31 May, 2018

Russian and North Korean Foreign Ministers hold talks

Negotiations of the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Russia and the DPRK Sergey Lavrov and Lee Yong Ho took place in Pyongyang. The meeting was held in the building of the Supreme People’s Assembly, “Interfax” reports.

As a result of the talks, Lavrov said that Moscow would be ready to support agreements on the DPRK that would meet the interests of all parties involved.

“But when these agreements will be subject to some consideration of the international community, it may be necessary for the Security Council [UN] to support certain initiatives, of course, we will be ready to advocate for specific agreements that will meet the interests of all the parties involved, including North Korea, “the Foreign Minister said.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the DPRK will determine its position in the negotiations with the US in view of Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

“I am sure that the North Korean side knows the history of the recent years and will determine its position taking into account all factors,” he said, answering the question whether the DPRK’s position was discussed on the eve of the summit with the US in the light of Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran.

Sergei Lavrov arrived in Pyongyang early in the morning on Thursday, May 31, local time. The minister visited the DPRK for the first time since 2009.

Briefly about the main ….


Cuban leader promised to support Venezuela

The head of the State Council and Council of Ministers of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Cannel promised Venezuela support in connection with international sanctions.

“We will show the solidarity of the peoples of America in the face of the political, diplomatic, economic and financial war of imperialism,” Diaz-Kanel said in Caracas during his first foreign visit.

Merkel remained chancellor for the fourth term because of Trump’s victory

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a conversation with former US President Barack Obama, said that she was forced to go for a fourth term, including to oppose Donald Trump.

In the DPRK, Lavrov urged negotiators to avoid sudden movements

The Russian Foreign Minister called on the negotiators of the denuclearization (the process of reducing the stockpile of nuclear weapons) of the Korean peninsula “not to make sharp movements, not to try to artificially adjust this process.”

NBC: CIA believes that North Korea will not give up its nuclear arsenal

The new report of the CIA says that North Korea will not abandon its nuclear arsenal in the near future, NBC television reported referring to the familiar with the document of three US officials.

Latvia will test the impact of Russian money on European policy

The authorities of Latvia are going to find out whether Latvian banks were used for attempts of Russian intervention in European politics. This was told to Reuters by the country’s finance minister Dana Reiniece-Ozola

Murder Babchenko was a dramatization

The dissemination of information about the murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was part of the operation of Ukrainian special services, said the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasily Hrytsak. SBU in advance received information about the preparation of the journalist’s murder and prevented him, he said.

The organizer of this crime was detained by us in the city of Kiev. Right now, investigative actions are continuing with this citizen, as well as a number of searches at his place of residence, as well as temporary stay. – Vasily Hrytsak, Ukrainian military leader

Trump met with Kim Kardashian to discuss prison reform

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday received an American model and TV presenter Kim Kardashian in the White House Oval Office to discuss with her the reform of the penitentiary system, as well as the pardon of 63-year-old Alice Mary Johnson serving life imprisonment.

The US can introduce duties against the European Union as early as May 31

US President Donald Trump’s administration plans to impose duties on European steel and aluminum on May 31, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Putin confirmed readiness to preserve transit of gas through Ukraine

In mid-May, at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin said that Russia does not plan to stop gas transit through Ukraine after the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is put into operation.

How much will be delivered on it – a question. How much we will keep the transit through Ukraine, and we are ready to preserve the Ukrainian transit – is also a matter of how much our customers need now and for the nearest prospects. – Vladimir Putin

“Turkish flow” will pass through Bulgaria

Turkey is not against Russia and Turkey are working in practical terms to extend the Turkish flow to Bulgaria, Putin said earlier at a press conference following the talks with Borisov.

That is, it is impossible to implement, without certain guarantees of the European Commission, of Bulgaria itself, taking into account the previous experience. This project is of interest both for the Bulgarians themselves and for Moscow, so the work will already be conducted in an applied plan. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

In the Mexican parliament accused Trump of racism

Later, Trump clarified that he did not talk about all migrants, but only about the members of the criminal group Mara Salvatrucha. Also, the Mexican Congress confirmed that Mexico will not pay for the construction of a wall on the border with the US, as previously President Enrique Peña Nieto said.

Canada prepares the US “trade retribution” for duties on steel and aluminum

The Canadian authorities are preparing a “trade retaliation” in response to the alleged introduction of new duties on the import of steel and aluminum into the United States, the Toronto Star newspaper reported citing a senior official.

Washington expanded sanctions against Iran

Prison Evin came under sanctions because the US authorities found human rights violations there. Earlier, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said that Washington is ready to exert unprecedented pressure on Iran, including the most rigorous regime of sanctions in history.


