3 Jun, 2018

Serbia does not recognize Crimea as Russian

Serbian President Alexander Vučić explained why Belgrade can not yet recognize Crimea as part of Russia. According to him, this would mean supporting Kosovo’s independence. At the same time, Vučić recalled that Belgrade did not support the West’s sanction against Moscow, imposed because of the entry of the Crimea into Russia.

The French president said the same thing, that Russia is a friendly country. From our side, we want to strengthen traditional ties with Russia, our trade cooperation. From a military point of view, we adhere to neutrality. But, naturally, we are on the European path. – Alexander Vucic, Serbian statesman

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Lukashenka Says Russia Attempts to “Privatize Victory” in WWII

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to the Brest Fortress expressed dissatisfaction with the criticism of Minsk over the established traditions of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is reported on the website of the head of state.

Recently, I monitor this trend, I observe. There is more and more information on this topic. Someone does not think that it is surprising – in Russia, to privatize this Victory. As if there were no others in the war – Belarusians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Armenians, Tajiks, Turkmen. – Alexander Lukashenko

Raul Castro will reform the constitution of Cuba

First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Raul Castro will head the parliamentary committee on reforming the country’s constitution, he said on Saturday, the head of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel

The Government of Catalonia took power

The new government of Catalonia took power, reports Reuters. Thus, the agency notes, the direct management of the region by Madrid was put an end. The new head of the Catalan government, Kim Torra, said that he will continue to move towards independence of the autonomy.

Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Eun

US President Donald Trump on Friday confirmed that he intends to hold a meeting with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-no on June 12 in Singapore. “We meet with the chairman on June 12,” Trump said, adding that he hoped that this would be a “successful process”

Deputies of the Moscow City Duma appointed the date of the Mayor election of the capital

At a meeting on Saturday, June 2, the Moscow City Duma adopted a decree on the date of the election of the mayor of the Russian capital. They will be held on a single voting day on September 9. The resolution came into force on the day of its adoption, Tass reports.

Putin approved the concept of countering the financing of terrorism

President Vladimir Putin approved the concept of the development of a national system for countering the legalization of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism. This was reported in the press service of the Kremlin. The document is published on the Kremlin website

Japan will challenge the US duty in the WTO

Canada has already appealed to the World Trade Organization. Also, the US decision in the WTO disputed the European Union. Recall, on March 23, US President Donald Trump signed a decree on the introduction of trade duties on the supply of steel and aluminum from other countries, including European ones.

Restrictions on imports of steel and other metals are unacceptable. Countries that engage in unilateral protectionism do not benefit from this. – Taro Aso, Japanese politician

Lukashenka announces new corruption exposures

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that in the near future in the country will report new facts of corruption exposures.

Pedro Sanchez formally assumed the post of Prime Minister of Spain

The leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSURP) Pedro Sanchez swore in the royal palace of Zarzuela, thus officially taking office as the country’s prime minister.

The US will take revenge on Europe for Nord Stream-2

President of the United States Donald Trump intends to impose sanctions against companies from Germany and other European countries that sponsored the construction of the Nord Stream-2. This was reported by sources in Washington.


Netanyahu: Israel reserves the right to attack Iranian forces in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this week that Israel will continue to maintain full military operations against the “Iranian presence” in Syria.

NATO refused to help Israel in case of Iran’s attack

NATO will not help Israel in the event of an armed conflict with Iran, said Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, because the Jewish state is not a member of the organization, they can not guarantee the country full security.

China accused the US of interfering in its internal affairs

China considers any criticism of its actions on the placement of weapons in the islands in the South China Sea, an attempt to interfere in internal affairs, said the vice-president of the Academy of Military Sciences of the People’s Liberation Army, Lei He, commenting on the words of the head of the Pentagon James Mattis.

Saudi Arabia threatens with war with Qatar because of Russian S-400

Riyadh will be ready for a military operation against Qatar, if the latter purchase Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, said in a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron.

SANA: in Syria, when a coalition hit the United States, eight people were killed

The international coalition led by the United States has inflicted a new air strike on civilians in Syria, the national agency SANA reported referring to a local source.

Ukraine continues to bomb the DNR

During the past 24 hours, during the shelling of the front-line territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Kiev siloviki released 56 units of various ammunition. This was announced today by the head of the Republic’s representation in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire regime Ruslan Yakubov.

