1 Jan, 2018

Russia on the verge of change

In 2018, a number of changes in laws and regulations concerning the social, taxation, budgetary sphere and many other aspects of public life come into force in Russia.

For example, for vacation in the Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol and Crimea will charge a resort fee.

A ban on the production and turnover of low-alcohol tonic beverages is being introduced.

In the contracts on currency mortgages will begin to make a warning about the increased risk.

The amendments to the antiterrorist legislation developed by the State Duma Vice Speaker Irina Yarova and Senator Viktor Ozerov come into force.

So, from July 1, communication operators and Internet companies will be obliged to store text messages, voice information, images, sounds and video within six months. All the information they will be required to pass to the special services without the requirements of the court. Operators of communication, instant messengers and social networks will be obliged to help the special services in decrypting content, for refusal a fine of up to one million rubles is provided.

Since January 1, internet messaging will need to identify their users by number, and from 5 January telecom operators are required for admission by the body leading the OSA, to terminate the provision of services in order to prevent crimes.

Become a mobile user can be either by presenting an identity document or by using an electronic signature, or through a unified system of identification and authentication or state services portal.
From January 1, low-income families will receive additional benefits for children. They will be paid to families with an average per capita income not exceeding 1.5 times the subsistence minimum in the region. The allowance for the first child will be paid from the federal budget, and on the second – from the parent capital, writes the “Parliamentary Newspaper.”

The minimum wage (minimum wage) will rise to 85% of the subsistence minimum. It is expected that in 2019 they will equal. The size of the minimum wage in 2018 will be 9489 rubles.

At the same time, the minimum subsistence level of a pensioner, which is used to calculate the federal social supplement to a pension, increases from 8540 to 8726 rubles. Social pensions for disabled people from the childhood of the I group and disabled children will grow to 12082 rubles, disabled people of the third group – 4279 rubles.

The size of the parent capital will not increase taking into account inflation from 2018 to 2020.

From 1 January, excise rates for tobacco, cigarillos, electronic cigarettes and liquids for electronic cigarettes increase by 10%. Excise on cigars will grow by 9.9%, and on tobacco used in heating devices, the increase in the excise tax rate will be 21.3%.

Excise taxes for motorcycles exceeding 150 hp will increase by 4%. and cars with a power of 150 to 200 hp. The rate of excises for cars with a capacity from 90 to 150 hp. will rise by 4.7%.
Increased excise and gasoline class 5 (10.7%), diesel fuel (12.7%), medium distillates (11.1%). In addition, since January 1, differentiation of excise rates for powerful cars

Since July 1, the second time in 2018 will increase the excise rates on petrol grade 5 (at 6.06%) and diesel fuel (by 7.7%). Also, excise rates for cigarettes and cigarettes will increase by 10% in terms of the excise rate calculated for 1 thousand units. (from 1562 to 1718 rubles).

Russian and world news digest


Kim Jong-yn announced the DPRK’s readiness to participate in the Olympics and the nuclear button on his table

According to Kim Jong-un, North Korea is ready to send its national team at the Olympic Winter Games to be held in February in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. Kim Jong-un also stressed the need to improve relations with the Republic of Korea. According to him, the DPRK is “open to dialogue” with Seoul and will use nuclear weapons only in case of threat.

From January 1, Ukraine collects biometric data of Russians

In Ukraine, since the new year, fixation of biometric data of Russian citizens began. The State Border Service is obliged to do this, the country’s Foreign Ministry recalls.

Trump Condemned “Internet Shutdown” in Iran

President of the United States Donald Trump condemned the “Internet shutdown” against the backdrop of protests in Iran. Earlier from Iran, reports were received that the authorities had blocked some of the sites on the background of protests. The developer of Telegram Pavel Durov confirmed that the messenger is blocked on the Iranian territory.

The UN Secretary-General on the eve of the New Year called the world to unity

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on New Year’s Eve addressed a warning to the world community. A video message is posted on the YouTube channel of the organization. First of all, the Secretary General congratulated everyone on the holiday and summed up the results of 2017.

