8 Май, 2021

Sberbank of Russia raised mortgage rates

Sberbank, which issues almost half of mortgage loans in Russia, has decided to raise interest rates on loans for home purchases. The increase will amount to 0.4 percentage points and will apply to new buildings and finished housing.

There will be 0.4 percentage points (increase) for new buildings and finished housing, but the rate on mortgages with state support will not change — 5.75%. From tomorrow, «- Interfax was told in the call center» DomClick «, specifying that this is due to the increase in the key rate of the Central Bank.

Thus, according to the agency, the minimum basic mortgage rate for the purchase of an apartment in a new building will become 8%, in the secondary market — 8.1%.

At the end of April, the Bank of Russia raised its key rate by 50 basis points (bp) at once — up to 5.0%.

The Ministry of Natural Resources denied information about toughening the rules for picking mushrooms and berries

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia denies information according to which individuals who sell non-timber forest resources may require a lease agreement for the forest area where the goods were harvested, as well as check whether the mushroom caps meet the approved standards. There are no such provisions in any orders of the Federal Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, «the statement says.

Earlier, some media reported that now it is necessary to rent a land plot to collect mushrooms, berries and birch sap.

Russians in March issued the maximum number of microloans in history

The Russians in March issued the maximum number of microloans in history — 2.35 million units, according to the Equifax credit bureau for RIA Novosti. The number of loans issued in early spring increased by 17.1% in monthly terms and by 30.6% in annual terms. The average amount of one microloan is at around 13.1 thousand rubles for the third month in a row.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia approved a plan for the implementation of the anti-tobacco concept

The issue of banning e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and the production of standard-sized and anonymized packages, 75% of which should be covered with pictures on the dangers of smoking, will be worked out.

Pskov authorities said they would not report on money received from a journalist-foreign agent

According to the law, this is not necessary, Anton Sergeev, adviser to the governor on information policy, told Rise.

“The law clearly states: in case of transfer of funds from a foreign agent, an individual, you need to report only if you have carried out political activities in the interests of a foreign state or acquired something with these funds in the interests of someone. If this is not the case, then everything else is verbiage. You are all led to a compilation of facts by Mr. Kamalyagin and do not study the materiel. There is no point in reacting to the nonsense he was telling. «

At the same time, a foreign agent Denis Kamalyagin told Rise that the Pskov governor should still indicate that he received funding from a foreign agent.

“I assume that they returned the money, but how will they prove it? According to the law, I have to approve the return, but no one has approached me about this. «

Results of the Bank of Russia activity in 2020

At the end of 2020, the Bank of Russia lost 61.5 billion rubles. The Central Bank’s revenues for the year amounted to 2.404 trillion rubles, while expenses exceeded 2.465 trillion rubles.

The current loss rate is three times less than last year. Then it amounted to 182.6 billion rubles. The Central Bank ended with a loss for the fourth year in a row. In particular, in 2017, the Central Bank showed a negative financial result of 435.3 billion rubles, which became a historical record. Thus, the Central Bank’s loss over the past four years has exceeded 1.1 trillion rubles.

Highest paid CEOs in the United States

Tesla founder Elon Musk became the highest paid CEO in the United States at the end of 2020, Forbes reported. In 2018, Musk gave up his salary at Tesla. Instead, he is rewarded in the form of stock options in the company he works for. According to the calculations of the publication, in 2020 Musk received options on the shares of the auto concern worth $ 11 billion.

In second place in terms of revenue was the head of software developer for business Paycom Chad Richison with $ 211 million, and in third place was the CEO of the medical company 1Life Healthcare Amir Dan Rubin with $ 199 million.

Swedish electric truck startup expands production

Swedish electric truck company Einride AB has raised $ 110 million from investors, including the venture capital arm of the world’s largest shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk A / S, to expand its logistics business in Europe and the USA.

In the latest round of funding, Temasek, Soros Fund Management LLC, Northzone, Build Capital and Maersk Growth have joined existing investors including network equipment supplier Ericsson, venture capital arm EQT AB and Norrsken, Bloomberg reported.

Latvian Parliament recognizes the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the decision of the Latvian parliament, calling the adopted document «an insignificant attempt to rewrite history for political reasons.» “We reject and strongly condemn this disastrous and illegal decision,” the ministry said.

In the Volgograd region optimization for the sake of budget savings

In the Volgograd region, officials decided to optimize the regional committee for labor and employment in order to save the budget.