The US renamed the Pacific Command in the Indo-Pacific

The US renamed the Pacific Command (PACOM) in the Indo-Pacific, announced at the solemn ceremony of changing the commander of PACOM, the country’s Defense Minister James Mattis

Israel survived a one-day war

The conflict in the Gaza Strip lasted almost a day – from Tuesday morning to Wednesday. Palestinian militants fired around a hundred rockets in the south of Israel, in response, Israeli military attacked 65 military facilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas movement announces renewal of ceasefire with Israel

The Palestinian movement Hamas announced the achievement of new agreements with Israel on the resumption of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. This is reported by the Al Jazeera TV channel referring to the statement of the movement.

Turkey will buy planes elsewhere if the US does not supply it with an F-35

If the United States does not supply F-35 fighter-bombers to Turkey, it will satisfy its needs for such aircraft “in another place,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

Regarding the F-35, I personally have no concern, this contract is legally binding, it simply can not be canceled. If these planes are not delivered to us, then we will satisfy our needs elsewhere. – Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Turkish politician

Militants IG launched the third offensive on Palmyra

The terrorists of the “Islamic State” (IG) group banned on the territory of Russia on the night of Wednesday, May 30, launched a large-scale offensive in the Syrian province of Homs

US relocates military equipment to Poland

The United States is moving its own military equipment to the port of Gdynia, located in Poland. With the help of these actions, the US authorities are trying to maintain their military interests.

APU shelled Donetsk filtering station, said in the DNR

Ukrainian security forces shelled Donetsk filtering station from sniper weapons, at that moment observers of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission were in the area of the facility, a representative of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic told journalists on Wednesday.

The military began testing the modernized tanks T-80BVM and T-72B3M

The crews of the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District began testing the modernized samples of the T-80BVM, T-72B3M and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with the Berezhok combat module at the Golovenki test range in the Moscow Region, the Okrug press service reported on Tuesday.

China is not a decree: the US will continue military exercises in the South China Sea

The US will continue to conduct military exercises in the South China Sea, despite increased tensions with Beijing, as US Secretary of Defense James Mattis told journalists.

India and Pakistan agreed on the observance of the truce in Kashmir

Soldiers of India and Pakistan agreed to take measures to establish a lasting ceasefire in the disputed Kashmir region, the Indian Defense Ministry said in a statement on the telephone conversation between the heads of the combat operations of the two countries.

US began to transfer to Japan the newest aircraft F-22 Raptor

A group of 14 new multipurpose combat aircraft of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor was transferred by the US Air Force to its base in Japan. Aircraft will stay in Okinawa for a month, which may be due to the upcoming meeting of US President Donald Trump and leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Un, Tass reports.

In Europe there were B-1B bombers from the USA

Insiders report that soon there can arrive and B-52, which the US used in Vietnam. B-1B is a modernized bomber with supersonic speed.


Russian schoolchildren ate on credit at 36 percent per annum

Students of Omsk secondary school number 8 were forced to pay for lunch in the canteen with credit cards of Avangard Bank, which their parents were required to register, the regional prosecutor’s office said.

“The school authorities illegally imposed on the parents of students the conclusion of a contract with the bank. At the same time, the document did not specify all the conditions of the contract, “the message says.

It is established that the obligatory payment for the “Avant-Garde” card was introduced on April 1: in the absence of money in the account, the bank charged 36 percent per annum of the overrun amount from the second day of use. At the time of the audit, 60 per cent of families entered into a contract with the bank. The children of those who did not have time or refused to issue a credit card were forced to take food with them.

On the plan to improve road safety

Earlier this year, the head of government put before the traffic police – to reduce the number of deaths per 100 thousand people from 13.4 to 4 by 2024, and by 2030, and completely bring the indicators to zero. In response, the State Motor Inspectorate prepared a list of specific measures that will allow them to get close to the cherished figures.

Among the planned measures included, in particular, a reduction in the number of billboards along the roads, the installation of alcoholic drivers in cars, the appearance of thermo children in car kits, the tightening of fines for foreign drivers, the reduction in the speed of traffic in populated areas and even the imposition of fines for the illegal issuance of medical supplies .

The most interesting is the plan for empowering the population to remove violations on the mobile application and send video to the STSI, as well as using the data of the ERA GLONASS system to prove violations. Special attention should be paid to the introduction of the system of “emergency informing the participants of the movement” about the need to give way to ambulance or operative services, and also to include the so-called thermo-clothes in the first-aid kit.

Of course, the document was not without a traditional paragraph on improving indicators and statistics.

Moscow will strengthen control over cars without numbers

In Moscow, for the duration of the World Cup, from June 14 to July 15, will strengthen control over cars without numbers, according to the Moscow Administrative Road Inspectorate (MADI).

Rospotrebnadzor to teach the elderly to eat right

Rospotrebnadzor expressed a desire to teach the elderly to eat right. This was stated by the head of the department Anna Popova at the XII All-Russian forum “Health of the nation – the basis of Russia’s prosperity,” RIA Novosti reported.

