6 Dec, 2018

Russia is the main source of misinformation

The main source of misinformation in Europe is Russia, said European Commission Deputy Andrus Ansip at the presentation of the plan on “counteracting disinformation”.

He stated the strong evidence provided by the East StratCom Task Force Task Force on Strategic Communications. According to him, since 2015, the group has revealed more than 4.5 thousand cases of disinformation against the European Union in the framework of Russian campaigns.

“Since its establishment in 2015, the East StratCom Task Force has identified and analyzed more than 4.5 thousand cases of disinformation. There is strong evidence pointing to Russia as the main source of misinformation in Europe, ”said Ansip.

Briefly about the main thing …


25 days of arrest for calling for support of defendants in the cases of the “New Greatness” and “Network”

The Tverskoy District Court of Moscow arrested the head of the movement For Human Rights and the member of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lev Ponomarev for 25 days, OVD-Info reports with reference to the United Public Observation Group (OGON).

Judge Dmitry Gordeyev found 77-year-old Ponomarev guilty of repeated violation of the rules of the event (Part 8 of Art. 20.2 of the Administrative Code) because he called to participate in the uncoordinated action “For ours and your children” in support of the defendants of the New Greatness cases and network. Ponomarev believes that these cases were fabricated, and the testimony was given under torture. This was reported to the Echo of Moscow correspondent by Ponomarev himself.

Teachers demand to start a criminal case on seventh graders for memes

Four students created a public network on VKontakte, in which they posted pictures with the participation of their teachers. Teachers of chemistry and biology were unhappy with the pictures and demanded to start a case under article 130 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Insult”).

Ministry of Internal Affairs announced changes in the exams for driving license

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia reported that at the beginning of 2019 it is planned to submit a draft resolution for consideration by the government, in accordance with the provisions of which the “playground” and “city” tests will be combined, reports TASS.

In Saratov, check the children’s hospital after complaints of worms in the food

In Saratov, Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 5 will be inspected after receiving complaints about poor-quality food and the rudeness of medical staff. According to the press service of the governor Valery Radaev, the head of the region instructed his deputy to conduct an inspection on the complaints of the patients’ relatives.

98 billion rubles to reduce the shortage of medical staff

The Ministry of Health plans to allocate 98 billion rubles. to solve the problem of lack of medical staff. According to department estimates, health care institutions need to hire another 27 thousand employees. Funds will be allocated under the national project “Health”.

Rotten cabbage fed wards Volgograd social institutions

Specialists of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Volgograd region revealed massive violations in the provision of food to the wards of some social institutions in the region.

The budget of Chechnya will spend 51 million rubles to clean the palace Kadyrov

In 2019, the budget of the Chechen Republic will allocate 51.1 million rubles for the maintenance of the working residence of Ramzan Kadyrov in Grozny. Earlier it was reported that cleaning the park at a luxurious palace of the head of Chechnya costs the Russians at least 34 million rubles annually.

The auction document posted on the public procurement portal by the Office of the Head of the Government and the Government of Chechnya states that a contractor for municipal services of the administrative complex is required at the Kadyrov residence. Public Media paid attention to the placement of the state order.

“Intourist” launched the sale of package tours to Iran

Tour operator “Intourist” began selling package tours in the Iranian direction. They offer several excursion tours on the basis of regular transportation with departure from Moscow. According to ATOR, a little later, excursion tours for regional cities will also be on sale.

The government has conflicting information about the diet of citizens

Statistics on the nutrition of Russians, which the government is now collecting, may differ from actual consumption by 15–25% or even more — RANEPA experts came to such conclusions after analyzing existing data on food consumption in households in the country. The work of the RANEPA is dedicated to the real state of “food security” in the Russian Federation, but in the process of its preparation, the authors, led by Natalia Shagaida, stated: the quality of food consumption data, on the basis of which the White House builds appropriate policies, is doubtful.

Large Russian enterprises will send their employees on vacation in Sochi

The resort authorities have carried out a lot of work on the presentation of Sochi in major cities. Industrialists from different regions of the country were shown the possibilities of Sochi as a health center in Russia. A large base of enterprises that are ready to pay their employees in Sochi has already been formed.

In honor of the celebration of the introduction of the Most Holy Theotokos into the temple in the temple in the name of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov) of the village Supsekh near Anapa, the rector of the church, Archpriest Vladimir Sobchenko, conducted a thematic conversation with students of the Cossack classes of schools No. 11 and No. 23

Boris Vishnevsky: “Get away from the names of airports”

“I really want to use a non-parliamentary expression. And not one. The theme of the day: how to“ rename ”airports? Citizens, do you understand that you are“ separated ”? When will you learn not to be led to these“ wiring ”? Yes, what the hell are you doing? “airports? We have nothing more to do? There are no more problems in the country? And in aviation, by the way?” – the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg writes on his Facebook page.

Singapore authorities want to ban soda

If adopted, Singapore will be the first country in the world where a drink is prohibited. The agency also proposes to increase the tax for producers and importers of soda, to tighten advertising, up to a ban, and label the product

Three year old girl had to treat breast cancer

A three-year-old girl living in Shandong Province of China had to treat breast cancer, so she became one of the youngest patients who suffered because of this cancer. The story of a three-year-old patient with breast cancer was shared by AsiaOne.

Children in Yeisk accustom to faith through iconography

A children’s icon painting workshop opened in the Church of the Presentation of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Church. He blessed and consecrated the first icon painting studio in our city, the bishop of Eisk and Timashevsky Herman. The class will be taught by professional icon painter Irina Akinfina. The studio accepts “persons of the Orthodox faith from 10 years.”

Roskomnadzor proposes to introduce age marks 1+ and 3+

The head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, considers it necessary to introduce additional age marks 1+ and 3+ for the media in order to protect children from information that may adversely affect their psyche. This was announced by the head of department on December 5 at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Academy of Education.

“Now we are tracking the age markings of the media. There are 0+, 6+, 12+, 18+. Now the issue of marking 1+ and 3+ is acute, ”RIA Novosti quotes him.

