10 Апр, 2021

Russian telecom operators faced systemic failures

Large federal and regional operators have faced systemic failures due to Roskomnadzor equipment installed to enforce the law on «sovereign Internet», Kommersant reports. To restore work, some companies had to temporarily shut down their equipment. Experts fear that accidents could become regular. The department also prohibits changing the parameters of their systems under the threat of fines of up to 1 million rubles.

The Law on Sovereign Runet entered into force on November 1, 2019. In accordance with it, operators are required to install equipment on their networks that will be provided by Roskomnadzor in order to centrally manage traffic routing in the event of a threat to Runet. The same equipment allows the department to filter traffic and block access to resources from the list of prohibited in Russia.

Roskomnadzor denied information that appeared in the media about failures of telecom operators, which appeared due to its technical means of countering threats (TSPU). This was reported to TASS on Friday by the press service of the department.

«The material of the newspaper» Kommersant «contains information that is not verified by the publication, which does not correspond to reality. The equipment of the TSPU works without failures and does not affect the operation of telecom operators’ networks. communications in round-the-clock mode and analyze all possible problems of their infrastructure. For the entire period of operation of the TSPU, no comments have been received from telecom operators, «the message says.

Montenegro extends visa-free regime for Russian citizens

The government of Montenegro has decided to temporarily cancel the need to obtain visas for citizens of the Russian Federation. According to the document, the rule is valid from April 1 to October 31, 2021. Now Russians can enter Montenegro, cross its territory or stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa if they have a valid identity document, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. — Thus, during this period, Russian citizens will only need a valid passport to travel abroad (for short-term entry into Montenegro for up to 90 days), added the press service of the ministry.

Putin drew the attention of the FAS to the rise in housing prices

On average, + 12%, in North Ossetia + 30%, in Adygea + 19.3%, in the Oryol region by 19.7%, in the Amur region + 18.6%, in Ryazan + 17.6%

«It is necessary to create an additional supply, primarily in the housing construction market, but we must look at this problem from the point of view of the FAS, see what is happening there,» the president said.

The US Secretary of State explained Biden’s words about Putin with political pragmatism.

Answering the question how the head of the United States can allow himself such statements and at the same time strive for cooperation, Blinken said that Biden adheres to a policy based on the criterion of expediency.

“He (Biden) sees two things clearly. He needs to hold Russia accountable for any hostile actions it takes, and at the same time, he remains open to cooperation in areas of mutual interest. «

The party goes on a new difficult campaign

Kim Jong-un said that the ruling party is embarking on a new «difficult campaign», similar to the period of the crisis and famine of the 1990s, when, according to various estimates, from 10 thousand to 3 million people died (then there was the third «difficult campaign», now the fourth ).

The authorities designate periods of economic crisis with the phrase «difficult march» in order to call citizens for resilience and remind that all the crises in the DPRK ended successfully, reminds the South Korean television channel KBS.

Length of healthy and happy life in Russia

Today the duration of a healthy and happy life in Russia is only 46.5 years. Such data were published by experts of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, having conducted a study of the quality of life of the population of Russia, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Dmitry Kozak: hostilities in Donbass will be the beginning of the end of Ukraine

The outbreak of hostilities in Donbass will be the beginning of the end of Ukraine, said Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the presidential administration. He also called Kiev’s plans to join NATO «the beginning of the collapse of Ukraine.»

Kozak also admitted that Russia could be forced to fight in the Donbas to protect its citizens.

“Today everything depends on the scale of the fire. If there is, as our president says, Srebrenica, we will probably have to defend ourselves, ”he said.

Rutube cannot download FBK investigation

Video hosting Rutube, owned by the Gazprom-Media holding, does not allow uploading to its website the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s (FBK) film «Palace for Putin». This was established by an Open Media journalist who tried to upload the video to the platform.

In early April, the Gazprom-Media holding announced a complete restart of Rutube. A few months earlier, in December 2020, the head of the media holding, Alexander Zharov, said that the company wants to make Rutube “no worse than YouTube”.

Roskomnadzor accused Channel One of violating the law on «media outlets — foreign agents.»

The protocol on an administrative offense was drawn up for showing in the program «Vremya Pokazhet» a plot filmed by «Present time», which was not accompanied by a label about «mass media — a foreign agent». For the lack of marking «media-foreign agent» threatens with a warning or a fine from thirty thousand to forty thousand rubles

In Northern Ireland, street riots have continued for several days.

In Northern Ireland, riots continue for several days, the participants of which clash with the police. The reason for the aggravation of the situation is an old conflict between loyalists who support the UK and Republicans who are in favor of joining Ireland. The formal reason for the escalation was the decision of the prosecutor’s office not to prosecute high-ranking members of the nationalist Sinn Fein party who, in violation of antiquated restrictions, attended the funeral of a former IRA militant.