11 Мар, 2021

Services in exchange for biometric data

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia proposed to intensify the collection of biometric data from Russians, Kommersant reported, citing sources. According to the publication, the department plans to increase the number of entries in the Unified Biometric System (EBS) from the current 164 thousand to 70 million in two years.

They want to stimulate citizens to submit biometric «casts» with the help of «administrative measures», including by restricting remote access to a number of public services in the absence of biometrics

News digest for 03/10/2021


The experience of the Leningrad region in optimizing the work of officials is replicated throughout Russia

On the portal of state and municipal services of the Leningrad Region, 4,235 electronic services are available, more than 95% of them are municipal services. In 2020, the number of residents of the region who receive public services in electronic form increased by 114,000 people and amounted to 1.5 million.It is planned that by 2023, 95% of public services in the region will be received remotely, without personally visiting the offices of the relevant institutions

Malysheva called the sons living in the USA people of the world

The presenter of Channel One, Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Malysheva, said that sons living in the United States study and do business abroad, since they do not consider the planet as separate countries. In an interview with «Teleprogram» she called them people of the world.

This is a different generation of people who do not consider land divided into countries. They are literally people of the world. This is very developed among the youth, — said the TV doctor.

Roskomnadzor announced the slowdown of Twitter in Russia

Roskomnadzor from March 10 announced the beginning of the primary slowdown in the speed of Twitter in Russia on all mobile devices and on half of stationary devices. This is done for non-compliance by the social network with the requirement to remove prohibited information.

Cruise tours by rail have been launched in Russia

Pilot cruise train tours began to operate in several directions. This is a project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives «Development of Rail Cruises in Russia», supported by the expert community. So far, trains have been launched on the routes Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod — Kazan — Moscow and Moscow — Kazan — Nizhny Novgorod — Moscow.

Ministry of Labor: Number of registered poor Russians

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection made a report on the number of poor Russians in the third quarter of 2020. There were more than 18 million such citizens. The minister added that the department is considering measures to support citizens and additional proposals. Thus, 26 billion rubles are allocated for the program of social contracts this year.

«According to the results of the third quarter of 2020, the number of poor people in our country is 18.8 million,» said Anton Kotyakov at a meeting of the State Duma committee.

VKontakte was fined for untimely deletion of prohibited information

The magistrates’ court in St. Petersburg fined VKontakte 1.5 million rubles ($ 9.7 million) for untimely deleted information at the request of Roskomnadzor with a call to participate in an unauthorized action, the united press service of the city’s courts told reporters.

MoneyGram money transfer service has limited work in the Russian Federation

The only foreign system of cross-border money transfers, entered in the register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, MoneyGram has restricted its work in Russia. This is stated in a message published on the official website of the service.

Important information about receiving money transfers in cash in Russia. From March 1, 2021, receiving money transfers in cash in Russia will be available only in the branches of partner banks (more than 5 thousand branches) of the Zolotaya Korona payment system, the message says.

Sberbank issued a mortgage in the secondary market remotely

Sberbank issued the first mortgage loan in Russia for the purchase of housing on the secondary market without a visit of the buyer and seller to the bank, all documents were signed by the participants in the transaction with enhanced qualified electronic signatures, the bank’s press service reported on Wednesday

SIBUR Raises Minimum Profit Allocated to Dividends

SIBUR’s Board of Directors approved a regulation on dividend policy, according to which the minimum dividend payout ratio was increased from 35% to 50% of the company’s adjusted net profit under IFRS.

Lukoil’s net profit under IFRS for 2020

Lukoil’s net profit for 2020 according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) attributable to shareholders amounted to 15.2 billion rubles against a profit of 640.2 billion rubles a year earlier, having decreased by almost 43 times.

Net profit of Chishminsky Sugar Plant increased nine times

According to the results of 2020, Chishminsky Sugar Plant (ChSZ) received a net profit of 407.1 million rubles, which is 9.4 times higher than the previous year, RBC reports. This follows from the financial statements disclosed by the company. The reporting has been confirmed by the auditing firm «Illeron» (Fryazino, Moscow region).

The number of mortgage transactions in Russia in January 2021

The number of registered mortgage transactions in January in Russia increased over the year by 12% — up to 204 thousand. In addition, the number of transactions in the market of new buildings increased by 15%, the press service of Rosreestr told TASS on Wednesday.


Collectors named the main reasons for non-payments on loans

The majority of Russian debtors who are overdue on loans do so because of financial difficulties: in 2020, the share of those calling such a reason jumped from 50 to 75 percent, the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA) told RIA Novosti.

Orlen signs Exxon Mobil contract

The largest Polish oil refining company Orlen has signed a contract with the American oil and gas corporation Exxon Mobil for the supply of oil. This was announced on Tuesday by the head of the company Daniel Obaytek.

For the first time in history, Orlen has signed a long-term contract for the supply of oil from the United States. The contract with Exxon Mobil provides for the supply of a total of about 1 million tons of raw materials during the year for the needs of our refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. We continue to diversify our supply sources, ”he wrote.

