22 Feb, 2019

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The company that transported missiles for the C-400 to China, was sued

The Rosoboronexport company filed two lawsuits against the Baltic Transport Port St. Petersburg maritime agency, which chartered ships for the transportation of C-400 anti-aircraft systems to China. One of them hit the storm in the English Channel, the rockets filled with water had to be destroyed. The amount of claims is 11 billion rubles.

Britain will impose duties on food imports after Brexit

Britain intends to impose duties on food imports after the country’s withdrawal from the EU, said British Environment Minister Michael Gove at a conference of the National Farmers Union.

In Germany, opened the scheme of withdrawal of money from Russia to Europe

The scheme was associated with investments in expensive real estate in Germany. It is alleged that the scammers were able to withdraw $ 22 billion from Russia to Europe through Moldovan and Latvian banks using fictitious companies.

Japan will host American missiles contrary to Russian protests

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the deployment of installations of the global US missile defense system in Japan violates the conditions of the INF. The government of Japan in December 2017 approved the decision to locate two ground-based Aegis Ashore installations in the country. Japanese Foreign Minister does not consider the placement of Aegis Ashore complexes in the country as a violation of the INF.

“Our country,” he said, “is not a party to this treaty. Consequently, Japan does not have any obligations under the INF Committee and cannot violate it.”

Passenger aircraft exceeded the speed of sound due to strong wind

The plane of the airline Virgin Atlantic, following the flight Los Angeles – London, exceeded the speed of sound due to the powerful air flow. It is reported by Popular Mechanics.

Deputy Military Attaché of Venezuela to the UN backed up Guaydo

Colonel Pedro Hirinos, Deputy Military Attaché of Venezuela to the United Nations, expressed support for pro-American oppositionist Juan Guaydo as the “interim president” of the Bolivarian Republic.

Colonel Pedro Cirinos, military attaché of Venezuela to the United Nations, announced his official recognition of Juan Guaydo as interim president of Venezuela. He chose democracy for Venezuelans, not Maduro’s tyranny. – John Bolton, American politician

Poroshenko said the risk of man-made disaster in the Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday during a speech at the debates of the UN General Assembly, said about the deterioration of the environmental situation and the risk of man-made disaster in the Donbass.

Klimkin said that the Crimea has become “more Ukrainian”

Five years after the reunification with Russia, Crimea “became more Ukrainian,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin on his Facebook page.

Contrary to all the circumstances, the Crimea today is even more Ukrainian. After all, over the years of struggle, the call “Crimea is Ukraine!” Has become not just a slogan, but a guide to action. We must bring this matter to the end. – Pavel Klimkin, Ukrainian diplomat

Amnesty International criticized the Russian law on “foreign agents”

Russian non-profit organizations (NPOs) criticizing the authorities are not able to receive funding from the state, according to the report of the international human rights organization Amnesty International “Law as a tool for repression: A global attack on civil society organizations”.

The report noted that those organizations that are engaged in social work and do not ask the state for accountability receive “substantial funds” from the authorities. The “lion’s share” of the budget allocated to civil society is spent on organizations that are in solidarity with the authorities, including nationalist, conservative and Russian Orthodox Church. The 2012 law on “indents” is evaluated in the report as “an extremely negative impact on civil society”.

In the Ministry of Defense of Estonia announced preparations for war

Judging by the nature of defense spending in Estonia, the country is preparing for war, said Kusti Salm, head of the defense investment department of the military department, at the Eesti 100Pluss Visioon economic security conference.

“The most important thing I’ll say now is that from a political point of view it is a bit incorrect, but with the help of defense investments and the reorganization of the Defense Forces, we are actually preparing for a war today,” the official told Postimees

EU pre-approved amendments to Gas Directive

The committee of the Permanent Representatives of the EU member states decided to approve a compromise version of the amendments to the gas directive. Previously, the document was agreed with the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and the European Parliament.

The essence of the amendments is that the rules that regulate the domestic gas market in the European Union are applied to gas transmission lines between EU members and third countries.

Trump urged to confront “radical socialists”

US President Donald Trump called on his supporters to confront “radical socialists” in the upcoming presidential elections in November 2020. The reason for the appeal of Trump was the statement by Senator Bernie Sanders of the intention to once again run for president of the United States.

EU countries have agreed on a draft copyright reform on the Internet

The EU Permanent Representatives Committee agreed on a draft copyright reform on the Internet, RIA Novosti reports, citing a statement by the EU Council. If new rules are adopted, online services will have to share revenues with authors of works and editorial boards of the media.

