28 Mar, 2019

Russian concept of the Internet of things

Law enforcement agencies, according to Kommersant, should have easy access to data in IoT systems, and to protect the domestic “Internet of Things,” its entire infrastructure should be organized as a closed network physically located in the country.

“Law enforcement officers should be able to access data stored in IoT systems – for example, to carry out operational investigative measures,” said the draft concept, which was prepared by experts from the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Transport.

That is, the so-called “means of operational investigative measures” (SORM) must be connected to the IoT equipment.

Briefly about the main thing …

Check the legality of yoga

Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia Valery Maksimenko, in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets, said that Senator Elena Mizulina appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the legality of yoga in the Moscow detention centers.

“The senator actually sent a letter asking where and how yoga classes are held in Moscow detention centers. Maybe she just wants to know the details and find out if there are any violations of the law (such letters, for example, were received by the FPS from some representatives of the Orthodox churches). We are sure: there are no violations. The experiment itself on conducting yoga in the metropolitan isolators No. 2 (“Butyrka”) and No. 6 (female) was found successful. The service plans to extend it to all of Russia, ”said Maximenko.

Syria has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on the Golan Heights

Syria has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on the Golan Heights, reports Agence France-Presse, citing diplomats.

Trump demanded to send Americans to the Moon in five years

US President Donald Trump instructed NASA to “send people to the Moon in the next five years” by any means “, said Vice President Mike Pence.

The White House’s strategy is to bring American astronauts back to the moon over the next five years. The first woman and the next man on the surface of the moon will be American astronauts sent by American missiles from American Earth. – Mike Pence, American politician

The British government has rejected the requirement to cancel Brexit

“The government will not withdraw article 50. We will respect the results of the 2016 referendum and will work with parliament to approve a deal that will ensure our withdrawal from the European Union,” the cabinet replied.

The statement, which was prepared by the British Ministry of Brexit, was a response to the petition, which was signed by over 5 million people. Supporters of the petition were in favor of a radical course of action – the refusal of Brexit, withdrawal of the application for exit from the EU and preservation of membership in the European Union on the same grounds.

Trump signed a decree on protection against electromagnetic impulses

US President Donald Trump signed on Tuesday the decree “On the coordination of national efforts to protect against electromagnetic pulses” (EMR). This is stated in a press release distributed by the White House.

“President Trump will always do what is necessary to protect Americans. The decree signed today is the first step to create a comprehensive policy to improve protection against electromagnetic impulses, which is another example of how the administration [of the United States] fulfills its obligations to protect against current and future threats” , – noted in the press release.

Trump called media leaders enemies of the people

Popular media are under fire from the critics; they are scorned around the world as corrupt and false. For 2 years, they supported the fallacy of the Russian conspiracy, although they always knew that there was no conspiracy. They really are the enemies of the people and the real party of the opposition. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Poroshenko promised to make Ukraine non-volatile by 2021

As part of the election campaign, the current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, promised his citizens that in 2-3 years the country would become fully energy independent and stop importing gas.

Kremlin experts praised the president for a new personnel policy

The correctness of the new personnel policy, according to experts of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI), is confirmed by the fact that now in all regions where from October 2016 to October 2018 the president appointed new acting governor, positive assessments by the population of the heads of the subjects surely prevail over negative.

Japanese schoolchildren will be taught to consider the Kurils as their territory.

The Japanese government decided to indicate in the schoolbooks of social studies for grades 3-6 the southern islands of the Kuril ridge “their territories.” This is reported by the news agency Kyodo.

Open Russia submitted registration documents to the Ministry of Justice

The leaders of the movement “Open Russia” filed with the Ministry of Justice documents for registration of the Russian public organization of the same name, its chairman Andrei Pivovarov told Novaya.

Trump appointed US Space Forces Commander

The head of the White House, Donald Trump, appointed Air Force General John Raymond to the post of Commander of the United States Space Forces. This was announced to fellow citizens by US Vice President Michael Pence.

