24 Jul, 2018

Russian cars will be put on military records

Civilian cars, primarily SUVs, will be put on military records.

This was reported to Izvestiya by the Ministry of Defense.

According to the document, cars can be temporarily mobilized for the needs of the army, until new cars come from the reserves stores.

The military will give preference to the family of domestic SUVs, but if they are not enough, then the case will be foreign, even luxury cars like Toyota Prado or VW Touareg.

Owners will be paid compensation for using their cars.

In the fighting the cars will not participate.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


The lawyer beaten in the Yaroslavl colony left for a “safe place”

The initiator of the publication of a video about torture in the Yaroslavl colony, attorney Irina Biryukova, told RIA Novosti that she is now in some kind of safe place with her family.

Deputy head of the FSIN has stated about provocations from the side of the beaten prisoner

The prisoner Evgenie Makarov, beaten up in the colony No. 1 in Yaroslavl, whose video of torture was published on the Internet, himself tried to provoke the employees of the correctional institution. This was stated by the deputy head of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) Anatoly Rudy.

CEC receives documents on possible referendum on retirement age

The Central Election Commission received documents concerning a possible referendum on raising the retirement age, CEC Secretary Maya Grishina said, Interfax reports. According to her, the commission received the documents last week, they were sent by the Moscow City Council

Debtors on alimony offered not to allow for driving exams

The bailiffs offered to limit the debtors on alimony in passing the exams for the driver’s license. This was stated by the chief judicial officer of Russia Dmitry Aristov. “I believe we should follow the path of limiting the personal non-property rights of debtors,” Tass quotes Aristov.

The court ordered the “interlocutor” to delete the article on “free labor” in the colony

The court in Moscow ordered the publication “The Interlocutor” to refute some of the statements of the article on the conditions of work of prisoners in the Nizhny Novgorod correctional colony No. 2. This was reported by RIA Novosti

The FSB did not associate the matter of state treason with the current director of the Central Research Institute

Earlier, Roskosmos said that the case of high treason was connected with the events of 2013. On suspicion of state treason, a 74-year-old employee of the Central Research Institute of Oil and Gas, Viktor Kudryavtsev

Russians are against the tax on Internet purchases

More than 90 percent of Russians were not ready to order goods in foreign online stores, subject to the reduction of the duty-free entry threshold to 200 euros. This is stated in the study of the holding company “Romir”, available at “Lentee.ru”.

Putin offered to give teachers a bonus of 200 thousand rubles

A total of one thousand such bonuses are supposed to be distributed. The corresponding draft of the document is now at the general discussion on the website of draft normative legal acts. The prizes will be distributed on a competitive basis.

Residents of Severouralsk who have remained without water are going to a rally

In Sverdlovsk Severouralsk, local residents are preparing a rally in connection with the situation with providing the city with drinking water. Activists are going to hold it on August 4. The notice has already been submitted to the mayor’s office. Now the citizens are waiting for an answer.

Recall, the water in the city water pipeline arrives. But you can not drink it. On the morning of July 23, the turbidity rate was exceeded three or more times. The color index is within the norm.

In Mordovia consecrated places of mass bathing

In Mordovia, Orthodox priests perform ceremonies for the consecration of places for mass bathing. This practice first appeared in the republic in the summer of 2017. A representative of the clergy reads a moleben on the shore, bypasses a reservoir with a censer, sprinkles the beach with water and a rescue post.

The Ministry of Health promised to release new drugs to treat cancer

The Ministry of Health of Russia is preparing to release new drugs to combat cancer. This was told by the Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin (the text of their conversation leads the Kremlin website).

In Berlin, unknown people set fire to two homeless people

The incident occurred at night on Sunday, July 22, at the railway station “Shenevaide”, where the city electric trains stop, in the Treptow-Kepenik area. Visitors to one of the eateries opposite the station saw two men without a permanent residence, who were embraced by fire.

Moscow became the leader of the UN rating for providing online services

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, on the victory of the capital in the UN rating for providing citizens with electronic services.

This is a recognition of what has been done in recent years … This is a very good result, because it is expensive to win other cities in this competition, it is a recognition that you paid and pay close attention to electronic services that help to live a very large number. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Forecast of the population of Russia

The average version of Rosstat’s forecast implies that by 2036 the population of the country will decrease to almost 146 million people (that is, in the current version of the document its number is 1 million less than in the past), and low – to 137 million people (also 1 million less ).

The miners went on a hunger strike in Transbaikalia

To problems with flooding in Transbaikalia problems with gold miners of Darasunsky mine were added. According to the newspaper “Vechorka”, 60 miners went on a hunger strike because of their non-payment of wages for the last three months – May, June and July.

