24 Jan, 2018

Secret mission against Donald Trump …

After the pre-election campaign in 2016, the US Department of Justice and the FBI could have had a “secret community” that was acting against US President Donald Trump, Fox News reported.

According to members of the House of Representatives John Ratcliffe and Trey Goudi, this is stated in the correspondence of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the staff of the FBI Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page.

“We learned today about information that immediately after the election in the Ministry of Justice and the FBI there could be a secret community that included Page and Strzoka who worked against him,” Ratcliffe said.

Goudi noted that the mention of the community was noticed the day after Trump’s victory.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Elites are going to chat …

The World Economic Forum in Davos begins its work

Heads of state, corporate leaders, celebrities and civil activists will visit Switzerland within three days.

The annual meeting of the global economic and political elite will be held in Davos 48 times. This year the forum expects the arrival of more than 70 heads of state, and in total the number of participants is approaching three thousand people. The Russian delegation will be headed by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, in addition, it will include ministers Maxim Oreshkin, Nikolai Nikiforov and Alexander Novak. Despite the fact that Elvira Nabiullina was listed among the speakers of the forum, later the head of the Central Bank canceled her visit to Switzerland.

The participation in the congress was already reported by the leaders of Germany and France, as well as the head of the White House.

Poroshenko and Volker discussed deployment of the UN mission in Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed with the Special Representative of the State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker the situation in the Donbass and the prospects for the deployment of the UN Security Mission in the region. This was announced on Wednesday by the press service of the Ukrainian president

In the United States approved a new head of the Federal Reserve System

The US Senate approved Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve System, the US central bank, according to the results of the vote. Powell is an investment banker, formerly Deputy Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Since 2012 he is on the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System.

US Attorney General interrogated in the case of “Russian interference”

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was questioned during an investigation into Russian interference in US elections. This is reported by the BBC with reference to the US Department of Justice. Sessions became the first member of the administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, interrogated in this case.

VTB head compared new US sanctions with declaration of war

VTB Chairman Andrei Kostin on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos warned of the “growing threat of a military conflict” in Europe. According to him, if the US continues to impose sanctions against Russia, this will signal a “declaration of war,” writes the Financial Times.

PACE urged to open a new checkpoint in Lugansk region

“The Assembly calls on all belligerents to open new checkpoints, in particular, the checkpoint in the settlement of Zolotoy Lugansk region,” the document says.

The BBC told about the pre-election trip Sobchak in the United States

In February, presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak will go to the US, she plans to speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, at Georgetown University and get to the National Prayer Breakfast, which is traditionally visited by the Presidents of the States.

Crimea presented investment potential in the European Parliament

The participants of the conference in the European Parliament were shown video appeals of the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksenov and co-chairman of “Business Russia”, co-chairman of the JAEF organizing committee Andrei Nazarov, who invited the participants to take part in the Yalta economic forum.

Searches with the seizure of leaflets

At the headquarters of Navalny in Kazan, Vladivostok and Vologda, searches were carried out with the seizure of leaflets about the All-Russian “Strike of Voters”

Volunteers were detained in the Vladivostok headquarters, including Nikita Panfilov, and the police refused to show the documents. In Cheboksary, the court ordered the coordinator of the headquarters to destroy leaflets telling about the protest action.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos recalls ambassador to Venezuela

The authorities of Colombia are not going to appoint a new ambassador to Caracas because of complicated relations between the countries, RIA Novosti reports. Colombia in Venezuela will be represented by the charge d’affaires Herman Castañeda.


Russia proposed to create for a year a UN mechanism to investigate the chemical

Russia proposes to create for the year an international UN mechanism to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria and other places, the draft resolution of the UN Security Council said on Tuesday.

We do not intend to accept any Russian proposals that undermine our ability to reach the truth or who polemicize what should be an independent and impartial investigation. – Nikki Haley, American politician

APUs were placed with howitzers and mortars at the contact line in Donbass

Ukrainian armed forces placed two 122-mm howitzers and a mortar battery at the contact line in the Donbass. This was reported by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Finland Andrei Marochko.

