7 Apr, 2018

States will win the trade war, and the dollar will grow

The escalation of a full-scale trade conflict could provoke a noticeable slowdown in the economy, but Morgan Stanley’s base scenario contains a favorable outcome of the talks, which will allow the US to reduce the trade deficit.

“There is too much at stake, therefore, all parties involved in the negotiations will try to prevent an active escalation of the confrontation. On the one hand, the US administration does not welcome volatility in the stock market. On the other hand, China is also not interested in the development of the conflict, because it needs a steady growth of the world economy for further implementation of the strategy aimed at reducing the share of borrowed funds on its balance sheet and rebalancing the national economy, “analysts write.

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In the Parliament of Ukraine “Nord Stream-2” was called a military threat to Europe

The launch of Nord Stream-2 can provoke a full-scale offensive by Russian troops to Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Andrei Parubiy said at a round table discussion on “Reforming the National Security System in Ukraine: The Role of Parliament.”

“The launch of the Nord Stream – 2” can also be carried out by direct militaristic threats that could provoke a new full-scale offensive by Russian troops to Ukraine, “the UNIAN news agency quotes the parliamentarian as saying.

The US expanded the list of anti-Russian sanctions

The US Treasury extended sanctions against Russia. The new list includes 24 businessmen and officials, as well as 14 companies. Among the constrained businessmen are Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

The US refused in advance visas to Russians who were under sanctions

Russians, on which the United States imposed sanctions on Friday, will not receive US visas, the State Department said. The State Department said that “visas restrictions” apply to these persons, TASS reports.

Foreign Ministry: Russia will not leave new sanctions unanswered

Russia will not leave unanswered new US sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. At the same time, diplomats noted that Moscow would take “harsh” retaliatory measures.

Embassy of the Russian Federation – Visa Victoria Skripal

The British authorities are persistent in their unwillingness to cooperate with Russia in the so-called Skripal case, probably wishing to hide the unprofitable facts for them, the press service of the Russian embassy in London reported.

Klimkin promised to “pressure Russia” in the issue of deploying peacekeepers

Ukraine will exert pressure on Russia in the issue of deploying a peacekeeping contingent in the Donbass, said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Pavel Klimkin, on the Inter TV channel.

“Now we have a common position – Germany, France, the US After these high-level contacts we will pressure Russia to make it happen, and we must do it as a push to ensure that this began “- quoted Klimkin’s edition of” Ukrainian Truth. “

Russia itself isolates itself from the West, the State Department stated

In the US, they believe that Russia isolates itself and is “disappointed” by the fact that Moscow does not want to take responsibility for its actions, a US State Department spokesman said in connection with the next sanctions on Friday.

“At the moment, we are disappointed by the obvious reluctance of the Russian government to take responsibility for its actions and admit that it can only blame itself for its continued and worsening isolation from the West,” the State Department spokesman said.

The US will tighten the requirements for imported cars

The White House intends to tighten environmental requirements for imported cars. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Transport Donald Trump commissioned the preparation of an appropriate plan.

Trump ordered not to release illegal immigrants from arrest before the deadline

In the document, the head of state emphasizes that arrested illegal immigrants often go free before the deadline, and calls on law enforcement agencies not to mitigate punitive measures against this group of people

Putin fired 11 generals of law enforcement agencies

Russian President Vladimir Putin fired 11 generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters and the Investigative Committee. The reasons for depriving the generals of their posts are not reported.

Pavel Durov denied information about British citizenship

The founder of the telegram messenger Pavel Durov assured Vedomosti that he did not receive British citizenship. Information about this appeared in the British company register – in the card of Telegram Open Network Limited.

This fake – anyone can submit almost any entry to this registry. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

Kadyrov spoke against the blocking of Telegram

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, wrote in his channel to Telegram that he does not support the blocking of the messenger. He called on Roskomnadzor and the Telegram administration to find a compromise solution that would avoid blocking Russia.

I have always advocated an open and direct dialogue between the authorities and the public on all platforms, including the Internet. Therefore, I have accounts in almost all social networks. But the chapter should not put comfort and convenience, but state interests and laws of the Russian Federation, which need to be implemented. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian statesman

Trump said that the WTO is not fair to the US

US President Donald Trump said that the World Trade Organization (WTO) is unfair to the United States.

In China, they announced the impossibility of conducting a dialogue with the United States on trade disputes

Official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China Gao Feng said that it is impossible to conduct a dialogue with the United States on trade problems between the two countries.
“Recently, no negotiations were held between officials from the financial sphere of the two countries on trade issues,” he said.


The Syrian army launched an operation against militants in the city of the Duma

The Syrian army launched an operation against militants of the radical group “Jays al-Islam” * in the city of the Duma in East Gut in response to rocket attacks on residential areas of Damascus and the vicinity of the capital, the Syrian national agency SANA reports referring to a military source.

