14 Jun, 2018

Sanctions will remain until full denuclearization

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington does not intend to lift sanctions against the DPRK until complete nuclear disarmament of the North Korean side.

“We intend to achieve full denuclearization, only then will the lifting of sanctions,” he said after meeting with the Foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea in Seoul.

According to Pompeo, Washington “believes that Kim Jong-un understands the urgency” of the completion of denuclearization, “understands that he must do it quickly.”

Briefly about the main thing … ..


The Administration of the President of Russia has preserved itself almost completely

All senior officials of the President’s Office retained their posts: head Anton Vaino, first deputies Alexei Gromov and Sergei Kirienko, deputy heads Dmitry Peskov (also holds the post of presidential press secretary), Vladimir Ostroenko and Magomedsalam Magomedov.

A White House spokesman denied information about her resignation

The spokeswoman added that she considered it an honor to work for the US president and loved her job. Earlier, CBS, referring to sources in the White House and the presidential administration of the United States, said that Sanders and her first deputy Raj Shah are planning to leave their posts.

Trump explained why Russia should be returned to G7

US President Donald Trump, at a press conference following his visit to the G-7 summit in Canada, said that the G8 format (that is, with Russia) is more meaningful than the G7. He also noted that some participants want to return Russia to the union.

I’ll tell you that about 25% of our time in discussions we spent on Russia, that’s why I said then that it would be better if they were here … I’m not for Russia, I’m for the USA. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Kim Jong-un and Shinzo Abe may meet in Vladivostok

The Government of Japan has begun to agree on the issue of holding a meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and DPRK leader Kim Jong-no in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held in September 2018 in Vladivostok.

Erdogan invited Putin to jointly produce S-500

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had made a proposal to jointly produce the S-500 air defense missile systems. With such a statement, as reported by A Haber, the Turkish leader spoke in an interview with 24 TV channel.

The UN General Assembly condemned Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip

The UN General Assembly (GA) adopted a resolution condemning Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. 120 states opposed the document, 8, 45 countries abstained from voting, RIA Novosti reported.

Convicted in the US Yaroshenko transferred to another prison

Russian Konstantin Yaroshenko, sentenced to 20 years in prison in the United States, is transferred from Fort-Dix prison in New Jersey to another institution due to a threat to his safety, Tass learned by telephone from the lawyer of the Russian Alexei Tarasov

The President of Macedonia refused to rename the country

The President of Macedonia, Gheorghe Ivanov, refused to sign the agreement reached yesterday between Skopje and Athens to rename the country. He stated this in his address to the nation.

Such a damaging treaty, unique in the history of mankind, is unfit for me and unacceptable. With it, the constitution, laws are violated, state institutions are destroyed. I will not legalize political initiative. – Gheorghe Ivanov, a Macedonian politician

Ombudsman of Ukraine went to visit Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia

The Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova went to Russia to meet with Ukrainian prisoners in correctional facilities. This was written in his Twitter by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In fulfillment of my agreements, it is at these moments that Lyudmila Denisova goes to Russia to visit illegally imprisoned Ukrainians. He asked me to convey the words of our support. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The opposition of Serbia will vote on the issue of recognizing the Crimea as part of Russia

The opposition Serb Radical Party (SRP) called on the head of state Alexander Vucic and the government to recognize Crimea as an integral part of Russia. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the leader of the party Alexander Sheshel.

“Moscow supports Belgrade on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. Nevertheless, Serbia does not in fact recognize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. We want Belgrade to abandon hypocritical politics and officially recognize Crimea as an integral part of Russia, “he said.

Ukraine tries to deceive the IMF

The law on the anti-corruption court, which enters into force in Ukraine on Thursday, June 14, is an attempt by Kiev to deceive the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This opinion was expressed by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the parties “Popular Front” and “Self-help”.

Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian deputies nominated US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the agreement on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the Norwegian television and radio company.

The US plans to levy duties for the import of goods from China

The US plans to begin charging fees for imports of Chinese goods as early as June 22, the Wall Street Journal reports. This decision was agreed at a meeting of representatives of the ministries of trade, finance, as well as the office of the US representative in trade negotiations.

Sweden explained why it approved Nord Stream-2

The Swedish government is critical of the construction of the Nord Stream-2, Hagström wrote in his article in European Truth. But, he said, the gas pipeline will be laid outside the territorial waters of Sweden, in the exclusive economic zone, that is, in international waters.

California can be divided into three parts

50 states in America on November 6, 2018 can turn into 52: Californians will take part in a referendum on the division of the native territorial unit into three parts. This was reported by Fox News referring to the statement of Secretary of State Alex Padilla.


The US responded to accusations of preparing a provocation with chemical weapons in Syria

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert denied statements by the Russian Defense Ministry about preparing a provocation using chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor.

“The Russian Defense Ministry falsely states that US forces and the” Free Syrian Army “are preparing a dramatization of the attack using chemical weapons in Syria,” wrote Nauert on Twitter

The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting because of the situation in Yemen

The UN Security Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on June 14 to discuss the escalating situation in Yemen. This is reported by TASS with reference to a source at the UN headquarters.

The British delegation requested an emergency meeting.

A detachment of Russian ships completed an unofficial visit to Manila

“Today, a detachment of Pacific Fleet warships in the large anti-submarine ships Admiral Tributs, Admiral Vinogradov and the middle marine tanker Pechenga completed the program of an unofficial visit to Manila (Philippines), where he arrived on June 9,” he said.

In the paragraph Panmunjom, a meeting of the military from the DPRK and South Korea began

Negotiations between the delegations of North and South Korea began at the Panmunjom point in the demilitarized zone on the DPRK side, Renhap reported referring to the South Korean Ministry of Defense. Negotiations are held for the first time since 2007.

