31 Mar, 2019

Stop Mudding China

Beijing believes that the United States should stop making rumors and “sling” China. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

“We urge the American side to respect the facts, reject prejudices, be careful in our speeches and actions, stop deliberately throw mud at [China],” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

This response was followed by a request to comment on the allegations about the Muslim “re-education camps” on the part of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

On March 26, Mike Pompeo called the human rights violations in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) unprecedented.

“We are working to convince China to stop doing this,” the Secretary of State said. On the same day, he met with the Uighurs, whose family members are kept in “re-education camps”.

Earlier in March, China published its report on the human rights situation in the United States in 2018. The report reveals violations in various areas of society.

The speaker called the accusations of technological espionage and the imposition of debts to other countries a repeatedly repeated lie.

“America is trying with all its might to preserve its economic, scientific and technical dominance. The tactics of a thief shouting “hold thief” will surely fail, “summed up Geng Shuang.

Briefly about the main thing …

Debt burden of Russians approached the historical maximum

According to the Central Bank, the aggregate level of debt burden of the population has now reached 9.9%. At the same time, the highest level recorded in 2014 was 10.4%.

The growth of the population’s debt load is due to the growth of unsecured consumer lending, said Elizaveta Danilova, director of the department for financial stability at the Central Bank.

“In recent years, unsecured lending has been growing rapidly, the annual growth rate as of March 1 was 23.7%,” she said, speaking at the All-Russian Banking Conference (quoted by RIA Novosti).

At the same time, the mortgage leverage of Russians is low and grows rather slowly.

Mortgage rates in the US plummet

The rates do not include commissions and other payments related to the mortgage. The average rate on a 30-year mortgage has been 4.37% per annum since the beginning of the year against 4.54% per annum in 2018 and 3.99% in 2017.

British Parliament rejects agreement with EU for the third time

The British Parliament rejected the brexit agreement with the European Union for the third time, Sky News reports. It is reported that 344 deputies voted against the deal that the Theresa May government introduced to the legislature, and 286 deputies supported it.

The European Union convenes an emergency summit on Brexit

The European Union convenes an emergency summit after the British Parliament once again rejected a plan to leave the country from the union. This was March 29, said the head of the European Council Donald Tusk in his microblog on Twitter.

“In view of the fact that the House of Commons rejected the agreement on withdrawal, I decided to convene the European Council on April 10,” Tusk said in his official Twitter account.

Pompeo notified Lavrov of the second wave of sanctions in the case of Skripale

A senior representative of the US administration said that US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo had informed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov of his intention to use the “second wave” of anti-Russian sanctions in the Scripals case.

Organizers live with Medvedev turned off comments on the video

The conversation between Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the users of the social network VKontakte was conducted in the “no comment” mode. Organizers turned off comments to live video. In the description of the broadcast noted that “the author has limited the possibility of commenting.”

Trump tried to convince Kim Jong-un to give the US nuclear weapons

During the summit in the capital of Vietnam on February 28, Trump handed Kim Jong Un a document that explained what Washington means by the complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Trump’s proposal to give the US all the groundwork for nuclear weapons, destroy existing missiles and allow observers to enter North Korea was rejected by the DPRK leader, reports Reuters

Venezuela received 65 tons of medicine from China

Venezuela on Friday received 65 tons of medicine from China, the Latin American state television reported with reference to Venezuelan vice-president Tarek El-Aissami.

Gudkov demanded through the court to repeal the law on insulting the authorities

Politician Dmitry Gudkov filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation demanding that the law of Senator Andrei Klishas to contempt of the state be invalid. The lawsuit states that the law is contrary to international law and Russian law.

Serbia cannot recognize Crimea as part of Russia

Serbian President Alexander Vucic on the Russia 24 TV channel told why Belgrade cannot recognize Crimea as a territory of Russia

This is a question of political strategy and tactics, which implies that we do not have the right to endanger our vital state and national interests. I believe that any normal person in Russia and in any other country understands this. – Alexander Vucic, Serbian politician

Another massive outage occurred in Venezuela

Part of the territory of Venezuela again remained without electricity. According to the newspaper El Nacional, the shutdown occurred in 21 regions. The reasons for the new blackout are not yet known.