Citizens will be allowed to make inquiries about used cars through the site of state services

The Ministry of Economic Development supported the bill of the Ministry of Finance, which implies that citizens will have access to the register of movable property through the portal of state services, Izvestia was told in the press service of the ministry. This will allow Russians and banks to quickly check the legal “cleanliness” of cars: the process will take several minutes, not days, experts say. Banks will be quicker to issue loans for the purchase of used cars, and citizens – to sell them to each other.

The government announced measures to improve the quality of life of Russians

First of all, care is needed for the health of the people of the older generation. This means that all possible health problems should be sought to identify in the early stages. To do this, the scales of medical examination, dispensary observation should be increased. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician


Omsk poisoned with a substance that causes cancer

The concentration of ethylbenzene in air was exceeded 13 times. On the night of 18 to 19 July, residents of the Soviet District complained of an unpleasant chemical smell. Later it was found out that the citizens were poisoned with ethylbenzene – a toxic substance that causes cancer

Residents of the Kaluga region are forced to drink water with strontium

In the tap water of the Kaluga region, Rospotrebnadzor found strontium, which is dangerous for human health. This was announced on July 23 at a meeting of the regional government, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

For harmful emissions will be traced with the help of counters

From the first of January, 300 main polluting enterprises will start installing automatic devices for recording harmful emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into the water

Supervisory authorities and citizens will have access to information on the state in the areas of waste management, air quality, drinking water, air emissions and industrial discharges, soil conditions, radiation background.

Krasnoyarsk suffocates in smelly haze

According to the site of the Central Siberian UGMS, the NMU regime in Krasnoyarsk has not been introduced, which means that enterprises can operate in normal mode and release into the atmosphere smelly emissions. A similar situation developed in Krasnoyarsk a week ago – the city was covered by a frightening gray haze.

Because of fires smoke in Bratsk exceeds the norm by 3-6 times

In Bratsk there is smoke. According to the results of the research, the excess in the ambient air of the maximum permissible concentrations by the content of suspended solids from 3.4 to 6 times is recorded. Normally the concentration of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide.

The smell of summer: the center of Theodosia “fragrant” sewage

At the height of the tourist season in Feodosia again “fragrant” sewage. As the correspondent of RIA Novyi Den reports, in the past days the persistent characteristic smell was not only on the city embankment, but also along Galereynaya Street up to the Green Museum.

In Nizhny Tagil, an environmental disaster is brewing

In Nizhny Tagil, which is rotting the year, reservoirs die, the fish are killed by parasites, and from the faucets comes the brown water with a disgusting smell. The fact is that for drinking needs of 360 000 of its inhabitants the city takes water from two ponds: Verkhnevoysky and Chernoistochinsky.

Water from the first reservoir enters homes without any cleaning, generously pumped with chlorine as a disinfection, and the treatment facilities are simply absent.

As for the Chernoistochinsky pond, of which about 43% of subscribers are supplied with water, the treatment facilities are there and even work, but an ecological catastrophe is brewing in the reservoir itself. Gradually it becomes a swamp – with all the ensuing consequences. The abnormal growth of blue-green algae, decaying at the bottom, kills animals and changes the ecosystem.


Medvedev spoke about the amount of financing for the national project “Demography”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the total amount of funding for the national project “Demography” will be more than 3.5 trillion rubles. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The money is very large. Therefore, each proposal in the national project “Demographics” should be aimed at maximum effect. This, in fact, concerns any of our projects. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

“Rosneft” requires 89 billion rubles from the participants of the Sakhalin-1 project

“Rosneft” filed a claim to the Arbitration Court of the Sakhalin Oblast for 89 billion rubles. to the companies-participants of the international oil and gas project “Sakhalin-1”.

The Finance Ministry will expand the range of banks selling “national bonds”

The Ministry of Finance will increase the number of agent banks selling federal loan bonds for the population (OFZ-n). This was stated to journalists by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak. According to him, the Post Bank and Promsvyazbank will sell OFZ-n.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation tends to issue eurobonds in dollars in 2018

In June, First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Ministry of Finance will return to the issue of entering the external debt market in autumn, expects to place a second loan by the end of this year and thus implement plans to place Eurobonds for $ 3 billion during 2018

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised the reserve requirements for foreign currency deposits

Since August 1, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has increased its mandatory reserve requirements for hard currency deposits to 7.0%, non-resident legal entities and other liabilities by up to 8.0%, to 8.0%, the regulator said.

The Bank of Russia will keep the rate at 7.25%

July 27, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Russia on monetary policy.

Russia’s external debt fell to 32% of GDP by the end of March

By March 2018, the share of external debt in Russia’s GDP was 32%, the Central Bank of Russia said. For the year the indicator decreased by 6 percentage points. The current level is considered risk-free (risky – from 50% of GDP).

