4 Июл, 2021

Russia’s new national security strategy

Russian President Putin approved a new strategy for the national security of the Russian Federation. Key points:

Russia has demonstrated its resilience to the whole world and has proven its ability to withstand sanctions pressure

The development of strategic cooperation with the PRC and India is among the foreign policy priorities of Russia

NATO’s testing of the possibility of using nuclear weapons increases military threats against Russia

Destructive forces in the Russian Federation and abroad are trying to use objective difficulties to undermine the situation in Russia

The armies of a number of countries are training to disable the objects of the critical information structure in Russia

Reducing the use of the dollar in foreign economic activity is one of the ways to ensure the economic security of the Russian Federation

The production of domestic vaccines is one of the ways to achieve the economic security of the Russian Federation

Against the background of socio-economic problems in the Russian Federation, the need of society for effective public administration and social justice is growing

The use of low-carbon technologies is one of the ways to ensure the economic security of Russia

Information and psychological sabotage and «westernization» of culture increase the threat of Russia’s loss of cultural sovereignty

National Security Strategy 2021:

«The attempts to use force on Russia, its allies and partners, the buildup of [NATO’s] military infrastructure near Russian borders, the intensification of intelligence activities, and the practice of using large military formations and nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation contribute to the strengthening of military dangers and military threats to the Russian Federation.»

The state will fight these threats by developing new means of strategic deterrence, as well as by increasing mobilization readiness:

preparation of the economy, […] public authorities, […] the Armed Forces […] to ensure the protection of the state from an armed attack and to meet the needs of the state and the needs of the population in wartime;

military-patriotic education and preparation for military service of citizens.

Strategic security in the economy

To increase sovereignty, it is necessary to develop «the national infrastructure of financial markets, including payment infrastructure» and «overcome dependence in this area on third countries.»

It is also necessary to reduce settlements in dollars in foreign trade.

It is necessary to reduce dependence on imports, including high-tech ones.

It is necessary to increase the share of investments in the economy. At the same time, without the help of foreign direct investment: on the contrary, it is supposed to «strengthen control over foreign investment in strategically important sectors of the Russian economy.»

In the future, oil and other raw materials should not be the basis of the economy: it is required «to ensure […] the restructuring of the national economy on a modern technological basis, its diversification and development based on the use of low-carbon technologies.»

Technology and Science

It is proposed to make Russia a leader in scientific and technological development, but under state control.

On the one hand, it is necessary to attract the «best world scientists» to work in Russia and «create centers for international cooperation in the field of science and technology on the territory of Russia.» On the other hand, the security forces will monitor science and scientists — to «counter the illegal transfer of Russian technologies and developments abroad.»

In addition, civilian science must work closely with the defense industry.

Finally, along with stimulating business and scientists to innovate, it is planned to create a «unified state system for managing scientific, scientific, technical and innovative activities.»

The main «goal of the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation is to ensure technological independence.»
Information Security

The enemies of Russia include international technology companies that attack the country by «spreading unverified information» and blocking what the state considers socially important information.

«For political reasons, Internet users are imposed a distorted view of historical facts, as well as events taking place in the Russian Federation and in the world.»

«The use of information and communication technologies is expanding to interfere in the internal affairs of states, undermine their sovereignty and violate territorial integrity.»

“The information and telecommunications network“ Internet ”posts materials from terrorist and extremist organizations, calls for riots, the implementation of extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held in violation of the established order […].

The main target of such destructive influence is the youth ”.
«Anonymity, which is ensured through the use of information and communication technologies, facilitates the commission of crimes.»

«The use of foreign information technologies and telecommunications equipment in the Russian Federation increases the vulnerability of Russian information resources […] to impact from abroad.»

Spiritual values ​​and culture

The strategy informs that the traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​include, first of all:

life, dignity, human rights and freedoms;

patriotism, citizenship, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its fate;

high moral ideals, strong family;

creative work;

priority of the spiritual over the material;

humanism, mercy, justice;


At the same time, “traditional Russian spiritual, moral, cultural and historical values ​​are being actively attacked by the United States and its allies, as well as by transnational corporations […].

They have an informational and psychological impact on individual, group and public consciousness through the dissemination of social and moral attitudes that contradict the traditions, convictions and beliefs of the peoples of the Russian Federation. »

This is done like this:

«Information and psychological sabotage» and «Westernization of culture» are being carried out, which reinforce the «threat of the RF losing its cultural sovereignty.»

«The falsification of Russian and world history, the distortion of historical truth and the destruction of historical memory, the weakening of the state-forming people» is being carried out.

The traditional for Russia confessions, culture, Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation are being discredited.

But Russia is going to defend itself with the following measures:

Formation of a state order for […] the creation of works of literature and art, cinematographic, theatrical, television, video and Internet products, the provision of services aimed at preserving traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​and culture, protecting historical truth and preserving historical memory, and also ensuring the quality control of the fulfillment of this state order.