The teacher was selling drugs right in kindergarten

The court found the teacher responsible for the illegal sale and possession of drugs, sentencing her to four years and seven months in prison. Execution of the sentence is delayed until the age of sixteen years old daughter.

Forum “Days of the Arctic in Moscow.” The key topic on the agenda is ecology.

The implementation of the national project “Ecology” (from the May presidential decrees) implies improving the quality of life of 20 million people in the country, cleaning water reservoirs, including the Volga and Baikal, reducing emissions, total modernization of the system for recycling household waste, and much more.

General cleaning of the country should reach the planned indicators by 2024 – in fact, just one five-year plan laid the transition from barbaric places to natural resources to the model of an advanced ecological state.

The cost of the project, which was voiced by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology at the plenary meeting of the “Days of the Arctic in Moscow”, is approaching four trillion rubles – by the way, according to the most indiscreet estimates of observers, one and a half trillion rubles were spent on the Sochi Olympics.

Kokorin and Mamaev can continue criminal activity

The petition of the investigation states that it is impossible to choose a different, milder preventive measure by the accused – they are all charged with a particularly active role in the crime, while at liberty they can hide and put pressure on witnesses, prevent criminal proceedings and continue criminal activity.

By the New Year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will purchase 100 thousand sets of handcuffs “Tenderness”

Information about this is posted on the official portal of public procurement. This is a special product “means of limiting mobility (handcuffs) of the“ Operational special bracelets ”model (PE)”.

Topilin told about a significant increase in pensions for villagers

The pensions of about a million rural residents will significantly increase from next year. Besides the fact that they will receive an increase in pension of about a thousand rubles, like all other non-working pensioners in the country, they will be additionally added an average of another 1.3 thousand rubles.

Central Bank cuts 45% of banking supervisors

The Central Bank of Russia reduced by 45% the staff engaged in banking supervision in the central office and in the territorial divisions of the regulator. This was reported by the deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Polyakova in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Golikova urged to revise the concept of nursing homes

Banal reconstruction of nursing homes will not solve the problem of a fundamental improvement in the quality of life of older people. The main innovations should be aimed at creating a more comfortable environment, which “would give them a real opportunity to feel there, if not at home, but comfortable enough,” Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova said on December 5 at a meeting of the Federation Council. Golikova believes .

Putin presented the “Volunteer of Russia” award

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that every volunteer in the country deserves the title of Volunteer of Russia, congratulated volunteers on their holiday, and also made a selfie with them on stage.

According to him, the volunteer movement will continue, as will state support. The president promised to raise this topic at the State Council to help volunteers additionally.

Father Butina told about the lack of funds for lawyers

Russian woman Maria Butina, who is in prison in the United States, is experiencing serious financial problems, and in a short time the girl could run out of money to pay for the services of lawyers. This was reported to Izvestia by the father of the arrested Valery Butin.

“Aeroflot” has introduced a fee for choosing a place in economy class

Aeroflot passengers will be able to choose a seat on the plane before the start of check-in only for money. Innovation touches the cheapest tariffs – “Promo” and “Budget”. Previously, such an option was not available for passengers in these categories.

UK suspends the issuance of “golden visas”

UK authorities suspend the visa program type Tier 1, which extended to the largest investors, reports Bloomberg. These visas are known as “golden”. Those who were willing to invest at least £ 2 million ($ 2.5 million) could count on them.

Two refugees attacked buses in Finland

Two refugees, who were denied asylum by the Finnish authorities, attacked bus drivers in two cities in the country, MTV3 reported. It is reported that the cases of attack are already engaged in the Finnish police.


Half of the federal targeted programs declared ineffective

Almost half of the federal programs recognized as ineffective The analysis of the execution of federal targeted programs (federal programs) for January — September of this year showed that only 13 out of 24 programs can be considered effective — such assessments were presented yesterday at a government meeting.

The Ministry of Finance will buy from the Central Bank currency at 366 billion rubles

From December 7 to January 14, the total amount of funds allocated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation for the purchase of foreign currency under the budget rule will amount to 366.1 billion rubles. This volume is well below the record 525.8 billion rubles, which were sent to purchase currency from November 8 to December 6.

Sberbank raised the upper limit of the age for obtaining a loan

Sberbank raises the upper age limit for obtaining a consumer loan. Now, customers over 65 can rely on a loan if it is repaid before the age of 70, the company said.

Belarusian transit leaves Lithuania

Against the background of the ongoing political confrontation between Belarus and Lithuania, clear adjustments are outlined in the transport sector, namely in land and sea freight, which are of particular importance for the economies of the Baltic countries. Until now, the Belarusian transit generously fed the Klaipeda port and the Lithuanian treasury as such, but now there is a clear threat of a reorientation of these flows to Latvia. At the same time, the opinions of Lithuanian politicians on this issue were divided: some believe that Belarus is bluffing, and worried Klaipeda politicians urge Minsk to maintain cooperation and wait for the end of the presidency of Dali Grybauskaite.

The essence of the deep conflict at the level of authorities between the official Minsk and Vilnius lies in the fact that the Lithuanian side sharply criticizes the Belarusians because of the construction of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant and military cooperation with Russia.

Australian Central Bank has kept its key rate unchanged

Following the meeting on Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA, Central Bank of the country) did not change its key interest rate, leaving its value at a record low level of 1.5%. The decision of the regulator coincided with the expectations of analysts, reports “Finam”.

Moscow City Court approved the settlement agreement “Parnas-Media” and “Yandex”

The parties explained that they had reached an agreement in the framework of the memorandum and reached the wording in the settlement agreement. The Moscow City Court also approved the settlement agreement between Gazprom-Media, which owns TV-3 and Yandex, in a lawsuit about pirated copies of TV series.

Central Bank will regulate all leasing companies

The Bank of Russia will be authorized to regulate all companies in the leasing industry, and the relevant amendments will be made to the second reading of the draft law regulating the activities of leasing companies, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters.

