24 Jan, 2019

Russian budget expenditures

The Ministry of Finance reported on the expenditures of the federal budget for 2018

53% of the total income of the “socially-oriented” budget of 2018 was spent on the army, police, officials, and currency purchases. In total, 14,375 billion rubles were spent on budgetary allocations for last year’s federal budget expenditures.

In 2017, 16 420 billion rubles were spent on budget allocations for federal budget expenditures.

Briefly about the main thing …

Following the meeting, there were no sensations

In Moscow, the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was completed. The talks, during which the parties discussed the conclusion of a peace treaty, lasted more than three hours. The leaders of the countries confirmed their readiness to continue working on an agreement. However, how they intend to decide the fate of the Kuriles and the question of the US presence in Japan, remains unknown.

Syria has threatened to hit Tel Aviv airport after Israel attacks

If the UN Security Council does not respond to Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, Damascus can strike at Tel Aviv airport, said Syrian permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari. Israel regularly launches airstrikes on Syria, justifying them by fighting Iranian targets in the country.

US House of Representatives banned Trump from leaving NATO

The US House of Representatives passed a bill in support of NATO. Reports about it RIA “News”. According to the agency, the bill, in particular, prohibits US President Donald Trump from withdrawing from NATO.

Maduro said that Venezuela will reconsider relations with the US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that after the statement by the US Vice President Mike Pens, Caracas will reconsider its policy towards Washington. “I instructed the Foreign Minister of Venezuela to begin a complete review of relations with the United States and take political measures,” teleSUR quotes him

I decided and ordered the foreign minister to begin a full and total review of relations with the US government, and we will make decisions in the coming hours. – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan politician

Assistant Secretary of State responsible for relations with Russia resigned

“Wess Mitchell was a valuable and effective leader and a good friend for our allies and partners in Europe,” wrote US Department of State spokesman Robert Palladino.

Mitchell is 41 years old, since September 2017 he headed the Bureau for European and Eurasian Affairs and was responsible for relations with several dozens of countries, including Russia and Ukraine

FBI agents complained about the inability to work because of the shatdaun

The ongoing partial suspension of the US government (shatdown) undermines the ability of the FBI to conduct operations against terrorists and foreign intelligence services on a global scale, said Tom O’Connor, president of the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA).

“Every day, while the shutdown continues, the interference created by it is getting worse and harms our counterterrorism and counterintelligence operations around the globe,” CBS Western television quoted him as saying.

According to O’Connor, as a result of the shatdaun, the FBI agents cannot pay informants and interpreters, go to interrogate witnesses and ensure the functioning of the system of access to classified information.

Putin banned the use of flashing lights for rescuers who are not part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting non-resident emergency workers from installing special light and sound signals on cars. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Novak will not come to the forum in Davos

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak will not be able to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, a ministry spokesman told RIA Novosti. “Unfortunately, the trip had to be canceled due to changes in the work schedule,” the agency’s source said.

The military announced the creation of a new battalion in the Novosibirsk region

In the Novosibirsk region will form a separate battalion of electronic warfare – this was reported today in the press service of the Central Military District. According to the Central Military District, the new military compound will be part of the 41st Army.

Experts spoke about the consequences of failure to write by hand for the brain

January 23 is the day of handwriting. The initiator of the holiday was the Association of Writing Instruments. It was established to remind humanity of such a unique phenomenon as handwriting.

Calligrapher Yuri Koverdyaev, said that writing is an important function of the development of fine motor skills, and the development of the human brain through it.

“I have such a fear that handwriting will go to the category of hobbies: the fact that music, that drawing, now, in my opinion, people are engaged in photography more than handwriting. Gradually, this is all, unfortunately, leaves. People are all they write less with their hands, “he said.

The expert stressed that if a person stops writing, then a certain part of the brain begins to atrophy.

“It is dangerous for children, and in the future for their children. If children do not get used to writing now, they will not teach their children to this,” he said.

How weight and height affect the life expectancy of men and women

Scientists from the medical center of the Maastricht University (Netherlands) found that weight and height have a much greater effect on the life expectancy of women than men. Experts came to such conclusions in the course of a large-scale study that began in 1986.

In a large-scale study involving more than 7 thousand people of both sexes, it turned out that tall and slender women are more likely to live to 90 years than low and full women. In men, this relationship scientists have not identified. At the same time, sports activities increase the life expectancy of both sexes, but for a positive effect, men need to devote much more time to physical activity.