Colombian military has destroyed 16 rebels

“As a result of the actions of the armed forces of Colombia in Arauca against an organized armed group, the number of deaths during the development of the military operation increased to 16,” RIA Novosti quoted the statement of the agency.

The Northern Fleet of Russia set off on a large-scale march

The destroyer Admiral Ushakov, the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov and other warships, submarines and support ships reached the largest gathering of the Northern Fleet in the last decade, the website of the Ministry of Defense said.

In Lugansk, they announced shelling from Ukraine

The territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic was shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on June 13. This was reported by the adviser to the head of the LNR and the representative of the political working group at the Minsk negotiations Rodion Miroshnik. According to him, Donetsk village was bombarded with mines of 120 mm caliber.

Assad throws troops to the east of Syria

The Syrian command is transferring additional troops and equipment to the east of Syria in connection with frequent attacks by militants of the “Islamic state” (Forbidden in Russia organization). The militants are attacking the positions of the Assad army all the way from Mejadin to Abu Kemal, as well as in the desert of the province of Homs.

A group of Russian inspectors will check the military facility in Slovenia

According to him, the head of the Russian Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, Sergei Ryzhkov, visits are made to assess the data on military forces, as well as plans for the deployment of military equipment and basic weapons systems.

The audit will be conducted in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011 on confidence-building measures and security measures.

Turkey is discussing with Russia not only the purchase of the S-400

The head of the Defense Industry Secretariat responded to the question whether there is a likelihood that Turkey will also purchase Russian military vehicles (F-35 – Ed.) Besides the fifth-generation American fighters (Su-57 – Ed.):

“I will not talk about specific models of aircraft, but I can say that, yes, negotiations with other partners on these technical issues are ongoing.”

In France, presented a new armored car “Scarab”

In France, they are preparing to replace Panhard VBL armored vehicles. Company Arquus presented a light armored car Scarabee with the wheel formula 4×4. The manufacturer has already started testing the first test prototype.


The US Federal Reserve raised the base interest rate

The Fed on Wednesday raised the rate and admits this year two more rounds of increase. In this regard, the prospects for the ruble and other currencies look bleak. The Committee on Open Markets of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) raised rates for the second time in a year.

The Ministry of Finance offered benefits to oil and gas companies that were sanctioned

The Ministry of Finance offered the government, at the end of the tax maneuver, to give preferences to refineries whose owners were penalized, follows from a bill that the ministry sent out to departments last week. RBC has a copy of the document, its authenticity was confirmed by a federal official

Kozak promised not to allow the rise in prices for gasoline to 100 rubles. per liter

Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak called impossible scenario, according to which the cost of gasoline in Russia can grow up to 100 rubles. per liter. According to him, the government has enough opportunities to prevent such a jump in prices.

Experts and company representatives give apocalyptic forecasts about prices by the end of the year at 100 rubles. It’s impossible. This is out of the question, the government has enough tools to settle this situation and prevent a sharp rise in prices for motor fuel. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

Reuters learned about Venezuela’s plans to start refining foreign oil

Venezuela is studying the issue of refining oil from other countries at its refineries (refineries), Reuters reports referring to the documents of the state Venezuelan company PDVSA.

Kuban hit the anti-rating regions with the most expensive gasoline AI-95

As a result, anti-rating was prepared. So, according to ONF data Krasnodar region is one of the regions with the highest prices for gasoline AI-95. The price per liter in the Kuban reached 48.9 rubles.

Iran opposes changes in OPEC deal conditions

Iran expects that the countries that support the agreement on the reduction of oil production will keep it, Iranian representative to OPEC Hossein Kazempur Ardebili told Bloomberg. According to him, “world markets do not need to increase the amount of oil.”

The revenue from fuel excises will be redistributed in favor of regions

The main blow due to the reduction in excise rates for fuel will be assumed by the federal budget of the Russian Federation. Since excises form regional road funds, the government will redistribute the transfer of indirect tax in favor of the treasury of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation

Prices for gasoline in the Ivanovo region increased by 9.8 percent in May

In May this year, gasoline prices in the Ivanovo region increased by 9.8% compared with April.

From July 1 in Chuvashia gas prices will rise

The government of the region has approved new tariffs Today at the meeting of the Cabinet of Chuvashia new prices for gas sold to the population are approved. From July 1, 2018, the payment of Chuvashia’s residents for gas on average will grow by 3%. The corresponding document was published on the portal of the authorities of Chuvashia.

Kudrin named the unreached figures of the May decrees

Speaking in the State Duma with a report on the activities of the Accounts Chamber in 2017, the new head of the department Alexei Kudrin spoke about the problems with the implementation of the May decrees of Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2012, TASS reported.

“The most serious indicators of non-attainment [targets of the May 2012 decrees] relate to the economy: He recalled that according to the government, since 2011 the growth rate of productivity has amounted to 3.8%.

“That is, from 2011 to 2016, total productivity increased by 3.8%. And according to the target, it should grow 1.5 times by 2018, “Kudrin said.

Ministry of Labor proposes to introduce a quota for labor migrants in construction

The Ministry of Labor of Russia proposes in 2019 to introduce a quota for attracting labor migrants to the construction sector in the amount of 80% of the total number of employees engaged in this field. This is stated in the draft decree prepared by the department.

The Ministry of Economic Development opposed the idea of banning “cheap cigarettes”

The document proposed from January 1, 2019 to prohibit the sale of tobacco products at prices below the MRC. The ministry believes the ban on selling cigarettes below the maximum retail price is not economically viable

Comcast offered to buy 21st Century Fox for $ 65 billion

The American telecommunications conglomerate Comcast offered to buy 21st Century Fox, which is going to buy The Walt Disney Company, for $ 65 billion, according to the website of the conglomerate

Russia and Belarus discuss the transition to the calculations in the national currency

To reduce dependence on June 13 in Moscow at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, much talked about mutual trade.