Icelandic government extends whale hunt clearance

The government of Iceland has decided to extend the permit for the hunt for whales for the next five years, Sveriges Radio said on Wednesday. The annual quota will be 209 whales-finvals and 217 minke whales.

Ukraine conducted exercises with live firing on the coast of the Azov Sea

Ukraine conducted a tactical exercise on the coast of the Azov Sea. It is reported by RT with reference to the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the country. It is noted that the Su-25 attack planes, MiG-29 fighter jets and Mi-24 attack helicopters were involved in the demonstration instructor-methodical lesson.

The first troops to fight drones appeared in the Russian army

In the south of Russia, the first mobile units of the RF radio-technical forces were formed, which were equipped with the “Casta 2-2” radar and an automated air defense command and control system. They have already taken up duty as part of the 4th Red Banner Army Air Force and Air Defense, told the newspaper “Izvestia” in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Lockheed Martin introduced the new F-21 fighter

At the Aero India 2019 exhibition in India, the American company Lockheed Martin introduced the new F-21 fighter. It is designed specifically for the Indian Air Force and is based on the F-16 fighter.

NATO ships will conduct exercises in the Black Sea

A group of ships patrols the waters to increase interoperability with the Allied and Allied naval forces in the Black Sea. They will also take part in the Poseidon annual mine clearance exercise organized by Bulgaria and Romania.

In Ukraine, announced the start of production of its own MLRS

The Shepetovsky Repair Plant (SHRZ), which is part of the Ukrainian state-owned concern Ukroboronprom, starts production of the Verba MLRS in 2019, the company’s director Oleg Turinsky said. “The production of MLRS” Verba “will begin in 2019,” – transmits his words TASS.

In January Central Bank bought about 6 tons of gold to international reserves

In January 2019, the Bank of Russia purchased 0.2 million troy ounces (about 6 tons) of gold. Such information follows from the materials of the regulator. According to the Central Bank, as of February 1, 2019, the volume of reserves of monetary gold in international reserves reached 68.1 million net troy ounces (2.118 thousand tons)

In France, the Ferrero plant was closed due to the poor quality of the ingredient

The largest factory of the Italian factory Ferrero is closed in France. The reason was the poor quality of one of the components of the popular pasta Nutella and Kinder Bueno bars.

Trading networks warned about problems with dairy products

In the summer of 2019, Russians may face a shortage of milk and dairy products on the shelves of grocery stores. This follows from a letter from large federal retailers representing the Association of Retail Companies (AKORT) to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The reason for writing the letter was the order of the Ministry of Agriculture, which comes into force on July 1. The document significantly expands the list of products, information about which – including certificates, certificates and documents – should be included in the automated system “Mercury”

Zimbabwe decided to get rid of the dollar and introduce a new currency

The Central Bank of Zimbabwe on Wednesday announced that digital dollars stored in electronic banks, as well as a surrogate currency, officially called debt receipts and pegged to the US dollar, are no longer exchangeable at a ratio of 1: 1 to the US dollar, The Wall Street Journal reports .

Since 2009, Zimbabwe, after a period of record in world history of hyperinflation, has withdrawn its own currency from circulation. Instead of the Zimbabwean dollar, residents of the country began to use US dollars, British pounds sterling and the currencies of neighboring countries.

To support exports in Kazakhstan will allocate more than $ 1.3 billion

From 2019 to 2021, 500 billion tenge ($ 1.33 billion) will be allocated to support exporters in Kazakhstan, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Zhenis Kasymbek said at an expanded meeting of the board of the Ministry, February 21, Kazinform agency reported.

Ministry of Transport supported the abolition of subsidies for foreign carriers

The Ministry of Transport supported the appeal of Russian carriers about the abolition of benefits for foreign competitors, told “Izvestia” in the department. We are talking about the reimbursement by the state to shippers of up to 80% of the logistics costs for the transportation of exported engineering products.

Ecuador agreed on an international loan of 10.2 billion dollars

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, announced on Wednesday a technical agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the possibility of obtaining a loan of $ 10.2 billion.

The budget deficit of the Pension Fund of Russia

February 19, 2019 it became known that the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) deficit in 2018 increased by 2.7 times compared with 2017, to 159 billion from 59.4 billion rubles. This follows from the analytical note of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation on the execution of the budget.

Russian net demand for currency declined in December

On February 20, 2019, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation reported that net demand for foreign currency in December last year decreased 2.2 times as compared with November, to $ 1 billion. The decrease is due to a decrease in demand with an increase in foreign currency supply.