The United States did not let representatives of Russia into Rukban

The United States refused to let Russian diplomats, representatives of Syria and international organizations to the “Er-Rukban” camp, reports TASS with reference to a joint statement by the headquarters of Russia and Syria.

In the Russian Orthodox Church opposed the “brownies”

The Archbishop of Kaliningrad and Baltic Seraphim expressed concern over the appearance of miniature house sculptures in Kaliningrad. A representative of the Russian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the head of the region, Anton Alikhanov, which said that the figures of “Khomlinov” (the Baltic analogue of the house-keepers) are popularizing neo-paganism, the Russian West portal writes. The archbishop also noted that such accommodation in the city of such objects discards “the people to the dark ages of paganism and primitive Slavic nationalism.”

The military entered into a shootout on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani military tried to bring their positions closer to the Armenian and opened fire in response to the warning, the Armenian Defense Ministry said. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry denied this information, reporting the death of a soldier in another sector of the front.

The Bundeswehr began upgrading tanks to the version of Leopard-2 A7V

101 The main battle tank Leopard-2 version of the A6M A2 and A6 should be brought to a level similar to the latest version of the Leopard-2 A7V. The goal is to adapt to Leopard-2 A7V in terms of operation and logistics.

Thailand and Indonesia refused to buy Russian “Varshavyanka”

Thailand and Indonesia have decided not to buy Russian diesel electric submarines of the 636 Varshavyanka project, said Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia Mikhail Petukhov at LIMA 2019 in Malaysia.

Venezuela has deployed anti-aircraft installations S-300 in the combat position

Anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 of the Venezuelan army deployed in a combat position at the air base “Manuel Rios” near Caracas. Agency Image Sat International has published satellite photos of rocket launchers.

RF Ministry of Health proposed to introduce universal salt iodization

The Ministry of Health proposes to introduce universal salt iodization in Russia since 2020, the corresponding project has been published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts. It is noted that the problem of the occurrence of diseases associated with iodine deficiency is one of the urgent problems in Russia.

Mother-in-law of the head of “Rostec” was the owner of the penthouse for 2 billion rubles

The mother-in-law of the head of the state-owned corporation Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, turned out to be the owner of the penthouse in a historical mansion in Moscow. The cost of this property is estimated at 2 billion rubles.

Russians were asked not to consider the Rosgvardians as “monsters with a club”

The image of a national guard warrior is not the image of a certain monster with a rubber stick, raging at some events. First of all, these are the people who, under any circumstances, should keep the situation within the law, not to allow shares to escalate into unrest. – Sergey Melikov, Russian General

Worker Sheremetyevo dismissed for indecent gesture

An employee of Sheremetyevo VIP, who showed the middle finger to the client in response to a question about the business hall, was dismissed from the organization. When checking in for the flight, the Aeroflot passenger received a flyer advertising the Rublev business hall.

Pensioner defended the right to single pickets in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Russia sided with Tatiana Dzhinchveladze, a resident of the Tver Region, who was detained for a single picket last summer. The 63-year-old woman was held for two days in a “monkey house” without a mattress and the opportunity to use a normal toilet. Her representative was able to prove in court that the regional law on rallies does not comply with federal law and was not entitled to detain her.

Residents of villages can extend the working day

Women working in rural areas can increase their working hours. Now they work 36 hours a week, not 40, like everyone else, but receive full salary. The question of repealing or maintaining the norm is already being considered by the Ministry of Labor, they confirmed to Izvestia in the department. According to estimates of the publication, an increase in working hours without a pay rise may affect more than 10 million women.

In New York, banned unvaccinated children from visiting public places

In the state of New York, an official ban was imposed on visiting public places for children who did not receive a measles vaccine. Thus, they hope to slow down the largest outbreak of the disease in recent decades.

30 million rubles for the transfer of transport to methane

The government of Tatarstan in 2019 will subsidize part of the costs of residents of the republic who will convert their cars to methane.

NYT: Active consumption of digital services becomes a sign of poverty

Active consumption of digital services is becoming a sign of poverty, said New York Times reporter Nelly Bowles, who specializes in Internet culture and technology. She wrote about this in her author column.