Thomson Reuters will reduce 12% of the total number of employees

The media holding Thomson Reuters intends to reduce 3.2 thousand employees by 2020 as part of a business optimization and efficiency plan. This was reported on Tuesday by Reuters.

The Thomson Reuters media holding was formed in 2008 after the merger of the information company Thomson Corporation and Reuters. The headquarters of the holding is located in Toronto.

Russia offered Argentina to buy IL-96 aircraft

The Ilyushin company offered Argentina to purchase Il-96 airplanes in various versions and modifications, said Vladimir Simakov, deputy director for foreign economic activity of the company.

State-owned waste management companies will allocate 75 billion rubles

The state company for recycling and disposal of garbage should be created before the end of 2019, more than 75 billion rubles will be allocated from the budget for this. This writes RBC with reference to the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, the administrator of the national project “Ecology” Denis Khramova.

DEA Friedman buys Mexican oil and gas company Sierra

DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG reached an agreement on the purchase of the Mexican oil and gas company Sierra Oil & Gas, according to a press release from the DEA Group, owned by letterOne Russian businessman Mikhail Friedman.

Sakhalin region waiting for three years of decline in production of Sakhalin

The key integral indicator of the regional economy – the gross regional product (GRP) – will not grow in the Sakhalin Oblast in the next three years. Following the results of 2018, the Minister of Economic Development of the region Alexey Uspensky told in the discussion of the draft budget for the next three years, the growth of this indicator by 4.9% is expected in the region, and then production will move to the reduction stage – in 2019 the GRP will be only 90.1% , and by 2021 will grow only to 95% of current values. Such indicators, the minister noted, are dictated by the expected drop in the level of oil and gas production, which the companies operating on the shelf say today.

Minstroy increased the cost of housing

Minstroy introduced new calculations on housing prices, which are used for social payments for the purchase of real estate at the expense of the state budget, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. As a result, property prices rose in 12 regions of Russia.

The hardest prices rose in Nenets (by 3.3 thousand rubles per 1 sq. M, to 63.5 thousand rubles) and Yamal-Nenets (by 3.1 thousand rubles, to 59.1 thousand rubles) autonomous districts, Sevastopol (by 2.5 thousand rubles, up to 48.8 thousand rubles), Crimea (by 2.5 thousand rubles, up to 47.6 thousand rubles), the newspaper notes . Among the leaders are also the Krasnodar and Kamchatka Territories, Mordovia, Tatarstan, the Irkutsk Region, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous Region – here a square meter rose by an average of 2 thousand rubles.

A third gas field was commissioned at the Bovanenkovskoye field.

The third gas field was commissioned at the Bovanenkovskoye field during a teleconference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

The event is remarkable, important from the point of view of the economy, from the point of view of the development of the national gas industry, and on this occasion the president will hold a teleconference with Bovanenkovo. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Sberbank limited the transfer of money by phone number

Sberbank substantiated the innovation by the fact that money is now credited by phone number to any active card. At the same time, in certain situations, transfers come to a credit card, which causes inconvenience to customers, since a fee is charged for withdrawing funds from a credit card.

The European Commission urged to stimulate the rejection of the dollar

European officials have developed a plan to strengthen the position of the euro in the world. Brussels calls on EU members to switch to euro settlements in strategic sectors, primarily in the oil and gas trade.

The UAE and India signed an agreement on settlements in national currencies

The agreement on settlements in national currency was signed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India, on December 5, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the UAE edition of Arabian Business

Anti-monopoly case filed against Lukoil

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation has launched an antitrust investigation against Lukoil. The case was initiated on the basis of complaints from Bashneft and Bashneft-Polyus. Companies complain about the prices for cargo transshipment at the Varandey terminal set by Lukoil.

In Ukraine, found a new gas field

Since the beginning of 2018, four gas fields were discovered in the Kharkiv region, the press service of the Ukrgazvydobuvannya company said on December 5, the official website of the company said. According to experts, the minimum reserves of the new field are about 400 million cubic meters. gas meters


Putin explained why not taking calls Poroshenko

Putin believes that Poroshenko creates crisis and provocative situations in order to shift responsibility onto Russia, and then to demonstrate his ability to solve the problems that have arisen.

The point is not that I simply shy away and do not want to talk with Pyotr Alekseevich, this is not the point. The fact is that I do not want to take part in his election campaign. – Vladimir Putin

Slovakia expelled Russian diplomat

“He was declared persona non grata, as he was engaged in intelligence activities against Slovakia and NATO,” the Pravda newspaper quoted Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini in the Bratislava newspaper. – His actions as a diplomatic worker violated the Vienna Convention. We expelled him on November 22 in connection with counterintelligence information. He left Slovakia within 48 hours.

Putin will discuss with Maduro possible assistance to Venezuela

Russia will discuss with Venezuela possible assistance to this country, but it is premature to state the specific amounts, says presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

You know that the situation is still difficult in the economic sphere, albeit modest, but signs of improvement in the dynamics are still noted. And in this regard, we will discuss the assistance that is necessary for the leadership of Venezuela. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry proposed to criminalize the “promotion of the Russian world”

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak initiated the introduction of criminal liability for the “propaganda of the Russian world”, reports RIA “Novosti”

The court considered the case of Yanukovych without his participation

Obolonsky district court of Kiev completed the trial of the former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, despite the illness of a politician accused of state treason. His lawyer noted that before the meeting, a petition was filed about the impossibility of participation due to health reasons. The defense asked to postpone the trial, as well as to interrogate the doctor accused as a witness, but all petitions were rejected.

The presiding judge, Vladislav Devyatko, noted that Yanukovych’s right to defense was fully implemented, after which he announced his retirement to the deliberation room for a final decision on the case. According to him, the decision will be announced publicly, and all interested parties will be warned about it.

Turkey has requested a warrant for the arrest of two Saudis in the case of Hashukji

The prosecutor’s office in Istanbul requested a warrant for the arrest of two Saudi subjects in the murder of journalist Jamal Hashukji.

