11 Oct, 2018

Russian government debt found in California

The main investor in Russian debt securities is the California Firefighters and Police Pension Fund (California Public Employees’ Retirement System, Calpers). Fund investments in the national debt of Russia at the end of June amounted to $ 460 million.

Bloomberg notes that Calpers is the largest US state pension fund and the US Congress will have to take into account the interests of the fund and Californians when discussing new sanctions against Russia.

The list of investors in Russian Eurobonds who disclose this information is headed by the investment company BlackRock ($ 2.526 billion), followed by GAM (almost $ 1 billion), Stone Harbor ($ 586 million) and Allianz ($ 576 million). Top 5 closes Intesa Sanpaolo. The Calpers Foundation was ranked 9th on the list.

The rating agency ACRA previously estimated the share of US investors in Russian sovereign debt at 8%.

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Search for fellow travelers through BlaBlaCar became paid

The BlaBlaCar search service for fellow travelers has changed the conditions for its users since October 10. Those who need to find a car for a trip over a distance of more than 120 kilometers will have to pay for booking a car. The cost of reservation depends on its duration per day or per month.

Rospotrebnadzor closed 63 Moscow cafes “Sushi WOK”

In total, Rospotrebnadzor unscheduled checked 108 network establishments after registering cases of salmonellosis infection in July 2018 after eating sushi and rolls from “WOK Sushi”. As a result of the raid, numerous irregularities were detected in all restaurants without exception.

The most active detectives of extremism will be awarded with smartphones

The Ministry of Communications of Dagestan launched a hotline to search for extremism on the Internet. The most active users have promised to give a new smartphone. This is stated on the official service page.

The most active user hotline will give the iPhone SE 32 GB of memory. The silver medalist will receive a Xaomi Redmi 5 smartphone, and Xiaomi Redmi 4A will be awarded for third place.

Killed in the suburbs of the investigator asked for state protection

An informed source said that the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Shishkin, who had been shot and killed by an unknown person near her home in the village of Arkhangelskoye, Krasnogorsk district, near Moscow, received threats.

“Shishkina, in particular, investigated a criminal case involving fraud with issuing electronic tickets for railway trains,” a source said, noting that the investigator was threatened in this case.

Brazilian Old Believers from Krasnoyarsk Territory are deported to their homeland

Starover Hanofer (Onuphrius) Efimoff Lee Queyros, who arrived at the age of 12 with his mother in Siberia in 1999 from Brazil, will be deported to his homeland. It is reported by TASS with reference to the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Pediatrician from Amur issued a salary in bags of coins

Pediatrician from Priamurye Tamara Golubtsova received part of her salary in bags of coins, the total weight of which was 35 kg. About this reports RIA “News” with reference to local media. Reportedly, the 69-year-old doctor received 21 thousand of 57 thousand in bills, but the rest of the money was given to her in coins.

The mayor of New York has signed the law on the introduction of the third floor in the documents

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said on his Twitter page about a new bill. It is reported that the third gender “X” will appear in the birth certificates.

The European Parliament voted to ban disposable tableware in the EU

The European Environment Committee voted to ban the use of disposable plastic products in the European Union in 2021, reports the European Parliament

Google Maps service caused divorce

A man saw his wife in an embrace with another man in photos in Lima when he planned a route on the map.

Mosenergosbyt sues Polina Deripaska because of debts for electricity

Mosenergosbyt sued Polina Deripaska because of a debt for electricity, RBC reports citing a source. It clarifies that the claim is addressed to P.V. Deripaska, these initials coincide with the name of the wife of businessman Oleg Deripaska. According to the source, we are talking about her.

Charter on healthy living at work

The Russian Ministry of Health signed a charter with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on health protection in the workplace and the formation of a healthy lifestyle (HLS), the TASS correspondent reports.

The penalty for a fake emergency call may increase fivefold

The Moscow City Duma proposed a five-fold increase in the fine for the deliberately false call of firefighters, police or ambulance. Izvestia got acquainted with the relevant bill. Also, the document provides for violators punishment in the form of performing mandatory work for up to 200 hours.

