8 Apr, 2018

Special services are preparing a meeting

The United States and North Korea have for a long time been holding secret talks about preparations for the forthcoming summit of the two countries’ leaders. As CNN television became known, CIA director Mike Pompeo and his wards spoke several times about this with their colleagues from the DPRK and even met in the territory of a third country.

According to the information of American journalists, representatives of the secret services of the two countries take part in secret negotiations. One of the main issues is the choice of the venue for the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

As informed sources told the channel, Pyongyang insists that bilateral negotiations should be held in the North Korean capital. At the moment it is not known whether the White House will agree to this. Also considered is the option with Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar as a venue for negotiations.

As soon as the parties approve the venue for the talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un, the next topic for discussion will be the choice of a specific date. According to the interlocutors of the channel, it is about the end of May or June this year.

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Russians chose Turkey for May holidays

Turkey is in the lead among foreign destinations for traveling on the May holidays, reports Interfax-Tourism. Tour operators told about the increase in demand for the country in half as compared to last year.

Actor Kozlovsky was advised to follow the words

In response to the statement of the actor Danil Kozlovsky about “hatred and rudeness” of the Russians, in the Public Chamber they recommended Kozlovsky to follow his words. Quieter respond to criticism called deputy chairman of the Commission on the development of culture and spiritual heritage Denis Kiris.

Moscow roads and sidewalks began to be washed with shampoo after winter

The first washing of asphalt-concrete and tile coatings after the winter with the use of a special shampoo began in Moscow, Petr Biryukov, deputy mayor of the capital on housing and communal services, told reporters on Saturday.

In France, a number of trains will be canceled on Sunday because of a strike

Only a fifth of TGV high-speed trains and a third of TER and Transilien electric trains will be available to the French on Sunday due to a strike by employees of the French National Railway Company SNCF, said Deputy General Manager of France Mathias Vishera

The first week of fashion in Saudi Arabia

In the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh will host the first fashion week in the history of the kingdom, reports Gulf News. It is reported that the event will begin on April 10 and will last four days. It will be attended by both Arab and world designers, including Roberto Cavalli and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

In southern Poland, the publics restored the cemetery of Soviet soldiers

In the south of Poland, the public organization Kursk has restored the cemetery in Prosowice, where more than 600 soldiers of the Red Army are buried. This was reported in his Facebook head of the organization Jerzy Tuts.

A demonstration against abortion in Prague came about 8 thousand people

About 8,000 people took part in a demonstration in the center of Prague and a subsequent rally on Wenceslas Square in protest against abortion in the Czech Republic

Korean Air resumes summer program from Irkutsk to Seoul

Since April 23, Korean Air has started another summer flight program from Irkutsk to Seoul. Until June 22, it is planned to carry out two flights a week, on Monday and Friday, arrival in Irkutsk at 21.15, flight to Seoul – at 23.55.

British zoozaschitniki require to investigate the death of animals Skripal

The British branch of the organization for the protection of animals PETA demands to investigate the death of animals belonging to the former colonel of the GRU, spy Sergei Skripal. This they said in his Twitter


Exports from Egypt to Russia grew by 35% in 2017

Export of Egyptian goods to Russia in 2017 increased by 35%. This was announced on Saturday in Cairo by the Minister of Industry and Trade Tarik Kabil.

Currency of Venezuela hits the records of hyperinflation on the background of a break with Panama

The Venezuelan Bolivar currency beats the famous hyperinflation records, rapidly losing its value relative to the dollar.

In the Pskov region plan to build a LNG plant

The plant for the production and export of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with an investment of 35 billion rubles plans to build on the basis of the Pskov GRES, which is unprofitable.

The regulator of Pakistan has forbidden banks to work with a crypto currency

It should be noted that the other day the Reserve Bank of India, neighboring Pakistan, banned credit institutions of the country from carrying out operations related to the purchase and sale of crypto currency

The head of the US Federal Reserve confirmed the course for a gradual increase in the interest rate

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS), which acts as the central bank, will most likely need to continue to raise the benchmark interest rate in order to control inflation this year. This was announced on Friday in Chicago by the new chairman of the Fed, Jerome Powell.