The cost of palladium for the first time rose above $ 1,500 per ounce

Palladium has updated the absolute maximum of its price, which for the first time in history exceeded $ 1,500 per troy ounce, PRIME reports.

Gazprom, through the court, refused to offer discounts to Turkish importers

Gazprom won a dispute over claims against two private Turkish gas importers, business media reported. We are talking about the revision of gas contract prices. The Russian company disputed the 10% discount from 2015.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ followers were beaten and tortured with a stun gun.

In Surgut, seven followers of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization banned in Russia were tortured in the building of the Investigation Committee. It is reported by the TV channel “Rain” with reference to the victim’s lawyer Dmitry Kolbasin.

Drivers will not be allowed to drive for more than nine hours.

In Russia, truck drivers weighing 3.5 tons and buses will be banned from driving more than nine hours a day, every 4.5 hours will need to rest. The total time of the machine control during the week should not exceed 56 hours. Such a draft amendment to the rules of the road was prepared by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Russians with gambling will begin to make a special register

It is noted that a person who is aware of a craving for gambling can voluntarily write an application for inclusion in this list. Also the list will include incapable citizens who were brought in by guardians. At the same time, citizens who voluntarily include themselves in this list will be able to limit their rates. The bill applies to all Russian gambling organizers. And bookmakers and sweepstakes are obliged to accept applications from all clients, both Russians and foreigners.

In Europe, proposed to introduce the study of porn in the school curriculum

Introduce the study of pornography in the school curriculum suggested scientists from the Irish National University. According to experts, such lessons will help the younger generation to prepare for real sex life.

The bright screen of the smartphone almost deprived a woman of sight

Doctors found 500 pinholes on the cornea of ​​the right eye of a 25-year-old girl. They told the patient that her eyes looked as if they had been “baked in the microwave”. Doctors called Chen’s habit of using a mobile phone at full screen brightness to blame the disease.

People who criticize the Church are relatives of the devil

Speaking to believers in the Vatican, Francis said that people who condemn the Church all their lives are “friends, cousins ​​and relatives of the devil.” The statement was made on the eve of the meeting of the Catholic hierarchs, which will discuss the fight against the abuses of the Catholic clergy undermining the authority of the Church.

The doctor from Tara, who called the child a “moron,” was reprimanded

On the eve of a resident of Tara published in the public “Overheard in Tara,” the story of how a local otolaryngologist called her son a moron and advised him to seek help at a mental hospital.

“The otolaryngologist, having examined the teeth, apparently, needs it, asks:“ Why does he have a smile on you? Is he a moron? Yes, both of you, I see, you need to examine in the nuthouse! ”. When I said that I would go to the head, in response, they threw back the card and told me to go to the Ministry of Health, ”the woman wrote in social networks.

Krasnoyarsk doctors will be given instructions for communicating with foreigners

In the regional hospital for the doctors prepared a reminder that will help to communicate with foreign patients without words. This is reported on the website of the hospital. The memo presents the patient questionnaire in Russian, English and Chinese.

SERB members frustrated the screening of the film “Holiday” in the “Memorial”

In Moscow, SERB fighters disrupted the film “Celebration”, directed by Alexei Krasovsky, which was held at the International Memorial. This is reported on the FB page of “Memorial”.

BRIT Awards ceremony held in London

London hosted the annual UK music awards ceremony in the field of pop music, the BRIT Awards. The 1975 group became the best British musical group, according to the award page on Twitter.

Gwyneth Paltrow leaves Marvel

According to some reports, after the “Final” Marvel plans to launch a new phase: the “Young Avengers” team with young superheroes. This sheds new light on Paltrow’s desire to leave the universe, the newspaper writes.

Virtual exhibition of portraits of men of different professions

On February 21, the virtual exhibition “Man’s Portrait” will begin on the website of the Amur Regional Local History Museum. It is dedicated to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. The exhibition will acquaint visitors with the artwork from the funds of the regional museum.

Directed by the new “Ghostbusters” has promised to make a film for fans

The director is the son of Ivan Reitman, who shot the first two parts of Ghostbusters. Earlier, the release date of the new “Ghostbusters” was announced.

In Hollywood Oscar was distributed among costumers

An annual Costume Designers Guild Awards was held in the USA. This event, which is held for the 21st time, honors costumers, who create masterpieces for the whole of Hollywood. Reports about it IndieWire.