Owners of electric stoves will cancel electricity benefits

In a number of regions (presumably northern), the thresholds of tariffs can be increased to 500 and 700 kilowatt-hours per month. Also, benefits can be obtained by consumers who have no alternative using electricity for heating a home.

Dyson moves headquarters to Singapore

The message of the company emphasizes that in Asian countries today, most of the company’s customers live, and all its production facilities are also concentrated there. Last year, Dyson announced that it will begin to produce electric cars in Singapore.

Forbes found out about the sale because of the sanctions of the Rothenberg brothers business jets

Business jets Bombardier brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg are put up for sale, businessmen had to part with them because of the sanctions, writes the Russian edition of Forbes magazine.

Information on the sale of both business jets is available on the Boutsen Aviation broker website. The board numbers of the aircraft coincide with the initials of businessmen. ARRH can be decoded as Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg, and BRRB – Boris Romanovich Rotenberg.

Importers began to raise the price of alcohol

The Simple company, which is among the top 5 largest importers of still and sparkling wines in Russia, has raised prices for its range, Kommersant reports, citing its letter to customers and partners.

Eni Remains Rosneft Partner in Joint Projects

The Italian oil and gas company Eni has not withdrawn from joint projects with Rosneft in the Black and Barents Seas. This was stated by TASS Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Emma Marchegalya at the economic forum in Davos.

Ministry of Transport has requested more than 200 billion rubles. to regional airports

The preparation of a program for the reconstruction and construction of regional airports in the Far East was told by Deputy Transport Minister Alexander Yurchik back in April 2018. According to him, then it was about the amount of more than 100 billion rubles.

Named the most innovative country in the world

The agency Bloomberg published the results of its annual research on the innovativeness of the economies of the countries of the world for 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index. The rating is for the sixth time headed by South Korea.

Britain in Davos intends to finalize trade agreements with three countries

Britain at the economic forum in Davos intends to finalize bilateral trade agreements with Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, the British Ministry of International Trade said in a statement.

Average cash loan updated three-year maximum

The amount of the average cash loan last year increased by a quarter in comparison with the same indicator in 2017 and amounted to 264 thousand rubles – the maximum for the last three years. This follows from the data of the United Credit Bureau.

Gazprom Neft to build a new LNG plant in Yamal

The project cost exceeds $ 20 billion. Gazprom Neft has no experience in building such projects, so far it has only been engaged in gas supplies. It is possible that the company will unite with NOVATEK, which already built the LNG plant in the region in 2018.

PetroChina doubled net profit in 2018

PetroChina, the largest oil and gas producer in China, warned of a write-off of $ 1.5 billion as a result of the sale of certain assets. The company’s net profit over the past year has more than doubled, reports Bloomberg.

Electricity in 2019 will rise in price at the level of inflation

According to the Center for Research on the Problems of the Real Economy at the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov, the main drivers of growth in electricity prices this year are inflation (determined for this year at the level of 4.5%), as well as the increase in VAT by 2 percentage points (to 20%).

The area is reduced – the price is growing

According to analysts, since 2016 the average area of ​​new apartments, for example, in St. Petersburg has decreased by almost eight square meters – from 51 to 43 “squares”. At the same time, the average level of prices in the primary housing market still increased. With this marketing move, companies were able to optimize the areas of apartments and sell them to the buyer as a more profitable product. ”

At the beginning of 2019, the use of such a technique was caught by food manufacturers: a violent public reaction, in particular, caused the appearance of packages with “nine eggs” on the shelves instead of the usual ten.

The United States refused to preparatory trade negotiations with China

The US authorities rejected a proposal from the Chinese side to hold preparatory trade negotiations on the eve of a new round of consultations. It is reported by the Financial Times, citing sources.

Unknown tried to ram the gates of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw

An unknown man in a car tried to ram the gates of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. This was reported on Tuesday by the Polish Press Agency. Press Secretary of the President of Poland Blajay Spychalsky confirmed the information about the attempt of the unknown to be on the territory of the palace.

In Venezuela, protesters burned the statue of Hugo Chávez

In Venezuela, protesters burned the statue of the former President Hugo Chávez. On this January 23 reports portal Nacional. Clarify that the incident occurred in the city of San Felix in the state of Bolivar

Full list of nominees for the receipt of “Oscar-2019”

Eight films claim the Oscar in the Best Film of the Year nomination: Roma, Star was born, Green Book, Favorite, Black Clanman, Power, Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody “. Award in the category of best director can get Alfonso Cuaron (“Roma”), Bradley Cooper (“Star was born”), Spike Lee (“Black Clanman”), Yorgos Lantimos (“Favorite”), Adam McKay (“Power”) or Paul Pavlikovsky (“Cold War”).

