27 Aug, 2018

Russia’s deadlock economic model

Head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina believes that the growth rate of the Russian economy is unlikely to exceed 2% per year

Even if oil prices reach $ 100, “it is very unlikely that the growth of our economy could exceed 1.5-2%” per year, the Wall Street Journal quotes her.

Despite the fact that the cleaning of the financial sector is almost completed, E. Nabiullina sees more significant problems in the economy as a whole.

“The previous model of economic growth has exhausted itself,” said the head of the Central Bank.

It is noteworthy that earlier President Vladimir Putin promised to bring the economy at a rate higher than the world average (3.5%).

Briefly about the main thing …..


Ministry of Economic Development proposed to divide Russia

The Ministry of Economic Development proposed dividing Russia into 14 macroregions, by analogy with the settled allocation of the North Caucasus and the Far East. This is reported on Monday by the newspaper Kommersant, citing the draft “Strategies for Spatial Development” finalized by the Ministry of Economy.

The action “Shameful Regiment” was held in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

A protest action was held in Komsomolsk-on-Amur against the proposed increase in the retirement age of the government, a city Duma deputy Oleg Pankov said on his page in the social network VKontakte. The organizer of the action called “The Shameful Regiment” was the movement “The Power of the People”.

The authorities of France will reduce about 4,5 thousand civil servants in 2019

The French government intends to cut about 4,500 civil servants in 2019. Prime Minister Edward Philippe said in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche.

Reducing the number of civil servants is not the basis, but is a consequence of the transformation of state actions, which are gaining momentum over time. I can already say that in 2020 this figure will grow to 10 thousand. – Edouard Philippe, French politician

Pope meets with victims of pedophile priests in Dublin

Pope Francis held a meeting in Dublin with the victims of the pedophile priests, admitting that the problem of abuse of minors is the failure of the entire church organization

In France, butchers broke the festival of vegans

City Council Calais canceled the festival of vegans, scheduled for September, reports portal The Local France. According to the organizers, the authorities took such a decision because of “extremely aggressive threats” of hunters and meat producers.

The American couple does not give the homeless collected money

A pair of Americans, who collected 400 thousand dollars to help a homeless person, refused to give him this money, reports the August 26 edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

At the end of 2017, the car of American Kate McClure died out on the highway, and then a homeless man named Johnny Bobbit bought a can of gasoline for her last 20 dollars. As a gratitude, the girl, along with her boyfriend, Marc D’Amico, launched a collection of money on the Internet in order for a homeless person to rent a house.

Instead of the estimated $ 10,000, voluntary donations to help Bobbitt in the first month exceeded $ 300,000. Then the couple decided to buy a car and a house for the homeless, and put the remaining funds in the bank.

However, instead, the homeless man told the publication, the couple bought him an old, soon broken, pick-up truck and moved him to a house on wheels on his plot.

Marijuana dealers come out of the underground

What business problems have arisen in the legal suppliers of cannabis and how much they earn In recent years, many US states have legalized not only medical, but also recreational use of marijuana. The production and sale of this drug have become quite a respectable business.

Russia introduces restrictions on Lithuanian memorial projects

In particular, it was decided to temporarily refrain from issuing visas to Lithuanians traveling to Russia under the “Mission Siberia” project.

“In recent months, the Lithuanian authorities have been toughening their positions in matters of Russia’s memorial activities in Lithuania … The abnormal situation created by the Lithuanian authorities leaves no other choice but to introduce reciprocal restrictions on Lithuanian memorial projects in Russia,” the commentary says. departments.

Opposition Udaltsov again taken from the special detention center to the hospital

On August 20, the oppositionist was returned from the hospital to a special detention center, where he continued his hunger strike. Meshchansky Court of Moscow on August 14 arrested Udaltsov for 30 days, finding him guilty of a repeated violation of the procedure for organizing a public event (Part 8, Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).

Migrants from the ship Diciotti blocked in Italy descended to the shore

137 migrants from Africa, who were five days on board the ship Diciotti in the port of Catania, went ashore. All illegal immigrants will be delivered to the identification center of Messina, reports ANSA. Earlier, Albania and Ireland agreed to receive the migrants.

Hungarian Foreign Minister asked Ukraine to “leave the Hungarians in peace”

“We support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, but your war with Russia can not and should not be an excuse why you violate the rights of Hungarians,” Siyarto said.

Deputies proposed to allow bailiffs to write debtors SMS

The corresponding draft law on amendments to the law “On Enforcement Proceedings” is placed in the database of bills submitted to the State Duma, its authors were, among others, the State Duma deputy speaker Irina Yarovaya and the first deputy head of the United Russia faction Andrei Isayev.

