19 Jul, 2018

“Russia of the Future” is still outlawed

The Ministry of Justice suspended for three months the process of registration of the party of Alexei Navalny “Russia of the Future” because of shortcomings in its charter. If violations are not eliminated within three months, a decision will be made to refuse to register the party. The letter was signed by Vladimir Titov, director of the department for affairs of non-profit organizations of the Ministry of Justice.

The conclusion of the Ministry of Justice says that the provisions of the party’s charter contradict the requirements of the federal law “On political parties” and a number of other legislative acts. The claims of the department are set out in eight paragraphs.

Briefly about the main thing …


The Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a tax concept for the self-employed

According to the document, which Izvestiya got acquainted with, it is proposed to set a new fee for this category of citizens at the level of 2.5-4.5% of the proceeds, depending on who received the services. Another 1.5% of income will go to insurance contributions to the Pension Fund and the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund.

Taxes and contributions, under the project of the Ministry of Finance, will be deducted by a single payment monthly from the bank card of self-employed citizens, which will be tied in a private office in a special mobile application.

Facebook refused to delete messages with Holocaust denial

In 2017, a court in the Austrian city of Feldkirch sentenced a man who denied the Holocaust to a 12-month prison conditional.

On his Facebook page, the convict wrote that the massacres of Jews in the gas chambers, which were ordered by Hitler during the Holocaust, are a story invented by the Jews themselves.

“Thus, the defendant violated the anti-Nazi laws of Austria,” the court’s ruling says.

Facebook will not delete user messages with Holocaust denial. This is the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg told the publication Recode.

“I am a Jew, and there is a group of people who deny that the Holocaust was. It offends me deeply, but I do not think that our platform should remove such messages. I think that there are things about which some people are misinformed, but I do not think that they are mistaken intentionally, “he said.

“It is difficult to question someone’s intention and understand it. I do not think there should be people on Facebook who decide what is true and what is not. You can have a social network page, and if you do not want to hurt anyone and attack someone, then you can post this content even if people can disagree with it or find it offensive, “- explained Zuckerberg.

Ministry of Transport to create working group on regulation of carpelling

The working group, which will deal with the regulation of legal relations in joint trips with compensation by the participants of a part of the driver’s expenses (carpelling or ridersharing), will be established with the Ministry of Transport on behalf of Vice-Premier Maxim Akimov.

Russians will have another day off

For most of the working Russians, the opportunity to timely and regularly undergo medical examinations is severely limited – employers often do not go to meet, citizens are forced to take a day off at their own expense, and more often – simply to refuse a routine examination. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Newborns are awarded with Russian goods

A preliminary list of 12 items that can form the basis of a free kit for newborns was made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. This was reported to Izvestia by Zalina Kornilova, the head of the press service of the department.

Businessmen asked the Ministry of Labor to allow dismissals for the loss of trust

In the Labor Code, there may be a new basis for the dismissal of an employee – in connection with the loss of confidence. The possibility of introducing the norm will be considered by the Ministry of Labor, said Dmitry Basnak, head of the department of civil service of the department, to Izvestia.

Serebrennikov said that the investigation has no evidence of his guilt

Director Cyril Serebrennikov claims that the investigation has no evidence of thefts in the “Seventh studio”, RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The population of Russia for 5 months decreased by 77.8 thousand people

The population of Russia in January-May 2018 decreased by 77.8 thousand people, as of June 1, there were 146.8 million people, Rosstat said on Wednesday.

The State Duma has tightened the punishment for the illegal organization of gambling

The State Duma adopted in the third reading government amendments to the Criminal Code and the Administrative Code of Russia, which toughen the responsibility for the illegal organization and conduct of lotteries and gambling

Moscow entered the top ten cities in the world with the best transport system

The transport system of Moscow was recognized as one of the most effective in the world

Moscow entered the top ten megacities of the world with the most developed systems of urban transport. This is evidenced by the results of the study McKinsey & Company.

Moscow will prepare a legislative base for unmanned vehicles

The Moscow Transport Department, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and a number of manufacturing companies will prepare a legislative base for ensuring the working conditions of unmanned vehicles in Moscow, the deputy mayor of the capital, the head of the department for transport and development of road and transport infrastructure Maxim Lixutov told journalists on Wednesday at the Moscow urban forum-2018 .

The editor of the First Channel supported the execution of the royal family

The editor of the talk show “Time will show” on the “First Channel” Timofey Ermakov resigned because of an approving Facebook commentary on the publication of the execution of the royal family. He wrote “Glory to Peter Voikov”, who participated in the decision on the shooting, and attached a caricature of the murdered Nicholas II with the caption “Do not forget to congratulate the monarchists on the holiday.” On the dismissal Yermakov told TJournal.

“Natalie Tours” is in no hurry to settle accounts with customers

Clients of “Natalie Tours” storm the offices of the company, trying to get compensation for paid vouchers. But the offices are empty, and the tour operator’s employees pack things.

For cleaning on the Ring Road of St. Petersburg will pay more than 9 billion rubles

Administration of the federal highways “North-West” named after N.V. Smirnova on Wednesday, July 18, announced an auction for the maintenance of the Ring Road in St. Petersburg. The contest is ready to spend 9.2 billion rubles, allocated from the federal budget. With the winner of the competition, a contract will be signed by June 30, 2023.

The technical documentation states that the executors of the works will have to remove garbage and dirt from the road, take it out on their own, fight floods, wash light supports, bus stops, recreational areas and parking lots. The list of works also includes cleaning of road signs, barriers, fences and soundproof screens, preparation of sand and salt mixture and anti-ice reagents, their use in the cold season. Snow and ice, if necessary, need to be cleaned manually.