In the nomination “Best Male Role” are Christian Bale (“Power”), Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), Bradley Cooper (“Star was born”), Viggo Mortensen (“Green Book”) and Willem Defoe (“Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity “). Five actresses are nominated for the Best Actress Award: Glenn Close (Wife), Lady Gaga (Star Born), Olivia Coleman (Favorite), Jalitz Aparisio (Roma) and Melissa McCarthy (You Can Do you forgive me? “).

The creators of the film about Lev Yashin fined for the delay of the film

The film company “Kremlinfilms”, which is involved in the production of a feature film about Lev Yashin, will be fined several million rubles for disrupting the deadlines for submitting the film to the Ministry. This is with reference to the statements of the official representatives of the Ministry of Culture reported by journalists TASS.

In the boutique Oscar de la Renta found a picture of the XVII century

In the boutique Oscar de la Renta, located in the French capital, during the repair found a picture of the XVII century. This is reported in the brand account on Instagram. As noted by The New York Times, the canvas depicts a French marquis and his retinue, entering Jerusalem.

New ABBA songs will be released before the end of the year.

ABBA spokesman Yorel Hanser said that the team will release new music this year, but not as soon as expected.

The songs just won’t come out before summer, maybe after, ”said Hanser in an interview with the Daily Star. – There will be two. And no album.

For the first time, musicians reported plans to release new material in April 2018. Then the band members noted that this decision was inspired by the launch of a concert tour with ABBA avatars – the show will start this year.

In the Ministry of Culture will increase funding for children’s movies

Financing of children’s feature films in the framework of the competition from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation this year will double. The amount will now be 70 million rubles.

The Commission did not accept the layout of the monument to Sergei Bodrov Jr.

Igor Voskresensky, chairman of the commission on monumental art at the Moscow City Duma, said that the installation of the monument to actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. in the Russian capital was postponed due to complaints about the model.

Ride with the breeze: Muscovites invited to the festival “Battle Sled”

Citizens will see children’s sledges in the form of a chariot, as well as in the style of the KV-1 tank during the war and other non-standard designs. The first competition “Battle sleighs” will begin for young Muscovites. Children from two to twelve years old will be able to take part in it.

Vasily Livanov finished shooting the historical film The Bronze Horseman

Directed by Vasily Livanov finished shooting the film “The Bronze Horseman.” He also acted as a general producer and screenwriter for the upcoming film. In the center of the plot of the tape is the life story of the author of the famous monument to Peter I Etienne Maurice Falcone.

Actor Ryan Reynolds Talks About Deadpool 3

Canadian film and television actor Ryan Reynolds shared insider information about the future of the popular superhero franchise Deadpool, and, in particular, spoke about the third part of the series

Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott will work on the “Christmas Carol”

The lead role in the three-hour miniseries will be performed by Tom Hardy, who will also take on the responsibilities of producing with Ridley Scott. All in all, Knight is thinking of adapting Dickens’s five classic works, releasing them in this format over the next six or seven years.

Soyuzmultfilm and Suzdalfest conclude the animation project competition

Soyuzmultfilm Studios and the Open Russian Animated Film Festival on January 25 will finalize applications for pitching animation series for children. It is reported by the press service of the organizer of the festival – the film company “Master-Film”.

International Spring Festival Kundzhiani

The Kundzhiani festival takes place in the largest city of China and the world in Shanghai from January 22 to February 21 for the fifth time. This year, dance groups from 11 different countries will perform on the Shanghai scene.

Classic jazz at the Moscow Conservatory

The concert on the 85th anniversary of the birth of George Garanian will be held in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory on February 1.

Telegram blockchain platform will be launched in March

The first country where a new cryptocurrency Durov Gram appears will be Japan. The launch dates of the Telegram Open Network have been repeatedly postponed. In particular, in October 2018, Pavel Durov claimed that the blockchain platform was 70% ready and promised to launch it before the end of the year.

Smartphone Honor View 20 presented in Russia

Huawei announced in Russia the start of sales of the flagship smartphone Honor View 20. In the manufacture of the Honor View 20 case, nanolithography is used, through which nano texture is formed, forming a bright color gradient in the form of a letter V.

