailors from Russia suspected of smuggling a record consignment of cocaine weighing 9 tons. Drugs were carrying the ship Eser under the flag of Panama.

Pompeo wished Venezuela independence from Russia and Cuba

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Fox Business Channel that Russia and Cuba are already in Venezuela. Reports about it RIA “News”. The State Secretary did not specify exactly how Cuba and Russia are present in Venezuela.

Former Brazilian President Lula received almost 13 more years in prison

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for corruption and money laundering in the framework of the second criminal process, reports AFP.

The economic meaning of the destruction of sanctions products

“Sometimes, from an economic point of view, it’s better to put something under the knife than to just distribute it. Strange as it may sound. Because it is the preservation of jobs, the preservation of a certain level of profitability of production, price policy, and so on, ”said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since 2014, there has been a food embargo in Russia – a ban on the import of a number of food products from countries that have imposed anti-Russian sanctions. Since 2015, smuggled products illegally imported from these countries are being destroyed.

Fuchs announced $ 20 million claimed by Trump for the name of the tower in Moscow

In 2006, the current US President Donald Trump requested $ 20 million for permission to give the name of the Trump Tower to a skyscraper to be built in Moscow, said Pavel Fuks, an entrepreneur and founder of the development company MosCityGroup, in Moscow.

In Venezuela, intercepted a batch of weapons from the US

Venezuelan security personnel intercepted a shipment of weapons and equipment from the United States, which was intended for terrorist groups. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of Civil Security, Endes Palencia, spoke about the operation in the north of the Latin American state.

A Russian helicopter crashed during exercises in Venezuela

In Venezuela, during a military exercise, a multipurpose attack helicopter Mi-35 of the Russian assembly crashed. About this reports Venezuela al Dia. As a result of the incident that occurred on February 4, five people were injured.

The exercises that began last week are designed to work out ways to reflect a possible US military invasion of the Bolivarian Republic in a political crisis.

Japan will continue negotiations on a peace treaty with Russia

At a solemn meeting in Tokyo on the occasion of the day of the “northern territories” associated with Japan’s claims to the southern Kuriles, Abe confirmed that he had invited Vladimir Putin to the G20 summit to be held in Osaka in June of this year, RIA Novosti reports .

We will continue negotiations so that the peoples of Japan and Russia will strengthen relations of trust and friendship, and work together intensively to find a mutually acceptable solution, ”said Abe.

Trump is preparing to announce the release of the IG * 100%

US President Donald Trump said that the upcoming week could be announced the release of a coalition led by the United States to fight the “Islamic State” (IG) * 100% of the territories that were previously occupied by terrorists. Reports about it RIA “News”.
* – terrorist organization banned in Russia

From a military unit in Ukraine stole American military equipment

The cost of the stolen is estimated at 4.5 million hryvnia (about $ 165 thousand), reported on February 6 on the website of the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation. It is noted that the US military equipment was transferred to Ukraine as part of an international technical assistance program.

Japan called Sakhalin a point of contact with Russia

Consul General of Japan in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Ryuichi Hirano called Sakhalin a point of contact between Japan and Russia. In an interview with RIA Novosti, he said that relations between neighboring countries should develop through Sakhalin, which “is truly a point of contact between the two countries.”

The protocol on the entry of Macedonia into NATO was signed

The document will have to be ratified before the end of the year. Representatives of NATO and Macedonia signed a protocol on the entry of the state into the alliance, TASS reports. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the organization in Brussels in the presence of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Foreign Minister of Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov

The United States will withdraw from the sanctions of the military of Venezuela, who will support the Guaydo

Washington has promised that it will withdraw from the sanctions of the high-ranking military of Venezuela, who will support oppositionist Juan Guaydo. This was stated by Assistant to the President of the United States on national security, John Bolton.

The United States will consider lifting the sanctions from Venezuelan high-ranking military who will stand up for democracy and recognize the legitimate, in terms of the constitution, the government of President Juan Guaydo. Otherwise, they will be completely excluded from the international financial system. Make the right choice! – John Bolton, American politician

Trump is ready to make concessions to Pyongyang

US President Donald Trump is ready to re-create economic cooperation between the DPRK and South Korea and other concessions to Pyongyang on the condition that during the meeting in Vietnam on February 27-28, the DPRK leader Kim Jong Un will agree to take significant steps to partially eliminate his country’s nuclear weapons . This is reported by the Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun, citing a source in the US administration.

