17 Nov, 2018

Russians do not believe in improving their lives

The social optimism index was 40 p., Which is inferior to the values ​​of 2017 and 2016 (63 p. And 51 p., Respectively).

25% of respondents (33% in 2017) believe that in a year their family will live better than now, as many expect a deterioration of the situation (13% last year). Another 40% of respondents do not expect any significant changes.

The index of assessments of the economic situation in the country also dropped compared to last year’s 43 pp. Compared to 59 p. In 2017.

A positive economic situation was assessed by 70% of respondents (of which 13% consider the state of the economy to be good or very good), 27% of respondents expressed a negative assessment (19% in 2017, 30% in 2016).

The index of assessments of the political situation is 56 points compared with 71 points in 2017.

21% assess the political situation in Russia as good (30% in 2017, 25% in 2016), 53% as average, 18% as bad (12% and 20% in 2016 and 2017, respectively).

“The index of satisfaction with life in October 2018 is equal to 63 p. – against 60 p. In 2017, while the current value is much higher than in 2016 (46 p.). Today, they are satisfied with life as a whole 58% of Russians, the opposite – 16%, another 21% partially agree with the first and second, “- said in a statement of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM)

Vasily Koltashov, head of the Center for Economic Research at the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, linked the sentiment to the “neurotization” of the population with news about new taxes and increased utility costs on the NSN.

“Here, the Russians’s distrust of the economic situation is not due to the fact that they have all the information from the markets and understand that global processes can influence them greatly, but that they are neurotic with news about new taxes, higher VAT, higher utility costs, petrol. And here they see that future money is leaking from them. This year there was a revival in demand and lending increased. Despite these statistics, they feel that there is some kind of process that pulls money out of them, despite the fact that the economic situation looks stable. They do not know about the global market and positive internal statistics, they begin to live poorer or will live poorer very soon. The tax on self-employed also adds stress, ”the economist said

Briefly about the main thing ….


Saratov deputy Bondarenko criticized the size of child allowance

The basic amount of child allowance in the Saratov region is currently 414.77 rubles per month. Earlier, the deputy declared the need to establish the cost of the food basket at a level not lower than 10 thousand rubles, and the cost of living – 20 thousand rubles.

Residents of Bryansk stampede because of cheap eggs and sausages

Residents of Bryansk staged a hustle due to cheap products at the opening of the store, the online newspaper Bryansk News reported. The incident occurred on November 16 in the Volodarsky district of the city, in a new grocery store “Europe”. The newspaper claims that local residents learned about the sale of the “Doktorskaya” sausage for 80 rubles and decided to “take the counters by storm”.

You earn little, not high prices

Acting head of the Lipetsk region, Igor Artamonov, at a meeting with students in Yelets, said that if they are not satisfied with the prices, this means that they earn little. Artamonov’s words are quoted by the local edition of Lipetsknews.ru.

“If prices do not suit you, then you earn little, and not high prices,” the official said.

What kind of event in question is not specified. On the website of the administration of the Lipetsk region indicated that Artamonov November 13, he visited Yelets State University, where he gave a lecture on the development of digital society.

Acting Governor Igor Artamonov earned 131 million rubles in 2017 and thus entered the list of the richest chapters.

Medvedev has expanded the program of subsidizing transport throughout the country

The program to subsidize transportation to the Far East has been expanded in the whole country; they will operate throughout the year, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Acting Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako at Vladivostok Airport.

We will provide more subsidies that can be used all year round, rather than for a certain time when such flights took place from March to December. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

Central Bank issued a coin with a portrait of Solzhenitsyn

The Bank of Russia issued a 2-ruble silver commemorative coin to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

An Orthodox complex will be built on Amur for 80 million rubles

The construction of an Orthodox complex on the embankment of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, worth 80 million rubles, is planned by the Amur Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, on November 16 it is reported on the website of the city local governments.

The cost of building Orthodox churches can reach 1.3 billion rubles, as happened with the temple in Krasnoyarsk. In 2017, local activists went to a rally in protest against such expenses for the construction of religious sites. Activists spoke in the spirit of the fact that money is more appropriate to send for the construction of hospitals

We drove to you for an hour ….

