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19 Дек, 2022

Share of working students in Europe

Most working students are in the Netherlands: almost 70% of students in this country work in parallel with their studies. Iceland is in second place — 63%, and Switzerland closes the top three with almost 60% of working students. In Russia, according to various estimates, about 60% of students work

At the other end of the ranking are Southern Europe and the Balkans: only 2% of students work in Romania, 4.2% in Slovakia, just over 5% in Bulgaria and Hungary, and barely more than 6% in Greece and Italy.

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German police have recovered a number of 13th-century treasures stolen from Dresden’s Green Vault Museum during a robbery in 2019, according to Der Tagesspiegel newspaper. In total, jewelry worth 113 million euros was stolen, which is why the European media often call the robbery of the century that happened.

It was possible to return part of the treasures on Saturday. This includes a diamond-encrusted breast star and a jeweled Heron Tail hat. The items were reportedly recovered after negotiations with lawyers for six people currently on trial for theft.

Before entering the museum, the thieves set fire to the circuit breaker panel, plunging the streets around the building into darkness. Then several masked figures burst into the gallery, smashed a glass case with an ax and pulled out the jewels with a fishing line.


The innovative Artehouse Museum in Washington DC is hosting a new interactive exhibition dedicated to Christmas. The organizers of the exhibition offer visitors to immerse themselves in the festive season with the help of the latest computer technology.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) intercepted a record number of firearms at security checkpoints in 2022. A significant portion of these weapons were loaded.

TSA regulations prohibit the carrying of firearms in hand luggage, even if the passenger has a permit to carry a weapon. Passengers are required to check in weapons.

The maximum fine for violating the rules for handling firearms is $14,950, but the agency determines the amount of the fine on a case-by-case basis. Passengers who bring firearms into the checkpoint may also be


The first terminal for receiving liquefied natural gas was opened in Germany. The country’s authorities plan to build four more floating terminals.


Residents of Lithuania will be able to receive additional leave for self-education from 2023. Corresponding amendments to the labor legislation were introduced by the Seimas of Lithuania, the Delfi portal writes. Such leave will be granted to the employee if he notifies the employer of it at least 20 working days in advance. The period of study leave cannot exceed five days. In addition, it will be unpaid unless this point is additionally agreed with the employer.


Synchron announced that it has raised $75 million in investments, including from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The company is building a Switch computer that can be implanted in the human brain. This should help in the treatment of paralyzed patients.

Synchron is a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s Neuralink. Some experts note that Synchron has moved further than Neuralink. The company has already implanted the chip in two patients and will conduct tests during the year under the supervision of doctors.


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