In the Sea of ​​Azov passed the exercises of Ukrainian border guards

Ukrainian maritime border guards conducted exercises in the Sea of ​​Azov “to repel an attack by enemy forces.” This was reported on Wednesday, February 6, on the website of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

In Libya, Marshal Haftar’s army occupied the largest oil field

The Libyan armed forces, controlled by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, occupied the largest oil field in the country without a fight. About this today, February 6, told reporters the official representative of the army Haftar Ahmed al-Mismari.

The United States will send to the border 250 military to meet the caravan of migrants

In late January, a new caravan of migrants moved out of Honduras towards the US borders. Another group began moving from El Salvador. Earlier, the United States Department of Defense announced that it plans to deploy 3,750 more troops on the border with Mexico.

The United States will buy Israeli missile defense system “Iron Dome” for tests

The Pentagon will purchase several Israeli-made iron dome tactical missile defense systems for testing.

Lithuania intends to transfer ammunition worth 255 thousand euros to Ukraine

Lithuania, as a military support, intends to transfer to Ukraine Soviet-made ammunition for small arms for 255,000 euros, Sputnik Lithuania reports with reference to the press service of the Baltic Republic government.

Ministry of Labor will help change the profession to citizens of pre-retirement age

The Ministry of Labor plans to provide the unemployed with pre-retirement age the opportunity to change their profession. Older citizens will be able to get a new profession after passing the test for vocational guidance, they told Izvestia in the department.

Experts believe that the profession of a seller, a call center specialist and an accountant will be popular for senior citizens. The change of profession should not affect highly qualified specialists, analysts of the labor market surveyed

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation approved a program for resettlement to Ingushetia from abroad

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree for 2019-2021 to assist in the resettlement to Ingushetia of compatriots who live abroad, the relevant document published on the website of the Cabinet.

German bus service FlixBus enters the Russian market

FlixMobility GmbH, operating under the FlixBus brand, intends to enter the Russian market. The announcement of the event is scheduled for February 21, Kommersant reports, citing a company representative. Now there is a recruitment of staff in the Moscow office, negotiations are underway with carriers.

Emergency regime introduced in Chernogorsk due to lack of coal

The emergency mode was introduced in Chernogorsk (Republic of Khakassia) due to the shortage of coal in boiler room No. 2. This was reported on Wednesday by local media, citing its own sources.

Sakhalin fishermen complained to the Japanese

The appeal was written on the basis of reports by the captains of Russian fishing vessels, who had certain difficulties in their work. They say that the Japanese take all the fishing grounds in the Kunashir Strait, where fish accumulate.

Russian economics textbook banned due to lack of patriotism

The Russian textbook “Economics” for the 10–11th grades was excluded from the federal list of textbooks due to the lack of materials “that form students for a sense of pride in the country and involvement in what is happening.” It is reported by Kommersant with reference to the author of the manual, Doctor of Economic Sciences Igor Lipsits.

As follows from the recommendations of the publishing house “Vita-Press”, the author is invited to tell in the manual “about the plans of the nearest economic breakthrough” and about import substitution “as one of the directions of modern economic policy”

Here I can not cope, alas. I have forgotten how to write this in the last 25 years and no longer want to restore my verbiage skills. – Igor Lipsits, Russian scientist

Chelyabinsk Pension Fund requires pensioner to return three pennies

The Pension Fund notified Chelyabinsk that due to the revision of the amount of the pension for the period from June 18 to June 30, 2018, he was over-paid a pension in the amount of 0 rubles 03 kopecks. Institution asks for reimbursement of the above amount voluntarily

Trutnev declared uncompetitive tourism in the Far East

Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD), Yuri Trutnev, said on February 6 that raising the Far East in the field of tourism to a level of competitiveness is a difficult task, requiring a lot of time and money.

The first car wash for drones will appear in Russia in 2021

The press service of the working group of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Avtonet confirmed plans to build the first car wash in Russia for UAVs and vehicles with communication technology with infrastructure and pedestrians V2X. As told in the NTI, the project of such a car wash has already been developed.

Roscosmos contractor suspected of financial fraud

During the reconstruction of the production of solid fuel at the Perm Powder Plant, carried out by the Roscosmos enterprise, NPO Tekhnomash, financial frauds were revealed. We are talking about the theft of 410.2 million rubles transferred to the accounts of LLC Moskapstroy.

Special parking for car car sharing appeared at Krasnoyarsk airport

At the airport Krasnoyarsk appeared parking service per minute car rental – Delimobil. It is located in the parking zone P2. Customers are advised to check the presence of a parking card of the airport in the folder with documents before driving; it gives access to exit from the territory.