On torture of a prisoner in a prison in Noginsk

A pre-investigation investigation will be carried out on the fact that information about torture has appeared in the media regarding a prisoner in the Noginsk region. It is organized by the investigative department in the city of Noginsk of the Main Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Moscow Region.

Earlier it was reported that in 2017 in the cell of the detention facility, three prisoners used torture against a cellmate. The details of the incident are not given.

In Finland, against the deportation of refugees to Afghanistan

About 18,000 signatures collected a petition to stop the deportations of refugees to Afghanistan, sent to the Finnish Ministry of the Interior, according to Amnesty International. Petition addressed to Finnish Interior Minister Kai Myukkänen

Taxes on property of citizens calculated in a new way

In Moscow and another 27 regions (Tatarstan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara regions, etc.), property tax for individuals for 2017 is calculated based on 60% of the cadastral value and 40% of the inventory value (for BTI) of real estate.

However, this year, the Tax Code was amended to limit the growth of the tax (not more than 10%). So, if the amount of tax for 2017 exceeds the amount of tax for 2016 by more than 10%, the tax will be equal to last year’s payment plus 10%, follows from the explanation of the tax service.


Secretary General of the Council of Europe threatened to exclude Russia from the organization

Russia can be excluded from the number of participants in the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe if it does not begin to transfer contributions to the organization’s budget until the middle of next year. This was stated by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, the words of the policy are quoted by the Ukrainian edition European Truth.

It is absolutely unacceptable to tolerate that a country that is still in the Council of Europe does not pay dues. You can not be half a member of the CE, half is not. Such a situation would be a disaster for the whole convention. – Thorbjørn Jagland, Norwegian politician

Trump criticized the Fed after the fall of US stock indices

US President Donald Trump, against the backdrop of a decline in the Dow Jones industrial index, stated that the Federal Reserve System (FRS), which serves as the US Central Bank, “has gone crazy” and is pursuing a too strict policy.

Trump has promised India a quick response to the purchase of S-400 from Russia

Trump said he was aware of the purchase of India by anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) S-400 from Russia and Delhi “will see” the answer.

India will find out. You will see earlier than you think. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Putin and Trump can meet on Valentine’s Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin and American leader Donald Trump may meet in Finland on Valentine’s Day, reports the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper. The publication notes that the negotiations of the parties have advanced so much that it is a question of choosing dates.

Ukraine suspected of preparing a provocation in the Sea of ​​Azov

Media employees will make a video report on the allegedly “aggressive” actions of the border service of the FSB of Russia. Kiev intends to hold another provocation in the Sea of ​​Azov to discredit the Russian border guards, reports FAN, citing an informed source in the Crimea.

The disappearance of a Saudi journalist in Istanbul. From trump require sanctions

Sanctions against all those responsible for the disappearance of The Washington Post journalist Jamal Hashkadzhi from Saudi Arabia are demanded to introduce US senators from US President Donald Trump, according to the website of Patrick Leahy, a senator from the Republican Party (Vermont). He says that within 120 days perpetrators of human rights abuses

Cabinet has developed a plan to improve housing conditions for 5 million families

The passport of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment” states that 4 million families will buy housing on their own, including with the help of a mortgage, and another 1 million are waiting for other measures: relocation from emergency housing, renovation of dilapidated premises, development of rent and social hiring, construction private houses, according to “Izvestia”.

The document states that this can be achieved under the condition “a steady increase in real incomes of citizens, ensuring economic growth rates are higher than the world ones, while maintaining the macroeconomic situation, including inflation, at a level not exceeding 4%.”

In the United States detained a citizen of the PRC on suspicion of spying

According to the newspaper, the suspect was detained after arriving in the United States. According to the investigation, a citizen of the PRC, Xu Yanjun, tried to steal and hand over the commercial secrets of a number of companies to China. In particular, among them is called GE Aviation, a subsidiary of General Electric.

Pashinyan announced his intention to resign on October 16

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced his readiness to resign on October 16. About this he told France 24

“Extraordinary elections are scheduled for December 9-10. This will happen when I resign on October 16, ”“ Armenpress ”quotes him.