As a result of unrest in the Gaza Strip, two people were killed

As a result of the riots, two Palestinians were killed on the border of the Gaza Strip on Friday, the Haaretz website reported, citing data from the Gaza Health Ministry.

Su-57 fighters will fly over Red Square

Fighters of the fifth generation of the Su-57 will take part for the first time in the air part of the Victory Parade, RIA Novosti reported citing the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Defense Ministry of Russia. Two aircraft on May 9 will fly in a general formation over Red Square.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced preparations for the “de-occupation” of Donbass

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing for the “de-occupation of Donbass”. This is reported on the page of the department in Facebook. According to him, Kiev is considering several options for developing the scenario in the region.

Today, we are considering several options for developing the scenario in the east. We understand that the liberation of the territory of the Donbass and the restoration of control over the eastern border will be a police operation involving the peacekeeping forces, not the military one. – Arsen Avakov, Ukrainian businessman

The secret card of President Kennedy was put up for auction

The secret card that belonged to the 35th US President John Kennedy was put up for auction in the United States. As the auction house RR Auction, the secret document is dated the noon on October 27, 1962

Reuters recounted overnight transfers of mercenaries from Russia to Syria

A private Syrian airline, Cham Wings, operates flights between Damascus and Rostov-on-Don, which are not included in the timetable for the Rostov airport Platov. On these planes from Russia to Syria fly “people in camouflage”, this is stated in the investigation of Reuters.

Military command of Ukraine plans to create medical troops

The Ukrainian military command plans to form medical troops by analogy with the Bundeswehr system. This was reported by the head of the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Republic Igor Khomenko. According to him, the number of this type of troops will be about 25 thousand employees

In Qatar, women were allowed to serve in the army

Under the new law, women over 18 years old were given the right to serve in the army on a voluntary basis for the first time.

“Almaz-Antey” completed the creation of an Arctic all-terrain vehicle for the Ministry of Emergency Situations

On the territory of Yakutia, the sea trials of a new Arctic cross-country vehicle will soon begin. This car was created by the Bryansk Automobile Plant (BAZ, part of the leading domestic defense holding Almaz-Antey) specifically for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Far North and the Arctic.

North Korea could test an experimental nuclear reactor

Specialists of the American Institute of Science and International Security said that North Korea continues to develop infrastructure in the area of the nuclear center Yonben in the province of Pchenan-Pukto, Tass reports.


38-year-old Keith Hudson is preparing to become a mother for the third time

Yesterday, 38-year-old Kate shared joyful news. She stopped hiding her pregnancy. The actress published a video, which clearly shows the rounded belly under a long white dress.

Congressman in the US resigned because of accusations of harassment

According to media reports, the congressman made this decision against the backdrop of accusations of sexual harassment after the commencement of consideration of his case by the ethics committee. It is known that the inappropriate behavior of the congressman complained to his former subordinates.

Putin said that makes the Russians special

Putin, speaking to the participants, agreed with her. He said that the cultural code gives Russians special features. Each generation adds its own particle, making it even more powerful, wealthy, viable, writes “Economics Today”.

Each generation adds a small-small particle to this code, which makes it even more powerful, makes it even more prosperous, viable. – Vladimir Putin

“Pie with nothing”: Loza compared Buzov with the octopus Paul

Yuri Loza in his assessments did not spare anybody, and the idea of launching the blockbuster platform Buzcoin.io Loza called “delirious” and the right performer only in order to “warm up” to the interest:

“If you ever hear a loud statement from people like Buzovaya, understand that behind them are other people who are engaged in her PR. They told her to sound such a crazy idea from the point of view of common sense. Buzova does not even get close to how the crypto currency can function, “Yuri Loza said.

The composer also admitted that he doubts the vocal abilities of the former leading “House-2”:

“Buzova is a patty with nothing. It has no filling inside, only a beautiful shell. What kind of fuck is she a popular singer? It’s just popular, and anything can be popular. Octopus Paul, for example »

Ann Hathaway is gaining weight for a new role

As the movie star said, she is gaining extra weight for the next role. Recently, fans Ann Hathaway began to pay more attention to changes in the figure of the actress. Their thoughts on this subject they express in the comments to the publications of the Hollywood star in the social network Instagram.

Netrebko was not required

Opera singer Anna Netrebko, along with members of her family were not allowed to play “Aladdin” at the London theater “Prince Edward.”
The situation was commented by the representative of the theater. According to him, the reason is explained by a failure in the ticket reservation system, the error affected several viewers who purchased tickets through counterparts.

Currently, the problem is completely solved, and all spectators who could not see the production will be able to receive the money paid for the ticket or come to the same performance the other day, concluded at the Prince Edward Theater.

Olga Buzova opens a restaurant in the center of Moscow

Olga Buzova does not intend to stop at the crypto currency and the conquest of the musical Olympus. Soon in the capital will start the first enterprise catering star. TV presenter and beginning singer Olga Buzova said that she was going to open a restaurant in the center of Moscow.