“The richer you are, the more you spend on being behind the scenes,” she writes.

According to Bowles, smartphones and tablets have become cheap on their own, and besides, any activity that can be performed on the screen becomes cheaper. If in the 1980s, the availability of technology was a sign of wealth and power, now, if you are “at the top of the hierarchy,” you do not need to report to anyone, the journalist said.

ROC: there will be no Russians left in Russia by 2050

Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are now dying out. As a Russian state of Russia, 30 years are left. Muslims will live in the European part, and the Asian part will become Chinese. This statement was made by the head of the Patriarchal Commission on Family, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood of the ROC, Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov. Video interview published on his website.

In Russia, increased informal employment

The share of people employed in the informal sector in Russia increased in 2018 and amounted to 20.1% of the total number of employees aged 15 years and older (14.6 million people), according to Rosstat data published this week.
In Chechnya – 64% of the total number of employees.
In Dagestan – 52%.
In Ingushetia and Kabardino-Balkaria – by 48%.
Following are the Crimea (38%), the Stavropol Territory (35%) and Sevastopol (34%).
In addition, a high proportion of informal employment (about one third) was recorded in Buryatia, North Ossetia, Kalmykia, Krasnodar Krai, Altai, Adygea, Ivanovo and Astrakhan regions and in Karachay-Cherkessia.

In Russia, developing fast food for pensioners

The development of recipes for products for the elderly has already begun, Viktor Tutelyan, chief physician and nutritionist at the Ministry of Health, told Izvestia.

Metropolitan slippers only residence

During the press conference, Metropolitan of Saratov and Volsky Longin was asked about the “luxury” that was heard by church officials, and reminded that he “has two luxury residences” and a new Toyota Camry.

“I do not think this car is a luxury. Although this is a good executive car. She purchased in installments. We have passed the previous one. If I drive on our roads in a very simple car, then soon there will be nothing left of it. As for my residences, it is indecent to rent someone else’s housing from a quadrocopter, ”the lord answered. He explained that the house in Pristannoy is the property of the diocese.

“As for the house in Khvalynskiy district, it belongs to the monastery – a couple of times a year I stay overnight there. All the rest of the time there are only my slippers, ”concluded Longin.

Deputies have canceled a discount on travel in public transport

In Kemerovo, local authorities have completely abolished the discount on travel in public transport, according to information and news publication evo-rus.com.

Vice Mayor of Novosibirsk brought a child to kindergarten on the service Camry

According to the NGS website, on the morning of March 27, the official car of the Toyota Camry of the vice-mayor of Novosibirsk, Artyom Skatov, was noticed at a kindergarten on Kholodilnaya Street in Zaeltsovsky District – according to the reader who sent the photos, the person in the photo brought the child to kindergarten.

“Company car <…> Toyota Camry, state number o106o-154, is used for personal purposes. On it carry the child to kindergarten <…>. This car does not come here for the first time. Apparently, every day. As far as I know, in the photo is Artem Skatov, ”the reader said.

Yuzhnouralsk postmen will distribute rubber boots

By the spring season, the Post of Russia purchased 1,200 pairs of rubber boots for the South Ural pensioners and correspondents. Footwear, in which you can comfortably move through the spring puddles, has already entered the post offices of the Chelyabinsk region.

In Bashkiria, forced to quit doctors who laugh at their own salaries

More than twenty employees of the only maternity hospital in the Bashkir city of Salavat were forced to quit on their own, REN TV reports.

“We left 14 doctors, five obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, two out of four,” said Elena Rakhmatullina, head of the obstetric department.

Shuvalov spoke about the conditions for the transfer of Svyaz-Bank to the state

The asset may be transferred at no charge. A free transfer of Svyaz-Bank to the state will be discussed at a meeting of the VEB’s Supervisory Board.