President of Switzerland for 2019 became Welee Maurer

The representative of the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, Ueli Maurer, who heads the federal department (ministry) of finance, was elected president in 2019.

In the US, prosecutors went to court to verify the business of Trump

In the United States, prosecutors from the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia decided to go to court in order to obtain documents from the Trump Organization about the business of American President Donald Trump. Reported by the Associated Press.

In Spain, protests against the far-right party VOX ended in riots

The protests in Andalusia (Spain) against the far-right party VOX, which passed to the regional parliament following the Sunday elections, ended in turmoil.

Huawei Finance Director Detained in Canada

Law enforcement agencies in Canada have detained the financial director of the Chinese company Huawei Meng Wanzhou, according to the Ministry of Justice of the country.

Abe invited Putin to visit the world judo championship in Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the world judo championships, which will be held from August 25 to September 1, 2019, Deputy Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Koichi Hagiuda, said in a BS-Fuji TV program.

Rada will discuss the project of returning Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine

Deputies of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and Popular Front factions in the Ukrainian parliament prepared a draft resolution addressing the country’s president to return the title of Hero of Ukraine to one of the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera, the document was registered on Wednesday on the Verkhovna Rada website

Saudi Ambassador Returns to USA

Saudi Ambassador to the United States Khalid bin Salman, brother of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, returned to the United States for the first time after the news of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashukdji, reports NBC News.

Lavrov and his colleague from Cyprus discussed the situation in the region

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed by telephone with Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulydis the situation in the region. This is reported on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


Russia will certainly respond to the US withdrawal from the INF.

The US refusal to fulfill obligations under the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) will lead to retaliation from Russia, said the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, speaking at a briefing on December 5 for representatives of the military departments of foreign countries.

You, as military professionals, must understand that not the territory of the United States, but the countries that deployed American complexes with medium and shorter range missiles, will be the targets of defeat for the response of Russia. – Valery Gerasimov, commander

NATO found a way to defeat Russia in Crimea and Kaliningrad

The words of a high-ranking American soldier refer December 5 edition of Business Insider. To defeat Russia can use the US Navy aircraft carriers and ground forces. The vice admiral did not go into details, specifying that he could not voice them.

“We are able not to make noise, when it is not necessary to make noise, and we can talk when it is necessary,” he concluded

Russia recalled the delivery of the missile system to Azerbaijan

The Russian Defense Ministry has decided to deny Azerbaijan the acquisition of the Russian coastal missile complex “Ball”. This is due to the need to ensure the safety of navigation of the ships of the Caspian Flotilla, the agency added. The Russian military considered that even an export modification of the missile of this complex could carry a potential threat to the ships of the Caspian flotilla of the Russian Federation located in the Russian territorial waters.

Military police formed in parts of the North Caucasus

In 58 of the army as part of the Southern Military District formed units of the military police. They include about a thousand soldiers of the North Caucasus.

US lieutenant colonel dismissed for “obscene flights” of subordinates

The lieutenant colonel of the US Air Force was dismissed because of his subordinates, who “penned” penises for six months in the sky over Qatar. This is reported by Military.com.

According to the publication, formally the commander of the 69th B-52 bomber squadron Paul Goossen lost this position due to “loss of confidence and inability to maintain a professional atmosphere” among his subordinates. This is reported by Rambler

NATO criticized Kosovo’s intention to create its own army

Kosovo’s intention to create its own armed forces undermines stability in the region. This was announced on December 5 by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg following the meeting of the alliance’s foreign ministers.

The head of Russian Helicopters confirmed the development of a promising vehicle

The process of designing and developing a promising combat helicopter launched, it will take from seven years or more, reports RIA Novosti the statement of the general director of the association “Helicopters of Russia” (Rostec structural unit) Andrei Bohinsky.

The cluster of the Navy will begin to create in Kronstadt in 2019

The creation of a cluster implies the redeployment of naval educational and scientific institutions of St. Petersburg and the formation on their basis of a single center for training personnel for the Navy. The project starts on January 1, 2019.

Russia has offered the United States to eliminate the base in Al-Tanf

“For our part, we proposed to eliminate the zone and establish joint Russian-American control over the border crossing, but the American partners left our proposals unanswered,” the head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov said on Wednesday

As Gerasimov noted, the Americans themselves justify the expediency of their military presence in Al-Tanf by the necessity of countering Iran, which allegedly uses the Syrian-Iraqi part of the border to move weapons and military equipment to Syria

The destroyer of the US Navy defiantly passed near the Russian base

The American missile destroyer McCampbell was held on Wednesday in the immediate vicinity of Peter the Great Bay in Primorye, where the base of the Russian Pacific Fleet is located, the US Navy said.

The United States will send a warship to help Ukraine

The United States began preparing steps necessary to send naval ships to the Black Sea in light of the incident in the Kerch Strait. This was reported on Wednesday by CNN, referring to three officials of the United States.

Ukraine tested missiles in the Black Sea

The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that the military countries had tested new cruise missiles. Reports about it RIA “News”. According to him, the missiles were tested at the test site in the Odessa region.

Eight launches were carried out, eight surface targets were destroyed. This is a very good result, proving that these complexes can provide reliable protection against aggression from the air and the sea. – Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukrainian politician

The US looked after a place for a military base near Kaliningrad

Poland and the United States intend to deploy an American military base near Kaliningrad. The most likely location of the base is the city of Orzhish, located 170 km from the capital of the most western region of Russia.

Pacific Fleet began testing the corvette “Loud”

The Pacific Fleet is conducting tests of the new Loud corvette, said the representative of the Pacific Fleet, Captain 2nd Rank Nikolai Voskresensky, on December 6, reports TASS.

For the first time, officers of military-political bodies will gather in St. Petersburg

The first meeting of the leadership of the military-political bodies of the RF Armed Forces under the leadership of Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov started in St. Petersburg. The officers of the military-political bodies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will meet with leading political scientists of the country and writer-publicist Zakhar Prilepin.