Protection and support of the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, strengthening control over the observance of the norms of the modern Russian literary language, suppression of public performance, distribution through the mass media of products that contain words and expressions that do not meet the specified norms (including obscene language).

Protection of Russian society from external ideological and value expansion and external destructive information and psychological impact […].

Spiritual, moral and patriotic education of citizens based on historical and modern examples, the development of collective principles of Russian society, support for socially significant initiatives, including charitable ones — projects, volunteer movement;

Enhancing the role of Russia in the world humanitarian, cultural, scientific and educational space

The international cooperation

Russia still plans to defend those whose sovereignty is encroached on by the West: allies and partners are promised «support […] to neutralize attempts at external interference in their internal affairs.» In addition, it is planned at the same time:

provide support to compatriots living abroad in the exercise of their rights, including the right to preserve the all-Russian cultural identity;

to strengthen fraternal ties between the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples.


The Russian Government Commission on Legislative Activities did not support the bill on the introduction of a tax from 2022 for owners of expensive real estate, cars, yachts and private planes, follows from the draft negative conclusion. According to the commission, the adoption of the document will lead to double taxation. The bill was prepared by the deputies of the Fair Russia faction.


Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court has authorized an investigation into the country’s President Jair Bolsonaro in connection with an overpriced purchase of the Indian Covaxin coronavirus vaccine, according to the G1 portal.

The Estado de São Paulo newspaper, citing documents at its disposal, previously reported that the Brazilian government had signed a contract to purchase 20 million doses of the vaccine for a total of 1.6 billion reais (more than $ 320 million). The dose price was agreed at $ 15. However, a secret telegram from the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi noted that Bharat Biotech’s drug was priced at 100 rupees (about $ 1.34).


Half of US citizens approve of Joe Biden’s work as president, according to a poll by ABC News and the Washington Post.

42% of those surveyed expressed disapproval of Biden’s work. At the same time, about a third of Americans (31%) do not approve of the current administration’s policy in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, 62% support it. More than half of the respondents (51%) are also dissatisfied with the way the president copes with the migration situation on the US-Mexico border, 33% of respondents approve of Biden’s actions in this area.


The Moscow traffic inspectorate bought cars without departmental painting in order to secretly track offenders on the roads, said the head of the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate


Over 300 Afghan border guards crossed the state border with Tajikistan after the Taliban seized the Khokhon border commandant’s office, the press center of the Tajik border troops told RIA Novosti.


Russia is waiting for Lukashenko’s visit to Crimea, Peskov said. Crimea will be happy to receive Lukashenko, he will feel at home on the peninsula, said the head of the republic Aksenov


Azerbaijan has released 15 Armenian servicemen who were delivered to Yerevan by the Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft, the Russian Defense Ministry reported


Donald Trump held a rally in Sarasota, Florida, with general jubilation.

To begin with, he criticized the past elections, «which he won.» Then he congratulated fellow citizens on Independence Day and expressed condolences in connection with the tragedy in Surfside, where a residential building collapsed. During the speech, he:

Boasted excellent relations with Putin, Xi and Kim, stating that «it’s actually good.»

Said again that he stopped Nord Stream 2, which was «authorized» by the Biden administration

Reproached the US authorities that they worship the Russian Federation, Iran and China, while other countries laugh at the United States, since the Democrats have «America in last place»

He stated that the southern border of the United States is in a position worse than that

Said his administration made COVID vaccines in a few months, and it would take Democrats 5 years

Warns those who ignore COVID measures that people will soon be forced to wear not only masks, but swimming goggles

Blamed China for what is happening with the United States and the world, and Biden — for unwillingness to hold Beijing accountable for the virus

I dreamed that in 14 days I would save the United States from its energy dependence on the Middle East and the Russian Federation, and the Iranian problem would be solved in 7 days


Pussy Riot member Veronica Nikulshina was arrested for another 15 days after 15 days of arrest. Nikulshina was detained on July 2, a day after she left the detention center. The court found her guilty under the article on disobedience to the police: she and the artist Roman Durov allegedly «expressed gross obscene language», did not show the police their documents and refused to go with them to the department.


Tesla Inc. delivered 201,250 vehicles worldwide, a record for an electric vehicle manufacturer led by Elon Musk. Tesla shares rose 2.4% to $ 694.44 as of 9:48 am in New York. The company’s shares are down 3.9% this year, while the S&P 500 is up 15%, Bloomberg writes.


The US State Department has announced that it does not intend to return Russia its diplomatic property, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov.

“This issue [about the return of diplomatic property] was seriously raised by our president. There is no movement on diplomatic property. I was clearly told at the level of the State Department: we will not give you diplomatic property, ”he said.

Antonov also said that he was given to understand that it would be better for the Russian diplomatic mission to sell property in the United States and think about what to buy in exchange for it.