In addition, the list of tasks included work to protect the emergency areas of the Ring Road and places of accidents with temporary signs, the evacuation of cars and trucks.

The regions with the highest incidence of HIV are named

In 2017 in Russia, more than 276,000 people with HIV infection died. Another 1 million people live with such a diagnosis, according to the report of Rospotrebnadzor, published on the agency’s website.

The highest incidence was recorded in the Sverdlovsk, Irkutsk and Kemerovo regions – more than 1.7 thousand per 100 thousand of the population.

The length of federal roads in Russia will grow by one third by 2031

The expansion of the network of federal routes is planned in three stages. Until 2021 under control of Rosavtodor will pass 9 thousand km of regional roads. Then, until 2026, another 5.4 thousand km of roads will be transferred to federal subordination, and up to 2031 – another 2.9 thousand km, the agency said.


Lipetsk region took the first place in terms of the amount of nitrates in the water

Rospotrebnadzor issued a report “On the state of sanitary and epidemiological well-being in Russia in 2017”. In it, the Lipetsk region was on the first place in excess of hygienic standards for the content of nitrates in the system of centralized drinking water supply

In Yaroslavl “Russian paints” “pollute the river Kotorosl

In Yaroslavl, an interdepartmental check conducted on the appeal of indifferent residents, showed that the enterprise “Russian paints” pollutes the river Kotorosl. This was reported by a REGNUM correspondent.

It turned out that the diversion of surface sewage from the territory of the industrial site of JSC “Russian Paints” was organized through a storm sewage system and treatment facilities in the Kotorosl River.

The conducted laboratory studies found that in the effluent of the enterprise entering the river, pollutants are contained in concentrations exceeding the normative and maximum permissible, including. iron, phenol, formaldehyde, nitrites, nitrates, etc.

In Tobolsk came up with how to deal with unauthorized dumps

The problem for the city is acute, recently it became the antideriser of the rating by the number of identified and eliminated landfills located within the boundaries of settlements.

“It is necessary to work out all possible options. Install video surveillance cameras in places where landfills are most often formed. For this offense there must be an imminent punishment. But for the correct and responsible attitude towards the purity of our city there should be encouragement. How it will be, in what form – this we must come up with together with the townspeople “, – proposed the head of the city Vladimir Mazur during the workshop in the administration.

The soil of Olkhon Island began to deteriorate rapidly

The island of Olkhon, so beloved by tourists from all over the world, is a unique phenomenon. The special climate of the island, which is characterized by a large number of sunny days and occasional rains, ecological zones with sand dunes and relict forests, gray-green mountains and valleys of Olkhon are fascinating at first sight.

However, a large influx of tourists, which has increased dramatically since 2005, when electricity was spent on the island, does not have the most favorable effect on the state of the soil.

The peculiarity of the soil composition of the recreational areas of the island, and now the uncontrolled number of tourists contributes to the accelerated development of erosion processes leading to soil cover degradation.

The cleanest river Komi

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Komi Republic published an annual report on the state of the environment in the region. The Vorkuta was named the most pure river of the republic, referring it to the second class of pollution: in the upper alignment the river is considered slightly polluted, in the lower one it is contaminated. In two water samples, the permissible value for nitrogen nitrite was exceeded. Specialists attributed the remaining researched rivers to polluted and very polluted.

The bypass channel will reduce pollution of the Chelyabinsk drinking source

The construction of a bypass channel on the Sak-Elga River in Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region, which will prevent the contaminated Karabash water from entering the Lake Argazi, will be completed in 2019, the press service of the regional Ministry of Ecology reports on Wednesday.

Voronezh reported on the brutal destruction of trees in the protected area

In the section “People’s Reporter” of the publication bloknot-voronezh.ru, the reader sent a message about an environmental disaster in the region. Ostensibly, in the protected zone near the village of Krivoborye, Ramon district, unknown people cut down and uprooted hundreds of coniferous trees. On attached photos it was visible, as on a meadow lie the trunks turned out with roots.

In addition, the reader reported that, apparently, the same unknown environmental vandals staged a dump on the banks of the Don River. All these places are already near the border with the Lipetsk region.

Tourists break the law in the Polar Reserve “Seydyavvri”

Six violations of environmental legislation were committed by the guests of the Arctic on the territory of the Lovozero forest district, including in the territory of the state natural complex “Seydyavvri” reserve.


Plan of the Ministry of Finance to reduce the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy

The document in early July approved at a meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov. Until the end of July, the government plans to create a working group to counter sanctions. The Ministry of Finance, at the same time, is given the right to develop appropriate measures in the financial sphere.

In the action plan – five blocks and 17 points. Among them – the development by August of a strategy to reduce the use of the dollar in foreign trade transactions and the transition to the calculations “mainly in national currencies.” The Central Bank’s active reduction of reserves in American bonds Kommersant calls a likely part of the plan.

With the regulator, it also agreed to release the structures that came under the sanction from fines for non-return of proceeds in foreign currency.

The second block of the document deals with the access of companies under sanctions to the domestic financial market. The action plan also refers to limiting “unfair competition” on the part of countries that imposed sanctions against Russia, restricting access to data on companies that may be subject to sanctions, and creating “special administrative areas” in which the business could not disclose information on the structure of property.

The Ministry of Finance also intends to draft a draft of sanctions against Ukraine, which includes the ability to block the assets of individuals, including politicians, law enforcement officers and members of the government.

