6 Apr, 2019

Saudi Arabia threatens US

Saudi Arabian authorities are considering the possibility of abandoning the use of the dollar in oil sales, if the US adopts a law against OPEC. Riyadh has already announced its plans to the US Department of Energy. It is reported by Reuters and several Saudi sources.

This is the No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC) bill, which is already being discussed in the US Congress. If adopted, it will allow US courts to consider antitrust claims against the oil cartel, which, as experts believe, could shake the hydrocarbon market.

The option of abandoning the dollar in the kingdom has been discussed for several months, agency sources say. Representatives of Saudi Arabia notified American partners of such a plan, and also discussed it with other OPEC member countries

The agency calls the chances that the anti-cartel law will be passed, which will allow the US government to sue the OPEC countries, are not very high. But the threat of the Saudi side to abandon the dollar in oil deals indicates Riyadh’s dissatisfaction with possible involvement in antitrust litigation

Briefly about the main thing …

Wikileaks announced the imminent expulsion of Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, will be expelled from the Ecuadorian embassy in London in the next “hours or days,” the portal reports, citing a source. According to him, the authorities of Ecuador have already agreed with the UK on the arrest of Mr. Assange

American sword cut off the hand of a stranger because of the cap with the slogan of Trump

According to the TV channel, last week, during a quarrel on a roller skating platform, 30-year-old Leor Bergland in a pirate costume and a baseball cap with Trump’s slogan attacked with a sword an opponent who knocked a cap off his head and cut off his hand. After that, the man fled the scene.

Colonel Zakharchenko, when traveling to the United States, presented a certificate stating that he works for an LLC

Dmitry Zakharchenko, a former employee of the Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, accused of corruption crimes, presented a certificate stating that he works in a commercial company where his monthly income is 300 thousand rubles. This was announced by the official representative of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Kurennoy.

North Korea is building a submarine with ballistic missiles

Details required for construction were observed at the port of Sinpo. North Korea could begin construction of a submarine equipped with ballistic missiles, Bloomberg writes. It is reported that the details required for construction were observed in the North Korean port of Sinpo.

The Germans have experienced anti-torpedo torpedo

Atlas Elektronik’s ship protection system consists of a TDCL sonar system and a SeaSpider anti-torpedo torpedo. The system, according to the developers, is able to detect any type of torpedoes fired at the ship.

An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Libya was convened by Britain

Britain convened an emergency closed meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Libya. This was reported on the British Permanent Mission Twitter when organizing. “The head of the UN mission in Libya, Gassan Salame will hold a briefing for members of the council,” – said in a statement

Mayor of Riga Ushakov dismissed

Latvia’s Minister for Regional Development Affairs Juris Pāce dismissed the mayor of Riga, Nil Ushakov. About this on Friday, April 5, reports TASS with reference to the order of the Minister, published in the official government newsletter.

Relatives of the victims of the collapse of the MH17 ask to recognize the responsibility of Russia

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) communicated complaints against Russia to 380 relatives of those killed on July 17, 2014 during the crash of a Boeing MH17 over Eastern Ukraine. The applicants are asked to recognize the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the catastrophe and the violation by the Russian authorities of five articles of the Convention on Human Rights. Russia denies any involvement in the plane crash.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Announces Russian Imperialism

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the Russian authorities adhere to the “imperialist doctrine”, the consequence of which was the influence of the Russian Federation on Venezuela.

“Intervention in the affairs of Syria, and now Venezuela, too,” Pompeo said after the NATO ministerial meeting.

The diplomat added that “in view of the Russian aggression against the Western democracies,” the Alliance decided to develop new defense strategies against hybrid attacks.

Putin approved a new security system in schools

The Security Council of the Russian Federation has developed a new system of security measures in schools, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved it. The deputy secretary of the Security Council, Alexander Grebenkin, informed the Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Thursday, April 4.

“The Security Council apparatus did not stay away from this work. We have developed and approved by the President of Russia a set of additional long-term legal and organizational measures designed to, if not exclude, then minimize the possibility of committing new crimes, ”Grebenkin told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

In Kiev, called the street in honor of McCain

In Kiev, Ivan Kudri Street was renamed in honor of US Senator John McCain. Ivan Kudrya, whose name was worn on the street before the name was changed, was a Soviet intelligence officer and Hero of the Soviet Union, took part in the preparation and conduct of combat operations of sabotage groups in the German-occupied Kiev. He was captured by the Nazis and executed in 1942.