NATO instructors prepare the military of Ukraine for the offensive

The command of the armed forces of Ukraine with the active participation of instructors of the NATO military unit is training the personnel of the Ukrainian army for a large-scale offensive in the Donbas

Arsenal of missiles and ammunition is being built in the Tver region

The arsenal under construction is intended for storage of rockets, ammunition and explosives of the logistics center of the Western Military District, Tass reports.

In the administrative zone of the arsenal, we built a complex for the living of a personnel of a closed life-support cycle, when a serviceman, without leaving the barracks, gets all the services he needs. This complex includes all the necessary facilities located under one roof, “said Army General Dmitry Bulgakov, Deputy Defense Minister, on June 2 as part of a working visit to the troops of the district.

The very arsenal allows you to hide the stocks of missiles and ammunition from the external influence under the concrete dome and ensure their safety, as well as explosion and fire safety. The full load of each arsenal storage is up to 240 tons.

Damascus urged Washington to leave base in El Tanf

The US presence in Syria is illegal, the US side must leave the military base created in the city of Tanf. This was stated at a press conference in Damascus by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Syria Walid Muallem, Mehr News Agency reports.

US Navy will receive a new anti-ship missile NSM

The Navy of the United States of America signed a contract with Raytheon to supply NSM anti-ship missiles. This is reported by the portal Defense News. As noted, the cost of the contract may initially be $ 14 million, but the amount could grow to $ 848 million.

The EU intends to resist the “Russian introduction” to Europe

The European Union set a goal to reflect the “Russian implementation” in the countries of Eastern Europe, in particular to the Baltic states and Poland. This is stated in the report of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs. The text of the document was reviewed by the RT channel.

NATO will discuss the increase in the number of response forces

The possibility of increasing the NATO response force by 30 thousand people will be discussed by the defense ministers of the member countries of the alliance. Their meeting, as reported by the newspaper “Welt”, will be held on June 7 in Brussels.

Vietnam will not allow the creation of foreign military bases in the country

Vietnam will not allow the creation of foreign military bases in the country. This was reported by Ngo Xuan Lit, who is the Vietnamese Minister of National Defense. From his words, all states have a duty to respect each other’s independence.

Israeli military did not allow Palestinians from Gaza to enter the country

The Israeli military stopped the attempt of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to cross the border with Israel and damage the border infrastructure, the army’s press service said.


The population is poor, the oligarchs are getting richer

In the footsteps of gasoline, prices and gas rose. Blue fuel has become more expensive for 2-3 rubles, according to Orsk.ru. If earlier at gas stations of Orsk and Novotroitsk

For him, he had to pay an average of 18-19 rubles, now – 21 rubles.

Federation of Trade Unions of the Orenburg region appealed to the president, the government of the Russian Federation and the region, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and oil companies with a demand to stop the price chaos.

“The prices for motor fuel are closer to their average world level, while the real money income of the overwhelming majority of the population of our country is falling for the fourth year in a row,” the public opinion believes.

Erdogan bans Uber taxi service in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan banned the Uber taxi service in the country, Daily Sabah reports. According to the Turkish leader, the country has its own taxi system, and it will not be allowed to be destroyed. He added that the Uber ban was adopted at the state level.

The US Congress decided to run a supporter of the legalization of pedophilia

In 2009, Larson was sentenced to 16 months in prison for threatening to kill the US president – they were then Barack Obama. Nathan Larson also advocates the legalization of narcotic drugs, the abolition of restrictions on the carrying of firearms

In Riga, thousands of people went to the march in defense of Russian schools

As the TASS clarifies, the protest rally was held under the slogans “For Russian schools, for the right to learn in their native language!” And “For dignity and freedom for our people!”. According to the police, about 3 thousand people came to the streets, the organizers of the action speak about 7-8 thousand protesters.

The right to lunch with Buffett was auctioned for $ 3.3 million

As reported by the Associated Press agency, the winner of the auction wished to remain anonymous. The auction, arranged by the 87-year-old billionaire for the 19th time, was held online on eBay

The Moscow City Duma approved the installation of the bust of Marshal Govorov

Moscow City Duma during the meeting supported the decision to install in Moscow a bust of Marshal of the Soviet Union Leonid Govorov.

The Friends of the Baltic Seal Fund received a presidential grant

Thanks to the grant, scientists will study the spatial distribution of the Ladoga ringed seal. The creators of the Foundation will spend money on the purchase of satellite devices, which will be installed on the seals. Scientists hope to get fundamental knowledge about the biology of these unique representatives of the fauna of Russia.