Kommersant calls the anti-sank plan an “escalator” in the issue of sanctions.

The document, as the newspaper notes, will help “respond to internal Russian radical anti-sank initiatives – formally all possible answers are included in the plan in a moderate form.”

Japan abandoned Iranian oil

As early as November, Washington plans to resume sanctions against Tehran. If the purchases of Iranian oil continue, suppliers face heavy fines. Japanese banks have notified the national oil companies that they are stopping the transactions related to Iranian oil.

Rosnano first paid the state 50% of net profit

JSC “Rosnano” paid the state dividends for the year 2017 in the amount of 537.5 million rubles, which is about 50% of net profit under the Russian accounting standard, the press service of Rosnano.

Nuclear medicine centers to be built near Yekaterinburg for 6 billion rubles

In the near future in the Sverdlovsk region will begin construction of a nuclear medicine center and a proton center. The cost of one project is estimated at 2 billion rubles, and the second – 4 billion rubles.

The national project “Education” is planned to allocate more than 670 billion rubles

About 674 billion rubles is planned to be allocated from the federal budget for the implementation of the national project “Education”. This was announced on Wednesday by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova at a meeting of the Council of the Russian Union of Rectors.

The Far East will need an additional 30 billion rubles a year

Additional measures to support the Far East will require 30 billion rubles a year, deputy prime minister – presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev

Rostek and Rosatom reported the development of a “smart factory”

State Corporation Rostek and Rosatom announced the creation of a joint venture that will develop a production management system (PLM system) – the so-called smart factory. This is stated in a press release of “Rostecha”, received by RBC

The control system will allow to digitally control the processes at all stages of production: from planning and development to support and disposal. Also, the system will be able to “flexibly change product parameters, manage personnel and financial resources, plan marketing activities”.

Vnesheconombank offered to cooperate with Strelka Design Bureau for the development of the city

Vnesheconombank (VEB) offered Strelka Bank cooperation in the framework of urban development. This was announced by the chairman of the VEB Igor Shuvalov within the framework of the Moscow urban forum.

The Ministry of Finance intends to facilitate currency operations

The Russian Ministry of Finance proposes allowing banks to conduct part of the currency transactions bypassing authorized Russian banks. Corresponding amendments to the Law “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control” are now at the development stage.

Bankers predicted the early collapse of the rubble

Experts suggest that, due to innovation, the outflow of capital from the country will intensify and the deficit of currency liquidity in the domestic market will grow. These factors will weaken the position of the ruble, so analysts predict that the dollar this year will reach a mark of 65-70 rubles.

Bitcoin trades above $ 7 thousand for the first time since the beginning of June

The price of bitcoin on Wednesday jumped by 11-12%, the crypto currency returned to a level above 7 thousand dollars for the first time since June 10, according to the data of the auction.

The State Duma approved in the second reading the completion of the tax maneuver

The State Duma adopted in the second reading two bills on completing the tax maneuver in the oil and gas industry, news agencies reported. According to the documents, the export duty on oil will decrease from the current 30% by 5 percentage points. per year from 2019 to 2024. At the same time, mineral extraction tax will be raised for oil.

“LUKOIL” adopted an investment decision on a new field in the Caspian Sea

“LUKOIL” has made an investment decision on a new field in the Caspian Sea, the head of the company said at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The transcript was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ukraine increased the transit of gas due to the stop of the “Nord Stream”

Ukraine increased the transit of Russian blue fuel through its territory because of a planned stop of the “Nord Stream”

Russia has become a leader in reducing associated gas flaring

The largest decrease in flare volumes last year was shown by Russia, which remains the world’s largest country of gas combustion. Venezuela and Mexico also significantly reduced their incineration rates.

Irkutsk Oil Company and Chinese CPSG signed an agreement

Chinese China Pingmei Shenma Energy Chemical Group (CPSG) can invest in the gas processing project of the Irkutsk Oil Company (INC). Investments in it are estimated at 361 billion rubles, of which 44 billion rubles were invested. Last week, INC asked for tax breaks for the project, which will help attract partners and speed up construction.

ONF revealed cartel collusions during the state purchase of medicines

Cartel collusion during the state purchase of medicines was revealed in the vast majority of Russian regions. Gray schemes for the supply of medicines to hospitals and clinics have not yet been found in the Crimea and Chukotka alone.

In Poland, the timing of the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

It is reported that the construction of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will begin in the spring of 2020 and will last until the end of 2022. The cost of the project will be about € 1.5 billion. It is noted that by the end of 2022 the term for the supply of Russian gas to Poland expires.


Trump called Putin responsible for interference in the US elections

US President Donald Trump said that his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin could be considered “personally responsible” for allegedly Moscow’s interference in the US elections.

Yes, I would think so, because he is in charge of his country, as I am responsible for everything that happens in my country. Therefore, as a leader of the country, you must be responsible. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

US accusation demands to leave Boutin in custody pending trial

US prosecutors demanded that a Russian woman detained in the US, Maria Butin, be detained pending trial. This is reported in the petition of the charges published on the website of the federal district court of Washington.

Browder “shook” the reaction of the White House to the proposal of Russia

The head of the Hermitage Capital William Browder, who was accused by the Prosecutor General of Russia of transferring money to former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was “shocked” by the White House’s response to the accusations against him. He said this on Fox News.

The idea that the White House and Donald Trump will consider the transfer of these people and me to the Russians is simply terrifying. In fact, this betrayal is to betray patriotic people who have tried to do the right things. – William Browder, American businessman

Five countries joined the EU sanctions against the Crimea

Montenegro, Albania, Norway, as well as Ukraine and Georgia joined the EU sanctions against the Crimea and Sevastopol, the EU diplomatic service said.