Co-owner Vnukovo decided to redeem from the state a blockade of the airport

Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner Vnukovo Vitaly Vantsev in an interview with “Vedomosti” announced his intention to increase his stake in the airport. According to him, he intends to use the option to purchase a blocking stake from Rosimushchestvo – 25% plus one share of the airport.

The Ministry of Finance suggested that Vnesheconombank should be given powers to NPFs

The RF Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and Vnesheconombank are discussing granting the state corporation with the powers of a non-state pension fund (NPF).

It will be necessary to create on the basis of the GKK, so that they have the authority of the NPF. Perhaps it will be a new NPF. In principle, the idea of some kind of okologosudarstvenny NPF and GUM would have retained its role. Now we are discussing this with a new VEB team. – Alexei Moiseev, Russian actor

The Ministry of Finance introduced a bill on the creation of a new infrastructure fund

The bill on the creation of a new fund for infrastructure investments was developed by the Ministry of Finance and submitted to the government, said on Wednesday at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on the Budget and Financial Markets State Secretary, Deputy Finance Minister Yuri Zubarev

Average prices for apartments in “Moscow-City” fell by 13% year-on-year

The average price of 1 square. m apartments in the skyscrapers, “Moscow City” decreased during the year by 13% and in May 2018 amounted to 504.4 thousand rubles. The average budget of the transaction also decreased by 15% and amounted to 38 million rubles. This is stated in the study of the primary real estate market of the business center, prepared by the consulting company Welhome.

All-Russian forum Urban Space will be held July 5 in St. Petersburg

On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Urban Awards, the fourth annual Urban Space 2018 forum will be held in St. Petersburg. Urban Space is a meeting of developers and authorities covering the issues of strategic development of the Russian market of new buildings.


Real Russian Medicine

Russia significantly loses in the level of development of the health care system not only to the countries of the European Union and the United States, but also to China and India. According to the Boston Consulting group, healthcare reform in the Russian Federation should focus on cost optimization, updating educational programs for doctors, and “digitizing” services. READ MORE … ..

The introduction of mandatory electronic OB vehicles was postponed for a year and a half

As Izvestia was informed by the Collegium of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the previously planned mandatory introduction of e-PTA for new vehicles was postponed. At the same time, some motor companies in Russia will still issue electronic passports in order to pass the transition period sooner.

The average check of Russians in shops has decreased to 521 rubles

Given the May inflation of 0.4%, the check “lost weight” by more than 2%. In May, experts pointed out, the trend of rational consumption was observed in the market and the Russians continued to strive to save on their daily purchases.

The ROC was told when Patriarch Cyril would move to the “Cortege”

The ROC did not exclude that Patriarch Cyril will ever be able to move on new cars of the “Cortege” class, but first they should fall in price.

Homeless orphans in Primorye did not stop hunger strike

The situation with the orphans who did not have legal housing in the Primorsky Territory, continued. As an assistant to the State Duma deputy Alexei Kornienko Alexander Koloskov told a REGNUM correspondent, there were no concrete agreements for orphans to reach with the local authorities.

Network “Teremok” closed restaurants in the US

The network of fast food restaurants of Russian national cuisine Teremok closed the last two points in the US, both in New York. This is reported in the company’s Instagram. As the representative of the network explained in the comments to the post, Teremok is looking for new premises.

The station “Prospekt Mira” in Moscow will be closed on June 15 because of Uraza Bayram

The station of the Ring Line of the Prospekt Mira metro station in Moscow on Friday, June 15, will close at the entrance for several hours due to the celebration of the Islamic holiday of Uraza-Bairam, the press service of the Moscow metro said on Wednesday.

In Rospotrebnadzor received 14 thousand complaints about the nutrition of children

On the hotline of the Federal Service for Consumer Protection and Security for children’s nutrition safety in pre-school and general education organizations received about 14 thousand applications. This is reported by the press service of the department.

In Russian schools there may be a course of psychology

In Russian schools, they suggested introducing psychology to combat aggression. Such an initiative was offered by the psychologist Anna Portnova during the round table devoted to safety in schools. This is reported by RIA-Novosti.

Yakubovich complained about “coming to eat” at the “Field of Miracles” of Russians

Leading the capital show “Field of Miracles” Leonid Yakubovich during a meeting with young people at the St. Petersburg science fiction and science festival “Starcon-2018” complained about the behavior of the guests of the program who, after filming, sweep away everything on their way for the sake of the treats on the drum.

I checked – all with tickets. How is this possible, it is unclear. As soon as shooting ends, I have only one task – to have time to jump out of the studio. Because everyone rushes to the drum and eats everything they brought. – Leonid Yakubovich, the presenter

The direct line with Vladimir Putin has become the most unpopular since 2011

As reported by RBC with reference to the company’s research, the program was watched by 5.78 million Russians. This is the lowest result since 2011 – then the broadcast attracted 4.018 million viewers. A year ago, the audience of the direct line was 6.2 million people, two years ago – 7.1 million.

Cabinet proposed measures against fictitious marriages of Russians with migrants

The government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the State Duma a bill that is designed to reduce the number of fictitious marriages between Russians and migrants. Such marriages are concluded in order to obtain permission for temporary residence, and then citizenship.

At the time of the World Cup 2018 navigation on the Moskva River will be limited

The courts will be banned from moving and staying in the water area of the Moscow River during the main events of the World Cup 2018, the Moscow Canal’s press service reported June 13.

British footballers refused to try Russian loaf

According to “Fontanka”, the loaf and samovar was given to the head coach of England Gareth Southgate and attacker Harry Kane by the administration of the Resort area, but the British refused even to try the treat.

Patriarch Kirill: Russia can only pray for the Russian team

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill expressed his hope that the Russian team will be able to perform at the upcoming World Cup in football. According to him, for Russian players it is necessary to hope and pray

“Red Cross” reported on assistance to victims of the “Winter Cherry”

Kemerovo regional branch of the “Red Cross” reported on the assistance rendered to the victims of the fire in the SEC “Winter Cherry”.