In addition, the bill proposes to establish that any information, including procedural documents obtained during enforcement proceedings, will be available to the parties in the form of electronic documents on a single portal of the “State Service”. Interaction of the parties through the portal “State Service” will also be possible only with the consent of the citizen.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed accelerating the acquisition of citizenship for those born in the RSFSR

If the changes are accepted, foreign citizens and stateless persons born in the territory of the RSFSR and having the citizenship of the former USSR, who have received permission for temporary residence in the Russian Federation or residence permit, will be able to apply for admission to Russian citizenship in a simplified procedure.

To gloat and root for the sake of a smartphone

Almost half of Russians agree to become wet in the rain, leaving an umbrella at home, just to not part with the gadget. Every fourth interviewee chose to stay without medication in case of illness and refuse to eat, despite the famine, and 20% of Russians would prefer the smartphone to warm things in cold weather.


Alla Pugacheva advised Laima Vaikule to remain silent about Crimea

Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule took another comic video. This time it is devoted to the words, said by carelessness of the Baltic singer about the Crimea.

Eh, you … Show your tongue. I knew it. You have a tongue without bones. With this language you know what you need to do? To be silent. – Alla Pugacheva, singer

In the United States put up for sale a house on wheels Elvis Presley

The mobile house, owned by the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley (1935-1977), put up for auction in the United States, the starting price is $ 13 thousand. Bidding started online on Saturday, the auction house GWS Auctions, based in Los -Angeles (California).

The hen party “Mums of the Big City” was held in the Hermitage Garden

In the “Hermitage” garden there was a bachelorette party “Mums of the Big City” – an event for Moscow mothers, organized by the movement “For Sobyanin”. Muscovites met the stars of show business.

In St. Petersburg and smelt: Buzova will open another restaurant

Recall, soon will be the opening of the second restaurant Buzovaya on Novy Arbat. In addition, the star recently acquired a bakery, which is also waiting for its launch

The daughter of Ivan Urgant moved to New York

Eric Kiknadze, the daughter of the wife of Ivan Urgant Natalia from his first marriage, was recently 18 years old. Stepfather, who brought up the girl as a native, congratulated her on her birthday on her page in Instagram. Now Ivan and his wife, apparently, are in America.

Natalia Sturm said that her husband took her son from her

Singer Natalia Sturm told on her page in “Instagram” that the former husband Igor Pavlov took away her son Arseny. Attention to the post drew the publication “Dni.ru.”

Beer Festival in Chinese Qingdao

The 28th International Beer Festival in Qingdao, the largest in China, was visited by more than 6.2 million tourists, reports Xinhua News Agency on August 26. The festival, which closed August 26, is held in the port city of Qingdao in Shandong Province, which gave the world the same brand of beer.

Polina Dibrova will become a grandmother at the age of 29

Mom of three children said that she was preparing for the appearance of grandchildren in the coming winter. A native of Rostov-on-Don, Polina Dibrova will become a grandmother at the age of 29. Daughter of showman Dmitry Dibrov from his second marriage – Lada – waiting for the first child

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin for the second time played a wedding

Singer Pelageya and hockey player Ivan Telegin played a wedding for the second time. The ceremony was held in the Maldives, thus the spouses celebrated the second anniversary of the celebration. This summer Pelagia arranged for herself and her husband an incredibly beautiful and touching holiday

Be eternal: Litvinova congratulated Zemfira

The Russian singer Zemfira celebrates its 42nd birthday on August 26th. A touching congratulation on her page in Instagram was placed by her friend – actress and director Renata Litvinova

Love Uspenskaya laughed at the accusations of plastic

The constantly young singer Lyubov Uspenskaya answered ill-wishers for accusations of excessive plasticity. The star assured that there are a lot of different procedures in the world thanks to which she remains young and beautiful at the age of 64 without the intervention of plastic surgeons.

Sati Casanova showed fans a sexy picture in the bath

In the Instagram microblog, Sati Casanova showed a sexy snapshot to her fans. The photo was made in a bathhouse, where the singer does not hide her naked body, only by covering the intimate places with a spruce broom. The singer herself told that the most important thing is to be able to rest.

The daughter of Eduard Uspensky: “All his life he supported the sect”

Uspensky was cruel to his children, he was a domestic tyrant and a member of a totalitarian sect – his daughter Tatyana told. The heir confesses that she hid for a long time what her father actually was, because his books were read by children, and the writer was famous throughout the world. But now the woman admits that at the thought of her father she starts to shake, so unbearable was her life in her parents’ house

Fans advised Victoria Bone to walk naked

Victoria Bonya posted her picture on the web in her underwear and signed it with the words:

“When there are many things, there is always nothing to wear. Do you agree?”.

Users instantly responded to this question and advised Bone to walk naked, and then worry about this not be necessary.