In the courtyard of the house number 5 on the street Oktyabrskaya in the city of Mezhdurechensk, Kemerovo region. The workers arrived in a domestic Gaz car. From the car got a swing, a fence and benches. After the installation of the facilities, the woman, who arrived at the site together with the workers, took a picture of the site, then everything was again loaded into the Gazelle and taken away

In the South Urals, the company will pay a fine for the prayer in advertising

According to the press service of the Chelyabinsk OFAS Russia, the Arbitration Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Chelyabinsk OFAS Russia to impose a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles on LLC MCC Uralservice for advertising using a religious Christian symbol.

Problems with the availability of low-cost medicines in the regions remain unsolved

Experts of ONF and the Foundation for Independent Monitoring of Medical Services and Human Health Protection “Health” continue to monitor the situation with preferential drug provision. And, as it turned out, the situation in this matter almost does not change for the better. Beneficiaries still complain that they can not receive the prescribed drugs and medical devices. At the same time, thousands of packs of expired drugs are lost in pharmaceutical stores.

“Today it is very important to organize a reasonable and effective approach to spending budget funds for the purchase of drugs and at the same time ensure their maximum accessibility for citizens,” said Edward Gavrilov, a member of the ONF Central Staff, director of the Health Foundation.

Popcorn in cinemas offered to ban

The MP believes that the audience with popcorn crunch too loud. Svishchev said that during a film show the audience litters and eats more of what they need than do great damage to their bodies. At the same time, according to a number of scientists, popcorn can be considered a diet food.

It is necessary, of course, to stop it. Let them come, eat before a session, rest, but people walk there with food, with trays people come in, with such tubs – a bucket of five-liter popcorn – come in and start to crunch there, throw it all. – Dmitry Svischev, Russian MP

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who lost his apartment because of collectors, died

Anatoly Doronin, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, died in Moscow, and his apartment was taken away because of his grandson’s debts. The death of a man was confirmed by his spouse, reports REN TV.

Earlier, Doronin said that collectors had broken into his apartment and told him about his grandson’s huge debts. Threateningly, the men forced the veteran to sign documents and give them an apartment.

Again increased the tax on property of citizens

Property taxes without notice can not be paid, they are calculated by the tax authorities themselves, reminds the newspaper Vedomosti. For example, property tax is calculated using a complex formula, which, among other things, depends on the region. For most Russians this tax has increased again this year, although its rates have not changed at all.

The fact is that from 2016 the calculation of the tax on property of citizens is gradually transferred to the cadastral value close to the market. Previously, it was considered based on the inventory value of objects


Rosneft suspended the sale of fuel

The company decided to “restore order” in the market amid signing agreements with the authorities to freeze gasoline prices and even halted the supply of fuel to the exchange.

And we are not obliged to sell fuel to those who simply resell it. Today, we have no desire to trade on the stock exchange, there may be no tomorrow, and then it will appear. – Mikhail Leontyev, Russian journalist

FAS warned private gas stations about the need to reduce fuel prices

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has warned several independent gas stations, which hold a dominant position in the market, about the need to reduce retail prices for fuel in proportion to the wholesale, the department said on November 16

Ministry of Economics has created a department of productivity and efficiency

The Ministry of Economy has created a department of productivity and efficiency for the implementation of a national project to increase labor productivity, the Ministry said. According to the national project, the Ministry of Economy should ensure an increase in labor productivity by 5% annually

The former section of the Ministry of Defense near the Kremlin was sold for 2.4 billion rubles

Citizen LLC will pay 2.37 billion rubles for the site. The starting price of the lot – 1.25 billion rubles. The site was previously on the balance of the Ministry of Defense and was transferred to the “Dom.rf” for its sale.

Russian mortgage bank stops working

Russian Mortgage Bank announced a halt in operating activities. This is stated on the website of the bank.

Profit En + under IFRS for nine months increased by 1.8 times

The net profit of the En + Group holding in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards for the first three quarters of 2018 increased by 80.7% compared to the same period last year – to $ 1.6 billion, the company said (.pdf). For the third quarter, profit increased by 67.4% – up to $ 586 million.

GAZ Group will be supported through Rosgvardia

Rosguards offer to allocate 2 billion rubles. until the end of the year for the purchase of equipment. The contracts will be concluded with the only suppliers of equipment produced by the Ural automobile plant and PJSC Arzamas Machine-Building Plant, according to the explanatory note of the resolution published on the legal information disclosure portal.