General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces announced “the destruction of 260 terrorists” in Africa

The armed forces of Turkey during the operation “Olive branch” in Africa “destroyed 260 terrorists”. This is stated in the statement of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, which was delivered to TASS on Tuesday.

Kurds will not attend the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue

The Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi, scheduled for January 29-30, “aims at a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the country, but this is completely at odds with Turkey’s actions in Africa,” considers Saleh Muslim

US Air Force conducted reconnaissance near the Murmansk region

According to their data, the US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft with the call sign ZARP70, taking off from the airfield in the UK, circled for several hours over the water area of the Barents Sea near the Murmansk region. He was accompanied by a tanker tanker

Georgia received American anti-tank complexes Javelin

Georgia bought from the US anti-tank missile systems Javelin. They have already entered the republic, Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria stated. According to him, the first stage of acquiring anti-tank systems from the US Javelin was successful.

Tillerson believes that Russia is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria

The Syrian opposition called the government forces of Syria the culprit of the attack, and they responded with responsibility for the militants. On January 19, the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed to the US attempts to misrepresent Russia’s position on the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The State Department accused Russia of “driving a wedge” between Turkey and the United States

Earlier, the Russian Federation laid the responsibility for the start of the Turkish military operation against the Syrian Kurds on the United States, which declared their support and arms supplies.


The RFPI told about the main investment projects in 2018

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI) is investing in the Doktis platform and other projects in telemedicine in 2018, the fund’s head, Kirill Dmitriev, said.

In Venezuela, the largest refinery stopped operating

Earlier, two fires were reported at Venezuela’s major refineries, including Amuay. Venezuela is now experiencing a shortage of gasoline in various states of the country. PE at large refineries can exacerbate an already difficult situation with providing the population with fuel

The process of privatization of VTB stopped due to sanctions, said Costin

The process of privatization of VTB stopped due to sanctions, the head of the second asset of the Russian bank Andrey Kostin told CNBC. Economic sanctions of the countries of the West against the Russian Federation have been introduced since 2014. Under the sanctions, then got, including VTB.

The EU excluded eight countries and territories from the black list of offshore companies

The European Union has excluded eight countries and territories from the black list of offshore companies that do not take appropriate measures to ensure financial transparency and fight against tax crimes. This is reported on Tuesday on the official website of the Council of the EU.

Experts told about vacant offices in Moscow in 2017

The total supply of offices in Moscow amounted to 16.3 million square meters. m, experts of Knight Frank have calculated. According to their data, the vacancy rate in Moscow as a whole in the last year in class A was 17.1%, in class B – 11.5%.

South Korea will prohibit the use of anonymous transactions of crypto currency

South Korea will prohibit the use of anonymous bank accounts for the performance of crypto-currency transactions.

Industrial production in Russia grew by 1% per year

As it became known, in December, the decline in industrial production slowed to 1.5%. With the exception of seasonal and calendar factors, industrial production in December grew by 0.4%.

To write off and there are no problems …

Promsvyazbank will write off Eurobonds for $ 1.3 bn after the capital of the credit institution has become negative. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the issuer of securities, PSB Finance on the Irish Exchange. The capital of Promsvyazbank by December 25 went down by 134.1 billion rubles.

Gazprom asks Medvedev to lift restrictions on gas trade

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller asked the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to lift restrictions on exchange trading in gas. This is with reference to a letter from the top manager, RBC reports

Belarus will raise the tariff for transportation of Russian oil from February

Previously, Belarus raised the tariff for oil transportation from February 1 last year.

Residents of Russia are driving themselves into debt

Russian banks in 2017 issued 15.25 million new consumer loans, which is 20.9% more than in 2016 (12.62 million), the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI) reports with reference to the data of 4.1 thousands of creditors.

Rising gasoline prices

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, retail prices for gasoline in the Russian Federation rose by 1.4% at once, and as a whole for a year the increase in the cost of fuel exceeded the inflation threefold.

Sberbank may increase dividends for 2017 to 35% of profit

Discussion on the level of dividend payments by the Savings Bank following the results of 2017 continues, the bank can increase dividends to 35% from 25% of net profit under IFRS for the last year; the final decision is expected in late March-April, the head of Sberbank German Gref said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos


Media-inoagents in Russia may be temporarily blocked before the elections

The activities of the media, which are recognized on the territory of Russia by foreign agents, may be temporarily blocked before the presidential elections.

