3 Sep, 2018

“Secret Directive” of the UN on Syria

The UN intends to participate in the restoration of the economy of Syria only after the change of power takes place in the country. This is stated in the directive, the content of which was published by the newspaper Kommersant.

According to the document, the UN “is ready to assist the restoration of Syria only after the parties to the conflict reach an agreement on the political transition of power.”

At the same time, it is noted that the organization will continue to provide assistance in sending humanitarian aid to Syria. In the country, it is planned to create “minimum conditions for the lives of victims of war”.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Rallies against the pending “pension changes”

September 2, throughout Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Astrakhan and other cities, there are protests against the upcoming pension reform, mostly organized by the CPFR, Fair Russia or trade unions.

Moscow electric bus with Sobyanin broke on the first flight

The presentation of the first Moscow electric bus on VDNKh on the day of knowledge ended in a grand “fiasco”. As the public figure Maxim Katz said in his Twitter, the electric bus “KamAZ”, in which the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin was driving, died in the area of the street Academician Korolev.

In Russia, simplified the procedure for obtaining a passport

The document will be issued in the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will be given to the applicant in the same multifunctional center. New-generation passport with an electronic data carrier was introduced in Russia in 2005.

The medical cluster “Skolkovo” opens in Moscow

In the Innograd “Skolkovo” on September 5 the first clinic of the new medical cluster will receive patients. Unique foreign technologies and preparations will be applied here, including those that are not certified in Russia.

A resident of Georgia tried to carry a girl to Turkey in a suitcase

Turkish border guards detained a 24-year-old Georgian citizen who was trying to bring a girl into the country in a suitcase. This is on Sunday, September 2, the “Novosti-Georgia” news agency reported. The incident occurred at the Sarpi checkpoint.

Onishchenko proposed to prohibit the sale of coffee on the territory of schools

Earlier it was reported that the South Korean authorities are imposing a ban on the sale of caffeinated beverages on school grounds, the updated “Special Safe Child Diet Law” comes into force on September 14.

The right measure, and I think that we can, based on this experience, continue this work in our country. Caffeine, in fact, is a drug, as it is addictive. Moreover, it is contained in energy drinks, a ban on the sale of which is in Russia. – Gennady Onishchenko, a Russian doctor

In Norway, the circumstances of the disappearance of Assange’s comrade-in-arms

The Norwegian police have launched an investigation into the disappearance of the expert on cybersecurity, associate of the founder of WikiLeaks website Julian Assange, according to AFP.

“We started an investigation,” the police representative told the agency. At the moment, law enforcement authorities refuse to make assumptions about what could happen to Kamphuis.

A woman was doused with greens at the House of Trade Unions in Odessa

The incident occurred on Sunday, September 2, when the City Day was celebrated in Odessa, TASS reported. The woman decided to honor the memory of those who died in May 2014 supporters of Antimaydan in the fire in the House of Trade Unions. However, near the building, unknown people ran up to her and splashed something in the face.

On the roads they want to install dynamic signs

It is planned to install speed limit signs on Russian roads, changing their significance depending on the weather and visibility conditions. GOST, providing for their introduction, is now developing the subordinate institution of the Ministry of Transport.

The Chinese authorities are taking urgent measures to combat the chaos in the south of the country

China’s State Commission for Combating Natural Disasters and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of China started a joint fight against the consequences of heavy rains that caused chaos in Guangdong province in the south of the country, Xinhua news agency reported September 2.


The media learned about the need to capitalize Rosselkhozbank for 40 billion

Earlier in May, the deputy chairman of the RSHB board, Kirill Levin, gave a different estimate of the capital requirement, referring to the need to get 30 billion rubles. The press service of the bank at the time claimed that the bank’s need for capitalization in 2018 is 15 billion rubles.

Project – the national risk office will start with housing

The insurance community is preparing to create a federal base for housing insurance for citizens, which will be the start of an even larger project – the national risk office for managing social and economic risks. AIS “Housing” insurers will create at their own expense, it will be able to use it both authorities and citizens: it will connect payment systems to pay damages and purchase policies.

The Law on the Financial Ombudsman came into force

The federal law “On the Commissioner for the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services” came into force on September 3, 2018. The first under the law will fall insurance organizations, in particular, specializing in OSAGO.

Producers warned of rising prices for bread in Russia

By October, bread prices could grow by 10% – such predictions were provided to Izvestia by market participants: grain companies and producers of products. As the Rusprodsoyuz association has told us, the grain is already becoming more expensive due to the fact that the exchange rate has changed and the forecast for harvest has decreased this year.

The State Duma estimated the cost of implementing Putin’s proposals on pensions

The implementation of President Vladimir Putin’s proposals on changes in the pension system will require about 3.6 trillion rubles before 2034, and over the next six years – more than 750 billion rubles.

Taxpayers have reduced the terms of inspections

Entrepreneurs were quickened by the procedure for reimbursing the value-added tax (VAT), reducing the time for desk verification. Such amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation entered into force on September 3.