Beach with inflatable flamingos opened in New Holland in St. Petersburg

On Friday, June 1, a beach with pink flamingos was opened in St. Petersburg. On the island of New Holland, you can see dozens of birds, though not live, and inflatable. On the page of the administration of the island in the social network “VKontakte” it is specified that the beach is on the pontoon.

In St. Petersburg there will be a museum of the Strugatsky brothers

We will add, the sum of the presidential grant makes 8,8 million rubles. The opening of the museum is planned for the end of 2019. Let’s remind, earlier it was informed, that in Petersburg there will be a new museum-ship.

The court banned the sale of fat in Russia

The Russian court decided not to sell supplements, tablets and powders, which help to reduce the level of subcutaneous fat. Such drugs are recognized as hazardous to health.

The government agreed with the oil industry to fix gas prices

The government has agreed with the oil companies to fix the prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak told about this in the program “To conduct on Saturday” on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Agreed in the government. We met with the largest oil companies – thirteen companies. They are also citizens of our country, national companies. And they understand that today in the summer it is not only a burden on car enthusiasts, ordinary citizens. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

Rosstat named the lowest paid work

As the agency told RT, in March 2018 the lowest level of wages in 18 679 rubles on average in the Russian Federation was noted among employees of factories for the manufacture of clothing. A year ago, these same workers received a little more – 19,940 rubles, writes Gazeta.ru.

Pope invited oil workers to Vatican to discuss climate change

Pope Francis invited the heads of oil companies to the Vatican summit to discuss climate change.

Sberbank cut rates on deposits

Experts believe that the bank places funds on the Bank of Russia’s deposits and has a surplus of free liquidity, so it can safely reduce interest rates without significant risks.


The government will monitor the situation with the Urban Group

On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared Construction began an audit of the Urban Group to assess the required amount of funds for completing the company’s projects and determining the format of the work.

The output of coal in Russia in May grew by 7.1%

From the beginning of the year, coal exports increased by 1.4% to 76.55 million tonnes. The import of coal in May fell by 5.3% compared to May of the previous year, 1.71 million tons, since the beginning of the year coal imports fell by 16.1% compared to January-May 2017, to 8.24 million tonnes .

Electricity production in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the year increased by 1.3%

Electricity production in Russia in January-May 2018 increased by 1.3% compared to the same period last year, to 467.7 billion kW / h.

The number of drilling rigs in the US for the week rose to 1,060

The number of oil and gas drilling rigs in the US increased by 1 unit over the past week to 1,060, Baker Hughes, an oilfield service company, said.

Cyprus closes its banks for offshore companies

Cyprus became the second jurisdiction after Latvia, in which, since March this year, there have been serious cuts in the number of clients of banks representing offshore companies, the number of which was about 26,000.

Baku ready to help Turkmenistan with gas supplies to the EU

The “Southern Gas Corridor,” from which Azerbaijani gas went to the EU, was opened on May 29. In the future, Europe plans to receive gas from other sources in the Middle East region. And first of all from Turkmenistan.

VEB will cut half the staff

The state corporation reduces costs for the sake of capitalization Vnesheconombank (VEB) plans to reduce to half the staff, or about 900 people. Also, the state corporation intends to almost completely get rid of the park of official cars.

Egypt since June 6, resumes supplies of potatoes to Russia

Egypt will be able to supply potatoes from eight regions in Russia since June 6, which were banned due to brown rot, Egyptian Minister of Industry and Trade Tarek Kabil quotes the official Egyptian news agency MENA.

Foreign investors continue to flee from Russian assets

Foreign investors continue to flee from Russian assets. Capital outflow from the stock and debt markets of Russia through funds (including all funds investing in Russian stocks and bonds) amounted to $ 270 million from May 24 to May 30 against $ 250 million a week earlier.

Russian banks are preparing for a shortage of foreign currency

As Rosbank points out, this fact indicates a growing interest in obtaining dollars through cross-currency swaps and a lack of dollar liquidity on the Russian market.

VTB raised interest rates on deposits in foreign currency

VTB increases interest rates on deposits in dollars and euros, according to the bank’s website. For retail customers, the yield growth was 0.69 percentage points (percentage points) in dollars and 0.18 percentage points in euros.