Moscow has allocated 15 billion rubles for modern technologies for the treatment of cancer

The Moscow Health Department will be allocated 15 billion 600 million rubles to improve the quality of medical care for residents of the capital with oncological diseases.

Turkey has decided to withdraw the all inclusive system outside the hotels

In 2019, Turkish hoteliers made a decision to bring the all-inclusive system, their beloved by Russians, outside the hotel, writes RIA news portal. It is assumed that this step will serve the development of shopping and will provoke additional spending on holidaymakers.

Rosstat reports on accelerating inflation and rising prices in Russia to 5%

Annual inflation in Russia in January accelerated to 5%, and in relation to December prices rose by 1%. This was announced by Rosstat. For comparison: in January 2018, inflation amounted to 2.2% in annual terms, and in the monthly – only 0.3%.

MKB and Sovcombank want to buy out the Asia-Pacific Bank

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) filed two applications for the acquisition of 99.9% of the voting shares of the Asia-Pacific Bank (ATB). Moscow Credit Bank (MKB) and Sovcombank became potential buyers of the bank being reorganized. Relevant petitions were received by the FAS on January 23, 2019.

Golikova: Three world-class genetic centers will appear in Russia

As Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told reporters, three new genetic centers will be created.

Yesterday we held the Presidium of the Council for the Federal Scientific Program on Genetics. There are four areas we have – biosafety, bio-independence; genetic technologies in medicine and genetic technologies in agriculture, genetic technologies in industrial microbiology. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

Five billion for a view of the Kremlin

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund, Alexei Navalny, found an apartment worth 5 billion rubles from the head of the Rostec state corporation, Sergey Chemezov. Chemezov’s alleged apartment, according to Navalny, “is almost in the Kremlin,” in the former building of the Moscow Hotel on Okhotny Ryad, according to an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

The European Commission banned the merger of Siemens with Alstom

The European Commission has banned the merger of railway assets of the German company Siemens and the French Alstom because of the potential damage to competition and security. This is reported on the website of the commission.

Russian Railways to invest 105 billion rubles in the electrification of BAM and Transsib

The company together with FGC UES will invest up to 105 billion rubles in the electrification of BAM and Transsib. Immediately in several regions, substations will be built and upgraded and high-voltage transmission lines will be laid (about 1.5 thousand km), Izvestia reports.

Several thousand sverdlovchan in the cold were left without electricity

From early in the morning on February 7, several settlements in the suburb of Zarechny, Sverdlovsk Region, were left without electricity. In total, there are 700 people without electricity at the moment, the IDGC of Urals press service told Nakanune.RU.

 Gazprom Places Eurobonds in Dollars

Gazprom has placed seven-year eurobonds in dollars worth $ 1.25 billion at 5.15% per annum, RBC reports citing a source in the financial market. The placement of Eurobonds took place on the Irish Stock Exchange, the demand for securities by investors exceeded $ 5.4 billion.

In 2018, the Russians set a historic mortgage record

Last year, residents of Russia issued 1.47 million mortgage loans totaling 3,012 trillion rubles. From the data released by the Bank of Russia, it follows that this was a historical record.

In Omsk, the court wrote off a million debt on loans to ex-deputy Neklyudova

Omsk arbitration court completed the bankruptcy process of ex-deputy of the Omsk city council 68-year-old Lyubov Neklyudova. Recall that Neklyudova accumulated debts in different banks for 2.387 million rubles. However, the court managed to recover only 43,508 rubles. This is due to the fact that the debtor could not detect any liquid property. Neklyudova owns only an apartment, and the income is a pension of 16,200 rubles. In this regard, the court decided to release the ex-deputy Neklyudova from the payment of all debts and to pay the financial manager 25,000 rubles.

Medvedev spoke about the challenges of Russian science in the coming decades

Supporting advanced research, expanding contacts with scientists all over the world and popularizing science are important government tasks for the coming decades, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In Saratov, people remained under the collapsed part of the house

In the center of Saratov collapsed part of the facade of a historic building – “The House of General Denikin.” The wreckage blocked people on the ground floor, reports the February 4th edition of the Fourth Power.

The surplus of the trade balance of the Russian Federation in 2018 increased 1.6 times

The trade balance of Russia in 2018 turned out to be positive and amounted to $ 211.6 billion. The foreign trade turnover of the Russian Federation grew by 17.6% to $ 692.6 billion.