PMI industry of China fell

As noted in a report published on Monday by the business publication Caixin, the indicator declines for the third month in a row and reached a minimum value since June 2017.

Banks make customers pay for a negative bet

German and Swiss financial institutions change their strategy. For several years, the EU has maintained a negative interest rate. More and more banks react to this by introducing or changing fees for deposits levied on individuals.


Makarevich shared the secret of a successful career from Kobzon

The leader of the rock band “Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich told the radio station “Says Moscow” the advice of a successful career given to him by Joseph Kobzon. The artists were friends and worked together in the “Rosconcert”

“He explained to me that if we want to exist normally, we need to put the ass back – then they will put in the flower. And I told him that I did not want anyone to turn my ass, including the authorities. He said: “Well, it will be hard for you”.

CNN refused to show with seduced minor Asia of Argento

The CNN channel refused to show the releases of the popular TV show, in which actress Asia Argento took part. This is reported by The New York Post. According to the publication, CNN withdrew from the air the issues of the show “Unexpected” with the participation of Argento

Larisa Guzeeva has married her son in Georgia

Larisa Guzeeva to the beloved of the only son treats as her own daughter. The main matchmaker of the country Larisa Guzeeva married her son.

Favorite Olga Buzovoy did not fly to her on a date in Venice

Yesterday, on September 2, the second edition of the show was released, within which Olga’s first date with Andrei Naumov was. However, she did not like the meeting between the host and the man, because at some point Andrei began to discuss very unpleasant things for Buzovaya. The event even brought Olga to tears.

The winning guitarist Rolling Stones can again become a father

Guitarist Rolling Stones, who was treated for cancer, can again become a father. His wife, Sally Humphreys, announced her intention to give birth to two more children for the musician

48-year-old Rachel Weiss and 50-year-old Daniel Craig became parents

In April of this year, it became known that Rachel Weiss awaits a child from her husband Daniel Craig. On the night of September 1, the actress gave birth to a daughter. Rachel Weiss, pregnant, did not wait for the code, the journalists would dissect her interesting situation, and she told the New York Times herself that she was expecting a baby.

Irina Allegrova canceled the concert due to illness

Popular Russian singer Irina Allegrova canceled the concert in honor of the day of the city of Odintsovo due to the presence of high temperature. Fans of the singer are concerned that she is seriously ill.

Lera Kudryavtsev is suspected of using a surrogate mother

Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to a daughter three weeks ago, but she did not stay on maternity leave for a long time, but she has already started to work. She shows a slender waist and this gave rise to rumors that Kudryavtseva did not give birth herself, but resorted to the services of a surrogate mother.

On the marina, Mexico was attacked by a robber

The other day Marina Mexico lost her passport and driver’s license. The robber pulled documents from the back pack of the ex-participant of “Doma 2”, so now the beauty is busy with their restoration, while for the loss of her passport she had to pay a fine of 1500 rubles to Moscow police officers.

Ex-driver revealed the “dirty secrets” of the ballerina

Anastasia Volochkova is prone to abuse of alcohol and promiscuous connections with men. This was stated by the former ballerina driver, whom she had earlier sued for stealing money and fraud.

The driver detailed her schedule, which usually starts at 11:00 am with a cup of tea with rum. Then, according to Skirtach, the star switches to wine and tequila. In addition, according to him, Volochkova did not hesitate to instruct him to “remove from the bed” another fan.

Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina will marry a second time

Scandalous showman Dzhigurda is in anticipation of receiving the inheritance of Lyudmila Bratash, after which, according to him, will begin a “chic” life. After the money mysteriously deceased businesswoman will be at the disposal of the actor, Nikita Dzhigurda and Natalia Anisina will marry a second time.

Gouverner accused Mel Bee of harassment of children

Former husband of the ex-soloist of the Spice Girls group Melanie Brown Stephen Belafonte intends through the court to receive sole custody of their daughter Madison, who turned 7 on September 1. The producer is fully supported by the tutor of the children Mel Bee star nurse Russell Aphedraff.

The half-naked soloist Imagine Dragons raised the flag of Ukraine at the concert

At the concert of the American rock band Imagine Dragons in Kiev, soloist Dan Reynolds raised the flag of Ukraine on the stage, the portal “Dni.ru” informs.

She broke out of the palace. Megan Markle flew to Toronto without Prince Harry

Western media learned that Megan Markle flew to Canada for three days, but Prince Harry did not accompany her husband. As the portal “Dni.ru” informs, the Duchess of Sussex went to Toronto to see her friend Jessica Mulroney.

Doctors scare the pregnant Bledans with death

Doctors scare pregnant Evelina with death, because at such an impressive age, pregnancy can be fatal not only for the fetus, but for the mother herself. Doctors warn that in the risk group are all women who decided to become a mother after 35 years.