The prize for the best costumes in the modern film received Mary E. Vogt. She worked on a tape called “Insanely Rich Asians”. Sandy Powell received the award for the best historical costumes for the movie “Favorite”. The best costumes in the fantasy film turned out to be in the Black Panther, while the characters of the TV series The Amazing Mrs. Meisel and The American Crime History: The Murder of Gianni Versace were the most beautifully dressed characters.

Neil Gaiman will do a remake of the anthology series “The Storyteller”

Well-known English science fiction writer Neil Gaiman will be doing a remake of the 1987 series “The Storyteller”. The author plans to rethink the original show and expand its universe, reports Deadline.

Trailer “Rogues” from Netflix

On the YouTube channel of the streaming service Netflix a trailer for the film “The Highwaymen” appeared, based on real events. The main roles in the crime detective were played by Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner.

Syfy closed the series “Flying through the night” after the first season

Syfy TV channel closed the series “Flying through the night” based on the story of the same name by George R. R. Martin after the first season, Variety reports. The reason for closing were low ratings.

Ubisoft is developing a series on the game Skull & Bones

Ubisoft has begun to develop a third-person pirate adventure game Skull & Bones, whose release has not yet taken place, writes THR. To do this, the studio is to unite with Atlas Entertainment, a company that produced films on DC comics for Warner Bros.

The date of the festival “Metafest 2019”

The music festival “Metafest 2019” will be held in the Samara region from August 22 to 24 (0+). Venue – the usual, Mastryukovskie Lake. The concept of the event is currently being developed. Receipt of applications from musicians who wish to speak at the “Metafest”, will begin in mid-March.

BTS Announces New World Tour Dates

“Love Yourserlf: Speak Yourself” – this is how the band’s new tour will be called. Guys will call in the US, Japan and several European countries. The tour will begin on May 4 with a performance in Los Angeles.

Shevchuk is preparing an “armageddonian” multi-clip

The group “DDT” is preparing two new clips at once. The first video, or rather, the animation work – is the adaptation of the song “Dead Man” from the album “Galya, go.”

“It will be an armageddonian, anti-war, anti-totalitarian cartoon. We are trying something new: today is animation, tomorrow there may be something else. We are not doing this for “likes”, we just always had fun working on the video. We just try different styles, ”the artist summarized.

And it was decided to shoot the second clip on a completely new, recently written song “Love is not lost”. This is a love song, tender. It is new, I wrote it recently, called “In bed,” about love, ”the musician noted.

Russia is developing a system for sorting garbage using neural networks

The Machine Learning Laboratory company is developing a neural network based garbage sorting system that will do this several times faster than a human. This was told TASS CEO of a company participating in the market Neuronet National Technology Initiative, Konstantin Sinani.

The Yandex.Music application replaced the standard Windows 10 player.

Windows Media Player remains in the operating system, Kommersant notes. What else is known: Last August, the portal RobotReview, citing a source, wrote that “Yandex.Music” could replace the standard Windows 10 player.

Hackers from North Korea first attacked Russia

Information security experts for the first time recorded an attack on Russian companies by hackers from North Korea. Experts believe that the hacker attacks is a division of Bluenoroff, which belongs to the North Korean group Lazarus.

Google’s Nest Secure security system has secretly installed a microphone

In the “smart” security system Nest Secure from the US multinational corporation Google Google secretly installed a microphone. Information appeared from users, they declare that in the accompanying documentation there are no references to the listening device.

The new “Titanic” will sail in three years

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer promises to create an exact copy of the transatlantic liner. “Titanic II” will follow the same route as the first airliner more than a hundred years ago. RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg on April 15, 1912, five days after sailing from the port of Southampton.

Xiaomi introduced a wireless charging external batteries

At today’s event, Xiaomi, in addition to the Mi 9 smartphone, announced new accessories, including Mi Wireless Power Bank external batteries and Mi Wireless Charger, as well as Mi Wireless Car Charger car charging.

Xiaomi has shown its own analogue of Google Home Hub

At the launch of Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE in China, Xiaomi showed that it is working on its own smart home center, whose appearance is reminiscent of Lenovo Smart Clock and Google Home Hub.

Apple is developing a modular laptop.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple plans to release a whole range of new devices for 2019, and above all, new Mac laptop models. There will be a long-awaited modular laptop Mac Pro, whose components can be changed to new ones.

Scammers are spreading Android Trojans using Instagram

Since the beginning of February, nearly 40 new modifications of such malicious applications have been identified, they have been downloaded by about 10,000,000 users. Some of these Trojans scammers spread via Instagram and YouTube.