The Kremlin is not preparing an amendment to the Constitution

The Kremlin is not working on changes to the Constitution. In an article that the head of the Constitutional Court Valery Zorkin published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, he expressed his personal expert opinion. This was stated to journalists by the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov.

No work is being done in the presidential administration. We certainly take it as a personal expert point of view of Zorkin, he has long headed the Constitutional Court, he has absolutely gigantic experience, so this is his personal opinion. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

Angela Merkel backs up Russian cyber attack

It is alleged that they tried to hack into the computer systems of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, as well as to obtain data from the case of the crash of Boeing in the Donbas. In Moscow, these accusations are officially rejected.


Russian Defense Ministry showed footage of the removal of chlorine barrels in Syria by terrorists

The video with the export of chlorine barrels The Russian Ministry of Defense published in their accounts in social networks a video with the removal of chlorine barrels by terrorists to the south of the Syrian province of Aleppo

Turkey announces completion of the withdrawal of heavy weapons from Idlib

The withdrawal of heavy weapons from the demilitarized zone in Syrian Idlib has been completed, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported.

NATO fighters in Ukraine tested the S-300

In response to the threat of Russian air defense in Syria, the United States sent 18 fourth-generation F-15C Eagle fighters to participate in exercises in Ukraine, and Israel – several pilots who, using American aircraft, were able to test the C-300.

Shoigu spoke about the pace of rearmament of the Russian army

The share of modern weapons in the Central, Southern and Eastern military districts reached 50% by the end of the year, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a board meeting of the Russian military.

Russia has created a replacement for the Makarov pistol

The new gun, created for the Ministry of Defense of Russia, is currently undergoing state tests at test sites, Albert Bakov, director general of the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH), told RIA Novosti.

The Pentagon has allocated more than $ 1 billion to develop missiles

The Pentagon has allocated more than $ 1 billion to develop promising space rockets, said the US Department of Defense on Thursday.

Russian sappers went to Laos

A demining detachment of the International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation flew to Laos to assist in the clearance of the territories, where a lot of American ammunition remained from the time of the Vietnam War of 1964-1973. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russia and Mongolia are conducting joint counter-terrorism exercises

Joint Russian-Mongolian military exercises “Selenga-2018” began in the Republic of Buryatia. As part of the exercises, the units are working on a counter-terrorist operation at the Burduny test site.

Greece offered the United States to create new military bases in the country

During the meeting at the Pentagon, the Minister of National Defense of Greece, Panos Kammenos, proposed to the American colleague James Mattis to create new permanent US military bases in the country. It is about locating near the cities of Larisa, Volos and Alexandroupolis

Russian and Armenian military held exercises

The battalion tactical group of the motorized rifle formation of Russia deployed in Armenia, together with the units of the Armenian armed forces, destroyed the conditional enemy in the mountains during the exercises. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the press service of the Southern Military District Vadim Astafyev.

Air Force training aircraft crashed in Slovakia

The L-39 aircraft of the Slovak Air Force crashed in the area of ​​the Sliac military airbase in the central part of the country. Both pilots managed to eject. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Slovakia Peter Gaydosh, writes RIA Novosti.

In France, developed two boats with anti-mine robots

As it became known, already the French companies ECA Group and MAURIC began the development of two boats with anti-mine robots, and they already have a name. The first boat of the line is called Octopoda 300, and its length is 30 meters. For the second, the name Octopoda 500 is 50 meters long.


Naftogaz withheld $ 9 million overpayment from Gazprom for transit on account of debt

Naftogaz Ukrainy took over Gazprom’s overpayment of $ 9 million under a transit contract. This money will go to the account of $ 2.56 billion, which, according to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, the Russian company must pay to the Ukrainian side.

NOVATEK has found gas for the third LNG plant

NOVATEK launched the first LNG plant in Yamal, Yamal LNG, in December 2017. Its capacity will be 17.5 million tons, and the cost is $ 27 billion. The raw material base for this plant is the South-Tambeyskoye field with reserves of more than 926 billion cubic meters. m of gas.