Trump congratulated the New Year on enemies, friends and “dishonest lying media”

President of the United States Donald Trump congratulated all Americans on the New Year and wished the best to some media, which they call “false media”. New Year on the time of Washington will come only at 08:00 Moscow time. Trump’s congratulations are published in his Twitter account.

As our country quickly becomes stronger and smarter, I want to wish all my friends, supporters, enemies, haters and even the most dishonest false media of happiness and health in the New Year. 2018 will be a great year for America! – Donald Trump

Putin tightened the punishment for telephone terrorism

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that toughens punishment for telephone terrorism. The corresponding document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information. According to the amendments, the maximum sanction for knowingly false communication implies up to 10 years of imprisonment.

North Korea wants funding for the return of abducted Japanese citizens

The North Korean authorities want more money from Japan in return for the return of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korean intelligence. Such a statement was made by the Japanese newspaper “Mainiti” on Monday, January 1.

Rosgvardia has taken over the energy bridge in the Crimea

Employees of private security of Rosgvardia from Sunday are responsible for the security of the energy bridge, thanks to which the Crimea’s power supply is provided, the head of the department of Rosgvardia in the Republic of Crimea, Stepan Gaidarzhyisky, told TASS.

Canada became chairman of the G-7

The chairman of the international club “Big Seven” from January 1, 2018 was Canada. In 2017 this is an informal association, which includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, the United States and France, led by Italy.

Criminal penalties for cyber attacks on state authorities are introduced

Since January 1 in Russia for cyberattacks on the information structure of state authorities criminal responsibility is introduced


Kim Jong-un announced the completion of the creation of nuclear forces in the DPRK

The North Korean leader assured the population that the entire territory of the United States would be in the zone of defeat if Pyongyang decided to strike a nuclear strike. Kim Jong-un announced the completion of the creation of national nuclear forces.

LNR soldiers received medals “For Faith and Will” and “For Courage”

The servicemen of the People’s Militia, who prevented the attempts of the Ukrainian security forces to break through in the vicinity of Zhelobok and Frunze settlements near the contact line in Donbass, were awarded on behalf of the acting president. head of the self-proclaimed LC, told reporters. the head of the People’s Militia Office of the People’s Republic of Finland, Mikhail Filiponenko.

The “clean-up” of the protesters began in Iran

Recall protesters took to the streets because of rising prices for food, but on the same day they put forward political demands: the resignation of all the leaders of Iran and the withdrawal of the military from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. Recall, in Iran, announced an important appeal Rouhani because of the protests that swept the country.


The fire of the New Year tree in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The preliminary cause of the fire of the Christmas tree on the square in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was called the unsuccessful launch of a firecracker, the press service of the city mayor said on Monday.

Part of Vladivostok in the New Year was left without light because of the cracker

Part of the inhabitants of Vladivostok on New Year’s Eve were left without light because of the air-blowers launched under the power lines.

The police in Berlin reported cases of harassment on New Year’s Eve

The police of the German capital reported cases of sexual harassment that occurred during the celebration of the New Year, the suspects detained

Colorado shooter killed a policeman and wounded six people

During the shootout in Denver, Colorado, a policeman died, six people were injured. The arrow was eliminated, according to the Twitter Office of Sheriff Douglas County

In Liverpool, in a fire, 1.4 thousand cars were destroyed

In British Liverpool, a fire broke out in the parking lot of the Echo Arena concert and entertainment complex. This is reported by the corporation BBC. As a result of the incident, about 1.4 thousand cars were burnt.

Immediately 12 restaurants in Moscow check after an anonymous call

Immediately 12 restaurants in Moscow are checked for the presence of explosive devices reported by an unknown person. Information about this spread emergency services of the capital


From January 1, the minimum wage increased in Russia

It is noted that in this way the minimum wage approached the subsistence level for the able-bodied population – 10,328 rubles. At the same time, it is planned to compare the minimum wage with the subsistence level by January 1, 2019, the newspaper notes.