Capital adequacy should be high and meet the standards of the Central Bank, there should not be any problematic or doubtful assets on the Svyaz-Bank balance sheet, all these assets should be transferred to VEB. – Igor Shuvalov, Russian lawyer

Telenor put up for sale 5.7% stake in Veon holding

In 2016, the Norwegian operator sold 163.9 million ADS holding, reducing its stake in VEON (formerly Vimpelcom Ltd.) to 23.7%. In April 2017, Telenor sold 4% of shares for $ 262.5 million, as a result of the transaction, the share fell to 19.7%.

NPF Sberbank unveiled data on investment returns for 2018

According to the results of investment activities, the non-state pension fund of Sberbank in 2018 increased the pension savings of insured persons under compulsory pension insurance by 4.79% per annum, the NPF said.

Bitcoin replaced EOS and XRP

Weiss Ratings in the new report called XRP and EOS the best cryptocurrency. They shifted Bitcoin to the third position in the agency rating. Analysts studied 120 digital coins and assigned each letter marks.

The largest Asian airline bought a low-cost Hong Kong Express

Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong airline, has announced plans to buy Hong Kong Express, a local low-cost carrier. The amount of the transaction will be 4.93 billion Hong Kong dollars (628 million dollars), said in a statement distributed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Net profit of “Tatneft” under RAS in 2018 doubled

Net profit “Tatneft” under RAS in 2018 increased 1.97 times – up to 197.523 billion rubles, according to company reports

Europe began gas injection

European gas companies have completed the season of gas extraction from underground storage facilities and started pumping. After the warm winter this year, the download season started earlier than ever. The legacy of a warm winter is pushing gas prices on European spot markets lower and lower.

World demand for oil increased by 1.3% in 2018

In 2018, global oil demand grew by 1.3%, to 99 million barrels per day. Such data are given in the report of the International Energy Agency.

Topilin did not rule out new measures to support fertility in Russia

Russia has a tendency to reduce the birth rate and additional measures can be taken to solve this problem, said Labor Minister Maxim Topilin during a working meeting in the Federation Council.

I do not exclude that we will propose additional measures for the implementation of the project, everything will depend on how the situation with births behaves. – Maxim Topilin

A consortium involving VTB has become KFC’s main partner in Russia

The VTB Capital Consortium, the Marathon Group and the Arab fund Al Nahdha Investment has become the largest KFC partner in Russia, RBC reports citing SPARK.

The number of billionaires increased 2.5 times in the Middle Urals

Despite the sanctions, the number of ruble billionaires in the Sverdlovsk region has sharply increased. This was stated by the deputy head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region Lidiya Isaeva at a press conference, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

Now in the region there are 18 people with a declared income of more than 1 billion rubles. Data is provided on the basis of the declaration campaign in 2018. The number of billionaires has increased 2.5 times compared with the data for 2017 – then only 7 people could boast of such status.

Kemerovo “Azot” in 2019 will double the financing of the environmental program

A step towards reducing the company’s environmental load on water bodies in 2019 will be the installation of modern fish protection structures at the Azot water intake facility, which will prevent the death of the fauna of the Tom River. The project cost is 12.5 million rubles.

Medvedev announced a new tax for SP

As noted by Medvedev, the Government plans to reduce the tax burden on the IP. To this end, it is proposed to introduce a new tax for entrepreneurs: a tax on trade income. Now it acts as a pilot regime in four regions: Moscow, Moscow region, Tatarstan and Kaluga. And from January 1, the remaining regions should switch to this tax.

“The next task is to reduce the burden on individual entrepreneurs. And you also formulated such a task, about extending the tax on professional income, which today operates only in four subjects, to all other regions of the country since 2020, ”said Medvedev.

In Crimea, searches are conducted on possible members of an organization banned in Russia

FSB, MIA and Rosgvardi units conduct searches in the Crimea with supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation). On March 27, REGNUM news agency was informed in the press service of the UFSB for the Republic of Kazakhstan and Sevastopol.

Nabiullina called the weak spot of the Russian economy

The lack of long-term investments called the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina a weak point of the Russian economy at an expanded meeting of the board of the Ministry of Finance.