Russia has agreed with Belarus the balance of supply of petroleum products

“Following the talks, Alexander Novak and Igor Lyashenko signed a Protocol on Amendments to the intergovernmental agreement of 2007 on measures to regulate trade and economic cooperation in the export of oil and oil products and agreed on indicative balances and protocols on oil products for November-December 2018 and for the whole 2019, ”said the official report.

FAS proposed to simplify the access of foreigners to large fields

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has proposed to simplify access to the development of deposits of federal significance for companies with foreign participation. This is stated in the draft plan of action to accelerate the growth of investment and increase to 25% of their share in GDP.

VTB decided to buy Sarovbusinessbank

After the closing of the transaction, the banks will proceed to the integration process, which will end in 2020 with the transfer of Sarovbusinessbank under the VTB brand – at the same time VTB will take over Vozrozhdenie.

Miratorg is investing 27.5 billion rubles in lamb production

The agricultural holding Miratorg intends to invest 27.5 billion rubles over the next four to five years. in the production of lamb in Russia, co-owner of the holding Viktor Linnik told reporters. According to him, a total of 12 farms are planned to be built, the pilot farm was introduced in September in the Kursk region.

Nabiullina: raising the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will help reduce the cost of a mortgage

The weighted average rate on housing mortgage loans in rubles in Russia in August updated the minimum and amounted to 9.42% against 9.57% in July. In mid-September, the Bank of Russia decided to raise the key rate by 0.25 percentage points to 7.5% per annum

Saudi Arabia will supply additional 4 million barrels of oil to India

According to sources, in November such companies as Reliance Industries Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corp, Bharat Petroleum Corp and Mangalore Refinery Petrochemicals Ltd. expect additional deliveries of 1 million barrels in November from Saudi Arabia. Recall, the head of the White House in August signed a decree on the restoration of restrictive measures against Iran, which will be carried out in two stages

Novatek for 9 months increased gas production by 6.3%

Production of liquid hydrocarbons decreased by 0.4% – to 8.775 million tons. According to preliminary data, sales of natural gas, including LNG, totaled 51 billion cubic meters, up 8.5% from the same period in nine months of 2017

Launched a new pipeline to supply oil to Bahrain

Saudi Arabia has commissioned a new pipeline to supply oil to Bahrain. The project is being implemented by Saudi Aramco and Bahrain Petroleum Company. This pipeline is intended to replace old oil transportation capacities.

Yamal wants to build a new gas pipeline

In the coming years, Gazprom plans to build a new gas pipeline on Yamal. This is due to growing exports and the need to bring new fields to the gas market.

Kiev plans to purchase more than 80% of anthracite for heat and power plants and thermal power plants in Russia

According to the report, in 2019 gas consumption in Ukraine of thermal power plants and thermal power plants will increase by 0.52% – to 4.9 billion cubic meters, and thermal coal – by 4.4% to 27.75 million tons compared to 2018.

Lack of assets of K2 Bank is estimated at 584.4 million rubles

The assets of K2 Bank, which lost its license on August 31 of the current year, are not enough to fulfill obligations to creditors, according to a report published on Wednesday on the Central Bank website of a report on the financial condition of a credit institution

Sanitized “Roskosmos” Fondservisbank received another 6 billion rubles

Fondservisbank received another 6 billion rubles. for reorganization, testifies reporting credit organization. The total amount of bank financing has reached 45 billion rubles


Results of the Nobel week

The Nobel Prize in Medicine this year was given to researchers James Allison and Tasuku Hongjo for a new method of cancer therapy.

The Nobel Prize in Physics with the wording “For the revolutionary discoveries in the field of laser physics” this time was awarded to the American Arthur Eshkin, the Frenchman Gerard Moreau and Donna Strickland from Canada.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to Francis Arnold with the wording “For the Directed Evolution of Enzymes”, as well as George Smith and Gregory Winter – they worked on phage display of antibodies and peptides

This year’s award in economics was awarded to Americans William Nordhaus and Paul Romer “for integrating climate change and technological innovation into a long-term macroeconomic analysis.”