Authorities refused to impose excise tax on hookah mixture

Earlier it was reported that this bill could introduce excise duty on hookah mix in the amount of 457 rubles. for 1 kg.

Vekselberg will receive a contract for turbines for incineration plants

Vendors of Vekselberg RT-Invest and Atomenergomash will select a subcontractor for the delivery of turbines for incineration plants within a month, the general director of RT-Invest, Andrey Shipelov, told RBC. The cost of turbines is included in the contract, explained in the press service of “daughter” of “Rostecha”

The Turkish Stream operator started work on the coastal area

The Turkish Stream operator TurkStream began work in the coastal zone near the Turkish village of Kiyykei, the company said.

Novak and Zangane discussed the participation of Russian companies in Iranian projects

“The parties discussed the implementation of the road map for Russian-Iranian cooperation in the energy sector, the possibility of participation of Russian oil and gas companies in a number of mining projects in the territory of Iran, cooperation in joint infrastructural gas projects, as well as cooperation in multilateral formats – through OPEC and GECF,” – the report says.

Gazprom Neft wants to sell mature fields in YaNAO

PJSC Gazprom Neft wants to sell the Sredne-Itursk oil field in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The sources in the industry told the newspaper Kommersant.

Saudi Arabia intends to participate in the projects of Yamal

Russia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sergei Kozlov, said that Riyadh is interested in developing gas projects in Yamal and wants to enter the stake. At a meeting with the governor of YaNAO Kozlov noted that cooperation between the two countries could be carried out in the form of public-private partnership.

Turkmenistan increased gas supplies to China by almost 20%

To date, Turkmenistan is the largest supplier of pipeline gas to China’s energy market.

Non-ferrous metals tend to grow

Three-month contract for copper completed the official part of the auction at more than 6147 dollars per ton (+ 82 dollars). Metal reserves on the stock exchange decreased by 1150 tons, to 255.325 tons. The contract for nickel with delivery after 3 months increased in price by 235 dollars, to 13 530 dollars per ton.

Gazprom Neft Increased Motor Fuel Production by 13% in I Half-Year

The main growth was for diesel fuel and high-octane gasoline Euro-5, the total production of which increased by 13.6% (to 4.29 million tonnes) and 12.5% (up to 3.52 million tonnes), respectively.

The Accounting Chamber of Russia will conduct a comprehensive audit of RSC Energia

The Accounting Chamber of Russia will conduct a comprehensive audit of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the press service of Roskosmos, Vladimir Ustimenko.

Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences was in the middle of another scandal

The State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) of China requires not only to curtail production, but also to withdraw from the company a certificate of good manufacturing practice and an international license for the production of medicines.

Such a reaction followed after the inspection of the enterprise, which revealed a forgery of production data and violations of government quality management standards.

At $ 35 billion rose the crypto-currency market in July

On Monday, July 23, the total capitalization of the digital money market reached $ 286 billion. Three weeks ago, it was below $ 253 billion. During this time, the price of bitcoin increased by $ 1,400, today the coin rate again exceeded $ 7,700, then rolled back.

Russians began to take more consumer loans

The demand for large consumer loans – for more than 500 thousand rubles – is growing in Russia. In the second quarter of this year, they took more by 37%. This is stated in the data of the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI), which Izvestia got acquainted with.

Moscow entered the world’s top three in terms of the number of start-ups

More than half of startups successfully attract investments. As a result, Moscow ranks third in the number of technological start-ups, second only to New York (6.3-7.8 thousand) and London (4.3-5.9 thousand).


We will never trust Russia and Putin

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that the United States will never make friends with Russia. At the same time, she noted that she was satisfied with the policy of the administration of the White House in relation to Moscow. This was told by an American diplomat during an interview with CBN News.

“We do not trust Russia, we do not trust Putin, we will never [trust],” the diplomat said. “They will never become our friend.” It’s just a fact. “

WSJ: Russian-connected hackers gain access to US power system

The hackers allegedly associated with Russia in 2017 managed to gain access to computers of the US energy infrastructure. At their disposal could be tools for massive outages of electricity in the country, reports The Wall Street Journal referring to the federal authorities.

Italian Foreign Minister supports sanctions against Russia

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Enzo Moavero-Milanese, made a statement regarding the anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union. Italy has always had a special position in relation to Russia. The politicians of this country have repeatedly stated that the anti-Russian restrictions are harmful to all parties.