The President of the Russian Federation awarded the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called to Matvienko

The head of the Russian state, Vladimir Putin, awarded Speaker of the upper house of parliament Valentina Matvienko with the Order of St. Andrew the First Called. The corresponding decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information. According to the document, the award is given “for outstanding services to the Fatherland and many years of fruitful activity.”

The rules for salary crediting in Russia decided to change

Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 signed a law abolishing “wage slavery”. According to the document, the employee can choose a payroll bank, and the employer has no right to refuse.

“Naftogaz” spoke about the plan in case of stopping the transit of gas from Russia

The head of Naftogaz, Andrei Kobolev, said that the company has a plan “B” in case of stopping the transit of Russian gas. According to Ukrinform, the creation of additional gas storage facilities to ensure energy security is being discussed.

Russian company has opened a helicopter training center in Venezuela

The Rosoboronexport company (part of Rostec) announced that a training helicopter training center was opened in Venezuela on March 29, which was established with the participation of Russian specialists, the report said in RBC

Bulgaria will not open NATO bases on its territory

Bulgaria does not plan to open NATO naval bases on its territory. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov, writes the newspaper “Izvestia”.

Israeli tank fired at Hamas position in Gaza

After a lull that lasted almost the whole of Tuesday, on the night of Wednesday the Israeli military and Palestinian militants resumed their exchange of blows. The Israeli army announced the transfer of additional forces to the Gaza Strip.

7 countries are ready to deploy Russian bases on their territory

The heads of several states have already sent messages of readiness to deploy Russian military bases on their territory. Libya, Sudan, Venezuela, Egypt, Nicaragua, Myanmar and Seychelles. An article with such information is published on the iohotnik portal with reference to verified sources.

Russian teachers undressed in support of the dismissed colleague

The action, which was launched on a similar occasion last year, was resumed in support of the dismissed colleague from Barnaul, Tatiana Kuvshinnikova. Once in the social networks showed her pictures in a sports swimsuit, the teacher had to leave school.

Department of Labor “Inventing the bicycle”

Specialists of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia offered Russians to pay extra for intellectual, emotional workloads and an inconvenient schedule at work.

“As for this initiative, it seems to me that a bicycle is invented here again. There is nothing extra to do, just make some changes to the methodology for conducting a labor assessment. There are all factors, except for the intellectual load. But I do not even understand what it is. How to evaluate it? But emotional, stressful situations are already taken into account when evaluating labor. But, as a rule, they turn a blind eye to it, ”- General Secretary of the Union of Trade Unions of Russia Yevgeny Kulikov.

In his opinion, more often than not, an increase in wages is not actually carried out and exists only on paper.

The load on St. Petersburg teachers will be reduced by 10%

The Presidential Library hosted a plenary session of the 10th anniversary St. Petersburg International Educational Forum “Modern Education: the Code of the Era”. Acting governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said that today the teachers are overloaded with bureaucracy and that the load on the St. Petersburg teachers will be reduced by 10 in the near future – by 1 September.

Chinese ships entered the “disputed waters” of Japan

On Saturday, March 30, four patrol ships of the Marine Police of China entered the East China Sea in the area near the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu), whose identity is disputed by Japan.

Vučić announced the start of construction of the Serbian section of the Turkish Stream

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at a meeting with the leaders of the Balkan countries in Bucharest, said that in the coming days Serbia will begin to build its section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. According to the President, construction equipment has already moved to the place of work. This is the agency TANJUG.

FBI to teach cybercrime staff

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched a program to retrain its employees to increase their competence in the field of cybercrime, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal writes.

McCain’s widow will be an observer at the Ukrainian presidential election

Cindy McCain spoke with Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko and spoke about the purpose of her visit. The widow of US Senator John McCain came to Ukraine to observe the presidential election.

Ukrainian famine recognized as genocide in Louisiana

“Following more than twenty American states, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards issued a proclamation to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor 1932–33 in Ukraine,” the report said.