The Nobel Peace Prize is the only non-scientific nomination this year to be no less, and perhaps more important, than the others. This year, it was given to the surgeon Denis Mukwege and human rights activist Nade Murad for fighting sexual violence in wars.

On October 4, in Stockholm, they promised to name the Nobel Prize in Literature, but in 2018, for the first time in 75 years, this will not happen. The traditional for 2018 sex scandal – now around the jury of the Nobel Committee on Literature

In 2019, two Nobel Prizes in Literature will be awarded.

Substances for drugs for Alzheimer’s disease found in Japan

In Japan, scientists have found components for drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), RIA Novosti reported, citing Nobel Prize winner Xingya Yamanaka.

Friendliness increased the life span of male chimps

For chimpanzee females, openness to new experiences is important, although to a lesser extent. Like humans, other animals have individual character traits that correlate with longevity.

A flexible array of piezoelectric microphones will help recognize voice

Korean researchers have created a flexible array of microphones that operate in several frequency bands and record sound due to vibrations of a piezoelectric material.

Neural Network Characters Learned Complicated Traffic on YouTube Videos

American and Canadian researchers have developed a neural network framework that allows virtual characters to learn complex movements directly from video clips, where these movements are performed by people.

Air pollution provokes oral cancer

Air pollution can lead to serious diseases, in particular, to oral cancer. This conclusion was reached by scholars from Chongshan University in Taichung.

A link has been found between diet and depression.

According to the authors of the study, fatty acids associated with depression are abundantly contained in Western diets, which is not observed in the traditional diet of local residents.

Amazon’s AI was a sexist and they shut it down.

Artificial intelligence, which was developed by Amazon for the automated search for new employees, was closed due to gender discrimination, reports Economy Today. Neural network did not hire women


The first launch of the Federation spacecraft can be postponed for a year.

The first flight of the Russian Federation spacecraft into orbit will take place in an unmanned mode, it is proposed to transfer its launch using the Soyuz-5 rocket from 2022 to 2023. According to the new schedule of start-ups of the Soyuz-5 carrier, it is planned to hold five starts until 2025.

Russia creates a high-power plasma rocket engine

The Chemical Automation Design Bureau (KBKhA) is developing an electrodeless plasma rocket engine (BPRD), which is a priority in the development of high-power electric propulsion engines (ERE), according to the Energomash website.

Astronomers discovered dozens of new “alien radio signals”

Australian astronomers doubled the number of so-called FRB flares, a kind of “alien radio signals”, opening two dozen new sources of this kind in distant galaxies. The results of their observations were presented in the journal Nature.

Scientists have studied the orbits of asteroids

The astrophysicists Mattia Galliazzo and Rudolf Dvorak from the University of Vienna, in collaboration with Elizabeth Silber of Brown University, studied the fate of the centaurs – the small bodies of the Solar System, whose original orbits pass between Jupiter and Neptune.

The researchers calculated the number of close passages and collisions with the terrestrial planets after the so-called Late heavy bombardment about 3.8 billion years ago, as well as the possible size of craters appearing after collisions with the Earth and other planets of the group. The study is described in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Telescopes have detected a surge of radio signals from space

Australian astronomers have announced that telescopes have discovered a huge number of unknown radio signals that come from deep space. Such flashes are one of the most mysterious phenomena in the Universe.

The launch of the Israeli machine to the moon was postponed due to the difficulties of SpaceX

Launch of the first Israeli spacecraft to explore the moon was postponed for 2019 due to technical difficulties with the company Ilona Mask SpaceX. This was reported on Wednesday by the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.


Sony in Russia began selling the new flagship smartphone Sony Xperia XZ3

Everyone can take the Xperia XZ3 for review for 7 days. After the test drive, the device will be available on special conditions in the branded Sony Center. The retail price of the Sony Xperia XZ3 is 69 990 rubles.

The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will lose 3.5 mm connector

According to the foreign edition of ETNews, the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will lose 3.5 mm connector, while the new Galaxy S10 will not affect this decision

Scratches appear on Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL cases

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones were announced by Google a few days ago, but almost immediately after that, the network reported that the corps of new gadgets are subject to noticeable damage. As it turned out, the scratches literally immediately appear on the updates.