Families with children will start issuing a mortgage at 6% for the entire loan period

Families with children will be able to take a preferential mortgage at a subsidized rate of 6% per annum for the entire term of the loan, and not for three and a half and eight years, as it is now.

Putin ordered to adopt a law on the protection of investment

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded a law aimed at protecting and encouraging investments until the end of the spring session of parliament. This is reported on the Kremlin website.

“The deadline is July 1, 2019,” the document says.

As noted, the purpose of this initiative is to support entrepreneurial and investment activities in Russia.

Secret Russian military base was given for the pioneer camp

The base for training fighters of private military companies in the farm Molkino (Krasnodar Territory) takes place in documents as a pioneer camp, reports Reuters. According to the agency, we are talking about three barracks located on the territory of the base of the Russian military intelligence, where, according to eyewitnesses, the military are prepared before being sent to Syria.

Alexey Rogozin resigned as head of Ilyushin

The press service of the KLA was told to Interfax that Mr. Rogozin is leaving the post of vice-president of the KLA and the general director of Ilyushin in connection with the transition to a new job. Where he goes, not specified

Alexey Rogozin is the son of the head of Roskosmos, former Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversaw the defense industry complex.

Ministry of Labor plans to reduce the number of poor Russians by 20%

The Ministry of Labor plans this year to reduce the number of Russians living below the poverty line from the current 19.3 million to 15.3 million people (by 20%), according to documents from the department that Izvestiya got acquainted with. According to the plan, by 2024 the number of poor should be halved.

US is considering selling F-35 Romania, Poland and Greece

The US is considering the possible sale of the F-35 fighter to five new countries. It is reported by Reuters, referring to the statement of Vice Admiral Matthias Winter. Winter sent the corresponding letter to the US House of Representatives.

Facebook bans the sale of election ads in Australia to foreigners

The administration of the social network Facebook has announced that it intends to block any election advertising acquired outside of Australia, during the elections in the country, which will be held in May 2019, reports Reuters.

Stoltenberg does not consider Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO as a provocation

The right of the neighboring countries of Russia to join NATO is quite acceptable, according to the Secretary General of the organization, Jens Stoltenberg. According to the Secretary General, Ukraine and Georgia are two independent countries that independently decide on their own destiny.

Missile firing of the Russian ships took place in the Black Sea

The ships of the Black Sea Fleet conducted missile firing in the Black Sea. They fired from combat boats “Ivanovets” and “R-60” on two surface targets, which imitated the conditional enemy ships.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry does not exclude the arrival of the Russian military

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Venezuela did not rule out the arrival of new Russian military missions within the framework of the existing agreements on military-technical cooperation. On the eve it was reported that Venezuela is counting on Russia’s support in matters of reliable energy supply

An unconventional war is being waged against Venezuela, Maduro said

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an unconventional war against his country without weapons.

“This is a non-traditional war against public services, to make the country uncontrollable and to come to power through chaos and violence,” said Maduro.

Three letters of Napoleon were sold at auction for more than € 500 thousand

The auction house Drouot reported on its Twitter page that Napoleon’s three love letters addressed to his wife, Josephine, were sold at auction for more than € 500,000.

Scientists have called the cost of releasing orcas from the “whale prison”

The release into the wild of every killer whale from the “whale prison” in Primorye can cost up to 3 million rubles. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO). Scientists will discuss the specific mechanism of animal rehabilitation, at a scientific consultation in the tenth of April. For the event will prepare the results of animal tests.

Earlier, the Future of the Ocean Society, Jean-Michel Cousteau, said that releasing killer whales and beluga whales from the “whale prison” in Primorye could take years. The scientist arrived in Russia to follow the fate of these sea animals

Sergei Galitsky told why he sold the “Magnet”

The Russian entrepreneur, the founder of the Magnit retail chain, Sergey Galitsky, for the first time, named the reasons that prompted him to sell the business to VTB Bank. He told about this in an interview with The Bell Internet publication. One of the main reasons for the sale of a large retail network entrepreneur called “constant psychological stress.”