In Switzerland, banks are suspected of colluding against Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

The Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) launched an investigation due to the fact that a number of banks, including UBS and Credit Suisse, are suspected of refusing to use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payment systems. This is reported on the website of the regulator.

Citimobile CEO unveiled Mail.ru Group share in taxi aggregator

Following the results of the first investment round, Mail.ru Group became the owner of 18% of the shares of the Citimobil taxi aggregator, Aram Arakelyan, co-founder and CEO of Cityimob, said at the FuturEcommerce conference.

In Argentina, adopted sequestrated budget at the request of the IMF

The Senate of Argentina approved on November 15 the state budget for 2019, sequestered at the request of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). On this November 15 reports the publication Perfil.

The largest bank of China canceled the placement of US dollar Eurobonds

The largest bank of China Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC) canceled the placement of dollar Eurobonds in the US market, heating up concerns about the fact that American investors are losing interest in issues of Chinese debt in a trading war, reports Bloomberg.

19 thousand tons of grain was stolen from the Russian state fund

The United Grain Company (UZK), together with the security forces, discovered the theft of more than 19 thousand tons of grain worth more than 202 million rubles from the state intervention fund.

Russia has increased its investments in US government debt to $ 14.4 billion

Russia increased its investment in US government securities to $ 14.4 billion in September. In August, this amount was $ 14 billion, according to data published on Friday by the US Treasury.

Bloomberg estimated the losses of the Russian economy from sanctions

Since 2014, the Russian economy could have grown by an additional 6 percent, if not for the sanctions imposed, analysts at Bloomberg say. According to their estimates, the forecast for the growth of the Russian economy from the end of 2013 to the present, without taking into account the effect of sanctions, would be 10 percent more than the actual growth.

Iraq resumes Kirkuk’s oil exports after a one-year break.

Supplies of Iraqi Kirkuk varieties began on Friday, but their level is only about 50,000-60,000 barrels per day, sources told Reuters. In some months of 2017, Iraq’s export of Kirkuk reached 300,000 barrels per day.

BP and Rosneft get gas plots on Yamal

Kharampurneftegaz (a joint venture of Rosneft and BP) has obtained the right to use the Kharampursky subsoil block in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The order has been published on the portal of legal information, the correspondent of Nakanune.RU reports.

Gas pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece will be built with the money of the European Union

The European Commission has approved financing for the construction of an interconnector gas pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece, which is supposed to unite the gas distribution networks of the two countries, Bulgarian National Radio reports. Reportedly, total construction costs are estimated at 240 million euros.

Honduras announced a coffee “crusade”

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez during the meeting of the Ibero-American Summit, announced its intention to create a block of coffee producers to achieve “fair” world prices for the product, reports RIA Novosti.

Maldives national debt will exceed $ 3 billion by the end of the year

“By the end of the year, the national debt of the country will exceed 48 billion Maldivian rufians (approximately $ 3 billion),” Ahmed Munawar, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Maldives, told reporters. He noted that the national debt of the country increased due to ongoing projects over the past five years.

Bitcoin rate fell to a minimum since the fall of 2017

Recall that in the fall of 2017, the rate of Bitcoin, due to speculative actions, soared more than three times and updated the historical maximum of almost 20 thousand dollars per unit. However, by the summer of this year, it had fallen in price by the same amount as it had grown. The position of the Central Bank regarding the purchase of cryptocurrency is unchanged.


Abe reaffirmed the commitment of the 1956 declaration on the issue of the Kuriles

In accordance with the Soviet-Japanese declaration of 1956, ending the state of war between the USSR and Japan, Moscow agreed to transfer the island of Shikotan and the Habomai line to the Japanese side, but only after the conclusion of a peace treaty between the two countries, which still does not exist

In Britain, may begin the procedure for the removal of Theresa May from power

Members of the British Prime Minister Theresa May got enough votes to start the procedure for her removal from power, Sky News reports. According to the source, a vote on the vote of confidence is very likely to take place in the near future.

Chinese leader calls for open globalization

There are no winners in wars, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the 26th APEC summit in Papua New Guinea.

“History has proved that there will be no confrontation, regardless of whether it is a cold war, a hot or a trade war,” the Chinese leader emphasized.

Pompeo promised Ukraine assistance in suppressing “Russian aggression”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin help in the fight against “Russian aggression.”