Samsung will release the world’s first smartphone with “quadrocamera”

Samsung has decided not to dwell on the recent Galaxy A7 (2018) with a triple main camera and is already preparing for the release of the Galaxy A9 (2018), which will become the world’s first smartphone with a “quadrometer”.

Gaming smartphone Razer Phone 2 has become available for pre-order

Early in the morning on Thursday, October 11, the official presentation of the gaming smartphone Razer Phone 2 will take place. However, a few hours before this event, the new product became available for pre-order.

Smartphone Google Pixel 3 received a sign navigation system

The work of Google Pixel 3 will be controlled by Android 9 Pie, which is different from other operating systems by the gesture navigation function. Part of the movements introduced by developers, other users will be able to record and configure at their own discretion. The option is designed to simplify work with the gadget.

Introduced the Oppo K1 smartphone with a subscreen fingerprint scanner.

The new Chinese smartphone Oppo K1 is offered as the most affordable device on the market, with a fingerprint scanner located inside the display. The device is already available for pre-order for $ 230.

The correspondence in WhatsApp managed to crack through a video call

Hackers could get access to accounts and correspondence of users in the WhatsApp messenger when they answered an incoming video call, reports The Register. Experts have discovered a vulnerability in late August. The problem affected iOS and Android users.

About Qualcomm’s flagship mobile processor

This is a Snapdragon 8150 chip, which previously also appeared under the designation Snapdragon 855. It is reliably known that this product will be produced using 7-nanometer technology. The processor will be able to work with a Snapdragon X50 5G modem, which will provide support for fifth-generation mobile networks.

So, it is reported that the chip has eight cores. This is a high-performance unit with Gold cores and an energy-efficient unit with Silver cores. In the first case, the clock frequency can reach 2.6 GHz, in the second – 1.7 GHz.

According to the available information, the new hardware platform will provide wireless support for Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac 2 × 2 MIMO and Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE).

Call centers of Lloyds Banking Group will recognize the customer by voice

The British banking group Lloyds Banking Group is introducing voice verification and recognition technology to identify customers who call the call center. The new feature – Voice ID will be available to customers of the Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland banks included in the group.

Nvidia develops AI computers for Volvo cars

Nvidia specialists are developing AI-computers for Volvo cars equipped with Artificial Mind technology. They will be needed to ensure the correct operation of the self-driving movement of new cars from the Swedish concern, owned by the Chinese corporation Geely Automobile.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will be improved again.

It’s nice that Samsung continues to work on improving the quality of the Galaxy S9 camera and before the announcement of the Galaxy S10. Whether it is worth waiting for such improvements to users of the Galaxy S8 is still unknown. Recall that Samsung will start distributing the final version of Samsung Experience 10 no earlier than January 2018.

The function of editing sent messages will appear in Viber

With the update in Viber, the option to edit the sent message will appear. The chat will show that the text of the message has been changed by the sender. The option will be available in the messenger version 9.7.

Voice Access allows you to control your smartphone without hands

Google continues to improve applications for people with disabilities. Recently, the Voice Access application was introduced, which allows you to control your smartphone or tablet solely with the help of voice.

Protection against runwigs Windows 10 can be bypassed with the help of injection DLL

At the DerbyCon security conference, a researcher showed how a runner can use DLL injection to bypass Windows 10 security.


Until the end of 2018, determine the site for the release of cars Aurus

Serial production of domestic cars Aurus can establish in Tatarstan. As the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov said during the government hour in the State Duma, the final decision on the production site for these machines will be made before the end of 2018.

Renault announced prices for off-road versions of Renault Logan and Sandero

These models are available for order at a price of 662 990 and 709 990 rubles, respectively. In the sale of new items will come in a few weeks. Renault Logan Stepway will be available on October 20, and the Sandero Stepway hatchback will appear at dealers early next month.