In conditions of slave labor, a breakthrough is impossible

Intellectual emigration from Russia in the current decade demonstrates growth, according to the materials of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology (available to RBC) with reference to statistics of host countries and results of interviews with those who left for the last six years.

The Government of the Russian Federation plans to limit anonymous electronic payments

According to the amendments to the legislation developed on behalf of the government, Russians will be able to credit funds to electronic wallets and prepaid bank cards only from their bank account

Professor of the Moscow State University refused to take the exam in a student in a bale

Professor of the Moscow State University Vyacheslav Baburin refused to take the exam in a student in a bale and invited the young man to take off his hat or leave the audience, the human rights center “Sova” reported.

He had a complete rule to do as he did. I talked to him, and he pointed out to me the rules of the internal order of Moscow State University, signed by the rector Sadovnich in 2008. – Sergei Dobrolyubov, Russian geographer

Chinese workers built a railway junction overnight

For one night, fifteen hundred workers built a railway junction for the new Nanlong Railway Station in Lunyan City, in southern China. The workers were divided into seven brigades and simultaneously performed several types of work.

Site with the investigation of real estate FSB head blocked after a few hours

The site of Russiangate was blocked after the publication of the material about the undeclared real estate of the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov in Sestroretsk. The cost of the site was estimated at up to 300 million rubles.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to extend the tax holidays for the self-employed until 2020

Self-employed citizens will not be able to pay taxes and in 2019, tax holidays for them are proposed to be extended for another year, follows from the draft law prepared by the Ministry of Finance and published on the federal portal of draft normative acts.

Long way for knowledge …

In China, a 76-year-old retired daily passes 24 km, so that her sick grandson could be educated

As it became known to journalists, an elderly woman has to accompany her grandson eight times a day, who only moves on a wheelchair, to school and from school. A nine-year-old boy is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Aksyonov promised to sell all the former property of the oligarch Kolomoisky

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov assured that all nationalized objects, formerly owned by the structures of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, will be on sale. After the entry of Crimea into the Russian Federation, Ukrainian banks refused to return deposits to residents of the region.

Court in Moscow refused to consider claims of slowing the work of the iPhone

Tverskoy District Court of Moscow refused to consider four lawsuits to LLC “Apple Rus”, which are associated with the slowdown of older iPhone models. This was announced by RBC press secretary Anastasia Dzyurko.

The Latvian government supported the translation of Russian schools into Latvian

Earlier in the Diet have submitted more than 14 thousand signatures of citizens of Latvia for preservation in schools билингвального (in Russian and Latvian languages) formation. It is planned that the reform will come into force on September 1, 2019. Amendments to the law still have to approve the Sejm.

The FSB began sending out orders to stop production because of the World Cup 2018

The Federal Security Service (FSB) began sending orders to enterprises located in the regions where the World Cup will be held, about the need to stop work for the duration of the tournament.
“This will be done within the presidential decree on enhanced security measures,” the FSB noted.


On the Internet they demand to deprive Kirkorov of parental rights

On the Internet, they demand to deprive the pop-king of the Russian scene of Philip Kirkorov of his parental rights. The reason was a video, published by the same artist on his page in Instagram. On it, Kirkorov with his children rides in a car at high speed over Miami

A new candidate Volochkova was a programmer from Irkutsk

The elect of Anastasia Volochkova was 40-year-old programmer Mikhail Loginov, who came to Moscow from Irkutsk. This is reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Journalists also found out that two men are married to a man.

Olga Buzova closed her Instagram account

The girl tried not to react to negative comments in her address, but eventually restricted her profile access. The number of subscribers of Buzovaya in Instagram totals 11.9 million. Her account was recognized by Instagram as one of the most popular in the world.

Andrei Gaydulyan begins his career in Hollywood

Andrey Gaydulyan is an optimist and a very cheerful person. His Sasha from the series “Univer” and “Sasha Tanya” funny, sometimes ridiculous, but always cheerful and disposed to himself.