Yemen asked Putin to help stop the civil war

The chairman of the Supreme Political Council of the Khusit people, Mahdi Al-Mashat, sent a telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin requesting help to end the civil war on the territory of the country, according to the Yemeni news agency SABA

Putin and Pashinyan discussed by phone the Unified Energy System

Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone discussed issues concerning the Eurasian Economic Union and bilateral cooperation with the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, the Kremlin’s press service said on Monday.

Trump said that he did not make concessions during his meeting with Putin

US President Donald Trump said that he did not make concessions during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

When you hear the false media talking in a negative light about my meeting with President Putin and about what I refused, remember, I did not give up anything, we just talked about future benefits for both countries. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Return Syrian refugees to their homeland

The interdepartmental coordination headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has worked out the procedure for working with returning Syrian refugees, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the National Center for Defense Management of the RF, said on Monday.

Two-thirds of the Germans supported the Nord Stream-2

The sociological institute Forsa conducted a survey, according to which 66% of respondents spoke in favor of the construction of the “Nord Stream – 2”. 23% of respondents opposed the gas pipeline. In their opinion, the project will increase the dependence of the FRG on Russia.

“Normandy Four” will discuss the idea of holding a referendum in Donbass

The “Norman Four” politicians will meet in Berlin in late July. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” referring to the State Secretary of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Grigory Karasin.

The European Commission announced its intention to defend “fair trade”

The European Union is defending the world free, open and fair trade, European Commission spokeswoman Margaritis Skinas said at a briefing on Monday.

Foreign Ministry of China announced that Beijing is not afraid of threats from Washington

July 20 in an interview with CNBC Trump said that if China continues to take retaliatory measures, the increase in duties will affect all goods imported into the US from China.

“The case against prosecutors and judges”: Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Russia of pressure

The Russian Federation exerts pressure on Lithuania because of a criminal case against prosecutors and judges involved in the trial of events in Vilnius in January 1991

Trump urged to bring to responsibility “gang of Obama”

President of the United States Donald Trump said that the responsibility for the “fake dossier about him” should be borne by the Ministry of Justice, the FBI and the entire “gang” of former President Barack Obama


In the US, they decided to extend the ban on military cooperation with Russia

The US Congress intends to extend the ban on cooperation between the US and Russia at the level of the Ministry of Defense. This is evidenced by the reports prepared by the committees on the Armed Forces of the Senate and House of Representatives.

DPRK began dismantling key facilities at the Sohe firing range

The dismantling of key facilities at the Sokh test missile range began in the DPRK. To such conclusions came the research team at the Johns Hopkins University, which studied satellite imagery of the test site, reports Reuters

Anti-terrorist exercises will be held in the Kerch Strait

The theoretical part of the exercise “Vortex-MED 2018” was held the day before. Representatives of various law enforcement agencies are involved in them: the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Rosgvardia, the Black Sea Fleet, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service and border guards

A group of NATO ships entered the port of Odessa

“The ships of the NATO Permanent Joint Naval Group SNMG-2 and the Permanent Mine Action Group SNMCMG-2 went to the port of Odessa,” the message said. According to the information of the Ukrainian Navy, there are frigates of the Navies of the Netherlands, Turkey and Romania in the port

Russian actor Pashinin told about the pleasure of war

Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin, who takes part in the armed conflict in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine on the side of Kiev, told the journalist Sonia Koshkina that she enjoys a tremendous pleasure from participating in the battles. A video of the interview with Pashinin was published on YouTube.

Israel struck a new missile defense system on Syrian missiles

The launch of Syrian missiles and Israeli anti-missile systems has activated numerous warning sirens in the north of Israel, including in the cities of Safed and Katsrin.

The commanders of units in the Russian Federation were offered to return the right to arrest soldiers

The leadership of the military police considers it expedient to return commanders of military units the right to arrest soldiers.

We all perfectly understand that the soldiers are fine, but there is one, as they say in Russia, a black sheep, which spoils the whole herd, and there is nowhere to isolate it even for the commander under the law. – Victor Bondarev, Russian military leader

Ukraine is preparing for a large-scale military operation in the Donbass

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, by decision of the command, are preparing for the Donbass to resume the active phase of combat operations. Such a statement in the course of the briefing was made by the head of the press service of the People’s Militia Office of the People’s Republic of Finland, Yakov Osadchy.

Israeli Air Force attacked Palestinians who launched burning balloons

The Israeli military attacked in the Gaza Strip a group of Palestinians who launched balloons with combustible substances across the border, the army press service said.

Canada will supply Ukraine with sniper rifles

The contract for the delivery of sniper rifles was concluded by a Canadian company with Ukraine, at the moment the Canadian government is expected to sign a permit for the export of weapons. This is written by RIA Novosti referring to the words of the deputy from the opposition Conservative Party of Canada, James Bezan.

