20 Апр, 2021

Russians do not understand how the pension is formed

89% of Russians are interested in how a pension is formed, but only 8% know the principles of its formation from the funded, insurance part and the individual pension coefficient (IPC), according to the results of a survey by Rambler and the non-state pension fund (NPF) of Sberbank. More than half (51%) of respondents reported that they tried to understand the topic, but encountered difficulties.

30% of respondents reported that they had heard about the PKI, the funded and insurance parts of the pension, but did not understand exactly how they affect the size of the pension. 11% of those surveyed said they were not interested in the topic.

Moscow announced 20 employees of the Czech Embassy persona non grata

Russia demanded that the Czech Republic equalize the number of employees of the diplomatic mission in Moscow accepted on the spot with the number of similar employees at the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The diplomats must leave the Russian Federation by the end of April 19. After the expulsion of 20 employees of the Czech Embassy in the Russian Federation, 5 diplomats will remain in it, a representative of the presidential administration said.

Czech Republic will not allow Rosatom to participate in the tender

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Czech Republic will not allow Rosatom to participate in the tender for the construction of a new power unit at the Dukovany NPP (south-east of the country), Prime Minister Babis said. The state corporation previously submitted an application for participation in this tender, the project cost is about 6 billion euros.

An alternative to European competition under the auspices of UEFA

Twelve European football clubs have agreed to establish a new competition, the Super League, as an alternative to European competition under the auspices of UEFA.

Founding Clubs: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool (all England), Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico (all Spain), Inter, Milan and Juventus (all — Italy) «.

The creation of the new tournament has already been condemned by UEFA, the Spanish Royal Football Federation (RFEF), the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the Football Association of England (The FA), the French Professional Football League (LFP) and the German Football Association (DFB). FIFA did not approve of the creation of the Super League, as the competition goes beyond international football.

Britain plans to defend against hostile states

The British authorities intend to introduce a new law, according to which all persons working in the UK on behalf of foreign governments are required to register their presence. Such a scheme already works in the United States — the law applies to everyone who represents the interests of a foreign state, including consultants, journalists and public relations specialists. Thus, London plans to defend itself against such «hostile states» as Russia or China, according to the Times.

Control over road signs can be returned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The government commission on legislative activity approved the amendments of the Ministry of Transport to the law «On the organization of road traffic», found out «Kommersant». The bill obliges the authorities of all levels to coordinate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs projects for the organization of road traffic (PAD; schemes for the placement of signs, markings, traffic lights, cameras on the roads). This procedure has not been part of the police powers since 2013.

Journalists will be required to be listed in a special register

Journalists working at rallies and pickets will be required to be registered in a special register, wear a breastplate and a QR code, according to the draft proposals of the HRC under the president, which Kommersant has reviewed.

At the same time, members of the HRC profile commission on the rights of journalists assure that they did not even discuss this project. However, according to sources, the document is already being sent to the embassy as a «guide to action.» Journalists who were injured at recent rallies indicate that the police were oblivious to their vests and doubted the addition of QR codes would provide any protection.

The Union of Journalists of Russia has never proposed obliging journalists to be listed in any registers, wear badges, codes, etc., according to the law, media employees have the right to be at public events only with an editorial assignment, according to a message from the UJR on Monday.

If Navalny dies in a colony

The US presidential administration is considering several measures to hold Russia accountable if Alexei Navalny dies in the colony, said Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

We told the Russian side that it is responsible for what happens to Navalny in custody. They will be held accountable by the international community. In terms of specific measures that we could take, we are looking at many different ways to make them pay. At this stage, I will not speak publicly about them, but we said that there will be consequences if Navalny dies, — said the US President’s National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan.

The Kremlin said it does not monitor the health status of the convicts and cannot accept allegations of Navalny’s «critical» condition on faith

State Department denies US involvement in attempted assassination of Lukashenka

The United States is not involved in preparing the assassination attempt on President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the State Department said. Detained on suspicion of preparing for this crime, Yuri Zenkovich, who has dual citizenship of the United States and Belarus, the American Foreign Ministry expressed its readiness to help on a general basis.

We have seen reports in Russian state media about the alleged conspiracy against Alexander Lukashenko, as well as his direct statements about it in the media. Any suggestion that the US government was behind this or was involved in the attempted assassination of Lukashenka is absolutely false, the US State Department quoted TASS as commenting.

Apple, Google and Facebook officially accused of monopoly

The United States has approved a 400-page report in which Google, along with Amazon, Facebook and Apple, are accused of monopoly. A study by American officials allegedly confirms the giants’ takeover of their potential competitors in the market. According to Reuters sources, in the future, this document may become the basis for changes in legislation to combat monopoly.

Zaton microdistrict began to flood in Barnaul

In the Barnaul microdistrict Zaton, traffic on the road to Shubinsky Island was closed, and the city administration was warned. Road workers install a No Entry sign. «The movement of transport is carried out on a pontoon bridge», — remind in the mayor’s office.

The water level in the Ob on April 19 near Barnaul is 471 cm. According to the Altai Central Hydrometeorological Service, the river rose by 19 cm per day (the critical mark is 540 cm).