Popova said that Russia is implementing a strategy to improve the quality of food. She noted that the strategy mentions the need to provide access to a full-fledged diet for present and future generations. According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor, prevention through informing plays an important role.

“Today’s theme: we need to teach people of the third age, older people, to eat right.” From the huge range that is offered to us, we need to choose those products that are useful to us, and properly monitor the use of these products with their own health, “Popova said.

Sobyanin told about the construction of a new station in Moscow

Construction of the largest transport hub (TPU) is at the intersection of Ryazan Avenue and MCC, in due course a new railway station may open here, the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said.

When RZD completes the construction of the high-speed Moscow-Kazan highway, it is quite possible that the trains will stop at Karacharovo. In Moscow, there will be another train station. – Sergei Sobyanin, Russian politician

Sovfed wants to ban the sale of spirits in museums

Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matvienko proposed to ban the sale of spirits in cultural institutions, RIA Novosti reported.

Finnish supermarkets offered free buses for residents of St. Petersburg

Finnish border shops have started to organize free buses for residents of the Northern capital, informs Blog Fiesta. The transfer operates there and back to a specific supermarket.

The Ministry of Health plans to increase the number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle up to 60%

Today, the Minister of Health and the medical profession of the country are discussing the idea of promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population at an event, REN TV reports. The forum will touch upon the topics of new medical technologies and environmental protection. May 28 Skvortsova called the conditions for increasing life expectancy to 80 years.

According to sociological surveys, currently about 40 percent of Russians are adherents of a healthy lifestyle, our task for the next five to six years to increase this number to no less than 60 percent of the citizens of the Russian Federation. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian statesman

Color marking “traffic lights” in Russia will start with ice cream

The color marking of products “traffic lights” in Russia will be launched from June 1. The first to start selling labeled ice cream company Unilever, reports the agency “Moscow” with reference to Rospotrebnadzor. The Office initiated the project.

In Russia, in five years the availability of housing has increased

A family from Vladivostok with an average annual income in the region will be able to save up for an apartment in the seaside capital for 3.5 years. It is noted that both working spouses need to postpone all income for the purchase of housing.

The number of bankrupt citizens is growing in Russia

About 9 thousand citizens of Russia and entrepreneurs were declared bankrupt in the first quarter of 2018, and this figure will increase by 50-60% by the end of the year

Medvedev urged the regions to pay off debts for utilities as soon as possible

The regions should pay off debts for electricity and utilities for the heating autumn and winter period as quickly as possible, without waiting for the next season, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

RZD will replace reserved seats and compartment cars for two new types

RZD in the coming years will begin replacing the existing park of reserved seats and compartment cars with a rolling stock of a new type, said Dmitry Pegov, director for passenger transportation of Russian Railways.


Sberbank lowered its forecast for inflation in 2018 to 3.8%

The World Bank predicts the growth of the Russian economy in 2018 at 1.5% – 1.8%, the IMF – at 1.7%, despite the strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions of the United States. Inflation in the Russian Federation last year slowed to the lowest in the post-Soviet history 2.5%.

Inflationary expectations of Russians in May increased to 8.6%

As specified in the document, the growth of inflation expectations was predicted against the background of an increase in the volatility of the ruble and the acceleration of rising gasoline prices. “At the same time, its insignificant scale indicates a decrease in the sensitivity of inflationary expectations to one-time factors,” the regulator added.

FAS required companies to increase gasoline production

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) believes that oil companies should increase the production and supply of motor gasoline and diesel to the domestic market in order to meet the demand of end users and avoid violation of the law.

Sberbank earned in the first quarter of more than 200 billion rubles

Sberbank said that in the first quarter earned under IFRS 212.1 billion rubles. net profit, 27% more than a year earlier. Consensus forecast “Interfax” promised slightly less – 208.6 billion rubles

The net loss of Aeroflot in accordance with IFRS for I quarter increased 2.2 times

The net loss of Aeroflot in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS) for the first quarter of 2018 increased 2.2 times compared to the same period of the previous year, to 11.54 billion rubles. This follows from the company’s materials

Russian enterprises will start supplying meat and milk to the market of Cuba

“The Rosselkhoznadzor continues to cooperate closely with representatives of the Cuban Veterinary Service, in connection with which the service expects the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba to conduct another inspection of Russian enterprises interested in exporting ready-made meat products to the Cuban market,” the Russian ministry said.

Gazprom increased its net profit in the first quarter to 371.623 billion rubles

Revenues from sales of Gazprom amounted to 2.138 trillion rubles, an increase of 17.8% in annual terms, the statement said. The company also increased net debt for the first quarter by 1%. As of March 31, it reached 2.4 trillion rubles

In the Kharkov region opened a new gas field

The new gas field was discovered by the largest gas-producing state company Ukrhazdobycha in the Kharkov region, the company’s press service reported on May 29.