Iran launches serial production of air-to-air missiles

In Iran, serial production of medium-range air-to-air missiles began. As reported by the Press TV channel, the missile, known as “Fakoor-90”, is installed on all types of fighters, including Iranian F-14 fighters. It is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 100-150 kilometers.

South Korea reduces the number of security posts on the border with the DPRK

The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Korea intends to reduce the number of guard posts in the demilitarized zone on the border with the DPRK. This was reported on Tuesday by the agency Reuters

The number of US military in 177 countries is announced

At the “advanced base in 177 countries” are more than 300 thousand US military, which, according to the general, “can fulfill all the obligations” of Washington to the allies. He assured that the US troops “have a competitive advantage over any potential enemy,” Tass reports.


A stone weighing 100 kg fell out of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, from the Wailing Wall fell a large stone, reports Associated Press. The collapse occurred in the area for visitors, no one was hurt. It is noted that the weight of the stone is about 100 kg.

In Moscow, the possible cause of a fire in the school

The violation of technology during repair work could cause a fire in the school in the center of Moscow, told RIA Novosti on Monday curator of the educational organizations of the Central District Alexander Tverskoy.

The office of the online store “Player.ru” was searched

In the office of the online store of electrical equipment “Player.ru” in the south of Moscow were searched. This July 23, TASS reported, citing a source in law enforcement. “Law enforcers remove accompanying documents for goods and electronics,” the source said.

The governor of Ankara denied the information about the explosion

The governor of the province of Ankara Ercan Topadzha denied the information about the explosion in the Turkish capital, saying that the rumor sound was associated with testing the aircraft

The number of victims of the arrow in Toronto has increased to two

Three people, including the attacker, died as a result of shooting in the Canadian city of Toronto, the Associated Press reported on Monday referring to a representative of the local police. Earlier it was reported about the death of an arrow and one of the wounded.

Cotton on the Volga ship-repairing yard: three were lost, four were injured

The victims received burns and shrapnel wounds. On the fact of cotton air-gas mixture SK SK RF organized a check. The explosion occurred during welding operations on an unexploited barge.

FSB liquidated the channel for the supply of arms from EU countries to Russia

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and Rosgvardia, suppressed the activities of the interregional criminal group among the residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl, involved in organizing the channel for the supply of firearms from the EU countries to the Russian Federation,” the website of the agency said.

Drowned by completing the quest

“Investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the CBD conduct a pre-investigation check on the death of a young man born in 1999 on the lake in Nalchik on July 21,” the press service of the investigation department of the Kabardino-Balkaria said.

The Italian, who drove drunk on horseback, was deprived of his driver’s license

Italian police detained a drunken man on a street in the northern city of Ivrea, who was riding a horse on the roadway, was fined and selected motor rights, local newspapers reported.

In Yakutia, due to the rise in the river level, the federal highway

In Yakutia on the federal highway A-331 “Viluy” in Myrninsky district, traffic for all modes of transport was temporarily banned. This is reported by the press service of the FCU “Uprdor Viluy.” The main line had to be closed due to the rising water level in the Malaya Botuobuya River.

Narodokarona Shorty’s comrade escaped from prison through the main entrance

The Mexican authorities admitted that two dangerous criminals fled the prison in the north-east of the country: Julian Paredes and Carlos Igueru. Paredes was considered the chief treasurer of drug lord Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed Shorty. The latter led the Sinaloa clan, and now awaits trial in the United States, reports El Pais.

In Belgium there was an emergency shutdown of the reactor at the nuclear power plant

Emergency stop of the second reactor due to electromechanical breakdown occurred at the nuclear power plant Tihange in the south of Belgium. This was announced on Monday in a communiqué by the company operator of Electrabel station. She specified that the accident does not pose a threat to people and the environment.

The man with the knife wanted to attack the guard of honor in Canada

At the building of the Canadian parliament in Ottawa, an armed man was detained. The incident occurred at 10:15 local time during the ceremony of changing the guard of honor. Policemen drew attention to a 24-year-old guy who behaved suspiciously


The first teaser of the reality show “Married to Buzov” appeared on the web

Very soon the show “Married to Buzov” starts, and the long-awaited teaser of the future premiere appeared on the Net. In the course of the video, Olga explains why she decided to become the main character of the new reality.

Sergei Shnurov twisted the affair with a friend of Matilda

The artist meets with Nika Belotserkovsky. After the divorce from Matilda, Sergei Shnurov again happy in the relationship. According to StarHit’s information, the rock musician began to meet with Nika Belotserkovsky.

The former husband of Dana Borisova allowed her to take her daughter

The former husband of Dana Borisova allowed her to take her daughter. 10-year-old Polina lived with her father, while the TV host struggled with heavy dependence. The daughter of TV presenter Dana Borisova and businessman Maxim Aksenov, 10-year-old Polina will live with her mother again.