Sales of Lenovo Z5 Pro GT on SoC Snapdragon 855 started in China

In China, sales of a new Lenovo Z5 Pro GT smartphone began. This gadget was the first device that will work on the platform of the SoC Snapdragon 855. There is no information about when the supply of new items from the Lenovo Group to other markets, will start

A new virus has been discovered for hacking cryptocars

An attacker miner virus has been detected that steals passwords from cryptocurrency wallets. This is reported by Doctor Web specialists. Attackers distribute a link to malware in online communities dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Apple abandons iPhone LCD screens in 2020

The iPhone XR 2019 will be the latest Apple smartphone with an LCD screen. Version 2020 will come with an OLED-screen. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Sites with illegal content becomes more

Sites with illegal content becomes more The number of pirated sites in Russia began to grow again, an increase of 43% in 2018, follows from the report of the company WebKontrol

The problem with screen loops is expensive for MacBook Pro owners.

According to Taylor Dixon from iFixit, the problem of “flexgate” is quite simple: in the current generation of MacBook Pro laptops (from 2016 to the present) flexible ribbon cables are used to connect the screen to the controller board under the touch panel.

Samsung is preparing to release technology Neuro Game Booster

Samsung has registered the trademark Neuro Game Booster, which, as the name suggests, is created for the gaming segment. What exactly will make this product is not yet clear, but from the name you can understand that the technology will be responsible for overclocking a smartphone in game mode.

“Beeline” resold fraudsters subscriber number with access to the bank

Russian-speaking Svetlana Abad in Brazil lost money on bank cards and online wallets after Beeline blocked her SIM card and resold her mobile number to another person, ignoring the subscriber’s calls.

Fitbit fitness trackers Inspire and Inspire HR appeared in the Fitbit range.

The company Fitbit announced fitness bracelets Inspire and Inspire HR, designed to track physical activity and vital signs of the body. Gadgets have similar designs, but differ in terms of functionality.

Apple will launch AirPower wireless charging in 2019

Apple will release AirPower’s wireless charging in 2019. Currently, development continues. The relevant information is provided by insiders.

New NFC device connects guests to Wi-Fi without password

The new WiFi Porter device was one of the first to connect guests to Wi-Fi without a password, and without requiring the phone to have a companion application pre-installed on the phone.

Introduced car air purifier Xiaomi 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro

The problem of gas pollution and air pollution in China is so great that Xiaomi releases the second car air purifier in a month. A model called Smartmi Car Air Purifier was released in late December 2018, and now the 70Mai Car Air Purifier Pro is priced at $ 44.

Panasonic AG-CX350 camcorder

Panasonic AG-CX350 video camera allows you to shoot 4K video with a 10-bit color representation and a frequency of 60 fps, supports HDR and RTMP / RTSP / RTP protocol for live broadcast. The integrated CX350 lens covers an EGF range of 24.5-490 mm.

Ice melting in Greenland has accelerated four times in ten years

The ice sheet of Greenland is melting faster than previously thought: for example, over ten years since 2003, its melting rate has quadrupled. In 2002–2016, Greenland lost an average of 280 billion tons of ice per year, an international team of scientists estimated

The common ancestor of all vertebrates resembled modern fishes.

Paleontologists from the University of Chicago discovered a perfectly preserved fossil of an ancient mixina, a fish that was considered a possible ancestor of all vertebrates. The find was made on the territory of Lebanon, where the Tethys sea was located millions of years ago. Weed called Tethymyxine tapirostrum.

Ancient fish got into the zone, almost deprived of oxygen, which ensured its safety. The breed has a clear imprint of the body, moreover – there are chemical “traces” of soft tissues that can be called a unique event for paleontology, reports Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

At the airport in Tokyo began to run unmanned buses

It is worth noting, however, that despite the mode of transport, the driver is still present in the front seat. He is ready to take control in case of an emergency. An unmanned vehicle can carry a maximum of ten people.

Scientists have established the age of the Aral Sea

The Aral Sea originated about 18 thousand years ago. This conclusion, as reported by the publication “Science in Siberia” of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, came scientists from the Russian Federation and the United States.

“Scientists for the first time reliably established that the modern Aral Sea (in sizes up to the 1970s, when the reservoir area began to decrease) appeared about 17.6 thousand years ago,” the message says.

This conclusion was made on the basis of a series of radiocarbon dates on the shells of mollusks and ostracods.

Acoustic guitar sound does not depend on the type of wood

The publication The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America published the results of research by British scientists who experimentally figured out whether the sound of an acoustic guitar depends on the quality of the wood from which it is made.

To conduct the study, experts invited 52 professional musicians and asked them to evaluate the sound of six stringed-plucked musical instruments made of different types of wood. None of the musicians found a significant difference in sound, from which it can be concluded that the material used to make a guitar does not affect the sound quality.