Ani Lorak hides her daughter after a break with her unfaithful husband

Ani Lorak decided to completely classify her private life after the break with her unfaithful husband Murat Nalchagioglu. It is likely that parting with the chosen one affected the state of the daughter, who can not easily understand the uneasy relations of her parents. Ani Lorak started hiding the little Sofia from the public

Lana Del Rei canceled the performance in Israel

American singer Lana Del Rei canceled the performance at the Meteor festival in Israeli Galilee under the pressure of the pro-Palestinian organizations. About this newspaper The Guardian. The performer was to be the headliner of the event, which will be held on September 6-8 in the north of Israel.

Valeria Lanskaya: “I get my husband from me”

Valeria Lanskaya told about relations in the family: the actress admitted that she allows herself to be harmful, and her pride often becomes a problem. Actress Valeria Lanskaya and director Stas Ivanov met in Yaroslavl, where they both had footage

The former director Rotaru told about the unsuccessful plastic operation of the singer

In his 71 Sofia Rotaru looks twenty years younger – a slim figure, tight and smooth skin of the face. In the program “You Will not Believe!” The former director of the star Olga Konyakhina told how the singer can stay perfect.

The Italian director wore a T-shirt “Weinstein is innocent” at the Venice Festival

Italian director Luciano Garanjani appeared in a T-shirt with producer Harvey Weinstein on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, reports The Independent. The shirt also has the inscription “Weinstein is innocent”.


James Bond can be killed in the new film

Performing the role of James Bond British actor Daniel Craig and producer of the Bond Barbara Broccoli decided to kill the hero in the new film about the 007 agent. Such news was reported by The Sun with reference to sources.

Bradley Cooper presented his first film with Lady Gaga

His debut tape Cooper presented at the Venice Film Festival. The film “The Star was Born” shows the love story of singer Jason Mayne and the unknown performer Allie. In the role of the beginning star played Lady Gaga

The premiere of the film “The Story of a Single Purpose” will be held in the capital

In the beginning of autumn in hire there is a tape Avdotya Smirnova “History of one appointment”. The film will premiere on September 3 at the Oktyabr cinema. The plot was based on real events.

The plot was based on real events. A young officer faces judicial injustice: a soldier in his infantry regiment is accused of a war crime. The protagonist appeals for help to the already well-known writer Lev Tolstoy, who is on the side of the accused.

This episode was described in the book by Pavel Basinsky “Saint against the Lion” (chapter “Saving Private Shabunin”). For the film, he was reworked by director Avdotya Smirnova and screenwriter Anna Parmas.

The web has published a new trailer for the movie “Predator” by Shane Black

The trailer of the new film “Predator” from the director Shane Black has been published on the web. The world premiere of the militant will take place on September 7. The new “Predator” is the sequel to the first part, released in 1987.

Netflix published the second season of the series “Ozark”

On the stream-service Netflix published the second season of the series “Ozark.” The premiere of the pilot series of the series took place on July 27, 2017. In the series there is a story about a financial adviser who, along with the whole family, has to move to the city of Ozark because of large debts.

Which movie won at the “Edge of the World”

On Friday in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk the 8th international film festival “The Edge of the World” was completed. The jury announced the winners of five nominations. Danila Kozlovski named another film-winner, who received a prize of audience sympathy.

The best film is “The Seducer” (directed by Milad Alami)

Best director – Alexei Fedorchenko (the film “The War of Anna”)

The best male role – Kuandyk Dyusenbaev (film “Tender indifference of the world”)

The best female role – Nata Murvanidze (the film “Scary mother”)

The special prize of the jury is “Gruz” with the formulation “For an unknown story told in a new way” (director Ognen Glavonich)

Audience Award – “The Story of One Purpose” (directed by Avdotya Smirnova)

Creators animated series Adventure Time announced its closure

The animated series Adventure Time (“Adventure Time”) is closed. This was reported by one of the creators of the show and executive producer Adam Muto edition Variety.

Alexey Ivanov wrote a novel about pioneer vampires

Famous Permian writer Alexei Ivanov wrote a new novel, “Pishcheblok.” As the representative of the writer Julia Zaitseva said, the novel’s action takes place in the summer of 1980, during the Olympics. On the banks of the Volga in the pioneer camp hiding group of pioneer vampires.

Mini-film to the output of “Gogol. Terrible revenge “

The group “Leningrad” released a short film for the song “Scary revenge” – the soundtrack to the film “Gogol. Terrible revenge. ” This song is the winner of the “Top 50. The most famous people of Petersburg” Sergei Shnurov recorded together with the group “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov.

In Smolensk, a film festival of actors-directors “Golden Phoenix”

In Smolensk in the cinema “Sovremennik” there was a solemn opening of the next All-Russian film festival of actors-directors “Golden Phoenix”.

Momentum Pictures showed the trailer of the drama “I think, now we are alone”

August 29 Momentum Pictures showed the official trailer of the drama “I think, now we are alone” directed by Reed Morano. The main roles in the film were played by Peter Dinklage (“The Game of Thrones”) and El Fanning (“Maleficent”). The script was made by Mike Makovsky.

