10 Май, 2021

Russian officials are paid too high a salary

The majority (79%) of the surveyed Russians considered the salaries of officials too high. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the research of the Rabota.ru service.

“The majority of respondents (79%) noted that officials in Russia receive too high salaries,” the study says. According to the respondents, officials should earn about 88.9 thousand rubles. per month.

38% of respondents consider salaries in top management too high. 29% of respondents believe that realtors’ salaries are unjustifiably high, and another 25% — from financiers. 22% said they think the salaries of lawyers are too high, 21% of respondents spoke about too high incomes of sales managers and IT specialists.

The United States carried out a large-scale landing in Estonia

As part of the exercises, the United States conducted a large-scale airborne assault of military and equipment in Estonia. The bulk of the paratroopers were delivered at night to the landing site by transport aircraft directly from the United States. Everything happened at night in an environment «as close to real as possible.»

The US military in the Arabian Sea detained a shipment of weapons

The American military in the international waters of the Arabian Sea detained an unmarked vessel and found a batch of Russian and Chinese-made weapons there, the press service of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy reports and publishes a video

Cyberattack defendants plead guilty

Four people, including two citizens of Russia and two immigrants from Lithuania and Estonia, pleaded guilty to the spread of virus programs, as well as cyber attacks on financial institutions and individuals in the United States.

Alexander Grichishkin, Andrey Skvortsov, Alexander Skorodumov, and Pavel Stassi founded an organization that provided «bulletproof» hosting that allowed customers to send out malware without the risk of being blocked due to complaints. The defendants were engaged in criminal activities from 2008 to 2015, the Ministry of Justice specified.

The sentencing of the accused is scheduled for June 3, June 29, July 8 and September 16, respectively. The maximum sentence on the charges is up to 20 years in prison.

China began to develop a large new gas field

Beijing has begun to develop a large new gas field in the South China Sea, Xinhua news agency reported. It is expected that in 2021 the field will provide production of about 420 million cubic meters. meters of gas. According to the Geological Exploration Department of Hainan Province, offshore gas reserves in the South China Sea are at least 58 trillion cubic meters. meters, and oil — 29 billion tons. According to official estimates, only 4 trillion cubic meters are still available for development. meters and 2 billion tons, respectively.

A transgender person will perform at the Olympics for the first time

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has confirmed that transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard will go to the Olympics. Hubbard is currently ranked 16th in the world rankings of female weightlifters in her weight class, but at least six competitors who overtake her in the rankings will not be able to compete in the Olympics. This makes her a real contender for a medal.

Reporters Without Borders supported Meduza

The international nongovernmental organization Reporters Without Borders condemned Meduza’s inclusion in the list of media outlets — foreign agents. The organization’s statement is posted on its website.

“This news is a heavy blow to media pluralism in Russia. Meduza was created abroad so that its editorial staff could work completely independently, while after the massive demonstrations in Russia in 2011-2012, attempts by the authorities to control online media became more frequent, ”said the head of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia «Reporters Without Borders» Jeanne Cavelier.

The organization called on the Russian Ministry of Justice to eliminate the “shameful and repressive” list of “media — foreign agents”. According to Reporters Without Borders, the only purpose of this register is «to strengthen the government’s control over the press.»

A series of terrorist attacks took place in Kabul near a girls’ school

After a series of explosions near a school in Kabul, 40 people were killed, mostly schoolgirls from 11 to 15 years old. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called the incident a terrorist attack and blamed the Taliban for it. The Taliban said they were not involved in the explosions and condemned the incident. Nobody claimed responsibility for the explosions.

Lukashenko signed a decree on the transfer of power in case of his death

The decree stipulates that in the event of the death of the President of Belarus, powers are transferred from the Security Council, and a state of emergency or martial law is declared in the country. Earlier, Lukashenka confidently stated that the decree was only a precautionary measure, the need for it would hardly arise.

In Great Britain, the winner was determined by the coin

In the city of Barnsley in the central part of the country, elections were held, candidates gained 1,084 votes each. The legislation allows, after the recount of votes, to resolve the situation by throwing a coin, which was done. The Labor candidate won.

The Russian authorities are doing everything for the comfort of labor migrants

Putin said that the Russian authorities are doing everything possible for a comfortable stay in the country of labor migrants. The president made this statement at a meeting in Moscow with the head of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.