Victoria Beckham made her daughter a haircut for her youth

Today Victoria showed her daughter’s new haircut – one-to-one, like she had in the days of Spice Girls. However, users compared Harper not with her star mother, but with the heroine of the series “The Game of Thrones” by Arya Stark.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry started a dog

Prince Harry and Megan Markle led the dog. Now a labrador will live in Kensington Palace. The age of the dog remains unknown for today.

Kusturica performed in the cave Chufut-Kale in the Crimea

As the organizers said, the Serbian director Emir Kusturica with the musicians of No Smoking Orchestra decided to get to know the Crimea better. During the rich excursion program the group visited Bakhchisaray and climbed to the cave city on Chufut-Kale. In the basement of the Karaite estate of the XVII century there was an improvised performance of musicians. The band performed a patriotic song in Serbian.

The Koktebel Jazz Party will be performed by a student of Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis

On the third day of the Koktebel Jazz Party music festival, the famous American trumpet virtuoso, the pupil of Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis Eddie Henderson, as well as the outstanding jazz singer from the US Deborah Brown will perform in front of the audience.

Basta joined the jury of the new season of the show “The Voice”

Basta joined the jury of the new season of the show “The Voice”. It is already known that he will start in two weeks – September 7. For a long time, the intrigue remained, no one knew who would join the jury.

7 thousand euros for the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest

August 23 in the British city of Edinburgh, the final of the youth contest “Eurovision”, or Eurovision Young Musicians. Young musicians from 56 countries took part in it, and only 18 representatives managed to reach the finals. Russia was represented by the 16-year-old pianist Ivan Bessonov. In his performance the First concert of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was performed, accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Nikita Turchin left the “DOM-2” with a scandal

18-year-old Turchin left the popular TV project, having been on there for almost five months. For one of the reasons, Nikita violated the terms of the contract with the producers of “DOMA-2”, because of what he was kicked out for the perimeter without a vote.

In the royal cathedral of Brussels performed the anthem of Russia

The master of carillon art Fabrice Renard played the anthem of Russia in the cathedral of Brussels Saint-Michel-e-Güdül. He gave a 40-minute concert of bell music dedicated to Russia. Performed compositions that were created specifically for the carillon (bell musical instrument).


The government decided to raise excise taxes on gasoline from January 1, 2019

The government decided to raise excises on diesel fuel and gasoline from January 1, 2019 by 2.7 thousand rubles. and 3,7 thousand rubles. per ton, respectively, said in an interview with RBC, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

“Excises will be restored in the volumes that were planned from July 1, 2018,” Kozak said.

Roman Abramovich sold 4% of shares

“National Media Group” (NMG) acquired from Roman Abramovich 4% stake in Channel One, Interfax was informed by Olga Paskina, general director of NMG.

S7 plans to build business jets in the suburbs

S7 Airlines presented the project of creating a new aircraft plant in Stupino, which will produce business jets, to the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov.

The government wants to reduce the size of profitability for power engineers

Compared with the first program, the base yield of new contracts was proposed to reduce the base yield of new contracts from 14 to 12%, and the federal loan bond (OFZ) rate used in the calculation was from 8.5 to 7.5%. The real yield of state bonds for today ranges from 8.5 to 8.7%.

Adjustment of the formula may slightly reduce the burden on consumers, but it should save for power engineers the attractiveness of investments in modernization against the backdrop of a possible economic decline, experts say.

Medvedev instructed to set a single tariff for the transportation of gas

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the FAS, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development to establish a unified tariff for the transportation of gas for all suppliers by the end of this year, it is said in the order to approve a roadmap for developing competition in the sectors of the economy.

The planting area of vineyards in the Crimea grew almost threefold

Thanks to state support, the planting area of vineyards in the Crimea for four years has increased almost three-fold, said on Sunday, August 26, the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Andrey Ryumshin.

Beer will be combined with marijuana

Among the brewing companies a new trend is forming – beer drink manufacturers are trying to integrate into the legal marijuana market. In August, Constellation Brands – one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in the US, the owner of Corona – decided to invest four billion dollars in Canada’s Canopy Growth.

Shortly before that, the beer brand Lagunitas, owned by Heineken, started producing beverages with marijuana.

Ilon Mask announced that Tesla will remain a public company

The head of the car manufacturer Tesla Ilon Mask said on Friday that the company will continue to be public. As stated in the message of the entrepreneur, posted in the official blog Tesla, Mask will not buy back shares of the company, as he previously planned.

Based on the feedback that I received, it is obvious that most of the current shareholders of Tesla believe that it is better for us to remain a public company. – Ilon Mask, Engineer

Ministers G20 prepared recommendations for the development of digital states

Ministers of the G20 countries (G20), together with representatives of international organizations, prepared recommendations for the development of the so-called digital states.