Exports of goods grew by 25.6% compared to 2017, to $ 452.1 billion. Fuels and energy products (63.7%) were the basis of steel exports, and metals and metal products (9.9%) also made a significant contribution, chemical products (6.1%), machinery and equipment (6.5%), food products and raw materials for their production (5.5%). Handling of Russian Railways export cargo to ports increased by 3.4%

Imports to Russia grew by 5.1% to $ 240.5 billion. Machinery and equipment made up 47.3% of imports, chemical products – 18.3%, food products and raw materials for their production – 12.4%, metals and products from them – 7.2%, and textiles and footwear – 6.2%.

The National Bank of Belarus has kept the refinancing rate at 10%

This year, the National Bank called its goal to reduce inflation to 5.0 percent. Previously, the regulator predicted minor changes in the level of the rate during this year and said that at the end of the year it could reach 9.5-10.5 percent. Next time the National Bank will consider the rate at the meeting on May 3.

Russia’s revenues from oil exports in 2018 increased by 38.2%

Russia’s revenues from the export of petroleum products in 2018 reached $ 129.05 billion, an increase of 38.2% compared with 2017, RIA Novosti reports, citing data from the Federal Customs Service (FCS). The total volume of oil exports in the 12 months of last year grew by 2.9%, to 260.2 million tons.

Large families want to give housing subsidies

The State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children was sent a bill providing for the payment of subsidies for the purchase of housing to families with seven or more children and living in rural areas. We are talking about those families who live in the countryside for at least ten years at the time of the appearance of the seventh child. The project provides that in order to receive a subsidy housing must first be purchased.

VKontakte will be able to automatically delete “extremist content”

The popular VKontakte platform will be able to automatically filter and clean images recognized as extremist material. It is reported that they disappear almost immediately after publication.

The Simpsons animated series extended for two seasons

Fox TV in the United States announced the extension of the humorous television series The Simpsons to the 31st and 32nd seasons. Channel representatives made this announcement during the television press critics’ winter press tour.

Putin instructed to consider the issue of the monument to Mikhail Ulyanov in Moscow

Vladimir Putin instructed the Moscow authorities to consider the installation of a monument to People’s Artist of the USSR Mikhail Ulyanov. The appeal of the head of state is published on the Kremlin website.

Berlin will host the 69th International Film Festival

The Berlin Film Festival will end on February 17 by awarding the winners with statuettes of Gold and Silver Bears.

Disney unveils Tim Burton’s Dumbo trailer

On the YouTube channel Disney Russia, a new trailer for the film “Dumbo” directed by Tim Burton. The plot of the film is partly based on the original Disney cartoon and tells about a circus elephant with unusually large ears, thanks to which he can fly

International Book Fair opens in Minsk

On Wednesday in the capital of Belarus begins a major literary event – the 26th International Book Fair, which is attended by dozens of publishers and hundreds of writers.

Shevchuk: Propaganda of the war to the good will not bring us all

In Saratov, journalists reminded Yuri Shevchuk how a musician used to say in one of his previous visits that he began to avoid political topics.

“Politics is a part of our life. Of course, it is very important, and we are all citizens of our country, and I don’t like a lot about what we hang on our ears, on the box, and so on. I don’t like, frankly, the militarization of society. Many uncles who drive us into war. I don’t like this terribly. I find it disgusting. Propaganda war has gone. War – it is such a thing, historical. When we are attacked, of course, we will all stand. As they say, live in the world, prepare for war, but do not propagate it. Now there are a lot of people on the air, in newspapers – generally in the mass media … war propaganda is on. This is very bad, it will not bring us all to good. All enemies are all around, all rascals, we are only good and fluffy, we are all offended. This is nonsense, this is very bad. The propaganda of the war is very oppressive to me, and tomorrow I will sing and talk about it, ”he promised.

A solemn evening in honor of Eric Bulatov took place in Paris

On Wednesday in Paris in the residence of the Russian ambassador held a gala evening in honor of the Russian artist Eric Bulatov, which was attended by the heads of major European museums and colleagues wizard.

“The Russian master is rightfully recognized as a reformer of modern art, which today it is impossible to imagine without his works,” said the Russian ambassador to France Alexey Meshkov.

In Sochi, will open an exhibition of paintings “Undisputed”

An exhibition of paintings by artists with developmental features “Undisputed” will open at the Social Investment Laboratory site, the press service of the Roskongress Foundation reported. The exhibition will be one of the key events in support of an inclusive agenda.

In Bryansk, the famous singer Yegor Creed presented a new song

Rumor has it that a new song is dedicated to the winner of the sixth season of the show “Bachelor” Darya Klyukina. However, there is no official confirmation of this.