Collapsed house in Magnitogorsk found to be habitable

Partially collapsed early in the morning of December 31, a house in Magnitogorsk on Karl Marx Avenue, 164, was found to be habitable. This decision was made by an interdepartmental commission, journalists were told in the administration of the Magnitogorsk city district.

Trump accused the Fed in slowing the US and world economy

US President Donald Trump called the actions of the Federal Reserve System (Fed) the main reason for the slowdown in the global economy. According to the head of the White House, inflation in the country is small, which speaks volumes.

Gazprom will be engaged in a new megaproject in the Baltic

Gazprom announced its next megaproject, which will occupy a worthy place next to the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta pipeline system, Power of Siberia and Amur GPP.

In a short time we will build the most powerful gas processing and liquefaction enterprise in the country. Taking into account the technologically related gas chemical enterprise, we are talking about creating a large modern industrial cluster in north-west Russia. – Alexey Miller, Russian economist

Ministry of Justice proposed to soften the responsibility for the non-return of money to Russia

The Ministry of Justice of Russia has developed a draft federal law on easing currency controls. As explained on the website of the department, this is done for the implementation of the federal project “Systemic measures for the development of international cooperation and export”

250 billion rubles for electric grid infrastructure

The Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the government will allocate at least 250 billion rubles for the development of power grid infrastructure by 2024, reports TASS. As noted, he reported this during a speech at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

Profit of IDGC Siberia

The profit of IDGC of Siberia in 2018 amounted to 0.8 billion rubles, the loss of electricity in the networks decreased to 7.81 percent, and the average duration of the interruption of power supply decreased by 21.4 percent. These data were announced by the new head of IDGC of Siberia (included in the Rosseti group of companies) Pavel Akilin during a meeting with the authorized representative of the President of Russia in the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyaylo and Pavel Livinsky, CEO of Rossetti. This “Lente.ru” told the press service of “Russian Grids”.

VEB in 2018 reduced the loss under IFRS by 30

Recall the loss of VEB under IFRS in the first half of 2018 increased 1.6 times compared with the same period last year and amounted to 75.6 billion rubles. Read more about the state corporation’s reporting in the Kommersant’s publication VEB.RF again received billions of dollars in losses.

Full-scale reconstruction …

The full-scale reconstruction of architectural monuments of Yeniseisk – the oldest city in Eastern Siberia, which celebrates its 400th anniversary this year, will require about 20 billion rubles. This was reported by TASS on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, Mayor of Yeniseisk Valery Nikolsky.

“About 2 billion rubles have already been spent, these are 24 objects. Of course, these are the most significant (objects), first of all temples. But we have 98 of them and about 20 billion rubles, I think, will still be needed,” said Nikolsky .

Medvedev called for “squeeze everything” from the economy of the Runet

The economy of Runet is growing at an accelerated pace – up to 15% per year, business and government should competently use this rapid growth, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

As you all understand, this is significantly higher than the growth of our entire economy as a whole. We are fighting there for every percentage, and we believe that 3% is already very good, therefore 2.5% is also not really bad. And then – 15%. And therefore you should squeeze everything out of it, but the state, of course, also. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The loss of the bank “Revival” in 2018 amounted to 6.6 billion rubles

The loss of the bank “Revival” under IFRS in 2018 amounted to 6.6 billion rubles against a profit of 3.3 billion rubles a year earlier, according to company reports.

Rusal will plant 1 million trees in the forests of Russia

The company “Rusal” in the framework of the agreement with the Federal Forestry Agency will plant 1 million trees in the forests of Russia. A trilateral agreement between the company, the department and the regional government was signed at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum on Saturday.

The largest trolleybus plant in Russia will be reduced

The largest trolleybus manufacturer in Russia, Trolza CJSC in the Saratov Region, announced a reduction of 500 employees. In total, the company employs about 800 people.

According to Andrei Vorobyev, a member of the Saratov Regional Duma, the difficulties at the plant’s capacity at the beginning of the year were aggravated by the detention of the company’s general director (Ivan Kotvitsky is suspected of paying a bribe of 2 million rubles to a tax inspector).