In June, the European Union extended for a year – until June 23, 2019 – restrictive measures against the Crimea and Sevastopol.

In Kiev, they said that members of the crew of the ship “Nord” can leave Ukraine

Members of the crew of the ship “Nord” can freely leave the territory of Ukraine, they are not detained, said on Wednesday the press secretary of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office Tatyana Tihonchik

Kiev asked the US to clarify Trump and Putin’s talks in Ukraine

Kiev appealed to the US with a request to clarify the discussion of new ideas on the settlement of the armed conflict in the Donbass, which took place at the talks of Russian President Vladimir Putin and American leader Donald Trump.

Democrats called on Trump’s interpreter to declassify the conversation with Putin

Members of the United States Democratic Party called for a hearing in Congress involving an interpreter who attended the meeting of US President Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

The US Congress introduced a draft on sanctions against the “Nord Stream – 2”

Sen. John W. Barrasso of Wyoming introduced a draft law on sanctions against Nord Stream-2 to the US Congress. This is stated in the statement of the senator, published on his website.

Hungary refused to participate in the UN Migration Agreement

According to the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the treaty on migration is a “threat to peace”. The head of the Hungarian diplomacy also added that the document does not meet the interests of Hungary’s security. The Hungarian Foreign Minister stressed that the official Budapest will oppose this document.

Boeing will build Trumpa aircraft for $ 3.9 billion

The agreement on the delivery of airliners to the US presidential aviation park Donald Trump was signed with Boeing. The sum of the five-year contract is $ 3.9 billion, writes The Wall Street Journal.

May threatened the opponents of the Brexit plan for early elections

British Prime Minister Teresa May threatened not to support her plan for Brexit members of the Conservative Party to hold early elections to parliament this summer. The warning sounded a few minutes before the vote on the issue of customs policy in the House of Commons

Foreign Ministry: China and Russia are not rivals in Central Asia

Wang Yi added that China “will neither create a so-called sphere of influence nor claim exclusive interests in Central Asia,” although “individuals try blindly to drive a wedge between China and Russia, to interpret the natural contacts between the two states with the countries of the region as so called rivalry. ”

Trump said that Merkel is no longer a superstar

President of the United States Donald Trump commented on the migration policy of Germany. According to him, having admitted millions of people to the country, Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, ceased to be a superstar and dealt a serious blow to her reputation

Greece accused the Russian Foreign Ministry of “disrespect for the country”

Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commenting on the briefing of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, accused the ministry of “disrespect for a third country”, a lack of understanding of the modern world and demanded to stop “constant disrespect for Greece” and interference in internal affairs.

The mayor of the Dnieper threatened school principals with dismissals for “love of Russia”

The mayor of the Dnieper, Boris Filatov, threatened the school principals with dismissals for “love of the neighboring state.” Filatov noted that since the beginning of his tenure as head of the city, “he collected dossiers on directors and head teachers of city schools.”

More than 30% of applicants, starting in 2014, in social networks or non-publicly supported separatist sentiments, despised their own country and loved the neighboring state very much … Now they will either be dismissed or not recruited. – Boris Filatov, Ukrainian journalist

Trump urges Erdogan to release pastor in Turkey

President of the United States Donald Trump urged the Turkish authorities to release the American pastor detained in this country as soon as possible. Evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson has been held by the Turkish authorities since October 2016.

Media reported on possible sanctions of the European Commission against Hungary

The European Commission can initiate sanctions procedures against Budapest if the Hungarian authorities do not change their position under the Stop Soros law, Daily News Hungary reports citing sources in Brussels. The reason is the anti-immigrant orientation of the adopted law.


The Ministry of Defense and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up a refugee center in Syria

The Ministry of Defense specified that the work of the center will be supervised by the interdepartmental headquarters of the ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, which was established on the basis of the National Center for Defense Management

Russian military apologized for training with shooting in Armenian village

Earlier, the head of the Panik village administration Vardan Makeyan told Sputnik Armenia that the exercises were conducted on the territory of the settlement with shooting of empty cartridges. In turn, Sarukhanyan added that the Russian military had apologized for the exercises conducted without warning.

The combat range of the rocket “Dagger” is named

In his message to the Federal Assembly, the president said that the range of the Dagger was 2,000 kilometers, the upgraded stratospheric interceptor MiG-31K was the bearer of the new weapon and the complex was already carrying out pilot combat duty in the Southern Military District.

“Admiral Gorshkov” will be handed over to the fleet on July 28

The head frigate of project 22350 “Admiral Gorshkov” plans to hand over to the Russian Navy on July 28, on the eve of the main naval parade. This was reported to TASS by the United Shipbuilding Corporation. According to the general director Alexey Rakhmanov, such thoughts they have.

The Russian Foreign Ministry did not rule out a possible provocation with chemical weapons in Idlib

“It is not excluded that these souvenirs that were unloaded in Idlib by people who call themselves the” White Helmets “will be used for their intended purpose, and possibly even when it is announced that these” humanitarian workers “have been taken out of region, “she added.

In Yemen, during the attempt on the vice-president killed the military leaders

Among the dead were large military leaders. In particular, Brigadier-General Mohammed Saleh Al-Ahmar and several of his guards, as well as the military attache in Bahrain. According to the source of RIA Novosti, the attempt was committed with the help of a controlled explosion of landmines along the road of the cortege.