Strippers from Chita supported Ulyanovsk cadets

His professional approach is now decided to demonstrate the strippers from Chita. On the staff posted in the network, you can see the girls working in the strip club. Earlier, TV host Ivan Urgant published a video in support of the Ulyanovsk cadets.

One of the producers of Bollywood wants to make a film about Putin

The head of Indian company Dharma Productions Karan Johar wants to make a film about Russian President Vladimir Putin, similar to the director from the USA Oliver Stone. “I’m sure that a good story will play in any language, and I would like to be able to do something like that,” the producer said.

After the clip with a striptease, the head of the Orenburg Forestry Ministry

“The governor of the region Yuri Berg dismissed the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Viktor Petrovich Tonkikh, as well as three of his deputies who were in the video,” the administration said. They noted that Deputy Minister Morozov will act as head of the department

The ROC was told about the annual International Christmas Readings

A total of six million people will take part in Christmas readings across the country, 15,000 of them will gather in Moscow at the final stage – from January 24 to 26

In the libraries of the Moscow region, there will be a “World Night of Harry Potter”

Events dedicated to the magical world of the world famous saga will be held February 1 February 1 in the libraries of the Moscow region will be held in the “World Night of Harry Potter” – an annual international holiday dedicated to the adventures of the famous British wizard, Radio 1 reported to the Ministry of Culture of the region.

62 series of the cult series “In All Grave” was placed in a minute video

Five seasons of 62 series of the cult series about drugs “In all serious” thesis “retold” in the video for one minute. 62 series of five seasons of the criminal drama “All Serious” (“Breaking Bad”) tezisno “retold” for a minute of screen time in a video that appeared on YouTube.

The Ministry of Culture withdrew the rental certificate from the film “The Death of Stalin”

The cultural figures who looked at the picture asked the Ministry of Culture to temporarily withdraw the rental certificate.

The Public Council will express its point of view about the inadmissibility of imposing on our spectator such helpless, from an artistic point of view, and angry from the ideological point of view of the tapes. This is an obvious imposition and an insult to our civil and national feelings. – Yuri Polyakov, writer

Disney actress was exposed from the hotel for drugs

The group was caught behind the use of marijuana, writes New York Post. In the surroundings of Thorn also noticed her boyfriend, rapper Mod Sun. It is noted that the 20-year-old actress came to the Sundance to present the film “The Nation of Assassins”.


In the “VKontakte” editor articles became available to all users

Social network “VKontakte” on Tuesday, January 23, launched the editor of articles – it became available to all users and communities. The press release of this information was shared by the Izvestia newsletter.

The extortionist SamSam attacked medical facilities and not only

Journalists estimated that on Bitcoin-purse of extortioners since then was listed about 26 bitcoins (about 300,000 US dollars at the current rate). Based on this amount, we can assume that in fact, victims of the extortionists are even more than officially known.

“Sberbank” launched its own mobile operator in Moscow

The company “Let’s Talk”, which is “daughter” of “Sberbank”, announced the launch of its own mobile communication operator in Moscow. On the official portal of the structure of the largest domestic bank, a form for ordering SIM-cards appeared.

The creator of Linux OS Torvalds called Intel’s protective patches “garbage”

Programmer Linus Torvalds gave his comment about the attempt of Intel manufacturers who wanted to take care of security. Meltdown / Specter patches Linux creator called “garbage”. The information was obtained from Torvalds’ personal correspondence with David Woodhouse.

Google will open in France a center for the study of artificial intelligence

Google in a few weeks is going to open in France a new center for the study of artificial intelligence. It is noted that it will be the second for the Internet company, since a similar center in Zurich was previously built.

Providers want to restrict traffic on their own

The authors of the project propose to replace the principle of network neutrality by “reasonable limitation and control of traffic”. Operators of communication are given the right to control access only to their content or to vital data.

Premium version of the frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is released in Russia

Xiaomi has started selling Russia a premium version of the frameless smartphone Mi Mix 2 in Russia. According to information from representatives of the brand, in Russia the device will be presented with a scanner of 18-carat gold. Also in Russia will be available and the usual version of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 in a ceramic case.

“Rostelecom” became the operator of the register of .ru and .рф domains.