Airfields on Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya will be all-season

In the coming years, the reconstruction of the airfields on the islands of the Arctic archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, the Novosibirsk Islands and Franz Josef Land will be completed. This was announced by the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

Su-57 will receive a missile similar to the “daggers”

The fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, will be armed with a hypersonic missile with characteristics similar to those of the Dagger air complex.

North Korea violates international treaty on denuclearization

The agreements were reached during the meeting of the leaders of the United States and the DPRK in June 2018. However, North Korea has not destroyed its nuclear weapons. Moreover, the main missile base Yeongjeo-dong (located in the mountains) not only continues to function, but has also been significantly improved and strengthened. Also next appeared a new rocket base. The evidence was obtained using satellite images that were made public on CNN.

India wants to rent a nuclear submarine from Russia

India is going to conclude a contract for $ 3.3 billion to rent a second Russian nuclear submarine in the near future, India Today reported. The publication notes that the Indian side has already agreed to the amount of the transaction.


Negative mass liquid explains dark matter and energy

The British astronomer proposed a new cosmological model, in which both dark matter and dark energy are explained by a single entity. He believes that there is a cosmic fluid with negative mass, and its all the time becomes more

Discovered previously unknown dinosaur species

Paleontologists have discovered a new type of dinosaur in Australia. He was identified by opalized fossils and named Weewarrasaurus pobeni. Scientists were able to identify a new type of dinosaur by a single fragment – the lower jaw with teeth preserved in it.

The DeepMind algorithm predicted the three-dimensional shape of a protein better than a human

In our body can be from tens of thousands of different proteins to a million. Determining their structures, and therefore their functions, would allow us to better understand not only the work of the organism as a whole, but also create new types of drugs that fight a variety of ailments – from diabetes to Parkinson’s disease

In Altai, found a tiara from a mammoth tusk age of 50 thousand years

A large fragment of an ancient Paleolithic diadem from a mammoth tusk about 45–50 thousand years old was found by archaeologists in the famous Denis cave in Altai. Reported by the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

New tweezers will allow for biopsy on individual living cells

The new nano-tweezers, whose device is described in the journal Nature Nanotechnolgy, can provide an opportunity for long-term analysis of what is happening inside an individual cell and a better understanding of how healthy cells work and what happens to patients.

Geologists have found prints of heat-loving plants in the Arctic

Earlier on the island of Sardis found only the remains of conifers, as well as the fruits of the American gray walnut. In the Arctic, traces of heat-loving plants were found in sediments formed 65-55 million years ago, but not in younger sediments.

Scientists have found the reason for the sudden yellowing of wild monkeys

Scientists have found the cause of the sudden yellowing of black-coal wild monkeys that live in Costa Rica. It turned out that the problem lies in the mutation that had begun. There are species on Earth that can change color to protect against predators.

The polymer coating will turn the solar panels into “sunflowers”

The invention may find application in the manufacture of solar panels that rotate following the sun, allowing photocells to produce electricity more efficiently.

Identified neurons that report an error

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center identified neurons in the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, which respond to an error immediately after it has occurred and correlate with the ERN response. The work was published in the journal Neuron.

Doctors told the danger of vitamin B12 deficiency

Lack of vitamin B12 threatens nervous and mental disabilities. This vitamin is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, the functioning of the nervous system and DNA synthesis. It can be found in fish, meat, eggs and dairy products, in products with yeast.

Experts warn: vitamin deficiency often develops in vegans who do not take vitamin supplements. In two thirds of cases, vitamin B12 deficiency is observed in older people, since this vitamin is poorly absorbed from food due to a decrease in the level of acid secretion in the stomach, and they do not receive it in sufficient quantities.

Scientists have created a moving cyborg plant

Experts from the MIT Media Lab managed to develop a cyborg plant capable of moving independently thanks to a special platform. The plant called Elowan is unique, scientists believe, because during testing it was possible to approach any object without the help of outsiders.

NASA Quantum Computer Will Calculate Car Routes

Ford will use the NASA quantum computer to calculate the filter operation in an urban setting, taking into account frequent vehicle stops, and then apply the same scenario for the entire fleet. The automaker intends to start working with a NASA computer next year.

Infections increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Scientists have found new evidence for why during the season of illness, it is necessary to carefully observe prevention and to guard against infections. Researchers from the United States stated that infections caught by a person increase the risk of a myocardial infarction, as well as a stroke, writes the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Feeding birds fast food threatens to change the course of their evolution

Studies have been carried out in the Galapagos Islands among various species of birds. An American expert, Luis de Leon, states that feeding on wild birds with human food can have unpredictable consequences.

A new substance will help people recover from obsessive behavior.

A substance that may suppress obsessive behavior was discovered by Russian scientists from the A. Waldman Institute of Pharmacology among new drugs undergoing clinical trials.

The substance, which was investigated by scientists, differs from traditional antipsychotic drugs in less pronounced side effects. Its mechanism of action is associated with the activation of TAAR1 receptors – this receptor subtype involved in the regulation of the dopamine system (“reward system”) of the brain.

Stress can deprive bacteria of the cell wall.

Normally, almost all bacteria are surrounded by a cell wall, which not only determines their shape, but also serves as a barrier between the internal and external environment, maintaining the necessary concentrations of substances. It is known that some bacteria can be made to grow without a wall.

At Abu Dhabi airport, began to turn the steps of passengers into electricity

As reported by the local publication Arabian Business, at the airport in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, a high-tech transition began to work, which allows the steps of pedestrians to be converted into electricity. It is enough to provide light to the tunnel for the whole day. Transition area – 16 square meters


The error allowed for the most accurate test of the theory of relativity

The test results are published in the journal Physical Review Letters. Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (GTR) is the modern theory of gravity. She explains how various objects bend four-dimensional space-time.

Russia will test in space a system of nuclear power plant

Russian specialists are preparing to conduct in an open space a test of an important element of a nuclear power-generating installation (NESA) – its cooling system, said Anatoly Koroteyev, research manager of the Keldysh Research Center.