India doubles imports of Iranian oil

Statements by representatives of the Indian Ministry of Energy are related to plans to increase the import of Iranian oil by about half. It is planned that by 2019 the daily volume of India’s purchase of oil from Iran will be about 396,000 barrels. Today, India purchases from Iran up to 206 million barrels per day.


Scriples will be offered to live in the US under new names

The British spy and former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, as well as his daughter Julia, will be offered to move to the US under new names, the Sunday Times newspaper writes. As the newspaper reports, such a measure is aimed at “protection against new attempts”

The head of the apparatus of the White House threatened Trump with resignation

The head of the White House, John Kelly, during a conversation with US President Donald Trump threatened his resignation. This is reported by Axios with reference to sources. According to them, on March 28 Kelly met with Trump in the Oval Office, where, in a fit of anger, threatened to leave his post

Possible locations for Trump and Kim Jong-in

Another possible venue is the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator.

“When the venue is determined and the date is fixed, the agenda will be discussed more substantively,” CNN reports.

Poroshenko promised Ukrainians victory in the war in Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed confidence that the war in the country will end with the victory of Kiev. He stated this on his Twitter page.

The war will end with our victory – I have no doubt about it. Not only because we have the best armed forces, not only because we are defending our native land. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Puchdemon decided to comply with all the conditions prescribed by the court

On April 6, the German court decided to release Puchdemon on bail of € 75,000. However, the politician can not leave the country without the permission of the prosecutor’s office and once a week must be noted in the police.

Deputies in South Carolina offered the state to withdraw from the US

Three Republican MPs in South Carolina submitted a bill to the State House of Representatives, according to which South Carolina could secede from the US if the country’s authorities begin to confiscate weapons from the people of the state. This is written by RIA Novosti with reference to the text of the document.

Saakashvili spoke about his new job

The former governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, said that he would give lectures at the Academy of Speakers of the Netherlands. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Agreed with the Academy of Speakers of the Netherlands on cooperation. While I’m in Europe, I’ll make a living by lecturing. The Academy is a very cool team, they impressed me with a good knowledge of the specifics of our region and the right values. – Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgian politician

Murder of Glushkov has for Russia a political dimension

The murder of ex-deputy director of Aeroflot Nikolay Glushkov for Russia has not only a criminal, but also a political dimension. This was stated in the Russian diplomatic mission.

The Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alexander Yakovenko, will ask for a meeting with the head of the London police and ask Scotland Yard to inform the Russian side in detail about the progress of the investigation.

Russian diplomats have noticed that almost a month has passed since the death of Glushkov, but, as in the situation with the poisoning of the British spy of Skripal, Russia has not received any information so far,

Trump urged China to end “unfair trade”

US President Donald Trump again complained about the “unfair” trade that China and the US are conducting, and called on Beijing to remove trade barriers.


VKS Russia in 2018 will receive three new regiments S-400

Three new regiments of the S-400 air defense system will be deployed to the Russian Air Force in 2018, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, told reporters on Sunday.

Turkey will buy from Russia anti-tank complexes “Cornet”

Turkey is negotiating with the RF on the purchase of Russian anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) “Cornet”

Japan revived the Marines for the first time after World War II

Their duties began to be performed by members of the new division of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, similar to the Marines. The unit was named “mobile amphibious forces”

Kurds say that Americans are building new military bases in Syria

Co-chairman of the Defense Committee of the Jazira region in northern Syria, Reizan Gilot, informed that the international coalition led by Washington is busy building new military bases on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in the north of the Arab Republic.

Lithuania decided to send a new group of military instructors to Ukraine

Lithuania will send to Ukraine a new group of military instructors, consisting of 12 people. This is informed by Delfi referring to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry. On Friday, April 6, the ceremony of seeing off the new group was held, which included employees of the Lithuanian Volunteer Defense Forces.

