15 Jan, 2019

Russians for the resignation of the government

According to a survey conducted by Levada Center, 57% of respondents accused the government of failing to solve the problem of lowering household incomes and simultaneously raising prices.

Another 46% of Russians who took part in the survey said that the government cannot provide people with work, and 43% of Russians are confident that the social protection of the population does not care about the authorities.

The fact that the crisis in the economy is progressing due to the actions of the Cabinet, said 34% of respondents. At the same time, 30% of Russians caught the government in the absence of a sound economic development program.

Only 7% of citizens stated with confidence that they are satisfied with their work in the Cabinet.

As a result, 53% of respondents voted for the dismissal of the current government, and 40% did not agree with this demand, Interfax reports.

Briefly about the main thing …

7 billion rubles for the reconstruction of buildings of the State Duma and the Federation Council

As it became known to “Kommersant”, a large-scale reconstruction of the buildings of the State Duma will cost more than 4 billion rubles. and will end in 2020. Changes made to the federal targeted investment program (FAIP) increase the previously planned project costs fivefold (from 710 million rubles to 3.4 billion rubles) and increase the time frame for its implementation by two years. Another about 1 billion rubles. in 2019, they will spend from the budget of Moscow on the reconstruction of an architectural monument empty on the Okhotny Ryad, the Troekurov Chambers, which will house two committees of the lower chamber of parliament. More expensive from 1.69 billion rubles. to 2.85 billion rubles. and building a new building for the Federation Council. Construction projects are being implemented after the refusal of the authorities of the Russian Federation from the draft parliamentary center in the north-west of Moscow, on the creation of which it was decided to save.

Trump threatens Turkey with ruin

US President Donald Trump threatened Turkey with ruin if, after the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, Ankara will attack Syrian Kurds during its operations. “We’ll ruin Turkey if they attack the Kurds,” the White House’s head of Twitter wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

We are starting a long overdue withdrawal of troops from Syria. We will exhaust Turkey economically if they hit the Kurds. Similarly, I don’t want the Kurds to provoke Turkey. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

Congress intends to question translators from meetings of Putin and Trump

US congressmen want to bring translators from the meetings of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to the conversation. This was told by ABC News on Sunday, January 13th.

In Venezuela, detained the head of parliament

Representatives of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service detained on Sunday the head of the National Assembly (unicameral parliament) of Venezuela, which is virtually excluded from the decision-making process and is controlled by the political opponents of the head of state, Juan Guaydo.

Poland will build an island in the Kaliningrad Bay

Poland will build an artificial island in the Kaliningrad Bay to ensure security in the region, reports the Polish edition of Onet, referring to the tender documentation of government agencies.

Netanyahu admits Israel strikes Syria

Over the past 48 hours, Israel attacked the Iranian arms depot at Damascus International Airport, which reflects our consistent policy and firm determination to prevent the buildup of Iran’s military power in Syria, and if necessary, we will also activate these attacks. – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

Gazprom cites advantages of LNG terminal in Kaliningrad

By building a terminal for receiving liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Kaliningrad, Gazprom has strengthened its bargaining position with Lithuania and removed transit risks.

Greek Prime Minister Introduces Confidence in Government to Parliament

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that he had put the question of confidence in the government before the Speaker of the Parliament, Nikos Vucis. This was reported on the website of the ERT channel.

I thanked the Prime Minister for his cooperation and explained to him that our cooperation could not continue on this national topic. ANEL out of government. – Panos Kammenos, Greek politician

Nobel laureate deprived titles for racism

DNA discoverer Nobel Prize winner James Watson is stripped of honorary titles at the ColdS pring Harbor laboratory, which he previously headed, for racist remarks about the intelligence of Africans. This is reported on the website of the laboratory.

The reason for this decision was the statement of Watson that the social policy pursued in Africa, erroneously comes from the fact that the level of intelligence of its Aboriginal people is equal to the level of intelligence of other races.