Traffic police change the theoretical part of the exam on the right

According to Kommersant, the traffic police is preparing changes in the theoretical part of the exam when passing for a driver’s license. The ministry is ready to use the foreign practices of Germany and Norway – a scoring system operates in these countries, and it can be adopted. In addition, differences in the ticket of different categories will be introduced, for example, the one who delivers CE rights to the category will solve the problem of managing a truck with a trailer. Also, the Russian government intends to adopt a resolution on combining the “city” and “platform” into a single exam.

The UN called for the construction of floating cities

Floating cities will allow humanity to avoid global flooding due to climate change. This was stated on Thursday by UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed, speaking at an event in the organization on the topic of achieving sustainable development goals.

The resorts of Egypt will prohibit the use of plastic utensils and packages.

From June 2019 in the hotels of Hurghada and Marsa Alam prohibited the use of disposable plastic utensils. The ban will also apply to restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and cruise liners located in the resort of Hurghada.

In Birobidzhan, state institutions turned off heating for non-payment

The largest debt to power engineers was at the Birobidzhan Medical College – almost 1.5 million rubles. They stopped the supply of heat and hot water in the training building. Restrictions were also introduced for the regional veterinary laboratory, which owed 126 thousand rubles, and for the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, whose duty amounted to 36 thousand rubles, only the supply of hot water was stopped.

According to the press service of the Birobidzhan CHP, the restrictions on the supply of heat and hot water will continue the next week, if other budgetary institutions of the city do not repay debts. Among the debtors there are enterprises financed from the regional budget, including several government and educational institutions.

Every tenth Russian in 2018 waited for an ambulance longer than 40 minutes

Every tenth adult Russian who called an ambulance in 2018 waited for her for more than 40 minutes. Such data are provided by Rosstat according to a survey conducted in 60 thousand households. Most often, residents of large cities and small villages complain about the efficiency of the ambulance service. In the first, every fifth patient waited for physicians for a long time, and in the second, every fourth patient. In the Ministry of Health, commenting on “Izvestia” reports of delays in the arrival of teams, called it a “subjective assessment of citizens.”

The World Bank has worsened the forecast for the growth of the Russian economy

The World Bank’s forecast for GDP growth in Russia in 2019 decreased from 1.5 to 1.4%, according to a report on the organization’s website. The reason for the decline was the low world oil prices, while the medium-term outlook remains restrained.

Ilon Musk lost more than $ 1 billion in two minutes

The head of SpaceX, Ilon Musk, lost $ 1.1 billion “in the first two minutes of New York trading, as Tesla Inc. shares fell by 11%. ”

ATMs of some banks have stopped accepting 5,000 ruble notes

Several banks have restricted acceptance of 5,000-ruble notes in their ATMs, the Vedomosti newspaper writes. Difficulties with cash payments were noted at Sberbank and the Moscow Credit Bank (ICD), the newspaper reports.

The Accounting Chamber will check national projects.

The Accounts Chamber in 2019 will verify the implementation of national projects. The auditors will work in the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs and in a number of other ministries and departments.

Reuters: Saudi Arabia has threatened the United States to abandon payments in dollars

Saudi Arabia has threatened the United States to abandon payments in dollars on oil sales if Washington adopts the anti-cartel NOPEC (No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act) law, which will allow the US government to sue antitrust claims against OPEC member countries.

The net profit of insurers in Russia in 2018 increased by 96.3%

The profit of insurance companies of the Russian Federation in 2018 after taxation increased by 96.3% and amounted to 164.9 billion rubles.
This is stated in the review of key indicators of insurers, published by the Bank of Russia. Profit before tax reached RUB 204.1 billion (an increase of 69.3%).

“The profit growth is explained by the increase in insurers’ income from investing activities, as well as a decrease in unprofitability and expenses. The profitability of the capital of insurance organizations reached a maximum in the last 2.5 years – 31.2% (an increase of 9.3 percentage points for the year)”, – noted in the message of the regulator.

The government will allocate 700 million rubles to the regions

Subjects of the Russian Federation will receive 700 million rubles. from the federal center for the creation of model libraries, writes News.ru with reference to the decree signed by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. As the newspaper notes, the funds will receive 38 regions.