The spirit of courage and determination continues to direct Ukraine, which continues to fight for its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russian aggression. In this regard, Ukraine has no greater friend than the United States. – Mike Pompeo, American politician

Lavrov told about the attempts of the West to create a new springboard against Russia

In an interview with Serbian Telegraph, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the reaction of the West to close relations between Moscow and Belgrade, said he was trying to turn the Balkans into a “springboard against Russia”.

In the Rada threatened to answer the Russian Federation to the closure of Azov for Ukrainian courts

Ukraine will “toughly respond” to Russia in the event of the overlap of the Azov Sea, said the representative of the country’s president in the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Lutsenko. In her opinion, the threats of Moscow are aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukrainian society.

The Sea of Azov is considered an inland sea, so the fact that agreements on the distribution of the use of the waters of the Sea of Azov were not signed suggests that we should use this international convention. – Irina Lutsenko, Ukrainian politician

Pashinyan wants to demand explanations from Lukashenko and Nazarbayev

Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said he intends to demand explanations from Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev because of statements about the situation in the CSTO.

“This is about the same as if, for example, I invited any foreign ambassador of the country who is not a member of the CSTO, and told him about the meeting held in the format of closed doors,” Pashinyan quotes TASS.

Teresa May Appoints New Brexit Minister

“The Queen was pleased to approve the appointment of Stephen Barkley to the post of Minister for secession from the European Union,” – said in a statement posted on the official page of the British government on Twitter.

The White House agreed to “temporarily restore” the admission of a journalist CNN

The White House will temporarily restore the accreditation of CNN journalist Jim Acosta after a court ruling, US presidential spokesman Sarah Sanders said. However, she found positive moments in the decision of the court, which decided to temporarily return the pass to the final consideration of the case.

In German Chemnitz, there was a demonstration against the policy of Merkel

As noted, the protest was held near the building in which Merkel held a meeting with readers of the newspaper Freie Presse. In September, protests against migrants took place in the Saxon city of Chemnitz.

Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia sues rival

Candidate for Governor of the US state of Georgia from the US Democratic Party Stacy Abrams acknowledged defeat in the elections and said she would sue her Republican opponent, Secretary of State of State Brian Kemp, reports Associated Press.

DPRK continues “deceptive tactics” to circumvent UN Security Council sanctions

The US Department of State reported that “North Korea continues to use deceptive tactics in order to avoid UN sanctions.”

“We urge all insurance companies, all commodity traders and other businesses to immediately end any relationship that maintains or facilitates the supply of petroleum products to North Korea, or other North Korean illicit transportation. As US officials say, the United States will not hesitate to impose sanctions against any natural and legal persons or courts supporting North Korea’s illegal activities, “the commentary notes.

Earlier, the UN Security Council unanimously introduced new sanctions against the DPRK, which significantly limited the export and import capabilities of Pyongyang.


Three new units will appear in the Airborne Forces

Army aviation, air defense and missile defense units will be included in the formation of the Airborne Forces, Deputy Commander of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant General Alexander Vyaznikov, said at a meeting with military attaches

Change your mind: the United States does not want to place a military base in Poland

Americans do not want to place Fort Trump in Poland, reports the Polish edition of Onet, citing its sources

The United States will continue to patrol the South China Sea

The United States will continue to carry out the passage of ships, as well as flights in the waters of the South China Sea (JCM), which cannot belong to anyone. This was announced on Friday in Singapore by US Vice President Michael Pence.

Technopolis “Era” will attract to the work of world-renowned scientists

Roman Kordyukov, head of the Main Directorate for Research and Development Activities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, called the technopolis a project with no analogues in the world. The military innovative technopolis “Era” will attract to the work not only the leading Russian, but also world scientists.

Dutch Prime Minister did not support the idea of a unified European army

The Netherlands rely on NATO in matters of security and believe that the idea of creating a unified European army is premature, said Prime Minister Mark Rutte after a cabinet meeting, Reuters reports.

The issue is not only in sovereignty or other fundamental principles. A question in NATO and cooperation with the USA which promote safety after the Second World War. NATO remains a key element of our defense policy. – Mark Rutte, Dutch politician

US intends to accuse Iran of violating the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

The administration of US President Donald Trump is preparing next week to accuse Iran of violating the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), the Associated Press reported, citing two US officials.