Ukraine ranked traitors

On January 12, the Ukrainian edition of Realist.Online presented a rating of traitors consisting of politicians, officials and top managers of state-owned companies, which was compiled based on an analysis of scandalous stories in the media and comments of users in social networks

The media told about the US plans to weaken Russia’s influence in the Arctic

The US Navy will try to strengthen its position in the Arctic and respond to the “excessive claims” of Russia and China in the region, writes the Wall Street Journal. Earlier it became known that in the summer of American military ship will pass through the Arctic waters in the framework of the operation “to ensure freedom of navigation.”

“Metrium”: Results of the year in the market of new buildings of the mass segment of Moscow

Analysts of the company “Metrium” summed up the year on the Moscow market of new buildings of the mass segment. The volume of supply decreased over the year by 21.4%. The average price per square meter increased by 7.5%.

Experts of “Metrium” noted changes in the structure of the proposal of mass new buildings in administrative districts. The leader’s share (SEAD) decreased by 5 percentage points (to 28.3%). At the same time increased by 2.4 percentage points (up to 16.5%) the share of the district occupying the second position (SAD). The North-East Administrative District is located on the third line (15.5%, +3.5 pp). In fourth place with a minimum margin of the CAO (15.2%, +7.6 pp). The smallest share of the offer is concentrated in the South-Western Administrative Okrug (3.4%, -7.4 percentage points).

In most districts, the average price per square meter relative to the end of 2017 increased. The maximum increase was noted in SEAD (+ 13.7%), CJSC (+ 9.5%) and CJSC (+ 8.6%). Average prices declined only in two districts: SAO (-3.4%) and HLW (-2.4%).

German Air Force fighters will continue training flights over Estonia

In October 2018, it was reported that new facilities were opened at Emari airbase near Tallinn, which were designed for NATO troops and equipment deployed in Estonia

Hamas began broadcasting to Israel with the help of Hezbollah

Al-Aqsa, located in Gaza and operated by the Hamas group, began broadcasting to Israel through a powerful broadcasting tower installed on the Israeli-Lebanese border, the Times of Israel reported Sunday.

In the United States sell purchased in Ukraine MiG-29

The American company Raptor Aviation, located in Florida, sells a fourth-generation fighter, the MiG-29UB, reports Popular Mechanics. The aircraft, produced in 1986 in the USSR and bought after the collapse of the country from Ukraine, is estimated at 4.65 million dollars.

Turkey intends to begin production of its own combat aircraft

The President noted that at the beginning on the territory of the republic they would master the creation of their own tanks and unmanned aerial vehicles, and then military aircraft. Erdogan stressed that Turkey should be strong in economics, politics, diplomacy and defense.

The wife of the former Nissan prisoner in Tokyo sent a letter to human rights defenders

Wife of the former head of the Franco-Japanese automobile alliance Renault – Nissan – Mitsubishi Carlos Gona sent a letter to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch. Reported by Reuters. According to the agency, Carol Gon complained that her husband was being abused in prison. As noted, the wife of Gona accused prosecutors of intimidation and constant interrogation of her husband.

Polish authorities want to limit the use of Huawei products

The Polish government wants to extend this ban to civil servants. It is assumed that people will limit the use of smartphones and other gadgets of the Chinese company. This initiative was reported by the representative of the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the country Karol Okonsky.

Party AdG has offered Germany to leave the European Union

At the congress in Riesa, the German party “Alternative for Germany” AdG included in the plan of its program for elections to the European Parliament in the spring of this year an item on the possible withdrawal of Germany from the EU, if the bloc is not disbanded in due time.

Britain creates a special structure to combat dirty money

A special group will be set up in Britain to investigate situations of illegal financial transactions. This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs Sajid Javid, January 14, Reuters reports.

Japanese ANA decided to open regular flights to Moscow and Vladivostok

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) intends to open daily flights to Moscow and Vladivostok, the Nikkei newspaper writes. It is reported that ANA is planning that flights to these cities will be available to its customers as early as 2019.

Electric cars in Russia will get green numbers

License plates in green can get cars in Russia. RIA Novosti was told about this by Roman Malkin, advisor to the co-director of the NTI Avtonet working group.