The monetary base in Russia declined by 100.5 billion rubles in a week

The volume of the monetary base in the narrow definition in Russia as of May 25 amounted to 9 trillion 946.5 billion rubles, the Bank of Russia press service reported. On May 18, the monetary base in Russia amounted to 10 trillion 047 billion rubles.


In one of the regions of Dagestan, the CTO regime was introduced

“In a separate section of the Tsumadinsky district, including the settlements of Kvanada and Gimerso, KTO regime was introduced from 04.15 Moscow time,” the source said.

Center “Gravitation” in Irkutsk suspended work after emergency with children

The scientific and entertainment center “Gravitation”, who worked in the shopping and entertainment center “Komsomol” in Irkutsk, suspended its activities after the accident, in which eight children received burns. This is reported on the center’s website.

In Togliatti 15 children were hospitalized because of hydrogel balls

The incident occurred in one of the kindergartens of Togliatti, where one of the pupils brought the balls. Because of fears that children could swallow balls, it was decided to hospitalize the entire group – 15 people.

In Moscow, detained a killer who killed a friend of Grandfather Hassan

Employees of the FSB detained a suspect in the murder of Ilgar Aliyev, a criminal leader of the criminal authority Aslan Usoyan, known as Ded Hasan, REN TV reported. According to the sources of the channel, the operation was held on May 31 in the restaurant “White House” in the center of Moscow. The detainee confessed to the crime.

In Iran, a military aircraft crashed

In one of the central provinces of Iran, the country’s air force crashed, reports Iranian news agency Fars Incident occurred near the settlement of Dusterd in Isfahan province, its cause was a technical malfunction of the aircraft.

Three MSU students accused of vandalism

Three MSU students were detained for damaging the indicator stand to the fan zone of the World Cup, told RIA Novosti a source in the law enforcement agencies of the capital.

Against the Primorye started the case for smuggling 250 chameleons and geckos

Against a resident of Primorsky Krai, a criminal case was opened for smuggling 250 chameleons and geckos in a backpack. This is reported on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The case was initiated under part 1 of Art. 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal movement across the border of particularly valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources).

Survived in the tragedy of 1996 on Mount Everest was killed, falling from the stairs

In May 1996, during the unsuccessful descent into the storm from Everest, eight members of the commercial expedition “Mountain madness” were killed. Only Foys and one more climber, Dane Lene Gammelgard, remained alive. Tragic events became the basis for the book “In the thin air” and the movie “Everest.”

Director of the Simferopol Parks is detained for a fight

Director of the municipal parks of Simferopol Alexander Shabanov by court decision was arrested for the duration of the investigation into the criminal case of causing serious bodily injuries to the employee of the Gagarin Park Oleg Batishchev.


Krasnoyaryets made a tattoo with a portrait of Olga Buzova for sake

At the concert of the singer in the “Grand Hall Siberia” the red-headed Grigory Chistyakov approached Buzovaya and showed a tattoo with her face on her shoulder

Benedict Cumberbatch saved the stranger from the bullies next to Baker Street

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who starred in the series “Sherlock”, saved an unknown man from bullies, according to the Daily Mirror. According to the publication, the actor drove in a taxi on Marylebone Road in London when he saw four men beating the courier from the delivery of food.

Enrique Iglesias called himself half Russian

An unusual statement was made by Enrique Iglesias during a concert in Moscow. The fans were sure that they came to listen to the Spanish singer, but it was not so. He considers himself our compatriot.

Naked Volochkov takes pictures of a 12-year-old daughter

In Instagram ballerinas again began to appear spectacular photos from the next resort – this time from Cyprus. Volochkova went on vacation in the company of Arisha’s daughter, but some photos of Anastasia cause a lot of questions from subscribers

Galina Yudashkina baptized her youngest son

Both Galina boys were born in the USA. Yudashkin has not yet shown the fans the face of her youngest son, but she already told about the important ceremony for him.

“So we baptized you, my little joy!” – Yudashkina shared.

Hot pictures of Kate Middleton published

The popular photographer Max Butterworth unveiled the photos he made in the period from 2005 to 2008, when he was engaged in “hunting” for the celebrity, which left clubs, bars and hotels after parties in the British capital.