Almost half of Russians remained without summer leave

Job search site Superjob interviewed 1,600 representatives of the economically active population of the country and learned about their plans for the summer. 47% of respondents are not going on vacation this summer.


“Catastrophe of the century”: In Africa, the ancient baobabs

Scientists said that this is a “catastrophe of the century”, the consequences of which can not yet be predicted. In Africa, recorded 13 baobabs, whose age is well over a thousand years.

The degassing system at the Yadrovo test site was operating at full capacity

The contractor has completed the testing and has started the full capacity pumping and incineration of landfill gas at the closed part of the Yadrovo test site in the Volokolamsk district of the Moscow region, Tass reports.

Moscow will allocate 600 million rubles for the system of storm warning

In 2018-2020, the Moscow authorities will allocate Rosnedhimmet institutions more than 574 million rubles for the creation of a warning system for storm warning. Such a document has already been approved by the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and communal services and landscaping by Pyotr Biryukov, RIA Novosti reported.

Starooskoltsy through sotsseti urge to protect nature

The indifferent Old Oskol people hope to draw attention to the general problem of environmental pollution and instill in the population elementary norms of behavior in society.

Contrary to complaints of residents, officials did not find harmful smoke

Recall, the residents of Saratov continue to complain about the smell of smoke in various areas, in the dumps at Zorinsky and in settlement 2-nd Guselka is still poured debris. Today, the governor Valery Radaev criticized his subordinates for dishonest work to eliminate smoke.

Post-holiday syndrome. Kirov cleared of debris

As the press service of the Kirov administration informs, after the holidays the city was cleaned with 40 pieces of equipment and 80 workers. In total, 34 cubic meters of street estimates and garbage were collected and removed, of which 16.5 cubic meters – garbage collected from lawns, sidewalks and stops.

Ecologists made a rating of Russian cities

“Greenpeace” interviewed the authorities of 77 Russian cities how they solve the problem of air pollution by transport, and on the basis of this made a rating.

Ecologists divided the Russian cities into three groups: green – cities whose administration declares their intention to move towards “green mobility”; yellow – city authorities underestimate the important elements of the ecologization of transport, although they have some initiatives in this area; red – the administration underestimates the importance of these issues or uses measures that are incorrect from the point of view of Greenpeace.

In the “green” group were, among others, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Izhevsk, Kazan and St. Petersburg.

Kazan, Kaliningrad and Rostov-on-Don are participating in the United Nations development program “Reducing GHG Emissions in Russian Cities.”

However, most cities, including Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk, Irkutsk and Omsk were on the “red” list.


The authorities of Tunisia introduced a resort fee

The authorities of Tunisia decided to introduce a resort fee. Its size is – 1 euro for every day of stay at the hotel or licensed apartments from all tourists, except for children under 12 years. This measure will allow replenishing the country’s budget by 17.4 million euros.

In Kazakhstan will create a catalog of tour operators

In Kazakhstan, experts create a directory of travel agencies, which can be without fear of buying permits to individuals, reports “WORLD 24”. Choose a reliable tour operator Kazakhstanis will be able this year. Now there is formation of the basic criteria on which will form the list

Thailand will enter the admission regime on the beach from the movie Leonardo di Caprio

The Thai authorities will limit visits to Maya Bay beach on the island of Phi Phi Le near Phuket, which became popular after the eponymous film with Leonardo di Caprio, RIA Novosti reported June 9.

In Crimea, they proposed to close resorts for private vehicles of tourists

The experts of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of Russia (RASHiGS) proposed to limit the movement of personal vehicles on the resort towns of the Southern coast of Crimea.

Rosmolodezh invites Volgograd journalists to the expedition

The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs organizes ethno-tourist routes aimed at developing a dialogue of cultures and strengthening the consent between the peoples living in Russia.

In Genoa dubbed the innovative ship MSC Cruises

The crucifixes of the cruise liner MSC Seaview were held on June 9 in Genoa. This is the largest and most expensive ship ever built in Italy, the second representative of the innovative Seaside class. His older twin brother left the shipyards of the French shipyard in 2017, but few of the Russians saw him, since he went to the distant Caribbean routes. The new ship will be operated in the most actual for our travelers navigation region – in the Mediterranean.

Holiday in Pisa «Games on the bridge»

In a series of celebrating the beginning of summer holidays, commonly called “June in Pisa,” Games on the bridge – one of the most colorful costumed events. After the historic procession, representatives of urban neighborhoods, divided into teams, begin the so-called “battle” (in Italian Battaglia), the meaning of which is that it is necessary to move from the place standing on the bridge Ponte di Mezzo cart. The winner is the team, which will be able to move the cart to the opposite shore and thus take over the entire bridge.

The historical costume festival “Joco del Ponte”, or “Games on the bridge”, takes place once a year in Pisa on the Ponte di Medso bridge on the last Saturday of June.

Festa Vigiliana Holiday

Festa Vigiliana is not one, but a whole complex of holidays, celebrated every year in the northern Italian city of Trento in the second half of June and ending on the 26th day of the holy patron of the city of San Vigilio.

Streets in the center of the city turn into a theatrical stage, on which a colorful action unfolds, the costume performance continues. On the streets and squares there is a fair “Town of St. Vigil”, exhibitions and competitions are held. In the center of the city there is a historical procession in medieval costumes and a solemn bishop’s service “Procession of Saint Vigilia”, led by the cardinal who carries the urn with the ashes of St. Vigil from the church of St. Peter to the Cathedral.

The floral battle in the Italian Ventimiglia

In the seaside town of Ventimiglia, located on the border of Italy and France, for more than a hundred years in the middle of June there is the most fragrant and bright festival in Italy – the flower festival “Battalia dei Fiori” (Italian “flower battle”).