In the DR of Congo, they fired upon a UN peacekeepers base

The base of UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo was fired upon by unknown persons from mortars, RIA Novosti reports referring to Reuters.


In France, approved a new global standard kilogram

The new kilogram standard was approved on Friday in Versailles at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures. The broadcast took place on the official conference channel on the YouTube network. From now on, a universal formula based on the principles of quantum physics will be used as a reference kilogram.

Silicon dioxide has received two new modifications

Specialists succeeded in synthesizing the coasite’s metastable phases, in which silicon has a coordination number from 4 to 6. Through this experiment, scientists are trying to understand how the silicate minerals are distributed in the deep layers of the mantle of our planet. The experiment was successfully conducted by an international group of scientists, as reported by the journal Nature Communications.

Orangutans tell each other about the past

Orangutans turned out to be the only non-human monkeys that clearly have the ability to perceive the past, as well as tell other individuals about it. A study on this feature of orangutans appeared in Science Advances.

How to know the level of intelligence of the child before birth?

Engineers from the American company Genomic Prediction have developed tests for prenatal screening, which can be used to predict the risk of dementia or the likelihood of a number of diseases at the IVF embryo stage. other congenital diseases.

British scientists fear super bacteria and demand to ban antibiotics

A group of physicians from leading British medical associations published a letter in the newspaper The Guardian asking the British government to ban at the legislative level the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry as a preventive measure, according to 360 TV channel.

Scientists from the United States have taught the neural network to forge fingerprints

Hacking biometrics systems is no longer overwhelming. This invention was made by researchers working at New York University. US scientists have taught the neural network to forge fingerprints.

Engineers from Germany taught the robot to wash the toilet

In order for the device to wash the floor or wipe the surface, it should be taught how to properly interact with an object that requires cleaning. A robot from German engineers is equipped with a camera that helps it recognize toilet seats and use sponges correctly to clean them.

Scientists have created an electronic skin with superpowers

A magnetically sensitive electronic skin will give a person superpowers, German scientists say. The device will allow you to better navigate in space, having a “sixth sense”. Developers led by Gilbert Bermudez compare artificial leather with a compass analog

Scientists have found character traits in killer whales

Scientists from the Department of Psychology at the University of Girona have discovered character traits in killer whales that are inherent in man. The authors of the project carried out research at the Loro Park Zoo and the San Diego and Orlando Oceanariums.

When exposed to food odors, the liver triggers digestion

In the course of the research, German experts found that when exposed to food odors, the liver triggers digestion, and prepares the body for nutrients.

Scientists have placed “solar panels” on yeast cells

Combining fungal cells with indium phosphide particles, according to the author of the project Junlin Guo, turned out to be a very good idea – a semiconductor that captures the energy of sunlight, reduced the consumption of chemicals required by yeast for metabolism.

Scorpion poison is used to deliver drugs to the brain.

Specialists used scorpion venom, which helped the drug to pass the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which protects the brain from toxic substances. Under laboratory conditions, scientists applied a peptide derived from chlorotoxin in scorpion venom.

Ilon Musk received permission to launch 7,000 Internet satellites

The large-scale deployment of SpaceX satellites to create a global Internet has been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The private American company SpaceX, created by billionaire Ilon Mask, received permission to launch more than 7.5 satellites into space.

UAE plan to grow a date palm in space

The Director General of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAE), Mohammed Al-Ahbabi, said that their first cosmonaut who will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) will try to grow date palm there

NASA scientists recorded a magnetic explosion in the atmosphere of the Earth

According to NASA scientists, the Earth’s magnetic field periodically changes its lines and ejects a powerful stream of charged particles into the atmosphere. In the tail section of the bubble, the device recorded a similar phenomenon. High-energy electrons surrounded the planet at a speed of more than 15 thousand kilometers per second. The surface of the object is protected by a special “umbrella”. His “fabric” through closed channels skips components and releases back into space.

Everlasting aerostats in the USA

US military engineers are testing an aerostat that will work for a long period of time without the need to descend to the ground. This feature of the device is obliged to solar panels that are embedded in its design. This power source will allow to achieve autonomy of work.


Nokia will show three new smartphones in Dubai at once

On December 5, HMD Global in Dubai will hold an event, which will feature three new Nokia smartphones. Given the advertising campaign, as well as the status of the upcoming event, all three devices will probably be completely new.