Jigarkhanyan received a public award for “Honor and Dignity”

On the website of the Moscow Drama Theater, under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, information was published that his artistic director was awarded a high award by awarding a public award for “Honor and Dignity” to the cultural figure, deserved due to the huge contribution to the national cultural life

Ekaterina Guseva showed an adult son

For many, celebrities were a real surprise. Ekaterina Guseva showed admirers of the adult son Alexey. “A real man and just a handsome man,” the fans declared unanimously.

Sigal launched in Russia a show about martial arts “Heat Fight”

The show about martial arts “Heat Fight” will be released on Russian screens. It was launched by an American actor, film producer and martial artist Stephen Segal

Lada Dance showed the fans the buttocks in a translucent suit

Many fans were surprised at how sexy and young the singer looks in her 48 years. The well-known Russian singer Lada Dance showed the fans their elastic buttocks, which were clearly visible through a translucent suit.

Sergei Bezrukov introduced the first single of his rock band

Russian actor of theater and cinema Sergei Bezrukov in his Instagram introduced the first single of the rock band “The Godfather” he created. Bezrukov published a link so that anyone could listen to the composition.

Lera Kudryavtseva turned her husband into a “householder”

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva was able to turn her husband into a “householder”. Hockey player Igor Makarov recently mastered all methods of cleaning the house and learned to perfectly manage the mops.

Noize MC and Basta will perform at VK Fest in St. Petersburg

Organizers VK Fest, which will be held in the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg on July 28 and 29, told about the artists who are ready to perform at the festival. As the press service of the social network “VKontakte”, one of the performers will be rapper Basta. In addition, he is expected to perform 50 more artists.

Glucose told about shooting the clip “Zhu-Zhu” with the band “Leningrad”

The famous singer Glukoza told about how long she was given the decision to create a joint clip together with the group “Leningrad”, writes 78.ru.

The author of books about Harry Potter will write a new book for children

British writer Joan Rowling announced her plans to write a new book for a children’s audience.

In Moscow, the exhibition Banksy

In Moscow CHA, the first personal exhibition of the world’s most sought-after graffiti painter Banksy was opened in Russia.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States hosted the Pushkin Ball

For the third consecutive year, the Russian Embassy in Washington has provided a venue for the Pushkin Ball, which every year attracts more children coming to the festival.

“Star Wars: Episode 9” received a new name “Tricksy”

Many portals referred to the use of this franchise by this name. At this time, Jay Abrams is preparing to begin shooting the series “Star Wars: Episode 9”. The premiere of the film is scheduled for December 19, 2019.

The series “Legion” was extended for the third season

“Legion” has exceeded all our expectations on how to build intensity and frankness in the second season.

James Gunn did not accept the offer to make a film on DC comic books

A curious confession was made in a conversation with his fans by the creator of the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and its continuation by James Gunn. It turned out that the studio DC Films offered him to take on the screen version of one of his comics.


Apple lifted the ban on updating Telegram

In the App Store, it’s really possible for users to install the new version of Telegram 4.8.2. Since the middle of April, Apple has been blocking Telegram updates for iOS around the world, it became known on May 30 from a message on the messenger’s website in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

The application for iOS has finally been updated to version 4.8.2. Thank you, Apple and Tim Cook, which allowed us to make the latest version of Telegram available to millions of users. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

Users Mylistory became available WEB-version

Users of the Chechen social network Mylistory became available to its WEB-version. In the near future, it will launch applications, connect notifications about messages and other functions.

Yandex launched API Turbo-pages

Yandex Turbo-pages have an API. The company states that with the help of the new tool it is possible to increase several times the number of Turbo versions sent to the re-routing and to report on those pages that require changes

Android launcher Microsoft will monitor children

Microsoft has updated its own Android launcher, adding a tracking function to it. Now users will be aware of where the members of their family were. Users will also have an activity report that will show which applications have been used on the device and for how long.

Google invites you to take a course in machine learning

The workshop contains videos, interactive exercises, documentation, materials, illustrating how Google created a model of image classification in image search. At the moment, the course has already passed more than 10 thousand employees of the company.

“Yandex” allowed creating bots on the basis of “Alice”

The platform has been tested for three months and is now available to all comers. The first company, whose services could be ordered through Alice, in February this year was the pizzeria “Papa Jones”.

Money transfers in WhatsApp will appear in June

The company is already discussing the possible introduction of the function of money transfers for all users in early June, according to the publication BloombergQuint.