The obstacle to concluding a peace treaty between Russia and Japan

Recall that the government of Japan in December 2017 decided to deploy two American ground defense complexes Aegis Ashore in the prefectures of Akita and Yamaguchi. The radius of their action can cover the whole territory of the country, and each installation costs Japan $ 890 million.

Mindful of how narrow the Japanese-American military alliance is and what is the real distribution of roles in it, it’s hard to believe that the American side will give anyone the opportunity to control its global missile defense, including in its regional segments. – Mikhail Galuzin, diplomat

Caterpillars for “Armata” and other tanks are now produced around the clock

Plant “Omsktransmash” switched to a round-the-clock mode of production of caterpillars for Russian armored vehicles, including for the Armata tank, Uralvagonzavod reported on its page on the Vkontakte network.

The State Department confirmed the reduction of nuclear arsenals by Russia and the United States

The START III Treaty was signed in Prague by the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama in 2011. It provides for a reduction in the total number of nuclear warheads to 1,550 units, and for BPRT and TB – up to 700 units.

Georgia will take part in the NATO exercises “A Decent Partner-2018”

NATO countries from 1 to 15 August will conduct the exercise “A Decent Partner-2018” in Georgia. More than three thousand servicemen will take part in them, the newspaper “Vzglyad” reported referring to the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. The “Worthy Partner” exercise has been held for the fourth consecutive year

NATO Secretary General urges Russia to withdraw troops from South Ossetia and Abkhazia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia to withdraw troops from South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which NATO and Georgia consider the occupied territories

The heavy rocket “Sarmat” successfully passed three launch launches

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the completion of the ballistic tests of the RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat. Flight testing of weapons will begin in the current year

Ukraine began producing ammunition in accordance with NATO standards

The Ukrainian plant “Impulse”, which is part of the state concern “Ukroboronprom,” began mass production of ammunition, which meet the standards of NATO. The press service of the concern reports.

Burkina Faso liquidated terrorist bases in the north of the country

The Burkina Faso military has eliminated several bases of alleged terrorists during a multi-day operation in the north of the country,

Russian military flew to China to participate in competitions

A team of military engineers from Russia flew to China to participate in the international stage of the “Safe Route” contest, told reporters to the Russian Defense Ministry.


A boat with 160 refugees on board sank off the coast of North Cyprus

The catastrophe occurred near the coast of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This is reported by the CNN-Turk channel. It is known that there were 160 migrants on board the boat.

The ex-head of the MUR received a suspended sentence on the case of corruption

The Moscow garrison military court softened the charge against the former head of the Moscow criminal investigation department, General Viktor Trutnev, in the corruption case and ordered him to be sentenced to five years probation, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom.

A member of the Basayev gang is extradited to Russia from Slovakia

Earlier, the FSB reported on extradition from Slovakia to Russia Aslan Yandiyev, involved in a series of resonant terrorist attacks in Vladikavkaz in 2006.

Armed robbers kidnapped 10 million rubles in the center of Moscow

Armed with firearms, attackers on Wednesday, July 18, attacked the center of the capital on a microfinance organization and stole 10 million rubles. This was reported by a source in law enforcement agencies.

In South Africa, a passenger of a crashed aircraft shot a moment of falling

The passenger of the plane, which crashed in South Africa, took off the moment of the fall. The man was sitting by the porthole in the left row. He managed to capture the moment when the ship with the burning engine started to decline rapidly. In the crash, two people were killed, about 20 people were injured

“For all the will of God” – an ambulance from Novgorod refused to hospitalize a dying woman

According to the widower, the first-aid assistant of the first “ambulance” hospitalized the woman with the words: “All the will of God.” On the same day, the man called for a second ambulance, who took the Novgorod to the hospital. June 14, the woman died in the hospital.

More than 50 children were poisoned in a train traveling from Moscow to Kislovodsk

More than 50 children traveling by train from Moscow to Kislovodsk found signs of food poisoning. On this fact a criminal case was opened.

Petersburgers kidnapped in Abkhazia and demand a ransom of 200 million

The investigation committee asked the wife of the head of the holding “Polygraphformlenie” Maxim Yakovlev after receiving a note from her husband asking him to collect 200 million rubles as a ransom. According to the woman, Yakovlev disappeared on June 20 during his trip to Abkhazia.

In the Amur region, a children’s tour group stuck in a mountain shelter was evacuated

Rescuers in the Amur Region on a Mi-8 helicopter evacuated to Zeya a children’s tour group, because of the flood stuck in a mountain shelter, told RIA Novosti a representative of the regional head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

At the crash of a helicopter in Thailand, killing four people

In the province of Khon Kaen in northeast Thailand, a private helicopter crashed. Killed four people – the commander of the aircraft, the co-pilot and two passengers. The catastrophe occurred at 9 am local time.

In South Korea, a defector from the DPRK was arrested

The North Korean defector was arrested on charges of espionage and the transfer of secret information about the South Korean military to a foreign agent, Rönhap Agency reported citing the central prosecutor’s office of Seoul.

In the state of New York, two beaches were closed due to the attack of sharks on children

The authorities of the US state of New York decided to close the beaches on the island of Fire because of the appearance of sharks attacking two children. This was reported by ABC7 New York. The island of Fire is located just south of the densely populated Long Island, RIA Novosti reports.

The police cordoned off the university in Washington because of an armed man

The police cordoned off the area surrounding the American University in Washington after reports of an armed man seen there.