Serebryakov refused blood for his wife’s sake

The other day in the studio of the program “The Fate of Man” Alexei Serebryakov shared with Boris Korchevnikov the story of his personal happiness. In his youth, he fell in love a lot, but when he met his chosen one Maria, who at that time was only 16, he realized that this is love

Rustam Solntsev Buzovoy: “In the show business of sex you will not find”

The showman in the rubric “Mama Dorogaya” noted that in the domestic show business she “will not find sex”. Olga Buzova in one of the interviews complained about how hard it is to find love, and without it, she considers intimacy to be unacceptable, that’s why she has not had sex for almost two years

Ksenia Sobchak’s followers have mixed up the decoration with a wart

One of the last photos caused not the most pleasant discussions, since many subscribers of Xenia noticed on her chest an incomprehensible education in the form of a wart or pimple.

Yana Poplavskaya was furious and tore up shooting scandalous show

Jana Poplavskaya in her Instagram account described the filming of a new issue of the show “DNA” on NTV. The actress admitted that she was forced to interrupt “this brutality” because of the improper conduct of the presenter and those present in the hall.

Pregnant Zeynalova called her special daughter a fat model

A pregnant TV presenter, Svetlana Zeynalova, recently starred in a photo shoot called “waiting for a miracle.” The company of the mother was her daughter with a syndrome of cerebral palsy, which Svetlana called a thick model. The 40-year-old star is preparing to become a mother for the second time.

Victoria Bonya showed the fans a procedure for reducing the face oval

Victoria Bonya revealed the secret of her “perfect appearance”, the ex-star “Doma-2” did not hide that recently cosmetologists worked on her face. In her Instagram account, Victoria Bonya posted a video showing the procedure for reducing the face oval.

Ex-bride of Baskov: “Our relationship has destroyed corruption”

Ex-beloved Nikolai Baskov Sophie Kalcheva said that it was the reason for her break with the singer. She also told why Basques and Lopyreva constantly endure their wedding. Basque and Kalcheva seemed to all fans a beautiful and harmonious pair.

Netflix threatened to withdraw its films from the Cannes Film Festival

According to the publication, the recall of the Netflix tape threatens because of the statement of the festival director Thierry Frem. Last month, he said he would not allow the company’s films to be shown on the big screen. The reason is that Netflix pictures do not go on sale in France.

The first screen version trailer “451 degrees Fahrenheit” was released Bradbury

The first full-fledged trailer for the new adaptation of the classic anti-Utopia of Ray Bradbury “451 degrees Fahrenheit” is available on YouTube channel HBO: two minutes already become the duty landscapes of a bleak future, imperial holograms, fire (in pyromanic volumes), shocks of Kafka’s flamboyant volume and gloomy faces

Shooting the series “The Lord of the Rings” will cost Amazon $ 1 billion

On the shooting of the series is planned to spend $ 1 billion. In November last year, Amazon bought the rights to film the “Lord of the Rings” for $ 250 million.

The Cinema Foundation will finance the films “Master and Margarita” and “Attraction-2”

The Cinema Foundation will support 17 projects, writes Gazeta.ru. The list includes the films “Master and Margarita” (LLC “Producer firm Igor Tolstunova”) and “Attraction-2” from LLC “Art Pictures Studio”.

In Yaroslavl, the shooting of the film “One Day of Ivan Denisovich”

Filming of the film based on the novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn “One Day of Ivan Denisovich” began in Yaroslavl, reports IA Regnum

“After the signal, any crimes will be legal”: the trailer of “The First Judgment Night”

In Russia, “The First Judgment Night” will be released for hire a month later, on August 2. Also the trailer is available in the original voice acting. Universal on the eve of the trailer released another novelty – the continuation of “Agent Johnny English” with Rowan Atkinson in the title role.

Portrait of Elvis Presley will be put up for auction for $ 30 million

Auction house Christie’s plans to put up for auction portrait of American singer Elvis Presley. The painting with the image of “King of Rock and Roll” was written by artist and designer Andy Warhol. The starting price of the portrait was $ 30 million, writes Gazeta.ru.

Appointed new artistic director of “Tabakerka”

The People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov, who became the well-known “Tabakerka”, commented on his appointment.

It’s really a huge responsibility. I’m not worried because it’s my life. I feel extremely concentrated. Excitement is fine for any actor, but as my great teacher Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov taught me, it is necessary to do business. – Vladimir Mashkov, actor

Ivan Dorn presented a new clip shot in Africa

The famous singer Ivan Dorn presented a new clip for the song Afrika. Filming of video took place on the continent of the same name. The web has a new clip of Dorn.