Land Rover checked its own drone on the most difficult track

The company Land Rover has tested a new technology, which was presented on the results of a three-year study in the framework of the project UK Autodrive. According to official reports, the test drone was able to independently overcome the full circle of the Coventry Ring Road ring road.

Suspicious details found in Euro NCAP test machines.

The organization Euro NCAP suspects manufacturers in the release of special copies of models for crash tests. Together with employees of the insurance agency Thatcham Research, experts of Euro NCAP found marks only for crash tests on airbags and other car parts for crash tests.

Geely declassified new minivan VF11 before the official presentation

The Chinese company Geely showed the official images of the serial version of the minivan Geely VF11. Recall that last year a conceptual prototype of the novelty was shown as part of the Shanghai Motor Show. And now, a year later, the car is almost ready and will enter the Chinese market at the end of 2018

Hyundai introduced the updated sedan and wagon Hyundai i40

South Korean company Hyundai has introduced a number of updates for the i40 sedan. In the Russian market, car sales ended a couple of months ago. It is worth noting that in Europe the model is very bad demand.

The Audi RS3 electric overtook the Porsche 911 GT2 RS in reverse

The Audi RS3 electric car was able to overtake the 700-strong Porsche 911, moving backwards in front. It should also be clarified that the previous speed record in reverse was 1,627 km / h, but to win, the team had to significantly overcome this mark, setting a new world speed record.

On the cover of the magazine appeared official photos of the new Lexus IS

The first images of the sports sedan appeared on the pages of a Japanese magazine. Immediately it is worth noting that the published images are fantasies of an independent designer, who saw the sketches of the future Lexus IS.

Ford Mustang Boss 429 received a new version.

Specialists of the company Classic Recreations have developed a special version of the Ford Mustang Boss 429. The car was produced in the period from 1969 to 1970, so it is a real exclusive.

Ford Bronco SUV equip 7-speed manual transmission

The updated generation of the Ford Bronco SUV will soon receive a modification with a seven-speed manual transmission. Despite the fact that foreign sources do not hide confidence in this decision by manufacturers, however, Ford has not received any comments so far.


Black actresses were denied leading roles in The Witcher series

Actresses Freya Allan and Anya Shalotra will play the main female roles in the TV series The Witcher from the Netflix service. According to Gazeta.ru, Allan will play the role of the girl Ciri, Shalotre entrusted the character Jennifer of Vengeberg.

The trailer for the new “Pet Cemeteries” by King appeared on the Web

Studio Paramount Pictures has posted on its channel the official trailer for the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Pet Cemetery”. The picture tells about the family of Dr. Louis Creed, who moved to the small town of Ludlow, next to the old cemetery, where children bury their pets

At the London Film Festival will show the films “Summer” and “Dovlatov”

The ministry reminded that in May “Summer” was shown in the main competition of the 71st Cannes Film Festival. The London audience will also be presented with the film “Dovlatov,” directed by Alexei German Jr., who previously participated in the main competition of the 68th Berlin Film Festival.

HBO shoots mini-series about Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg

The American television channel NVO is filming a historic mini-series about the life of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Work on the picture is in St. Petersburg. The main role will be played by British actress, Oscar winner Helen Mirren

In the new series “Return to Prostokvashino” appears the father of the dog Sharik

The ball was inspired by the exploits of his father and began to help everyone around, began to behave like a hero. However, it soon became clear that the postman Pechkin knew a little more about his father Sharik, – they told about the new series in the press service of the Soyuzmultfilm studio. The episode was directed by Anna Kuzina.

Duane Johnson will play John Henry in the new project Netflix

Duane Johnson will play the legend of American mythology, John Henry in the new project Netflix. Will shoot the film “John Henry” Jake Kazan on the script of Tom Wheeler. Plotter John Henry challenged the effectiveness of the introduction of a steam hammer in the production of the railway in the XIX century.

Mikhail and Lilya Idova will write the script for the TV series “Germany 83”

Amazon has signed a contract with Mikhail and Lily Idov for writing the script for the third season of the TV series “Germany 83”

The series features a story about the intelligence officer of the German Democratic Republic. The spy is sent with a task to the Federal Republic of Germany, but suffers a series of failures.

