23 Nov, 2018

Russians about social justice

The most frequent option proposed by 14 percent of respondents was the fight against corruption. The second most popular answer was the principle “the law is one for all”; this option was chosen by 11 percent of the respondents. On the third place with 9 percent of the votes of the respondents was the idea of ​​raising wages and pensions, reports RIA Novosti.

In addition, 54 percent of Russians surveyed believe that the level of social justice over the past year has remained at the same level, and 28 percent said it has decreased, 16% of respondents hold the opposite opinion.

29% of respondents say that the policy of the leadership of Russia contributes to the strengthening of social justice. That the authorities rather impede it 30% of those surveyed

Briefly about the main thing …..


The State Duma extended the freezing of the funded part of the pension until 2021

State Duma deputies passed a government law on the extension of the freezing of the funded pension until 2021. As noted in the financial and economic rationale for the document, this will reduce the transfer from the federal budget to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) in 2021 by about 609.1 billion rubles.

For the first time, contributions to the cumulative pension were frozen in 2014 — deductions in the amount of 6% of the Russian salary went to payments to pensioners. After this, the moratorium was extended annually, in December 2017 the moratorium was extended until 2020.

According to the results of its calculations, the Association of Non-State Pension Funds (ANPF) in 2017, due to the freezing of pension savings, the country’s economy will lose 6 trillion rubles. If the industry does not wait for reforms, the losses will be much greater: by 2027, the system may be less than 19 trillion rubles, the organization stressed.

Milonov asked the head of the Interior Ministry to check the activities of rapper Aljay

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov asked the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev to check the activities of the Russian rapper Eljay.

“Recently, among the youth, musical compositions of the Russian artist under the artistic pseudonym Elja (his real name Alexei Uzenyuk) have enjoyed wide popularity. His works and the stage image cause mixed reactions among many parents,” Milonov wrote in a letter to the minister, the text of the message is at disposal of RIA Novosti

Pussy Riot appealed to the ECHR for arrest per share in the 2018 World Cup final

Pussy Riot punk band members Peter Verzilov, Veronika Nikulshina, Olga Pakhtusova, and Olga Kuracheva filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) about their arrests for a share during the World Cup finals in Moscow.

Pre-pensioners will be able to count on alimony

The bill on the right of pre-pensioners for alimony was passed by the State Duma in the first reading, a REGNUM correspondent reports on November 22. It is proposed to preserve the right of disabled women over 55, and men over 60, to receive alimony

“Persons of pre-retirement age may fall into such a situation, and, accordingly, the Family Code rules that if a person has reached pre-pension age and has no income, he can apply for alimony, for example, from a former spouse, for example, from his children, or in such cases like this, ”said Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the State Duma Committee on Legislation (United Russia).

The Ministry of Construction has developed a bill on individual heating fees.

If the amendments developed by the Ministry of Construction approve, the tenants with meters will pay for their heat and for a part of the house. Owners without meters pay part of the total cost of heat, taking into account the area of the apartment and part of the cost of heating the common areas

Traffic police offered to keep records of drivers with diseases

Traffic police proposes to create at the federal level in the health care system a database of drivers suffering from chronic diseases that interfere with safe driving.

In the ROC, they advised to calmly consider believing taxi drivers

Taxi aggregator representatives and passengers should be more comfortable with the religious feelings of drivers. This was stated by the press secretary of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill Alexander Volkov.

Earlier it became known that the largest taxi aggregator banned icons and beads in premium cars. The black list also included toys, cigarettes, food and everything that can be attributed to the personal belongings of the driver. As reported in the service, this is done for the convenience of customers who use the premium rate. Passengers were asked to remove from the cabin all the excess and add drinking water. As specified in the aggregator, personal belongings are not prohibited at all, they just need to be removed, for example, in the glove compartment, and not kept in full view of customers.

Moscow City Duma will stand up to protect the faithful taxi drivers

The chairman of the commission of the capital’s parliament on public associations and religious organizations, Anton Paleev, has declared his readiness to help the religious taxi drivers, who have been forbidden to hang rosaries and icons in premium cars.

“This is a strange ban. And if the car is lit, the driver needs to stop for prayer several times a day, or small icons help him in the car, I don’t understand why to forbid it? As a deputy, I protect citizens, and if the citizens whose rights were violated, they will appeal to me, I will do it, “said the deputy, reports the Agency” Moscow “.

The bill on palliative care was submitted to the State Duma

The draft law on palliative care in the Russian Federation was submitted to the State Duma by the government of the Russian Federation, a REGNUM correspondent reported November 22. The concept of “palliative care” becomes completely identical to the concept of “palliative care” and includes the provision of medical care and the simultaneous provision of social services.

“The changes envisaged by the bill are aimed at protecting the rights and legitimate interests and improving the quality of life of patients who need palliative care without increasing the number of patients, overall morbidity and the volume of palliative care,” the government said.

In Britain, a puppy was arrested for nine months for a police bite

British police sent a chow-chow puppy to a kennel after he bit a law enforcement officer, the Daily Mail reports.

In the State Duma offered to equate sausage to cigarettes

By analogy with tobacco products, sausages must be marked with stickers warning of the dangers of using these products, State Duma deputy Vitaly Milon said. The MP sent the corresponding proposal to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

Ex-head of Kizlyar district of Dagestan sentenced to 15 years in prison

The North Caucasian District Military Court found the ex-head of the Kizlyar district of Dagestan, Andrey Vinogradov, guilty of attempted murder of a traffic police officer, financing an illegal armed group and sentenced him to 15 years in prison, the TASS correspondent reports from the courtroom.

The Diocese of the Rostov region wants to “expel” the museum from the temple

On the territory of the church in the village of Starocherkassk, Aksai district of the Rostov region, a section has been allocated that belongs to the Starocherkassk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve. The Rostov-on-Don Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church filed a lawsuit with the Regional Arbitration Court demanding that this site be removed from the state real estate register.