Gauguin Solntsev shared a frank photograph of his 63-year-old wife

Gauguin published on his Instagram page a joint photo with his 63-year-old wife Catherine. A woman lies in the arms of her husband in a pink bathing suit. The 37-year-old showman signed the picture very gently.

Jolie gave his wife Clooney pejorative nickname

The side of her husband was Amal. The lawyer strongly supported Brad, especially during the proceedings in the case of custody of children. Clooney’s wife was so outraged by Jolie’s behavior that she called her insane in her heart.

Buzov boasted a ring on an unnamed finger

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova laid out in Instagram a photo of her ring finger with an expensive ring. Subscribers decided that she had an engagement. “I’m in my favorite work,” a photograph was signed, but not a word was said about the ring.

Pregnant Alena Rapunzel attacked her own sister

Apparently, stress had a strong impact on her mental state, as recently pregnant Alena Rapunzel attacked her own sister. At first, she quarreled with Dmitri Dmitrenko, accusing him of saying something to her, and promised to “kick him out” of the project “by the scruff of the neck.”

Tanya Tereshina, 39, a former Hi-Fi soloist, is getting married for the first time

Tanya Tereshina shared the joyful news: she is preparing to go for the first time under the crown. The chosen candidate of the 39-year-old singer was a businessman named Oleg. The couple have been together for several years and, according to the ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi group, her lover got along very well with her 5-year-old daughter Aris.

Ex-wife of the singer Roman Zhukov got into a fight with her rival on the air of the show

The ex-wife of the singer Roman Zhukov got into a fight with her rival on the air of the show – she grabbed her hair until she was dragged out by the transfer staff.

Lisa Monetochka fell from the tree during the filming of the clip

During the trip with the singer, an unpleasant incident happened, which the indefatigable optimist turned into a joke and a farce. The actress decided to effectively walk through the log, imitating Michael Jackson, and no less effectively fell from him.

The expert ridiculed Sobchak for advertising “hydrogen” water

TV presenter and blogger Xenia Sobchak advised her subscribers in the social network Instagram special “hydrogen” water. Expert doubted the knowledge of the TV host on this issue

Heidi Klum shared a piquant photo

As one of the fans noticed, it turned out a photo in the style of the well-known heroine of the cartoon film Rapunzel. 45-year-old Heidi can afford not to hide anything.


Star of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Chris Pratt supported the director Gunn

The network has a petition in support of Gunn, who has already collected more than 160,000 signatures. Many Hollywood stars have come out in support of Disney’s director Jasmine Gunn.

Film debates Lady Gaga will be shown at the Venice Film Festival

The premiere of Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut “The Star was Born”, the main roles in which he sang and the singer Lady Gaga, will be held August 31 at the 75th Venice Film Festival, the press service of the film review. Lady Gaga plays a young talented singer in a remake of a 1937 painting.

Netflix showed the first trailer of the new series from the creator of the “Simpsons”

American television channel Netflix laid out the first trailer for the new series “Disappointment” from the author of the popular show “The Simpsons” Matt Graining.

The main mystery of the final season of the “Game of Thrones”

In the eighth season of the television series “Games of Thrones” there will be no characters familiar to spectators.

According to the newspaper Metro, the action of the final season will unfold a thousand years before the events that were described in the previous parts of the series. The script of the project is based on two parts of George Martin’s “Song of Ice and Flame”, which were not previously published.

According to the journal The Hollywood Reporter, the prequel will tell you how the White Walkers appeared, revealed the secrets of Västerås, and how the Stark house was born.

“Fixiki” raised more than $ 1 million abroad

In Mexico, “Fixic” kept at the box office for two months. In September, sales of the sequel of the cartoon will start in Toronto. Earlier the cartoon was shown in Turkey, the Baltic States and Bulgaria.

At the Comic-Con showed the trailer continuation of the “Vikings”

In San Diego from 19 to 22 July there was a festival of popular culture Comic-Con. Within the framework of the festival the trailer of the fifth season of the series “Vikings” was shown.

Festival “In short” will open the film “Uchilka: Test”

In Kaliningrad from August 17 to August 19 there will be a short film festival “In short”. The opening film will be the work of Alexei Petrukhin “Uchilka: Test.” The main roles in the short film were played by Irina Kupchenko and Andrei Merzlikin.