What musical bombs to expect from the Mosaic Music season in the “Garage”

The Museum of Contemporary Art “Garage” enters the third season of Mosaic Music – a shock series of concerts of Russian and foreign musicians and artists. And these are only those who defined their music development in the second half of the twentieth century and formed through sound the understanding of modernity.

In Makhachkala, the 10th World Music Festival will be held

The participants of the festival will compete in 16 nominations, among them “singing” (academic, folk, pop, jazz, gesture), “artistic word”, “piano”, “strings, folk, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments”, ” modern, classical, folk and duet dance “,” dance on wheelchairs “.

Stallone opened a memorial plaque near the Rocky statue in Philadelphia

American actor Sylvester Stallone took part in the opening of the memorial plaque on the pedestal of the monument to the film star Rocky, whose role he performed in his youth. About this on Twitter, the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenny.


In Saudi Arabia, they proposed to make an island from Qatar

The Saudi investment union announced its intention to dig a canal 60 km long on the border with Qatar, making it an island state. This is written by the Saudi newspaper Sabq. Nine companies will participate in the project.

Pavel Durov denied information about British citizenship

The founder of the telegram messenger Pavel Durov assured Vedomosti that he did not receive British citizenship. Information about this appeared in the British company register – in the card of Telegram Open Network Limited.

This fake – anyone can submit almost any entry to this registry. – Pavel Durov, Russian businessman

MOE reported on the inspection of 50% of shopping centers

More than 8.5 thousand objects of mass stay of people and trade are checked for fire safety, according to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Education and Science equated the children of young parents with achievements

The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on Friday presented a draft amendment to the rules for admission to higher education institutions for public condemnation. In particular, the Office proposes to equate the applicant with one or more children with individual achievements.

This will affect women “who are citizenship of the Russian Federation and do not have higher education, one or more children as of May 31 of the year in which the reception is taking place, provided that the said woman is 23 years old no earlier than June 1 of the year in which the reception is being conducted” .

Fujifilm stops selling black-and-white photographic film

Japanese firm Fujifilm stopped selling black-and-white photographic film and photo paper due to lack of demand. This is stated in a widespread report of the corporation. As TASS writes, the company produces black-and-white photographic film for more than 80 years.

The expert told who will be the first to suffer from the Telegram blocking

Media, bloggers and journalists will suffer most from Telegrama’s blocking. This conclusion was made by the head of commercial practice of BMS Law Firm Denis Frolov, commenting on the possible blocking of the messenger. He also cited the recent failure of the application as an example, when the work “got up” for as long as three hours.

For five years the number of applications for medical errors tripled

The Investigative Committee noted a threefold increase in the number of applications to the investigative authorities about medical errors. According to the press service of the Russian Federation, this was stated by the head of the department Alexander Bastrykin at a meeting with the president of the Institute of Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal.

Over humanity is threatened with the epidemic of super-gonorrhea

Many world scientists are alarmed by a disappointing trend, in which more diseases become resistant to the strongest antibiotics. In recent years, there are cases where patients develop supergonorrhea.

In Russia, water and soil pollution from oil is expected to increase

The increase in the number of pollution of water bodies and soil by oil products is projected in Russia in 2018 due to the high degree of equipment wear in the oil and gas complex, the Antistikhia Center warns.

Bloomberg called Europe’s richest man

French businessman Bernard Arnault, who heads the LVMH holding, has become the richest man in Europe, Bloomberg reports. According to reports, he managed to circumvent the Spanish entrepreneur and founder of the company Inditex Amancio Ortega, whose fortune is currently estimated at $ 70.2 billion.


Forbes: Oleg Deripaska lost almost $ 1 billion due to US sanctions

Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska lost $ 957 million in one day due to new American sanctions. This information is provided by Forbes magazine. The US Ministry of Finance on Friday, April 6, imposed sanctions against seven Russian entrepreneurs, as well as 12 companies controlled by them.

Media learned about Soros Foundation’s readiness to invest in bitcoin

Soros Fund Management gave permission to the curator of the direction of macroinvestments of the fund Adam Fisher for investments in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, Bloomberg reports with reference to its own sources.

The Central Bank of Russia estimates the GDP growth in Russia

The central bank estimates Russia’s GDP growth in the first quarter of this year at 1, 5-1, 8%. This is stated in the information and analytical commentary published by the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Russia will give Moscow control over the banks of St. Petersburg

Since April 18, supervision of all banks in the North-West region will move from the local management of the Central Bank to a new centralized division – the service of current banking supervision, RBC reports referring to the deputy chairman of the regulator, Olga Polyakova.