Sister accused Megan Markle of a quick death of his father

The summary sister of the wife of the British prince Harry Megan Markle – Samantha burst into an angry tirade on the Web. The woman said that, because of ignoring the prince’s wife, their American relatives, their father Thomas Markle is dying.

“If our father dies, it’s your fault, Meg,” Samantha’s cousin cautioned.

Vika Tsyganova, 54, wants to become a member of DOMA-2

Vika Tsyganova surprised the fans with plans to go to the TV project “DOM-2”. The singer noted that she was not going to build love, because she had been happily married for a long time. Its goal is to help the participants and the show’s host to understand themselves

Ilya Yabbarov brought Alena Rapunzel to hysteria

Ilya Yabbarov at the front of the project “Dom-2” unexpectedly accused the pregnant Alena Rapunzel of treason. The words of Yabbarov, who himself changed the girl, brought her to hysteria, and neither participants, nor even Olga Buzova could reassure her.

Chulpan Khamatova was implicated in the case of the theft of a million rubles

In the epicenter of the scandal with the kidnapping of a subsidy in the amount of 1 million rubles from the Cinema Foundation allocated for the creation of an art film about Vladimir Mayakovsky, authored by Alexander Shane. Subsequently, he also became the main person involved in this criminal case.

Sedokova had a nervous breakdown right during the interview

Anna Sedokova admitted that for a long time no one would have known about the trials with ex-husband Maxim Chernyavsky, who took her daughter Monica from her. However, the singer had a nervous breakdown right during the interview, and she realized that she could not remain silent about her misfortune.

A new hero of the show “Bach” can be Sergei Shnurov

The well-known rock singer Sergei Shnurov may be the new hero of the romantic show “Bach”. Earlier there were reports that the main character of the program will be a member of the jury of the show “Dances” on TNT – Miguel. Spectators will see the new season of the popular TV show in the spring of 2019.

Ex-soloist Destiny’s Child is in a psychiatric clinic

Ex-soloist Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) made a frank confession. In her social profile, she told me that she was forced to turn to psychiatrists for help.

Guzeeva shamed Volodin for insulting Kudryavtsev

Many know that the celebrity is not quite friendly with her colleagues on the show “Let’s get married”. So, some time ago Guzeeva insulted Volodin. It is reported that the quarrel began in the blog of Lera Kudryavtseva, who is waiting for the second child.

Lera, you are what! The TV ransack people with their heads. An angry letter to an adult woman is silly. – Larisa Guzeeva, actress

5-year-old son Plushenko and Rudkovskaya checked on the lie detector

One of the first “Helm of Truth” tried on Sasha Plushenko, that is, the child was tested on a lie detector. Helped him in this Dmitry Shepelev, permanent host of the show “In fact” on Channel One.

Xenia Borodina boasted a luxurious renovation in her new home

Xenia Borodina does not hide that now she lives with her husband and children in a rented house. But this is only temporary: soon the TV presenter will enter his luxurious country mansion. Now there is in full swing there is a repair.

Darya Klyukina overcame childhood fears in France

One might think that the whole rest was spoiled because of such negative moments, as the lavender fields of Nice are the favorite habitat of these insects. But the girl, having collected all her will and courage into a fist, decided to overcome fear for the sake of beautiful photos and likes in social networks

Model Christine Zamir explained her “tackle” to Tarasova

The well-known Azerbaijani model, the winner of various beauty contests, Christina Zamir, appealed to fans and cheaters in Instagram. The star explained her “tackle” to football player Dmitry Tarasov, ex-wife of TV presenter Olga Buzovoy. The girl urged the public to calm down and take a sober look at the situation. She stressed that the post where she “glued” the married athlete was nothing more than a joke.

Actress Sand Van Roy described rape by Luc Besson

Actress Sand Van Roy described to journalists the violent acts of a sexual nature directed by Luc Besson. Rape, she said, happened at a hotel in Paris

The date of the 61st Grammy award ceremony is announced

The National Academy of Arts and Technology of the United States of America announced the date of the 61st Grammy music awards ceremony. The solemn ceremony will be held on February 10 in Los Angeles. The names of the nominees for the award will be announced on December 5.

In Belgium, they will shoot a film about Peter I’s trip to Europe

The project of a feature film about the journey of Peter I through Europe was prepared in Belgium, RT reports. The author of the idea was the chairman of the Peter the Great Fund Valery Dvoinikov. To work on the tape are going to attract Western filmmakers and screenwriter and several Russian actors.

Amazon will withdraw the series based on retrofuturistic paintings Stolenhaiga

As reported by Slashfilm, the screenwriter and scriptwriter of the project will be Nathaniel Halpern, and the pilot episode will remove Mark Romanek (“Do not let go of me”).

Days of Georgian cinema opened in St. Petersburg

The second festival “Days of Georgian Cinema” was opened on Wednesday in St. Petersburg under the motto “Two People – One Faith”. The festival is attended by a group of filmmakers in Georgia, who brought eight different genre paintings, including the work of young filmmakers.

In St. Petersburg, the shooting of the film “The Humpbacked Horse” began

In St. Petersburg, the shooting of the film based on the tale of Peter Ershov’s “The Humpbacked Horse” began.

Batvumen in the new series will be an open lesbian

Batvumen the authors of the show describe as a woman “armed with a passion for social justice and able to defend her opinion.” In addition, the main character will have Jewish roots.