Mircosoft Launches New Office Application For Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new Office application for Windows 10 users, designed to replace the existing My Office. In essence, this is a hub for running the latest documents, accessing the main Office applications, or simply searching for free web versions of Office.

Bitcoin symbol appeared on Google keyboard

One of Twitter users under the nickname JP posted a post in which he wrote that a bitcoin symbol (BTC) had appeared on the Google keyboard.

Google opens domain name registration .dev

Google opened the registration in the domain zone .dev. February 19 launched an early access program, under which users can reserve a domain with the desired name for an additional fee.

Scientists have discovered a northern marsupial in Alaska

Researchers have discovered the remains of an animal in a region that is located beyond the Arctic Circle. After the analysis, we can conclude that this animal has incredible endurance. This allowed him to exist at low temperatures typical of the region.

Residents of the Arctic began to trade 9 thousand years ago

The nearest field is Lake Krasnoye in Chukotka, which is too far away for a person to travel such a distance. Scientists came to the conclusion that the ancient people met at intermediate points and organized a primitive trade there.

Bone-healing implants created

A group of scientists from Russia, Germany and Slovenia increased the biological activity of implants due to silicon and strontium nano- and microparticles. As a result of this experiment, the bone tissue will recover faster.

Scientists have invented a sensor for scanning aircraft failures

Scientists from the Crimean Federal University presented new sensors, allowing to detect the defects of aircraft. In the development of new aircraft models, there is the problem of detecting minor inaccuracies in the design.

Harvard scientists are developing nano-lobster

Researchers from Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working together to create a completely naked body covering the body, which will be based on the lobster exoskeleton. A biomechanical nanomaterial based on a soft lobster membrane will provide excellent protection for joints, such as knees and elbows, but will not hamper the wearer in motion.

“We believe that our development will allow production of a new exobroni,” said Minh Guo, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts, noting that the lobster membrane helped him survive on Earth for more than 100 million years. “Created from biomechanical material and based on a soft lobster membrane, armor will provide both comfort and mobility as well as excellent protection.”

InSight began broadcasting Mars weather reports.

In November 2018, the descent vehicle landed on the surface of the planet in the area of ​​the Elysian Plain at the equator and began research. The main goal of InSight is to study the geological history, the composition of the crust and mantle of Mars and the tectonic activity in its depths.

Neptune officially opened a new satellite

Using the Hubble space telescope and new imaging technology, astronomers were able to confirm the existence of the fourteenth in the account of the Neptune satellite.

Russia has established an orbital space radiation monitoring system.

Roscosmos announced the creation of a system for monitoring solar and space radiation based on the Russian orbital group.

Physicists are looking for additional clues to the secret of coronal heating

Scientists have discovered tadpole-shaped jets emerging from regions with intense magnetic fields on the sun. “Tadpoles” are officially called pseudo-shock absorbers. They consist entirely of plasma, an electrically conductive material made of charged particles that make up about 99 percent of the observable universe. The discovery adds a new key to one of the oldest mysteries in astrophysics. For 150 years, scientists have been trying to figure out why the thin upper atmosphere of the Sun, the corona, is more than 200 times hotter than a solar surface.

The web has a render of sports Mazda 3

New Mazda3 will go on sale in the USA in March. The model comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine producing 186 hp. power and 252 Nm of torque. Buyers can choose between 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmissions. Mazda 3 is available with front and all-wheel drive. Prices start from 21 thousand dollars.

Kia introduced the first teaser of the new Xceed crossover

The Korean automaker announced the premiere of the new compact crossover Kia Xceed, the debut of the new items can take place on March 5 this year at the Geneva Motor Show.

Bloomberg: Venezuelan government ordered business to open accounts in Russia

According to the agency’s sources, the head of the Venezuelan Ministry of Finance insisted that consumer goods companies build economic relations with suppliers from Russia, Turkey, India and China, and also open bank accounts in these countries.

Diana Gurtskaya will hold the second festival “Borodino stars”

On February 22, 2019, a gallery concert of classical music for children and youth will take place at the Borodino field, in which young talents with disabilities and their healthy peers will take part. The festival will be held for the second time, and this year it is dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

The Kremlin reported on Putin’s dissatisfaction with his work.

Vladimir Putin “is really dissatisfied with the efficiency of fulfilling instructions” to solve problems in the investigation of criminal cases against businessmen, said presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the RBC correspondent reports.