The relevant principles are contained in the declaration, which was adopted following the results of the meeting of the G20 Ministers responsible for the development of digital technologies held in Argentine Salta on 23-24 August.

VEB redeems its own Eurobonds for $ 98.9 million

Vnesheconombank (VEB) in August 2018 redeemed its own Eurobonds with a nominal value of $ 98.9 million, or 6.5 billion rubles (by the date of repurchase). This is stated in the report of Vnesheconombank on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the first half of the year

Vnesheconombank’s loss under IFRS increased to 75.6 billion rubles

Net income on fees and commissions increased by 5.6%, to a level of 3.8 billion rubles. Non-interest expenses increased by 23.8%, amounting to 66.1 billion rubles. The income tax expense increased 3.6 times and amounted to 4 billion rubles.

Investors fear a new devaluation of the ruble

In Russia, there is not a single significant economic force interested in strengthening the ruble, and foreign investors are dumping the Russian currency, because they fear that in six months or a year the dollar may cost 80-90 rubles.

This was in an interview with Reuters ex-deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, former head of the MICEX stock exchange, and now head of the department of stock markets RANHiGS Konstantin Korishchenko.

Sberbank raised rates on ruble deposits

Sberbank raised its deposit rates in rubles by 0.1-0.4 percentage points (pp) and launched the on-line ruble deposit with a rate of 6.5-6.7% per annum, the credit institution said.

The US Federal Reserve will continue to increase interest rates in stages

The head of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, reiterated that the Fed will adhere to the strategy of a phased increase in interest rates for managing potential risks and supporting the US economic recovery process, Xinhua reports.

The share of non-residents in Russian OFZs in July fell to 28%

The share of non-residents began to decline after the introduction of the US new anti-Russian sanctions: on April 1, the proportion of non-residents in Russian OFZ reached a maximum for the history of statistics, which is conducted since January 2012, and amounted to 34.5%. As of August 1, 2018, it has fallen to a minimum since March 2017.

German Energy Concert Signs Agreement with Azerbaijan

As transfers AZE.az with the reference to SOCAR, the companies signed the corresponding agreement on Saturday in Baku. The German energy supplier Uniper and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan have been cooperating for almost 5 years.

Sanctions have not yet been introduced, and Iranian oil exports are already falling

The Financial Tribune in the article Iran Oil Exports Dip writes that the initial estimates collected with the help of Platts software, tracking trade flows, cFlow, show that the export of oil and condensate from Iran fell to 1.68 million barrels a day in the first 16 days of August , having decreased by more than 600 000 barrels per day in comparison with July data

Two Chinese citizens tried to take almost 4 kg of gold from Transbaikalia

Two Chinese citizens tried to take almost 4 kg of gold worth 10 million 172 thousand rubles from Transbaikalia to China. They were detained, and the prosecutor’s office approved an indictment against the detainees.


Senator John McCain died at the age of 81

US Senator John McCain died in the United States on the 82nd year after a long illness. Father and grandfather (full namesake McCain) were admirals of the US Navy, and he also chose for himself a military path, becoming an aircraft carrier pilot

The Japanese were expelled from the DPRK for videotaping military facilities

The authorities of North Korea expelled from the country a tourist from Japan, who shot the beauty of North Korea on camera. As the Associated Press reports with reference to the North Korean media, Japanese Tomoyuki Sugimoto committed a “serious crime” and was interrogated

Lukashenka accused Russia of underpaying duties on re-export of oil

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Russia does not transfer to Belarus all fees from the re-export of Russian oil contrary to the agreements. This is reported by RIA Novosti. He noted that the agreements were reached at the talks with Vladimir Putin in April 2017.

Then, indeed, the relationship was serious, when we were tossed the price of gas not as allies, but more expensively, to discard the export duty than Germany, if we calculate by kilometer, transit. – Alexander Lukashenko

Surkov commented on the meeting between Putin and Bibilov

Following the meeting of the presidents of Russia and South Ossetia, Vladimir Putin and Anatoly Bibilov, instructions will be developed that will improve the life in the republic, presidential aide Vladislav Surkov told journalists.

As a result of the meeting, the instructions are very serious. I am sure that decisions will be made that will further improve the quality of life of South Ossetia. – Vladislav Surkov, Russian businessman

Russia will not reduce the program of assistance to South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Sergei Chebotarev said that Russia will not cut the program of financial assistance to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Journalist Mesale Tolu returned to Germany after her arrest in Turkey

German journalist Mesale Tolu returned to Germany after receiving the appropriate permission from the Turkish authorities. This was reported by DPA.Tolu arrived in Germany on August 26. In the pretrial detention center in Turkey she was about seven months.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister with ambassadors flew to Donbass

Ukrainian ambassadors went to the Donbass along with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Andrei Deshchitsa, said on Twitter on Sunday.