On the Net appeared the trailer of the film “The Nation of Assassins”

The film is about a high school student Lily, who lives in the city of Salem. Hackers hacked her account on the web and merged her intimate photos on the Internet. After that, on the streets of the girl begin to molest, because of which Lily and her friends organized a movement against “poisonous masculinity”

A new trailer and posters of the film “Robin Hood: The Beginning”

In the network appeared the first full-length trailer of the film “Robin Hood: The Beginning”, starring in the roles of Jamie Fox and Theron Edgerton

Svetlana Druzhinina refused to shoot Pugacheva’s grandson in the “Gardemarines”

The famous actress and director Svetlana Druzhinina refused to shoot Alla Pugacheva’s grandson in the new part of the movie “Midshipmen”. Earlier in a number of media there was information that the main roles in the film “Midshipmen-4” will be given to young stars Nikita Presnyakov, related by a relationship with the prima donna, and Aglaya Shilovskaya.

The first trailer of Jay Abrams producer project “Overlord” appeared

The creators of the military-historical film “Overlord” published the first trailer of the picture. It is noteworthy that the producer of the project was JJ Abrams, who put his hand to many box-office hits of recent years. In the rental of the film will be released on October 25, 2018.

Former wife Guf dressed in a nun and read a rap

The fans condemned her for blasphemy. Against the background of the fact that these days they put them in jail and give conditional terms for jokes about religion, the former wife of rapper Guf made a very brave act – she dressed herself in a nun and read her own rap.

Kathy Holmes and Jamie Fox have denied the rumor of their separation

Only once Holmes spokesman – Leslie Sloan – nevertheless indirectly touched on the topic of their relationship. She said last month that the rumors about the parting of Kathy and Jamie are lies.

Victoria Dayneko told about her return to her ex-husband

The singer opened her eyes with the fans. Victoria Dayneko once again impressed the fans. The singer said that she can return to her ex-husband, despite all that happened between them.

In Africa they will show the Russian-Chinese cartoon “The Snow Queen 3”

The third part of the franchise of the Russian-Chinese production “Snow Queen” will be shown in African countries in late July. This was reported in the press service of the studio Wizart

In London there appeared a statue of relaxed Jeff Goldblum

The statue of Jeff Goldblum appeared in the center of London. The monument depicting the actor in an unbuttoned shirt and lying on his side is almost 3 meters in height and 7 meters in length and is located in the park of Potters Fields near the Tower Bridge


Cancer treatment with DNA editing turned out to be deadly

It turned out, because of this, there is a global genetic rearrangement and the loss of a part of the chromosomes. Researchers from the UK have proven that treating cancer with the help of DNA editing can be deadly.

Robot-cockroaches and snakes from Rolls-Royce will inspect the engines

Engineers of the British company Rolls-Royce will develop miniature robotic cockroaches and snakes, the main task of which will be the inspection of aircraft engines. It is assumed that innovative robots will promptly search for and eliminate any problems inside the engines from the aircraft.

The first memories of a large part of people turned out to be fabricated

Researchers found that about 40 percent of respondents reported that they have kept their first memory since the age of two, and 893 people reported that they remember something that happened to them at the age of one year.

Scientists: thin iron wire will help diagnose cancer in time

Scientists have proposed to diagnose cancer by means of iron nanoparticles, on the surface of which there are antibodies to the protein EpCAM (they are present in many moving affected cells). A magnetized wire is inserted into the vein, attracting iron particles, and together with them, cancer cells.

Robot taught to escape from falling with the help of hands

Shihao Wang and Kris Hauser from Duke University chose the second approach and taught the biped robot to quickly analyze the environment and use objects from it as a support.

Multiple sclerosis can be detected several years before the onset

According to scientists, people who are subsequently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are two to three times more likely to become victims of these health problems before the onset of this disease.

DNA origami helped to produce tetrahedra and cubes of silicon oxide

Chemists have developed a method for obtaining nanoparticles of silicon oxide ranging in size from 10 to 1000 nanometers in the form of triangles, squares, cubes, tetrahedra and other flat and volumetric figures.

Scientists: In the bowels of the earth lie billions of tons of diamonds

According to the researchers, deep under the surface there can be “inverted mountains” – rock formations, within which, like on the surface of the Earth, can lay billions of tons of precious stones and other minerals, writes Business Insider.

In the Indian Ocean, an oxygen-poor “dead zone”

Almost anoxic “dead zone” in the Indian Ocean expanded almost to the entire water area of the Arabian Sea. This in an interview with the agency France-Presse told a specialist from the New York University of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Zuhair Lashkar.

Scientists will teach neural networks to monitor the purity of water in pipes

As the researchers reported, neural networks will help to monitor the purity of water in the water pipe cheap and high-quality. Scientists are teaching the neural network to continuously check the water for the widest possible range of pollutants. The AI monitors and analyzes the water quality for two hours.

Scientists offer an alternative to traffic lights

In the American Pittsburgh, a new system for regulating the movement of cars at the intersection of roads was tested. The development belongs to specialists from the University of Carnegie Mellon (USA).

All the work of the system is reduced to the information exchange of cars. With the help of signals, the option receives data on the speed and direction of the car flow, as well as GPS coordinates. The received data is processed by the on-board computer and displays the ready information to the driver. According to the rules of the movement in the US it is necessary to stop at every intersection. The new development will allow drivers to reduce the time spent by 20%.

So far, this system is not yet perfect. The main problem with this option is that it does not transmit any information about pedestrians. Even if you try to connect smartphones to this system, there will be pedestrians who do not have suitable devices. Another difficulty is that the technology can only work on perpendicular intersecting roads.