Google began to ask for hours of work of organizations

Western webmaster Ben Fisher noticed that now when trying to change the hours of operation of the organization, Google asks to attach a photo or scan tablets with real hours of work. The search asks “to take a photo that clearly shows the opening hours so that Google can scan them.”

AIQ is caught in the collection and storage of Facebook user data

Company AggregateIQ (AIQ) from Canada was convicted of unauthorized operations with the personal data of Facebook users. The American press suspects the firm in collecting and storing information about hundreds of thousands of people who are registered in a popular social network.

“VKontakte” will protect users from theft of content

Popular social network “VKontakte” launched the algorithm “Nemesis”, killing posts. Now unique user content is protected from any encroachment. Users “VKontakte” were pleased with the news about the introduction of “Nemesis” with the social network.


Scientists: Every person’s brain has a gift of divination

Accordingly, the brain of each person has the gift of predicting, preventing pain sensations

The cockroach was forced to move with an artificial nerve

As a result, the foot of the cockroach, to which the nerve was connected, began to move. Similar developments have been made before, however, up to this point, scientists have not been able to create such a prosthesis that would fully mimic tactile feedback

Headphones by the age of 30 can cause hearing loss

Experts have told about harm of reproduction of music in ear-phones by people younger than 30 years. The volume of sound in this listening is comparable to the take-off aircraft. Headphones can cause hearing loss in young people who prefer to listen to music too loudly.

Scientists: Fast walking reduces the risk of premature death

Over the next 2 years, scientists collected information on the deaths of sample participants for a variety of reasons. The researchers determined that, compared with those who move slowly, people at an average rate reduced the risk of premature death by 20%, and for faster ones – by 24%.

Scientists have created a material that can restore tooth enamel

Scientists from the UK, Spain, Italy and Japan have jointly created a material that is very similar to enamel and can replace it. Scientists have set out to create a material that can replace enamel.

Peripheral vision made it possible to recognize positive emotions on the face

“The effectiveness of the recognition of emotional outbursts increases to the center of the field of view,” the researchers said. As a result, it was revealed that emotions, which are colored in positive colors, are well perceived both on the periphery and in the center.

Scientists have learned the ways of settling the ancestors of the Indians in America

Scientists have established that before the continent the ancestors of the Indians got on boats. Here they divided into two groups, one of them went eastward, the other settled in the northern part of North America, and also in the territories of Central and South America.

Modular robot taught to use improvised means

American engineers taught the modular robot SMORES-EP to use improvised materials for accomplishing tasks.

Chemists explained the effectiveness of repairing feathers during bathing

American chemists explained the mechanism for restoring the shape and mechanical properties of damaged bird feathers in water

Scientists have found a gene that made from a human monkey

Scientists from the University of California in Santa Cruz found a gene that, they said, made a man from a monkey. He, according to geneticists, refers to the family NOTCH2NL and is responsible for key features of the human brain.

The virtual house taught the neural network to describe household activities

A virtual environment created by scientists from the United States of America, Canada and Slovenia was used to teach the neural network the understanding of simple human-readable but complex for robots scenarios of interaction with the living space.

Scientists have developed an algorithm that blocks the recognition of faces in social networks

The specialists presented the Instagram-filter, which is aimed at the dynamic destruction of identification technology. Scientists from U of T Engineering under the leadership of Professor Parkham Aarabi have developed a unique algorithm that blocks the recognition of faces in social networks.


SpaceX will launch the Falcon Heavy rocket twice before the end of the year

By the end of the year, SpaceX company can make the first commercial launch of the newest Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceNews reports. Delivery of the first cargo will be paid by the telecommunication giant Arabsat. The launch of the first commercial satellite is planned in December 2018.

China successfully launched the Earth Observation Satellite “Gaofeng-6”

“Gaofeng-6” was launched by the carrier rocket “Changzheng-2D” at 12:33 local time from the Jiuquan Cosmodrome in north-west China. Simultaneously with it, the scientific experimental satellite Lotszya-1 was launched into orbit. Thus, the 276th space launch of the Changzheng launch vehicle was successfully completed.

Russia will begin to follow the space from the territory of New Zealand

On the island belonging to New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean are going to establish a Russian optical-electronic station for the control of outer space. Previously, similar complexes were located in Brazil and South Africa. With their help you can observe objects at altitudes up to 50 thousand kilometers.