The practical dimension of the current meeting of ambassadors is the departure to the zone of military operations in the Donbas. – Andrey Deshchitsa, Ukrainian diplomat

Iranian Defense Minister visits Syria

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami arrived in Damascus on a two-day visit on Sunday, Iranian news agency IRNA reported. On arrival at the airport, the minister was greeted by representatives of the Syrian military department, Iranian Ambassador to Syria Javad Torkabadi and Iranian military attache.

In Zimbabwe, the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa

The inauguration ceremony of Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa took place on Sunday in the country’s capital. As reported by the agency France Presse, the swearing was held at the stadium in Harare, where thousands of people gathered.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop resigns

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia Julie Bishop announced on Sunday on her resignation. “Today, I informed the Prime Minister that I was leaving the position of Minister for Foreign Affairs, occupied by me in the [ministerial] cabinet,” Bishop wrote on Twitter.

An order was given to continue work

President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani refused to accept the resignation of the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the National Directorate of Security. Officials are ordered to continue work, reports Pajhwok Afghan News.

Protesters in Moldova demanded the resignation of the government

The protesters in the center of Chisinau adopted a resolution demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Pavel Filip, annulling the law on tax amnesty and stopping the political persecution of the opposition, the RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

The government should resign, it’s time to demand his resignation. But before that, let everything return to normal – let them annul all anti-popular laws. – Andrei Nastase, Moldovan lawyer

Poroshenko urged European countries to give money to Donbass

In early August, Peter Poroshenko spoke about the idea of “patronage” on the part of the European Union over certain cities of Donbass. At the same time, the EU statement, adopted at the end of the summit with Ukraine, speaks of Brussels’ willingness to participate in the reconstruction of the southeast of the country, “when conditions permit.”


China began new tests of the first own aircraft carrier

August 27, China launched a new test aircraft carrier project 001A, created entirely by the national industry. As reported on Monday portal Sina, the ship left the shipyard of Dalian City, accompanied by several tugs.

AF of Afghanistan eliminated one of the leaders of the IG

The military of Afghanistan destroyed one of the leaders of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG) banned in Russia. The air strike, which eliminated Abu Said Orakzai, was inflicted on Saturday night in the eastern province of Nangarhar, the 1TV channel reported.

In Donetsk, they announced the bombardment of the outskirts of the city from grenade launchers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) twice fired the outskirts of Donetsk over the past day, the fire was fired from grenade launchers.
This was stated by the head of the representative office of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (SCCK) of the ceasefire in Donbass Ruslan Yakubov.

“The total number of ammunition used by APU is three units,” he said, the website of the “Donetsk news agency” said.

The Russian Embassy accused Britain of provoking the Black Sea

The use of British fighter aircraft to escort Russian planes over the Black Sea is a provocation, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom stated.

“Instead of strengthening anyone’s security, such a military presence is actually used by the British authorities for their own provocative activities – verbal, regrettable, and real military, which is simply dangerous,” the ministry’s press service said.

Trophy weapons from Syria showed at the forum “Army-2018”

The exhibition of captured weapons and equipment captured from Syrian militants became a popular platform in the days of the open work of the “Army-2018” forum. This was reported on Sunday in the press center of the forum, noting that among the samples presented – weapons of the Wehrmacht and the SS.

“The highlight of the forum was an exhibition of captured equipment and weapons that were seized from international militants in Syria, among the most exotic exhibits that aroused the interest of the forum visitors are” jihad-mobil “, the original analogues of tachchanoks – jeeps with installed anti-aircraft guns and complexes for launching unguided missiles , as well as small arms of the Wehrmacht and SS units, “the report said.

The Indian authorities approved the purchase of 135 helicopters for the Navy

The Government of India has approved transactions to purchase 111 multipurpose helicopters and 24 anti-submarines for its naval forces, the NDTV television channel reports. It is reported that the acquisition of 111 multipurpose helicopters is planned within the framework of the “Do it in India” program.

Georgia and the United States held joint exercises in the Black Sea

Employees of the Coast Guard Department of the border police of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs and members of the crew of the US Navy destroyer “Karni” conducted joint training and exercises in the Black Sea, the press service of the Georgian Interior Ministry reported.

Elimination of Spetsstroy allowed to increase the pace of military construction – the RF Ministry of Defense

The functions of Spetstroy were transferred to the Ministry of Defense, which made it possible to strengthen control over the execution of the state order. At present, there are eight specialized enterprises. Five are assigned to the military districts and one to the Northern Fleet.

NATO found 50 “suspicious vessels” off the coast of Greece

NATO found about 50 “suspicious vessels” off the Greek coast, the full list was handed over to the coastal guard and the naval forces of Greece. According to the publication Real, the list includes sailing, walking and fishing vessels.