Rosselkhoznadzor will strengthen control over dairy products from Kazakhstan

The Rosselkhoznadzor instructed the territorial administrations to tighten control over dairy products from Kazakhstan in terms of determining its origin, Gazeta.Ru reports with reference to the agency’s website

In the Council of Federation proposed to reduce the state regulation of the economy

Deputy Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council of Federation Valery Vasiliev believes that excessive state regulation in the economy hinders the development of competition, the solution of large-scale tasks in the development of the country

Fuel prices in Tatarstan offered to raise by 2 – 4 rubles per liter

“The increase in wholesale prices for petroleum products, which began in March 2018, significantly reduces the trade margins, as a result of which retail sales of petroleum products in the Republic of Tatarstan are becoming unprofitable,” reads the letter

Ukraine hopes to export 5 billion cubic meters of gas to the EU in the future

Ukraine has the opportunity to set up an Eastern European gas hub, a gas storage center and export 5 billion cubic meters of gas to the EU annually, Vice Premier of Ukraine Vladimir Kistion said during a meeting with the representative of the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission Klaus-Dieter Borchardt

Siemens will start shipping turbines to the Grozny TPP after the ice

The German concern Siemens will start delivering gas turbines to the Grozny TPP after the ice has disappeared, the process of delivering the equipment will take 2 weeks, the head of the station of Gazprom Energoholding, Denis Fyodorov, told reporters.

NOVATEK started deliveries of Yamal LNG under long-term contracts

Russian gas producer NOVATEK started supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) under long-term contracts with the Yamal LNG plant. The sale of products began on April 1, Interfax-Ural informs with reference to Leonid Mikhelson, Chairman of the Board of the company.

Gazprom updated the commercial offer to the operator of the Sakhalin-1 project

Sakhalin-1, operated by Exxon’s subsidiary, is looking for ways to monetize the gas, including through the construction of the LNG plant together with the oil giant Rosneft. Earlier this year, Exxon announced that it would withdraw from a number of projects in the Russian Federation due to sanctions

Ministry of Energy stands for stable level of dividends of Gazprom

The RF Ministry of Energy stands for a stable level of dividend payments by Gazprom, regardless of the situation on the market. This was stated to journalists by the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, who is a member of the board of directors of the gas holding.

Gazprom and RUSNANO will develop cooperation in certification sphere

The INTERGAZSERT system is designed to confirm the compliance of products, works, services and management systems with the requirements of international, national standards, and Gazprom standards.

Secondary housing has risen in price in most large cities of Russia

The average cost per square meter of secondary housing in Moscow in the first quarter amounted to 203.6 thousand rubles. In second place at the cost of secondary housing – St. Petersburg, where the square meter went up by 3.1% – to 109.2 thousand rubles.

The head of the US Federal Reserve confirmed the course for a gradual increase in the interest rate

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS), which acts as the central bank, will most likely need to continue to raise the benchmark interest rate in order to control inflation this year. This was announced on Friday in Chicago by the new chairman of the Fed, Jerome Powell.

Sberbank earned in March 66.8 billion rubles, for the quarter – 195.9 billion

Net profit of Sberbank in March amounted to 66.8 billion rubles, according to the results of the first quarter of this year – 195.9 billion. Quarterly financial results in accordance with Russian accounting rules (unconsolidated data) are given in the message of the credit institution.

Morgan Stanley: States will win the trade war, and the dollar …

“There is too much at stake, therefore, all parties involved in the negotiations will try to prevent an active escalation of the confrontation. On the one hand, the US administration does not welcome volatility in the stock market.

On the other hand, China is also not interested in the development of the conflict, because it needs a steady growth of the world economy for further implementation of the strategy aimed at reducing the share of borrowed funds on its balance sheet and rebalancing the national economy, “analysts write.

American Airlines will buy from Boeing 47 aircraft

American Airlines has signed an agreement with Boeing Corporation to supply 47 new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This is reported by the CNN channel.

56 billion rubles received the Altai Territory for agriculture for 12 years

Since 2006, the state has spent over 56 billion rubles on the development of agriculture and agrarian territories in the region, Alexander Karlin said.


In Primorye, extinguished a fire in which six people were killed

Earlier, a representative of the SUSK RF for Primorsky Krai reported that six people were victims of the fire in Ussuriisk. After the elimination of the fire, 4 women and a child were found at the scene, another man jumped from the balcony, died in the hospital. Investigators opened a criminal case

UFC published a video of McGregor’s attack on the bus with Nurmagomedov

The press service of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on its channel in YouTube published a video recording the attack of the Irish fighter of the mixed style of Conor McGregor on the bus with the participants of the UFC 233 tournament, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

In Canada, the youth hockey team bus got into an accident

An accident involving a bus of a youth hockey team occurred in central Canada, there are dead and injured, according to a statement by the Royal Gendarmerie of the country.

Documents on the case of fire in Kemerovo were confiscated from authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The Investigative Committee of Russia seized documents on the case of a major fire in the shopping center “Winter Cherry”. At the moment, the SC has a large body of documents received from local authorities, the regional Ministry of Emergencies and regulatory authorities.

