5 Aug, 2018

Segal is now a Russian citizen? It will be interesting

The Russian Foreign Ministry appointed American actor and citizen of the Russian Federation Stephen Sigal special representative for Russian-American humanitarian relations.

According to the Facebook page of the ministry, the scope of Sigal’s activities will include the promotion of further development of relations in the humanitarian sphere, including arts, culture, public and youth exchanges.

“The very case when the people’s diplomacy meets with traditional diplomacy. In international practice, it is possible to draw parallels with the functions of the UN Goodwill Ambassadors, “the Foreign Ministry said.

It is noted that the actor will work on a voluntary basis, that is, occupy a “public and political office,” which does not involve monetary reward.

Commenting on this information, Segal noted that he intends to do everything possible to improve relations between Moscow and Washington. Recall, he received Russian citizenship on November 3, 2016.

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul commented on the appointment of actor Stephen Seagal to the post in the Russian Foreign Ministry. The diplomat wrote this on his Twitter.

“Desperation,” McFaul wrote, publishing a reference to the Foreign Ministry’s decision.

Later, he laid out a link to another material about this, accompanied by his signature:

“Segal is now a Russian citizen? It will be interesting”.

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