Excise on gasoline rose in Russia from January 1, 2018

Excise on gasoline in Russia is rising by 50 cents per liter from January 1, 2018, on diesel fuel since July 1. As a result, their growth will reach 10.7% and 12.7% respectively. According to the estimates of the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov, the proceeds from these measures in the federal budget will amount to 40 billion rubles

The Greek authorities imposed a tax on disposable plastic bags

The Greek authorities introduced an environmental tax on disposable plastic bags, each of which will have to pay 4 euro cents, while from 2019 the price for packages will increase to 9 euro cents.

In Russia, from January 1, comes into force the law on the introduction of a system of tax fares

In Russia, on January 1, the law on the introduction of a tax-free system comes into force, which provides for the ability of citizens of other states to return 18% of VAT from goods purchased in the country

In Russia, a tax amnesty began

The law, which allows you not to collect debts from citizens of the Russian Federation and individual entrepreneurs on taxes, came into force today, January 1

The second branch of the Russian-Chinese oil pipeline was put into operation

China has put into operation the second branch of the Mohe-Daqing oil pipeline, according to which the country can import up to 15 million tons of oil annually. This was reported by the Central Television of China. Skovorodino-Mohe began to ship Russian oil to China in 2011.

Russia raised the export duty on oil

The export duty on Russian oil from today has increased by 6% to $ 111.4 per ton versus $ 105 per ton in December. Earlier, the RF Ministry of Finance indicated that the average price for Urals oil for the monitoring period from November 15 to December 14, 2017 was $ 62.53932 per barrel or $ 456.5 per ton.

The President of Venezuela increased the minimum wage by 40%

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an increase in the minimum wage by 40%. This became known on Monday, January 1, during the New Year’s address of the head of state to his people. “I am announcing an increase of 40% in the minimum wage across the country,” TASS said.

The Russian economy has passed to development, consider in the Council of Federation

From the restoration in 2015-2016, Russia’s economy has moved to development, these results should be secured by new technologies, including in the digitalization of economic processes, RIA Novosti on Sunday said Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy Valery Vasilyev.

Putin signed a law on the regulation of syndicated lending

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing legal regulation of relations in the case of a syndicated loan. The document was posted on the official Internet portal of regulatory and legal information.

Russia puts all the money in one box

During the years of crisis, the country has spent considerable funds from the egg capsule. For comparison: as of December 1, 2014, there were more than 4 trillion in the Reserve Fund, but in the NWF – the same almost 4 trillion rubles. That is, for three years the reserves of Russia, if counted in rubles, were reduced by about 3 trillion.

The Ministry of Finance has removed data on salaries of ministers

December 28, all data from the website of the Ministry of Finance disappeared without any explanation from the department. (the information was stored in the Google cache).

In the reception of the responsible representative of the Department of Information Technologies in the field of public and municipal finance management and information support of the budget process, they did not respond to RBC’s request. The press secretary of the Ministry of Finance also did not respond to the request.

Businessman Ivan Tavrin bought television assets of Alisher Usmanov

As the agency RNS, controlled by Tavrinu “UTV Group” acquired the share of Usmanov in the company “New Media Holding.” Thus, Ivan Tavrin became a co-owner of STS, Domashny and others. Earlier, the deal was agreed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service

Russia introduces a program for restructuring the debts of the regions

The seven-year program of restructuring the debts of the subjects of the Russian Federation to the federal budget begins its operation today, January 1, IA REGNUM reports. The program is held on the initiative of President Vladimir Putin and will last at least until 2024 inclusive.


In Russia, alcoholic energy was banned

From January 1, Russia will stop the production and sale of alcoholic power engineers. Their production is allowed only for export. The category of these drinks includes alcoholic products with an ethyl alcohol content of less than 15%, in which tonic substances are present.