Festival “Kinoshock” opened in Anapa

In Anapa, the opening ceremony of the 25th Kinoshock Film Festival was held. This year, the festival events are held under the sign of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Krasnodar Territory from the German fascist invaders. Therefore, the program was opened with a chronicle of the past and a block of military topics.


Macron said that Putin wants to “dismantle” the European Union

French President Emmanuelle Macron said he respected Russian leader Vladimir Putin, but believed that he was throwing about the collapse of the EU.

I respect Vladimir Putin, and I am one of those who believe that we should build a new security architecture together with Russia – we need a similar discussion with Russia. But Vladimir Putin’s dream is the dismantling of the European Union. – Emmanuelle Macron, French politician

The White House issued a souvenir coin in honor of the summit of Putin and Trump

The White House souvenir shop issued a commemorative coin in honor of the last summit of US and Russian presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Its cost is $ 100. Earlier, a similar coin was issued on the occasion of the Trump summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

Erdogan called for an end to the dominance of the dollar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the need to end the dominance of the US dollar in the international arena. With this statement, he spoke at a business forum in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Investing “billions” in the economy of Germany

Qatar is going to invest “billions of dollars” in the implementation of projects in Germany. About this, referring to sources in diplomatic and business circles, the German edition Handelsblatt

The President of China stressed the importance of multilateralism in the world

On the importance of the principle of multilateralism, the chairman made a statement at a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the eve of the start of the China-Africa Forum in Beijing on September 3-4. The words of the head of the PRC are broadcast by the Central Chinese TV.

In the US, Poroshenko’s visit to McCain’s funeral was announced by the message of Putin

Former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said that the US senator, who was independently planning the funeral, left a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the farewell ceremony.

This was a farewell message to Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump: America is standing next to its friends and allies. – Samantha Power, American Political Scientist

Foreign Minister of Germany commented on the riots in Chemnitz

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called to confront the ultra-right after the riots in the German city of Chemnitz. This is reported by Bild.

“We must oppose neo-Nazis and anti-Semites,” said Maas.

According to him, Germany is observed especially critically when it comes to extremism and racism.

Netanyahu discussed Syria and Iran with the US Secretary of State’s special representative

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Sunday the situation in Syria and counteracting the “Iranian aggression” with US Secretary of State Special Representative James Jeffrey. This was reported by the office of the head of the Israeli government in a widespread communique.

Theresa May refused to make contradictory concessions on Brexit

British Prime Minister Teresa May said that she would not go on any concessions to the interests of London on the implementation plan Brexit. The politician promised that she will continue to follow the plan of the current government regarding the country’s withdrawal from the EU.


Britain saw a threat in the IG from Afghanistan

The minister added that in London they see “a real threat from these groups to the UK.” Armed forces of Afghanistan liquidated in late August one of the leaders of the IG Abu Said Orakzai during the air strike of the country’s air force in the province of Nangarhar.

Conversion vehicle for Russian paratroopers

A landing envelope is planned to be created in Russia. As a source in the defense industry told RIA Novosti, the airborne troops are preparing the relevant technical assignment.

The NATO mission in Afghanistan was led by American General Austin Miller

NATO’s mission in Afghanistan was headed by the former head of the United Special Operations Command, General Austin Scott Miller, the alliance’s press service said.

The new aircraft for observation flights over the US is being created in the Russian Federation

As the head of the National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, Sergey Ryzhkov, Tu-214ON will be able to use both in the interests of the defense department and for the needs of the national economy – to prevent man-made disasters, monitor emergencies and conduct environmental monitoring

IG’s Swiss grenades found in IG could enter Syria through the UAE

Detected from the militants of the terrorist group IGIL (banned in the Russian Federation), hand grenades, allegedly of Swiss origin, could have traveled to Syria from the UAE. With this statement, RUAG, which develops and manufactures weapons, acted.

For enhancing the defense capability of Iran

Leader and spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, considers it unlikely that the war with other countries could start, but he called on the armed forces of the country to increase their defensive capacity


Google will not release a smart watch Pixel Watch this year

Google officially announced that this year does not plan to produce a smart watch Pixel Watch. Earlier it was reported that the developers of Google are working on the creation of “smart” watches, which will be presented this fall as part of the annual presentation together with smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

The network has photos of the new iPhone

The network has photos of the new iPhone. According to the portal 9to5Mac, the new model will be called XS and will be released in two versions at once – with an OLED screen of 5.8 and 6.5 inches in diameter

Microsoft has announced the next major update of Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that the popular Windows 10 operating system will receive another major update. Innovations should improve the work of the software, as well as introduce some cosmetic changes.