In Kaliningrad, found a picture brush pupil Ilya Repin

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” found that the experts managed to decipher the artist’s signature The picture of the brush by Andronov was compared with his other masterpieces and revealed characteristic features in the manner of writing and signature.

Samuel Jackson, along with the “son” is hunting for the killer in the trailer “Shaft”

In the film, John Shaft Jr. will look for his father John Shaft II, who will teach him and help solve the death of his best friend. The leading roles are played by Jesse Asher and Samuel L. Jackson. Previously, Samuel Jackson swore Trump after a Muslim congresswoman.

St. Petersburg will host a concert in memory of Yegor Letov

A concert in memory of the musician, the leader of the Civil Defense group Egor Letov will be held in St. Petersburg in the cultural space “Heart” on February 19. The concert was named “11 years without Egor Letov.” The compositions that Letov composed will be performed by musicians who worked with him in different years.

Mongolian cowboy became a sensation on the American show

The other day on the American television channel CBS started the international show of talents of the world’s best. Mongolian Enkh-Erdene takes part in the show, which from the very beginning became a sensation in the USA. The Mongolian cowboy hashtag – #mongoliancowboy has even appeared on social networks. Americans are so surprised that a Mongolian guy who does not know English sang an American country-style song so soulfully.

David Duchovny will give a concert in Moscow

It is specified that his musical direction is a mixture of blues, country and rock. He released his debut album Hell or Highwater in 2015.

Stadium “Samara Arena” still make a concert venue

The authorities purchased special equipment for the Samara Arena stadium. We are talking about coverage, which will allow to hold concerts on the field.

The exhibition “Two weeks of tears” by artist Tracy Emin opened in London

In addition to the paintings, there are sculptures, neon products and almost 50 self-portraits made by the author at night during the period of insomnia. The exhibition was called “Two weeks of tears.” As the artist said, this is a story about strong emotional experiences, good or bad, insanely happy. ”

“Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and the London School”

State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin opened the sale of tickets to the exhibition “Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and the London School,” which will begin its work on March 5.

In Russia, an Orthodox phone was created for 279 thousand rubles

The case of the device is covered with gold and decorated with a large Orthodox cross on the background of an ornament in the old Russian style. The front panel is also framed with a golden ornate pattern. In addition, the series includes the “business” version of the “Tsar-phone”, where the gold panel with a cross is replaced with black leather.

Two extensions have been added to Google Chrome to check password security.

The American company claims that Password Checkup is completely safe for the user. It is designed in such a way that Google or others cannot get information about a user and his passwords through him.

The cheapest Samsung flagship got the name Galaxy S10e

The most affordable flagship Samsung will receive a price tag of 697 dollars. Earlier it was reported that the flagship Samsung with 1 TB ROM will be called the Galaxy S10 + Emperor.

Sony Xperia XZ4 Camera Phone Get CinemaWide Display

Sources believe that this brand will be used in various products of the company, but the first smartphone, along with the name which will be used the word CinemaWide, will be the flagship camera phone Sony Xperia XZ4.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite will get a night shooting mode

The Chinese company Xiaomi has announced an addition to the functionality of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite night mode, which was previously absent in the current firmware version.

Boeing joined the creation of a luxurious supersonic business jet

About plans to fly expensively and quickly Aerion told last year. At that time, the partnership with Boeing has not yet been disclosed. Then it became known that the first project of the Aerion will be the AS2 aircraft – this is a business jet, developed jointly with Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation and Honeywell.

In South Korea, only 65.9% of nuclear power plants are used.

The utilization rate of nuclear power plants in South Korea in 2018 was 65.9%, which is the lowest figure since 1981. It is reported by The Korean Economic Daily, citing representatives of the company Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

Tesla launched the sale of its products on Amazon

The company management announced the start of work within the framework of the well-known Amazon store, which has a special section in which branded accessories and pleasant goods are sold to fans of the American brand.

The following Samsung wireless headphones can charge from the Galaxy S10

WinFuture has received images that hint that Galaxy Buds can be charged from the back panel of the Galaxy S10. Now there is little other information about Galaxy Buds, except that the headphones support Bluetooth.

Princess Yachts Shipyard Creates New Y-Class Yacht

A distinctive feature of the X-class was the architectural concept of superflybridge, invented by Bernardo Olesinski. In the 1970s, he was the first to use the flybridge (post control) on yachts as an additional recreation area.

Purchase option added to Opera

A new option has been added to the Opera browser for Android, allowing users to buy Ethereum (ETH) directly using the built-in cryptographic window.