In Russia came into force the law on telemedicine

In Russia, on January 1, the telemedicine law comes into force, providing for the possibility of remote provision of medical care. The corresponding document was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in July 2017, the newspaper Izvestia

Motion activist Me Too launched a crystal ball in New York

Press the button that activates the ball release mechanism, every year trust some celebrity. In 2018, the button was pressed by activist and founder of the public movement Me Too in defense of the rights of women who were victims of sexual harassment by Taran Burke.

Putin tightened fines for housing and transport to illegal immigrants

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed signed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses on tightening fines for the provision of housing and transport to illegal migrants. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information

The chemical castration for pedophiles takes effect in Kazakhstan

Legislative amendments providing for forced treatment in the form of chemical castration for pedophiles, come into force in Kazakhstan, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports.


The resort fee will be collected in four regions of Russia from 2018

Crimea, Kuban, Stavropol and Altai in 2018 will be the first Russian regions to introduce a resort fee. The decision to conduct the experiment has been approved, the regions have prepared and adopted their own bills, but expert discussions about innovation do not stop.

New Year in Thailand turned into a living hell

Tourists from Russia, who bought a New Year tour to Thailand at the “Natalie Tours”, were on the street. Upon arrival at the hotel, it became clear that “there are no places and will not be.”

Above Uzbekistan with a breeze: tourists can fly on airplanes

Tourists in Uzbekistan received a unique opportunity to rent Mi-8MTV helicopters and An-2P aircraft for travel through historical cities, desert and mountainous areas of the republic. This was reported by the press service of the State Committee for Tourism.


The service “Cultural life of the region” has been launched on the State services portal

The site will contain information about where the interesting events take place. Where and at what time you can go – a library, a museum, a theater. All information for the service “Cultural life of the region” will come directly from Russian cultural institutions.

Dzhigarkhanyan refused a settlement agreement with ex-wife

Lawyer of the People’s Artist of the USSR Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Yevgeny Parfenov denied reports of the media about the forthcoming amicable agreement between the artist and his former wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

The author of clips about Poklonskaya and Klitschko Enjoykin released a New Year’s video

The movie is called “Moscow-Leningrad”. Over 9 hours of video gathered more than 460 thousand views. Enjoykin became famous for the video about Natalya Poklonskaya “Nyash Myash” and the video about Vitali Klitschko “Tomorrow’s Day”.

Volochkova congratulated the Russians on New Year’s Deep Decollete and twine at the Christmas tree

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova posted on her page in Instagram photo of the next twine – this time against the backdrop of the New Year tree. Subscribers have criticized the star for an untidy look and an inappropriate pose.

Jodie Foster believes that movies about superheroes spoil the audience

As for the “big” movie, Foster believes that high-budget films about superheroes spoil the audience. Now going to the cinema is like a walk to an amusement park. But studios that shoot bad films for viewers and shareholders, act as a hydraulic fracturing of the formation in the production of shale gas.

Neuronet wrote a Russian-British potpourri

On the occasion of the Cross Year of Music in Russia and Britain, the neural network wrote a potpourri, composed of hits from two countries. In particular, the composition includes excerpts from the songs of The Beatles, Alla Pugacheva, Sting and Philip Kirkorov. Recall, the 2019th is declared the Cross Year of Music of Russia and the UK.

Americans could not remember the name of Gal Gadot

The name of the Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot, who played the main role in the film “Wonder Woman”, and returned to the image of the superhero in the film “Justice League”, got to the US in the ten most difficult words of the year 2017.

Omarov’s relatives do not accept his wife Xenia Borodin

Kurban Omarov’s relatives do not accept his wife, the leader of the teleconstruction Ksenia Borodina. At the last family event, there was none of his relatives. Recently, the Internet began to hear rumors that Dagestan’s relatives Kurban Omarov negatively perceive his marriage to Xenia Borodina.

Olga Buzova promises to be the happiest this year

It is evident how the star was touched and cried a little. However, in the comment Buzova wrote that it is supposedly water. Also, Olga promised next year will be the happiest

Stepan Menshchikov temporarily reunited with his wife

Star of House-2 Stepan Menshchikov forgave his beloved for a while and arranged a holiday in honor of the daughter’s birthday. According to the fans, Stepa looked happy. Men’shchikov and Eugene parted in the middle of September.