This year the festival will be held on 16 and 17 June. The program features a night parade of flowers decorated with flowers, animation, performance of musical ensembles, and then magnificent fireworks and the famous “white night”.

By the way, holiday trolleys are covered with flower mosaic, using a unique technique that is used, except for Ventimiglia, only in two places on earth: in the California city of Pasadena and on the Isle of Wight (UK). On the decoration of one trolley leaves from 100 000 to 150 000 flowers and three months of preliminary work, but the spectacle turns out to be very colorful and exciting!

In Crimea, opened the first “wine village” Massandra

The first point on the map of the “wine road” of Crimea – “wine village”, which today opened in the branch of the winery “Massandra” in the village of Cypress

The head of the Minsk resorts, Vadim Volchenko, stressed that the village between Yalta and Alushta is a pilot project of the “wine road” of the Crimea.

“Massandra” next month also opens a “wine village” in Alushta, Sudak and Yalta. Until the end of the summer, our other partners, colleagues and friends in Sevastopol plan to open two more villages, “Pavlenko added.

In Spain, opened two new wine routes

The Spanish Association of Winemaking Cities (ACEVIN) presented at its annual assembly two new wine routes, which will begin operating in the very near future.

One of them will pass through the Arríbes region, which is in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, and the second – along the eastern part of the autonomy of La Rioja, which is known for its wines throughout the world.

Now in Spain there are 28 official routes for lovers of enotourism, and three of them are laid in La Rioja. In addition, the number of wine-growing cities has been enlarged by Aro, where many old wine cellars are located, and each year there is a traditional “wine battle”, which received the status of a national holiday.

Russia, Mongolia and China will create a union “Revival of the Tea Way”

In Ulaanbaatar on July 28-29, 2018, the festival “Revival of the Tea Way” will be held. During the event, they will present the project of the same name, as well as sign an agreement on the creation of an international union “Revival of the Tea Way”. This was reported by the press service of the Siberian Baikal Tourism Association.

Dedicated to the jubilee of St. Petersburg Flower Festival

In the Alexander Garden in St. Petersburg opened a traditional festival of flowers, this year it is dedicated to the 315th anniversary of the city. This was reported on Tuesday in the Committee for Improvement.

As told in the committee on landscaping, the garden and park enterprise (СПП) “Nevskoye” created the canvas “Ballerina” from the begonia of the gracilis of different colors. SPP “Kalininsky” depicted from flowers Rostral column, SPP “Frunzenskoe” – boat Admiralty. The flower garden of the SPP “Landscaper” tried to depict the spray of St. Petersburg salute. SPP “Central” was represented by a stylized Palace Bridge, under which flower waves diverge.


Robbie Williams will not sing “Party like a Russian” at the opening of the mundialya

British singer Robbie Williams was asked not to perform the song “Party like a Russian” at the opening of the 2018 World Cup, the musician said in an interview with Reuters.

“Actually, it’s not so much the request itself as in my desire to fulfill my best and most famous hits,” Williams stressed.

Olga Buzova complains of loss of voice

The other day Olga complained that she had not had a normal rest for a long time, but now her voice was gone. I slept badly and did not remember when I slept and slept.

Maria Poroshina demands to marry daughter Kutsenko

Maria Poroshina demands to marry a daughter and a daughter, 22-year-old Polina, who has followed in the footsteps of her parents and has already graduated from the theater, together with Gosha Kutsenko. Now Polina has a turbulent affair with an attractive young man, Jan.

Angelina Jolie can lose custody of children

Immediately after the break up, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began to argue over custody of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shailo, Vivienne and Knox. At first, the actress forbade her ex-husband to communicate with children.

Harry and Megan Markle terrified viewers of the TV show with a glassy look

During the broadcast of the talent show on one of the British channels, the audience saw Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Visitors who struck a resemblance to members of the royal family, attracted attention by unnatural facial expressions and gestures. Internet users suggested that they were replaced by cyborgs.

Fans discuss the reunification of Bulanova and Radimov after the divorce

Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov seemed to many to be an ideal couple. The couple lived in marriage for 11 years, but in 2016 the news about their separation appeared. Despite the early divorce, the singer and football player continued to live under the same roof.

Alexander Semchev acknowledged his biological son

Famous actor Alexander Semchev for the first time in four years, met with his biological son in the studio of the TV show “In fact.” This was the first time that the artist managed to communicate with an illegitimate heir.

Web users criticized Julia Baranovskaya because of her hairstyle

For help Julia turned to the stylist, who invented her hair. Together with him they worked in the project “Reboot”. Julia Baranovskaya often communicates with fans on the web

Jennifer Lawrence again appeared in the company of the new owner

Recently, the actress dumbfounded the fans with the news about parting with boyfriend director Darren Aronofsky, but already for the second time warms up rumors about a new novel. In the company of friends Lawrence had fun with Cook Mulroney.

The Russian depicted love with an American actress and became famous

A student from Russia named Maxim has published in his Instagram account several fake photographs with the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. On the pictures of the star, where the guy “pasted” himself, drew attention to the tabloid LADBible.

Legs “Ixom” and chest at the waist: Kvitko distorted the figure in the photo

Yes, and feet, as the followers noticed, have acquired some strange shape: very narrow knees and unusually thick shins. Now the subscribers argue: these are retouching errors or a very unfortunate pose, or maybe both

Daughter of Alena Khmelnitskaya grows an exact copy of her mother

Subscribers confirmed, not once calling them copies. Also fans of Alena’s creativity did not skimp on compliments, praising the appearance of mom and her daughter. Recall that Xenia’s youngest daughter Alena

Wife Nikolay Karachentseva argues with participants of a terrible accident

The wife of Nikolai Karachentsev – Lyudmila Porkina, is currently dealing with the participants of the terrible road accident that they fell into last year. The actress admits that she was afraid not to survive after that terrible accident.