Three out of ten. Gazprom Neft received new subsoil plots in Yamal

Gazprom Neft received 10 new subsoil plots in Russia and abroad in the first quarter of this year. This became known from the company’s reporting for the first quarter under IFRS, – informs IA “Neftegaz.RU”.

The US continues to attack the world oil market

According to Reuters, in June US oil companies are going to export a total of 2.3 million barrels a day – this is a new historic record, 10% more than in May and 3.5 times higher than last year.

Gazprom to provide Turkey with a discount on Russian gas

Gazprom will provide a discount on gas for the Turkish state-owned company Botas due to an overpayment in 2015-2016, Mikhail Malgin, deputy head of the export department of Gazprom Export, said at a telephone conference of the Russian gas holding company.

The debt of Udmurtia to Gazprom exceeded 0.5 billion rubles

The debt of the Udmurt Republic to Gazprom over the delivered gas exceeded half a billion rubles, the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov told journalists on Wednesday at a briefing following the results of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) 2018.

This can not be stopped: petrol has again risen in the Kuzbass

In Kuzbass, once again raised the price of gasoline. Now the AI-92 liter is sold for 40.5 rubles, although three days ago the cost of this fuel was 30 kopecks lower.

Prices for gasoline in Blagoveshchensk continue to grow

Following the NOC, gas prices in Blagoveshchensk were raised by several other oil companies. At fuel stations of the Alliance, the fuel went up to the ruble on May 25, now Rosneft has equalized the prices from the NOC. NOC – 41.3 rubles (+1 ruble), Rosneft – 41.3 rubles (+1 ruble), VNK – 40 rubles (+0.5 rubles), DNA – 41 rubles (+1.1 rubles).

Dmitry Ananiev gets rid of assets in Russia

Dmitry Ananyev lives in Cyprus at the Four Seasons hotel, where he meets with former partners and solves issues with assets, several acquaintances Ananyev told Vedomosti

Ananiev hired people whose task is to either sell the remaining assets or controllably bankrupt them, an employee of one of Ananiev’s structures told Vedomosti and confirmed his acquaintance.

Prokhorov bought out Vekselberg’s stake in IFC bank

Mikhail Prokhorov exercised a put option to buy out 39.42% of the shares of the International Financial Club (IFC) at Victor Vekselberg’s Winterlux Limited. This is stated on the website of ONEXIM. The option contract was concluded on August 30, 2016.

Lavrov spoke about the growth of trade with Singapore by 94%

Turnover of Russia and Singapore in 2017 reached $ 4.4 billion, an increase of 94% compared with 2016. This was reported by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. In his article for the Singapore edition of The Straits Times, the minister told about the expansion of cooperation between the Russian Federation and Singapore.

Profit Bank Vozrozhdenie in the I quarter increased by 19%

Net interest income of the bank amounted to 2.9 billion rubles. against 2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2017. The assets of Renaissance amounted to 231.2 billion rubles. (against 252.7 billion rubles in the first quarter of 2017), liabilities – 206.8 billion rubles. (against 225.6 billion rubles.), capital – 24.4 billion rubles. (against 27 billion rubles.).

The profit of TCS Group in the I quarter of 2018 increased by 70%

TCS Group, owned by Oleg Tinkov and managing bank Tinkoff, in the first quarter of this year increased its net profit by 70%, to 5.7 billion rubles. This is stated in the company’s message to the portal iz.ru.


IG took responsibility for the attack in Belgian Liege

The terrorist organization Islamic State, banned in Russia, claimed responsibility for the attack in the Belgian city of Liège, which resulted in the death of three people.

How some of the funds seized from Colonel Zakharchenko disappeared

The Investigative Committee of Russia began checking on the theft of the seized money of former Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. It is about the amount of several million dollars, according to various sources, from three to five.

In Germany, the police shot and killed a passenger on a train that wounded two people

The police shot a passenger on a train in the north of Germany, who wounded two people with a knife, Bild reports. The incident occurred on Wednesday evening. It is noted that the train followed from Cologne to the north.

Passenger train derailed in Canada

Passenger composition of the company Polar Bear Express got off the rails in Canada. The incident occurred in the north of the province of Ontario, 38 kilometers south of the city of Musoni.

William Browder confirmed his release from the police

The founder of the Heritage Capital William Browder was detained by the Spanish police on a warrant from Russia in Interpol. It soon became clear that the law enforcers simply “interviewed” him, and then released him, because “the warrant was not legally valid.”