Astronomers have determined the date of the bloody super moon

Astronomers, by means of a series of calculations, determined the exact date of this event – January 21, 2019 at 8:15 Moscow time, this is an extremely rare phenomenon that people in North America, Africa and Europe will be able to see.

Astronomers have named a new star “shaggy Saturn”

An unusual star has changed the idea of the formation of planets by scientists. Before this discovery, astronomers believed that the formation of planets was extremely chaotic and as a result of powerful collisions of stones and dust. But in the case of the HL Tauri system, the young planets revolving around it seem to be neatly molded, gradually growing up like they are small children. Astronomers believe that such a neat and orderly formation occurs due to the huge ring around the star, which gives an abundance of material for the formation of new planets

NASA scientists talked about space exploration plans

NASA representatives posted an official message on Twitter that told subscribers about plans for space exploration. Astronomers intend to conduct more detailed and thorough observations and learn about the features of the moon. At the end of the program, researchers will study Mars. To date, experts have taken the “first steps” to return to the surface of the Earth satellite.

Two satellites-cartographer “Kanopus-V” insure 6 billion rubles

This is reported in the manufacturer’s documentation on the public procurement website.

Russia first began to grow organs on the ISS

Russian specialists managed to get the first results of the experiment on printing organs on the International Space Station (ISS), the bioprinter printed the mouse thyroid gland construct, the press service of Invitro company (owns the 3D Bioprinting Solutions laboratory), which set the experiment, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday in space).

In SETI talked about the results of the “audition” Oumuamua

In October 2017, astronomers first noticed a visitor from another star system known as Oumuamua. But what is he? Asteroid, comet or alien artifact?

“We were looking for a signal that would prove that Oumuamua bears any technology, that is, it is of artificial origin. However, we did not record anything unusual, although we conducted a rather sensitive survey, ”says Jerry Harp, lead author of the study, which will be published in February 2019 in the journal Acta Astronautica.

Scientists have proposed a new method of studying space weather

An international group of scientists has developed a method for analyzing the occurrence and dynamics of strong energy emissions from the sun. The results can help in understanding and predicting extreme space weather phenomena that have a direct impact on the operation of technological systems in space and on Earth.

The Chinese have developed a free satellite Internet project for all

The Chinese from the company LinkSure Network have developed a project of free satellite Internet for everyone and are going to bring it to life by 2026. Thanks to the latest technologies, all the inhabitants of the Earth will get access to the Network, and at no cost.


The latest in Japan paging company announced the imminent closure

Japanese paging company Tokyo Telemessage announced that it would stop serving pager owners in September 2019. After that, there will be no operators in the country providing such services, reports the BBC.

“Yandex” introduced its own smartphone

Yandex introduced its own smartphone, Yandex.Telephone, with the built-in voice assistant Alice, the Interfax correspondent reports from a press conference of the company. The device, which costs 17,990 rubles, will go on sale from December 6 at the company’s store in Moscow.

Apple develops wireless headphones with biometric sensors

Apple has received a new patent describing the future capabilities of AirPods wireless headphones. Headphones are equipped with biometric sensors that can determine the placement – in the right or left ear, and adjust the sound in accordance with this.

Samsung is preparing a completely frameless smartphone with screens on the sides

The development describes a completely frameless smartphone, the display of which extends to all side faces. Such a smartphone has no frames around the screen at all, and the sides are used as additional displays with the possibility of touch control and display of additional information.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 will get new features for the camera

The company Xiaomi has released a beta version of the firmware MIUI for the “budget” flagship Xiaomi Pocophone F1. The update is primarily interesting because it adds two camera modes straight from the flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

The smartphone Sony Xperia XZ4 will receive a display with an aspect ratio of 21: 9

You can recall Acer Iconia Smart and LG New Chocolate BL40, but these were single devices. Now there are no smartphones with this aspect ratio on the market. At the core of the Xperia XZ4 will be the SoC Snapdragon 855.

Apple partner discusses iPhone production in Vietnam

Foxconn, Apple’s largest iPhone smartphone assembly partner, is considering launching a plant in Vietnam to mitigate any consequences of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China, according to Vietnamese state media.

Meizu announced the start of sales of the smartphone Meizu 16 in Russia

Meizu announced the start of sales in Russia smartphone Meizu 16, also known as Meizu 16x. The novelty received all the advantages of the flagship Meizu 16th, including a design without “bangs”, a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, a dual camera, but at a more affordable price.

NVIDIA introduced the updated GeForce GTX 1070 with GDDR5X memory

ZOTAC was among the first partners ready to release NVIDIA cards, and introduced the GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Core Edition GDDR5X accelerator (model ZT-P10700Q-10P).

Computer case In Win Z-Tower will cost $ 5,000

Of course, the Z-Tower will be released in limited edition, and on each copy will be engraved number

Contactless payments increase and reach a new level.

Manufacturers of wearable devices for making contactless payments are actively developing today. Most likely, the banks themselves will soon produce accessories with chips for payment. This was reported by the publication “Economy Today.”

IRBIS introduced a new series of budget metal laptops

The manufacturer of computer equipment IRBIS announced the start of sales of a new line of metal ultrabooks with diagonal screens from 11.6 to 14 inches. All three devices – NB211, NB231 and NB241 got a large touchpad and a wide ergonomic keyboard

Intel NUC Mini-PC with Eight-Core Processors

According to the source, the Ghost Canyon X family will include the first ever NUC-based PCs with eight-core processors. As you can see from the roadmap, new items will appear at the very end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.

Instagram is testing a new user interface.

Instagram is testing a new interface, in which all posts will turn into stories, WABetal Info reports. Now, to view posts, users will not scroll through the tape, but will be able to flip them to the right and left, like stories.

Microsoft abandons its browser Edge

Microsoft abandons its Edge browser. According to sources from the Windows Central portal, the American software giant is developing a new browser based on Google’s Chromium platform.