Marketplace Goods will start selling clothes

The marketplace Goods, controlled by the M.Video-Eldorado joint company, will expand the range and start selling clothes, shoes and accessories, Kommersant reports. The project starts in the second quarter of 2019, confirmed the commercial director of the marketplace Konstantin Maslov.

The loss of aircraft manufacturer SSJ100 increased by 4.5 times

The company “Sukhoi Civil Aircraft” increased the loss for the 2018th year by 4.5 times. Now he is 4.94 billion rubles, reports “Lenta.ru,”. Revenue fell by almost 15% and amounted to 47.16 billion rubles.

Russia’s international reserves increased to $ 489.5 billion

Russia’s international reserves (MPR) increased by $ 2.4 billion and amounted to $ 489.5 billion by March 29 versus $ 487.1 billion by March 22, the Bank of Russia reports. MRR are financial assets held by the Central Bank and the Russian government.

Over the year, VTB increased its corporate loan portfolio by a factor of 1.5

The results of corporate business development in 2018 during a press conference were announced by Denis Rodionov, VTB Bank (PJSC) manager in Omsk. According to the head, over the past period, the corporate loan portfolio increased by 48% and amounted to 22.1 billion rubles.

The first shots of the new “Terminator” appeared on the web

The first footage from the movie “Terminator: Dark Destiny” appeared on the Web, which is scheduled for October this year. Pictures publishes portal IGN.

It is known that the plot of the picture will unfold during the “Doomsday”, telling the story that occurred before the events in the film “Terminator. Rise of the Machines”. That is, the tape will not be a continuation of the previous parts.

Vin Diesel hinted at his participation in the sequel “Avatar”

Star “Fast and the Furious” Vin Diesel hinted to fans of his possible participation in the filming of the second part of “Avatar” by James Cameron. In his Instagram account, he posted a video from the sequel set, signing it “And the adventure continues.”

The Sochi Year of Music of Great Britain and Russia opened in Sochi

At the Winter Theater of Sochi, the Second Piano Concerto by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was performed by the Sochi Symphony Orchestra and English pianist George Harliono. This speech marked the opening of the regional program of the cross Year of Music of Great Britain and Russia-2019.

Continuation of “Doctor Strange” will be released in 2020

The advising information appeared as part of the Disney presentation at CinemaCon. If the data does not lie, then the new “Doctor Strange” will be released in one year with a solo film about the Black Widow.

Heilung tlen Group to Russia

Danish neofolk group Heilung will give the first solo concerts in Russia. In Moscow, the musicians will perform on April 19 at the Arbat Hall, and on April 17 they will play at the Aurora Concert Hall in St. Petersburg.

“Village Elegy: Memories of Family and Culture in Crisis”.

The novel “Country Elegy: Memories of Family and Culture in a Crisis Situation” became a bestseller by the New York Times and is considered one of the most important books about modern America. J. D. Vance talks about the problems of impoverished workers in the so-called “Rusty Belt” USA. In the 1970s, this region faced an acute crisis, as a result of which hundreds of thousands of people were left without work. The Vance family was one of many families of the white working class, which felt the brunt of that time. This is a story of three generations, told from the point of view of the youngest member of the family.

The book is filmed by Ron Howard (“Mind Games”, “Knockdown”, “Race”). Vanessa Taylor, co-author of The Form of Water, worked on the script. One of the main roles in the film will be performed by Amy Adams (“Arrival”, “Sharp Objects”).

The trailer of crime “Domino” with Nikolai Koster-Waldau

The network has the first trailer of crime thriller “Domino” directed by Brian De Palma. The video was published on the YouTube channel of the studio Saban Films. According to the plot of the film, the protagonist, a Copenhagen police officer, is trying to take revenge on the criminal who killed his partner.

John Cho will play a major role in the Netflix anime series Cowboy Bebop

Netflix has found performers of major roles in the upcoming serial adaptation of the anime “Cowboy Bebop.” The main role – Spike Spiegel – will be played by John Cho, best known for his role as Sulu in the full-length Star Trek by JJ Abrams. The role of Jet Black went to Mustafa Zhakir (“Luke Cage”).