Microsoft Build Developer Conference will begin on May 6th

The beginning of May will be particularly entertaining in the technology world. Microsoft announced that the Build for Developers conference in 2019 will be held in Seattle from May 6 to May 8. In other words, it starts one day before Google I / O, so there will be a lot of news during this time period.

Intel is preparing an eight-core processor Core i9-9980HK for laptops

The chip appears under the designation Core i9-9980HK. Thus, the product will be related to the ninth generation Core solutions. It is known that the processor will receive eight cores

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti video cards appeared in Russian stores

The range of several Russian online stores has been replenished with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti video cards made by Palit and MSI. In addition to the technical characteristics of new products have become known prices. At the moment, the information is on the page of the store Mitcor and DNS (from the cache of Google)

A drone sailed autonomously from California to Hawaii and back

The Sea Hunter unmanned ship developed in the United States made its first large autonomous voyage — a surface drone sailed from San Diego (California) to Pearl Harbor (Hawaiian Islands) and back.

Researchers have learned about the ability of bees to count

Adrien Dyer, a scientist from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology, said that math skills are much more widespread in the animal world than previously thought. A striking example is honey bees. The researchers found that they can add or subtract one from the set.

Scientists: The brain of human ancestors grew due to fat

American scientists conducted a study in which they came to the conclusion that fatty foods could have caused the emergence of modern man. In their opinion, the fat that our predecessors consumed contributed to the increase in brain size

Scientists have figured out why the Vikings left Greenland

According to experts, the warming of Greenland was due to the warm ocean currents that washed the island. However, later the climate began to change, the air temperature dropped – down to the current values.

Scientists have developed a new method for the prevention and treatment of chlamydia

Researchers from the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) have developed a new method for the prevention and treatment of chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the world. The results are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

A new drug created in Ho’s laboratory prevents most chlamydia from entering the cells of the reproductive system and destroys bacteria that can penetrate the cell wall. A team of scientists was able to achieve this by using small ribonucleic acid (miRNA) to target a specific PDGFR-beta gene in the female reproductive tract, which creates a protein that binds to chlamydia bacteria.

China began mass production of transport drone

According to several Internet portals, the Chinese company Star UAV System has launched mass production of the AT200 transport unmanned aircraft. Tests of the aircraft were carried out in 2017 – 2018.

Find and destroy brain cancer will help manganese oxide

Scientists at the SPF Vivarium collective center of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk investigated the effect of manganese oxide nanoparticles on glioblastoma – a brain tumor. Such nanoparticles can have a toxic effect on brain cancer and be a marker of neoplasm in the head.

Snakes from one population were 3.6 times more toxic than each other.

American biologists have found that snake venom toxicity can vary by a factor of 3.6 in individuals from the same population, according to Biology Letters. Perhaps this is due to physiological or genetic characteristics, or the poison acts differently on different types of prey.

Updated Toyota Corolla will go to the Russian Federation in the only version

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota will present in Russia a new Corolla model with a 122-horsepower engine of 1.6 liters. This option will be the only equipment, reports the publication Motor. The updated sedan slightly increased in size.

Rare racing Ferrari 1987 went under the hammer for 4.3 million euros

A rare racing supercar Ferrari F40 LM 1987 release went under the hammer at Sotheby’s auction for 4.3 million euros. Bidding took place on Wednesday evening, at the annual Salon of vintage cars in Paris.

BMW withdraws 28.6 thousand cars in Russia

In particular, 19,919 cars of the BMW brand F84, F01, F02, F06, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13, F15, F16, F22, F25, F26, F34 sold in the period from 2011 to 2015 were withdrawn, as well as 8,712 BMW vehicles of the F10, F15, F21, F22, F25, F26, F30, F32, F33, F34, F36, sold from 2014 to 2016. The reason the review was announced is a high probability of insufficient reliability of the exhaust gas recirculation system radiator. Detected problems can lead to non-tightness of the radiator and even ignition

Jeep to launch new Treo electric SUV

Jeep car brand announced its readiness to release a new model based on the Treo concept, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2003.

In Philadelphia at the abandoned factory found the pre-war Packard Six

The Packard Six model was released in 1927. It is known that the car remained in the factory for over 40 years. Mileage of a car reaches approximately 16 thousand km. In this case, the vehicle was the property of the owner of the factory. He used it for his daily trips.

The world premiere of a limousine Aurus will be held in the United Arab Emirates

The world premiere of the limousine Aurus (formerly the project “Cortege”) will be held at the exhibition of weapons IDEX in the UAE in February 2019. This was reported to TASS by the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov on the sidelines of the Delovaya Rossiya forum.