The retirement age in Japan is planning to raise to 70 years

The Japanese government intends to raise the bar of the retirement age in the country to 70 instead of the current 65 years to continue economic growth in a rapidly aging population, Kyodo news agency reported on Thursday with reference to the draft report of the special commission on this issue.

Ex-Head of CSKA Colonel Mikhail Baryshev Detained

The former head of the Defense Ministry for work with personnel, the former head of CSKA Colonel Mikhail Baryshev, was detained by law enforcement agencies on suspicion of fraud during the World Military Games in Sochi in 2017.

Golikova called one of the main conditions for the growth of the birth rate in Russia

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that affordable housing could be a motivator for increasing the birth rate in the country. She expressed this opinion in an interview published following a business breakfast in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The main condition for the growth of the birth rate in Russia is the ability to have housing. When there is an apartment, the family feels calmer and more confident. It motivates to make decisions about the birth of children. – Tatyana Golikova, Russian politician

The court charged with Tsereteli more than 500 thousand rubles for the demolition of the samostroya

The court decision posted on the website of the instance. 522 thousand rubles were recovered from the defendant in favor of the prefecture and more than 8 thousand rubles of state duty. Tsereteli had to pay for the demolition of the extensions, but refused to do so.

In the Crimea, found sewage drainage in medical lakes

According to ONF activist Stanislav Zabashtanov, sewage waste is discharged into the Lake Chokrak from a concrete pipe in the area of school No. 6 on Construction Street. According to him, waste enters the Lake Kovsh through an opened three-meter well near Lenin Street and Beregovoy Lane.

The Ministry of Communications offers fines for leaking personal data

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media proposes introducing administrative penalties for operators and personal data processors for information leaks, as well as for creating publicly accessible databases, according to a draft federal law posted on the regulatory website

In the State Duma proposed to ban the evacuation of cars with people in the cabin

LDPR deputies submitted to the State Duma a bill banning the evacuation of cars with people or animals inside the cabin, the press service of one of the authors of the draft head of the Committee for Labor and Social Policy Yaroslav Nilov said.

Navalny spoke about the British citizenship of the leading “Russia” Brilev

Russian journalist Sergei Brilev, deputy director of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and host of events with President Vladimir Putin, including the Straight Line, turned out to be a British subject, and his apartment in London was recorded for his wife. About this in his investigation said the head of the Fund for the fight against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny.

It was possible to learn about this thanks to the information about Brilev’s spouse in the UK public databases.

Sergei Brilev from 1996 to 2001, he was the head of the Vesti correspondent bureau in London. Since 2001 he has been working at the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, in 2008 he began to conduct the program “News on Saturday”.


Forecast of the Ministry of Economy until 2036 approved by the government

“The preparation of such forecasts is an attempt to look at long-term trends; it is impossible to predict exactly where we will be in 2036,” the minister explained after the meeting, adding that the document takes into account the results expected in the framework of national projects.

Utilities enterprises in the Russian Federation owed 200 billion rubles to energy

At the meeting, the head of government noted that the utilities, as of November 1 of the current year, owed 200 billion rubles to energy enterprises, that is, the debt increased by 7.4%. He said that the heads of regions should carefully study this problem and report on the measures taken.

There are problems that we face from year to year, these are huge debts of housing and utilities organizations to suppliers of fuel and energy resources. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Kudrin spoke about the transition to rubles in settlements between the EEU countries

Transition to Russian rubles in settlements between the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) may create additional risks due to the volatility of this currency.

For 9 months, the net profit of “Mail of the Bank” under IFRS increased by 4.7 times

Following the results of 9 months, the net profit of Post Bank under IFRS increased 4.7 times – up to 3.9 billion rubles compared to 0.8 billion rubles of profits a year earlier, follows from the bank report. The increase in net profit was mainly due to an increase in interest and commission income. VTB and the structure of “Post of Russia” each have a 49.99% stake in Bank Post

South Korea intends to open a cruise line to Russia and the DPRK

The authorities of the South Korean province of Gangwon are actively working to open a cruise line from the city of Sokcho to call on Vladivostok and Japan. In the future, it is planned to join the program and the ports of the DPRK. The launch of the route is scheduled for 2019.

Gazprom cuts record investment program for 2019

Gazprom reduced the previously announced investment program for 2019, which was announced as a record one. Also reduced and borrowing program. The peak of the concern’s investments, according to its three-year financial plan, was due in time for 2019. According to the preliminary plan, it should have amounted to 1.4 trillion rubles. Now it is announced at 1.33 trillion.

VAT increase will affect inflation

The increase in VAT planned for the beginning of 2019 could already have an impact on the inflation rate. Such data follow from the published materials of the Bank of Russia. In general, the growth of inflation from the increase in VAT will be about one percent, the Central Bank believes, and inflation expectations will adapt to the new tax rate before the end of 2019.

The most necessary products will rise in price sharply in Russia

In 2019, bread, eggs, pork, milk and sugar will rise in price by 4–11%, calculated at the Analytical Center under the government. Experts made a forecast specifically for Izvestia. We are talking about socially significant goods, which are set preferential VAT of 10% and its size next year will not change. But the cost of producing goods due to the increase in tax will increase, which will affect their value. Inflation in Russia in 2019 is projected at 4.3%. Thus, the prices of products can overtake her.

In the Smolensk region will build an eco-resort for 1 billion rubles

“The agreement is aimed at creating an eco-resort Vazuz Country Club” in the Gagarinsky district on the coast of the Vazuz reservoir. This project will be completed in time to 2021

Yandex and Sberbank launched the third online trading platform

Bringly has become the third online trading platform for the joint venture between Yandex and Sberbank. Prior to this, the priority was the development of Yandex.Market itself and the creation of a marketplace for suppliers from the domestic market under the Beru! Brand. “I take!” Was launched in October.