In Egypt, a student was expelled from the university for hugging her fiance

In Egypt, a university student al-Azhar was expelled from the university after a video appeared in the network in which she embraces her fiancé, Ahram writes.

Beluga whales exported from Russia die in China’s oceanariums

Beluga whales, killer whales, dolphins and other marine animals caught in Russia are massively dying in China’s aquariums due to the lack of conditions and mammalian handling specialists, said the head of the Russian office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Maria Vorontsova.

US authorities struggle with constant road sign thefts

The US authorities have launched a company to combat theft of road signs. Now on the side of the road mark placed at 68.9 and 419.9 miles. This was reported by the newspaper Seattle Times.

The fact is that most often violators steal signs marked 69 and 420 miles, this is due to the symbolic meaning of numbers. As a rule, the number 69 is associated with sexual posture, and 4:20 April 20 is considered a popular time for using marijuana and a campaign in support of its legalization.

Warm up the car in the yards is now prohibited

The relevant changes to the Rules of the Road have entered into force. According to the new wording of the law, the through traffic of vehicles, training rides and parking with a running engine, as well as truck parking outside the designated areas is prohibited in the residential zone. For violation of the situation drivers face a fine in the amount of 1,500 rubles.

For 9 months foreign tourists bought goods for 8 billion rubles in the Russian Federation

Since the introduction of the tax free system in Russia in April 2018, foreign tourists have spent about 8 billion rubles in our country. The Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told Izvestia about this. Foreigners bought everything from jewelry to black caviar. While the system operates in retail outlets of 12 cities of the country, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Russian-Chinese trade increased by 27.1% in 2018

The trade turnover between Russia and China in 2018 grew by 27.1% to more than $ 107 billion, Li Kuiwen, head of the statistical analysis department of the PRC Main Customs Department, said on Monday.

Banking retail goes into the “figure”

Banking retail will go digital in a three-year interaction format. Such a forecast in an interview with Izvestia was given by Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev.

 “Within three years, most likely, the entire retail banking segment will move to the digital format of interaction,” the expert said.

Tatfondbank contested questionable transactions of almost 2 billion rubles

In total, at the beginning of December 2018, the bank had debts to 18,037 creditors for a total of 166.742 billion rubles. For the formation of the bankrupt masses, a number of questionable transactions worth almost 2 billion rubles were challenged, a REGNUM correspondent reports, citing the bankruptcy trustee’s report.

Bank of Russia exchanged $ 100 billion euro and yuan

From July 2017 to June 2018, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation increased the share of the euro to 32%, and the yuan to 14.7%. The share of assets in dollars at the same time decreased from 46.3% to 21.9%, follows from the review of the Central Bank. Last year, against the background of the dollar and the euro, the Chinese currency showed the highest yield of 3.2% per annum

US consumer prices fell for the first time in nine months

Energy prices in December decreased by 3.5% compared with the previous month, which was the maximum decline since February 2016. Gasoline prices fell by 7.5% compared with the previous month after a decrease of 4.2% in November.

Used cars fell 0.2%. Price reduction recorded for the first time in three months. The cost of new cars has not changed for the second month in a row.

The cost of food in December increased by 0.4%, the highest rate since May 2014, after increasing by 0.2% a month earlier.

Prices for clothes did not change compared to the previous month after the November drop by 0.9%.

Health services rose in December by 0.3% after rising prices by 0.4% in the previous month.

Airfares fell 1.5%.

Separate data from the US Department of Labor showed that the average hourly wage, adjusted for inflation in December, rose by 1.1% in annual terms, after rising 0.8% a month earlier.

Top 10 cheapest apartments in Russia

If you have no money to buy an apartment, you can safely go to Ui – this is a river in the Chelyabinsk region, on the bank of which housing is given free of charge, just in exchange for a car. Well, if you can collect 130-200 thousand rubles, you will find real success – an apartment “in the middle of nothing”, often without a toilet and a sewer, on stove heating. But cheap. Specialists of the federal portal “WORLD OF APARTMENTS” compiled a list of the ten most affordable offers, based on the base of their own resource. READ MORE ….

In 2018, Chukotka increased the extraction of coal, gas and alluvial gold.