Xiaomi released a compact air freshener for cars

Xiaomi has released an air freshener for cars in the framework of the Youpin platform. This is reported on the Youpin website. The novelty is equipped with the aromatherapy function, which uses plant extracts that are alcohol free and safe even for pregnant women and children

Alcatel 3T 8: one of the first Android tablets on the Android Go platform

TCL Company presented at the IFA 2018 in Berlin a budget tablet Alcatel 3T 8, sales of which in several regions will begin in the coming weeks. Alcatel 3T 8 is one of the first Android tablets on the Android platform Oreo Go Edition

In Canada, created a flexible tablet in the form of a scroll MagicScroll

Scientists from the University of Queens in Canada created a flexible tablet. The device was called MagicScroll and executed in the form of a scroll. The team of researchers created a prototype of a new version of mobile devices.

New Sony Master Series TV sets appeared in Russia

New Sony TVs from the Master Series appeared in Russia. The latest technologies of the company can be seen in the ZF9, which has an LCD matrix, and AF9, equipped with OLED-screen. Both devices are based on the X1 Ultimate processor and use proprietary Sony designs.

Published a video of the Lenovo smartphone with a retractable camera

The video shows the concept of a smartphone Lenovo with a sliding camera. Judging by the picture, the device will also receive a built-in fingerprint sensor. The frame of the screen is minimal, but on the production model, if this concept is turned into a life, they are likely to be wider.

Huawei introduced 4 new colors P20 and P20 Pro

The brand Huawei presented 4 new colors for its P20 and P20 Pro devices. As part of the exhibition IFA-2018, which is held August 31-September 5 in Berlin. Particular attention was attracted to 2 options for leather finishing.

At IFA 2018, Nubia surprised with a flexible smartphone bracelet

The concept of a smartphone-watch, called Alpha, was presented at the IFA 2018 exhibition in Berlin. Representatives of the company believe that the future is precisely for such devices, which in future will form the basis of all flagship smartphones

Mechanical keyboard with Chroma backlight

The company Razer at the IFA 2018 in Berlin announced the keyboard BlackWidow Elite, designed specifically for fans of computer games. Novelty refers to a mechanical type. It is equipped with switches Razer Mechanical Switch, designed for 80 million operations.

Firefox will block the tracking of conversions between sites

New versions of Firefox from Mozilla will block any cross-site tracking or scripting scripts that assign an identifier to the user.

The Line Messenger will receive its own crypto currency

The popular Japanese instant messenger Line received its own crypto currency. According to company representatives, branded tokens for users will be available in September.

MasterCard caught in the transfer of Google data on purchases of customers

Google advertisers throughout the year received from MasterCard certain data about transactions from their customers’ cards, in particular, information about whether the user bought goods in stores, the advertisement of which appeared in the search engine. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.

Critical vulnerability in Android allows you to hack any smartphone

Information security experts from Nightwatch Cybersecurity announced that they have found a critical vulnerability in Google’s green robot, and it allows hacking any smartphone running on its base.

Updated design of the operating system Wear OS

Google introduced the updated design of its operating system Wear OS, designed for smart watches. However, without video and images, it was unclear what had changed in the interface. Now such a video has appeared, so you can estimate the updated kind of OS.

Yahoo Finance added the possibility of buying BTC, ETH and LTC

Other digital currencies are not yet supported by the new option. Yahoo Finance platform added the possibility of buying popular crypto currency BTC, ETH and LTC.

Log in to Windows 10 as a Google Account

Soon, users will be able to log into the Windows 10 account under a Google account. This is evidenced by the Chromium project. According to rumors, Chromium will add Credential Providers technology to Chrome.

A new smartphone from Sony is estimated at 800 euros

The new gadget Sony Xperia XZ3 appeared in the assortment of online store Amazon. Thanks to this, the cost of the smartphone became known, as well as the start date of sales. It turned out that the flagship from Sony will cost 800 euros.

MSI introduced the laptop P65 Creator to Intel Core i7

MSI showed the laptop P65 Creator, which is aimed at designers, architects, photographers and animators. The high performance of the device is provided by the Intel hardware platform. The P65 Creator has a chipset of the eighth generation Core i7.

New Sony Master Series TV sets appeared in Russia

New Sony TVs from the Master Series appeared in Russia. The latest technologies of the company can be seen in the ZF9, which has an LCD matrix, and AF9, equipped with OLED-screen. Both devices are based on the X1 Ultimate processor and use proprietary Sony designs.

OptiShokz glasses-headset transmit music through the skull

So far, only seven units of such devices have been created. The company also intends to launch on Kickstarter fundraising for the mass production of OptiShokz. On pre-order, the headset will cost $ 160, and if the project is successful, then glasses will send out to customers at the end of the year.

Chuwi Hi9 Plus Tablet

The Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet is equipped with an IPS screen with a diagonal of 10.8 inches. The gadget works thanks to the SoC Mediatek Helio X23 single-chip system. The volumes of RAM and ROM 4 GB and 64 GB, respectively. In the tablet computer, there is a microSD card slot and two SIM slots, a LTE modem and stereo speakers. The case is made of aluminum alloy, also an electronic pen is available, capable of recognizing 1024 degrees of depression, and a docked keyboard.