Porn actresses advertise Kanye West sneakers

Kanye West released new Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellow sneakers, for which he invited porn stars. New footwear was advertised by Lela Star, outwardly reminiscent of the wife of rap singer Kim Kardashian

“Miss Iraq” made a new Selfie from “Miss Iran” after the scandal

On November 14, two participants of the “Miss Universe” contest – representatives of Iraq and Israel – made a joint Selfie as a sign of friendship between the two nations. The picture caused an ambiguous reaction in Iraq, as a result, a girl from that country had to transport her family to the United States.

Judge the right to lunar dust

The District Court of Kansas has filed a lawsuit that will definitely not collect dust in the long drawer. Although it is about the dust in it and speech. American Laura Murray Chikko filed a lawsuit against NASA, trying to defend its right to have dust from the moon


Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard are going to make a film about Mordovia

Cinematographers Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard are planning to shoot a documentary about Mordovia, the head of the region Vladimir Volkov told journalists on June 14

A trailer of the film filmed in Vladivostok with Danila Kozlovsky

The trailer of the movie “On the District”, which was filmed in Vladivostok in 2016, is published, RIA VladNews reports.

In China, the first festival of SCO countries started

In China, opened the first festival of member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The festival is held in Qingdao city until June 17.

The TEFI-2018 award was given a record number of applications

The TEFI award ceremony this year will take place on October 3, a record number of applications was submitted for the award. This was reported to Interfax in the press service of the Committee of Industrial Awards on Wednesday.

The premiere of the biographical drama “Escobar” will take place in the cinemas of the Russian Federation

On Thursday, June 14, the premiere of the biographical drama “Escobar” will take place in Russian cinemas. The film will present the story of the ascent of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose role was played by Javier Bardem

Ilya Teacher began shooting a movie about football player Eduard Streltsov

Studio “ROCK” and director Ilya Uchitel began shooting a movie about football player Eduard Streltsov. This was reported by TASS on Wednesday at the press service of the studio.

On the new novel by Stephen King “Outsider” will withdraw the series

According to the new book by Stephen King “Outsider”, released in May 2018, the series will be shot, the production of which will be the company Media Rights Capital (MRC), this June 12 portal Cinema Blend.

Legendary Goiko Mitich celebrates his birthday in Moscow

This is happening in Moscow on the set of the film “Balkan Frontier”. The Russian-Serbian film is directed by Andrei Volgin.

A trailer for the movie about the demon-nun from “Spell-2”

A trailer for the American horror film directed by Korin Hardy “The Nun” was released. In the title role of Thais Farming, who is known for roles in the series “American Horror History.” The painting “The Nun” is declared as a spin-off of another horror film – “Spell-2”.

Chris Pine got lost in the shopping center: The first shots of “Wonder Woman 2”

How Trevor “resurrected”, find out October 31, 2019. In the meantime, look at the perplexed hero Chris Pine, who moved from 1918 to the mid-1980s and found himself in a busy shopping center.


Moscow will host a festival of new products and inventions

The event will combine business with pleasure: industrialists and investors will have the opportunity to see and test new products and thousands of developments, prototypes, models and ready-to-go inventions, and to discuss cooperation with their producers and authors.

In the Russian cities there will be “smart” barriers

In Russian cities, there will be “smart” barriers. Devices open automatically – in particular, when you use the application in your smartphone. The first such structures will appear at the end of this year or the beginning of the next new building in the courtyards, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

Robots replace managers in Amazon

Robots occupy managerial positions in the company Amazon. This June 13 wrote Bloomberg. Until now, white-collar workers have worked on similar positions – it is about replacing managers with software that will predict the demand for goods and, in accordance with this, assign a price to them.

Chemists came up with superhard material

Russian chemists from Skolkovo, with the support of colleagues from China, managed to come up with a new superhard material. In its properties, it is more durable and convenient to use than it will win, serving as the leading alloy of modern processing metallurgy.

Physiologists made up the “picture of God”

American physiologists from the University of North Carolina made a “fotobook” of the god. During the experiment, they interviewed more than 500 people to find out what they think he looks like. The results of the work were published in the journal PLOS ONE.

“KamAZ” introduced an unmanned electric bus in Kazan

The truck manufacturer KamAZ presented a prototype of the unmanned electric bus CHATL (widely adapted transport logistics) in Kazan. It was also developed by the Central Research Automobile and Automotive Institute of NAMI.

Everything works as it should. The electric bus has many opportunities, but the legislative base is still limited. So today only a demonstration trip. The platform of this car allows using it in many projects, it is noiseless, soft. Very impressive. – Rustam Minnikhanov, Russian politician

Physicists created the first quantum chip with “eternal” memory

Physicists from Holland created the first “diamond” quantum processor, the memory cells of which are updated faster than the quantum bonds between them disappear, says an article published in the journal Nature.

On the 3D printer have learned to print complex magnetic robots

The electromagnet around the print head of the printer creates a magnetic field, the orientation of which determines the orientation of the particles in the material and determines the behavior of the object in the magnetic field after the printing is completed. Engineers who create robots for medical applications face a number of problems.

Graphene will help to implement the mechanism of critical wetting

A group of physicists from the USA and Germany, led by Valeri Kotov from Vermont University, discovered that the critical wetting mechanism can be realized for several light liquids on graphene, a hexagonal two-dimensional lattice of carbon atoms one atom thick.

Autopilot Tesla will become fully autonomous in August 2018

In August 2018, Tesla intends to update the Autopilot system software. As a result, all cars will receive “Version No. 9”. This information was shared by the founder of the automaker Ilon Mask

Excess sleep caused metabolic syndrome

Among men, 29 percent were sick, and among women, 24.5 percent. The relative proportion of patients with metabolic syndrome among those who slept less than six hours and more than ten was greater than among those who slept between six to eight hours or eight to ten.