Donbass: the forces of the APU thrice bombarded the ЛНР, one militiaman perished

Over the past day, Ukrainian troops in the Donbass three times violated the previously announced “Easter truce”, firing at the positions of the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic. As reported in the press service, one fighter of the People’s Militia was killed, and another one was injured.


In the apartment at the driver who came to the crowd in Münster found a Kalashnikov assault rifle

Police officers searched the Kalashnikov assault rifle during a search of a driver’s apartment driving a crowd in Münster, Bild reported. Currently, investigators are studying weapons. It is also reported that in the car men were found firecrackers.

CNN: one person was killed in a fire in a Trump Tower skyscraper

The fire occurred on Saturday in one of the apartments on the 50th floor of the Trump Tower in the Manhattan area, one person was killed, four were injured.

Ex-President of Brazil was taken to the place of detention

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was taken to the city of Curitiba, where he will serve a prison term, reports Reuters. It is noted that the supporters of da Silva protested against the arrest near the prison building. Earlier it was reported that Luis Inácio Lula da Silva surrendered to the authorities.

In the US, three people were killed while shooting a bus

Three people died as a result of shooting a private bus in the city of Rockford (Illinois), police said the city on Facebook. The incident occurred on the night of Saturday. It is noted that the police who arrived at the scene found three dead with gunshot wounds.

In Kuzbass suspended work in the mine after smoke

In the press service of PJSC “Southern Kuzbass”, which owns the enterprise, RIA Novosti reported that all 69 mine workers were brought to the surface. The decision to resume the work of the mine will be taken after all necessary security measures have been implemented, the company noted.

Dry cargo ship crashed into a mansion in Istanbul

The cargo ship Vitaspirit, which was under the Maltese flag across the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul, crashed into a waterfront mansion. Such buildings in Turkey are considered one of the most expensive types of real estate.

In London, a gang of mopeds and a machete robbed the store

A gang of intruders on mopeds, armed with a machete, robbed a store of expensive Swiss watches in central London, the Evening Standard newspaper writes. The video, which was at the disposal of the newspaper, shows an armed gang of five people wearing helmets and masks, an assault shop.

In Geneva, when a gas explosion in the restaurant suffered 15 people

In Geneva, as a result of the explosion of a gas cylinder in a pizzeria, 15 people were injured. This is reported by the Tribune de Geneve with reference to emergency services. According to the publication, first detonated a blowtorch, which was used to prepare an octopus and cream-brule.

In the Yaroslavl region, the child was killed by firewood to death

According to the investigation, the child was walking near the railway tracks. The boy was filled with firewood, which was prepared for loading into the cars. Currently, investigators and criminologists of the investigation department work at the scene.

Moscow suburbs were evacuated due to a short circuit

The shopping and entertainment center Kashira in the city of Kashira in the Moscow region was evacuated due to a short circuit. This was reported in the press service of the Moscow region’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, TASS reported. As noted in the message, the incident occurred in the SEC, which is located on Ilyicha Street

In Australia, rescued fisherman, who spent two days among the crocodiles

In Australia, a fisherman on a boat ran aground in the area of mass crocodiles and was only rescued after two days, according to the Daily Mail. The publication notes that the man went fishing on the Victoria River, but at low tide his boat got into a strong current and ran aground.


Russell Crowe put personal items on the auction after the divorce

The catalog of lots offered for auction is related to the career of the actor in the cinema and his personal belongings. The auction was timed to coincide with the birthday of the actor and the anniversary of his wedding with the singer and actress Daniel Spencer, which was held in 2003

Yelena Yakovleva’s son was in a psychiatric hospital

The son of the famous Russian actress Yelena Yakovleva Denis Shalnykh decided to devote himself to creativity. However, unlike his mother, he decided to devote himself to music. The first clip of the musical group “2odD” was recorded in the walls of a psychiatric clinic.