WhatsApp appeared on Android tablets in beta

From this we can conclude that, being at the beta testing stage, WhatsApp for the tablet can work intermittently and have incomplete functionality.

ICANN told about the results of the replacement of keys in the global Internet

Replacing the keys was carried out for the first time in the history of October 11. Shortly before this date, ICANN warned that there might be problems in the work of the global network if not all Internet providers make updates.

Search engine DuckDuckGo cleared bang requests from pirated sites

Many of our readers probably know that the private search engine DuckDuckGo has a convenient mechanism for bang requests. Bang Queries are one of the most famous and frequently used DuckDuckGo functions.

Quora discovers data leak of over 100 million users

In the social knowledge sharing service, Quora recorded a data leak of over 100 million registered users. The site is a unique online question and answer market, founded in June 2009 by Adam d’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

Facebook allows hackers to steal donations

A large percentage of people make donations via the Internet, using the websites of organizations directly, or social networking platforms. And Facebook is one such platform.

Critical vulnerability detected and fixed in Kubernetes

The vulnerability was discovered by specialists from Rancher Labs, which is developing a Rancher solution for Kubernetes-as-a-Service. The bug allowed an attacker to establish a connection to the backend API using a specially prepared network request, and then send arbitrary requests to the backend itself.

“Kaspersky Lab” revealed a new type of cyber attacks on banks

The company announced a new type of attack called DarkVishnya. With his help, the attackers managed to rob the eight banks of Eastern Europe, including Russia. In total, the damage caused by cyber attack is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars.

Mobile Internet will work in Cuba

The president of the Cuban state-owned telecommunications company, Maira Arevich, announced on television on Tuesday that from Thursday the 3G Internet will be available to Cubans, reports the Independent. As the newspaper notes, Cuba is one of the last to connect to the mobile Internet.

VKontakte launched advertising sites in the news feed

VKontakte launched advertising sites, which can be used without having your own public, the report says. In the news feed, the format looks like a promotional post with the words “Website Advertising” under the heading. The transition is carried out by clicking on any area of the record.

Microsoft has removed advertising video with participation of Okhlobystin

Microsoft has removed the commercial with the participation of actor Ivan Okhlobystin from its official YouTube channel, as well as its images from its website. As stated in the company, Microsoft supports the principles of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of their work.

Philips Lumify: ultrasound diagnostics in a mobile phone

With Lumify, doctors can not only make an emergency assessment of the patient’s condition, but also share data. The Philips Lumify medical device will relieve doctors of the need to transport the ultrasound device and allow you to carry out diagnostics anytime and anywhere.


Directed by “Tony against all” put spinoff “101 Dalmatians”

Directed by “Tonya Against All” Craig Gillespie agrees on the production of “Silverwell”, the “101 Dalmatian” spinoff, dedicated to the villain Cervella De Vil. The title role of the hunter for black and white dogs will be performed by Emma Stone. The producers will be Andrew Gunn and Christine Burr.

On STS will be the series under the brand “Yolki”

In 2019, the CTC channel will show a new series under the brand of the Yolki franchise. The producer and director Timur Bekmambetov stated this during a press conference dedicated to the release of the last part of the film.

Brie Larson will play in the new film Charlie Kaufman

Actress Brie Larson (“Kong: Skull Island”, “Room”) will play the main role in the new project of Charlie Kaufman “I’m thinking of doing away with all this” (I`m Thinking of Ending Things). The film will be based on the book of the same name by Ian Raid.

Anne Hathaway called in the musical “Sesame Street”

American actress Anne Hathaway was invited to star in the film Sesame Street. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

As noted, the shooting pictures of the company engaged Warner Bros with MGM. It was decided to use Jonathan Chrissel (“Portland”) as the director, and the producers will be Shaun Levy (“Once Upon a Time in Vegas”, “Night at the Museum” and “Mad Date”) and Michael Aguilar (“The Mad Men”).

According to preliminary information, the film will be a musical. Hathaway was the first to be invited to the project. She has already made an offer, although it is not known whether the actress accepted it or not.

James Van is ready to make a horror movie about Batman

The director of the movie “Aquaman” James Van is ready to shoot a horror film, the main character of which will be Batman. He told about this in an interview to the correspondents of the Heroic Hollywood publication.

“In the past, like many others, I dreamed of making a film about Batman, but in my case it would be a horror film. Maybe it just seems to me, but the traditional interpretation has already outlived itself. I like the idea of making Batman really scary. That would be great, “he commented.

In St. Petersburg, from December 6, will be held shows “Artdokfest”

The Artdocfest Film Festival will be held in St. Petersburg in parallel with the Moscow shows December 6-12. The main venue of the festival will traditionally be the cinema “Angleterre” (Malaya Morskaya Street, 24).

Roman Karimov completed the shooting of the continuation of the film “Inadequate People”

Filming continued one of the most popular Russian films of the decade – the film “Inadequate People” by Roman Karimov – ended in Moscow. This Tass was reported on Wednesday by the distributors of the tape.

“The shooting of the film“ Inadequate People – 2 ”is over, they have been held in Moscow since mid-September,” the press service noted.

The main cast of the sequel has not changed: the film starred Ingrid Olerinskaya, Ilya Lyubimov and Yevgeny Tsyganov. The film will be released in late 2019.

“Inadequate People” is the debut work of director Roman Karimov, released in 2011. The picture won five prizes of the festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe” in Vyborg, including the “Grand Prix for the best feature film”

In London, sold a sketch of Rembrandt for 12 million dollars

In London, at the Sotheby’s auction for $ 12 million, a little-known sketch by Rembrandt van Rijn entitled “Sketch of the head of a young man” went under the hammer. This lot was the most expensive at the auction on Wednesday, December 5th.