About plans to transfer the coordination center, which manages domains. RU and. Rf under the control of the state, in 2016, the newspaper Kommersant reported. Experts interviewed by the newspaper said then that such a decision could lead to destabilization of the Russian domain industry

Smart Hydrogen One smartphone gets a holographic display

The final version of Hydrogen One will be awarded a screen with a resolution of 4K. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a holographic adapter capable of reproducing three-dimensional objects. The work of the phone will provide a microprocessor Snapdragon 835 from the American company Qualcomm.


Facebook created a new time unit for video synchronization

In Facebook, it is believed that such a time unit will perfectly synchronize any audio and video frequencies.

Scientists: Climate Management Will End With Global Catastrophe

Researchers from the US said that attempts to manage the climate on Earth can lead to a global catastrophe.

In Russia, a material with non-existent properties in nature has been created

Scientists of the Russian National Research Technological University MISiS together with German colleagues from the University of Karlsruhe and the Jena Institute of Photon Technologies have created a new material with “impossible” in nature properties

China began to massively edit people’s DNA

Some scientists have long suggested that if you correct errors in the DNA of cancer cells, you can make immortal cells mortal again and thereby solve the cancer problem. The problem is that until recently methods of more or less targeted editing of human DNA did not exist

Ancient scroll of the Dead Sea told about the rituals of the Jewish sect

Specialists in biblical studies of Haifa University managed to decipher one of the texts of the ancient Dead Sea scrolls. This is reported on the university’s website.

According to historians, the deciphered text is the 364-day calendar of the Jewish sect of the Essenes. It, among other things, describes two holidays not mentioned in the Bible. It’s about the days of New Wine and New Oil, which were celebrated as a continuation of the holiday of the first wheat crop.

Scientists have created an algorithm for the search for new antibiotics

The algorithm called VarQuest will constantly update the medication, preventing them from disappearing from drugstores. As explained by the creators, the program carries out a constant search for biologically active components, which are necessary for the production of antibiotics of any kind and spectrum of action

Scientists have trained the classifier of speech to predict the development of psychosis

Scientists say that one of the signs of a mental disorder is a speech disorder. In addition, the patient begins to gradually lose the “connection” with the real world, namely, sees, hears and feels something that is not in fact.

The developed protein approximates the creation of an artificial life form

Scientists from the United States have developed a protein that can perform the functions of an enzyme in a living bacterial cell, thus bringing the ability to create an artificial life form from scratch.

Paleontologists discovered an ancient marine creature 100 million years old

Chinese paleontologists, together with colleagues from Austria and Canada, for the first time in history discovered the remains of an ancient marine creature, the ostracod, age 100 million years old, preserved in amber. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Xinhua News Agency.


The Russian orbital station can replace the ISS

The Russian orbital station can completely replace the ISS, which has almost exhausted its resource. With such a statement, the general designer for manned systems and complexes of Roskosmos Evgeny Mikrin

Russia is preparing a project for the reusable space rocket “Corona”

In Russia, a new reusable single-stage launch vehicle can appear. This was announced by the Deputy General Designer Makeyev Sergey Molchanov. According to him, the developers are designing a space rocket “Corona”, equipped with a take-off and landing shock absorbers.

Roskosmos creates rocket engines for flights to Mars

Roskosmos is preparing demonstrators of rocket engines based on new high-tech materials that will allow manned flights to Mars. This was reported by the head of state corporation Igor Komarov.

Competition Lunar XPRIZE will remain without the winners

Participants were unable to prepare their missions on time because of financial, technical or other problems, according to a statement published on the Google Lunar XPRIZE website. The Lunar XPrize contest, held among private space companies, was announced by Google and the XPrize fund in 2007.

Russia will launch a superheavy rocket to the Moon in 2032-2035

In the period from 2032 to 2035, the Moon is planned to launch a Russian second-stage superheavy rocket. Its carrying capacity is 115 tons. The launch is planned from the “Vostochny” space center, said in the presentation of RSC Energia, which was presented at the Royal Readings.