Battery capacity is 8000 mAh. As for the cost of Chuwi Hi9 Plus, the amount of $ 300 is indicated. Sales start in the coming days

WhatsApp has the function of channels

If earlier WhatsApp could be used only to communicate with someone, as well as in groups, now everything is different. Henceforth, this messenger supports the function of channels that are currently present in Viber and Telegram

Microsoft will remove Highlights from Skype

Microsoft has published a list of updates for the mobile application Skype. It in particular notes that the function Highlights – clone Stories in Instagram – will be removed. As Engadget writes, the developers refuse it, simply because nobody uses it.


The last secret of Doom 2 found 24 years later

Twenty-four years left to uncover the last secret of the shooter Doom 2. The creator of the series, John Romero confirmed in his tweet that the player under the nickname Zero Master discovered a cunningly hidden entrance to the previously inaccessible sector in the industrial zone.

Blizzard is working on creating a new action game

In the vacancy, the company clarified that it needs developers who previously worked on creating believable detailed environments for popular AAA games, as well as having experience in narrating the plot of the game through the environment and the rhythm of the game.

Steam published system requirements Shadow of the Tomb Raider

As you know, the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider from developers Eidos Montreal officially will be released in mid-September. On the eve of Steam there were official system requirements to this popular game in the style of “action”.

EA spoke about the open testing of Battlefield V

Electronic Arts in the official blog Battlefield V in detail told about the upcoming testing next week shooter
The main stage will begin on September 6 (12:00 MSK) and will last until September 11 (18:00 MSK) – it will be able to participate all comers on the PS4, Xbox One and PC (Origin). For convenience, the developers will allow to preload the client three days earlier – on September 3 at 12:00 Moscow time.

However, pre-orderers, as well as subscribers to EA Access and Origin Access (both basic and premium services) will go to the battlefield on September 4 (12:00 GMT).

Authors Paladins remake their royal battle Realm Royale

Since the release of the royal battle Realm Royale, budding from the multiplayer action movie Paladins, lost the players. And the developers decided on global transformation.

Bless Unleashed promises to be a game for adults

The future heroes of Bless Unleashed are promised an epic journey through the living world, encounters with gods and fights with mythical monsters and other players. Engine Unreal Engine 4 should provide unprecedented visual effects, which will make Bless Unleashed one of the most beautiful MMORPG for consoles.

The End of the Sun is based on Slavic myths and realities

The original name of the game is Słońcakres, which hints at a connection with the mystical night of Ivan Kupala, the holiday of the summer solstice. The End of the Sun will tell the story of a Slavic priestess searching for a missing friend

Bandai Namco’s “Summer Horror” was part of the mobile game

Some time ago Bandai Namco launched a teaser site dedicated to a certain “summer horror”. Now we know what project the publishing house hinted at. And no, it has nothing to do with Splatterhouse.

The comic teaser was part of a special event advertising campaign for the mobile game Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag. Players can fight with hordes of zombies by September 30 and, depending on the number of exterminated goers, receive game prizes. In the debut trailer of the company, actors Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (voice of Kirito) and Nobunagi Shimazaki (voiced by Eugio) appeared. But the game process itself is allocated not more than a couple of seconds.

Lenovo will release light saber Kailo Rena

Lenovo announced the quick release of the add-on Dark Side Expansion for its AR-game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. This free DLC will allow players to challenge Master Yoda, Ray and other saga heroes, assuming the role of Kylo Ren.

Gameplay of the heroic action game Praey for the Gods

Independent developers of No Matter Studios performed at the PAX West 2018 conference and demonstrated a video of the gameplay Praey for the Gods – a heroic indie action game about the archer battle with mystical colossus

Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine is distributed free of charge

To get a copy of the game, you just need to subscribe to the newsletter Humble Bundle. By the way, thanks to her you can learn about the next free distributions in the store. Action from the third person Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine was released in September 2011.

The release of Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

The beginning of the stream is at 20:00 Moscow time. You can watch it directly on the Steam game page. Today, the PC version of Divinity: Original Sin 2 came out a major free update Definitive Edition.

Valve expands access to one of the most mysterious and closed video games

The company Valve reported on the expansion of access to its closed video game. On YouTube appeared a video with the gameplay of the card strategy Artifact. The video itself was shot in 4K format, so even the owners of the most modern displays will be able to evaluate the type of product on their monitors.

Mod for Doom 2 with great graphics became available for download

The user with the nickname bufurcator_x posted a modification of the Doom Slayer Chronicles for the popular shooter. Now the mod for Doom 2 with improved graphics has become available for download, and any gamer can easily get them

Portal Knights received “Villainous update” on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Publisher 505 Games announced the release of a major “Villainous update” for the popular game Portal Knights. Fans of the project on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are waiting for new adventures, dangers and rewards.

Nuclear Throne Announce Named Game

To celebrate the birthday of the developers of Nuclear Throne decided directly at the exhibition PAX West. And, it seems, festive preparations so captured the staff of the studio that it was not enough time to come up with a name for a new game of time.