Spain’s state debt in 2018 decreased to 97.2% of GDP

According to the National Institute of Statistics, the growth of the Spanish economy in 2018 was 2.6%. In 2018, exports were set a record: it exceeded 285 billion euros, an increase of 2.9% over the previous year. The budget deficit amounted to 2.63% of GDP

The FIU called the size of the social pension after indexation

The Pension Fund of Russia told how the size of social pensions will change after indexation by 2%, which will be held on April 1.

Thus, the average size of social benefits after the increase will be 9266 rubles. For children with disabilities and people with disabilities from childhood of the first group, the amount will be 13 674 and 13 812 rubles, respectively. The average pension for people with military injuries will rise to 31.3 thousand rubles, and the participants of the Great Patriotic War, who receive two pensions, will increase to 37.4 thousand rubles.

EU financial regulator fined € 5.1 million by Fitch

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has fined the international rating agency Fitch for € 5,133 million for repeated violations of the rules related to the conflict of interest, the regulator’s website said in a statement.

The Financial Times newspaper clarified that we are talking about Marc Ladre de Lacharere, a member of the board of directors of the French Casino Group, his holding Fimalac owned 20% of Fitch.

Debt burden of Russians approached the historical maximum

According to the Central Bank, the aggregate level of debt burden of the population has now reached 9.9%. At the same time, the highest level recorded in 2014 was 10.4%. At the same time, the mortgage leverage of Russians is low and grows rather slowly. The growth of the population’s debt load is due to the growth of unsecured consumer lending, said Elizaveta Danilova, director of the department for financial stability at the Central Bank.

“In recent years, unsecured lending has been growing rapidly, the annual growth rate as of March 1 was 23.7%,” she said, speaking at the All-Russian Banking Conference (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Belarus is waiting for the right moment to place bonds in Russia

Belarus is in a high degree of readiness to place government bonds in Russian rubles in Russia, waiting for the most favorable moment on the market, Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich said in Minsk on Friday.

US convinced several oil traders to stop trading oil from Venezuela

Elliott Abrams, US special envoy for Venezuela, said the United States had persuaded a number of oil traders to reduce, and in some cases even stop, oil trade from Venezuela. On this on Friday, March 29, reports RIA Novosti.

The supply of Russian oil to China decreased by 17.5% in February 2019

By the January figure, Russian oil exports to China in February 2019 decreased by 17.5% compared to the January figure – to 5.74 million tons, the General Customs Administration of China reported. As a result, Russia moved into second place among the largest suppliers of oil to the PRC.

Venezuela has stopped oil exports due to power outages

Due to massive power outages in Venezuela, the work of the republic’s main oil export terminal, Jose (“Jose”), was stopped. In addition, production at four refineries located in the Orinoco area was discontinued.

China has demanded that the United States stop watering it with mud

Beijing believes that the United States should stop making rumors and “sling” China. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

US can impose sanctions against helping countries Maduro

Assistant US national security leader John Bolton said that the American leader Donald Trump is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions on companies from other countries that have business relations with Venezuela, Reuters reports.

Donald Trump threatened to close the border with Mexico

If Mexico does not immediately stop all illegal immigration heading to the United States across our southern border, I will close the border or large parts of the border next week. – Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States

An exhibition of works by Ilya Glazunov opened in Voronezh

At the opening of the exhibition from Moscow came the staff of the Metropolitan Gallery, Ilya Glazunov, whose funds contain about 1,500 works of the legendary artist. According to the chief curator of the Gallery, Polina Shabanova, the selection of paintings for the exhibition in Voronezh was a difficult task.

International Festival of Video Art will open in Moscow on April 17

Artists from Russia, France, USA and Argentina will present their works at the Now & After-19 video art festival, which will be held in the center of creative industries Fabrika in Moscow from April 17 to May 12. This was reported on Saturday on the website of the mayor and the government of the capital.

The group “LSP” released a video for the song “Golden Boy”.