The authorities called the possible dates of the move of the Ministry of Communications in the “Moscow-City”

The Ministry of Communications may move to one of the towers of the Moscow-City business center in the first quarter of 2019, the Ministry of Economic Development is responsible for organizing the move. About this TASS reported the head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Konstantin Noskov.

The subsistence minimum has fallen in Moscow

For pensioners, the subsistence minimum in the second quarter was 11,505 rubles. (decrease to the level of the second quarter by 104 rubles) and for children – 13 thousand 938 rubles, which is 391 rubles lower than the level of the second quarter. The document notes that, before establishing the subsistence minimum for the fourth quarter of 2018, the size of the subsistence minimum for the second quarter will be taken into account to calculate social benefits.

World cards can earn in Turkey

The Central Bank is negotiating with Turkish tanks about the work of the Russian Mir cards in this country. This was stated by the director of the department of the national payment system of the Bank of Russia Alla Bakina at the International Payment Forum. She clarified that such an agreement has already been signed with one of the banks in Turkey.

Sailors will pay with digital currency

NYK Line introduces its own digital currency to pay salaries to crews, reports Bloomberg, citing “people familiar with the issue.” The point of innovation is that it is easier for seafarers to manage their assets, send them and convert them to local currencies from a smartphone.

Pochta Bank and Promsvyazbank have become OFZ sales agents for the public

The government expanded the list of banks-agents for the sale of federal loan bonds for the public, including Promsvyazbank and Pochta Bank, in addition to VTB and Sberbank, from an order published on the official legal information portal.

Electronic streets will be removed from the streets.

Information on foreign exchange rates can be placed only inside the premises of authorized banks, and not on the street. The State Duma may adopt an amendment on this December 4. The amendment on such electronic scoreboards recommended for adoption by the State Duma Committee on the financial market.

The first foreign participant appeared in the Russian analogue of SWIFT

The first foreign participant appeared in the Financial Report Transmission System (FPS) of the Bank of Russia, created in 2014 against the threat of disconnection of Russian banks from the international SWIFT against the background of sanctions. This was announced at the VI National Payment Forum by Alla Bakina, Director of the Department of the National Payment System of the Bank of Russia.

“We already have the first foreign client with whom such an agreement has been concluded, and now we are already interacting with it on technical aspects,” said Bakina, without specifying which bank we are talking about.

This Belarusian Belgazprombank, owned by Gazprom and Gazprombank, found RBC

Raiffeisenbank for 9 months increased its net profit under IFRS by 18.6%

Raiffeisenbank for the nine months of 2018 increased its net profit under IFRS by 18.6% compared to the same period last year, to 27.418 billion rubles, follows from the message of the credit institution.

Kiev will build a high-speed transport corridor at the expense of the World Bank

The World Bank will allocate to Kiev about $ 1 million for the development of a project to build a corridor for high-speed transport communication between the center of the Ukrainian capital and the Vigurovschina-Troeshchyna residential area, said World Bank head for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Satu Kahkonen, reported November 22 to UNIAN.

World Bank to allocate $ 1.2 billion in direct financial assistance to Ethiopia

The director of the World Bank (WB) in Ethiopia, Carolyn Turk, said that the WB Board of Directors trusts the current government of Prime Minister Abia Ahmed. This should allow the parties to resume dialogue on how to assist the Ethiopia in carrying out economic reforms.

Diesel fuel in Russia has risen in price for the ruble in a week

Diesel fuel in Russia for the period from 12 to 18 November 2018 went up by 1 ruble to 46.29 rubles per liter. At the same time, the average consumer prices for gasoline have not changed, the Rosstat reported. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2018, diesel has risen in price by 14%, and gasoline – by 9.3%.

Seven oil and gas fields have been discovered in the Saratov Region.

As the KP-Saratov was told in the Ministry of Industry and Energy, they are open in Dukhovnitsky, Ivanteevsky, Fedorovsky, Yershovsky, Saratov, Krasnoarmeysky, Lysogorsky and Perelyubsky districts.

In total, over nine months, 2.1 million tons of standard fuel were produced. This is 2.6% more than last year’s level. According to Minister Andrey Kulikov, the growth in the volume of goods and work produced was 36.8%.

Mexico loses up to $ 115 billion a year due to corruption

Corruption in Mexico annually costs the country up to 10% of GDP. This assessment was brought on Thursday by Roberto Martínez Illescas, director of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Center in Mexico for Latin America. In 2017, Mexico’s GDP was about $ 1.15 trillion.

Debts for gas of the Don heat supplying organizations reached 800 million rubles

Over the year, the amount has more than doubled. Over the past year, debts for gas from heat supply companies of the Rostov region more than doubled and reached 788 million rubles. This was told in the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-Don”.


Most Russians consider Putin to be responsible for the country’s problems.

According to the study, 61% of respondents believe that the head of state is fully responsible for the problems facing the country. Putin’s partial responsibility for this is recognized by 22% of respondents.

The court of Ukraine approved the establishment in the Constitution of the country’s course in NATO and the EU

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine approved the establishment in the Constitution of the country’s course in NATO and the EU. This was reported on Thursday by the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada Irina Lutsenko.

“The decision to recognize the presidential draft of amendments to the Constitution was supported by the overwhelming majority – 14 judges of the CC. Therefore, it gives Parliament the opportunity to review the document in the session hall, ”she said.

About the relationship after Brexit

I sent a draft political declaration on the future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom to 27 EU countries. The head of the European Commission informed me that it was approved at the level of negotiators and agreed in principle at the political level. – Donald Tusk, Polish politician

Browder calls on Canadian authorities to help exclude Russia from Interpol

Speaking on the Canadian radio station CBC, Browder said that Russia constantly uses Interpol in its own interests and thereby harms the international police organization. According to him, the Government of Canada could influence the situation and raise the issue of excluding Moscow from Interpol.