The president unequivocally outlined his installations this time. You can see that, in general, the style of the message, the nature of the message, the wording are very specific and do not allow any interpretations, erosion of ideas and basic guidelines. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Medvedev instructed to immediately begin the implementation of Putin’s message

“I would ask, without waiting for these documents, to begin now to work out the implementation of the decisions and initiatives that the president made,” the Prime Minister said. Medvedev urged to pay particular attention to social issues.

I would ask, without waiting for these documents, to begin now to work out and implement the decisions and initiatives that the President made. Moreover, you know perfectly well what steps need to be taken. All decisions have been made, in many cases we are already working. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

State Duma approved a bill to toughen penalties for the creation of organized crime groups

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a draft law on toughening the responsibility for the leaders of organized criminal groups (OCG).

Russia proposed to create a special version of the IL-112 for India

The aviation complex named after S. Ilyushin can create a special version of the IL-112 under the conditions of the Indian market. Such a proposal from the Russian side was told to journalists by the company’s marketing director Tamara Kakushadze on Thursday at the Aero India – 2019 exhibition.

Poroshenko said that in the Donbass more tanks than in Europe

The current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, as part of his speech at the debates of the UN General Assembly on the situation in the territories beyond the control of Kiev Nezalezhnaya Square, said that in the Donbas militiamen had at least 496 tanks. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

In the Donbas, Russian armed forces have 496 tanks. For your information: this quantity is greater than in Germany or France, Spain or Italy. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

In Primorye, after the incident with students, the headmaster was dismissed

School principals in the Bolshoy Kamen, where they reported about the mob violence of parents over the schoolchildren, were removed from their duties, the city administration said.

WP learned about the coalition’s refusal to remain in Syria after the US withdrawal

The closest allies of the United States rejected the request of the Donald Trump administration to stay in Syria after the withdrawal of American troops from there. This is with reference to US and foreign officials, the newspaper The Washington Post (WP).

Putin approved an agreement with Minsk on transit to sports events in 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday ratified an agreement with Belarus on the procedure for the entry and transit of foreign citizens and stateless persons traveling to international sports events in 2018–2019

Beglov invited military retirees to the civil service

Speaking at the Military Council of the Western Military District, the current governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov said that military retirees can be useful in the service in government and local government

Poll: Every fifth in Russia swears

Every fifth citizen of Russia swears every day, said VTsIOM general director Valery Fedorov at the round table “Russian statehood and Russian language: history and modernity”.

In the United States offered to sell Montana to Canada for $ 1 trillion

According to the New York Post, a certain Ian Hammond has posted a petition on Change.org, with a proposal to sell Montana to Canada for $ 1 trillion to reduce US national debt.

“We have too much debt, and Montana is useless. Just tell them that there are beavers or something like that, ”the petition page says.

Currently, the document was signed by more than 12 thousand people. State authorities are already concerned about the petition and began working on the promotion of a bill that would ban the sale of Montana, emphasizes the publication

Rally against silicon plant in Zlatoust is prohibited

The authorities of the Zlatoust city district prohibited the holding of a rally against the construction of a silicon factory, which the activists planned to hold on March 2 at the Slava memorial. The head, Vyacheslav Zhilin, documented his refusal by saying that the site was chosen by the activists as inappropriate, it is not safe and is not included in the list of territories officially designated for city meetings.

In Moscow, passed a law on compensation for garbage disposal for pensioners

Elderly residents of the Moscow region received a benefit for garbage collection. The relevant law was adopted at once in three readings by deputies of the Moscow Regional Duma. Benefits introduced at the suggestion of the Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov.

HSE suspended students who have no measles vaccine

The management of the Higher School of Economics has excluded from study those students who were not vaccinated against measles or did not provide data on vaccination.

Duma approved the abolition of licensing the release of CDs

The Duma approved the law on the abolition of licensing of audiovisual products, computer programs, databases and phonograms on any type of media.

Graffiti legalized in St. Petersburg

Denis Chetyrbok (United Russia), the author of the initiative, explained that St. Petersburg has a lot of gray facades, transformer booths that could be decorated with portraits of artists or symbols of historical events.

In Perm, officials fined for commissioning low-quality housing for orphans

Funds for the construction of home for orphans were allocated from the federal and regional budget in December 2013 – April 2015, total – 230, 2 million rubles. Since 2014, the houses built were put into operation. However, new housing did not meet a variety of requirements. Despite gross violations during construction, the officials took five residential houses from the contractors to 150 apartments and provided this housing to graduates of orphanages. Of the 150 apartments located in the houses, area 132 turned out to be less than that established by law.

