27 Май, 2021

State property privatization plan

The plan for the privatization of state property for 2017-2019 was implemented only by a quarter, according to the report of the Accounts Chamber, devoted to the analysis of the implementation of the privatization plan. This is a historically low figure, the department emphasizes.

As regards the privatization of state shares in joint-stock companies and LLCs, the plan was fulfilled by 25% (of the number of blocks planned for sale). Thus, out of nine blocks of shares of the largest companies planned for privatization, only one has been sold — 100% in the production association «Kristall», the largest producer of diamonds in Russia. However, here, too, the state-owned company (ALROSA) became the owner of the enterprise, that is, the transaction did not actually lead to a reduction in the state’s share in the economy, the report says. According to the auditors, the plan for corporatization of the FSUE was fulfilled by 22%, for the sale of other state property — by 23%.


The Pentagon said it does not consider Russia an enemy. According to the official representative
departments of John Kirby, the United States does not use this definition in relation to Russia.


Polish President Andrzej Duda called Russia «an abnormal country».

«Russia’s actions are aggressive, imperial, which rob people of normal life, lead to the destruction of states, to martial law, to the death of people. These are actions that the international community cannot accept. Russia is an abnormal country. This is not a state that is normal. It is an aggressor country, «Duda said.


Ozon bought One-Bank for 615 million rubles. The purpose of the transaction is Ozon’s access to a banking license for financial products.


The average salary of those sentenced to forced labor in Russia is between 20,000 and 24,000, according to the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. But there are cases when prisoners receive several hundred thousand rubles each. Who such prisoners work, the FSIN did not specify Who such prisoners work, the FSIN did not specify

«So, there are examples of convicted persons receiving wages in the amount of 224 thousand rubles (Belgorod region), 102 thousand rubles (Novgorod region), 94 thousand rubles (Primorsky region), 80 thousand rubles (Volgograd region).»


Amazon has agreed to purchase Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) film studio. The deal will amount to $ 8.45 billion. The studio, in particular, owns the rights to the James Bond film series.


Since the beginning of May, the fugitive boss of the Turkish mafia, Sedat Peker, has been publishing videos on YouTube in which he accuses the country’s leading politicians of contract killings, rape and corruption. He made especially harsh accusations against the ruling party, which is headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Now his videos are discussed by the whole country, and the attempts of the Turkish authorities to cope with an unexpected political crisis are only exacerbating it.


In Minsk, 18-year-old Dmitry Stakhovsky committed suicide. He was a suspect in a criminal riot case initiated over protests in Belarus in August 2020. After Stakhovsky’s death, a post appeared on his VKontakte page stating that the cause of the suicide was a criminal case and pressure from the security forces.


The French airline AirFrance has canceled flight AF1154 Paris-Moscow due to the lack of permission to enter Russian airspace, Novaya Gazeta reports. The AirFrance office confirmed to Novaya Gazeta that the cancellation of the flight to Russia is connected with the need to bypass the airspace of Belarus.


Four people, who were born in Russia, were detained in the French department of Lower Rhine as part of an anti-terrorist investigation, Agence France-Presse reports, citing court sources. According to the agency, there are three minors among the detainees, at least three from Chechnya.


Greek aviation authorities deny reports of received threats to Ryanair flight urgently landed in Minsk


Kravchuk said that Minsk can no longer be a platform for negotiations on the Donbass. According to the permanent representative of Ukraine in the contact group, this is due to the situation around Belarus


In Anapa, movement on electric scooters and bicycles on the city embankment was banned, the decision was made after complaints from residents and guests of the city


The Dossier Center, together with The Daily Beast and Der Spiegel, published the very letter from Hamas that allegedly came to the Belarusian dispatchers. It arrived at Belavia’s post office at 12:57, while at 12:33 the dispatchers had already strongly recommended the plane to land at the Minsk airport.

At the same time, the investigators confirmed that the letter, which even Hamas denies involvement in, was sent from a secure server in Switzerland, so it is impossible to identify its real author.


In St. Petersburg, a criminal case was opened against the management of a company that rents out electric scooters. It was initiated under the article on the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements. The Investigative Committee claims that «unidentified persons from among the management» of the company rented electric scooters to two guys, 20 and 21 years old. As a result, one of them ran into a pedestrian on Nevsky Prospekt, after which the young people beat the victim. The Investigative Committee believes that the company did not take care of the safety of pedestrian traffic.


The Ministry of Defense conducted an investigation into the dream of the commander of the military unit at a conference call with Shoigu. It turned out that the commander was not asleep, but simply dropped his eyes. As a result of the investigation, it was proposed to prohibit lowering one’s eyes for more than five seconds — and this is not a joke.


The EU says the elections in Syria did not meet any criteria for a truly democratic vote


Recognized as undesirable «Open Russia» ceases to operate in the Russian Federation, said the executive director

«We are closing branches in the regions. All members of ‘Postcard’ have been expelled from the organization, and their membership has been canceled — to avoid possible harassment.»


The Kremlin does not consider the decision to self-liquidate «Open Russia» to clean up the political field: it is developing


Bastrykin: the Kazan tragedy happened because the school did not have security, for which the pupils’ parents did not want to pay


Russians are buying more and more moonshine stills. The number of searches for their purchase in 2020 increased by a third compared to 2019. This is stated in the report on the state of the Russian market of business ombudsman Boris Titov for the President of Russia.