The most ancient cub snakes found in Myanmar

In Myanmar, scientists discovered amber, inside which is the skeleton of a young snake. As N + 1 wrote on July 18, these are the oldest remains of the serpent known from the moment. According to scientists, the snake cub was stuck in amber about 98.8 million years ago

Robots may become victims of discrimination and racism

Robots can become victims of racists. The scientists conducted an experiment that proved that even robots can become victims of discrimination. Research has shown that humanoid robots, like humans, can be attacked by racists.


Putin instructed Roskosmos to make a breakthrough in the space industry

Earlier, at the scientific and practical conference in Moscow, dedicated to the prospects for the development of the state corporation, the new general director of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, compared space exploration with religion.

Putin instructed to speed up work on the heavy missile “Angara-5”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the leadership of Roskosmos that he was waiting for more active work to develop an Angara-5 heavy-duty missile. “It has, as we know, of great importance for maintaining the country’s defensive capability,” Putin’s website quotes the Kremlin website.

Blue Origin again tested suborbital rocket New Shepard

Private company Blue Origin conducted another successful test of the suborbital rocket New Shepard, during which it tested the technology of emergency evacuation of the crew, the company conducted a live broadcast of the launch. The unmanned launch of the rocket took place from the site in the state of Texas on Wednesday morning.

For the first time the telescope from the Earth received clear pictures of Neptune

The Earth’s telescope received the clearest shots of the farthest planet in the solar system. The adaptive optical system of the telescope compensates for the effect of the Earth’s atmosphere and makes it possible to make clear images of space bodies without atmospheric distortion. Neptune photographed not the first time.

The universe was fully studied

An international group of scientists confirmed that the cosmological model of Lambda-CDM (ΛCDM) is an accurate description of the evolution and large-scale structure of the universe. The researchers came to this conclusion on the basis of long-term observations of the relic radiation with the help of the space observatory Planck. The results are published in the arXiv repository, links to the articles are available on the website of the European Space Agency.

The fusion of two neutron stars

For the first time in history, astronomers have observed gravitational waves and light (electromagnetic radiation), generated by the same cosmic phenomenon – the fusion of two neutron stars. This event was registered on August 17, 2017. The photo shows the echoes of the phenomenon GW170817.

As a result of the fusion of neutron stars into space, atoms of heavy elements – gold, uranium, platinum and others – were thrown out. In addition, the most compelling evidence to date has been that short-term gamma-ray bursts are due to fusions of neutron stars.

Astronomers first watched the star devouring the planet

The answer, according to astronomers, can shed light on some of the chaotic processes occurring at an early stage of the development of the star. Physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other countries observed a star called RW Aur A using the X-ray observatory Chandra NASA

NASA published a photo of an ancient lake on Mars

NASA specialists have published a photo of the ancient crater on Mars Chaos Aram. The picture shows layers of hematite and silicates, which indicate that there was a lake there.


The new Jeep Cheroke received the Russian price tag and complete sets

The presentation of the updated SUV took place at the beginning of the year at the Auto Show in Detroit, and now Jeep announced the prices for the updated Cherokee SUV for the Russian Federation, which will be offered in four available versions: Sport, Longitude, Limited and Overland.

The minimum price tag will be 2 255 000 rubles, and the most expensive version will cost the customers 3 360 000 rubles.

Ford Focus and Volvo XC40 received five stars

Hatchback Ford Focus new generation and crossover Volvo XC40 received five stars in crash tests Euro NCAP, the organization said. For protection of the driver and adult passengers Focus scored 85%. For protection of child passengers, the car received 87%.

Audi presented the updated TT family

Audi has introduced an updated version of the TT. The car will be available for purchase in the back of the roadster and coupe. Sales of restyling Audi TT in Europe should begin before the end of this year

The authorities of Germany demanded that owners of Tesla Model S return the subsidies

The authorities simply found this car too expensive for its owners to get subsidies from the state. In addition, 250 more German citizens were denied assistance

Drivers of cars of Rosgvardia are allowed to violate traffic rules

The drivers of Rosgvardia cars will be allowed to retreat from the rules of the road. Since the crew of Rosgvardia must reach the call in the shortest possible time, the driver can use the included flashing beacons and sound signals, and sometimes exceed the speed limit.

Lego released a copy of James Bond’s Aston Martin

Lego showed the model Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond film Goldfinger. The set includes 1 295 employees, it is a copy of the model, equipped with spyware.

McLaren Senna received a toy copy for 8 thousand dollars

Company Amalgam has presented a toy model of hypercar McLaren Senna, which is executed in scale 1: 8. Those wishing to purchase a miniature copy of the car will have to pay a minimum of 8 184 dollars. At the same time with a set of options, the cost of the model can reach up to $ 10 584.

Land Rover Defender received tuning from the studio Ares Design

Tuners from the new studio Ares Design, led by former top manager Lotus Dani Bahar, assembled in their new shop a modified Land Rover Defender. As representatives of the company noted, the model will be released in strictly limited edition – only 53 copies.

New cross coupe Changan CS85 completely declassified

The date of the start of sales and the price for the new Changan CS85 has not yet been announced. However, it is known that CS75 is sold in China at a price of 98,800 yuan or 933,000 rubles.

Model Kia KX3 will become electric

Externally, the electric Kia KX3 differs from a gasoline-enclosed grille with a charging port, blue accents in headlights, tires (215/60 R17) with low rolling resistance and a nameplate on the stern.

According to unofficial data, the electric motor’s power is 81 kW (110 hp), and the battery capacity is 45 kWh. The power reserve is unknown, but the maximum speed is 150 km / h. It is not excluded that the premiere will be held on August 31 at the auto show in Chengdu.

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