I was just detained by the Spanish police in Madrid at the request of Russia in Interpol. I’m sitting in the back seat of a police car, we’re going to the station. In some – they did not tell me. – William Browder, American businessman

Court arrested the accused in capturing hostages in the east of Moscow

Preobrazhensky court in Moscow arrested Alexander Borovoi, who seized his neighbors in hostages in an apartment in the east of Moscow, TASS reported.

“The petition of the investigation to satisfy, elect the Borovoi preventive measure in the form of detention for a period up to July 24,” the judge announced.

Six people injured in the fall of trees because of the wind in Moscow

“Previously, six people were injured, two of them children”, – quotes the words of the source “RIA Novosti.”

It is specified that one of the trees fell on the wires of the contact network of the tram line near house number 3 along the embankment of Academician Tupolev. Because of the emergency, the traffic of trams was suspended.

KGB detained for a bribe of aide to Lukashenka

The press service of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus states that operational activities were held on the instructions of the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. In development Rivneiko, who worked as an inspector for the Grodno region, got about a year ago.

Against the model of Kira Mayer started a case of violence against police officers

“Kira Mayer became a participant in a criminal case on the use of violence against a policeman,” the report said. According to the UK, the other day the crew of the traffic police stopped in the center of Moscow “Mercedes” under the direction of Mayer – a 24-year-old native of Sarapul, deprived of a driver’s license.

In St. Petersburg, the ex-head of the Leningrad Construction Committee was detained

Vitaly Zhdanov, former chairman of the Leningrad Region Construction Committee, was detained in a case involving activities during his tenure in the St. Petersburg administration, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the regional administration.

In Paris, the police eliminated one of the largest camps of migrants

French policemen on Wednesday began to evacuate one of the largest camps of migrants in Paris, reports Liberation. In the spontaneous camp, located in the XIX capital district, accommodated more than 1,5 thousand people, they all lived in tents

On the track in Bashkiria after the accident over a ton of oil poured out

In Bashkiria, a truck overturned MAN, which transported oil, TASS reported. The accident occurred in the Salavat district on the 54th kilometer of the route Kropachevo – Mesyagutovo – Achit. According to preliminary data, the truck driver did not manage to steer at a sharp turn

In Florida, a crane fell on residential buildings

The crane fell on Wednesday to two houses in Lauderhill, Florida, two people were injured. This was reported in the Twitter fire service of the city. The crane was used for the construction of power transmission lines.


Widow Zadornov inherited less than his first wife

Satirist Mikhail Zadornov died in November 2017, but the proceedings around his will left just started. As it turned out, heiresses of the writer and humorist were his first wife Velta Zadornova and his widow Elena Bombina.

Ponarovskaya changed her image again

Recently in the network were new photos of 65-year-old Irina Ponarovskaya. It is worth noting that the woman did not know. She still has a slim figure, but she did another hairstyle, became a blonde and wears fashionable glasses in a stylish frame.

Buzov was photographed in the arms of a young admirer

The young man persuades the TV presenter to go out with him on a date, and she evades from the answer. As a result, the girl agrees to watch the movie with him in her own cinema and takes her companion out of the territory of the telestructure where there are no cameras.

The media told about the new novel by Angelina Jolie with a superhero

Angelina Jolie seems to have completely recovered from parting with Brad Pitt and twisted the novel with a superhero. Tom Hiddleston, who is also Loki from the Marvel universe – a new love of the Hollywood diva. The paparazzi found out that the couple had been together for several months

The Royal Wedding Distracted People from Viewing Porn

Before the broadcast of the wedding ceremony, Megan Markle and Prince Harry, the number of requests from the UK fell by 21%. Also in the analysis it is indicated that 19% of users are distracted from viewing porn in England, and in Northern Ireland – 14%.

The media learned who the model Kendall Jenner meets

According to the source of the publication, the relationship of 22-year-old Jenner and Simmons began a few weeks ago. According to another source, the other day the model and the athlete were seen on a date at the Beverly Hills hotel.

Soyuzmultfilm launched the official YouTube channel

Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” has launched its own channel on YouTube, where it is planned to present its “Golden Collection” and new animation projects, said the chairman of the studio Juliana Slaschova.

Disney studio started shooting the second part of the “Maleficent”

Studio Walt Disney Pictures has begun shooting the sequel to the fairy tale “Maleficent,” Gazeta.ru reports. Actress El Fanning laid out in the social network photo from the set. In the photo she and Angelin Jolie with the black horns of the sorceress

Uma Thurman will play in the mystical series Netflix

American actress Uma Thurman will play one of the main roles in the future mystical drama “Hidden Room”. Telefilm is preparing to launch the production of the American company streaming video Netflix. This was reported by the portal Deadline.

Ant-man will act in the movie about Sonic the hedgehog

Actor Paul Rudd tears to the title role in the film about the Sonic the hedgehog. He is known to the public due to the superhero cinema “Man-ant”, in which he played the main character. In the tape about the most beloved hedgehog gamer, Radd wants to star in the role of a policeman named Tom.