Arrested Ziyavudin Magomedov was transferred to a cell with a television

The co-owner of the Suma group of companies Ziyavudin Magomedov, who was kept in the Lefortovo detention center, was transferred to a camera with a television. Tass was informed by the executive secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission (OOC) of Moscow to monitor the observance of human rights in places of detention Ivan Melnikov

In St. Petersburg, because of the infection, 16 children were hospitalized

The number of children hospitalized with intestinal infection of kindergarten №111 in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg has grown to 16, the message of the city department of Rospotrebnadzor

One person was killed and six were injured in the explosion near the mosque of Damascus

A car bomb exploded near the Al-Hansa mosque in Damascus, resulting in the death of one person and another six injured. This was reported by the head of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko.

On the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, a Kyrgyz citizen was shot dead

Uzbek border guards on the border with Kyrgyzstan used firearms against a citizen of a neighboring republic who died from the wound.

Maru Baghdasaryan fined 15 thousand rubles for driving without rights

The well-known street athlete Maru Baghdasaryan was fined 15,000 rubles for driving after an indefinite suspension of the driving license. This “Gazeta.ru” was told by the Russian Interior Ministry. Recall that the girl was detained about three o’clock in the morning on March 31 at the wheel of Mercedes on Leningradsky Prospekt.

In St. Petersburg, closed the second case of collapse of the gangway in Pulkovo

In St. Petersburg, closed another criminal case about the collapse of the ramp at the airport Pulkovo, Inforeactor reports. The reason was the reconciliation of the parties. The case was brought against the top manager

In Sevastopol, a pedophile was sentenced to 19 years in a colony

“The court’s verdict, the 47-year-old Yevgeny Janko was found guilty of a series of crimes against minors and sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment with serving in a strict-regime correctional colony with further restriction of freedom for a period of two years,” the Youtube channel said.


The virus with the American flag cut down Twitter and Russian media sites

Cybercriminals managed to temporarily crush Twitter, as well as sites of Russian media – Komsomolskaya Pravda and Fontanka. It is known that cyber attack occurred because of the vulnerability in the equipment of Cisco – one of the largest telecom operators in the world

Twitter users complained about service failure

Users of a number of countries complained about a malfunction in the work of the microblogging service Twitter. Site downdetector, which tracks the work of popular Internet resources, fixed the problem at 18:02 Moscow time. The largest number of complaints came from Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Ecuador.

Facebook secretly deleted Zuckerberg’s messages from private correspondence

Facebook acknowledged that for several years, “cleaned” the correspondence with the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg, according to the publication TechCrunch. The Facebook office reported that this is done for corporate security purposes

Hackers attack smartphones via WhatsApp Plus

Experts Malwarebytes Labs declare that the updated version of WhatsApp Plus has a malicious code. The application is distributed by hackers in social networks, with the help of AdWorld advertising and on thematic forums.

Google launched Exchange Bidding in all countries

The Exchange Bidding tool for Google DoubleClick for Publishers came out of beta and is now available in all countries. With Exchange Bidding, publishers can allow multiple ad exchanges to compete in a single auction with each other and with DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

The new application recognizes animals and plants by sounds and photos

INaturalist users will now be able to recognize animals and plants by photo or sound. This was made possible by the Seek program. The program can function as a Shazam application and determine the type of animal by the published sounds or plants by the image

“Yandex” added three new TV channels to the “TV Online” section

The press service of “Yandex” said that they do not yet disclose data on watching the line broadcasting of TV channels in the “TV online” section.

MyTarget launched a business portal about promotional products and technologies

As a result, we accumulated a huge knowledge base for advertising and marketing, which we structured and represented as a single business portal for all users, where you can get full information about the advertising products of Mail.Ru Group, get acquainted with industry research and analytics, study case studies and pass course on myTarget.

DPD introduced its mobile application

DPD, the commercial operator of the Russian express delivery and logistics market, introduced the mobile application. Since April, it is available in the App Store and Google Play. The application will allow you to manage delivery online and always be aware of what happens to the order

Google Play equipped the first bitcoin-purse for the Lightning Network

Google Play has a new application available exclusively for the Lightning Network. It is the first bitcoin-purse, called Eclair Wallet.

The new operating system from Google is available for review

Google has long been preparing a new operating system Fuchsia OS, which later will replace Android and will be more universal.

The designer showed on the renders how will the new curved iPhone

Famous designer Martin Hayek has created a new iPhone concept based on rumors about a model with a curved display and body. The device looks unusual and differs from everything that Apple did before. Although it is not at all a fact that such a design will be approved

Asus will create a new brand Arez, denoting video cards from AMD

As it became known, Asus did not receive permission to create its motherboards with AMD processor under the ROG brand, for this it was necessary to issue a different name. At the moment it has already become known, we are talking about the brand Arez.

Smart Glasses Apple Glass will go on sale sooner than expected

As it was possible to find out one of the developers who studied the code of the latest firmware for the iPhone, the smart Apple Glass watch will go on sale sooner than expected.