Meizu is preparing to debut Meizu Note 8 Plus with four cameras

Model Meizu Note 8 Plus will be the second, which received four cameras, while the first was the Samsung Galaxy A9

Vulnerability in Android gadgets allowed to monitor their owners

Experts Nightwatch Cybersecurity found a vulnerability in the Android operating system, which allows to monitor the movement of the user. This is reported in the company report. Hackers can access a Wi-Fi router.

Google is preparing an update “H” for Wear OS

The Google Wear OS H system will be released next year, but when it is not reported, however, it is already known that the new will be in the OS for smart watches. Google updates Battery Saver mode and Smart Resume App

Apple will launch Siri without Internet

Yes, “apple” smartphones, apparently, can already boast of computing power, allowing you to easily recognize human speech (for this, if anything, you need significant performance).

Introduced Universal Wireless Headphone Changer

As for the headphones themselves, according to the creators, they will work on one charge for 12 hours, and also they protect the body from splashes. Changer also offers Bluetooth 5.0.

Acer launched sales of AOPEN game monitors in Russia

AOPEN HC1 series monitors provide fast response and a clear picture in the process of computer games – this is especially important in dynamic multi-user sets. VA panel provides rich and contrasting deep black

LG will present an ultra-thin laptop with a diagonal of 17.3 inches

Until now, the LG Gram family featured models with a display size of 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches diagonally. Information found on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), says that the new laptop LG Gram can get a 17-inch screen.

Smart Selfie Tecno Camon 11 appeared in Russia

The company Tecno Mobile began selling the smartphone Tecno Camon 11, which is positioned as a smart selfie with artificial intelligence

Yandex.Taxi opens in Israel under a new brand

In the near future, Yandex.Taxi will start work in Israel under the Yango brand. This was announced by the Director of Yandex.Taxi in the regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa Aram Sargsyan. It is reported that Yandex.Taxi in Israel will operate under the new brand Yango.

ESET discovered new cryptocurrency theft apps on Google Play

“ESET warns of the emergence of new malicious applications on Google Play. The programs were disguised as legitimate cryptocurrency services and were designed to steal user credentials. A new batch of dangerous applications found ESET security specialist Lucas Stefanko. Fakes imitated official services NEO, Tether and MetaMask for users of cryptocurrencies, ”the message says.

Aeroflot adds 12 airports of the world to the application

Aeroflot has introduced interactive maps of twelve airports in the world into its mobile application. The Sheremetyevo map is now available to users (terminals D, E, F), there is also the ability to navigate inside the building.

Owners of Samsung smartphones have to pay extra money

For a very long time already, Galaxy Apps software store has been built into all Samsung smartphones, from where you can download various software. For a long period of time, owners of branded mobile devices could download themes for the interface from there for free, but all of this came to an end at one point. Now owners of smartphones of the brand, including flagship models, will have to pay money for new software.

The company Elephone showed a smartphone with a retractable dual camera

For autonomous operation of the device, which has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, the battery is 3,500 mAh. As for the second news from Elephone, this is the Elephone A6 smartphone. It already has a camera for selfies with a 13 megapixel module, a drop-like cut-out at the top of a 6.24-inch screen and a Helio P22 processor.


A new Honda Passport SUV will be unveiled in Los Angeles

The network published another teaser about the new crossover Japanese brand Honda. This is a new Passport, which will soon be officially shown at the exhibition in Los Angeles.

Chevrolet presented FNR-Carry in Guangzhou

Chevrolet unveiled a new FNR CarryAll concept car at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The unusual name of the car comes from the slogan Find New Roads (“Open new roads”) and first-generation Suburban models (CarryAll Suburban).

Tuners made from Suzuki Jimny small Defender and Gelik

Specialists from the Japanese tuning company Damd worked on the SUz Suzuki Jimny, transforming it into smaller versions of the premium Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Defender SUVs.

A hybrid version of the BMW 3-Series sedan is presented.

The sedan was equipped with a two-liter gasoline turbo engine and the latest generation eDrive electric drive. BMW has introduced a new BMW 3-Series sedan with a hybrid powertrain. New with an index 330e equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine and advanced electric eDrive.

Range Rover received a new special series in Russia

Russian Land Rover dealers began selling a special range Range Rover, developed on the basis of the HSE 2019 model year. The cost of new items is from 6 million 933 thousand rubles, the press service of Jaguar Land Rover Russia reports.