Canada should lead efforts to suspend Russia’s work in the Interpol system, in the same way as it was temporarily excommunicated from the Olympic Games due to systematic violations by the Russian side of the rules of the international police organization. – William Browder, American businessman

Zakharova commented on Mogherini’s statement about the Sea of Azov

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commented on the statements of the head of EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini about the situation in the Sea of Azov.

We are completely incomprehensible to the logic of selective promotion by the EU partners of claims to the lawful actions of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Azov. While the provocative steps of Kiev in the region remain unheeded by Brussels. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Kuchma’s place in the negotiations on the Donbass was taken by the first head of the SBU

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has appointed the ex-Minister of Defense, former Prime Minister and former head of the Security Service Yevhen Marchuk the representative of Kiev in the contact group on the settlement of the situation in Donbass, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Speaker Irina Gerashchenko told Facebook.

President Poroshenko appointed Yevhen Marchuk as the representative of Ukraine in the CAG. Yevgeny Kirillovich all these difficult years adequately represented Ukraine in the security group. He is well-versed in the problems of the Minsk talks and will firmly defend the national interests of Ukraine. – Irina Gerashchenko, Ukrainian politician

Bills on separate prisons for terrorists submitted to the Duma

The bills on separate prisons for terrorists were brought to the State Duma by the deputies of the United Russia faction, including Adalbi Shkhagoshev, the correspondent of November 22 reports.

An isolated prison regime will minimize the possibility of the spread of extremist ideology among convicts and their recruitment to the ranks of terrorist organizations. – Pavel Krasheninnikov, Russian lawyer

Gazprom has decided on the route of the Turkish Stream

Gazprom, as found out by Kommersant, decided on the route of the second line of the Turkish Stream – through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia. Deliveries to Bulgaria and Serbia are scheduled to begin in 2020, Hungary – in 2021, Slovakia – in the second half of 2022.

In addition to the described route, an option was also considered with transportation through Greece and further to Southern Italy. The construction schedule for the continuation of the Turkish Stream through Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary will allow Gazprom to refuse from transit through Ukraine since 2022.

US urged allies to abandon the use of Huawei equipment

The US government has appealed to key allies around the world to stop using the equipment of the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, which Washington suspects of hidden espionage, The Wall Street Journal reported

Lawyer Assange concerned about the change of the Ambassador of Ecuador in London

Protection of the founder of the portal WikiLeaks fears that the decision to change the ambassador of Ecuador to the UK may be part of a strategy aimed at ending the right of asylum for Julian Assange.

Russia does not intend to create a military base in the Azov Sea

Russia has no plans to create a military base in the Azov Sea, the “militarization” by the Russian side of the region is a scary story invented, said Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. “The militarization of the Sea of Azov by Russia” is another invented horror story, which is sucked from the finger.

But it was expected: the Crimea is no longer perceived as a sharp plot and an instrument of pressure on Russia, we need bright fresh themes … In fact, the situation in this region is not particularly interesting for our so-called Western partners. For them, only the new reason for attacking Russia is important. – Grigory Karasin, Russian diplomat

France has banned the entry of 18 citizens of Saudi Arabia

Entry into the territory of France is forbidden to 18 Saudi citizens in connection with the “Hasshoggi case,” with reference to the French Foreign Ministry, Reuters reports.

Bulgaria declares readiness to participate in the Turkish Stream project

The Minister of Energy of Bulgaria Temenuzhka Petkova announced that the republic is ready to implement the project of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline on its territory.

The government of Italy supported the idea of creating a pan-European army.

The government of Italy supported the idea of creating a separate all-European army from NATO and the USA. This was told by sources in the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic.


Putin showed military developments in the field of medicine

President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the military-innovative technopolis “ERA” inspected scientific developments in the field of medicine. Putin was shown a technique of 3D scanning and processing the data needed for treatment, RIA Novosti reports. The president was shown a special platform for sapper boots. The platform takes the brunt of the blast wave and does not allow it to fully transfer to the foot. The head of state examined the laboratory for the creation of biological products for medicine and industry. He was told about the genome research carried out in the technopolis.

“We need to attract specialists. We already have certain developments, but much more needs to be done, ”Putin said after the inspection.

Technopolis was created by presidential decree of June 25, 2018. Construction of the first stage took place within 155 days, reports TASS.

On the restoration of “Admiral Kuznetsov” will spend 70 million rubles

On the restoration of heavy aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” will spend about 70 million rubles. A special commission found 52 damage on the ship, which it received due to an accident at the swimming dock at the 72th ship repair yard in Roslyakovo.

Mattis urged Russia to return to complying with the INF Treaty

The United States hopes that Russia will demonstrate a desire to return to compliance with the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF), and Washington considers this scenario as the best one. This was stated on Wednesday by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis.

We will follow all signs indicating that Moscow wants to return to compliance with the contract. For the United States this will be the best outcome. The Pentagon hopes that this is exactly what will happen. – James Mattis, American military leader

Turkey is waiting for the supply of S-400 complexes in 2019

Ankara hopes to start joint production of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems with Russia, after the first battery of these machines for the Turkish Armed Forces arrives.

Putin urged to reduce the cycle of production of ammunition

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting on the military-industrial complex in Anapa, called for a reduction in the technological cycle of production of missiles and ammunition. This informs RIA News

The first phase of the new military airfield completed in the Crimea

“Today, the first all-weather aircraft of the military transport aviation An-148 landed at the military airfield Belbek in the Crimea”, – stated in the message of the defense department.

At the dual-use airfield, five taxiways and seven parking lots for IL-96 and A319 aircraft were built.

US military allowed to shoot to kill on the Mexican border

Earlier it became known that the US Marine Corps, together with the border guards, began to build fortifications, including the stretching of barbed wire on the border with Mexico. These measures are part of the preparations for meeting thousands of migrants moving to the American border from Central America.