Film Festival “Zerkalo” will present the work of animators-documentaries

The film, based on the memoirs of the director, writer and screenwriter Rezo Gabriadze, will open a documentary animation program at the Zerkalo Film Festival in the Ivanovo region. This program will become a novelty of the film forum, the organizers of the festival said on Wednesday.

Sobchak will show a film about his father in “Yeltsin Center”

TV presenter and ex-presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak will show a documentary about her father, Sobchak’s Case, in Yekaterinburg’s Yeltsin Center June 16, Znak.com reports with reference to the site’s press service. Sobchak will present the film together with the director and co-author of the script Vera Krichevskaya.

Noize MC released a clip “Without Us” from the hiphop “Orpheus & Eurydice”

Producer of the video was the poetess Marina Katsuba. Leonid Alekseev together with the team 22Production gathered together the style codes under the sign “girl and death” from Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester, Folk, Band of Outsiders and vintage clothes

Bluesmen from the Sahara desert will perform at the festival “The Jazz Manor”

As part of the group from Morocco Daraa Tribes 5 people, all of them – representatives of different tribes and nationalities, each of them – comes from the Sahara desert. Their music combines the traditions, culture and linguistic diversity of the Sahara desert.

Elizabeth II keeps a photo of Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II keeps a photo of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. This fact became known after the Queen hosted the Australian diplomat George Brandis. Photographers captured both in the living room of Buckingham Palace

In Moscow, because of a fight with the singer Tim was detained rapper Face

Rapper Face and his friend were taken to the police station after the conflict between them in Moscow. This was reported by RIA Novosti source in law enforcement. According to the interlocutor of the agency, young people fought.

Triandafilidi was forbidden to see her daughter after debauchery on “Dom-2”

While Liza Triadafilidi was building love on “House-2”, her daughter Vlada lived with her father. But when Lisa left the project with Alexei Chaychits, her husband refused to give the girl. And today, according to Triandavlidi, now her ex-husband threatens her and forbids her to see her baby.

The star of the film “The Noble’s Nest” remained in poverty

Tamara Chernova gave an apartment in Moscow to her granddaughter, and she lives in a small village with not the most comfortable conditions for life. Despite the indifference of relatives, the actress considers herself to be happy.

Anna Semenovich became slimmer than her dancers

The singer shone on stage in a black top on straps and a purple maxi skirt with flounces and a high cut. After the concert, the singer laid out a joint photo with her dancers in microblogging. Fans noticed that in the picture the actress looks slimmer than the girls from the dance group

Olga Buzova outraged subscribers with “half-naked dances”

A new post Buzovoy gathered a lot of enthusiastic comments. Subscribers hastened to make a compliment to the tight figure of the star. However, there were others – who criticized the “half-naked dances” in the nines.

Insane wife Efremova was sent for urgent treatment

Honored artist Tatyana Lutaeva undertook to help an inadequate girlfriend. Ksenia will be sent to treatment for drug dependence. We add that Kachalina was the fourth wife of the actor Mikhail Efremov.

54-year-old Brigitte Nielsen is waiting for the fifth child

The most famous husband of Nielsen was Sylvester Stallone, whom they starred in “Rocky-4”, but they had no common children in their three-year marriage.


Google released Chrome 67 with support for WebXR and sensors

Google released a new stable version of Chrome. Update 67.0.3396.62 contains a lot of fixes, but it also includes several significant improvements. For example, in this version, the Site Isolation feature will be available to more users.

There were new features of Google Lens for phones on Android OS

On Google Play, there is a new update for the Google Lens app, which gives answers to the user in real time. The developers reported that additional features of the program are available for Android users, while iOS users still have to wait.

Apple has been blocking the renewal of Telegram around the world since mid-April

“Apple around the world is blocking the updating of the Telegram for iOS applications since mid-April,” the company said in response to a question about the entry into force of the new regulation on the protection of personal data in Europe.

In Papua New Guinea, Facebook will be blocked for a month

The authorities decided to ban social networks for a month. Such a decision is due to the fact that they are going to study how citizens use the platform. The minister of communication of Papua New Gevnia, Sam Basil, said that the ban would allow to detect fake pages of users.

Google Maps tests floating categories

Developers of the Google Maps application began to test the floating categories, which allow searching for the necessary places by sections: restaurants, cafes, gas. Information provided by the publication of Android Police. The Layers button moves to the left after the update, and the categories are displayed next to it.