Lifan Murman sedan promises to return to the Russian market

The company Lifan has officially announced that the Murman sedan will return to the Russian car market. The model first appeared in Russia in August 2017. All dealers managed to sell only 33 copies, for this reason it was decided to complete the sale.

The appearance of the electric pickup Rivian shown on video

Representatives of the American startup Rivian have published the A1C electric pickup video teaser. The model was built on its own architecture, which was adapted for use on various roads. Rivian A1C can travel up to 725 km on full battery

Audi Q2 E-Tron electric crossover spotted for the first time

For the first time, photo spies managed to capture a camouflaged car on the roads of Germany. Recall that the German brand has begun to electrify its off-road model range, which also affected the compact Audi Q2. Spies photographed prototype Audi B2 in Germany.

Audi introduced the extended sedan A6L

At the exhibition, Guangzhou, Audi presented the extended car A6L 2019 model year. New developed specifically for the Chinese market. The design of the vehicle has not changed much compared to the standard model, only the rear doors have become slightly longer

“Flying” car DeLorean put up for sale

Homemade “flying” DeLorean will be sold for 45 thousand dollars or 3 million rubles. The announcement of the sale of the car appeared on the web. DeLorean offered for sale is difficult to call a car in the classic sense of the word.


In Japan, found the lost Disney cartoon about the prototype of Mickey Mouse

Watanabe realized what value Neck’n’Neck represents when he read David Bossert’s book “The Happy Rabbit Oswald: In Search of Lost Disney Cartoons” published last year (Bossert has been producing animated films at American Disney studios for many years).

“Jack Reacher” will be restarted in the form of a series – already without Tom Cruise

Most viewers know Jack Reacher for two successful films with Tom Cruise, but unfortunately, it is now clear that the actor will not return to this role anymore.

Netflix will remove the animated series about World War II

More recently, A + E Studios, one of the subsidiaries of a large joint venture Walt Disney and Hearst Communications, has filmed game series exclusively for the History channel (The Fall of the Order, Texas Rise, Sons of Freedom), but now they also start on netflix.

Released trailer for the Russian remake of the film “Frozen”

Over the scenario implementation of which, in addition to Tigran, the actor, screenwriter and producer Denis Kosyakov (series “Zaitsev +1,” “The Island”) worked.

Cult Western “Exactly at Noon” still get a remake

This week it became known that the widow of the late director Karen Kramer and her business partner Stephen Jaffe finally chose a team that will again take on “Exactly at Noon,” reports Deadline.

New Black Fox Trailer for Anime Series Published

The second promotional video of the future Black Fox series, produced by Infinite and 3Hz studios, was released. The video was published on November 16 on the portal Anime News Network. The series will tell about the girl ninja in the mask of a black fox, who is the heroine of the urban legend.

The postman Pechkin will have a sweetheart

In 2019, the postman Pechkina will have a romantic affection, the director of the Soyuzmultfilm studio Boris Mashkovtsev told TASS. According to him, Pechkin deserved a warm relationship with a woman.

The new novel by Alexei Ivanov “Pischeblok” is filmed

The plot is based on life in a Soviet summer camp on the banks of the Volga, where vampires are hiding among children. The action takes place in the summer of 1980. The author appeals to one of the popular children’s horror stories.

Alexey Ivanov is best known for his novels “The Geographer Globber Drunk” and “Heart of Parma” In 2013, a film by Alexander Veledinsky was released based on the novel “The Geographer Globe Reached”.


REN TV will show the concert of the leader of the “Civil Defense” Yegor Letov

On November 18, REN TV will show a concert of the leader of the Civil Defense group Egor Letov, recorded in 1994, the TASS news service reported on Friday

Bashkiria will host a festival of Bashkir rock

In Ufa, the Republican festival “Ural-Batur” will gather fans of Bashkir rock. The festival will be held for the second time and will be dedicated to the memory of the frontman of the cult Bashkir rock band Dervish Khan, Dima Kulakhmetov.

International Jazz Forum-Fest Jazz Across Borders in St. Petersburg

The grand opening of the forum-festival Jazz Across Borders took place in the cinema “Aurora”. From St. Petersburg – a report by Yana Mira. For the second time, a jazz venue operates at the Forum.