Scientists: Empathetic people perceive music differently

It turned out that the striatum of the brain of the empaths is most active during the period of the recognition of recognizable melodies. This segment of the brain is responsible for the reward and positive emotions of a person. Scientists believe that empathetic people use music as a means of communication, even if there are no people nearby.

Perovskite will increase the efficiency of solar panels

As a replacement for silicon for mass production of solar cells, more often than other materials, it is proposed to use compounds with a perovskite structure.


China was the first in the world to bring the satellite to the L2 point on the far side of the Moon

Chinese transponder “Quetziao” (“Sorochy Bridge”) on Thursday, June 14, successfully reached the Lagrange point L2 on the reverse side of the Moon, becoming the world’s first satellite operating in this halo-orbit.

Astronomers recorded a decrease in the size of the Sun

It is reported that the sun does not have clearly delineated boundaries, so the size of the star can not be said definitely. Astronomers have recorded that the Sun during the period of its activity decreases in size. Rotating, the star decreases, as its seismic waves become less active.

Colonization of the nearest exoplanet

For a successful flight to Proxima b, the closest to the Earth exoplanet, you need a crew of not less than 98 people, according to an article accepted for publication in the journal JBIS

How to send a person to the atmosphere of Venus

Acid rain and abnormally high temperature destroy all life that can be there. A completely different situation at an altitude of 30 miles from the surface in the Venusian atmosphere. There is less normal pressure and temperature, which allows talking about the prospects of finding people there.

Observatory LIGO could not find black holes, and “wormholes”

Gravitational waves discovered by detectors of the LIGO observatory could have arisen not in the course of black hole mergers, but as a result of the “collapse” of so-called wormholes, tunnels in space-time tissues, physicists say in an article published in the journal Physical Review D.

The meteorite that fell in China was older than the Sun

Scientists from the Ziujinshan Observatory said that the meteorite that fell on the territory of Yunnan Province in China on June 1 was older than the Sun. Scientists carefully studied the elements of the space object.

The reason for moving the launch of the Russian station to the Moon

Russian scientists proposed to postpone the first mission in the history of modern Russia to the Moon of an automatic interplanetary station from 2019 to 2021. Later it became known that Swedish scientists left the Russian project to launch the automatic interplanetary station “Luna-25” to the Moon

Scientists have noticed diamond dust near the distant stars

Scientists from the University of Cardiff discovered diamond dust next to distant stars. According to experts, the presence of objects of small size can indicate processes in systems associated with changes in activity of luminaries.

10 million euros for a new way to fly to space

The European Commission arranges a tender for projects to develop an economical way of sending light satellites into orbit. It is reported that the EU will pay 10 million euros to someone who will develop a new way of flying into space. The delivery of equipment to space is extremely important, but it requires a great deal of money.

Scientists have discovered interstellar dust, which is older than the solar system

American scientists have discovered on Earth interstellar dust, which is more than 4.6 billion years. It is reported that these particles existed before the advent of the solar system


UAZ began selling football special version of UAZ Patriot

The Russian company UAZ began selling a special football version of the SUV “Patriot” in the color “Blue Baikal”, released for football fans

McLaren will present a new sports car McLaren 570S

The company McLaren again pleased fans with a fresh teaser of the new extreme version of the sports car McLaren 570S and announced the official date for the premiere of the novelty on June 28, 2018. Also McLaren will present the car at the Festival of speed in Goodwood, which will be held from July 12 to July 15, 2018.

Land Rover Discovery received a new diesel V6 and became safer

Updated British SUV Land Rover Discovery received a powerful diesel engine and an additional set of security systems. So, under the hood of this model can now be located 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 with a capacity of 306 hp

Byton introduced competitor Tesla Model 3

The Chinese company Byton officially introduced the new powerful electric sedan K-Byte, designed to become the main competitor of the Tesla Model 3. The premiere of the novelty took place at the CES Asia showroom in Shanghai.

In China, the electric clone of Suzuki Jimny

Chinese engineers have developed a copy of a compact crossover Suzuki Jimny, which was named Chok G1. The new vehicle almost completely repeats the Japanese donor. The main difference of the novelty is the electric motor, which is installed under the hood.

New BMW Z4 Roadster appeared on official photos

Engineers were able to maintain the classic proportions of the body. Changes in the BMW Z4 touched the radiator grille, which became wider. It should be noted that the car of the new generation was made together with the Japanese Toyota Supra.


Apple will take steps to complicate the breaking of the iPhone

At Apple, they talked about the innovations in the iPhone security system, which should make it harder for smartphones to crack.

In the network published the first photos of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10

As it became known, the new smartphone from Samsung will become another model, which will continue to become a popular trend and will lose its indentation under the display. According to experts, the new Galaxy S10 body will be made entirely of glass, and the screen will be frameless.

The new iPhone is much faster than the old ones

Previous generations are charged with a power of 5 watts and a current strength of 2 amps. Prepared for the announcement of the model will be charged with a power of 9 watts and a current of 2 amps or 5 watts and 3 amps. The company will make changes to catch up with Android flagships and improve the practicality of smartphones.

Steam will stop supporting Windows XP and Vista from January 1, 2019

As Valve reported today, in 2019 Steam will stop working on Windows XP and Windows Vista, and it will happen on January 1. Therefore, those who still have XP and Vista on their computer need to migrate to a newer OS beforehand, otherwise they risk losing their Steam service.

Samsung will appreciate the folding smartphone Galaxy X almost 2000 dollars

A number of analysts expressed the opinion that the novelty will surprise by an excessively high cost, which experienced experts may not even suspect. It is not excluded that to buy the first folding smartphone from Samsung will be at a price of 1,850 thousand dollars

Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad P52 equipped with 128 GB of RAM

In the maximum configuration, the laptop is equipped with a 15-inch display with a resolution of 4K, brightness 400 cd / m2 with a 100-percent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, an eight-generation six-core Intel Xeon processor with Nvidia Quadro P3200 graphics, 128 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 6-TB drive

Apple has forbidden applications access to the phone book of users

According to the updated App Store rules, third-party applications for iOS are no longer eligible to receive information from the user’s contacts. Thus, the creators of the programs will not be able to download phone books for iPhone owners and dispose of them at their discretion.