Gruppa Skryptonite released their debut EP “Solitude”

The Scriptonite project Gruppa Skryptonite presented a debut mini-album called “Solitude”. The minion includes six tracks, including the previously released singles Glupye i Nenuzhnye and Podruga. Move away from rap and start making some other music. Skryptonit had intended for quite some time.

Musician Stanley Clark will give two concerts in Russia

Four-time Grammy Award winner, jazz pioneer and jazz fusion bass player Stanley Clark will play two concerts in Russia with his band The Stanley Clarke Band. This was reported in a press release received by Izvestia.

Taxi aggregators will try to solve the problem of processing drivers

Taxi aggregators “Lucky”, “Citymobil” and “Yandex.Taxi” began testing a system that monitors the time of drivers

AliExpress will sell Russian goods worldwide.

It is noted that the company is already testing the sale of goods from other manufacturers. So, Russian manufacturers can start selling through the Tmall platform. Now Alibaba Group plans to negotiate with manufacturers from Italy and Spain, so that they also sell goods through AliExpress.

More than half of online banks in Russia are vulnerable to hacking

Over half of the services can be hacked to steal money from users. Positive Technologies experts assessed the security level of Russian online banking services and found out that 61% of them have a low and extremely low level of security, Kommersant reports.

Amazon plans to introduce rival AirPods

The American company Amazon plans to enter the market of wireless headphones, presenting Apple’s own analogue of AirPods headphones, Bloomberg reports, citing its own sources.

Xiaomi turns support for old Redmi smartphones.

The company Xiaomi announced at the forum MIUI about changes in the strategy of testing updates for some smartphones in the line Redmi. Since April 4, the company has stopped issuing test firmware updates for all Redmi models released in 2016.

In the US, they are testing 5G networks with real people.

The operator Verizon launches the first test of the fifth generation network in urban environments, where any passer-by who has a corresponding device can become a tester. Experts from the US operator Verizon have launched testing of 5G communications in two cities in the United States.

Swiss startup will increase the mileage of electric cars to 1000 kilometers

The Swiss startup Innolith, founded by former employees of the bankrupt battery maker Alevo, announced a breakthrough in battery technology. He managed to create an experimental sample of a battery with a charge storage density of 1000 watt-hours per kilogram.

Samsung launched mass production of 5G chips

Samsung Electronics announced that its 5G communications solutions are in mass production for the latest premium mobile devices.

Microsoft announced the next major Windows 10 update

Microsoft officially announced Windows 10 May 2019 Update, another functional update of its operating system. For users, it will be available in late May. Starting next week, members of the Windows Insider testing program will begin receiving release updates.

WhatsApp for business app has been released on iOS

The latter can contact the organization through their profile in the application or the browser version of WhatsApp. It is worth noting that WhatsApp Business has been available on Android since last year, but it’s fully implemented on iOS just now

Libyan military began fighting for Tripoli

The commander of the Libyan national army, Caliph Haftar, ordered an attack on Tripoli. The government of national consensus under the leadership of Faiz Saraj responded to the alert of all military units. RIA Novosti understood what was happening in the country.

Ukraine will not take part in the CIS meeting

“The Ukrainian side does not attend“ parties ”, which are held within the framework of the Union of Independent States (CIS) !. This was stated on April 5 by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, commenting on today’s meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs (COM) of the CIS states, to which the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry had previously received an invitation.

“As for some invitations, this is a bad joke. Russia has a lot of unsuccessful jokes, let them learn to joke successfully … I did not go to any “jingle” parties, when we hadn’t actually left the CIS. Now we are officially out of the CIS. Within the CIS, we are not involved in any activity, ”Klimkin said.

EU may introduce new sanctions against Venezuela

“As you know, we have sanctions, but the question of additional measures can be discussed, this is one of the options, but unanimity is necessary,” the source said, answering the question whether the EU intends to exert additional pressure on Venezuelan authorities by imposing new sanctions.

France will withdraw its troops from Syria and Iraq

Paris plans to completely withdraw its military contingent from a number of Middle Eastern states. According to the data that were spread by the official representatives of the military department of France, the French forces will be withdrawn from Iraq and Syria.