Almost 5 trillion will be spent on cameras, traffic police and repairs

The passport of the national project “Safe and high-quality roads” until 2024 was published. Installation of 10 thousand new traffic cameras, purchase of 9 thousand instruments for traffic police, for checking drivers intoxication, data exchange between traffic police and the Ministry of Health on drug addicts and alcoholics, as well as large-scale repair of regional roads and the introduction of intelligent transport systems in cities.

Echo of war threatens the ecology of the Barents region

The head of the Norwegian Conservation Union, Kurt Oddekalv, warns that Norway has a serious problem that could destroy the ecology of all the northern seas – a German U-864 submarine with tons of metallic mercury on board that was sunk near Bergen in 1945.

VEB.RF estimated the losses of the Russians in the transition from FIU to APF for 2018

The total loss of Russians in the transition from the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) to non-state pension funds (NPF) for 2018 may be at least 10 billion rubles. Such data are given in VEB.RF materials.

Central Bank proposed to close the population access to the forex market

The forex market should be available only to qualified investors, said Central Bank Deputy Chairman Vladimir Chistyukhin, reports TASS. According to him, now two approaches are being considered: restrictions will apply only to new market participants or to all players.

Gazprom Neft transferred Lakhta Center to a new owner

At the beginning of 2019, Gazprom Neft transferred the multifunctional social and business complex Lakhta Center to a new owner, follows from the company’s annual report. Who exactly, the message is not specified.

Vadim Oikin considers inefficient work on the sale of state property

The first deputy chairman of the government, Vadim Oikin, recalled that for the effective maintenance of state property it is necessary to carefully control it:

“State property is an asset, a resource that should work for the benefit of the region.”

FSB exposed the gas theft scheme in the Arashukovs case

According to the ministry, in the framework of the theft scheme, gas supplies were made to fictitious subscribers. Subsequently, this gas appeared in the reporting as lost. At the same time, mainly such thefts were carried out in the territory of Dagestan.

Ministry of Economic Development proposed to create a virtual economic zone for tourism

Until the end of the year, a virtual special economic zone (VEZ) for the tourist market may appear in Russia, designed to help its members attract foreign travelers to the country. Prior to this, the possibility of its creation was considered only for IT companies.

“Rosgosstrakh” revealed a profit forecast in 2019

Rosgosstrakh plans to make a profit of 3.5 billion rubles in 2019, which is almost 1.8 times less than the profit of 2018, CEO Nikolaus Fry told reporters

“What are our goals for the current 2019? We set a profit target of 3.5 billion rubles. Secondly, we have now told that everything is going up. Today, premiums are 69 billion rubles, and tomorrow, 100 billion rubles, ”he said.

Rosgosstrakh’s net profit for OSBU (industry accounting standards) for 2018 amounted to 6.2 billion rubles, the company in 2018 for the first time since 2014 received a profit.

Railways will buy in 2019 more than 670 new locomotives

In 2019, Russian Railways plan to send 88.6 billion rubles for the renewal of the locomotive fleet under the investment program.

The net profit of “Sibur” decreased over the year by 7.9%

The net profit of the largest Russian petrochemical company Sibur for the year decreased by 7.9%, amounting to 110.8 billion rubles. This is stated in the message of the holding, received by RBC.

Gazprom Neft’s profit for 2018 increased by 48.7%

Adjusted EBITDA for 12 months of 2018 increased by 45.1% compared with last year, reaching 800 billion rubles. Free cash flow (FCF) increased 2.5 times compared with 2017, reaching 162 billion rubles.

The premiere of the Formula 1 series on March 8th on Netflix

Guide Formula 1 confirmed the release date of the series about the Big Prizes on the popular online service Netflix.

A scandalous film based on the novel Tobol is coming out

On February 23, the film “Tobol”, based on the eponymous novel by the Permian writer Alexei Ivanov, is released in wide release. The film tells about the history of Siberia during the reign of Peter I. The action of historical drama unfolds in St. Petersburg, Siberia and Tobolsk.

Pixar has released a short film about the friendship of a street cat and a pit bull

Pixar has released a completely hand-drawn cartoon about the friendship of a street cat and a domestic pit bull. Kitbull’s short film was published on Disney.Pixar YouTube channel. In the plot of the cartoon, the kitten gets acquainted with the home pit bull, whose owner cruelly treats him.

Nicknames will be announced on February 27

The Directorate of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts will announce nominees for the Nika Award on February 27. At the same time, holders of honorary awards will be announced. The award ceremony will be held on March 30 in Moscow.