Toyota will show in Chicago updated pickup Tacoma 2020

Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV, which appeared in 2000. As part of the upcoming auto show in Chicago, the Japanese brand is going to present even more off-road TRD Pro.

The Sequoia TRD Pro SUV has additional off-road elements, such as a front skid plate, cast aluminum steps and a TRD reinforced trunk. Under the hood is a 5.7-liter V8, producing 381 hp. power. In combination with the 6-speed “automatic” Sequoia TRD Pro can tow up to 3 220 kg. The SUV received a towing assistance function, an integrated tow hitch, as well as a special mode of driving when towing. The novelty received 2.5-inch front shock absorbers with 7 compression zones, two rebound zones – each increased by 18 millimeters. The rear shock absorbers have larger pistons with a diameter of 47 mm and more powerful shock rods, increased by 3.2 mm.

Mathematics by Alan Turing recognized the greatest personality of the twentieth century

The BBC conducted a survey among its viewers, which revealed the greatest personality of the twentieth century. The greatest number of votes received mathematician Alan Turing. Turing is known to the world for having provided a significant impetus to the development of computer science and computer technology.

The Bank of England retained the base rate of 0.75% per annum

The Bank of England, as expected, kept the base interest rate at 0.75% per annum. Such information is posted on the website of the Bank of England. The limit of funds that the Bank of England can spend on asset purchases is also kept at £ 435 billion.

In China, testing unmanned bus

For the drone bus, which will be controlled by the 5G mobile network, trials have been launched in the city of Chongqing. It will have a capacity of up to twelve passengers.

The investigators became interested in becoming friends with Senator Arashukov General

The general filed a report immediately after his visit to the headquarters of the TFR in Moscow, where he gave explanations about his friendly relations with a member of the Federation Council from the KCR, Rauf Arashukov, who was arrested on charges of two murders.

Cadillac XT5 crossover added “sports” version

The company Cadillac presented at the Chicago Auto Show “sports” version of the crossover XT5. Performance Sport will be limited edition and will be different darkened exterior decoration elements, as well as equipment.

Rada enshrined in the constitution of Ukraine the course towards joining the EU and NATO

Verkhovna Rada by a majority of votes approved changes to the Constitution of Ukraine, which reinforce the country’s course towards membership in the European Union and NATO.

The Kremlin is now very closely watching what is happening in the Verkhovna Rada. Do not wait, you will not have joy! I am sure that the Verkhovna Rada will demonstrate the unity that Ukraine is waiting for. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

In the State Duma Google threatened prosecutors from behind the Crimea

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Vasily Piskarev said that the deputies will contact the prosecutor’s office and Roskomnadzor if Google does not correct the erroneous designation of the Crimea on maps, reports RIA Novosti.

Moscow City Court recognized the arrest of four Ukrainian sailors

Ukrainian sailors, who on November 25 illegally crossed the border of Russia in the Black Sea and moved to the Kerch Strait, will remain in jail until April 24.

NATO has begun to create a sixth generation fighter

French and German defense ministers Florence Parley and Ursula von der Lyayen signed a contract to conduct development work on the creation of a sixth generation fighter, reports Defense News portal.

Finnish Foreign Minister to visit Moscow on February 12

Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini will hold a meeting in Moscow on February 12 with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during which arms control issues and the situation in Ukraine will be discussed.

The State Duma was amended to clarify the definition of “spyware” devices

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered the State Duma to amend the Criminal Code, which clarifies the term “special technical tools designed to covertly receive information” (CTC). This is reported on the government website.

The United States will withdraw the proposal for the Patriot air defense system if Turkey buys C-400 from Russia

Washington will withdraw the proposal to sell the Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems if Ankara buys the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, NTV reported, citing a US source.

900 million rubles will be allocated for technical re-equipment of the Voronezh aircraft plant

The total amount that is planned to be allocated for these purposes is more than 910 million rubles, reports REGNUM news agency citing procurement documents. Rearmament is carried out “for the manufacture of light military transport aircraft” – we are talking about the Il-112V.

Ka-62 helicopters will be equipped with the newest C-404 communications complex

Ka-62 helicopters will be able to boast of the C-404 airborne communications complexes in the near future. The latter, according to experts, belong to a new generation.

Skvortsova called alcohol the main cause of death among men in Russia

Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova on the radio station Vesti FM said that 70% of the deaths of men of working age are associated with the use of alcoholic beverages.