Germany successfully tested the engine for the rocket Ariane 6

The Vulcain 2.1 engine, created for the main stage of the newest Ariane 6 launch vehicle, was successfully tested in German Lampoldshausen. The tests were carried out by the German Aerospace Center at the P5 test facility in Lampoldshausen, according to the ArianeGroup website.

End of the World: The Milky Way can collide with another galaxy

Scientists warn that due to the collision of two galaxies, Andromeda and the Milky Way, the end of the world may come. There is no way to avoid a collision, but with greater convergence, the galaxies will begin to absorb each other.

NASA: Earth moves away from the Sun

The weakening of the gravity of the single star of the solar system on Earth is due to the loss of its mass, the study says. Experts have found out: the Earth moves away from the Sun by ten millimeters per year.

Project Manager Mars One intends to colonize Jupiter and Venus

The head of the project Mars One Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp announced plans to colonize one of the moons of Jupiter – Europe and the creation of “soaring cities” in the upper layers of the atmosphere of Venus.

Scientists have discovered seven new massive clusters of galaxies

Previously, scientists knew about the existence in the observable universe of 12 massive clusters of galaxies, the total mass of which is more than 30 thousand times the mass of our galaxy – the Milky Way. However, an international team of scientists was able to detect seven more such clusters.

The wind casts doubt on scientific versions of the structure of Jupiter

Previously, there was a scientific assumption that Jupiter revolves around its axis at a speed of three earth days. However, it turned out that the speed of the planet is less because of the proximity to the luminary. This was the reason that the wind on the surface of Jupiter, under the influence of gravity, blows from the top down

Experimental inflatable module for the International Space Station is developed by MAI specialists

It is expected that next year some experimental materials for full-scale tests will be delivered to the ISS.


Mitsubishi Outlander in Russia will receive new “cheap” versions in February

As reported in the company, the crossover Mitsubishi Outlander in Russia in February will receive new “cheap” versions. It’s about the model’s complete sets, in which the front-wheel drive system will be available. More details about the trim levels and their prices will be announced in February, when their sales start.

More than 6.6 thousand Mercedes-Benz cars recall in Russia

As reported by Rosstandart, more than 6.6 thousand Mercedes-Benz cars are recalled to the Russian Federation due to probable malfunctions. Thus, the recalled cars of the steel brand were models A, B, C, CLA, GLA and GLC-classes, which were sold in the territory of the Russian Federation from 2012 to 2014.

In Polestar confirmed the release of a new hatchback and a large crossover

Under the name Polestar 2 in 2019 will be a medium-sized hatchback, which should compete with Tesla Model 3. Later, a large crossover will also appear, but the exact timing of its release is not called

The first spy photos of the new big SUV Kia appeared

The first spy photos of a large SUV of the South Korean manufacturer Kia are posted on the Web. At the Detroit Motor Show in 2016, the prototype Telluride, which is the forerunner of the company’s new car, was presented.

The newest DS 3 Crossback will arrive on the Russian market in early 2020

As reported, the newest DS 3 Crossback will come to the Russian market in early 2020, and this year the Russians are expecting the release of the flagship model of the premium brand DS 7 Crossback. More representatives of the company portal Kolesa.ru told that all novelties that the brand will release will also come to Russia.

Jeep prepared a very black “sporty” Grand Cherokee

The company Jeep introduced a special version of the SUV Grand Cherokee, which will join the European line of the brand. The novelty has received in the name a prefix S – it differs from standard cars by a sports suspension bracket and completely black furnish of an ex-terrier.

The first photos of the updated Honda HR-V crossover appeared on the web

The first images of the new Honda HR-V crossover appeared after the complete restyling. According to information from the developers of the car, he received an updated wheelbase, which was a few centimeters wider than the previous one.

Updated GMC Sierra pickup photoshooters noticed on the tests

Developers from the company GMC, which owns the American automaker General Motors, began testing on the roads restyled mid-size pickup GMC Sierra. It is expected that the novelty will be significantly different from the “older brother” Chevrolet Silverado.

The off-road Mercedes-AMG G63 new generation declassified in the photo

At the stand of the German automaker was granted the G500, but in March at the Geneva Motor Show Mercedes-AMG G63 will already be demonstrated. Now this model is tested on the roads of Germany

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