Telefonica integrates Netflix content on its platforms

It is specified that the way of access to Netflix files will change in accordance with the needs of the market, so the on-line cinema will be integrated into the consoles and OTT service of Movistar Play. Let’s remind that Telefonica is the largest Spanish operator with more than 300 thousand subscribers in 17 countries of the world

AdHive announces the opening of a fully functional office in Russia

AdHive – a platform for automated placement of advertisements among bloggers based on AI and block technologies, announces the launch of a fully functional Moscow office. The initial focus of the service will be directed to sites such as Instagram and YouTube

In WhatsApp there were group video calls

Group calls became available in the updated version of WhatsApp – beta 2.18.162. At the same time, some users with this version of the messenger say that they do not have the same function. To make a group call, you need to invite other users to a conversation.

Twitter promises to block Russian users

To get on the black list, it is enough to have at least one of the following: the account is created in Russia, registered through the Russian telephone operator or to the Russian e-mail address; the display name of the user contains Cyrillic characters; user places tweets in Russian; login to the account has been executed (at least once) from any Russian IP-address

The popular food delivery service “Uber Eats” stops working in the Russian Federation

As a result, 59.3% of the business belongs to Yandex, 36.9% to Uber and 3.8% to employees, with services available to users. Service Uber Eats will also transfer to the combined company in the regions of the transaction, write “RIA Novosti.”

Sistema Fund invests Alibaba with an Israeli startup

The Sistema-VC Venture Fund of Sistema and the Chinese Internet corporation Alibaba Group invested in the Israeli company SQream, both investors reported: the size of the investment round was $ 26.4 million, the leading investor was Alibaba Group.

Uber closed one of its services in Russia

Recall that in February this year, “Yandex” and Uber made a deal to combine the online taxi order business in Russia and neighboring countries. After closing the deal, taxis and company drivers began working on a single technological platform.


High-speed sintering added elasticity and plasticity ceramics

American materials scientists have found that the method of high-speed sintering under the influence of an electric field makes it possible to obtain microceramic materials with unusual mechanical properties.

Scientists: Many popular vitamins are useless for health

According to scientists, additives for food, advertised by many brands, in fact are substances found in everyday food. Scientists said that it is a question of vitamins C, D and calcium. They are found in most foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts.

The Japanese were allowed to heal the heart with stem cells

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan has allowed doctors to use subtle patches from tissues derived from induced stem cells to treat the heart.

Helmens enlarged reality helmet turned into a navigator for the blind

American engineers have developed an application for the HoloLens virtual reality helmet, allowing the blind to perceive the world through sound prompts. It can guide the user along a given route, informing him of approaching bends and obstacles, for example, steps

Crane wars severely weakened the ranks of Neolithic men

As scientists in Nature Communications write, the reason for this could be the formation of patrilineal clans (in which kinship is considered in the male line) and wars between them.

Scientists have printed on the 3D printer the first cornea of the human eye

Scientists from the University of Nykala managed to make a revolutionary discovery. They printed a new cornea for the human eye on a 3D printer. To do this, bioengineering needed the use of human stem cells, and they created special bio-inks.

Scientists figured out the work of “anxious” neurons

American researchers have studied how neurons of the amygdala, expressing the hormone somatostatin, affect the appearance of anxiety disorder in mice.

Gold and cell membranes have become a microrobot for fighting bacteria

A group of scientists from the University of California at San Diego, led by Joseph Wang, used a similar approach and created a micro robot using natural cell membranes to capture bacteria and toxins.

Artificial muscles taught to shrink from sunlight

Scientists from Hong Kong have created artificial muscles that use not visible electricity as a stimulus for movement, but visible light, and of low intensity. They are based on a water-containing multilayer material that releases water molecules under the action of light and contracts.

Scientists have created a cure for cosmic radiation

Scientists have created a medicine that will help solve the problem of cosmic radiation. The relevant work was carried out by specialists from the United States, representing the University of California

Robots now find skin cancer better than humans

Artificial intelligence proved to be more effective than doctors in detecting malignant lesions on the skin. This conclusion was reached by an international group of scientists from Germany, France and the United States. The results of the study are published in the journal Annals of Oncology.

During the experiment, specialists demonstrated a special device for depicting life-threatening forms of skin cancer and harmless moles to train neural networks. Then photos were sent to 58 dermatologists from different countries with different work experience. As a result, artificial intelligence has learned better than doctors to distinguish malignant and benign formations: physicians managed to detect melanomas in 86.6% of cases, whereas machines – in 95%.

At the same time, scientists note that the device can not always be effective.


Scientists caught the “sea horse” in the most restless “starlight”

The VST telescope received super-precise photographs of the Tarantula nebula, the largest and most turbulent star-forming region in the vicinity of the Milky Way, and a kind of “seahorse” hiding inside it, according to the site of the European Southern Observatory.