Estonia decided to resume flights of NATO fighters

The flights of NATO fighters in Estonia, interrupted after the accidental launch of the missile, it was decided to resume flights, Defense Minister Jüri Luik said. Investigation of the incident with the errant launch of the Spanish fighter air-to-air missile continues


Xiaomi named a new portable column in honor of Elvis Presley

Xiaomi named a portable retro-column with a memorable design in honor of the death of a heart attack “king of rock’n’roll” Elvis Presley. The cost of the novelty is about 37 dollars.

Nopixgo bracelet repels mosquitoes with electromagnetic signals

The Swiss startup Nopixgo introduced the bracelet of the same name, which repels mosquitoes with the help of electromagnetic signals. According to the developers, today the device is the most effective way to protect against mosquitoes, reports IXBT.

Huawei suggested that Russians exchange old smartphones for new ones

In case the old device was valued at 20 thousand rubles, then the client will receive a smartphone for the same amount without any additional payments. On the official website of Huawei it will be possible to find out the approximate cost of the phone. Exchange is also subject to broken devices

Apple intends to extend the working time of the following iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple is planning a full transition to new energy-saving technologies. The research firm IHS Markit informs that Apple in its future iPhone will introduce innovative technology. It will increase the battery life of gadgets, writes the publication “Topical news.”

LG prepares smart cellar for wine

LG Electronics officially announced today that it intends to present three new smart products of the LG Signature line at the IFA 2018. This is a premium wine cellar, a refrigerator with a freezer compartment located at the bottom, as well as a clothes dryer.

Intel Core i7-9700K managed to win 5.5 GHz with liquid cooling

By the forces of Chinese enthusiasts, the Core i7-9700K processor was able to keep the activity of all eight cores at 5.55 GHz frequency, although the voltage on the core reached a considerable 1.536 V. More importantly, a cooling system was used to remove heat, and not liquid nitrogen or some other way of extreme cooling.

The original Apple-1 computer is put up for the September auction

Comes with the original model of the Cupertino company put up for auction: original cables, peripherals, ACI cassette interface and instruction, Sanyo 4205 monitor, ASCII keyboard. The Apple-1 computer was restored by Corey Cohen, specializing in similar devices, retaining his “native” features.

Google has released a new OS that will replace Android

Google has created a new operating system that will replace Android. This is reported by the publication Bloomberg.Na currently the new operating system is code-named Fuchsia OS.

Feher Helmets created the first motorcycle helmet with air conditioning

Inside the helmet, the air conditioner can reduce the temperature by 10-15 degrees. In addition, it will evenly distribute the flow of air inside. Thus, the air conditioner will reduce the temperature around the skull of the rider and increase comfort when driving in the hot season.

Sony showed the render of the flagship smartphone Xperia XZ3

Sony showed the first render of the flagship smartphone Xperia XZ3, which will be released on August 30. The design of the novelty completely coincided with the Xperia XZ2. On the eve of the IFA 2018 exhibition, at which the company will present the future flagship, the My Smart Price website posted a render with the image of the device

In Britain, 5G networks will be tested on the railway

In Britain, 5G networks will pass tests of their availability during the tests on the railway. It is assumed that it will show greater throughput in comparison with 4G. It is expected that to 5G it will be possible to connect hundreds of thousands of users who are on the road on the railway.

Users of WhatsApp are advised to make a backup before October 30

The administration of WhatsApp warned users about the removal from the messenger of correspondence, photo and video materials on November 12, 2018. If you want to save the history before October 30, you should create a backup copy and place the data in the cloud storage.

WIndows 95 launched on modern computers

Users of computers on Windows and macOS can download a special archive and run an adapted version of the OS on their machines, reports The Verge. It is noted that in Windows 95 programs Paint, WordPad and even the game “Sapper” are available. Unfortunately, the Internet Explorer browser could not be started.

Google allowed users to send self-destructing letters

In the email service Gmail, the long-awaited function of self-destructing emails appeared. Now in the confidential communication mode after reading the message will be automatically deleted. This is reported on the Google website

Mail.Ru has launched a smart mailing list service

The average user of e-mail is subscribed to a lot of mailings from online stores, brands, services, publications, forums and so on. Tens or even hundreds accumulate such subscriptions.

AUO created a frameless 85-inch TV-format 8K

AU Optronics (AUO) will show at the forthcoming Touch Taiwan 2018 event, which will be held from August 29 to 31, the world’s largest 8K television display with a frameless design. The ALCD TV panel is 85 inches diagonally.