Russian Shkaplerov transferred ISS command to American Foistel

Foystel, in turn, gave him the symbol of the crew – a coin with the signatures of three astronauts. Note, Shkaplerov and Russian Alexander Misurkin set February 3, 2018 a record among Russian cosmonauts for the duration of work in open space – 8 hours and 13 minutes.

NASA sent CubeSats to Mars

NASA sent to Mars tiny devices from the CubeSats series – MarCO-A and MarCO-B. Last week, both devices launched their engines to correct the trajectory of the movement to the Red Planet.

The Dawn probe will come very close to Ceres

To the orbit of the asteroid, the space probe reached in 2011, where for a year he studied the celestial body, sending information important for astronomy to Earth. To Ceres Dawn approached in 2015, and since then the researchers are surprised by the variety of valuable information about it.

In 2018, the Great Confrontation of Mars is expected

In 2018, astronomers expect a rare astronomical phenomenon – the great opposition of Mars

Russian-made cosmorobot prepared for shipment to ISS

The Russian space robot was prepared for installation on the ISS. The device, in fact, is a great hand that will help astronauts in performing a variety of tasks in outer space

NASA will send a mission to study the heliosphere in 2024

The cost of the mission is estimated at 492 million US dollars. The device will carry with it 10 scientific instruments and will “catch” those particles of interstellar wind that break through the bubble of the heliosphere, as well as study the formation of cosmic rays in it.

Astronomers have discovered one of the largest trans-Neptunian objects

Astronomers have discovered a new Trans-Neptunian object 2017 OF69, this is one of the largest known celestial bodies of this type. The discovery is reported on the site of the Center for Small Planets.


In 2019, the Russian market will come two crossover Haval

In the future, both crossover is planned to be produced in Russia at the enterprise in the Tula region. By the way, the Russian plant of the Chinese brand will start operating at the beginning of next year using full cycle technology.

Photos updated LADA Granta FL disappointed car enthusiasts

Attentive people from Togliatti noticed in the general car stream the updated LADA Granta FL. Right now the car is undergoing final tests on city streets. In social networks, pictures of the updated machine appeared thanks to the RCI News group.

The new sedan Mazda 3 will be presented in November

The official debut of the new generation Mazda 3 will take place at the Motor Show in Los Angeles in November this year. Such information appeared on the eve of several Western media outlets

Ram announced the release of the super-pickup Rebel TRX in 2019

The expansion of the Ram brand line was announced by Fiat Chrysler. Among the most anticipated novelties of the brand is named the sports pickup Rebel TRX. The representative of the company has already reported that the model will stand on the conveyor.

Mitsubishi brings the Mitsubishi Xpander minivan to new markets

Motor range is represented by a 1.5-liter 120-horsepower engine, a pair of which is a five-speed mechanic or a four-speed automatic. Drive system only on the front axle. The cost of Xpander is about 800 thousand rubles translated into the Russian ruble.

McLaren dedicated sports car 675LT racing McLaren F1 GTR

British automaker McLaren officially introduced a special version of McLaren 675LT supercar, dedicated to the legendary McLaren F1 GTR racing model, which took second place in the Le Mans 24-hour marathon in 1997.

In Novosibirsk, restored the Russian sports car Marussia B1

The company VIP-Service has restored the Russian sports car Marussia B1. As it became known, the car is already preparing for the official presentation. The novelty will be an exhibition copy

Honda showed a new truck of the segment of key cars

The Japanese engineering company Honda presented for the domestic market a new truck of the segment of key cars. According to reporters with reference to the manufacturer, the novelty was called N-VAN.

Alfa Romeo will revive sports cars 8C and GTV

Company Alfa Romeo will revive sports cars 8C and GTV – new generations of these models will enter the market by 2022, informs Autocar. The Italian automaker intends to equip all its models, the number of which will increase to 9, hybrid power plants.

The most expensive Ferrari in history was sold at auction for $ 70 million

Classic sports car Ferrari 250 GTO in 1963, sold at auction for 70 million dollars (about 4.3 billion rubles), has become the most expensive car in history Ferrari. In total, there are no more than three or four such machines left in the world.

Volkswagen I.D. R on video passed the first tests on Mount Pikes Peak

Already on June 24, the next arrival of cars on the mountain Pikes Peak, within the framework of the official racing competition Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This competition has long been a traditional way for automakers to demonstrate their capabilities and superiority over others.