In Barnaul FSB will search bystanders

On Tuesday, April 20, FSB officers will conduct planned anti-terrorist exercises. This is warned in the press service of the department itself. In connection with this, inspections are possible in the exercise area, but there is no restriction on the movement of vehicles. The anti-terrorist exercise will be attended by subdivisions of the FSB of Russia, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, the Altai Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the TsSSI FSO of Russia in the Altai Krai, the Government of the Altai Krai

Regions of the Russian Federation will be deprived of the right to set the cost of parking

The government commission on legislative activities has approved an amendment to the law that will deprive Russian regions of the right to set prices for paid parking lots.

According to a member of the government commission, chairman of the board of the Russian Bar Association Vladimir Gruzdev, if the bill is adopted, the methodology for calculating the cost of parking spaces, as well as their maximum prices, will be approved only at the federal level. According to him, the amendment excludes duplication of norms.

Deripaska criticized the publication of Rosstat on poverty reduction in Russia

The statistics service estimated the number of Russians whose incomes are below the subsistence level at 17.8 million. Mr. Deripaska claims that there are about 80 million such Russians in the country.

“The other day Rosstat published a rather sad interpretation of its statistics: the agency claims that poverty in Russia last year fell to a minimum since 2014. They are trying to convince us that the number of Russians whose incomes are below the subsistence level is 17.8 million people. In fact, there are about 80 million citizens with such incomes in our country, ”Oleg Deripaska wrote in his Telegram channel.

The Kremlin, after criticizing Deripaska’s Rosstat statistics on poverty, said that the department operates with a verified array of information — and the government is guided by this.

It is believed that the pandemic has increased the number of poor in Russia, but thanks to the measures of the authorities not as much as it could have been

Oleg Deripaska deleted his post

Billionaire Oleg Deripaska removed his post, in which he criticized Rosstat for «masterly juggling numbers» in assessing the level of poverty in Russia, draws the attention of RBC. In the first post, Deripaska wrote that in reality the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence level in Russia is about 80 million, and not 17.8 million, according to Rosstat.

Now Deripaska has published a new post: the accusations of “juggling with numbers” have disappeared from the text, but the following paragraph has been added: “It must be admitted that, on behalf of the president, the government implemented large-scale programs to support workers and small businesses during the pandemic. The President regularly pays attention to supporting pensioners and low-income people. »

VTB doubled its net profit in the first quarter

VTB doubled its IFRS net profit in the first quarter of 2021, to RUB 85.1 billion, amid growth in operating income and a decrease in reserves, member of the bank’s board Dmitry Pyanov told reporters

The oceans are losing oxygen

According to the scientific journal Nature Communications, the ocean has been constantly losing oxygen stores for several decades. Over the past half century, the decrease in oxygen has reached an average of 2% of the total supply. The main cause of this problem is global warming, which reduces the solubility of gases in water. Slowdown of ocean circulation and mixing of water between layers was also recorded.

New technology concrete based on alcohol and without cement

The University of Tokyo employees applied new technology and developed an alcohol-based concrete. It is noted that cement was not needed to create a new type of building material. The scientific article was published on the New Atlas portal.

Earth’s magnetic field did not create a core

A group of scientists from the United States of America determined that the magnetic field of the planet Earth formed not the core, as previously assumed, but the mantle. Physicist Nikos Blanc is confident that modern estimates of the thermodynamics of magnetic field generation in the liquid mantle in the early Earth prove this statement. The scientist says that currently there is no other hypothesis that could combine data on the thermal development of the planet, explaining the evolution of the Earth.

The Russian military announced the start of a large-scale exercise of the Northern Fleet

Aviation is being deployed to airfields in the Arctic, nuclear submarines are deployed at sea. The protection of objects of economic activity in the Arctic and sea communications is being worked out.

NASA launches Ingenuity helicopter on its maiden flight to Mars.

The Ingenuity drone, which arrived on Mars with the Perseverance rover, became the first atmospheric aircraft in the history of space exploration. Ingenuity rose a little over three meters above the surface, and spent about 30 seconds at this height. In the near future it will be used for planning the Perseverance route and for photographing it from the side

The $ 85 million helicopter is a very small structure weighing 1.8 kg. Ingenuity’s main mission is to demonstrate technology and test the first flights on Mars.

Moscow City Court registered a claim to recognize FBK as an extremist organization

The Moscow City Court has not yet set a date for considering the claim of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office on the recognition of the extremist organizations associated with Alexei Navalny, a representative of the court told Open Media, confirming the receipt of the claim. The case will be considered immediately by the Moscow City Court «according to the jurisdiction», his representative explained: «Such cases are considered immediately at the level of the subject of the Russian Federation»

Number of mortgage loans issued in the first quarter of 2021

According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued in Q1. 2021 390 thousand mortgage loans, which is 22% more than in the first quarter. last year. In particular, in March, Russians received 161 thousand loans, which is 26% more than in March 2020.

Among the 30 regions leading in terms of the number of issued for the I quarter. 2021 mortgage loans, the smallest growth was noted in St. Petersburg (+ 3% compared to the first quarter of last year), Leningrad region (+ 10%), Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regions (+ 12% each) and Tatarstan (+15 %). The largest growth is in the Orenburg Region (+ 32%), Altai Territory and Kemerovo Region (+ 33% each), the Udmurt Republic (+ 39%) and Tyumen Region (+ 42%). In Moscow, the growth was 20%.

Putin to speak at online climate summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin will speak at the climate leaders’ summit via videoconference on April 22, the Kremlin press service said on Monday

Putin will outline Russia’s approaches in the context of establishing broad international cooperation aimed at overcoming the negative consequences of global climate change, the Kremlin noted