A significant increase in the year was demonstrated by the extraction of solid fuel – by 76%, the figure in the region amounted to more than 715 thousand tons. Gold mining in the area amounted to 24.13 tons. Silver production for the same time – 111.43 tons. As for alluvial gold, at the beginning of this year the weight of the obtained precious metal was 2583.26 kg, which is 255.91 kg more than in 2017. In addition, natural gas production increased by 26% in the region and amounted to 38.03 million cubic meters. m

Another price increase: gasoline prices go up at Kemerovo gas stations

Kemerovo car owners have noticed that prices have risen at the gas stations of the Gazpromneft network. So, AI-92 gasoline at automatic gas stations instead of 39.7 rubles now costs 40.35 rubles.

In Izhevsk, the price of gasoline and diesel fuel rose

In Izhevsk, in two weeks of the new year, the average price of gasoline became higher. This is reported by experts Udmurtstat. From December 26, 2018 to January 9, 2019, prices increased for AI-92 gasoline (+55 kopecks), AI-95 (+60 kopecks) and diesel (+63 kopecks).

The movie “Social Network” will continue

The film The social network was a huge success and helped Zuckerberg, as well as the entire movie set to make good money. The director, for example, received 225 million despite the fact that only 40 were spent on the film. It has long been known about the continuation of the rumors about what it will be about.

Alexey Krasovsky will release a mini-series “Revolution” on YouTube

“This will be a mini-series, again we are going to Sergei Astakhov (cameraman for the films“ Brother ”,“ War ”,“ Salyut-7 ”,“ Holiday ”and others. – Ed.). We will try to make the project popular again, respectively, investors – any interested person, the script is ready, ”Krasovsky told reporters.

The director did not disclose the plot, but clarified that the action of the series will take place today. The date of the premiere is also unknown

In the Manezh in St. Petersburg will host an exhibition of sculpture “Christ in the dungeon”

January 16 at the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” in St. Petersburg will open the exhibition “Christ in prison.” It will be presented wooden religious sculpture from 14 museums in Russia

In Buryatia, filmed the film “Solved Zero”

The film “Reshala-Zero” was shot in the Republic of Buryatia. The performer of the leading role, the actor Konstantin Ozyorov, announced this on his Vkontakte page.

International Film Festival “The Art of Cinema x Moskino”

The film “Hayk” about the fate of a migrant from Kyrgyzstan will open the first international audience film festival “Art of Cinema x Moskino” in Moscow, RIA Novosti reports. At the festival from January 24 to January 31, around 20 films by Russian and foreign filmmakers will be presented.

“We will show films that have not yet been watched. Our pride is the opening film” Hayk. “This is a real humanistic manifesto. It is amazingly filmed and highly appreciated,” said Anton Dolin, editor-in-chief of Art Kino.

Winners of the anti-award “Rusty Bagel 2019” announced

The worst foreign film of 2018 was The Kink of the Times, released by Walt Disney in March and failed at the box office.

In the nomination “the worst Russian film” the prize was awarded to the comedy “Zombayaschik.” The users of the portal called Roman Yunusova the worst Russian actor (“Women vs. Men: Crimean Holidays”), and Katerina Shpitsa (“Crimea Bridge. Made with love!”) Was named the worst actress. Among foreign actors, John Boyega (“Pacific Frontier 2”) and Olivia Munn (“Predator”) are considered the worst.

In the category of “worst serial” leader was the film adaptation of the comic book “Iron Fist”, and the worst new series – the Russian multiseries animated project “Prostokvashino”, he also won the nomination “worst animated film.”

The winner in the nominee reputation category was the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The main disappointment of the year was the fantastic action movie “Predator”. A complete list of nominees and award winners can be found on the official page of the Rusty Bublique 2019.

Who will meet the new year with an album and a tour

The Who group plans to release a new album in 2019 and support it with a tour. As told in an interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry, they have already recorded in the studio most of the record, which will be the first in 13 years.