70% is alcohol-related mortality, and not only acute. Thank God, the acute mortality has decreased significantly … but the accumulative alcohol mortality: cirrhosis, peptic ulcer and all complications, pancreatic necrosis, is early atherosclerosis, early hypertension. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian politician

The State Duma supported the bill on people’s inspectors on the roads

At its meeting on Thursday, the State Duma adopted in its first reading a draft law on so-called people’s inspectors, who would be able to fix traffic violations on Russian roads. The initiative was introduced by the Russian government.

Millions of rights granted to Russians may be invalid

In the rights of an unapproved sample, the inscription “Driver’s license” is duplicated in French and English (“Permis de conduire” and “Driving license”, respectively), and the internal documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia do not provide for this. The approved sample of the document assumes that the inscription “Driver’s license” should be made in Russian without duplication in foreign languages.

More than 50% of citizens of the Russian Federation do not hope for good medical aid in oncology

More than half of the inhabitants of Russia (51%) do not hope for good medical care in case of the oncological disease. At the same time, 38% of respondents are still confident that in Russia you can get high-quality and qualified oncological medical care. 11% could not answer.

61% of respondents argue their negative assessment by the high cost of treatment, as well as the lack of qualified doctors (41%) and insufficient equipment of medical institutions with the necessary equipment (40%).

In Buryatia, the hospital closed the maternity ward due to the lack of doctors

It was found that the order of the chief physician of the Pribaikalsk central district hospital from August 2018 suspended the work of the maternity ward of the hospital due to the absence of obstetrician-gynecologists. As a result, inpatient treatment was not carried out here as in the gynecological department of the CRH.

Russia’s international reserves increased by $ 7.9 billion

Over the week, Russia’s international reserves grew by $ 7.9 billion and as of February 1 totaled $ 477.7 billion against $ 469.8 billion as of January 25. This is reported on the website of the Bank of Russia.

For the protection of Runet laid 2 billion rubles of federal money

Funds for the creation of the Public Communications Network Management Center under the draft law on the protection of the runet against external threats are provided for in the budget for 2019 in the amount of almost 600 million rubles, in just three years it is expected to spend more than 1.8 billion rubles.

Christie’s revenue for 2018 was $ 7 billion

Christie’s auction house revenue for 2018 was £ 5.3 billion, or $ 7 billion. This is stated in an official press release from the London organizer of the auction of works of art, received on Thursday TASS.

A new type of pension may appear in Russia

The development of a package of bills that will introduce a new type of pension is being completed at the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance. This was told to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” by the chief ombudsman for the rights of financial services consumers, the former adviser to the head of the Bank of Russia on the development of the pension system, Yuri Voronin.

To a certain level of income, the desire to participate in such a system is not obvious: the salary is low, it would be enough for life. For such employees, a simplified service order, which implies inclusion into the system by default, will not be applied. – Yuri Voronin, politician


Russian hospitals have collected billions of debt for the sake of raising wages

In the Kemerovo Region, hospitals had to borrow for years and accumulate debts in order to raise the salaries of employees in accordance with the May decrees of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kommersant reports.

The balance of income and expenses was not calculated, inefficient expenses were not removed, the head physicians did not understand this mechanism – and so far they have not. The ineffective work of the head physicians as managers, the lack of systemic nature, all this led to a financial pit. – Elena Malysheva, Russian presenter

The new cryptocurrency Telegram valued at almost $ 30 billion

Russian programmer and billionaire Pavel Durov intends to launch his own cryptocurrency Gram in March. By the end of the year, its value could reach $ 29.5 billion.

Moscow region will send 5 billion rubles. for the completion of the Urban Group

According to the explanatory note, the funds will be directed to the implementation of the plan of measures to restore the rights of citizens – participants of shared construction in the apartment buildings of the Urban Group. Previously, it was planned to allocate 3 billion rubles for these purposes. next year.

Pochta Rossii will build a logo center in the Rostov Region

The new complex will be located on the territory of 10 hectares in the area of ​​the airport “Platov”. The capacity of the facility will be more than one million mailings per day. The complex will serve Kalmykia, Adygea, Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, Volgograd Region and Stavropol Territory

Net profit of Sberbank under RAS in January amounted to 73.7 billion rubles

Net profit of PJSC “Sberbank” under RAS in January 2019 amounted to 73.7 billion rubles. In January, corporate clients received loans of 670 billion rubles.

Gazprom will provide Pakistan with Iranian gas

The publication reports that the signing of the document shows that the Russian gas giant has not abandoned the idea of building the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, despite the resumption of the US sanctions against Tehran

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