Ivan Tverdovsky will make a film about the actress Valentina Tokarska

Director Ivan Tverdovsky presented in the Ministry of Culture at a meeting of the expert council on non-feature film project of a documentary film about People’s Artiste Valentina Tokarska. Tverdovsky asked the Ministry for 3.7 million rubles

“Great equalizer 2” won the musical for ABBA songs

Action “Great Leveler 2” unexpectedly topped the US rental, collecting in the first weekend 35.8 million dollars. Thus, the sequel started better than the original, besides it was the best result among the films created by the director Antoine Fukua

In St. Petersburg opens a festival of low-budget cinema “Pure dreams”

At each session, a master class or a lecture from famous film critics or directors will be held. Recall that for the first time the festival was held in St. Petersburg in 1997. Then the organizers collected low-budget movies from around the world.

NTV television station completed the filming of the detective “The clerical rat”

In St. Petersburg, the shooting of a new detective series of the NTV channel “The Wired Rat” was completed, the main roles in which were performed by Alexei Kravchenko and Konstantin Strelnikov

Six film studios want to film a story about saving children in Thailand

Earlier it was reported that the Christian film studio and Hollywood director John M. Chu want to make films about saving children in Thailand. On June 23, 12 players aged 11 to 16 and their 25-year-old coach were stuck in a flooded cave.

Robert De Niro can play in the new film about the Joker

American actor Robert De Niro can play in the new film directed by Todd Phillips about the Joker, Variety magazine reported. The actor can become a TV presenter, who contributed to the emergence of the Joker.


A new speed record for Hyperloop capsules

A group of developers from Germany has updated its own record, which it established a year ago within the framework of the competition Hyperloop Pod Competition in a closed section of the pipeline near the city of Hawthorne (California).

Created a Russian analogue of the robot Boston Dynamics

Russian departments (which exactly are not known at the moment) were sent to the FPI engineers – the Foundation for Advanced Studies. The task was to develop fast and strong four-legged robots that have the advantages of Boston Dynamics models.

Measure the level of the stress hormone will help patch

A group of scientists from Stanford University has developed a band-aid that helps determine the level of the hormone cortisol. This method allows you to obtain data on the status of a person in real time, according to Science Advances.

A robotic chemist with AI will be able to discover new substances

A robot chemist has already helped scientists find a number of previously unknown reactions – an impressive result was achieved only on the basis of the results of AI training.

A control system for the droning movement of the body

According to the participants in the experiment, the control of the drone with the help of the body tilt is more intuitive than the operation of the fingers with the joystick, and allows you to switch attention to the search for targets and control the situation.

Homemade GM plants will detect dangerous contaminants in the air

Researchers from the University of Tennessee suggested using genetically modified house plants as detectors of harmful substances in the apartment air. Such plants will be able to recognize volatile organic compounds and harmful to health gases, including radon.

Emissions of smartphones are harmful to the development of memory in adolescents

In the course of the experiment, it was found out that the radiation of electromagnetic fields of the radio frequency range had a strong influence on adolescents who hold the phone while talking at the right ear. This has a disastrous effect on the right hemisphere of their brain, which is responsible for imaginative memory.

Oxidizing ocean kills corals and the smell of fish

The level of acidity of the World Ocean for the first time can break the record that existed for 14 million years.

Scientists have suggested scaring elephants with bee pheromones

According to the results of the work, scientists came to the conclusion that elephants are scared off by bee pheromones. In this regard, scientists proposed to scare elephants with bee pheromones, which are safe not only for these animals, but also for humans.

Scientists have found that the neutrino moves slower than light

An international group of scientists was able to determine the speed of neutrino motion. For this purpose, the differences between the arrival velocity of particles and flashes of light of a galaxy located 4 million light-years from the Earth were investigated.

Indoor plants will be able to monitor the cleanliness of the air in the room

Scientists from the University of Tennessee, USA, suggested using home plants to monitor indoor air purity. In their opinion, specially modified indoor plants can serve as a kind of detector of harmful substances in the air


The lost galaxy twin of the Milky Way

It turned out that the deceased galaxy can be called the long-lost twin of the Milky Way.

An enlarged copy of the Milky Way photographed the Hubble telescope

A photo of the galaxy NGC 6744 in the constellation of Peacock published the site of the orbiting observatory “Hubble” (Hubble Space Telescope). This astronomical object is very similar to the Milky Way, in which the Earth is, but almost twice as large and contains many more stars.

Life on the Moon was four billion years ago

An international group of scientists found out that the Moon was not always uninhabited. About four billion years ago, it was possible to find traces of life on it. The results of the research were published in the scientific journal Astrobiology.

NASA published a photo of unusual clouds on Jupiter

NASA has posted pictures of unusual “high-altitude” clouds in the northern temperate zone of Jupiter.