Gamescom 2018: Sable will send players to the desert of appeasement

It’s strange that Microsoft did not reveal in advance what “unannounced” game the press will show at the last Gamescom. It turned out to be Sable, the existence of which was first described in December 2017, and the trailer was presented at E3 2018.

Valve released a free version of CS: GO

The company Valve has released a free version of the cyber-shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game is already available in the digital Steam service. Users of the free CS: GO will be able to play against the bots offline and watch matches through the gaming client


Global warming provokes death

A new study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change journal, talks about the persistent effect of global warming on the number of suicides. Ecopsychologists – specialists who study the links between ecology and mental health of man – have a lot of work ahead.

Artificial intelligence was taught to define depression by speech of a person

Artificial intelligence has learned to understand depression by speech of a person. Scientists have developed a neural network capable of recognizing depression in audio or text format.

Mathematicians reduced the history of painting to a change in two parameters

Mathematicians have studied how, over the past thousand years, the pictures have changed the details and ordering of images. With the help of this method, scientists managed to formalize the main transitions that occurred in the history of painting, as well as classify the main scenic areas

The Marburg virus was found in the testicles of the macaques

American scientists found a hidden placement of “Ebola’s colleague” of the Marburg virus in the body of monkeys who had been ill with this disease. Cells of the virus were able to identify in the testes of macaques, in the so-called “Sertoli cells.” The infection “hides” in them, destroying the tissue cells.

Rule 18 of the electrons expanded to complexes of alkaline earth metals

The composition of the complexes corresponds to the 18-electron rule, which was originally formulated for complexes of transition metals.

Physicists have discovered a new type of excitation in a dielectric

The absorption characteristics coincide with the theoretical prediction of the new fundamental form of excitation of the material. This discovery will help researchers in the creation of quantum-electronic systems.

The decay of the Higgs boson into quarks is registered

On August 28, 2018, it became officially known that a remarkable scientific event was noted at the CERN at the ATLAS and CMS installations of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN: the decay of the Higgs boson, discovered six years earlier, into elementary b-quark particles.

The poison of the spider will help stop the death of nerve cells

In some diseases of the nervous system, glutamate receptors regulating calcium flow become too active. The problem here is not only that it affects the impulse, but also that the excess calcium in the cell serves as a signal for apoptosis, a programmed cell death.

A group of scientists developed a method of printing with a sound wave

The device creates a standing sound wave acting on the ink drop. By changing the parameters of the sound wave, it is possible to adjust the droplet size. This method makes it possible to use for liquid-drop printing liquids with a very high level of viscosity, up to liquid metal.

An algorithm for diagnosing depression by recording a speech has been developed

For the training of the network, records of people’s conversations were used, some of which were diagnosed with clinical depression. The average accuracy of automatic diagnostics was 77%. A unique feature of the developed method is that for the first time a context-free algorithm

Underwater drones will protect the Great Barrier Reef from sea stars

The underwater unmanned vehicle has started to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the starfish “The Crown of Thorns,” August 31 Queensland University of Technology Australia.
This starfish feeds on the polyps of reef-forming corals. Outbreaks of the “Crown of Thorn” population lead to the destruction of large areas of coral reefs. RangerBot is able to recognize this starfish and inject it, which will become deadly to the pest.

Scientists develop AI, able to move like a man

Scientists from the start-up AiServe in Germany are developing AI, capable of moving as a person. The system will be designed for the blind and help such people walk around the city or roads. The system being developed will function together with the camera, microphone and battery.

Scientists: In 2020, the Earth will begin the Small Ice Age

Recently there has been a decline in solar activity, which can lead to a cooling of the Earth’s surface. By 2020, scientists are expecting the onset of the Small Ice Age, which, presumably, will last several decades.


The UAE will launch its first satellite into orbit in October this year

The spacecraft is the first in the history of the UAE, which was developed and assembled by domestic engineers. Development and creation of the artificial satellite KhalifaSat began in 2013. The project attracted more than 100 specialists from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai

Scottish astronomers proposed to direct asteroids directly to Earth

Scottish scientists proposed the idea of changing the orbits of asteroids for their direction to the Earth. They will become satellites of the planet, in the future, fireballs can be used as a source of metals, water and other resources.

A black hole can completely absorb the Earth

Specialists at Princeton University said about the collision of gravitational waves and the formation of a huge all-absorbing black hole. Einstein spoke about the existence of moving masses with high radiation, and a couple of years ago his theory was confirmed by European and American physicists.

Astronomers renamed Hubble’s law, attributing the name of Lemaitre

The first law was formulated in 1927 by Georges Lemaître. The astronomer from Belgium published his work in French in an obscure journal in the scientific circles, and the article remained unnoticed. Edwin Hubble presented his findings in two years, and the theory was named after the neg.

Scientists have discovered in space a giant “explosive” constellation

At a distance of seven and a half thousand light-years from the Earth in the Carina Nebula (constellation Kiel), scientists recorded one of the most ambitious interstellar “battles” of recent years

The secret of NASA technologies for color images from space

The essence of technology – on a black-and-white frame or frame with “false” colors, that is, made in infrared color, is superimposed a color fragment in one or another place. The secret is that the element is photographed several times, changing the filters, after which the whole picture is obtained.