Pharmacological regulation of dopamine has changed the perception of music

Getting pleasure from music can be regulated by using pharmacological effects on dopamine production, scientists report in a new article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Ilon Musk will help the world by creating a hadron collider for CERN

Ilon Mask offered his help to the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He can help CERN drill a tunnel to create a new hadron collider. The EO has already confirmed these negotiations.

In China, discovered the world’s deepest blue hole

In China, they discovered the deepest blue hole on the planet, which is larger than the size of Dina’s hole in the Bahamas. Indicators of the found natural well are three hundred meters against two hundred meters of the previous record holder.

The optimal shape of the blades of the fruit- “helicopter”

Norwegian physicists have calculated the optimal shape of the fruit, “helicopter”, which during the fall, quickly rotate around the vertical axis and are used by many plants to distribute seeds. It turned out that the length of the wings should be about twice the radius of their curvature – it is these fruits that are the longest in the air during the fall and can fly to the maximum distance. Theoretical estimates of scientists confirmed by experiment, examining artificial seeds, made using 3D printing. The results can be used for environmental research, as well as for the development of small lethal apparatus, scientists write in Physical Review Letters.

The source reported on the transfer of the launch of the unmanned “Union”

It is noted that the ship will spend on the ISS for 12 days, rather than 32. A source in the rocket and space industry reported that the test launch of the Soyuz spacecraft in unmanned mode on the Soyuz 2.1a launch vehicle was postponed for three weeks and will take place 22 August, RIA News.

UAE announced the launch dates of the space probe to Mars

The space center of Mohammed bin Rashid in the UAE announced that the launch of the space probe “Hope” to Mars will take place from July 14 to August 3, 2020, the Emirati edition of The National informs on Tuesday.

By 2021, in the orbit of the Earth plan to create the first space hotel

Orion Span company by 2021 intends to create the first luxury orbital hotel at an altitude of 320 kilometers from the Earth. It will be placed in the Aurora Station space station.

VLT telescope photographed a dead star in the constellation of Virgo

Astronomers received a new image of the planetary nebula ESO 577-24. The picture was taken using the Very Large Telescope telescope as part of the ESO Cosmic Treasures program, according to the website of the European Southern Observatory.

Scientists have discovered the exoplanet K2-22b decaying into parts

Scientists have discovered a rare planet K2-22b, falling into pieces right while moving in a star orbit. Experts believe that her research will provide answers to many questions about the nature of exoplanets outside the solar system.

The radio jets of a supermassive black hole were directed to Earth

It is believed that in the centers of large galaxies are black holes, the mass of which reaches millions and billions of sun masses. The closest to us supermassive black hole – the object Sagittarius A * – is located in the center of our Galaxy and, according to existing estimates, weighs about 4.3 million suns.

Jupiter Brings Diamond Rain

Scientists suggest that rain falls from real diamonds on Jupiter. They made such a conclusion, because the atmosphere of this restless gas giant consists of methane and hydrogen. According to ToDay News Ufa, hurricanes sweep over the surface of Jupiter, powerful lightning strikes.

Scientists have figured out how galaxies die

According to ToDay News Ufa, scientists believe that the death of a galaxy is the moment when the last star goes out or turns into a black hole.

Satellite EgyptSat-A insure in the “AlphaStrakhovanii”

The Center for the operation of ground-based space infrastructure (TSENKI) intends to conclude a civil liability insurance contract when the Egyptian satellite EgyptSat-A is launched with the insurance company AlfaStrakhovanie, according to data from the SPARK Marketing system.

Updated Mitsubishi L200 will appear in Russia in March

Mitsubishi will begin selling the updated L200 in Russia in March 2019, the Japanese manufacturer said. The car will be supplied to the Russian market from Thailand, where its production is established.

The new Nissan Kicks crossover will drive the Nissan Terrano out of the market.

Prices range from 955 000 to 1 465 000 rupees (about 890 000 – 1 400 000 rubles). Thus, the novelty will cost 40 – 50 thousand rubles cheaper than the donor. It is possible that for this reason, soon it will oust the more expensive co-platform players in the face of Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano from the market.

40-year-old Ford Fiesta will go under the hammer almost without run

The rare Ford Fiesta of the first generation of 1978, released in February, will be sold at the British auction H & H Classics. For the rare 40-year-old hatchback with a mileage of 227 kilometers, they plan to earn from 6,500 to 8,500 pounds sterling (about 560-730 thousand rubles).