16 employees were dismissed, and then … they were hired in the new department of the Employment Center! If earlier the salary fund for these specialists was 8.2 million rubles a year, then after the «optimization» it increased to 15.7 million!

The committee explained the need to more effectively “collect, evaluate and analyze data on employment in the region”.

Russian Interior Ministry to acquire Korean cars Genesis G90

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will spend 48 million rubles on the purchase of luxury cars. We are talking about Korean cars Genesis G90, which, according to the requirements, must be black, have an engine capacity of 3 to 4 liters, and also be produced no later than 2021. In a word, in the heat of the air. The purpose of the mysterious purchase reads: «for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.»

YouTube has started removing links to Smart Voting.

Such demands were sent to Ilya Yashin, as well as to the editorial offices of Sota Vision and Novaya Gazeta. Video hosting considers the publication of the link a violation of the prohibition on «spam, deception and fraud». YouTube later unblocked a link to the Smart Voting site. Video hosting also withdrew claims against other channels (in particular, Novaya Gazeta), reporting its mistake.

Housing prices in Q1 2021 — primary market

Housing prices in Q1 2021 continued their rapid growth — and above all prices in the primary market: + 7% compared to Q4 2020 (in just three months!)

The growth leaders: Adygea (+ 13.8%), Buryatia (+ 13.6%) and St. Petersburg (+ 11.9%). In the Kaliningrad region, prices for new residential real estate increased by 11% per quarter, in Transbaikalia, the Krasnodar Territory and the Omsk Region they added more than 9%.

In the capital region, the figures are slightly lower, but also high: + 6.7% in Moscow, + 5.2% in the Moscow region.

There were, however, several regions where real estate prices fell: the Leningrad region (an impressive -9.6%), North Ossetia (-2%), the Tambov region (-1.6%), the Saratov region and Kabardino-Balkaria with symbolic -0.6 % and -0.3% respectively

Amnesty International once again recognizes Navalny as a prisoner of conscience

The international human rights organization Amnesty International will return Alexey Navalny’s status of «prisoner of conscience» on May 12. This was stated by Navalny’s associate Leonid Volkov during a speech before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Canadian House of Commons. The politician received this status in January, immediately after returning to Russia and being detained at the airport. Amnesty International revoked this status a month later

Ban on leaving Russia

From January to March, the bailiffs issued over 3.1 million resolutions on temporary restrictions on travel abroad for Russian citizens. This is reported by TASS with reference to the statistics of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP). Most often, the restriction of the right to travel abroad is applied to persons who have arrears in alimony, loan payments and for housing and communal services. 255 thousand decisions were made against non-payers of alimony.

In the USA and Europe, people go to temples less and less.

According to the Gallup Institute, which is the largest sociological research center in the United States, the country’s religious residents are less likely to go to church. If in 1999 70% of American believers regularly attended churches, then today it is 47%, RIA Novosti reports.

Gallup sociologists note: “The decline in temple attendance can be attributed to a generational change. If generation X lags behind baby boomers in religiosity by 8 points, then millennials and generation Z — by 30 points. » It is this fact that is the main reason that thousands of temples are being closed in the United States, and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this process.

In Europe, the outflow of believers from churches began a long time ago. The reason is the same as in the USA. The younger generation is less religious and not used to attending Sunday services, which is why empty churches in European countries are a common sight.

Sales of imported beer increased in Russia

Retail sales of imported beer in Russia increased by 31.4% in kind over the past year. This is reported by RBC with reference to the audit data of retail trade research company NielsenIQ. As specified in the study, in the same period, from March 2020 to February 2021, sales of local domestic brands of beer increased by 2.9%, drinks of foreign brands produced in Russia under the license of foreign manufacturers — by 1.5%.

The government will provide subsidies to federal information funds

For example, the Federal Information Funds include the Pension Fund of Russia, the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, and the Social Insurance Fund. It was decided to help the foundations due to the increased load on them in collecting and processing a variety of data. This is required by the digital transformation, which should be carried out in Russia until 2030. Money can be spent on salaries of employees, purchase of equipment and special programs, Internet support, and so on.

Virgin Hyperloop opens first tunnel in Nevada

In Nevada, the first tunnel has already been built, allowing you to move at a speed of 1200 kilometers per hour. This completely new vehicle should be operational as early as 2027.

IBM has created the world’s smallest and most powerful microchip.

IBM has announced the creation of a 2-nanometer microchip. Most computer ICs for powering devices now use 10- or 7-nanometer chips (there are also 5-nanometer chips)