Presented a complete map of the world Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

At Gamescom-2018, many had a closer look at the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. At the same time, some managed to record the gameplay and even fix a complete map of the world of the product. It is expected that in total 37 locations will be available in the game, including Arcadia, Macedonia, Attica, Lesbos and Euboea.

Just Survive closed

The creators of H1Z1 announced the termination of support and development of Just Survive, the spiritual heiress of DayZ. In each match of the project the players found themselves in a large location, where the danger came from both other users and from artificial zombies controlled by artificial intelligence.

Bandai Namco Announces Bless Unleashed

During the Gamescom 2018 gaming event in Cologne, the Japanese company Bandai Namco announced Bless Unleashed. It’s about a shareware MMORPG, which will be the first game of the publisher in this genre for consoles. She is announced to be released next year on the Xbox One.

Indie Star Citizen became temporarily free

As part of the Gamescom 2018 gaming exhibition held in Cologne, Germany, the developers of the popular Star Citizen simulator made it temporarily free.

In Dota 2 there will be two new heroes, Grimstroke is already in the game

The company Valve decided to make fans of the game Dota 2 happy with two new characters. One hero is already “ready for battle,” the second will appear in the winter of this year. The Grimstroke character received “powerful abilities and quick recharging”.

New trailer Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Activision introduced a new gameplay trailer Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which demonstrated how carefully the PC version of the shooter was developed. Developers boasted that the game will especially please gamers, using the mouse and keyboard.

Blizzard showed a video dedicated to Azshara

As part of gamescom 2018, Blizzard, as promised, presented the final video from the series “Faces of War.” We have already seen a story about the fate of Sylvanas and the burning of Teldrassil. And in the video, dedicated to Jaina Proudmoore, we heard a song performed by Natalia “Helavisa” O’Shea.

Based on the “Game of Thrones” will be released a new mobile game

For example, Cersei can restore the Great Baylor septum, and Sansa Stark – to marry Jamie Lannister. The game will be released on PC and on mobile devices in October.

The authors of Generation Zero told how the progress in the co-op

PCGamesN decided to clarify with Generation Zero developers how the system of progress in the cooperative works. As it turned out, Avalanche Studios went an interesting way. On the world map Generation Zero there are a lot of story missions that reveal the in-depth game of bitterness.

Valve made Windows-based games available on Linux via Steam

Recently, rumors have spread that Valve is working on something special to run Windows games through the Steam client for Linux, but hardly anyone expected something so significant and so soon.

System requirements Forza Horizon 4 will be lower than the third part

In an interview with Kotaku creative director Forza Horizon 4 Ralph Fulton said that the minimum system requirements will be lower than the third part. This means that for the novelty you need something less powerful than the i3-4170, GT 740 and 8 GB of RAM.

Update Forsaken Shores arrive at Sea of Thieves in September

At E3 studio Rare announced two major updates to the pirated online game Sea of Thieves. Since then, players have received Cursed Sails, and skeletons have appeared at the ship’s steering wheels. Now, as part of gamescom 2018, the developers gave more details about Forsaken Shores and called the date of its release.

Capcom does not exclude the second remake of the first Resident Evil

According to the producer of the company Kazunori Kadoi, since the remake of Resident Evil, enough time has passed for the re-thinking not to look “ridiculous”. However, now Capcom does not intend to make promises – fans have long been asking her to re-release many classic games


The most poisonous component of cakes is named

Professor Harvard School of Public Health epidemiologist Karin Michels called coconut oil “pure poison.” She noted that this product contains 80% of dangerous saturated fat for the body (this is twice as much as, for example, in fat, and 60% more than in beef).

Scientists: As people grow older, people’s perception of sounds changes

To confirm the theory, scientists conducted an experiment where they tested the effect of McGurk at the time of obtaining different types of information. Research staff at Nottingham University found that the dominance of the visual channel of perception of data is formed with age.

Scientists will be able to determine speech disorders in the eyes

Scientists have developed a database of eye movements when reading Russian texts. The results of the study can be used not only in linguistics, but also to determine speech disorders. As you know, when reading the person’s eyes make special jumps from word to word.

Scientists have developed an innovative antiviral nanogel

Nanogel densely lays on the skin, simulating the receptors of the cell surface, to which the viruses are attached. Thus, harmful microorganisms adhere to the molecules of the nanogel, the risk of disease decreases.

They hear what is not really

Domination of the visual channel of perception of information is formed with age, British scientists have found out. They conducted an experiment in which they tested the presence of the McGurk effect while simultaneously receiving visual and auditory information by people of different ages. It turned out that with age, people hear much more often what is really not, if the picture does not match the sound. The article is published in Scientific Reports.