The most popular performer of Turkey decided to become a lawyer

Famous Turkish rapper Serkan Ipekcioglu (Ezhel) announced his desire to take up jurisprudence. According to him, a lawsuit initiated in May 2018 by the Department for Combating Drugs of Istanbul pushed him to the decision. Recall, law enforcement agencies have detained a musician for promoting narcotic substances through songs and publications in social networks.

“Defending my innocence, I had to learn a lot of legal nuances, I think I should stop reading rap and become a lawyer,” Ipekcioglu said.

Xiaomi called the value of its new smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 7

Director Xiaomi Lei Zun on his page on the social network Weibo called the cost of a new smartphone from the line Redmi. The seventh model will cost 105-120 dollars. Redmi 7 will not receive glass panels and a 48 megapixel camera.

Runet management reform may threaten its stability.

The transfer of Internet traffic management to Roskomnadzor may threaten the stability of Internet connections. This was written by the Digital Economy Autonomous Non-Profit Organization in its response to the draft law on the management of the Runet, sent to the government.

The bill on managing the Runet in December 2018 was submitted to the State Duma by senators Lyudmila Bokova and Andrei Klishas and deputy Andrei Lugovoi. The draft law gives Roskomnadzor the authority to determine the routing rules for Internet traffic of Russian operators and monitor their compliance. Roskomnadzor will also ensure that a minimum of Russian traffic passes through foreign communication centers in transit. The network in critical situations will have to be managed by a special center established in the radio frequency service under the jurisdiction of Roskomnadzor. The center will have information about the entire Russian communications infrastructure, Bokova explained to Vedomosti.

Created a holographic color print for optical security

A research team led by associate professor Joel Young demonstrated an optical device that looks like a normal color print in white light, but projects up to three images onto a remote screen when illuminated with laser light.

Timekettle has released Russian-enabled translation headphones

Chinese startup Timekettle has released wireless headphones for simultaneous translation with support for the Russian language. Translation is carried out in real time, which allows you to talk with native speakers of other languages ​​almost unhindered.

The possible cause of the failure of the radio telescope “Spektr-R” called radiation

The cause of the inoperability of the transmitter of the Spektr-R radio telescope could be the dose accumulated during the flight of radiation, TASS reports January 14, citing a source in the rocket and space industry. The TASS interviewer said that before that, two receiving-transmitting devices had already failed.

TESS discovered two more new exoplanets

The spacecraft, recently launched by NASA into orbit, has already managed to find about fifty new exoplanets. Previously, the planets located in other stars, it was quite difficult to register, and even at this technological stage, we can confidently name only a few thousand exoplanets, whose existence has already been confirmed. The weakness of our technology is evidenced by the fact that scientists estimate the number of exoplanets in our galaxy at about 100 billion, of which about 5 to 20% may be similar to the Earth.

Group of satellites “Glonass” earned in full force

The navigation satellite “Glonass-M”, put into maintenance before the New Year, has been returned to work for its intended purpose. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the information-analytical center of coordinate-time and navigation support of TsNIIMash.

Russia is ready to discuss with the United States the establishment of identical prices for visas

After some amendments to Russian legislation came into force in January 2017, the rates for Americans as well as for citizens of other countries (Great Britain, Saudi Arabia) became differentiated depending on the visa multiplicity: $ 90 for a single entry visa, $ 144 for a double entry visa. visa and $ 270 for multiple entry visas.

Sevastopol and Tartus will sign a cooperation agreement

The Russian delegation led by the leader of the friendship group between the parliaments of the Russian Federation and the UAR, Dmitry Sablin, arrived in Damascus, where the signing of a cooperation agreement between Sevastopol and Tartus, as well as a meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, is scheduled, RIA Novosti reports.

Pashinyan again became Prime Minister of Armenia

Earlier it was reported that the block of Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of Armenia “My Step” received a majority of votes in the parliament of the new convocation.

Space friendship of Russia and China

Russia is one of the main partners of China in the field of space exploration, noting that the parties have created a special commission on cooperation in the space sector, and are also implementing a cooperation plan for 2018-2022.