In the United States passed tests of new nuclear multi-bomb

Guided munition V61-12 was dropped in northern Nevada. The B2 bomber conducted tests at the Nellis Air Force base in the north of Nevada on the upgraded B61-12 multi-function nuclear bomb. The tests were successful, according to The National Interest.

The Foreign Ministry said about the difficulties in creating a demilitarized zone in Idlib

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the briefing, said that difficulties in creating a demilitarized zone in the Syrian province of Idlib remained.

The military of Russia and India at the exercises tested each other’s weapons

During the Indra-2018 joint military exercise, the Russian and Indian military at the Babin training ground in the state of Uttar Pradesh held fire training sessions during which soldiers used weapons from another country. This informs RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Eastern Military District.

Iran: Our missiles can reach US bases

US military bases and aircraft carriers are within the reach of Iranian missiles, reports Tasnim agency referring to the brigadier general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, part of the Iranian armed forces) Amir Ali Hajizade.

NATO commented on the situation in Kosovo

The leadership of the international KFOR mission under the auspices of NATO reported that the situation in Kosovo is under control, and information about the movement of Albanian police special forces is incorrect

Began testing the Russian heavy drone “Hunter”

In November, the Russian heavy pilot Okhotnik made the first run along the runway of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant, reaching a speed of 200 km / h. This was reported TASS source in the aircraft industry.

The first plane landed on the new Belbek airfield

The construction of a new runway with a length of 3450 meters was completed at the Belbek airfield. According to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, today it received the first aircraft.

Russia and Uruguay discussed military cooperation

Both participants of the meeting discussed the humanitarian situation in Syria, stressing the importance of the process of returning refugees to their homeland and providing assistance to civilians. Also, the Uruguayan military was transferred an invitation to the next military-technical forum “Army”

Russian and Brunei sailors conducted joint exercises in the South China Sea

A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet conducted joint exercises in the South China Sea with the ships of the Brunei Naval Forces. This was announced on Friday by the fleet spokesman Nikolai Voskresensky.


The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has again updated the record

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Earth once again updated the record, reaching 405.5 ppm in volume in 2017 – until now it was only 3-5 million years ago. This was reported in the annual report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Finland proposed to green Africa

It is reported that Finland held consultations with the European Commission and the EU member states about new projects in the EU budget and proposed the creation of a forest fund that will provide loans for projects on forest planting in Africa.

Scientists invent radio-controlled enzymes

As it turned out, they managed to invent radio-controlled enzymes. It is known that they can function only under certain conditions. Because of this, the reaction with them can often take quite a long time.

Scientists have discovered a compound that kills cancer cells

A group of scientists from Germany, Japan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo found an alkaloid compound in the branches of the Congolese liane that suppresses the development of tumor cells in the pancreas.

Astronauts “dressed up” in ultra-modern spacesuits

According to Sergey Pozdnyakov, Chief Designer of the Zvezda Scientific and Production Enterprise, a new phase of funding for the ISS operation program will begin in the second half of 2019. And there must enter the task of developing a new spacesuit. It is noted that at the request of astronauts a new generation of spacesuits for work in outer space will become more ergonomic.

On the ISS there were floppy disks 20 years ago

German cosmonaut Alexander Gerst discovered a folder with old diskettes on board the ISS. He posted the corresponding photo on Twitter. Alexander Gerst noted that the media was stored in a locker, which “probably did not open for some time.”

Magnetic fields will help astronomers search for aliens.

Scientists have found that planets similar to Earth that have magnetic fields can be home to life forms. Even from school, we all know that it is precisely due to the magnetic field of the Earth that the compass needle rotates.

Scientists have made the first direct photograph of the exoplanetary system HR 8799

Astrophysicists managed to get the first direct snapshot of the planetary system HR 8799, consisting of four exoplanets. The images were obtained using high-resolution spectroscopy and adaptive optics technology at the Keca Observatory on Mauna Kea.

Hawking’s chair helped paralyzed patients

Technology based on the computer installed on Stephen Hawking’s chair helped paralyzed patients to use the tablet and communicate with other people.

Neuroscientists have found a previously unknown part of the human brain

Scientists have found a previously unknown hidden area of the human brain. It was discovered by George Paxinos of the Australian Institute NeuRA using Paxinos brain staining technology. This region of the Endorestiform nucleus is located in the region of the junction of the brain with the spinal cord, where the long fibers of the vertebral paths end. This region in the lower cerebellar stem is responsible for movement and balance.

Five-month babies recognize language recursion

German scientists have found that children can recognize linguistic recursion (connect parts of the main sentence separated by subordinates) even before they learn to speak – at the age of five months.

Scientists have discovered deadly zombie proteins in people’s eyes.

After conducting research, scientists from the University of California discovered deadly zombie proteins in people’s eyes. Experts have identified prions that penetrate into the brain in case of infection.

Prion diseases can be inherited, as well as occur after a person has consumed spoiled meat. Some types of “bacteria” enter the body through contaminated surgical equipment. Experts believe that a rare form of infection is corneal transplantation from deceased donors.

Scientists have called food that improves memory

Scientists said they can improve memory by switching to 5 meals a day. At the same time, experts recommend relying on fruits and vegetables.

Colorado Bees Caught in Collecting Cannabis Pollen

Entomologists set traps to collect and study pests and did not expect them to include representatives from 23 of the 66 Colorado bee species. Scientists explained this fact with the fact that there were few flowering plants in the vicinity.


Hackers created 400 clones of AliExpress on the eve of Black Friday

The fraudsters brought to the Internet about 400 websites that replicate the design of the popular Chinese online marketplace AliExpress among Russians. Also, the attackers were registered domain names similar to the name of the trading platform.

“Yandex.Taxi” allowed to call several cars at once

The Yandex.Taxi service allowed users to order two or three cars at once from one phone. This was told in the press service of the company. It is noted that the new function is designed for a large company: you no longer have to wait for the arrival of one car to order the next one.