Artificial Intelligence will help photographers with electric shock

It works like this: holding the pen, the user points the camera at the subject, and the artificial intelligence system evaluates the aesthetics of the scene.

Mirror and door hinge made laptop touch screen

Engineers have developed a simple and inexpensive way to convert a conventional laptop screen into a touchscreen. To do this, they installed in front of his webcam a mirror on the door hinge that allows the camera to see the touch of a finger on the screen

The HP DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display is priced at $ 2000

Company HP has announced a professional level monitor DreamColor Z27x G2 Studio Display, the receipt of orders for which will begin this month. The panel (model 2NJ08AA) is made on an IPS array measuring 27 inches diagonally.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will receive a unique front camera, built into the screen

Korean media found that Samsung has successfully created a front camera built into the Super AMOLED matrix of the phone, and this is what is used in its branded phones.


Scientists have found the missing link in the filling of the biosphere with nitrogen

Geologists led by Benjamin Hulton of the University of California at Davis found that the atmosphere was not the only source of nitrogen for living organisms. A quarter of all nitrogen enters the Earth’s ecosystem with the help of rocks, inside of which chemical erosion is formed.

Scientists: Beluga whales prefer to give birth in the same place where they were born

Whale-beluga whales prefer to give birth there, where they were born, therefore their populations remain genetically unique.

The photomatrix was taught to generate energy from sunlight

Engineers created a photomatrix that can simultaneously generate energy from sunlight and shoot at a rate of up to 15 frames per second, according to the developers in the journal IEEE Electron Device Letters.

Scientists: brain cells are restored, even in the elderly

In the course of the study, scientists found that the reserves of some types of stem cells were indeed depleted, but this did not affect the speed and frequency of the formation of new neurons in the center of memory, since this involves other types of blank nerve cells, the number of which does not decrease with age.

Cells of the brain continue to form until death, according to an article published in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

Scientists from MIT created the device AlterEgo, which “reads thoughts”

American scientists from MIT have created a unique device that “reads thoughts.” The device is called AlterEgo and looks like a headphone, but the attachment to it – to the chin of a man. The work of AlterEgo is based on the reading of the neuromuscular signals that the human face sends.

In Peru, scientists found mysterious geoglyphs on the Nasca plateau

In Peru, scientists during the research found on the plateau Nazca about 50 mysterious geoglyphs. After the analysis, scientists found that the observed patterns are much older than previously detected patterns. Specialists call geoglyphs fragments of ornaments applied to the ground.

The sticker-detector will identify dangerous bacteria in the meat

Researchers from the University of McMaster in Canada have developed a transparent touch “plaster”, capable of detecting dangerous bacteria in meat products. Upon contact with the pathogenic E. coli, the material begins to glow.

Scientists have uncovered the secret of the “sunny” stone of the Vikings

Physicists from Hungary learned that the Vikings used “solar” stones in order to navigate the light when crossing the sea from Norway to Greenland. Such “navigation instruments” in 92-100% of cases showed the right direction, working even in cloudy weather.

Scientists: Gold changes the glow of silicon quantum dots

When gold interacts with silicon quantum dots, a polariton is formed and optical properties change in the latter. According to scientists, the precious metal allows you to control the absorption and emission spectra, and also creates the necessary electrode.

Wool of polar bears helped to create “thermal camouflage”

Scientists from Zhejiang University used the insulating properties of polar bear bears when creating material for “thermal camouflage.”

Scientists took as the basis of the material another popular natural polymer – silk. His scientists were dissolved and then extruded through actively cooled ring structures. As a result, the researchers obtained fibers with ordered, stretched along the fiber pores, in which air can be stored.

It is reported that these filaments were not strong, but the material woven from them showed good insulating properties. Thus, one layer was able to keep the difference in temperature between the lower and inner sides to four degrees, and five layers to 14 degrees.

Attempts to control river spills made floods stronger

Scientists from the United States have analyzed the history of floods on the Mississippi River since the XVI century and found that many of today’s floods were the most powerful for the entire period studied. According to them, the main reason is not the climate, which caused heavy rains, but human activity.

Scientists: Chickens Become Optimistic After Adventures

The researchers conducted an experiment during which part of the chickens were left to grow under sterile conditions, while others were constantly placed in different habitats. Then scientists compared the indicators of birds, in particular their level of optimism.

Explanation of the unusual elasticity of graphene

The international team with Russian scientists in its composition explained the unusual characteristics of elasticity and elasticity of graphene. The study is published in Physical Review B, the article preprint is available on arXiv.Org.

Saw-shaped nanotexture helped to make a Brownian nanomotor and to separate nanoparticles

Swiss physicists from the IBM Research Center have developed a nanofluidic device in which a periodic sawtooth texture on one of the walls converts the chaotic thermal motion of the nanoparticles into a directed one.