“As for cooperation in the field of lunar exploration, this is one of the key areas of our talks. We created a special commission on this issue. We conducted several rounds of talks on exploration of the Moon and deep space, formed an initial plan of cooperation within the Russian mission Luna-26 “and the landing mission of the Chinese research probe at the South Pole of the Moon”, – said the representative of the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) Li Guoping at a press conference

The EU will monitor the social networks during elections in Ukraine

The Council of Europe intends to find specialists for monitoring social networks during the presidential elections in Ukraine. This is evidenced by a tender published by the Council of Europe. As noted, such “impartial observation” should ensure the integrity of the electoral process in Ukraine.

Lithuanian Seimas awarded partisans who fought against the USSR

The supreme legislative body of Lithuania presented a state award to seven Lithuanian partisans who fought against the Soviet regime. This is reported on the website of the Lithuanian Seimas.

The Pacific Fleet received the fifth anti-sabotage boat “Rook”

The vessel entered service with the Pacific Fleet, which has already received five ships of this project as part of the rearmament program. The new boat is capable of reaching a speed of 23 knots, its cruising range is 200 miles.

The frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” is preparing for the first long-range cruise

Recall that the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” became the first carrier of high-precision cruise missiles “Caliber” as part of the Northern Fleet. He was officially put into operation on July 28, 2018. The construction of the frigate at the Northern Shipyard lasted more than 12 years.

Reduced traffic signs will be installed on 37 streets of Moscow

Until the end of 2019, reduced road signs will be installed on 37 streets of Moscow, the website of the capital’s government reports, with reference to Vadim Yuriev, head of the Center for the Organization of Road Traffic (CTO).

“We are changing traffic signs to smaller ones in order to improve the appearance of the streets. Such signs do not cover the architecture of the city and do not cause inconvenience to pedestrians and drivers. Mini-signs also make it possible to expand the pedestrian space by combining two signs on the same plate, ”Mr. Yuryev explained.“ For example, we put the combined signs “Parking” and “Disabled”. At the same time, the reduced size signs are clearly visible to all road users. They are more convenient and economical to operate. ”

Vasilyeva urged to change the system of preparation for the exam

Olga Vasilyeva, Minister of Education, said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the need to break the current system of preparing students for the Unified State Examination (USE).

“What you need to struggle with is coaching. Today, at the end of the ninth grade, we stop learning and begin to prepare for the EGE. This system needs to be broken, ”noted Vasilyeva.

According to Vasilyeva, the cancellation of the USE itself is out of the question, since “this is truly an objective and transparent way to assess the knowledge of graduates”

A new tourism program will be adopted in the second half of 2019

The new Federal Target Program for the development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation for 2019-2025 will be adopted in the second half of 2019 after the approval of the strategy for the development of Russian tourism, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Nikolay Korolev told RIA Novosti.

In Murmansk, published a textbook on Arctic tourism

Specialists from the Murmansk Arctic State University have published a textbook on Arctic tourism. Allowance they have prepared throughout the year. Specialists have collected information that may be useful not only for students of specialized specialties, but also for tour operators, authorities and travelers.

Travel agency in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk offered certificates of sins leave

Employees of the company invite their clients to wash away their sins on January 19, having bathed in the consecrated font on the Kolka River in the village of Bereznyaki, to receive a certificate about this event signed by the priest, and then to visit the bathhouse and drink hot tea.

Sberbank raised mortgage rate

Since January 14, the State Sberbank has raised interest rates on major mortgage products by one percentage point. This is stated in the message on the website of the largest bank in the country.

“The change in interest rates is a consequence of adaptation to the current market conditions after the increase in the key rate of the Central Bank, changes in the risk ratio, as well as the general macroeconomic situation,” said a bank spokesman.

FTS filed for bankruptcy “Metrostroy”

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) and the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Major Taxpayers No. 1 filed for bankruptcy of Metrostroy. The case file is published on the website of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The lawsuit was filed on January 9, the amount of claims in it is not specified.

In Russia, create a register of domestic electronic equipment

A single register of domestic electronic equipment will appear in the Russian Federation. Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant agencies to submit a draft to the government by March 1.