YouTube is testing a new method of displaying ads on YouTube

Google announced a new ad serving method on YouTube called ad pod. It involves two ad displays with the ability to skip a row before a video or while watching. The more often an advertisement interrupts the viewing, the more likely it is that the user will turn off the video without seeing it through to the end.

Instagram tests updated interface

In general, the new look of the page on Instagram has become easier than it was before. For all users, the updated interface will appear in the near future. Prior to this, it was reported on the launch in the popular photoblog of the payment system

Yandex has launched a beta version of its browser with Collections

Collections allow you to save interesting materials found on the web – articles, photos, videos, movies, places. You can collect collections by topic, for example, “Ideas for gifts.”

Yandex.Collections have a recommendation system. It uses Yandex technology: computer vision and artificial intelligence. She will advise users of materials based on their collections.

Personal collections can be made private. In this case, only the user will see them. And you can provide access to them for everyone – then you can subscribe to the collection. The best public collections Yandex will show in the search results.

Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone will get a back panel of ceramics and 5G

Today it became known that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented on the market with a ceramic back panel, which will be presented in black or white. In addition, the older model will have a main camera with four modules, a dual camera for selfies, as well as a 512 GB ROM. The index of this model is SM-G975FC.

Nokia tablet prototype on Windows shown on video

The network showed a pre-series device, which is equipped with a 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels and an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with 2 GB of RAM. As reported by Gazeta DAILY, Nokia Vega is running Windows RT.

Huawei will release its first folding smartphone under the brand Mate

Huawei will release its first folding smartphone under the brand Mate. This site reports AndroidHeadlines. Now the company chooses a name for the new device from the options Mate F, Mate Flex, Mate Flexi and Mate Fold.

Presented MSI MEG X299 Creation motherboard

MSI has expanded the assortment of motherboards with the MEG X299 Creation model, which can become the main one for the gaming PC on the Intel hardware platform.

Real exotic has come to Russia

ZTE announced the launch of pre-orders in Russia for an unusual smartphone – a folding ZTE Axon M with two screens. Recall, ZTE Axon M was released as an exclusive to the American operator AT & T in November 2017, in January 2018, appeared in China, and in the spring – in Europe.


The Tretyakov Gallery presented an exhibition of paintings in Tokyo

The exhibition entitled “Romantic Russia” opened in the Japanese capital on Thursday. In the complex “Bunkamura” everyone will be able to see the works of local artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The first lifetime edition of “Poltava” Pushkin put up for auction

The first lifetime edition of the poem by Alexander Pushkin “Poltava” was put up for an antiquarian auction in St. Petersburg. According to TASS, this edition is the most expensive lot of trades scheduled for December 1. Estimated cost of the book – 650 thousand rubles.

“Such publications constitute the foundation of Russian bibliophilism. At all times they have been the most desirable object of book collecting,” the auction organizers said.

The railway to the Crimean bridge will be transferred because of the ancient manor

The project of the 18-km railway approach to the Crimean Bridge will be adjusted to preserve and study the unique ancient manor from the time of the Bosporian kingdom, RIA Novosti reports. The complex of 40 rooms and 9 courtyards, dating from the end of the V – the beginning of the III century BC. e., archaeologists discovered in the area of Kerch.

9 circles of hell in Moscow City

In “Afimoll City”, on the 6th floor site, the personal exhibition of sculptor, architect and writer Vasily Klyukin In Dante Veritas continues. The exposition was created based on the first part of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri – “Inferno” and is being held with the support of the Russian Museum, “Afimall City” and the Panorama360 viewing platform.

The exhibition, which tells about the nine circles of hell, presents 27 works: 22 sculptures reflecting human vices (Anger, Fornication, Gluttony, Hypocrisy and others), 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse and Dante’s death mask. In addition, Vasily Klyukin created new objects especially for the exhibition in Moscow-City, and when designing the exhibition space, mapping installations will be used to convey the atmosphere of Inferno. In the “9 circle” in the hall of the Traitor, visitors can leave the initials of the people who have ever betrayed them. You can view the exhibition with a free audio guide in Russian and English.

The congress in Moscow is dedicated to the preservation of monuments in the CIS

The III International Congress “World Heritage of the CIS Countries” opened in Moscow. It will focus on the issues of sustainable management of world heritage sites and the preparation of cross-border nominations for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Estonian art presents the Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition “Poetics of Frontiers. Estonian Art” opened in the New Tretyakov Gallery. It presents about 90 works in the genre of painting, drawing, installation and sculpture. The project is timed to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of Estonia.

“The collections of museums and private collections helped preserve the works of masters to our days. The Tretyakov Gallery was engaged in collecting Estonian art in the Soviet period,” the chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Culture Tarvi Sits thanked the Russian side.

Africa Day was first held in the Hermitage

For the first time, Africa Day was held at the Hermitage to the sound of a drum and with national dances. This event was timed to the exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Guinea. The collection of African art in the Hermitage began to collect three years ago. Most of them are gifts of philanthropists. One of the latest acquisitions – the banner of the leader and military armor, helmet and chainmail. The Hermitage emphasizes that African art here is part of the artistic, not ethnographic collection. The director of the museum, Mikhail Piotrovsky, considers him an integral part of the artistic education of a person.

Cultural cluster in Kaliningrad will begin to build in 2019

Objects of the cultural cluster in Kaliningrad will be placed on the island of October. Governor Anton Alikhanov told TASS that the project of the museum center will unite Kant’s Island, the Museum of the World Ocean, the Museum of Fine Arts, the historical building of amber manufactory of the late 19th century and the building of a synagogue with the Museum of Tolerance, which was built on the site of the Nazis destroyed in Crystal Night in 1938 .

“Premonition of the cosmos” in the National Center for Contemporary Art

From November 29, 2018 to February 17, 2019 in the National Center for Contemporary Art will be held the exhibition “Anticipation of Space”, dedicated to the new spatial dimensions, the extraterrestrial reality, where a person acquires stability in space flight coordinates. The works of Ilya Kabakov, Leonid Tishkov, Erik Bulatov and other authors line up in the form of a dialogue, where scientific discoveries and the world of romantic ideals, the memory of childhood and the birth of reflexive forms intersect.