It would be wrong if I did not mention the weak point that we still have. This lack of domestic sources of long money. Yes, we have achieved a reduction in the dependence of the exchange rate on the price of oil, but now the role of behavior of non-residents has significantly increased in rate fluctuations. – Elvira Nabiullina, Russian politician

Absolut Bank will sell part of the mortgage portfolio to Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank has not yet entered the top 10 in terms of loans in 2018, taking 11th place (30.3 billion rubles), and remained outside the top 15 in the portfolio. But the bank is increasing its portfolio – from March 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019, it grew almost four times, to 41.4 billion rubles.

The power of China called artificial

The growth of the Chinese economy is caused by an unprecedented level of debt of local companies, according to a report by the research company China Beige Book, from which CNBC cites quotations.

The authors call China’s successes “drawn on paper”, pointing out that they are keeping only on the growing debt load of the business, which the authorities, on the contrary, have recently tried to fight. At the same time, the cost of borrowed funds for companies is growing steadily – in the first quarter of the 2019 fiscal year (from October to December 2018), it increased by more than one percentage point, and now averages 6.9 percent.

Ministry of Finance is not ready to issue Eurobonds in RMB

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation with Chinese colleagues is working to create a platform for issuing Russian Eurobonds denominated in yuan. This was announced to journalists by the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Storchak on the sidelines of the Russian-Kyrgyz interregional conference.

Severstal will place bonds for 15 billion rubles

Total Severstal plans to place the paper for 15 billion rubles. Severstal is always looking for opportunities to raise funds on favorable terms, including for investment projects, a company representative said

Sberbank’s mortgage portfolio for the year increased by 25%

The portfolio of loans to individuals for the results of 2018 showed a record growth of 25.3% year on year and exceeded 6.2 trillion rubles. At the same time, the mortgage loan portfolio grew by 25% over the year and exceeded 3.6 trillion rubles.

Russian authorities are discussing the inclusion of capital costs in the gas transportation tariff

Gazprom, independent gas producers, and federal authorities reached a consensus on how to determine the operating costs of maintaining gas pipelines. What has not yet been decided is the extent to which capital costs are included in the transport tariff. There are many disputes. Therefore, we are awaiting amendments to the law “On Natural Monopolies”, which should streamline approaches to the formation of investment programs. The logic is simple: if the government, having publicly discussed and approved the investment program, decided that the corresponding pipeline system requires certain capital expenditures, it means that these costs should be included in the tariff, “Kozak said in an interview to Kommersant newspaper

The first results of the inventory of oil fields in Russia will appear in the summer

The first results of an inventory of oil fields in Russia will appear in the summer, and by autumn the government will prepare proposals for additional stimulation of oil production, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper.

Saudi oil for the Polish concern Orlen

Within six months, the Polish oil concern Orlen agreed with Saudi Aramco Products Trading Company to purchase 800 thousand tons of oil with deliveries within six months, Orlen reported.

The Ministry of Defense will create its own film studio for filming films about the army

The Defense Ministry plans to create a film studio in the near future for filming feature films about modern Russian Armed Forces, TASS reports, citing the statement by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Netflix’s Perfect Date Trailer

In the story, the main character dreams of studying at Yale University and driving a covered car, but he has no money to fulfill his desires. Therefore, he works in every possible way – he works in a cafe, delivers girls for dates, and then, together with his girlfriends, comes up with an application for fake dates, where the guy plays the role that the girl wants. Director Chris Nelson, starring Noa Sentineo, Laura Marano and Camila Mendez

The Bolshoi Theater will host the Golden Mask ceremony

The Bolshoi Theater will host the Golden Mask award ceremony in honorary nominations, the festival press service reports. This year, 16 artists, directors, musicians, playwrights and critics were awarded honorary awards “For the Contribution to the Development of Theater Art”

The XXIII International Festival of Sergey Kuryokhin SKIF will be held in May

The concept of the festival is based on the ideas of Sergey Kuryokhin, an outstanding Russian composer of the late twentieth century, used by him in the project “Pop Mechanics”. The festival program traditionally includes not only music, but also performances, multimedia, artistic performances and video art.