Russian scientists proposed to launch cargo from Mars on the “tarzanka”

Russian scientists have proposed to launch loads into space from the surface of Mars, using reusable cables stretched from the satellites of the red planet of Phobos or Deimos. This became known from the publications in the corporate journal “Vestnik” NGO them. Lavochkin

“Roskosmos” spoke about work on the common mission of Russia and the United States to Venus

A joint project of the two countries, which is being worked on by a working group, was called “To Venus Together”. Work on this project has been conducted since March 2017, told in “Roskosmos”

The first space hotel opened registration

The world’s first space hotel on Earth’s orbit will work in April 2022.

The first crop of vegetables was collected in Antarctica

Scientists from Antarctica, living on the high-tech station Neumayer III, collected the first crop of vegetables grown without earth, daylight or pesticides

The second satellite “Blagovest” will be launched on April 19

It is noted that the launch will be carried out from the Baikonur cosmodrome. Earlier in March, the manufacturer of the satellite, the Siberian enterprise “ISS them. Reshetnev “reported that the” Blagovest “had already been delivered to the cosmodrome.

Scientists: Dark matter does not interact with its own particles

Several years ago, the idea was advanced that dark matter interacts with its own particles. Scientists have proved that this does not happen. In 2015, a Hubble telescope in space, discovered a lens in the group of galaxies Abell 3827, created by their gravity.

Ukraine was going to build a base on the Moon

The project will go through five stages, said the head of the department for the development of special rocket and space systems Gennady Osinova.

During the preliminary stage (2020-2030), the cartographic studies of the moon and the development of the heavy carrier rocket “Krypton” will be carried out.

In the next stage (2030-2032), specialists will determine the location of the future base. It is there that Krypton will send four astronauts and modules to create the lunar base.

During the third stage, delivery and installation of the command and repair modules, the lunar rover, and the power plant are envisaged.

At the fourth stage, life support systems, a production base and an observatory will be created, Ukrainian media writes. In 2062, a permanent base will appear on the Moon.

The project is evaluated as very complex and expensive. Its implementation is possible only through joint efforts of several countries in the world.

The first private lunar rover will be launched without the general sponsor of Google

Private fund X Prize Foundation, working in the field of innovation, continues the competition for the creation of the Lunokhod, although the general sponsor of the campaign, the American IT giant Google left the project due to the inability of the participants to fulfill the set conditions


In the network there were new renders of the restyling sedan LADA Granta

In fact, the updated sedan is a simplified copy of the Vesta with reduced dimensions and no chromium elements. Also, the new generation of LADA Granta will receive a license plate on the trunk lid, while in the current version it is located on the bumper

GM-AvtoVAZ suspended production of Chevrolet Niva

The joint Russian-American enterprise GM-AvtoVAZ temporarily suspended the production of Chevrolet Niva SUVs due to a lack of components. The company clarified that the problem arose in connection with the delay in the supply of components for the production of cars by one of the partners.

For sale is a unique sports car BMW M1 AHG Studie 1981

The announcement of the sale of the rarest sports car was exhibited on the English site MotorGT. The car was sold in the style of racing cars Procar BMW M1. In total, 10 such sports cars were produced, and this one also has an original body design

The first crossover Aston Martin will receive only gasoline engines

As representatives of the company said, the first crossover Aston Martin will receive only gasoline engines

The new Volkswagen Touareg was more expensive than the Audi Q7 crossover

According to experts, the manufacturer sets high prices only for the first batch of cars. It is not excluded that later on the sale will be more simple complete sets with the engine on 231 hp. and then Touareg will be cheaper than the Audi Q7.

Mercedes-Benz will launch a luxury E-Ss electrosonde by 2020

The large electric sedan will be a direct competitor to the Audi A8. The competitor Jaguar XJ and Audi A8 will be called EQS. This is reported by the portal Autocar.

Honda started selling a new budget Amaze sedan

All prices and complete sets on Honda Amaze of the second generation will be named later. Start of “live” car sales is planned for May. A new generation of sedan based on a new platform

In Russia, sales of the crossover Chery Tiggo 3 series Limited started

The Chinese company Chery presented a special version of the compact crossover Tiggo 3 with the prefix Limited. From standard execution the novelty differs contrasting two-color painting of a body.

Tesla began tests of a two-engine version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan

In the market sports model 3 should appear before the end of 2018. Now the American automaker offers Model 3 only with a rear-wheel drive. The basic version of this modification costs from 35 thousand dollars.

The new Subaru WRX will retain the mechanical transmission

In the company Subaru confirmed the information that the model WRX after the change of generation will retain the mechanical transmission. The journalists were told by the director of the North American branch of the Japanese automobile company Toma Dolla.

Porsche has shown the safety car for endurance races

Company Porsche has presented the safety car for the World championship on races on endurance (WEC). The car, created on the basis of the supercar 911 Turbo, will be the official Safety Car competition until 2020.

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