All-Russian Inclusive Action “Museum for All! – 2018”

As part of the new action, the participating museums will hold events for visitors with disabilities, their families, friends and everyone who wants to, on December 1 and 2. Art, local history, historical, natural science and other museums will present inclusive programs that help socialization, creative self-expression and vocational guidance for children with physical and mental developmental features. Fascinating excursions, concerts, contests, workshops and other educational activities will be of interest to adult visitors. Everyone can not only get acquainted with art works and artifacts, but also learn something new, participate in discussions about culture, art and history.

Works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will be shown at the exhibition in Moscow

The large-scale exhibition “Viva la Vida. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Painting and drawing from museum and private collections”, where more than 90 works of the famous couple will be presented, will open in the central exhibition hall “Manege” on December 21, the chairman of the board said at a press conference cultural and historical foundation “Link of Times”, director of the Faberge Museum Vladimir Voronchenko.

“The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for December 21. We are pleased to present this pair to you, they are completely different: he is absolutely extrovert, she is absolutely introvert, she writes about her feelings, 60 of 140 of her works are self-portraits. Frida Kahlo is a symbol of a woman capable to participate in social life. It seems to me that it attracts our viewers primarily as a person, it is an icon of feminism, women of the whole world worship it, ”said Voronchenko.

In the summer of 2019 in Moscow will resume concerts with live music at ENEA

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that in VDNKh in 2019 concerts with live music will return. Reports about it “Evening Moscow”. It is known that live concerts will be held in the summer on the roof of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman pavilion.

Lost Portrait of Charles Dickens Returns to England

London presented a portrait of Charles Dickens, the work was considered lost a half century. On the watercolor writer – just over 30.

“The author of watercolor Margaret Gillis is a famous artist of her time, her watercolors and miniatures were especially appreciated. The portrait of Dickens was supposed to be an illustration of his new book, conceived as its important part. Look at what emotional image you managed to create, ”art critic Philip Mold said.


Competition announced for the best screenplay about Alexander Nevsky

Soyuzmultfilm will create a full-length cartoon about Alexander Nevsky. The competition for the creation of the script was announced by the Russian Military Historical Society.

Ecological film festival to be held in Moscow

November 27 in Moscow will open the IX International Festival of Green Documentary Film ECOCUP. The screenings will be held at the Documentary Film Center and at other venues in the city.

“Following celebrities such as Ilon Musk, Noam Chomsky and Jonathan Nolan, as well as scientists, directors and activists from around the world, the viewer will find answers to important questions and learn interesting facts about the environment,” the festival website reported.

The festival will open at the cinema in the Dutch film The Case of Chocolate.

The movie “Quotes” was released.

The film of Ivan Tverdovsky Jr. “Freeds” November 22 was released in the Russian rental. The film participated in the main competition of the 29th Kinotavr festival in Sochi and received a special prize at the festival in Karlovy Vary.

The premiere of the film “Brotherhood” by Pavel Lungin will be held on May 9

Pavel Lungin’s film Brotherhood, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, will be released in Russian hire on May 9, 2019. This was reported on Thursday by the press service of the joint rental company Disney and Sony Pictures (WDSSPR)

The film about Lev Yashin took 1st place at the Milan Film Festival

A documentary film about the goalkeeper of Dynamo Moscow and the USSR national football team Lev Yashin won the XXXVI International Film Festival of Sports Film and Television in Milan in the nomination “Films about Football”.

Vadim Perelman began shooting the Holocaust film “Persian Lessons”

Company Hype Film producers Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann and Pavel Buri announced the start of filming a film about the Holocaust “Persian lessons” directed by Vadim Perelman. This was reported on Thursday by the press service of the film company.

Turkish director will shoot a film about Kazakh Khan

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan plans to make a feature film about the life of Kazakh Khan Kasim, said the head of department Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, Kazinform agency reported November 22. The Minister noted that a Turkish director was invited to shoot the film, who shot the film Ertugul.

In Russia, will show the series-continuation of the “submarine”

In Germany, the multiseries sequel of the 1981 cult German military drama “Submarine” (“Boat” / Das Boot) starts. In Russia, the new series, having the same name, will be released on November 25

Yuri Bykov makes a new film

The script for the film “Watchman” Bykov wrote himself. The picture tells about the 40-year-old Vlada, who doesn’t like other people very much and therefore chose to work as a caretaker in an abandoned sanatorium. According to the director, his new film will be an attempt to understand what drives a person, a hundred becomes the motives of his actions. This is the difference between The Watchman and past films in which Bykov showed our environment.

The sanatorium in the Ryazan region, which is being renovated, will become a film set.

Appeared the first trailer remake of the cartoon “The Lion King”

The company Walt Disney has published the first teaser-trailer remake of the cartoon “The Lion King” on its channel on YouTube. The trailer shows the moment when the animals rush to the foot of the mountain to look at the birth of Simba – the heir of the lion Mufasa

The Russians will see the new “Avengers” before the Americans

It was originally planned that the premiere of the film on the Marvel universe will take place on May 2, simultaneously with the American start of the shows. However, some time later it became known that the Russian audience could watch the tape a week earlier.

Netflix filmed the series based on the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind

The show was filmed in the author’s homeland, and the plot is different from the book and the Tom Tykwer film of the same name shot in 2006 in that the events unfold in our day, and not in the XVIII century.

In the Manege will show films about Kahlo and River

Three films about a pair of artists were provided for the exhibition by the Ministry of Culture of Mexico. The exposition itself includes more than 90 works created by artists. The exhibition will also include theater and musical performances and gastronomic events.