There was a dark trailer of the cartoon “Inhabitants of the hills”

British television and radio company BBC pleased with the first trailer for “Hills dwellers” (Watership Down), a four-part animated adaptation of the most famous work of the writer Richard Adams, first published in 1972

The second season of “American Gods” will be released in March 2019

The second season of the American Gods series, based on the book by Neil Gaiman, will be released on March 10, 2019, reports The Vulture. Also in the network was a poster to continue the show. The filming of the second season of “American Gods” went through a lot of difficulties

The director of the film “Cruella” with Emma Stone has been announced

The plot of the film adaptation will be devoted to the main villain of the story about Dalmatians – Kruelle de Ville, who will play Oscar-winning Emma Stone. The author of The Devil Wears Prada, Alin Brosh McKenna, and Fifty Shades of Gray writer Kelly Marcel were originally involved in writing the script.

The shooting of the feature film Avatar 2 is completed.

Directed by James Cameron announced the end of the shooting process with the main cast on the paintings “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3.” At the moment, are shooting trick scenes

Directed by Divergent 2 to shoot a film about the Serpent’s Eye from Cobra’s Throw

Snake eye twice appeared on the big screens. The first is in the film “The Rush of the Cobra” of 2009, the second in its continuation of the 2013 release. Serpent’s eye was Ray Park.

Netflix will remove the continuation of the series “Narco”

The director of the series, Eric Newman, said that he had in store a huge store of ideas for creating new seasons of Narco. For Newman, this series is one of the greatest and quality projects that Eric himself created. The action of the first seasons of the series took place in Colombia.

Russian film “T-34” will not be released in 2018

The military drama called “T-34”, which was shot by director Alexey Sidorov, will not be released in 2018. As reported in the official press release of the Central Partnership studio, the picture will be presented to Russian viewers on January 1, 2019.


Started selling cross-sedan Logan Stepway production AvtoVAZ

Russian dealers of the Renault brand announced the start of sales of the new Cross-Sedan Logan Stepway and the updated Sandero Stepway, which were first introduced at the MIAS-2018.

In the State Duma offered to abolish the tax on used cars

State Duma deputy from the party of the Liberal Democratic Party Vasily Vlasov appealed to the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov with a proposal to abolish the vehicle tax on used cars, reports RIA Novosti.

Most of our citizens buy used cars, while the average age of a used car sold exceeds ten years. In this case, the car is needed to use it in exceptional cases. – Vasily Vlasov, Russian politician

Fiat Panda hatchback fails Euro NCAP crash tests

The previous Euro NCAP crash test series included Hyundai NEXO, Lexus ES, Mazda 6, Mercedes-Benz A-class, as well as Citroen Berlingo, Opel Combo and Peugeot Rifter.

Volkswagen abandons internal combustion engines in 2026

Volkswagen concern will refuse internal combustion engines. It will happen after 2026, when new generations of models will be released – the platform is currently being developed. These new products will be the latest engines with ICE, which will release a German concern.

Moscow may revise allowed speeding

The Moscow authorities are exploring the possibility of lowering the maximum permissible speeding threshold below the permissible level of 20 kilometers per hour. Such data are provided by RBC Autonews with reference to the statement of Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liskutov.

We believe that this threshold should be reconsidered in view of the fact that it directly depends on the number of people killed on the road network. We hope colleagues support us, some decision on this matter will be made. – Maxim Liksutov, a Russian official

New truck JAC N80 will appear on the Russian market in early 2019

According to the press service of the Russian office of the brand, “JAK Car” – the first models of cars based on the JAC N80 that meet the environmental standard Euro-5 will be available in early 2019

Aston Martin will launch a classic sports car with an electric motor

The new solution is designed for classic sports cars. The new modernization program was called the Heritage EV, and the first car, which was the 1960 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante cabriolet, was already made.

New pickup Chevrolet Silverado HD debuts in February 2019

The American company Chevrolet has announced the debut of its new heavy pickup Chevrolet Silverado HD. The official presentation of this car will be held in the United States in February next year.

Presents ambulance cars based on Citroen Jumpy

Peugeot Citroen Rus, together with its bodybuilding partners, presented three samples of ambulance cars based on Citroen Jumpy at the international exhibition Healthcare 2018.

Audi introduced the new Audi TT

The model was shown at once in two versions – a coupe and a convertible. In addition, 999 TT 20 years anniversary cars, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the model, will be released separately. The first production Audi TT was introduced in 1998.

The third model of the brand Rivian will be “rally” hatchback

The Americans from the firm Rivian Automotive very successfully performed at the auto show in Los Angeles: the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV the public took a bang. Sales of these electric vehicles will begin in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and the company is already thinking about the following products, “unique in its space.”

In Russia, there will be new road signs and markup

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that concerns changes in the rules of the road. The document was published on the government website on Wednesday, December 5th. Thus, the concept of “bicycle zone” is introduced on so-called quiet streets.

For the development of public and pedestrian spaces and road safety in some cases, priority will be provided to cyclists, introduced new road signs and markings. Such measures are contained in a new government decree. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

In the US, earned the first service with unmanned taxis

Unmanned taxi service launched by the American company Waymo. The first customers of Waymo One will be several hundred people from the city of Phoenix and its outskirts in Arizona. All these people previously passed voluntary testing in the project.

A new version of the Mercedes A-Class A250 from Brabus

Under the hood of the updated model uses a 2-liter turbocharged engine. Due to the improvements made, the total power of the power unit is now 267 hp. Representatives of the studio announced that the new version of the Mercedes A-Class will be able to reach speeds of 100 km per hour in just 5.9 seconds.

Maserati has improved its models with a special set of Edizione Nobile

The company Maserati decided to slightly refresh their models and presented a special set of Edizione Nobile, which will receive the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans, as well as Levante crossovers

Brand Nio is preparing to release its new crossover

The Chinese manufacturer presented a teaser for the new Nio electric crossover. The premiere of the novelty will be held on December 15.

The style of the car is similar to the previous model, but there are some differences. Changed the steering wheel and front wheels. Also, 110 millimeters less than the older “brother” will be the base of the new item. On the technical characteristics of the crossover information is not yet available. Manufacturers added that to accelerate, to the first stony, the engine can in 5 seconds.

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