For the Russian military have created a phone for 200 thousand rubles

For the Russian military created a new push-button phone called “Defender”. The novelty was developed by the company Caviar, engaged in the creation of luxury phones and smartphones, writes Lenta with reference to the press release received by the editor. The case of the push-button telephone is made of hardened titanium, and its back panel is decorated with a leather insert. The cost of the device is 199 thousand rubles.

Uber Russia launched a service in 104 new cities

Taxi service Uber launched a service in 104 cities of Russia. The company has increased its presence in the country to 250 points on the map, including small cities with a population of about 50 thousand people.

Global warming will come in 2159

If the trend does not change, the planet will return to the era of global warming by 2159, according to Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology. Scientists often use PETM as a guide for tracking climate change.

Mark Zuckerberg does not want to live in a society that is building Facebook

The head of the social network talked with Professor Jonathan Zitrain of Harvard University for about two hours, the topic of conversation was devoted to the issue of user privacy. At some point, Zuckerberg compared messengers with living rooms and said he did not want a society in which cameras would be installed in the living rooms.

The interviewer immediately reminded the owner of Facebook that his company sells just such cameras, namely, a device called Portal and Portal Plus, intended for video calls. To this, Zuckerberg replied that the data in the messenger of these devices is encrypted.

Intel announced readiness for the production of integrated memory MRAM

An Intel report at the ISSCC 2019 conference revealed a high degree of company readiness for mass production of chips with integrated magnetoresistive memory. More precisely, with its version such as STT-MRAM, which uses to record the transfer of the spin moment of the electron.

Apple dropped from 1 to 17 in the ranking of innovative companies

Fast Company magazine presented a rating of 50 innovative companies, in which Apple was ranked 17th, although last year it was the leader in such a list. The first place in the ranking is taken by the Chinese startup Meituan Dianping, which developed its own service for booking accommodation and theater tickets and ordering food.

Google secretly installed the microphone in the security system Nest

Users of the Nest Secure security system from Google said that the company had installed a built-in microphone in the control panel. At the same time, the accompanying documents did not indicate that there is a listening device.

Bitcoin can now be made on Twitter

The extension called Trippin allows you to receive small amounts of cryptocurrency, it is already used by the creator of the social network Twitter Jack Dorsey. To start working with the program, you need to install it in Chrome or Firefox, after which a lightning icon will appear next to the Like and Retweet buttons, a similar button can be installed on your own website, the developers of the program said.

35-year quark slowdown mystery revealed inside large atoms

A thorough check of the data obtained by the Jefferson Laboratory of the US Department of Energy found a connection between protons and neutrons in atomic nuclei and the mystery of 35 years ago about the dependence of the quark velocity on the size of the atom – the so-called “EMC effect”.

They found that the speed of quarks depends on the number of protons and neutrons that form short correlated pairs in atomic nuclei. The more such pairs in the nucleus, the slower the quarks move in the protons and neutrons of the atom.

On the Galapagos found a giant tortoise, which was considered extinct

Giant turtles of the species Chelonoidis phantasticus have not been seen for a very long time – more than 100 years (the last time the tortoise of this species was seen back in 1906). This species is believed to inhabit only the island of Fernandina, the third largest island of Galapagos.

The most northern magnetic observatory in Russia will be created until 2022

The observatory will be created not far from Samoilovsky Island and will become one of its modules, along with other devices for monitoring climate, temperature and weather conditions.

Accidents “Roskosmos” cost insurance companies $ 185 million

“Roscosmos” in 2018 brought the world insurance market less than 30% of all losses, said adviser to general director Valentina Rakitina at the conference “Aviation and Space Insurance in Russia”.

Because of the two crashes of Roscosmos, insurers paid $ 185 million of coverage, for five foreign accidents $ 409 million, according to its presentation. There is no data on another accident, Telstar Vantage 12 satellite, in the presentation there is no. Thus, Roscosmos is not the main driver of unprofitability in the field of space insurance, concluded Rakitina.

In 2019, for the first time in history, two women will immediately go into outer space.

According to RIA Novosti, this year, for the first time in history, two women will appear in open space – American astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Cook. This was reported by Cook herself, speaking at a pre-flight press conference at the Cosmonaut Training Center (CPC).

Geophysicists have calculated the true dimensions of the earth’s atmosphere

Russian geophysicists have found that the earth’s atmosphere encompasses the moon and extends further. According to preliminary calculations, the gaseous layer reaches 630,000 kilometers. It is worth noting that previously scientists did not know how big the atmosphere of the Earth was.

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