Aston Martin and TAG Heuer created a special version of the DBS Superleggera coupe

The novelty is driven by a 5.2 V12 unit with 725 hp / 900 Nm. Up to 97 km / h, the car accelerates in 3.4 seconds. To accelerate to 161 km / h, the car needs 6.4 s. Recall, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is built on an aluminum chassis. Aerodynamic elements of the machine provide it with a downforce of 180 kg.

Renault will present Logan crossover on the market

In Ecuador, sales of the “elevated” version of the Renault Logan sedan started under the characteristic name Crossover. The novelty has become a turned copy of the Russian modification Stepway, built on the basis of the standard Logan model.

New Porsche 911 can fight wet roads

Engineers of the German company have taught their coupe to feel confident even on the most winding roads and highways. In addition, the novelty can easily go on a wet surface thanks to the new Porsche Wet Mode.

Because of the greens, there is a threat to the individual mobility of Europeans.

The head of the supervisory board of Volkswagen, Hans-Dieter Petsh, admitted to journalists that new social problems are emerging in connection with the new legislation on CO2 emissions. Production of cars is becoming so difficult that they can no longer be sold cheaply.

China protests over new US intelligence strategy

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunin said that China is protesting about the publication of a new National Intelligence Strategy in the United States, in which China and Russia have been called opponents of the States, RIA Novosti reports.

Volodin instructed to appeal the US sanctions against Resnick

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin instructed the relevant committee to challenge the US sanctions against Deputy Vladislav Reznik, who was acquitted by the court in Spain.

Let’s ask Slutsky to send claims to Cardin and demand that he withdraw all initiatives, apologize to Reznik, given that the court decision came into force, and if the court decision means something, then he is obliged to apologize to our colleague. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Concord again demanded justification from US Department of Justice

Protection of the Russian company Concord Management and Consulting, which US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller considers to be involved in attempts to intervene in the presidential elections in the US in 2016, filed a petition addressed to the prosecution, demanding to provide information that could refute the fact that against the defendant there is no so-called selective pursuit.

Subaru main plant halted production

The Subaru plant in Japan, where 60% of all brand cars are produced, suspended production. It is known that cars do not leave the assembly line since January 16. Idle mode was introduced indefinitely due to defective parts.

“Yandex” introduced its own on-board computer for cars

Yandex specialists have developed an on-board computer for cars that will combine several services of the company and can be controlled using the voice assistant Alice, the company’s press service reported on January 23.

Kuzbass Children’s Ombudsman announced hungry fainting among schoolchildren

The Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Kemerovo Region, Dmitry Kislitsyn, made a report at the session of the regional council. He reported hungry fainting in children in schools in the region.

Sands announced Putin’s visit to Kyrgyzstan

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on January 23 that there was Kyrgyzstan in the schedule of state visits for Vladimir Putin. In this case, the official did not specify the exact date of the trip.

It is too early to talk about it. Naturally, the schedule of Russian-Kyrgyz relations is quite saturated. So far I will not announce any visits. Negotiations are conducted through diplomatic channels. Indeed, Bishkek is in state visits. It is just too early to announce. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Head of the Ministry of Construction against electricity consumption limits

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia opposes the introduction of a social standard for electricity. According to a REGNUM correspondent, Vladimir Yakushev, Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities, said this on January 23 at a plenary session in the State Duma. The main argument against the introduction of a social norm, in particular, is that such a measure will hit primarily the poorest segments of the population, especially those who live in rural areas

Tymoshenko spoke about plans to “return” the Crimea and Donbass

Speaking to party members during the “Unity Forum” on January 22, Tymoshenko said that negotiations on the situation in the Donbas in the Minsk format had exhausted themselves. In her opinion, the new head of state will have to insist on the consideration of the Budapest Memorandum, seeking from the signatories of the countries to return the Crimea and Donbass under the control of Kiev.

There are many true Ukrainian patriots living in these territories who are eagerly awaiting liberation from the enemy. – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian politician

Oreshkin spoke about the closed discussion of the privatization of state-owned companies.

Russian Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said that the Russian government is preparing a series of privatization deals for state-owned companies. Reports about it TASS.

“When you are preparing a deal, it should not be public, you should not discuss with whom we are negotiating,” said Oreshkin.

Kazakhstan proposed to rename the country

The deputy of the lower house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan (Mazhilis) Azat Peruashev suggested that Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev change the official name of the state from the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Kazakh Republic.