The premiere of the second season of the TV series “Germany 83” will be held on October 19

The series “Matilda” Alexei Teachers will present in Cannes

It happened in Cannes on the MIPTV content market – 2016 on the Drama Series day, and the film came to represent the Polish actress Michalina Olshansk.

Kirill Pletnev told about the new film “Without me”

According to the melodrama plot, two girls who loved one man, receive after his death mysterious messages, of which only he could be the author. Wanting to unravel the mystery of the messages, they forget about enmity and go on a journey.

Rising stars Lubov Aksenova, Polina Maksimova and Rinal Mukhametov played the main roles in the motion picture.

Ozark extended for third season

Streaming service Netflix extended the Ozark series for the third season. This was announced in his twitter by the leading actor Jason Bateman.


Selena Gomez and Cardi B sang on the volcano

Selena Gomez, Cardi B and Puerto Rican singer Osuna took part in the video, as well as in the recording of the song.

Yoko Ono has released a cover version of the song Imagine

As the performer herself said in an interview with the BBC Broadcasting Corporation, the cover version of Imagine was the only composition that caused Ono to have strong experiences: the original song is known all over the world, so the singer could be criticized.

I was very worried about this song, because almost all people in the world know it, and, accordingly, I can be criticized. But I thought that recording this track was incredibly important, so I did it despite my nervousness. – Yoko Ono, Japanese artist

Camila Cabello glorified love and autumn

Camila Cabello released the video “Consequences” on October 10, 2018. This is a screen version of the symphonic version of the song from her debut album “Camila”, directed by Dave Meyers.

Paul McCartney released the video for the song “Come On To Me”

Former member of the cult band The Beatles Paul McCartney released a video for the song “Come On To Me”. The composition got on the new album of the musician “Egypt Station”. In the cheerful video to the music of the guard of the store dances, who works on the night shift.

In Russia will perform a group of modern northern folk Wardruna

The disc is devoted to musical understanding of the ancient runes. The new album, Skald, will be released on November 23, however, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will be able to familiarize themselves with it earlier. On October 29, the Wardruna group will visit Moscow and perform at the Crocus City Hall.

BTS movie will be released in cinemas

The South Korean boy band BTS will get its own full-length film. According to NME, the 85-minute timeline picture will be edited from the 8-episode documentary series about the 2017 team tour.

Musicians of Buryatia are invited to the throat singing contest

Applications are accepted until mid-November. From November 16 to 17, in Khakassia, the I International Contest of Throat Singers “High Seas” will be held, the main task of which is to preserve, develop and popularize the centuries-old folk-song genre of Central Asian peoples – “High.”

Singer Luna presented the song Sleeping Beauty from the upcoming album

Probably, the moon changes the vector to get to the official tops. The album “Enchanted Dreams” of the Ukrainian pop singer of the Moon is still preparing for release, but despite this, the first track has already been presented to the public. The song “Sleeping Beauty” Moon released on the new label.

Noize MC in the house of the giant in the video for the song “200+”

In the video, the rapper and the company are in the giant decorations of “Doshirak”, borscht, donuts, ice cream, as well as household items such as a toilet bowl, sockets, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Earlier edition of The Flow has released a documentary interview with Noize MC.

“The Red Banner Division of the name of my grandmother”

“The Red Banner Division named after my grandmother” released a video for the song “The Last Summer of Childhood” from her latest album “Alas”. The director of the video, presented on the network on October 10, 2018, was Anton Mironenkov

“Marseille” showed Tatu Bondarchuk in futuristic reality

As the team’s press service told InterMedia, the representative of the popular film family Tata Bondarchuk and the young actor Yegor Zakhovaev played the main roles in the video. A co-author of the script and creative director, along with director Oleg Kutuzov, was the leader of the Marseille group, Stepan Ledkov.

Ennio Morricone will perform in Russia on the eve of his 90th birthday

On November 10, Italian composer and conductor Ennio Morricone will celebrate his 90th birthday, but his thoughts are full of upcoming concerts in Russia. He spoke about this in an interview with TASS.

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