Actress Elizabeth Boyar admirers congratulate on pregnancy

Many fans congratulate the actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya with the second pregnancy. The star itself does not recognize in the future the recruitment of the family and hides the changes in the figure with spacious dresses. Recently Lisa Boyarska went on a business trip abroad

Anna Pletnevoy was presented with a tractor

The singer was delighted with the unusual sign of attention from the fan. Anna Pletneva has long been familiar with her most dedicated fan, but this time his present exceeded all expectations. The delighted actress went to special courses.

Anastasia Kostenko dispelled the main rumor about her family life

Anastasia Kostenko recently declassified her pregnancy and is now happy to share the details of the expectation of the first-born. The 23-year-old model continues to struggle with public opinion and tries to prove that everything goes in her life according to a pre-planned scenario.

Soon the naked will sing: Buzova performed at a concert in a swimsuit

Judging by the signature to the video, Buzov will present a new song at the next concert. Subscribers were outraged by the appearance of the presenter. Olga came on stage in a dress that reminded many of the sea swimsuit.

Maria Kohno showed her figure in three different versions

The former participant of the scandalous project “Dom-2” Maria Kohno showed her fans what she was at different periods of life, or rather before the project, during and after. Many viewers know that after leaving TV station many participants are wondering how to draw attention to their person.

At the “star” of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel diagnosed a split personality

After looking at Olga Rapunzel, the physiognomist admitted that he could not find any pleasant features from the participant of “Dom-2”, and she immediately aroused negative feelings from him. Voevodin believes that Rapunzel can be a selfish and hypocritical person.

Nastasya Samburskaya lost faith in men, but she did not stop dreaming of children

The actress admitted that after the divorce from Kirill Dytsevich she became even more demanding of men and almost ceased to believe them, but she did not abandon her dream of getting a baby. According to the girl, she wants two kids

“Another masterpiece”: In Yakutia a film about zombies “Republic Z” was shot

Yesterday, April 6, a film about the zombie of the film company “Sakhafilm”, which is called “Republic Z”, was shown in the Yakut cinema “Respublika”. He was shot by Stepan Burnashev in the script of Alexei Ambrosyev

Day of Russian animation will be celebrated in Russia

April 8, Russia will celebrate the Day of National Animation. This art in our country has more than a hundred years. For the first time the premiere of the animated film took place on April 8, 1912

New clip Enrique Iglesias for a day scored more than a million views

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and Cuban performer Descemer Bueno on Friday, April 6, presented a new video for the song “Nos fuimos lejos”. In less than a day, the video received more than a million views on the YouTube channel.


The new Samsung Galaxy S10 front camera built into the screen

Recall that previously Samsung developers successfully built the front camera in the Super AMOLED-matrix gadget, which is being prepared to present on the market. The creators of the new Galaxy decided to place proximity and light sensors directly on the screen of the smartphone, at the moment these functions are being improved

The date of the official presentation of three new Meizu 15 smartphones is named

The date of the official presentation of three new products of the expected model of smartphones Meizu 15 Pro was announced. The announced flagship display, which will be presented in three versions, will take place on April 22 in China.

Experts named the smallest flagship among smartphones in 2018

The experts determined the smallest smartphone-flagship in 2018. They became SonyXperiaXZ2 Compact with a diagonal of 5 inches, or 12.7 cm. The case of the “record holder” is made of plastic

Google is preparing to introduce a new design in Android Material Design 2

Google will soon be able to change the graphic design of the mobile operating system Android. Experts report the existence of the project Material Design 2, which will significantly update the familiar interface of smartphones and tablets

Apple released the first video of the concept of the new iOS 12

The network got the first video of the concept of the new iOS 12. The record was published by Apple.

Essential Phone 2 will get a significantly improved camera

The creators of the smartphone have released several updates, trying to improve the quality of the camera device, but no radical changes. The developers said that Essential Phone 2 will significantly surpass the original in terms of photo and video capabilities.