Mariah Carey has released a labor of love

The release of Mariah Carey’s new album “Caution” took place on November 16, 2018. This is the 15th studio work of an American singer.

The premiere of Max Barskie’s “Berega” clip took place.

At the same time, the artist presented the lead single of the fifth studio album “Seven”, a new video and a limited collection of MAX BARSKIH XLITKOVSKAYA, the leitmotif of which was the dominant aesthetics of the 80s in modern culture

The Embassy Gifts Festival opens in the Moscow Kremlin Museums

On November 16, the first concert of the International Festival “Embassy Gifts” will take place in the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin IV.

Damon Albarn’s Side Project Released New Album

Famous British musician Blur leader, Gorillaz Damon Albarn and his side project The Good, The Bad & The Queen released a new album Marrie Land. This is the first such work of a supergroup in 11 years.

The group PRAVADA released a video for the song “For Her” from the album “Lichka. Part 1″.

The director of the new video was Mikhail Topolev. The exclusive premiere of the video took place on the social network VKontakte on the official musicians page

Presentation of the new album “Lichka. Part 1 “+ all hits:
November 18, 2018 – Moscow, “16 Tons”
November 25, 2018 – St. Petersburg, “Zal”

Dmitry Khmelev Announces New Album Release

Currently the record is available for pre-order in iTunes and Google Play, and includes 11 tracks. Songs that were played on the radio station “Our Radio” “Voice”, “Truth”, “Here and Now” are open to pre-listening. The album release is scheduled for November 19th.

Modern Metal Band “Epitaph” presents the full-length album “Cry”

The uniqueness of the disc is in careful work on the texts and unprecedented sound design. The album was recorded at the three best studios in Russia. These are the studio of the Mosfilm Cinema Concern, the studio of Ivan Mikhailov (MIMSound Studio) and the studio of producer Alexey Zotov.

The new album is a cry of the soul, wounded by a cruel world. The songs “Pain”, “Fear” naturally create a peculiar plot: thinking about time, its rapid and non-returning running, thinking about life and its eternal values. But the authors of the album leave hope for a way out of the most hopeless situation. A special place in the album is occupied by the song “Remembrance”, written based on the poem of the same name by A. S. Pushkin.

The release of the single of the group Animation “Psych”

“Track” Psych “fourteen years. Finally, recorded as it was written. In the movie “Summer”, the actor playing Viktor Tsoi said:

“You are always trying to do something with my songs, maybe you don’t need to do anything with them? Maybe they just need to take and play. ” Now I am ready to perform it from the stage and I will not be ashamed of it! ”, – the leader of the group“ Animation ”Konstantin Kuljasov tells about the new single.

The release of the new album of the group Otava E “Do you like”.

Five years have passed between the new release and the previous record of the band. A member of the group Alexey Belkin tells about the new album:

“We have been working on each song for a long time. The ideal situation for us is to work thoughtfully and painstakingly on the arrangement, play the song at concerts, fix something, change it, and only then carry the song to the studio. That is why we do not release albums every year, we just do not have time. After the release of the album “What kind of songs”, we picked up a new material for a long time, worked on it and at the end of 2017 realized that it was time to go to the studio. Work at the studio was from January to May. It is interesting that initially we did not plan to use guest musicians in the recordings, but then … In one song they called Dzhangir Daushvili to play for the shares, in the other four familiar vocalists, there is a banjo, there is a balalaika, children’s choir and so on … As a result it turned out that the album “Do you love you” is not only Otava Yo, but also our many friends. ”The album included nine tracks, among them well-known from the video clips“ Oh, Dusya, oh, Marusya ”and“ Sumetskaya ”, which became superhit on Youtube, collecting over 18 million views. Funny humorous songs – the card of Otava E – coexist on the album with monumental lyrical canvases, such as the 8-minute title track “Do you love?”.

November 15 was the release of the soundtrack to the film “Surf”

Directed by Konstantin Kokorev. Music: Ilya Lagutenko, “Mumiy Troll”, Alexander Zalupin Poems: Pavel Volya, Artem Brovkov The release consists of 38 compositions written specially for the film.

In search of the perfect wave, they traveled all of Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from the Arctic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. “Surf” removed professional surfers. But first of all the film is not about surfing. He is about the adventures and difficulties that have to overcome in pursuit of his dream. And also about the incredible beauty of our huge and so different country

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