“An important issue for labor migrants. I know that this issue is sensitive for Tajikistan. We are doing everything to make people feel comfortable, especially since we currently do not have enough workers in entire sectors of the economy, ”said Vladimir Putin.

He added that he considers the situation when migrants send large amounts of funds from Russia to support their families as «an absolutely positive process».

Which countries dump the most plastic waste into the ocean?

According to the results of a recent study, the countries of Southeast Asia are in the lead here: the Philippines alone accounts for more than 36% of the total world (!) Of plastic that ends up in the ocean. India is in second place — almost 13%. China closes the sad top three, which produces more than 7% of plastic emissions in the world’s oceans. The top 5 also includes Indonesia (5.75%) and Brazil (3.8%).

In the more developed part of the world, emissions of plastic into the ocean are much less: Russia accounts for 0.06%, and even less in most European countries. One exception in conditional Europe is Turkey (1.46% of global plastic emissions)

Little songbirds fly high

Scientists have long wondered how tiny birds can make continuous flights across seas or deserts during seasonal migrations. The tiny birds, weighing half a golf ball, cover the 7,000 kilometers between Northern Europe and Africa twice a year. A new study by scientists has provided an answer to this question: instead of night flights, birds fly during the day, but at an altitude of up to 6,000 meters, which is three times higher than their usual flight altitude. The researchers’ findings were published in detail in Plants & Animals.

A laser produced antimatter from a vacuum

According to ToDay News Ufa, specialists from South Korea have developed a powerful laser, in which the intensity of radiation flashes has reached a level that allows you to «extract» antimatter particles from a vacuum. This was reported by the press service of the Institute of Basic Sciences with reference to an article in the journal Optica.

“Achieving this ability will allow us to begin experimental research in many areas of physics, including high-field quantum electrodynamics, which in the past remained the prerogative of theorists. In addition, these experiments will help us discover nature, many astrophysical phenomena and create new sources of particles suitable for cancer treatment, ”said Institute professor Nam Chang Hee.

Experts argue that a vacuum should not be called an empty and lifeless space. It is filled with a large number of constantly emerging and disappearing pairs of virtual particles, as well as antiparticles. If you believe the calculations of specialists, then this «quantum noise» can affect the behavior of all other objects of the microworld and macroworld.

Interactive 3D hologram

Researchers at Brigham Young University have developed a technology for creating a volumetric image in the air, thus opening a new era of visualization of reality. New technology allows you to touch and interact with the image. It differs from the usual holograms, accessible from only one viewing angle. The 3D image enters the open space thanks to two lasers. The first controls the smallest particles in the air, the second illuminates them. Scientists have also improved technology and created animated holographic images. The volumetric image not only hangs in the air, but also makes the picture move and interact with other objects

Scientists have described the behavior of sharks during powerful hurricanes

Scientists from the Rosenstiel University of Miami (UM) School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences have described the behavior of sharks during powerful hurricanes off the coast of the Bahamas.

It turned out that all sharks behaved differently. Most of the species immediately left the shallow water and took refuge in the ocean. Tiger sharks, on the other hand, did not leave the shallow waters. Also, their population doubled in the immediate aftermath of the hurricanes.

Twitter has connected the function of donating money to the authors you like

Twitter announced the launch of a new Tip Jar (literally: tip jar) feature that will allow users to donate to the creators they like on the service. To do this, users will be able to link to their Twitter accounts their accounts in financial services and services to support artists, musicians, etc. — Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo.

Translation is still available for Twitter accounts in English around the world, with other languages ​​coming soon. The Tip Jar function itself, which allows collecting «tips», can only be connected by a limited number of users, including some authors, journalists, experts and non-profit organizations, later their number will expand

US to rebuild Air Force base in Alaska near Russian border

The United States could rebuild its abandoned Erickson Air Force Base in Alaska in 1991 near the Russian border, creating «ideal conditions» for US Air Force fighters to intercept Russian aircraft over the Bering Sea.

US and Ukrainian ships hold joint exercises in the Black Sea

Joint exercises of the Ukrainian border guards and the US Coast Guard began in the Black Sea, the American ship Hamilton will enter the port of Odessa on May 10, the press service of the Ukrainian State Border Service reported.

Yesterday at dawn, at a distance of over 100 nautical miles from Odessa, in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine, at the rendezvous point (as the sailors call the meeting place on the high seas), the flagship of the Maritime Guard of the State Border Service met the US Coast Guard ship Hamilton, the website reported. state border services.