The probe MAVEN first saw proton aurorae on Mars

The spacecraft MAVEN first observed proton auroras on Mars. This allows astronomers to better understand the mechanisms of interaction of the solar wind with the atmosphere of Mars and other planets in the solar system that have gas shells.

Can the universe be flat. If so, how

It is noteworthy that some scientists say that the universe can be flat. But this does not mean that it is flat, like a leaf. This refers to the property of three-dimensional flatness – Euclidean (uncorrected) geometry in three dimensions.

The Andromeda Nebula in the past has swallowed a large neighboring galaxy

Astronomers have found evidence that two billion years ago a galaxy close to us, the Andromeda Nebula completely absorbed a large neighboring galaxy, the third largest member of the Local Group.


Sedan Ford Mondeo in Russia received a new version of Business Edition

The company Ford has expanded the range of Modneo sedan for Russia with a special version of the Business Edition. The new version, offering an increased level of comfort at a bargain price, took the place between the Titanium and Titanium Plus trim levels.

Sedan Mercedes-Benz A-class set a record of streamlining

The company Mercedes-Benz announced the premiere of the A-Class sedan for Europe, laying out teaser images with it. Together with this, it became known that the novelty will become the most “streamlined” production car in the world, having an air resistance coefficient of 0.22.

Jeep Commander, along with the prefix Grand lost the third row of seats

Jeep brought to the Chinese market five-crossover Commander, which from its older brother Grand Commander is distinguished by the absence of a third row of seats. On July 23 the magazine “Autorevue” told about the car.

Semi-crossover Seat Terraco presented at a private event

According to unconfirmed reports, the novelty will be built on the modular platform MQB. The engine range of the crossover will include gasoline engines with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 1.4 and 2 liters, as well as a 2-liter diesel power unit. Public display of the new Seat Terraco will be held on September 18 this year

The presence of compulsory motor TPL insurance will be checked by traffic cameras

The project will be tested in Moscow. According to the “Moscow” agency, the metropolitan chambers will begin to check the existence of the MTPL insurance policy automatically. The representative of the CDC confirmed the technical readiness of the system to increase the load.

BMW and Mini recall new cars in Russia

The German automaker BMW recalls 328 cars from Russia due to problems with electricians and brakes, Rosstandart reports. So, under the review 192 BMW cars of series F2, F3, F4, G11, G12, G3x and 23 cars of Mini series F5 / F60, which were released from May to June 2018, fall into the review.

On the web there was a video of the new Audi Q3

Audi has posted a short video about the new model of the Q3 crossover. It will be presented at the official presentation, which will be held on July 25. However, the premiere will take place in the format of the online broadcast, and see the new Q3 will be only in the fall.

Kia showed the interior of the new compact crossover Kia KX1

Kia KX1 is the Chinese version of Kia Stonic. Judging by the photo published by the company, the interior design will be different from Stonic. In particular, the crossover will have a different front panel, a modified climate control unit, and another steering wheel and an information and entertainment screen layout.

Hybrid sedan BMW 7-Series will receive a 390-horsepower engine

German company BMW is preparing to release a hybrid version of its flagship sedan BMW 7-Series. The car will receive the index 745e and a hybrid power unit based on a gasoline turbo engine with a total capacity of 390 “horses”

Honda named the date of the start of sales of the new generation Inspire sedan

Honda announced the date of sales in China for the new generation of the Inspire sedan, known on the Russian market as Accord. According to official data, the first cars will be delivered to Chinese dealers already in October this year.

FAW announced the prices for the updated crossover FAW Besturn X80 for the Russian Federation

To equip the only version of Comfort “old” FAW Besturn X80 at a cost of 1 149 000 rubles approximately corresponds to the new maximum modification Luxe, which with “automatic” and keyless access will cost as early as 1 299 000 rubles. Among other equipment, which is located in the “luxury”, announced electric mirrors, climate control, cruise control, eco leather trimmed salon, electric hatch, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, rear-view camera, rain and light sensors, as well as a multimedia system with a touch screen .

Electrocar Baojun E200 showed a “geometric” design

Model Baojun E100, as it turned out, only opened a line of electric city cars from the enterprise SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling). By the end of the year, its second representative, Baojun E200, will be entering the Chinese market. He spoke in a new language of design, which is officially called geometric.

Crossover Venucia

To increase sales in the Chinese market, a joint venture between Nissan and Donfeng produces new models, including the brand Venucia. In the last quarter, a T60 crossover will be on sale, which will be a fellow T70, built on the basis of the first Qashqai.

Hummer with double pneumatic system

The company Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA) presented the Hummer H1, which is equipped with air suspension and pneumatic seats. Representatives of MSA note that the car was made to order a certain customer. The suspension of the machine is adjustable within 180 millimeters, and the chairs are equipped with heating and ventilation

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