Roskosmos TV channel has released a science fiction series

Experts called the ancient Egyptian gods aliens from Venus. The First Space TV channel, created by Roscosmos and First HDTV, aired the series. The TV channel began its work on March 4.

Russia and China signed a memorandum on the creation of an international station on the Moon

Russia and China agreed on a document on cooperation in the development of a research lunar station. The information was obtained thanks to a statement on the Roscosmos portal. The memorandum was signed by the general director of the state corporation Dmitry Rogozin and the head of the Chinese space corporation Zhang Kejian. The parties intend to cooperate on the creation of the station, which will become international. Facilitation involves collaboration in planning, design, facility use and presentation.

“The International Scientific Lunar Station is a complex of experimental research facilities created on the surface and / or in the orbit of the Moon, designed to carry out multidisciplinary and multipurpose scientific research work, including the exploration and use of the Moon, lunar observations, fundamental research experiments and technology verification with the ability long-term unmanned operation with the prospect of a human presence on the moon, «- noted on the Roscosmos portal.

Microsoft has deactivated the classic Edge browser

Microsoft has begun deactivating its classic Edge browser, according to the company’s support message. Since March 9, Microsoft Edge has stopped receiving updates, its users will not be serviced by the company’s specialists. After a while, Windows 10 will automatically uninstall the browser. After installing a special patch, the old version of Edge will disappear from the operating system, it will become impossible to use it. This update is slated to begin rolling out on April 13th.

Date of the spring presentation of the equipment from Apple

According to authoritative Chinese insiders, Apple will hold its first presentation in 2021 on March 23rd. The company is expected to introduce AirTags, more iPad models and possibly updated AirPods. Writes about this MacRumors.

Apple moves smartphone production from China to India

The American corporation is already producing some smartphones in India, and soon wants to start production of the iPhone 12. The first to start production of these smartphones in India will be the contractor Apple — Foxconn. At the end of 2021, Pegatron will also launch this smartphone there.

Animated avatars will appear on Facebook

Social network Facebook is working to create more realistic digital avatars. They will be animated, said the head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg. The businessman reported on the company’s developments in a podcast. He stated that they want to create new avatars using virtual reality headsets.

“I would love to get to the point where you have realistic avatars of yourself that allow you to make real eye contact with someone and display real emotions,” Zuckerberg said.

Nikon announces new Z 9 full-frame mirrorless camera

Nikon has announced the new full-frame Nikon Z9. The company’s representatives have not yet reported on the characteristics of the novelty. The release date of the new items and the price are also not yet known.

WhatsApp will no longer be supported on older iPhones

WhatsApp messenger may disappear on older iPhones with iOS 9 operating system. As it became known to «Region online», such a change was noticed in the beta version of the application, which fell into the hands of the testers of the WABetaInfo edition. Since the beginning of 2021, the messenger is supported on devices with iOS 9 and older. Officially, the end of support for another version of the Apple iPhone operating system was not announced.

Bill Gates Announces Construction of Natrium Next Generation Power Plants

This was reported by the press service of the company of the American billionaire TerraPower. As part of a new project, the company wants to create a reactor with sodium instead of water as a coolant. With its help, future power plants will not only be able to store many times more energy, but will also affect the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics’ Choice Awards 2021 was held in the USA

The 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards went to Chadwick Boseman for his role in Ma Rainey: Mother of the Blues, Carrie Mulligan for The Girl of Hope, Chloe Zhao for The Land of the Nomads.

Baturina sold a hotel in Dublin

According to a source from Lenta.ru, the widow of Yuri Luzhkov and the head of Inteko, Elena Baturina, was the owner of the four-star Morrison Hotel in Dublin. Baturina sold the hotel to UK investors. The deal to sell Morrison has already been agreed. the cost of the hotel was 65 million euros. Baturina announced the sale a year ago in February, then the cost was 80 million euros

Bundestag deputies asked to resign voluntarily

The news was announced on March 8 by the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, MP from the Greens Winfried Kretschmann. As published by Zeit Online, earlier it became known that two members of the Bundestag Georg Nüsline and Nicholas Loebel had multimillion-dollar commissions for mediation in the sale of personal protective equipment.

Belarusian opposition has developed its own draft of a new constitution

The Belarusian opposition announced that it has developed its own draft of a new constitution, which involves the transformation of the country from a presidential to a parliamentary republic, where the prime minister and government will rule the country, and the president will perform representative functions. It is also planned to strengthen the independence of the central bank and courts by transferring the right to appoint judges to a special body, and to change the system of local self-government.

Biden’s assistants did not allow him to answer journalists’ questions.

The US President spent about 10 minutes inspecting a hardware store in Washington with the owners, after which the press tried to ask him several questions, including whether there was a crisis on the border with Mexico. Before Biden had time to open his mouth, presidential aides prevented him.

Biden has been in office for 48 days and no press conferences have ever been organized. This is already a 100-year record for the heads of the White House.