TV series based on Marcel Proust’s novel “In Search of Lost Time”

French director Guillaume Gallien (“I, My Mother and I Again”, “Marilyn”) will shoot a television series based on Marcel Proust’s novel “In Search of Lost Time”. According to Deadline, these plans were announced at the Series Mania festival in Lille. Several film companies will take part in the production: Federation Entertainment, Cinéfrance Studios and Don’t Be Shy. Three seasons are planned, with eight episodes each.

“I want to not only pay tribute to one of the most beautiful novels ever written, but also to make it a bit of my own,” the director admitted. – The end of the 20th century is a period when time was not yet accelerated. Telephones were still tied to cords, aristocrats still had servants, and my grandmother was alive.

Seeds Faibisovich exhibition in the New Tretyakov Gallery

The first large-scale retrospective exhibition of works dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the artist opens in the New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. The exhibition presents 86 paintings and one video installation. The exhibition will be accompanied by public discussions and meetings with the artist.

The composition of the jury of the XV Kazan Festival of Muslim Cinema became known.

The names of the members of the jury of the XV Kazan Festival of Muslim Cinema have become known. The Kazakh director, screenwriter and actor Serik Aprimov will head the expert commission, the festival press service reports. The jury of the festival this year included filmmakers from 10 countries.

Werner Herzog will play the villain in the series “Mandalorets”

Renowned German director, actor and screenwriter Werner Herzog (Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre, God’s Wrath) opened the veil of secrecy about his role in the series Mandalorets.

“Now it is no longer a secret, but a small part, a very small part of the Mandalorian, the sequel to Star Wars, or whatever you call it. I like to play there because I know that I am good at the screen, but only if I need to play a real villain, ”he said.

The film on the work of Iskander will be removed in Abkhazia

The full-length film based on Fazil Iskander’s work The Childhood of Chick will be shot in Abkhazia, director Aslan Galazov told reporters. In 2018, Aslan Galazov won a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Russia to shoot a film based on the work of Fazil Iskander.

In Chelyabinsk, the spring beat will be played for the seventh time

The “leitmotif” of “Spring beat’a” will be popular music of the twentieth century. It will be opened by the student air guitar championship, which will be hosted by the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture on March 29. Students of urban universities will compete in the skills of an unusual pantomime.

“Black models: from Zheriko to Matisse”

The Paris Museum d Orsay temporarily renamed some paintings. The action is timed to the exhibition “Black models: from Gericault to Matisse.” Pictures received new names in honor of the models and models, whose names the exhibition curators managed to establish. So the famous “Olympia” Edouard Manet briefly renamed the “Laura”.

Exhibition “Van Gogh and Britain”

The exhibition “Van Gogh and Britain” opens in the Tate Gallery. The exhibition contains 45 paintings by the artist, among them the famous paintings “Starry Night over the Rhone”, “The Prisoners’ Walk”, “Alesia” and rarely borrowed “Sunflowers” from the London National Gallery. Complement the exhibition works of Francis Bacon, David Bomberg and other painters.

Huawei Announces Its First Smart Glasses

Huawei’s smart glasses connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology and allow you to listen to music, as well as receive and make calls. In addition, with the help of glasses you can interact with voice assistants.

Russia has developed a concept for the development of the Internet of Things

Specialists of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation intend to approve a new concept for the development of the “Internet of Things” (IoT). The basis of the concept of IoT development in the Russian Federation should be the transparency of the “Internet of Things” for security officials.

The main thing about Russia. In Steam appeared simulator real boy life

Ride on a bear, shoot from Kalash, dance Kalinka and even launch a nuclear missile in the USA – now these are not just dreams of a clear Russian kid. Developer Kavkaz Sila Games announced the release of “Simulator of Russia” and “Simulator seats at the entrance” on Steam. They combine all the stereotypes and memes about Russia that you can think of.