British band The 1975 has released a video shot with one double

The video was shot in today’s fashionable single take, without additional editing. Viewers can see how The 1975 leader Matthew Healey walks through the streets and meets various characters. The new album, called A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, is set to be released on November 30, 2018.

Monument to Viktor Tsoi in St. Petersburg will be installed before the end of next summer

The authorities of St. Petersburg have given permission to install a monument to the musician Viktor Tsoi in the south-west of the city. This is stated in the message of the state administrative and technical inspection (GATI).

In the Moscow club Red performed the French group Her

Her current tour is the last one. They even said that the Moscow show will be the final point in the history of the group, but there are still a few concerts in the homeland. And then Victor Solf will concentrate on working on solo material, and also, it’s possible, he will finally present the music he did with Ivan Dorn to the public – they met at a festival in Kiev.

Sunsay and WWF released the song “Song of the Earth”

The Ukrainian group Sunsay, founded by a member of Friday, Andrei Zaporozhets, released a video for the track “Song of the Earth”, recorded together with the World Wide Fund for the Protection of Wildlife – WWF. “This is a peacekeeping anthem, a song about the value of our planet, nature and the unity of people,” the video description says.

Weezer decided on the release of “Black Album”

According to Pitchfork, the release of the album is scheduled for March 1, 2019. The musicians also shared their second single from the album titled “Zombie Bastards”. This will be Weezer’s fifth “color” longplay – the Blue, Green, Red and White albums have already been released.

Rammstein reduces recorded with the Belarusian orchestra album

The Rammstein group finished recording a new album and proceeded to take note. According to Rock FM, producer Rich Coast, who worked with Muse, Rage Against The Machine and Franz Ferdinand, will deal with this stage. According to guitarist Richard Kruspe, the work on the album brought a lot of pleasure to the group.

St Vincent Quail «Perfect Day» Lou Reed

St Vincent performed a cover version of Lou Reed’s song “Perfect Day” at one of the concerts of her tour in support of the album “MassEducation”.

Dimash Kudaibergenov will give a big solo concert in Moscow

Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergenov, who over the past couple of years has gained immense popularity in the world due to his unique voice, plans to perform with a large solo concert in Russia. This 24-year-old performer with a very wide vocal range of five octaves, four notes and one semitone, said in an interview with TASS.

“We are planning a big solo concert in Moscow. So far I will keep its date secret, but it will be a grand concert, a good show, as always live sound accompanied by live music,” said Kudaibergenov. He said that the Russian composer and producer Igor Krutoy will take part in the show.

Tommy Cash and his third eye: watch the artist’s video on the track “X-Ray”

Tommy Cash released the video for the track “X-Ray”. In his new video, the Estonian provocateur portrays a healer with tattoos of the dollar and euro on his palms and a third eye on his forehead, to which hundreds of people go to sessions. In May, Tommy Cash released an even more absurd video for the track “Little Molly”.

Kukoyaka released a new track “Sad Song”

“Bread” participant Denis Kukoyaka released a new song “Sad Song” as part of his solo project Kukoyaka

The Hatters will shut out from the outside world to record an album.

The Hatters is preparing to please listeners with premieres – the musicians are already planning how they will record material for the new album.

“Witty Molly” released another mini-album

The group “Wrong Molly” released a third mini-album titled “Very Scary Molly 3. Part 1.” There are four tracks in it, they sound more like the album “A sad girl with eyes like a dog’s”.


A copy of the Ford GT sports car made of gold will be sold at auction

A miniature copy of the 2006 Ford GT was made of pure gold on the order of one of the descendants of Henry Ford. A descendant of Henry Ford intends to sell a copy of the Ford GT made 18-carat gold in two shades at Sotheby’s auction.

McLaren will present a new supercar in December

The British did not report any accurate information in their video. The only thing that became clear is that on December 8, we will see the premiere of a sports car in the back of a convertible. Also in the video flashes the hood of the car, which indicates the model 720S.

ABT tuners featured a 725-strong Audi RS6

ABT decided to continue the development of Ingolstadt “family car” to create the RS6 Plus version of the Avant Performance Nogaro Edition with a monstrous 725 hp engine. The twin-turbo 4-liter V8 engine was additionally massaged to unlock torque of 920 Nm or an additional 40 Nm

Mercedes-AMG GLC has become the fastest Nürburgring crossover

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 4Matic + has officially become the fastest serial crossover of the North Loop Nürburgring. AMG development engineer Markus Hofbauer, on the first attempt, improved the time of the previous record holder – Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and drove the track in 7 minutes 49.369 seconds.

Hyundai Palisade with winter driving mode

Hyundai showed some of the test times that crossovers usually undergo. A recently published video shows how the new Palisade crossover behaves in winter conditions. This time the car was sent to the Swedish Arjeplog, which is located near the Arctic Circle.

New Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 appeared on tests at the Nurburgring

The German car brand Mercedes-Benz is currently engaged in road tests of the new version of the CLA 35. The tested specimen of the car was noticed during races on the Nurburgring.

Land Rover introduced the new Range Rover Evoque 2019

The company Jaguar Land Rover at a special event in London introduced the Range Rover Evoque new generation. Evoque 2019 model year as a whole retained the design of the predecessor

Unmanned vehicle traveled offline from St. Petersburg to Kazan

The new model of an unmanned vehicle was able to overcome a distance of 2500 kilometers, traveling from St. Petersburg to Kazan. There were experts in the car who noted all the flaws and controlled how the car moved along the highway, around the cities and how it copes with the encountered obstacles. In general, the unmanned vehicle has fully completed all the tasks, without endangering other road users.

Honda brought to the tests the serial version of the electric vehicle Urban EV

The network published “spy” photos of an upcoming electric vehicle Honda Urban, the concept of which was shown last year in Germany. The front of the vehicle has got round LED lights

Volkswagen showed a new version of the Tiguan Black R-Line crossover

Volkswagen Tiguan Black R-Line – a new package of stylistic design, offered exclusively for complete sets of Comfort and Highline.

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