The Knights Templar Saga

The second season of the historical adventure drama “The Fall of the Order”, an epic serial saga about the Knights Templar, appeared on the screens. As is known, in 1307 the Order of the Knights Templar was destroyed, and its members were persecuted by the state and the church. The creators show the events taking place at that time with the involvement of reliable facts and legends about the monastic community

Released trailer of the movie “Silence”

Netflix shared the trailer for the movie “Silence” from John R. Leonetti, director of “The Curse of Annabelle”. In the story in the ancient Moldavian cave were found mysterious creatures that look like bats. By freeing them, scientists put the whole world at risk of extinction.

For the first time in 10 years, the singer Tarkan will perform in Russia

Turkish singer Tarkan will perform in several cities of Russia, which will happen for the first time in the last 10 years. Russian artist will visit as part of a large-scale tour in support of his new album

Batman’s Butler’s Youth: Pennyworth Trailer Out

About Batman shot enough movies, TV shows, animated series. And in all his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, stands in the background, appearing at the right moment and disappearing when required. Historical injustice decided to fix the channel Epix

Apple canceled release of AirPower wireless charging

Apple has refused to release the AirPower wireless charger. Initially, the production of the device was planned in 2017, but then its release was repeatedly postponed.

Named the cost of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Named the price of a new model of the South Korean company. It is reported that two versions will be released at once: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with 8 GB of RAM and 265 GB of flash memory, as well as a gadget with doubled capacity – 512 GB. The cost is known for both options. According to preliminary data, a model with a smaller memory capacity can be purchased for $ 1,224, and with an increased one – for $ 1,370.

ASUS engineers kept internal passwords open on GitHub for months

SchizoDuckie security analyst contacted Techcrunch to share details about another security breach he found in the ASUS firewall. According to him, the company mistakenly published its own employee passwords in the repositories on GitHub. As a result, he gained access to the company’s internal email, where employees exchanged links to early builds of applications, drivers, and tools.

Probiotic yogurts can damage the stomach

“Good” bacteria evolve and become harmful. These conclusions were made by researchers from the University of Washington. During the experiments with laboratory mice, probiotic bacteria devoured the intestinal protective membrane. This can lead to the development of severe irritable bowel syndrome. Also, some of the bacteria showed antibiotic resistance, which can be very dangerous for health.

Created a new theory of superconductivity

Russian physicist from the Institute of Applied Mathematics. M.V. Keldysh of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented a theory that considers symmetric bipolarons as the basis of high-temperature superconductivity. The proposed theory explains well the recent experiments in which superconductivity of almost room temperature was achieved in lanthanum hydride LaH10 at ultrahigh pressure. The scientist’s article was published in the journal Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications.

The rapid melting of the glaciers of Everest

While there is no clear answer to the question of what caused this sharp melting of glaciers. Some theories on this subject exist. Basically, the versions of scientists are reduced to global warming and increased solar activity. But there are more radical assumptions, according to which the core of the Earth heats up, serious changes occur in it. In the future, this may lead to a change of poles on our planet.

Parasites exploit host immunity

Scientists from the Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology and the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have shown that the hymenoptera, the gabrobrakon, not only changes the composition of the “bacterial population” of its victims, but also triggers immune responses from which it benefits. Until now it was believed that the host immunity can only harm the parasite.

Scientists have found unexpected benefits from the daily consumption of nuts

Australian experts have unexpectedly discovered the benefits of daily nut consumption by older people. As it became known polack-news.ru, a handful of nuts, which a person eats every day, can improve memory and brain activity, as well as get rid of dementia.

NASA has tested the first Martian helicopter

Representatives of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted the first tests of a Mars Helicopter Mars-drone helicopter. This is reported on the official website of the laboratory. The electric aircraft weighing 1.8 kilograms was in the air for a total of 75 minutes.

China has successfully tested the elements of the engine Changzheng-9 superheavy rocket

Chinese scientists have successfully tested the compatibility of the turbopump assembly and the gas generator for the engine of the Changzheng-9 super-heavy rocket, the China Daily reported on March 28.

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