Ministry of Health called for punishment for appeals to refuse vaccinations

The appeal calls for “recourse to other people with the aim of encouraging them to refuse vaccination,” she clarified. Yakovleva also said that a separate bill would regulate the responsibility for disseminating information in the media and the Internet that calls for refusal to vaccinate

Introduction of a resort fee in 2019 was canceled in Crimea

The resort fee should be introduced in Crimea from May 1, 2019 – it was on that date that the Crimean authorities were asked to postpone the start of the experiment in 2018.

The prospect of earning a year … from 30 to 50 million rubles, while the administration will take a lot of time, there will be certain problems. If we calculate, this administration will cost as much as the money will be collected. – Sergey Aksenov

Roskomnadzor massively blocks articles about VTB and its president

The representative of Roskomnadzor confirmed that he sent such a notice to Yandex. He did not disclose exactly what information in the Baza material Roskomnadzor recognized as prohibited information. Roskomnadzor employees also didn’t respond to a similar question of Baza itself, co-founder of the publication Nikita Mogutin told Vedomosti.

Ford Sollers will fire employees

The Ford Sollers joint venture has launched a voluntary dismissal program for its employees. The union has already announced that they are ready to arrange a protest. According to the letter that the personnel department sent out to the enterprise, the size of the salary will depend on the continuous length of service.

 “Memorial” asks the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the regional laws on rallies

In the black list of regions with excessive restrictions in the law on rallies, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District was included. Memorial sent 5 applications to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia about the incompatibility of regional laws on rallies with federal legislation.

Investors from India will invest in the Crimea, five million dollars

Investors from India are going to Crimea. They are ready to invest in the tourism industry of the region about five million dollars. This was announced by the representative of the Indian delegation Rajesh Vira.

Poor nutrition turned out to be more harmful than tobacco use.

Unhealthy diet takes more lives in all the world than smoking tobacco, writes The Guardian. The findings of the authors of the publication are based on the results of a global study of American scientists from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, IHME), published in the medical journal Lancet.

Thus, according to experts, in 2017, harmful food caused 11 million deaths that could have been prevented. For comparison, the use of tobacco prematurely killed 8 million people. According to the researchers, the main causes of death associated with poor nutrition are heart attacks and strokes. They are followed in frequency by cancer and type 2 diabetes.

More than half of Russians can not buy a car due to lack of funds

More than half of Russians – 57.9% – cannot buy a car due to lack of funds, 8.9% of respondents can buy a car for their own or borrowed funds, follows from Rosstat data as part of a comprehensive observation of living conditions of the population for 2018

The Russian government and oil companies signed a new price freeze agreement.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that the government and oil companies signed an agreement to freeze the price of gasoline and diesel fuel. The words of the vice-premier transmits TASS.

The agreement is already signed, all signed. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

When signing the agreement on freezing, a mechanism was developed to compensate for lost profits in the course of deliveries to the domestic market. The government offered to subsidize companies 50-60% of the difference between high export prices and the conditional domestic price of fuel (by decision of the government – 56 thousand rubles per ton for gasoline and 50 thousand rubles for diesel). At the same time, if the domestic market becomes profitable, the oilmen should already share the profit with the budget. As a result, in the first quarter of 2019 the gasoline damper worked in the opposite direction, and the oilmen had to pay extra to the budget. The lost profits of oilmen for January — March amounted to 110 billion rubles, while at the expense of the damper they were able to compensate only 25 billion rubles.

Annual inflation in Russia in March accelerated to 5.3%

Annual inflation in Russia in March 2019 (by March 2018) accelerated to 5.3% from 5.2% in February, according to Rosstat materials. On a monthly basis, inflation slowed in March to 0.3% from 0.4% in February.

Belarus proposes to increase the tariff for the transit of Russian oil

Belarus proposes Transneft to raise the tariff for oil transit. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the president of the Russian transport company Nikolai Tokarev. According to him, the tariff is proposed to increase by 23%, but “this is a negotiating position that requires clarification.”

Sberbank increased its profits in the first quarter of 2019

In January-March, the net profit of PJSC “Sberbank of Russia” under RAS grew by 11.4% to 218.2 billion rubles. At the same time, net interest income fell by 0.8% to 299 billion rubles. So the growth of the bank’s profit was provided by net commission income and reduced reservation costs.