Garmin has released a GPS-navigator with a built-in player

Garmin, which mainly produces GPS-trackers, has released a new model of a navigator with audio player support. The device Vivoactive 3 Music received a drive, which allows storing up to 500 songs, reports FoneArena.

Smartphone Elephone A4 Pro appeared on the first photo

The first real photo Pro Elephone A4 appeared on the web

Asus Zenfone 5z will be on sale June 15

Asus Zenfone 5z will go on sale on June 15. This is reported by the company on the Japanese version of the official page in “Twitter.” The smartphone was introduced at the MWC in late February


Microsoft will update the design of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft has announced the release of a new version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Updates will affect the design of programs, the search system using artificial intelligence will also be improved, according to the official website of the company.

Facebook revealed a list of collected user data

Facebook social network disclosed the list of data and the ways in which it collects information about users. The report took 225 pages and was published in the public domain.

In WhatsApp will allow advertising and weaken the encryption for the special services

As it was possible to learn the media, the policy of using instant messaging service will be changed soon. It will advertise and the encryption system will be significantly weakened, and this will allow the special services to receive data from users’ correspondence

Google will not allow the installation of Chrome extensions from third-party sites

Since 2011, developers could use the so-called inline installation, which allowed them to install their extensions directly from the site, without calling into the official Chrome store. Now Google is gradually canceling this feature, first for new extensions

VKontakte.ru has updated the platform of chat bots with buttons for quick response

The team of the social network VKontakte has updated the platform of chat bots. Developers have added the ability to connect to the chat-bots of the keyboard – buttons for quick selection of the answer. As a result, users no longer need to enter a text query – just select one of the suggested options.

YouTube blocked the account of the Federal News Agency

The editors are sure that this is due to censorship in the US regarding the English-language project of the FAN agency USA Really. In May, his Facebook account was deleted without explanation; Also, access to Twitter and LiveJourna pages was restricted

Updated translator Google will translate better offline

A new translator from Google will work better in offline mode. According to company representatives, now the utility has a more complete database of words, so it can work with texts and words even without access to the Internet.

Hackers stole more than $ 20 million in crypto currency Ethereum

Specialists note that the scanning of the above port has always occurred, intensifying at the time of joining several groups. One of them became the most effective, as a result of which hackers stole more than $ 20 million in the Ethereum crypto currency.


The Invasion of the Rats in the Cinema Trailer A Plague Tale: Innocence

Focus Home Interactive has prepared for the E3 2018 a new cinematic trailer of the grim A Plague Tale: Innocence, in which the owners of plague medieval France are hordes of rats.

Layers of Fear is distributed again for free

At the end of last year, Humble online store was distributing Steam-keys Layers of Fear. And if suddenly someone did not manage to pick up the game, he had a second chance. This time the adventure horror became temporarily free of charge right in the Steam store

Telltale games will appear in Netflix

Netflix and Telltale signed a unique agreement, according to which in the online cinema will appear the projects of game developers, starting with the simplified version of Minecraft: Story Mode at the end of this year. This is reported by the portal TechRadar.

The new trailer Call of Cthulhu is dedicated to insanity

The new trailer shown at the exhibition is devoted to insanity. As we know, insanity will become the main danger in the game Call of Cthulhu: it gradually accumulates, blurring the line between fiction and reality, and on how high the level of insanity of the hero will be to the final, the end of the story depends

The Last of Us: Part 2 specially made even more bloody

In an interview with Kotaku, Drahmann once again reminded that the main theme of The Last of Us: Part 2 would be hatred. Many journalists and gamers have already criticized the game for excessive cruelty, but according to Drakhmann, the developers have made scenes of violence so creepy and realistic quite deliberately.

In the War Thunder modern tanks appeared and aircraft sounds were updated

The company added to the project a map of Italy for mixed battles and Ladoga for aviation. The sounds of all aircraft and aircraft were also completely updated. In update 1.79, the time limits of technology are extended to the 90s of the XX century.

The Cooperative Culinary Game Overcooked 2 will be released in late summer

Team17 and Ghost Town Games announced Overcooked 2, the sequel to a fun co-operative culinary game. Overcooked 2 will be released on August 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

At E3 showed ten minutes of Days Gone

The post-apocalyptic adventure in the open world of Days Gone did not appear on the official Sony presentation. But the game was dedicated to one of the panels PlayStation Live. At the event, they showed about ten minutes of the action movie with developer comments from Bend Studio.

Yves Guillaume: the next generation of consoles will be the last

Even before the E3 exhibition this year, co-founder Ubisoft Yves Guimo said that the next generation of consoles in the form in which we know them today, will be the last. We decided to wait for the end of the main presentations of major publishers and developers to speculate on this topic.

Halo Infinite, Devil May Cry 5 and Cuphead – Microsoft conference on E3

The creators of Xbox presented 50 games, of which 15 – exclusive (if you can call the exclusives what is launched not only on the Xbox, but also on Windows). The corporation immediately threw out the trump card – the announcement of Halo Infinite, which for many became the main event of the conference or even the whole E3.

SoulCalibur VI will cause players to fight on October 19

During the E3 2018, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe announced the exact release date for the SoulCalibur VI. It will go on sale on October 19, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Sega will release a toaster in honor of the legendary character Sonic the Hedgehog

The image of the legendary character Sonic the Hedgehog is not only present on the body of the toaster, it will also be displayed on toasted pieces of bread. Such novelties may well be appreciated by Sega fans, especially those who choose new household appliances.

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