Sberbank customers will be able to change PIN-code via smartphone

Svetlana Kirsanova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, head of the Retail Business unit, announced that users of the Sberbank Online service will be able to change the PIN code of the card in the mobile application.

In the new version of macOS, Google Mail stopped working.

Presumably, the problem appeared in the version of macOS 10.14.4. When you enter your username and password, users are notified that “Google requires completion of authentication in Safari.”

Xiaomi showed a device charging a smartphone in 17 minutes

The new Super Charge Turbo technology charger can charge smartphones with a 4000 mAh battery in 17 minutes. The company demonstrated the possibility of new items in the official video.

Gmail messages will be interactive

The “revitalization” of mail will begin with Google’s own email service – Gmail, namely, its browser version. However, Google has already agreed on the introduction of AMP for Email technology with competitors, including Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Russian Mail.Ru.

Scientists discovered new particles at the Large Hadron Collider

The LHCb collaboration, which is responsible for one of the four main experiments that are carried out with the help of the Large Hadron Collider, reports the discovery of several exotic elementary particles. Physicists, in particular, managed to detect the third pentaquark.

Super Heavyweight Factory Launched

The press service of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia announced the ceremonial launch of the experimental installation of the Cyclotron DC-280 or the Super Heavyweight Factory

In a strange face, the brain sees sex and age first.

An article in Nature Communications says that judging by brain activity during facial recognition, gender and age are first recognized – it takes 60–70 milliseconds. After 30 milliseconds, another person’s identity “reaches”

Scientists were able to recover lost vision with the help of a virus

It turns out that you can return sight with the help of harmful and pathogenic bacteria. The research results are published in the foreign edition of Naked Science. The experiment belongs to scientists from the University of Berkeley.

Differences in the male and female brain begin to form in the womb

Boys and girls are already born different. The researchers found that differences in the brain between the sexes are already forming in the womb. For the first time in the history of science, scientists from New York University Langone have obtained evidence that the differences between the male and female brains are already forming in the womb.

Scientists are close to creating the Terminator T-1000

According to the publication The New York Post, scientists were able to obtain an alloy based on gallium, nickel and iron, which can change shape at room temperature using a magnetic field.

The largest Greenland glacier began to grow again

The growth of the glacier resumed due to the natural cyclic cooling of the waters of the North Atlantic. It is reported that the largest glacier located in Greenland, Jacobshavn after thawing over the past few years, suddenly began to grow again.

Genetics have found that 9 genes affect brow color

The researchers paid attention to 18 genes, called pigmentation genes, which are able to simultaneously affect the color of eyebrows and hair. The MC1R gene acts as well, providing red hair and bright eyebrows. In the “company” of genes, a new C10orf11 was added, which also affects the color of the eyebrows.

Biotechnologies will allow people living today to live to 1000 years

An expert in the field of regenerative medicine, Aubrey de Gray, who conducts research with the support of businessman Peter Thiel, is confident that some of the people who live today will be able to live up to a thousand years. This, as the specialist is sure, will help them rapidly developing biotechnologies.

Fortum has learned to extract deficient metals from lithium-ion batteries

The Finnish energy company Fortum has reached a record high level of recycling of used lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles – more than 80%. For comparison, the industry average is now 50%.

4D materials can be flexible and light.

American scientists using 4D-print created flexible and lightweight materials. They will find application in aircraft engineering, robotics, biomedicine and more. The research results are published in the journal Materials Horizons.

When we talk about 4D printing, the number 4 means not a measurement, but a parameter: 3D-objects acquire superpowers to change their forms or properties that are activated by water, heat or mechanical pressure.

In Zhukovsky, an ekranoplan is designed for movement along main rivers

The development of the construction of an ekranoplan air cushion for year-round movement along the main rivers is carried out within the framework of the research and development work “Highway Integration”

China activates joint space research with Europe

Xinhua on March 25, citing information from the Academy of Sciences of China, announces the launch of a joint Chinese-European project to study the interactions between the solar wind and the earth’s magnetosphere. The project is called SMILE – Solar Wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer

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