Pochta Bank began to open offices in Pyaterochka supermarkets

Pochta Bank began to open its branches in Pyaterochka supermarkets, the press service of X5 Retail Group, which includes a chain of stores, reports. In total, the bank will open more than 50 such branches in supermarkets of the chain throughout the country, the first three have already started working in St. Petersburg and Kaluga.

The bill on the electronic signature will be submitted to the State Duma in January-February

The draft law on electronic signatures will be submitted to the State Duma in January-February, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, Anatoly Aksakov, said.

The Cabinet has developed a new methodology for calculating productivity

To calculate productivity, value added will be divided by the cost of labor, that is, the number of employees. In calculating the value added, the amount of profit from the sale of goods, the performance of work or the provision of services, the remuneration of employees and insurance premiums paid by an enterprise to state extra-budgetary funds are taken into account. In order to prevent data distortion, profits before tax will be taken into account.

The calculation method will be applied to enterprises with annual revenues from 400 million to 30 billion rubles working in such areas as manufacturing (except for the production of petroleum products, tobacco and alcohol), construction, transportation and storage, agriculture and forestry, hunting and fishing . By 2024, the growth rate in medium and large enterprises of basic non-primary industries should be at least 5% annually.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the goal to achieve labor productivity growth in medium and large enterprises of non-primary industries by 2024

Sberbank will finance the Baring Vostok funds for 4.9 billion rubles

This is the first long-term financing transaction for international funds on the Russian market. It makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the use of assets and demonstrates the capacity of the fund to recapitalize investments in the local market, says the commentary by the director of BVFVML Andrei Kostyashkin.

Oleg Tinkov bought GDR holding TCS Group for $ 584 thousand

Oleg Tinkov bought 35,248 GDR TCS Group during January 7.8.9. Earlier it was reported that at the end of December 2018, Tinkov acquired the GDR TCS Group for a total of $ 1.766 million.

Eni and Oman Oil will develop an oil field in Oman

The Italian oil and gas company Eni and the Oman State Oman Oil received permission from the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Oman for exploration and production at an oil field in the country, the release of the Italian company says.

Diesel fuel for the year has risen in price in the Tomsk region by 16.6%

The Federal State Statistics Service has published the consumer price index for motor gasoline, according to which diesel fuel for 2018 has risen in price in the Tomsk region by 16.6%.

Bastrykin spoke about the creation of new units

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, said that new departments would be created in the department. Reports about it “the Russian newspaper”.

Tax crimes, as well as grave and especially grave crimes committed by minors and against minors, were transferred to the competence of the SC. In addition, the Investigation Committee is investigating the majority of crimes of a corruption nature. – Alexander Bastrykin, lawyer

Named the release date of the last season of “Game of Thrones”

At the end of the video indicates the release date of the season. On January 7, HBO published a video with the first shots from the final season. In addition, the television network announced the cast of the prequel to the TV series “Game of Thrones”.

The Big Book National Prize begins accepting applications

The Russian national literary award “Big Book” opens the 14th season. Acceptance of applications will last until February 28, 2019, the press service of the award reported on Monday.

Missy Elliott will be the first rapper in the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Missy Elliott also became the first female rapper to win such an honor, and also the first female rapper ever nominated for inclusion.

“The Time Machine” will begin the anniversary tour at the end of winter

The group “Time Machine” goes on tour, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the team, at the end of the winter of 2019. The tour will begin on February 24 from a concert in Krasnodar, and the musicians do not yet know the date of its completion.

Live Ken from the UK will present San Marino at Eurovision

British-Brazilian freak Rodrigo Alves (35), known in the press as “living Ken”, said that he would represent the dwarf state of San Marino at the Eurovision 2019 contest.

The exhibition “The History of Russian Chocolate” opens in Moscow

The exhibition “The History of Russian Chocolate” opens on January 14 at the Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. Here you can see the collection of antique dishes for hot chocolate, forms for making pastry, sweet sets that have turned more than a century. Visitors will be told about pastry factories in pre-revolutionary Russia, about how a delicacy is created and how it can be prepared at home.