Huawei first to introduce a 7-nanometer SoC and a corresponding smartphone

The news that Huawei is the first company in the industry to introduce a single-chip system that will be manufactured at 7 nm standards, as well as a corresponding smartphone, was somewhat unexpected.

Experts told about the benefits of NFC-technology for people

Experts told about the benefits of NFC-technology for people. According to them, NFC allows for the new organize trade and management. Now manufacturers are trying to produce as many new models as possible with the NFC module, but mostly it is used only for payment

Core i9 processor is the most powerful “stone” for notebooks from Intel

Intel claims that the Core i9 processor provides up to 41% more frames in games and edits video in 4K by 59% faster than the past. As well as it is necessary to new flagship processor, the novelty provides significant growth of productivity in comparison with chips of the last generation.

On sale came smartphones Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

Today, two new flagship smartphones from Sony are on the European market. It’s about the gadgets Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact announced at the end of February 2018. At the moment, only residents of the European region can become owners of the Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact.

Former colleague Durova disclosed the principles of encrypting messages in Telegram

Pavel Durov’s ex-employee on work on the social network “VKontakte” Anton Rosenberg explained the principles of encryption of messages from the users of the Telegram messenger. As the specialist said, the application uses two types of chat rooms – cloud and secret.

Facebook will expand the ability to delete messages

Developers of the social network Facebook are preparing to implement the button “Unsend”, which will allow you to delete messages from the correspondence. This was announced by the representative of the company. According to him, a new option will be available at the disposal of the senders of secret messages.

In the mobile application “VKontakte” test calls to users

Voice calls, as the source told to the publication, close to the participants of beta testing, will be available in the mobile application for iOS and Android. In the tests will be attended by several hundred people. They will be selected from users of the closed group of beta testers “VKontakte”.

Cisco equipment has undergone a massive cyber attack

Cisco’s network equipment, used in many data centers, has undergone a massive cyber attack. This was announced on Saturday, April 7, by the press service of Kaspersky Lab.

Facebook will enter a paid subscription to disable advertising

The NBC television channel interviewed Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, who announced her intention to introduce a paid subscription on the social network, which will allow anyone wishing to get rid of annoying ads


Human brain cells are restored even in old age

Specialists from Columbia University in New York (USA) found that tens of thousands of new neurons are formed in the hippocampus of older people in the same way as in the brains of young people. An article about this is published in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell.

Mathematicians have created a 3D model of a circular floating worm

Mathematicians created a 3D model of a round worm, or nematode, in a natural habitat. Now doctors can study the influence of worms on living organisms and on their interactions with drugs.

The photomatrix was taught to generate energy from sunlight

Engineers created a photomatrix that can simultaneously generate energy from sunlight and shoot at a rate of up to 15 frames per second, according to the developers in the journal IEEE Electron Device Letters.

Scientists have called the colony of royal penguins a two-dimensional liquid

Scientists have studied the structure of several breeding colonies of royal penguins and found that it can be described using a two-dimensional fluid model in which the interaction between elements is analogous to the interaction of nonpolar molecules

The artificial spiral molecule repeated the surface properties of DNA

French chemists under the guidance of Ivan Huc (Ivan Huc) from the University of Bordeaux synthesized a spiral molecule that, due to its structure, outwardly mimics the double helix of DNA: in it exactly the same way are located the same charged chemical groups.

Scientists: Dinosaurs did not kill an asteroid, but flowers

According to researchers, the cause of death of dinosaurs was not an asteroid that fell to Earth, but poisonous flowers. Defending their hypothesis, scientists described the process of extinction of dinosaurs as a gradual and consistent disappearance of species due to their inability to evolve ancient flora

Company Ilona Mask will build a scientific center for experiments on animals

Startup Ilona The mask Neuralink is going to build a biological laboratory for experiments on animals. The company’s plans were told by its representatives. In the case of the implementation of the plan, the facility will be built within one of the complexes in San Francisco.