BuzzFeed published sketches of Trump Tower in Moscow

The BuzzFeed material was published after Donald Trump’s attorney Rudolf Giuliani said in an interview with The New Yorker on January 21 that the Trump Tower project in Moscow “did not go further than a letter of intent.”

Israeli air forces launched air strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military confirmed an air strike against a Palestinian camp in the Gaza Strip in response to armed attacks from the enclave, the army press service said. Earlier, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israel Air Force had hit targets in the Gaza Strip.

The smallest machine in the world

The American division of the manufacturer of small arms Sig Sauer presented the ultra-compact machine MPX Copperhead. Its length is slightly less than 37 centimeters, the barrel length with a built-in muzzle brake is less than nine centimeters.

The largest maritime exercises in ten years began off the coast of India

The Sea Vigil naval exercises, the most ambitious in the last 10 years, in which about 150 ships take part, as well as 40 airplanes and helicopters, started on Wednesday off the coast of India, the Navy press service told RIA Novosti.

US Army Testing Experimental Howitzer

It is expected that the new mobile 155-mm howitzers can replace the towed howitzers M119 and M777, which are currently in service with the ground forces and US marines. It can be assumed that the name of the howitzer was given in honor of Brut, the former friend of Julius Caesar and one of his killers.

In Tver, about 16.7 thousand people were left without heat supply

About 16.7 thousand people and nine socially significant facilities were left without heat supply in Tver due to the breakthrough of the main pipeline, according to the materials of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Sudden inspections will begin in Russian shopping centers

The Ministry of Emergency Situations proposed to introduce the practice of sudden inspections of objects with a massive presence of people, Interfax reports. The agency also proposes to impose responsibility for fire safety in shopping centers (shopping centers) on management companies.
Theater “School of the modern play” earned after restoration

Now the technical equipment of the theater meets modern requirements – there is everything on the site that would allow to realize the most unusual creative ideas. The first performance will take place on January 25th.

New cars “Moscow” will replenish the fleet of the Moscow metro

New compounds have a through passage through the entire composition and enlarged doorways. In addition, there are special places for wheelchairs in the head cars. The capacity of such trains is 15% higher.

To combat smog in South Korea will apply artificial rain

As stated in the government of South Korea, the first experiment with the “artificial rain” in order to combat smog will be held on Friday, January 25 in the western and southern regions of Kengi province over the Yellow Sea.

Named the largest debtor regions for gas

The total debt of Russian consumers to Gazprom is more than 137 billion rubles. The debts of the population of the Russian Federation to Gazprom for gas supplied amount to about 38 billion rubles

In the Moscow region such debtors 118, their total overdue debt amounts to 7.3 billion rubles. In the Tver region – 66 organizations, the amount – 9.4 billion rubles. In the Perm region – 47 debtors, the amount – 3.5 billion rubles. The full list is available on the Gaprom website.

X5 Retail Group boosts revenue to 1.5 trillion rubles

The revenue of X5 Retail Group (which includes the Pyaterochka, Perekrestok and Karusel networks) by the end of 2018 increased by 18.5% compared to the figure of 2017 and reached 1,525 trillion rubles. This was said in a statement. Group revenue for the IV quarter increased by 17.1%, to 420.8 billion rubles.

The head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation announced the slow solution of the problems of real estate investors

The head of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Yakushev, during his speech at the plenary meeting on Wednesday, January 23, announced a slow resolution of the problems of real estate investors in Russia. According to him, despite all the tools available today, this issue is not resolved promptly enough.

Bank Saint Petersburg has increased its net profit by 49%

Bank Saint Petersburg increased its net profit by 49.2% compared with the result for 2017, up to 6 billion rubles. This was reported in the press service of the bank.

Japan’s exports in December fell at the highest rate since 2016

The fall was the highest since October 2016. Analysts surveyed by Reuters, on average, predicted a decline in exports by only 1.9%. Exports to China, Japan’s largest trading partner, fell 7% year-on-year in December.

Debt of Crimea enterprises for electricity

The presence of debt for energy consumed can have irreparable consequences for the economy of the Republic of Crimea. This opinion was expressed at the meeting of the Government of Crimea, reports the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“The total amount of overdue accounts receivable of enterprises for the consumed electric energy is 1 billion 352 million 392 thousand rubles. Among them are federal budget organizations, enterprises subordinated to the ministries of the Republic of Crimea and municipal administrations, private enterprises providing public utilities and other, ”said Deputy Head of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Igor Mikhailichenko

The total amount of debt of municipal enterprises is 246 million 387 thousand rubles. The enterprises’ debts for the supplied natural gas and the services rendered for its transportation amount to 189 million 736 thousand rubles, of which about 42 million are the debts of municipal organizations.