Start shooting the third part of the “bad guys”

On January 14, filming of the third part of Bad Boys will begin. This was announced by actor Will Smith. He also posted Instagram photos with Martin Lawrence before filming. According to Smith, he, along with Lawrence, revised the last two franchise films.

Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Charles Melton and others will also take part in the film. The release of the film “Bad Boys 3” is scheduled for January 2020.

Video book “Reading Krylov”

The video book “Read Krylov” began to collect on January 13, when the literary world celebrated 250 years since the birth of the fabulist. Anyone can write one of the 236 fables of Ivan Krylov and post a video on YouTube or on social networks until the end of January.

Popular vote will be held in the first decade of February. The best videos of the project will be included in the video book. The winners, in addition to valuable prizes, will have the opportunity to read Ivan Krylov’s fable this summer at the Red Square Book Festival.

From the portal “Work in Russia” decided to make the Russian equivalent of LinkedIn

The top 5 countries by the number of visits to LinkedIn included the USA, India, Great Britain, Brazil and France. There are no recent statistics on site visits from Russia. Since the fall of 2016, access to LinkedIn in Russia has been blocked by a court decision due to the fact that the social network has violated the law On Personal Data.

Samsung unveiled the date of the announcement of the folding smartphone Galaxy F

The announcement of the slider smartphone from the South Korean company is expected at the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event. South Korean IT giant Samsung February 20 this year at the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event will present the public several smartphones from the Galaxy S10 line.

Popular mobile messenger Veon stop working

Messenger Veon, launched in Russia and several other countries in the summer of 2017, ceases to exist. Nearly two hundred employees in the UK and the Netherlands who are related to the program will be fired, according to CNews.

Scammers launder money through the game Fortnite

If something is riveted on the attention of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, then it is likely that criminal elements will also be interested in this phenomenon. So it happened with the game Fortnite, through which the scammers learned how to launder money.

Changing the URL of images affects their ranking in the search for images

Specialist of the Google Search Quality Department, John Muller, recently said that changing the URLs of images affects how they are ranked by image search results. This happened during the next video chat for webmasters.

Acer introduced the “game throne” Predator Thronos

The Taiwanese company Acer introduced the “gaming throne”, which was called Acer Predator Thronos. Massive construction was shown at CES 2019. The chair allows you to install three 27-inch monitors

DPD launched a network of post offices in the Republic of Belarus

International logistics operator DPD, one of the largest providers of express delivery of goods in Belarus, announced the development of its own network of post offices in the country.

Autistic nerve cells grow abnormally fast

Scientists from the Salk Institute in La Jolla conducted research, as a result of which they found out that the nerve cells of autists grow abnormally quickly. Article relevant content published in the scientific publication Science News. Researchers led by Simon Schafer were able to correct anomalous cell growth patterns.

“It is amazing that the experiment worked, it strengthens the idea that a discrete event at a certain time – an open chromatin at the neural stem cell stage, can stop the development of autism,” the scientists concluded.

Scientists have proposed a new theory of the brain

Scientists have proposed a new theory that touches the subject of the brain. It assumes that the individual does not form a single complex model of the world, instead, constantly synchronizing the activity of a large number of individual models.

Scientists have figured out how to make lasers the size of bacteria

The work was published in the journal Optics Express. Today, lasers are used everywhere – from household appliances to medicine, industry and telecommunications. Nanolasers are similar to ordinary semiconductor heterostructure lasers, which have been known for quite some time.

A method has been developed to search for bacteria generating electricity.

In the new work, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) have created a special device that can determine the polarizability of bacterial cells – a property that is closely related to the production of electricity.

Created a sleeping pill that does not interfere with waking up in case of danger

Scientists have created a sleeping pill that does not interfere with the brain to perceive the alarm signals and wake up in response to them. So far, the drug has proven its effectiveness only in mice, but the researchers hope that in the case of people, the effect will be the same, according to an article published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Found a way to minimize the effects of heart attack and stroke

An international team of scientists works with kinase class enzymes, namely, with the JNK3 enzyme. It participates in inflammatory processes and in the process of cell death, apoptosis, heart attack and stroke. To reduce the negative effects of these diseases, you need to block the operation of JNK3

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