“House-2”: Sasha Cherno has changed her image, having grown her hair and shaving her temple

Participant of the famous project “Dom-2” Sasha Cherno surprised fans and spectators of the program. So, she decided to change the boring image and increased her hair, and also shaved one temple. After severing relations with Oganesyan, the participant of the project finally decided to calm down and start moving on.

The rating of the highest paid musicians of the world for 2017 is made

Forbes magazine ranked the highest-paid musicians in the world by the end of 2017. The first place in the list was taken by American rapper Sean Combs, better known as PDiddy (PDiddy). He managed to earn $ 130 million over the past year.

Google called the most popular actors and musicians in 2017

The search results for Google in 2017 were published in the report Trends “Most popular topics in 2017”. The list of the most popular led women – actress Megan Markle and singer Ariana Grande


Durov announced three major updates to Telegram in January

The founder of the telegram messenger Pavel Durov promised that in the new version of the application for iOS and Android there will be three major updates. However, he did not disclose the details.

Samsung is preparing to release a new hybrid Chromebook

Developers of Samsung are currently working on the creation of a new laptop that will run under Chrome OS. This is reported by foreign insiders


Scientists have found the oldest multicellular creature

It is curious that scientists have not yet found other multicellular organisms, and even eukaryotes in general (ie, organisms whose cells have a nucleus), more than 800 million years old. And the “explosion” of the diversity of life forms came only after another quarter of a billion years, in the Cambrian.

Scientists: Infringements of daily rhythms of an organism have strengthened growth of tumors

American experts have analyzed the process, when the development of cancer tumors passes in toxic for healthy cells conditions. Intensive growth of malignant tumors, as experts have found, is facilitated by a decrease in the amount of BMAL1 protein regulating the circadian rhythms of the body.


Volvo handed over XC90 unmanned crossovers to families with children

Volvo gave the first two XC90 drones for testing couples with children. This became known on Monday, January 1. A total of about one hundred ordinary drivers will be involved, who will share their impressions of the technology, according to the portal of the Academy of Sciences.

China will stop producing more than 500 non-ecological models of cars

While it is not known whether there are buses on the list of 553 models, it is reported that models of such brands as FAW-Volkswagen, Beijing Benz Automotive, Chery and Dongfeng and others are among the cars that pollute the environment.

“Murderer” Hyundai Creta in the face of Baojun 510 enjoys a rush demand

With each month, sales of the car grew until he broke into the top three in sales in the crossovers segment in China. According to the results of 11 months of the year, Baojun 510 outperformed Hyundai Creta sales, known in the Chinese market as Hyundai ix25.

Unmanned vehicles Waymo for ten years drove more than 6.4 million km

Waymo, which continues to pursue leadership in the field of unmanned vehicle systems, said that its unmanned vehicles over the past 10 years (since the launch of the project) have overcome more than 4 million miles (about 6.43 million km).

The new Brilliance V7 SUV will be presented at the Auto Show in Beijing

Chinese engineering company Brilliance intends to officially introduce its new SUV Brilliance V7 in April 2018. The premiere of the car will be held at the Beijing Motor Show. The novelty will be supplied with original branded design in the spirit of Brilliance V3 and Brilliance V6.

Legendary AC Cobra will go under the hammer in the US

The car was supported by Cobra expert Mike McCluskey. When removing the panels it turned out that all the details were original, up to the engine. 427 S / C Cobra is equipped with a five-inch chassis with spiral springs to cope with the massive Ford 7.0-liter engine (about 500 horsepower).

The new Jeep Wrangler will appear on the Russian market in April 2018

In April, the Russian dealers will have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and a new Jeep Wrangler, in May – a new Jeep Cherokee, and in September the Russian market will get Jeep Renegade (MCA). Recall, the new Jeep Wrangler was presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in 2017.

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