Mosquitoes helped scientists in creating a neuron implant

The innovator was Andrew Shoffstall, interested in the technique of mosquito bites. Having studied their way to create a wound, he realized that they cut the skin with micropiles, push apart the wound, inserting a trunk into it using a guide. After that, he came up with the idea of making a neuroimplant.

Scientists: Hand dryers are breeding grounds for bacteria

All harmful particles fall on damp hands and remain on the skin, from where they can later enter the stomach. In addition, operating dryers spray bacteria and dirt on surfaces that are nearby, making them unsafe

Saw-shaped nanotexture helped to make a Brownian nanomotor and to separate nanoparticles

Swiss physicists from the IBM Research Center have developed a nanofluidic device in which a periodic sawtooth texture on one of the walls converts the chaotic thermal motion of the nanoparticles into a directed one.


NASA will launch into the space probe for the study of the Sun

It is specified that the tests will be conducted at the Astrotech Space Operations facility at the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral. After that, the probe will be charged and installed on a heavy carrier rocket Delta IV. Its launch is scheduled in the launch window, which opens on July 31, and closes on August 19.

In Russia, ground tests of the manipulator arm for the ISS have been completed

According to the current plans of Roskosmos, the module is planned to be put into orbit in December 2018. After his arrival at the station on the cargo ship “Progress” a hand-manipulator will be delivered, and astronauts will install it on the outer surface of the ISS.

Stephen Hawking believed that space would solve the problems of mankind

The physicist Stephen Hawking, who died a little less than a month ago, maintained throughout his life that mankind should master other worlds – otherwise it would simply suffocate on Earth, and even destroy its native planet.

Juno sends new photos of Jupiter

The mission of Juno was glorified in unscientific circles precisely such photographs. Before, many people and could not have imagined that the gas “surface” of Jupiter would be so picturesque. However, these pictures may be the last ones to send Juno

The telescope CHEOPS is completed and in 2019 will go to space

The creation of the CHEOPS telescope is carried out by the European Space Agency. In 2019, the device will be launched into outer space. The telescope will mainly conduct studies of already discovered exoplanets, which are in neighboring stellar systems.


Mercedes-Benz A-class in the sedan body will be presented on April 25

Mercedes-Benz has planned to show a compact sedan, the model belongs to the A-class, the car will be shown April 25 at the annual showroom in Beijing, the public will open the auto show April 29. BMW will introduce the M2 coupe and the electric crossover iX3.

Mercedes-AMG will refuse from engines V12

The head of AMG-department of the company Mercedes-Benz Tobias Moers in an interview with our British colleagues told that the Stuttgart auto giant is planning to abandon the use of 12-cylinder engines on its models.

Photo Chevrolet Corvette with a new engine appeared on the web

Foreign automobile publications shared photos of the Chevrolet Corvette, which is equipped with a new engine. It also became known that the Chevrolet Corvette, in addition to the new engine will receive an updated appearance

In June, the new BMW 8-Series will be presented

For more than a year fans of BMW have been waiting for the presentation of the revived 8-Series model. Which will become the most luxurious model in the line of the Bavarian concern, and will be presented in the cabriolet and coupe. This became known thanks to the official press service of the automaker

PSA Group will open in the Russian Federation 500 service auto centers

The press center of the French machine-building alliance PSA Group said that in Russia they intend to open 500 of their service car centers. This was announced by the representatives of the company on April 7, 2018

The top version of the new Mazda 6 will cost 37 370 dollars

For the top version of the new Japanese sedan Mazda 6 will have to shell out 37 370 dollars. In the engine compartment of this modification, the car was placed a 2.5-liter engine, generating a power of 250 horsepower, functioning together with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Audi Sport will soon introduce “charged” hybrids

It is noteworthy that Audi Sport – the sports division of the legendary German automaker, is the last one to announce its plans to create “charged” versions of electrified cars.

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