The beginning of the year was a record for the collection of donations for Navalny’s team

The head of the opposition leader’s network of headquarters, Leonid Volkov, told Open Media about this. Since January, the bitcoin wallet alone has received, in terms of the current exchange rate, about 20 million rubles — and this is not counting the usual transfers from bank cards and receipts through other financial instruments. 20 million rubles is the total monthly budget of all Navalny’s projects, including FBK, a network of regional headquarters and the Navalny Live channel, Volkov said.

On the income and expenses of Russian political parties for 2020

The Central Election Commission has published the latest quarterly report on the income and expenditures of Russian political parties for 2020.

The revenues of United Russia last year amounted to 8.04 billion, which is one billion more than a year earlier, an increase of 14.2%, mainly due to private donations, Open Media calculated. In second place is the Liberal Democratic Party with 1.2 billion, the third — for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with 1.13 billion. The budget of «Fair Russia» amounted to 567 million rubles. The incomes of the parliamentary opposition have not increased over the year and, on the contrary, have even decreased.

Of the non-parliamentary parties, the richest was the New People party, founded by the founder of Faberlic, Alexei Nechaev. And this is despite the fact that it was registered only at the beginning of last year, and began declaring receipts only in the second quarter. In second place — «Yabloko», he managed to collect 209 million rubles in a year. On the third — the «Party of Pensioners», whose budget amounted to 159 million rubles. Another new party — «For Truth» by Zakhar Prilepin — showed a modest financial result, during the year 34 million rubles were transferred to its account.

FSIN decided to purchase real combat grenades from the Russian Geographical Society

The same is in service with the Russian army. Its structure announced the purchase of 400 grenades, intended to «defeat manpower in a defensive battle,» the announcement of the corresponding auction «Open Media» was found on the public procurement website. Two years ago, by the way, the head of the departmental special forces «Saturn» claimed that they did not have such weapons.

The Russians called the rise in prices the main problem of society

58% of the participants in the Levada Center survey (recognized as a “foreign agent” in Russia) named the rise in prices as the main problem of society. At the same time, concern about this problem is steadily decreasing — for example, in 2016 more than 80% of respondents called price increases as a problem, in 2018 — 60-70%. 40% are concerned about poverty and impoverishment, 26% about social stratification. Russians began to pay more attention to corruption: if in 2015 it was indicated as a problem by 24% of respondents, then in 2021 — already 39%


The State Duma of Russia approved the abolition of the age limit for civil servants

State Duma deputies adopted in the second reading a bill abolishing age restrictions for civil servants who are appointed and dismissed by the president.

According to the current legislation, the age limit for staying in the civil service is 65 years. For those holding the highest groups of positions, the term of service can be extended to 70 years. However, it is indicated in the explanatory note, «in some cases it becomes necessary to extend the term of civil service for the most experienced and highly qualified managers.»

Kyodo: foreign fans will not be allowed to the Tokyo Olympics

The Japanese government will ban foreign fans from coming to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2021. According to sources from the news agency Kyodo, the authorities fear a worsening situation with the pandemic in the country and the import of new, more infectious strains of coronavirus from abroad.

Two-thirds of the world’s rainforests have already been destroyed or degraded

The Rainforest Foundation Norway has prepared a global report on the state of the planet’s rainforests. It collects data on all tropical forests on Earth and analyzes the information collected from 2002 to 2019 on the changes that have occurred to them.

The main conclusion of the study: of the approximately 14.5 million square kilometers of rainforest that once covered the Earth’s surface, only 36% remain intact. More than a third of tropical forests (34%) have completely disappeared. Another 30% degraded to some extent.

The deal is framed as a gift

Zoom founder Eric Yuan donated 40% of his shares in the video calling service. The recipients of the shares, which are estimated at $ 6 billion, have not been disclosed. Prior to the transfer of the stake, Eric Yuan was Zoom’s largest shareholder

The case of the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov

A Turkish court sentenced five defendants in the 2016 murder of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov to life imprisonment. Three of the five were found guilty directly of organizing the murder and each received two life sentences. Among them is the man who, according to the prosecution, directly gave the order to the murderer. Nine other defendants in the case received sentences ranging from five to 15 years in prison, and five more were acquitted. Nine more defendants in the case are still on the wanted list.

Norilsk Nickel paid compensation for fuel spill at TPP

Norilsk Nickel paid compensation in the amount of 146.2 billion rubles for the damage caused to nature by the fuel spill due to the accident at the TPP-3 in Norilsk.

145.492 billion rubles of this amount — compensation for damage to water bodies — was directed to the federal budget. The remaining funds — compensation for soil damage — will be donated to Norilsk.

Corruption damage in Russia

The damage from corruption crimes in Russia in criminal cases initiated in 2020 exceeded 63 billion rubles. This was announced by the head of the department for supervision over the implementation of anti-corruption legislation of the Prosecutor General’s Office Viktor Baldin.

“This is about 11% of the amount of damage caused last year by all types of crimes,” Baldin said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Among the regions, the leaders in bribery last year were Moscow, Tatarstan and the Stavropol Territory. The lowest level of bribery in 2020 was recorded in Chukotka. The average bribe in Russia exceeds 600,000 rubles.