Scientists: The signal cascade helped in the reconstruction of axons

It turned out that the compounds responsible for phagocytosis were responsible for the recovery. Cells remove from the body waste, pathogens, dead cells. Specialists were able to disperse a complex spectrum of molecules that participate in axon healing, due to fluorescent labels in the axon and around it

LG has developed a robotic exoskeleton for the legs

LG will present the exoskeleton CLOi SuitBot, intended to support the user’s feet, at the upcoming IFA in Berlin.

Feedback has become the basis of new traffic control laws

Russian scientists solved the problem of managing dynamic objects in complex mechanisms using feedback. The results of their work are published in the journal Automation and Remote Control.

Low doses of radiation slow the aging of cells

Employees of the Komi Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vyatka State University and Ottawa University found that human fibroblasts (cells of connective tissue) show signs of cell aging later if exposed to small doses of ionizing radiation.

Man is a mistake of nature

According to experts of the Free University of Brussels, a mutation among the fauna was helped by a mutation of genes, manifested in its embryonic state. At this time there is a duplication of the DNA site, which promotes the appearance of the NOTCH2NL gene, which is absent in animals. The specific micromolecule, which acted as an intellectual dope, provoked the accelerated production of new neurons, which led to an increase in the human cerebral cortex, allowed him to think, speak and gave a number of other opportunities.

As the researchers from Belgium suggest, the mutation occurred about 3.5 million years ago. Such a period for stabilizing the functioning of genes is considered insufficient. It is because of disruptions in their work that humanity faces such serious diseases and abnormalities as schizophrenia, autism, micro- and macrocephaly.

On the dangers of herbal dues for the body

After Russian studies, Russian gastroenterologists confirmed the use of leaf tea. As for herbal dues, they were equated to medicines, which can be taken only with the appointment of a doctor.

Scientists recall that modern packaged teas contain waste products, so for health you need to choose a large-leaf product.


NASA showed a photo of the “cosmic eye” of the constellation Centaurus

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) on its website published a photograph of the planetary nebula NGC 3918 in the constellation Centaurus made by the Hubble telescope.

NASA: Invisible harmful substances will destroy oxygen on Earth

NASA scientists began to sound the alarm when they received images of the Earth from space, which are a kind of map showing the level of danger that reached a critical level. The influence of invisible substances extends to both people and the climate.

NASA published a visualization of the change of day and night on the Moon

On YouTube posted a visualization of the change of day and night on the surface of the Moon. Collection of species from the natural satellite of the planet was made by NASA specialists. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, NASA has posted a video with a visualization of the lunar surface.

NASA has developed a map showing the dust clouds enveloping the Earth

The winds, which have no access to the sea over the Sahara desert in north-west Africa and over the Takla-Makan desert in north-west China, also formed clouds of fine particles. Dust cloud map developed by NASA Earth Observatory


Students from Switzerland created a hybrid of a scooter, a bicycle and an electric car

Model Bicar is a mixture of several types of transport – scooter, bicycle and electric car. The electric model is designed for one person.

In Israel, presented a folding car City Transformer

The novelty was presented at the exhibition “Innovation Week” in Tel Aviv. A double car weighing 450 kilograms was called City Transformer. The “chip” of transport is the ability to “fold” it.

Hennessey published a photo of a Venom F5 hypercar with a capacity of 1600 hp

American tuning studio Hennessey Performance Engineering posted on the Web the first official image of its new hypercar, Venom F5. The power of this model is an impressive 1600 horsepower. The novelty will be released in a limited edition.

Hardcore supercar Ferrari 488 Pista lost the roof

The famous Ferrari concern for the elegance contest brought a “boneless” version of the hardcore 488 Pista Spider. As usual, the open version is slightly heavier than the coupe – at 91 kilos. True, this will not affect the dynamics – overclocking to a hundred for the Ferrari 488 Rista Spider – a mind-blowing 2.85 seconds.

Crossover coupe Skoda Kodiaq GT ready for the debut

Serial version of the updated Skoda Kodiaq GT cross-coupe again caught photo spies. And this time it was without camouflage. In all likelihood, Skoda is already ready for the premiere.

Rare Ferrari sold at auction for 3.3 billion rubles

The sports car of the ex-employee Microsoft was sold at auction Sotheby’s for 48,4 million dollars. As the press service of the auction house, this is a record amount, which it was possible to help out for a rare car for the entire existence of Sotheby’s.

Chinese rival BMW X4 will be presented at the motor show in Chengdu

Chinese auto company Dongfeng will present to the public at the auto show in Chengdu a new coupe crossover, which was named Fengguang ix5. For the first time a prototype of the future novelty was presented in April of this year as part of a car dealership in Beijing.

Porsche has released an air-cooled supercar

Recall that the German sports coupe Porsche 911 Turbo S 993 was withdrawn from production in 1998, becoming the latest model of the company, which was equipped with an air-cooled power plant. After 20 years, air cooling was again returned with the equipment of supercars.

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