Tuning studio Mansory turned the Mercedes-AMG C63 into a 650-strong coupe

Tuning studio Mansory presented a tuning package for the “charged” Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe. Experts worked not only on the technical stuffing of the car, but also on the exterior and inside space. As a result, the maximum speed of the coupe was 310 km / h.

Jeep Grand Cherokees will get autopilot

In 2020, the company intended to release a new version of the Jeep Grand Cherokees, which will slow down, accelerate, and also change the location on the road itself. A similar method is the Tesla autopilot, which is well-known on the territory of the whole world at that time.


Eighteen seconds of the gameplay Spyro Reignited Trilogy

In the network appeared a short piece of the game process of the upcoming remake of the original trilogy about the Spyro dragon Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Dedicated Evolve servers will be disabled on September 3

The company 2K Games announced that dedicated servers of the multiplayer action game Evolve will be disabled on September 3, 2018. This means that some of the game functions will no longer be available, such as “Hunting (Rating mode)”, tournament tables and in-game store.

Creators of Halo and Destiny are working on a new universe

As Halo authors note, their long-term goal is to become an entertainment company that can simultaneously support several “worlds.” Now this is only the Destiny universe, but there are already other projects in the plans.

In Murderous Pursuits appeared friends, ranks and ridicule

The most dexterous killers will now move along the rank table, and all participants will be able to get another 44 Steam achievements. In addition, the game appeared ridicule: removed the victim will show a short animated fragment selected by her killer.

Metal Gear Survive on PS4 is temporarily free

The new game Metal Gear Survive for PS4 consoles was temporarily free. The action will last till the evening of June 3. After the release of Metal Gear Survive exactly 100 days passed and the developers decided to celebrate such a small date with special gifts.

WorldMatch became the leading operator in the Colombian gambling market

WorldMatch, which entered the Colombian market in March of this year, received certification for 75 games from Colombian regulator Coljuegos, thereby becoming the main player in the country’s gambling market.

Anthem: what we know and what we expect from the E3 2018

Around the next BioWare project called Anthem on the eve of the E3 2018, the serious HYIP begins to flare up. This is not surprising, because the last work of the studio is difficult to call successful, and Anthem looks very promising.

Selected games Star Wars appeared in the Xbox Game Pass

The set includes fans of Star Wars: Legacy Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. They are all available to users of the Xbox Game Pass service from June 1.

Underworld Ascendant has a trailer and release dates

Studio OtherSide Entertainment, working on a modern embodiment of the ideas of Ultima Underworld, was defined with the release of Underworld Ascendant. The immersion simulator will be on sale in September 2018. The developers offer players to save the Stiggian abyss, having overcome the most difficult tests.

Fashion creators Fallout: New California shared the release date

The Fallout: New California project has been developing for so long (more than 9 years) that over the years it managed to change not only the name (originally called Fallout: Project Brazil), but also the base game on which it was developed – originally a modification was created based on Fallout 3

Studio Jade Raymond is working on three new games

Mitch Dyer EA Motive Vancouver EA Motive Montreal It is not yet known exactly what projects Jade Raymond studio is working on, but the new IP will not be released soon – the management of Electronic Arts does not expect to release it before April 2020.

FIFA 19 will be released on Nintendo Switch with improved graphics

A new part of FIFA 19 will be released on the Nintendo Switch console with an improved graphics component. Representatives of the company noted that the game will be based on the modern engine Frostbite, the analogue of which was previously used on a PC

In the former game on Star Wars from the authors of Dead Space will be a story

The forum user ResetEra found an interesting vacancy in EA Vancouver, now working on a large-budget game based on Star Wars. The Canadian team, recall, creates it based on the developments of the linear action movie from the authors of Dead Space – Visceral Games

Published release of the trailer of the game Vampyr

The company Dontnod introduced a new trailer for the game Vampyr. The plot will unfold around the story of Dr. Jonathan Reed, who is turned into a vampire.

On Steam began the sale of games of the universe Warhammer

The sale of the games of the universe of Warhammer began on Steam. According to information from representatives of the company, the amount of discounts can reach 90 percent of the normal cost of the game. The action will last only 4 days, in view of which the users were recommended to quickly determine the choice of games and purchase them.

Players found bonuses for pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2

In the digital store Xbox, network users have discovered bonuses for the pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2. Their description at the same time suggests that pre-ordering will begin very soon, since those who bought a new Rockstar creation will receive a treasure map for a single project mode by July 31.

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