3 Май, 2021

Social media blocking penalties

Florida imposes fines on social media sites with over 100 million monthly users for blocking campaign accounts. This was announced on Friday by Fox News. The amount of the fine will be $ 250 thousand per day if we are talking about a candidate from Florida, and $ 25 thousand in other cases. The threshold of 100 million users per month is surpassed only by the largest social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The law will also oblige social networks to notify politicians whose accounts may be blocked seven days before such a decision is made.

The corresponding draft has already been adopted by the state legislature, in which the majority are Republicans, in the near future it intends to sign the Republican Governor Ron Desantis.

In support of lawyer Ivan Pavlov

More than 80 writers, poets and journalists signed an open letter in support of the head of the human rights project Team 29, Ivan Pavlov, who is accused of disclosing data from the preliminary investigation. The statement was published on the website of the Svobodnoye Slovo Association.

The FSB detained a lawyer, head of the human rights project Team 29, Ivan Pavlov. This is connected with the case of the journalist Ivan Safronov, whose interests were represented by Pavlov. The defense lawyer is accused of disclosing data from the preliminary investigation. If found guilty, he faces up to three months’ arrest and deprivation of his lawyer status.

The deputy accused the governor of Primorye of attempted bribery

The deputy of the legislative assembly of the Primorsky Territory, a former candidate for governor of the region, Andrei Ishchenko, accused the current head of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako of attempting to bribe. In his instagram, the deputy said that in 2018 Kozhemyako offered him, through third parties, a large bribe — two million dollars — for refusing to participate in the election campaign. The governor’s press service has not yet commented on this information.

Russian billionaires and Rosneft filed a lawsuit against the publisher of the book «Putin’s People»

Libel claims against the British publishing house HarperCollins were filed by the co-owner of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Bank Pyotr Aven, businessmen Roman Abramovich and Shalva Chigirinsky. Catherine Belton, a former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times, wrote Putin’s People. In 2020, it was named Book of the Year by The Times and Daily Telegraph.

SpaceX successfully completes its first regular mission to the ISS

On the night of May 2, the Crew Dragon-1 spacecraft undocked from the ISS and after six and a half hours landed in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. The descent capsule with four astronauts splashed down at 02:57 EST (09:57 Moscow time).

Italy resumes issuing tourist visas in Moscow

So far, only those Russians who had previously issued Italian visas and whose validity expired in 2020 or 2021 will be able to apply for visas. At the same time, the consulate separately reminded that it is not possible to enter Italy on tourist visas so far.

Fines for media outlets for disseminating messages to other media outlets

Putin signed a law on fines for media outlets for disseminating messages to other media outlets — «foreign agents» without specifying their status. Journalists and editorial offices are obliged to indicate the status of the media as a «foreign agent» only if they disseminate its messages (and not just mention it), and do this both on their pages and in their social networks. Fines for violation of the law will range from two to 2.5 thousand rubles for individuals, from four to five thousand for officials and from 40 to 50 thousand for legal entities.

Venezuela will fight inflation with the national cryptocurrency

The Venezuelan government has decided to switch to the payment of social benefits in the national cryptocurrency Petro to combat inflation, said President Nicolas Maduro.

«Today I accepted a proposal that will serve financial and economic stability -» petrolize «social payments to employees of a centralized, decentralized state administration and the public sector,» the politician said.

According to Maduro, the government thus intends to protect the real value of social benefits in the context of hyperinflation.

Average salary in Ukraine

The average salary in Ukraine in March increased by 9.5% compared to March last year and amounted to 13.6 thousand hryvnia ($ 487), by the end of the year it may grow to 14.5 thousand ($ 520), said Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. The Ukrainian government previously predicted that the average salary in the country would rise to $ 541.7 by 2022.

«In March, the real wages, that is, taking into account inflation, increased by 9.5% compared to March 2020 and amounted to 13.6 thousand hryvnia ($ 487). The highest salary growth for the year was in Chernivtsi (+ 31%), Donetsk (+ 30%) and Ternopil (+ 27%) regions. The positive scenario of economic growth indicates that by the end of the year the average salary may reach 14.5 thousand hryvnia ($ 520 — ed.) «, — said Shmyhal