FSB began searching the fighters of the Ukrainian National Battalion in the Crimea

In Crimea, regional FSB officers conduct searches in the homes of two soldiers of the so-called Noman Chelebigihan battalion established in Ukraine. The press service of the UFSB reports

Investigators are interested in funding the film “Holiday”

The director of the film “Holiday” Alexey Krasovsky said that the police are looking for sources of financing the film. Krasovsky suggests that the investigator does not believe that the director could have shot The Holiday with his own money. The director said that he ignored the call for questioning.

“Let them lead by force,” said the director of Prazdnik, adding that he ignored not only agendas, but also calls.

Netflix accepted into the Association of Filmmakers

The Netflix streaming service was the first Internet company to receive membership in the Motion Picture Association of America. Reports about this building Variety.

The son of James Gandolfini will play Tony Soprano

The performer of the role of young Tony Soprano in the prequel of the popular television series “Clan Soprano” will be the 19-year-old son of James Gandolfini Michael. Reports the edition about it People.

Carrie will be alone again

The creators of “Sex and the City” announced the start of filming the third part of the cult picture. True, without Samantha Jones performed by Kim Cattrall. One of the reasons was that Kim did not manage to get along with her colleagues, and she also refused to put up with the fact that she was paid much less than Sarah Jessica Parker. The remaining actors will continue to work on the show.

The head of Xiaomi showed the first folding smartphone

The President of the Chinese company Xiaomi, Lin Bin, on Wednesday, January 23, posted a video on his page on the Weibo social network, in which he uses a folding smartphone.

Samsung has created the world’s first 15.6 UHD OLED display for laptops

The company Samsung Display announced that it is ready to start mass production of the world’s first 15.6-inch UHD displays based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). New panels are designed for use in laptop computers.

Laptop-transformer Acer Chromebook Spin 512 is equipped with 12 screens

The Chromebook Spin 512 Transformer cover with a touchscreen rotates 360 degrees; pen control is supported. On the Chromebook 512, the cover can be opened 180 degrees; customers will be offered versions with and without touch control.

In Gmail, you can now cross out the text and download letters

Downloading is done in .EML format, which is supported by many other mail services and clients. Such a letter can be viewed along with attachments in third-party clients. All these innovations will be available within a few days for users of the Gmail service.

WeChat shows debtors by geolocation

Deadbeat mini-program was developed by order of the Supreme People’s Court of China, which allows WeChat users to see citizens who are on the black list of debtors.

Service Deadbeat Map reveals not only the location, but also the names and offenses of citizens from the black list of debtors. If many defaulters are concentrated around the user, the system reports a red “danger level”. If there are fewer, then about orange, yellow or blue. The government hopes that public reprimand will force them to repay debts and take care of their reputation.

Google understands when a domain owner changes

Google knows when a domain owner changes. A Google employee under the nickname Aaseesh advises not to buy domains, if the only purpose of the purchase is search traffic from the old domain.

Dolly the creators of the sheep want to create flu-resistant chickens

Employees of the Roslinsky Institute in Scotland, famous for creating the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep, plan to use the promising CRISPR genetic editor to change the chicken genome

Courier robots deliver food and coffee to American students.

Miniature robots deliver food or coffee to American students in just 15 minutes. The customer can specify the exact place where the courier robot will have to bring the products. Robotic trolleys already have “sponsors”, well-known retail chains provide food for couriers

Google launches Asia’s first clean energy project

Google has announced a long-term agreement for the purchase of a 10-megawatt solar battery in the city of Taiwan, Asia. Thus, Google launches the first project “Clean Energy” in Asia.

The color of dragonfly wings tied to temperature

The wings of dragonflies have a particular color, based on the maintenance of a certain temperature from the outside. This feature was noticed by scientists from the University of Case. They believe that perhaps this factor will determine some other bright colors in birds.

Liner A320 recognized unsuitable for distributed propulsion systems

As a result of computer simulation, researchers found that in its current form, the A320 airliner and aircraft of this configuration are unsuitable for flying with distributed hybrid propulsion systems.

Belarusian Antarctic station will be year-round

The last resource reserve of humanity on the planet, as scientists sometimes call Antarctica, will begin to make habitable on a permanent basis and year-round expeditions of Belarusian polar explorers. This was announced on January 23 by the head of the National Academy of Sciences Vladimir Gusakov, BelTA informs

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