Students tested the Hyperloop motor in a vacuum

The company SpaceX launched in 2015 a competition to create the fastest capsule Hyperloop. During the first stage, inventors from around the world came up with and demonstrated the design of the future train

The ESA launched the ExoMars-2020 rover tests

The testing is planned until August, after which ExoMars-2020 will be delivered to Moscow. The start of the project, implemented by the joint forces of Russia and ESA, is scheduled for the summer of 2020, but the orbit of the Red Planet will not reach the orbit of 2021

Astronomers have discovered on the Sun rains and fogs from the plasma

Astronomers have discovered on the Sun rains and fogs from the plasma. Precipitation falls unevenly and depend on the temperature change over a particular region of the star. The discovery was shared by scientists at the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit in the United States.


Rolls-Royce Cullinan was introduced in Russia

According to preliminary information, to date, Rolls-Royce dealers in the Russian Federation have collected about 40 applications for the purchase of Cullinan. Up to their owners cars will reach the beginning of 2019. Recall that the first ever Rolls-Royce crossover was developed on the same platform with a sedan Phantom.

Subaru has returned to the Russian market 4-wheel drive sedan Legacy

Japanese automaker Subaru has returned all-wheel drive sedan Subaru Legacy to the Russian market after almost three-year break. In Russia, the restyling model is offered in two trim levels: Elegance and Premium ES. The cost of new items in the basic version starts from 2 069 000 rubles

Company BMW introduced new diesel versions of crossovers X3 and X4

The German company BMW has made adjustments to the technical equipment of a number of its models. As a result, most cars got a new 8-band “automatic”, and families of crossovers X3 and X4, in addition, they received updated diesel versions with engines for 3.0 liters.

Toyota will not produce Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Russia

Toyota will refuse to localize Toyota Land Cruiser Prado off-road vehicles for the Russian market. According to the head of the Japanese brand Masashi Ishida, the assembly of the model in Russia is now unprofitable

Crossover Volkswagen T-Cross will receive a motor from Polo

The German automaker Volkswagen brought a new compact T-Cross crossover to the final road tests. The latest spy photos of the novelty were published by the journalists of the portal Motor1.

Jaguar will release electric super-crossover I-Pace SVR

British automaker Jaguar will develop a super-power SVR-version of the electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace. The fact that the creation of a “charged” electric rover is really discussed, said the director for strategic planning of the company, Hann Kirner.

DS removed from production hatchbacks DS 4 and DS 5

The finalization of the machines, which were already preparing for a change of generations, was deemed inexpedient and the French automaker removed them from production. About when, when there will be new models, called to replace hatchbacks DS 4 and DS 5, it is not informed yet.

Tuning studio RemetzCar has turned the Tesla Model S into a station wagon

Famous Dutch tuning studio RemetzCar presented a unique long-base station wagon based on the electric car Tesla Model S. Work on the project took just over a year. As the tuners themselves told, if there is a demand for the Tesla Model S station wagon, they will release a whole batch of such cars.

Skoda showed armored superstar Superb Estate

The cost of the armored wagon Skoda Superb Estate is about 120 thousand pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 10 million rubles at the current rate.

Sedan Audi RS3 equipped with an electric motor from the cars “Formula E”

As part of the sports sedan installed under the hood of the power plant, four powerful electric motors from the ABT Shaeffler FE01 car, participating in the Formula E racing in the 2016-2017 season, work right away.

The Hongqi HS7 crossover will go on sale by the end of the year

The Chinese premium brand Hongqi is preparing a new large crossover called HS7. The car is at the final stage of testing, as evidenced by fresh spy photos. According to Chinese media, the presentation of the crossover will take place in September 2018 at the motor show in Chengdu.

The new crossover Audi will receive “virtual” rear-view mirrors

Audi is preparing to launch the first production electric crossover E-Tron, which will compete with the analogues from Tesla and Jaguar.

Toyota Camry will be assembled from Russian components

Last year, the level of localization of production of Toyota cars in the country exceeded the level of 30%. At the same time, the head of Toyota Motor LLC Masashi Ishida said that this year the brand’s models will have new components that will be produced in Russia.

Land Rover introduced the Discovery Sport special series Landmark

The exit of the special version is timed to the 70th anniversary of the brand. Externally, Discovery Sport Landmark features bumpers, 19-inch wheels with a special pattern and two color solutions – black and white with a contrasting roof.

Not a small price Lifan Myway with “automatic”

The cost of modification Lifam Myway with automatic transmission in Russia amounted to 989 thousand rubles. Recall that previously a crossover was offered on the Russian market in a single package with a variator.

In Europe, the sales of pseudo-necks Mahindra KUV100

The price list has already appeared on the network. Earlier, Mahindra company sold only obsolete pickups to the EU, but last year the manufacturer promised to bring the front-drive cross-hatch Mahindra KUV100 to the European market. Soon the car should become available for residents of Hungary and Spain.

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