Scientists have proposed to move the Earth into the orbit of Mars

Professor Robert Smith argues that the desperate assumption of scientists is confirmed, but it remains a question of how to survive mankind when the orbit of the planet is displaced. To move the Earth from the Sun, namely to the orbit of Mars, means a significant change in the orbital parameters

Mars rover Opportunity will get a chance to resume work

Mars rover Opportunity can get a chance to restore work. Representatives of NASA said that the rover is currently under a thick layer of dust on Mars, so it can not move on the surface of the planet.

Japan plans to launch commercial flights into space

The Japanese company PD AeroSpace is currently developing a reusable spacecraft that will deliver people to space on a commercial basis. As noted on Saturday by the agency Kyodo, the company expects to launch the program of space tourism by 2023.

“Alpha Centauri” can become a home for people if the Sun burns down

“Alpha Centauri” can become a home for people if the Sun burns down and there are many good reasons for this statement. Moving to Mars or the moons of Jupiter, will give humanity only a temporary respite, so it is necessary to find a new star, like the Sun


In China, began selling a new special sedan Chevrolet Cruze Redline

The American auto giant General Motors began selling the updated Chevrolet Cruze sedan in a special version of Redline. The novelty is already available from Chinese dealers at a price ranging from 125,900 to 149,900 yuan (1,25-1,5 million rubles), depending on the equipment.

Sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom received a version with a partition in the cabin

Rolls-Royce Company has released a new version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan with a partition in the cabin. This option, called the Privacy Suite, the British automaker introduced at the international motor show in Chengdu.

Geely and Volvo in Chengdu presented a new sedan Lynk & Co 03

Chinese auto giant Geely and Swedish company Volvo presented a new Lync & Co 03 saloon at the Chengdu showroom. The novelty is already the third model after the crossover 01 and 02, which they released under the joint brand Lync & Co.

The new Jaguar I-Pace crossover got artificial intelligence

The salon of the new I-Pace boasts high quality finishes and exquisite materials. In addition, he received the most advanced in the line of multimedia complex with artificial intelligence, widescreen touch screen and information projection on the windshield.

McLaren will not release electric cars before 2025

McLaren executive director Mike Fluitt said in an interview with Automotive News that they need batteries capable of withstanding at least 30 minutes on a racing track at maximum load in order to fully operate their future electric car.

Volvo began testing unmanned electric dump trucks

In total, there are 8 HX2 electric dump trucks with autonomous control system, one 70-ton EX1 excavator with a hybrid diesel-electric power plant and a prototype of the future front-end loader LX1, also equipped with a hybrid engine, in the test fleet.

Improved line of Cadillac Escalade 2018

The next generation of the car from the prestigious brand will become more elite, if compared with the previous modification. To achieve this, it is planned with the help of other components when assembling the cabin, as well as assembling the power unit. Cadillac Escalade 2018 will be more impressive, but at the same time more expensive. In addition, the discs can be cooled and heated. Such a mechanism was not used in past versions of the SUV.

The company Mercedes-Benz is preparing to release new products W 177

Earlier this year, it became known that the company Mercedes-Benz will release a new car A-Class W 177. This version will differ from previous versions with a more durable frame, original design and advanced multimedia complex. Aluminum appeared in the design.

The prices for the updated Lada Granta are named

From September 1, the updated line of Lada Granta cars was on sale; in the auto concern informed how much cars will cost. The prices are indicated on the autoconcern website. In particular, the sedan Lada Granta after the upgrade will cost from 419 thousand 900 rubles.

BMW has published a video with the new roadster BMW Z4

BMW has published the first official video with the roadster BMW Z4 of the new generation. They can not only assess the car in motion, but also consider its interior, which received a digital instrument panel and a projection display on the glass

Volkswagen Amarok received a special version from Carlex Design

Tuning studio Carlex Design announced the start of sales of the limited special version Volkswagen Amarok Amy. The novelty will be issued in 500 copies.

Volkswagen Tharu goes on sale

Under the hood of the Volkswagen Tharu are 1.2 and 1.4-liter units with a payback of 116 and 144 hp. In addition, in the top version, the model will receive a 2.0-liter engine for 186 hp. Coupled with power plants will work 7-speed robotic transmission.

In China, they are going to mass produce electric cars on 3D printers

The Chinese company has developed technology of 3D-printing of cars. Chinese company WE Solutions in cooperation with engineers from Shanghai Alliance Investment are planning to build a new enterprise, which will create parts for electric cars using 3D printers.

Atelier Prior Design presented the revised Tesla Model S sedan

German tuning studio Prior Design presented its version of the electric car Tesla Model S. The package of brand improvements was named PD-S1000 Aero-Kit. Judging by the official photos and videos, the main changes have touched only the exterior of the car

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